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Entertainment Weekly @EW
Rom-con Romeo Shirogane Takashi might actually be married to action star Keith Kogane




Takashi Shirogane might have married co-star Keith Kogane for real on the set of Guns Blazing

Sarah Lynn Burgess
September 20, 2018 at 03:30 PM EDT

Renowned heartthrob Takashi Shirogane might be married to longtime co-star Keith Kogane.

While promoting his upcoming comedy-drama Space Case, Director Matthew Holt revealed that the marriage scene filmed in New Zealand on the set of 2014’s Guns Blazing may have been legally binding.

“I wish I could say I did it on purpose,” Holt mused to EW on Friday. “If you think those two have chemistry on the big screen, you should see the moon eyes they make over craft service. Sometimes a guy just wants to eat his croissant without a heaping side of lovesick pining, you know?”

“But yeah, the marriage. Turns out the law [in New Zealand] is super lax,” Holt continued. “I think we inadvertently ticked all of the boxes.”

When asked if he had informed Shirogane and Kogane of the mis-intentioned matrimony, Holt replied, “do you think they’ll care? I guess I should. Maybe I’ll wait till I’m out of the country. Have you seen the way Keith handles a sword? I’m telling you right now, that’s not movie magic.”

If you want to see the Director tackle a crisis of questionable alien paternity instead of questionable nuptial legitimacy, check out Space Case hitting theaters Dec. 7.


Sword Hoard • 5 hours ago

So you’re trying to tell me they filled out a Statutory Declaration, a Notice of Intended Marriage, and advised the Registrar of their wedding date in order to secure a wedding license FOR A MOVIE? This is a publicity stunt guys and not a well disguised one. Those three are friends and Matt is notorious for getting their goat in the media. If Shiro and Keith are married to anyone, it’s their career.

goNads • 5 hours ago

or maybe matt intentionally married them. open your third eye.

Sword Hoard • 4 hours ago

Because an unconsented arranged marriage is so adorable.

Starzz • 4 hours ago

Have a real wedding and livestream it, you cowards.

EZ • 2 hours ago

I thought they were already married.

Slav • 1 hour ago

They are, in at least 2,703 other realities.




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so you’re telling me they have a director’s cut where they used their own names for the vows, or…???




The Best Holt @pidgeofsalt
@t_shirogane @mattholt Why wasn’t I invited to the wedding?

Shiro @t_shirogane
@pidgeofsalt You were.




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You Were.

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p sure it just means she was invited on the set

@mellonytea logic has no place here




Takashi Shirogane agrees he and Keith Kogane might have been married in New Zealand

And he’s okay with it.

The world was in a stir this weekend following the announcement by director Matthew Holt that frequent co-stars Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane were accidentally married on the set of their 2014 action rom-com Guns Blazing.

Fans took to social media for the inevitable backlash, but according to Shirogane, he’s fine with the unexpected relationship development.

“We’ve been together for longer than 4 years so I guess it feels redundant more than anything,” he said in an interview with the Guardian, referring to his extensive film catalogue co-starring former stunt double Keith Kogane.

When asked if Kogane felt the same, Shirogane confirmed. “Keith doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal, either. We haven’t exactly tried to hide the status of our relationship.”

It certainly shouldn’t be a surprise. The movie in question is one of the most popular in Shirogane and Kogane’s joint filmography, surpassed only by 50 Pound Weights and Crazy, Stupid, Buff in total domestic gross. Numbers that are quickly being overturned with the recent revelation of the now-iconic wedding scene’s authenticity.

Director Holt took to Twitter to address online speculation that his sudden epiphany regarding New Zealand law is part of a larger marketing scheme for an upcoming sequel. “Besides being unethical, that’s just plain lazy,” Holt wrote on Saturday. “If I really wanted to make bank on this whole thing I would’ve released the cut footage. Not that any exists.”

Matthew Holt’s latest movie Space Case appears in theaters December 7.

Takashi Shirogane
Keith Kogane / Matthew Holt / news




Petition to Matthew Holt
Tell Director Matthew Holt to Release the Forbidden Wedding Scene Footage

3,082 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!

end me signed 40 minutes ago
James G signed 57 minutes ago

Nijaz Kaplan started this petition to Matthew Holt

Fans have been supporting Director Holt’s work with Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane for more than a decade. It is our right as the people bankrolling Holt’s extensive filmography to have access to the referenced director’s cut footage featured in 2014’s Guns Blazing.

Matthew Holt: we the people are thirsty. we will not support your movies if you continue to manipulate fans by hinting at bonus footage without the intention of releasing it.

Sign now to demand Matthew Holt release a director’s cut of Guns Blazing including the rejected wedding footage.




