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It Was Too Easy To Fall In Love With You

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Namjoon cursed as he ran from the bus stop to the open front doors of Jeongguk’s kindergarten classroom. He couldn’t believe he was late to his son’s open house for school. His boss needed someone to stay late and of course he picked Namjoon because his boss hates him for some reason. He tried to decline but his boss insisted it must be him who stayed late.


The room was full with kids and their parents. The kids were showing their parents the pictures they made, and Namjoon felt the guilt settle deeper into his chest when he saw Jeongguk sitting at a desk with his head down.

“Hey little man, sorry I’m late.” Namjoon told his son putting his hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay daddy.” Jeongguk looked up at him and smiled.

Namjoon followed Jeongguk as he got up and walked over to the area where all the other kids and their parents were.

He spotted Yoongi across the room with his boyfriend Jimin and their son Taehyung and waved. Jimin smiled a little while Yoongi gave him an unimpressed look, and made his way over to him.

“Why were you late?” Yoongi questioned him.

“Mr. Thomas made stay late and finish the song he was supposed to do.”

“That asshole.” Yoongi whispered under his breath.

“Ya I know I feel like now no one will want to talk to Jeongguk because he dad was late and no one was here.” Namjoon explained.

“Hey he’ll have Taehyung, the kid loves Jeongguk.” Yoongi told him.

Namjoon looked over to where Jeongguk stood with Taehyung bouncing around telling him a story with his hands. Jeongguk was smiling and nodding along and Namjoon’s smile widened a little.

Jeongguk came back over to him with Jimin and Taehyung following him.

“Daddy Taetae said that he was going to draw a picture of me.” Jeongguk said with a smile,

Taehyung nodded and smiled “Ya appa said that I’m a good drawer.” he smiled and put his arm around Jeongguk’s shoulders. Jeongguk had the biggest smile on his face. Before he could say anything a voice interrupted him from the front of the room.

“Hello everyone thank you for coming tonight I am Mrs.Lee your children's kindergarten teacher, I hope we have a great year and that we can get along well.”





Namjoon was attempting to unlock his apartment door while Jeongguk held their takeout bag in their hand. “ Hi Jeongguk how was the open house?” a voice asked his son.

“Mr. Jin” Jeongguk exclaimed.

He looked to his left to see his neighbor Seokjin with a ton of groceries. Seokjin and Namjoon have been living next to each other since Jeongguk was born and Namjoon would say they are friends.

“It was fun even though daddy was late.” Jeongguk smiled.

Namjoon felt the guilt wash back over him like a wave. He unlocked the door so that Jeongguk could go put their food on the table. He turned to Jin “I got stuck at work I wasn’t late on purpose.”

Seokjin smiled “ You don’t have to explain yourself to me have a nice night.” he said before walking into his apartment. Namjoon let his heart settle down due to the fact that Seokjin was the best looking man Namjoon has ever seen, and he probably thinks he’s a terrible dad now. That’s the last thing he needed right now.

While Namjoon and Jeongguk sat down to eat. He couldn’t stop thinking about how disappointed Jungkook looked sitting at his desk. As a father it was his job to be on time for important things in his kids life.

“Hey Guk, are you sure you’re not upset about me being late for your open house tonight?” Namjoon asked his son quietly.

“Ya daddy it’s fine Uncle Yoongi said it was because your boss was an asshole.” Jeongguk replied easily.

Namjoon’s head snapped up at the use of the word “Let’s not repeat any of the words your Uncle Yoongi says anymore.” He told his son.

Jeongguk nodded and stuffed a piece of chicken in his mouth, Namjoon laughed and reached over to ruffle his son’s hair. “ I love you little man.”

“I love you too daddy this much.” Jeongguk stretched his arms out as wide as he could.




Namjoon picked up his phone as he and Jeongguk walked home after an evening walk. “Hello.” he answered.

“Namjoon we need you to come into work in an half an hour. Something happened to the files that were submitted and we need you to look at them again.”


“Can’t anyone else do it, I don’t have a babysitter for my son.” he questioned.


“I’m sorry sir, The boss said it needed to be you.” His employee told him.


Namjoon started to feel his hand sweat in Jeongguk has he knocked on Seokjin’s door. He couldn’t believe he was asking his neighbor to look after his son. It’s not that he didn’t trust Seokjin because he definitely did. He just didn’t want to look like a dad who couldn’t take care of his son properly.


“Hey Namjoon, hi Jeonggukie.”  Jin answered the door with a smile.


Namjoon looked at him and tried to smile. “I hate to ask you this but is there anyway you could watch Jeongguk for a couple of hours because I got called into work. You can say no, I know it’s a Saturday night and you probably have plans-”


“It’s fine I was looking for someone to watch Toy Story with anyway.” Seokjin interrupted him with a smile.