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I made a petition to demand the
release of the Guns Blazing wedding

sign here:

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guys can we not

This is so poorly written oh my god.


PC police found us already (Face With Tears Of Joy )

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this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

just when you think the fandom couldn’t get any worse




Anonymous: have you seen the petition going around asking Matt to release the extra footage for Guns Blazing? part of me feels like it’s exploitative and none of our business but the other side of me thinks he shouldn’t have brought up its existence if he’s not going to share it. I’m not sure if it would be considered queerbaiting at this point but idk it feels kinda icky and I’m considering signing it?

Okay but it’s literally not queerbaiting. The movie ends with a marriage between two men, as do the majority of Matt’s films starring Keith and Shiro. The tweet was most likely a joke between friends, as I suspect the rumor as a whole was. Keith and Shiro have kissed on film, they’ve gotten married on film, they’ve...been implied to have done a lot more. they’re seen in public together incessantly to the point that there is a believable amount of evidence to support the theory that they are dating. We are well fed, we have nothing to complain about and we certainly don’t have any right to demand a breach of their privacy. If there is any footage that was left on the cutting room floor, we can only assume it was for good reason, and despite what this fandom may think it’s owed, those reasons are none of our business.

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Matt Holt @mattholt
@t_shirogane how’s married life?

Shiro @t_shirogane
@mattholt same as always :-)




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“Same as always”

Can you believe Sheith is real?

#sheith #this is confirmation right?
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I can’t tell if they’re joking or not but this is messing with my heart (Loudly Crying Face )




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a marriage timeline

lately there has been a lot of discussion in the fandom concerning whether or not Keith and Shiro are actually married, so me and a couple of my friends from the sheith discord put together a timeline of events (for research)

May 2006

Shiro’s co-star is injured while filming There’s Something About Gary and his stunt double, Keith Kogane, takes his place.

March 2007

Shiro and Keith appear on the red carpet together. Shiro fills in the awkward pauses whenever Keith runs out of things to say to interviewers, Keith blocks Shiro from the overeager fans and paparazzi. Keith straightens Shiro’s tie for him while smiling (some claim it is a shadow over his face). Overall, acting very familiar. Rumors start that they might be dating, others claim that they are just good friends/that Shiro holds a mentor/brother role for Keith.

November 2009

Filming starts for A Matter of Life and Sweat. Shiro and Keith spotted off set together multiple times. Keith starts showing up on Shiro’s instagram feed. Rumors start that Keith is dating casting agent, Lance McClain. Nothing explicitly intimate for either couple.

August 2012

Keith and Shiro have started regularly starring in movies together. This month marks the end of a social media drought when Shiro posts a picture of a dog on his Twitter with the caption “our newest addition, Kosmo.” Tumblr and Twitter explode with speculations over what he means by “our.”

November 2012

Shiro takes a vacation to Jamaica. In one of the beach photos fans claim they can spot Keith’s shoulder in the reflection of Shiro’s sunglasses. In another picture from the hotel room fans spot what looks to be Keith’s jacket on the back of a chair.

February 2013

Paparazzi catch multiple images of Keith leaving Shiro’s house. Rumors start that the two are living together. Shiro appears on the Ellen Show and confirms that they are. Some fans speculate that this means they are dating, others claim that it is a living arrangement of convenience.

May 2014

Filming starts for Guns Blazing. The two are married (?) in New Zealand.

September 2018

Director Matthew Holt confirms to Entertainment Weekly that Shiro and Keith were accidentally married in New Zealand. Some question the validity of these claims, so far nothing has been confirmed.

#sheith #hope this helps guys
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Shiro @t_shirogane
every time I think I’ve seen the worst of his bedhead, he manages to outdo himself

[image attached]

sheith made me believe in love again (Sparkling Heart ) @shirosbiceps
@t_shirogane y’all are bad for my heart #ShiroandKeithFOREVER

KKollwitz @galrahrahrah
@sheithbeef @niikapps @naddybaddie did you SEE THIS SHIT????

nailah (Crescent Moon )(White Medium Star ) @planetkrell
@t_shirogane Sex hair.

Lancey Lance (Splashing Sweat Symbol ≊ Sweat Droplets)(Sparkles ) @THElancemcclain
@t_shirogane DUDE,

Lancey Lance (Splashing Sweat Symbol ≊ Sweat Droplets)(Sparkles ) @THElancemcclain
@t_shirogane check your email.




Subject: you owe me a cobb salad

Hey bud,

I’m here to nail you down some sweet acting gigs, not to tell you how to run your relationship, but if you’re trying to keep the whole ‘I take your -ogane to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to be held in your broody muscle boy arms from this day forward” can I suggest maybe not posting your post-coitus photos on the twitterverse for the world to see?

Me and my salad were not prepared.

Lance McClain
Casting Director, Razzle Dazzle Talent
(Sparkles )give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle(Sparkles )



Subject: RE: you owe me a cobb salad

Grow up, Lance.



Subject: RE: RE: you owe me a cobb salad

This is Keith, isn’t it??

I know the mullet impedes your cognitive function but it'd be cool if you guys could chill for like 2 entire seconds.

I’m begging you. I’ll put it in emo terms for you: keep it in (keep it in your pants).

Lance McClain
Casting Director, Razzle Dazzle Talent
(Sparkles )give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle(Sparkles )




Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane
Really, Really Love Each Other


October 17, 2018 4:13 PM

I didn’t know what to expect when my office was contacted by hybrid action / rom-com star Takashi Shirogane with a request for an interview. Shirogane has been the name on everyone’s lips—both online and off—since last month when Director Matthew Holt revealed Shirogane and frequent co-star Keith Kogane were accidentally married on the set of their 2014 film Guns Blazing.

We met at a local café per Shirogane’s request. “They have Keith’s favorite coffee,” he explained over the phone, sparking a flurry of in-office speculation. And indeed, despite the relatively reclusive actor’s avoidance of interviews, Kogane arrived in tow at the scheduled time. Sunglasses on and exuding every inch of the brooding bad boy he plays on film, but seemingly of his own free will.

Shirogane wore a heather gray t-shirt with Adidas joggers. Kogane donned a similar outfit, though considerably tighter, his signature shoulder-length tresses tied into a loose ponytail. I had to wonder if their long history of on-screen liaisons had inadvertently affected my perceptions when—like so many others in the passing weeks—I couldn’t help but conjure the word “couple” from the recesses of my brain. The effect was only intensified by Shirogane’s arm, hooked around Kogane’s.

Up until this point I had remained skeptical of their supposed relationship status, let alone the legitimacy of the now-infamous filmatic wedding, but if Kogane wiping latte foam from Shirogane’s lip with his thumb was an act, they both deserved Oscars for their performance.

“We just wanted to set the record straight, once and for all,” Shirogane said when asked why he had requested an interview. Turning to Kogane he continued, “or, not straight, I guess.”

“Takashi and I have been married for a long time,” Kogane explained. He rested his hand on Shirogane’s knee with the ease of someone who has done it many times before. “Our 6th year anniversary is in November.”

“We never really tried to hide it,” Shirogane said, referring to his long-term relationship with Kogane. “When we started dating we decided to live our lives and let people say what they will. We never imagined it would take this long for people to figure out we’re together.”

“Or for them to think I was dating Lance.” Kogane made a face that can only be described as disgusted.

Shirogane laughed and rubbed Kogane’s back. “We realize there might be backlash for waiting until now to open up about this, but we truly never meant to hide our relationship. We’re happy, we’re proud, and we want our fans to know it.”




(Two Hearts )sheith is real what a time to be alive(Two Hearts ) @disastershirogayne
“we’re happy, we’re proud, and we want our fans to know it” #ShiroandKeithFOREVER

Actor Takashi Shirogane finally opens up about his relationship with fellow actor Keith Kogane

Huizheng J @keithst4n

Actor Takashi Shirogane finally opens up about his relationship with fellow actor Keith Kogane

Matt Holt @mattholt
@t_shirogane I take full credit.

The Best Holt @pidgeofsalt
@t_shirogane even the interviewer is distracted by how gross you two are

Actor Takashi Shirogane finally opens up about his relationship with fellow actor Keith Kogane




Subject: get your own email (to Keith)

Hey, congrats! I’m happy for you guys.

But for the record, if anyone’s disgusted by the thought of us together, it’s me.

Lance McClain
Casting Director, Razzle Dazzle Talent
(Sparkles )give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle(Sparkles )




sheithbeef   Follow

It's Official.

Keith and Shiro have been married for 6 years.

#sheith #I don’t...I don’t know how to process this #can you BELIEVE #in the year of
our gay lord 2k Gay Teen #crops? watered. #acne? cleared.
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guys, I’m at a loss for words. I’ve been crying all morning. Shiro and Keith were hugely influential to me growing up as an intensely queer theater kid in a conservative, bigoted family. watching their films normalized my experiences and helped me feel less alone. The thought of them together was only ever a comforting fantasy, I never in my wildest dreams imagined it might be true.

It’s really hit me that love is out there. I know it now more than ever.

#sheith #this means more than they could ever realize
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I’m just saying….Keith is Lance’s client. Public opinion would suggest it’s not appropriate for them to be together, so imagine if they devised this whole scheme with Matt to throw everyone off their scent.

Photo evidence under the cut.

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