“I’ll watch Toy Story with you Mr. Jin it’s one of my favorite movies.” Jeongguk started to jump up and down.

“Why don’t you come in and set it up for me.” Seokjin looked down at Jeongguk and ruffled his hair. Jeongguk ran passed him and sat down in front of the TV.

“Are you sure it’s not a problem, I can call Jimin he’ll probably do it.” Namjoon fumbled nervously.

“Namjoon seriously it’s fine I love Jeonggukkie.” Jin smiled.


“Okay thank you I owe you big time.” Namjoon bowed to Jin before calling out to his son “Bye love you Jeongguk.”


“Bye daddy you can leave now.” Jeongguk told Namjoon pushing him out of the door.


Jin laughed and shut the door when he saw Namjoon enter the elevator. He was being honest when he said he didn’t mind watching Jeongguk, the kid was great and honestly the cutest.


“Mr. Jin are you and my dad in love because Uncle Yoongi said you cook food for people you love and you cook brownies for daddy and me sometimes.” Jeongguk looked up at him with wide eyes and a questioning look on his face.


Jin felt his heart beat faster in his chest thinking about how to answer the question without giving his feelings for the young boy’s dad away.


“Uncle Yoongi sounds like a funny guy.” He finally answered.


Jeongguk nodded his head really fast. “Ya Uncle Yoongi is the best, don’t tell daddy but sometimes he lets me listen to music with bad words in it.”

Jin laughed and ruffled the boy’s hair.



Jin was woken up by a knock on his door and slowly slid out from under Jeongguk, and placed him back on the couch before he went to open the door.

When he opened the door Namjoon was on the other side with a tired smile on his face. Jin saw his eyes search around the apartment.

“He’s asleep on the couch” Jin told him and instantly saw his eyes still and a sheepish smile form on his face.

“He fell asleep like twenty minutes into Toy Story 3 after he told me you were a lot like the pink teddy bear but not evil.” Jin laughed and a smile lit up Namjoon’s face.

“Sounds like my son.” Namjoon laughed.

Jin smiled at him and realized how tired he looked and instantly felt his heart hurt for the man.


“Do you want to come in for some coffee? I mean you don’t have to I’m sure you probably want to go home after being at work, sorry that was a stupid question.” Jin rambled.

“I would love some coffee.” Namjoon laughed and Jin felt his cheeks reddened in embarrassment. He let Namjoon in hoping he couldn’t see his blushing cheeks.


Namjoon immediately bent down beside Jeongguk and brushed his fingers through his hair before standing up and sitting down at the kitchen counter. Jin put a cup of coffee in front of him and sat down across from him.

“Thanks again.” Namjoon looked up at him.

“It’s fine we actually had fun and he told me all about his Uncle Yoongi and Jimin and his bestest friend in the whole wide world Taehyung.” Jin laughed.

“Ya Yoongi and Jimin helped me out a lot when Guk was younger.” Namjoon answered “Jeongguk loves them.”

“I could tell. He seemed like he really looked up to all three of them.” Jin nodded.

They sipped their coffee in a comfortable silence after that, until they heard a whine from Jeongguk. Without thinking they both stood up and rushed over to the boy. Namjoon knelt down beside him.

“Hey little man what’s wrong?” he asked.


“Daddy?” Jeongguk questioned putting out his arms to be picked up. Namjoon swiftly pulled the boy into his arms.

Jin stood behind them and smiled softly.


“Jinnie.” Jeongguk called out tiredly, looking over his dad’s shoulder at Jin.

Jin took a step closer and put his hand on top of Jeongguk’s head. “What’s up Jeonggukkie?” he questioned worry lacing his voice.

“Are you and daddy friends, cause I don’t want daddy to be lonely, and you’re really nice and make good food and you make daddy smile? Jeongguk asked staring right into Jin’s eyes.

Jin saw Namjoon’s body stiffen slightly. “Of course your dad and I are friends. Why wouldn’t we be, your dad’s the best right?” Jin answered the boy looking softly at how he nodded and nuzzled his face into Namjoon’s neck.

“Ya daddy is the best.” Jeongguk mumbled before his eyes closed tired with sleep.

Jin looked back up and smiled at Namjoon trying to let the man know he was being serious. Namjoon looked back at him and smiled softly.

Before Namjoon left the apartment he turned around put his hand on Jin’s shoulder “Thanks again I’ll see again soon.” he said sliding his hand down Jin’s arm before leaving with Jeongguk tucked into his arms.

Jin shut the door behind him and tried to calm his racing heart. The lingering hand on his shoulder and arm had to mean something right?