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Hey, I Think I Love You

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“Hey, you.”


Loki looked up from his computer and laughed, not surprised to see Thor walking into his office. “Hey.”


The alpha placed a bag of food on the coffee table in between the two couches in Loki’s office and sat down, resting an ankle on his knee and crossing his legs. “I brought lunch.”


Loki smirked and finished typing up the current financial report he was working on before getting up to sit across from him, on the other side of the table. “What is it?”


“Marigold’s. I know you love the place.”


Loki perked up here and smiled, digging through the bag for his container of food. “What would I do without you?”


“Live a horrible and depressing life.”


They both laughed together before beginning to eat their meals, feeling at peace.


“You ready for that board meeting in an hour?”


Loki snorted, rolling his eyes. “And have the CEO down my ass about the reports not being good enough because they have an “omega’s” touch?”


“I can’t believe that they still think you’re undeserving of this position.”


Loki sighed and shook his head, continuing to eat his meal. “They’re just a bunch of grumpy old alphas.” He shifted his eyes to Thor then, a small smile on his face. “Why can’t all alphas be just like you.”


“I wonder that sometimes myself.” chuckled Thor. “But it wouldn’t matter anyway; you don’t like alphas.”


Loki sighed softly, looking away for a moment. “Well, it would certainly be a miracle worthy of praising the Norns over if even a fraction of the alphas on this Earth were as considering and caring as you.”


This made Thor smile softly. Loki was never one to freely give out compliments, so when he heard them from the omega it often made his day.


He and Loki had been best friends for as long as he could remember, and although they were an alpha and omega… that didn’t really bother them.


They were the two perfect halves of a  whole, the sun to each other’s moons, the light to each other’s days, and not a day went by without them speaking to each other.


Of course, their families had been pushing for them to get together for the longest, and as teenagers, they’d even tried dating for 30 seconds before laughing it off and deciding that it was too weird.


Incentives and bribes weren’t enough to get Loki and Thor to even consider getting together again, so once the pair hit 30, both families begrudgingly backed off and left the two alone.


Thor and Loki both knew that their parents weren’t done with trying to get them to get back together just yet though, and figured it would only be a matter of time before they started to hound on the pair about getting married and bonded, as they were both almost 40, and Loki was getting closer to that “age”, and wasn’t getting any younger.


They’d heard both families and their arguments so many times that they could almost recite the spiel word for word, facial expressions included.


“What are you thinking about?”


Loki’s question brought Thor back to reality, and he sighed, beginning to eat again. “I'm wondering how long this meeting will take. Sif… Sif wants me to go out to dinner tonight.”


Loki widened his eyes, making a sound of agreement. “Yes, yes of course! It’s your 3 year anniversary, if I’m remembering correctly.” He stared at Thor with a mischievous look on his face. “Is tonight the night?”


Thor pretended he didn’t know what Loki was insinuating. “Tonight is nothing special, Loki. It’s just a day that… that marks the 3rd year Sif and I have been together.”


Loki snorted, rolling his eyes and taking another bite of his meal. “If I was dating you and you said that to me, I’d be in tears.”


“Well, I wouldn’t think that way if it was you, obviously.”


Loki raised an inquiring eyebrow at the alpha. “What is that supposed to mean?”


Thor exhaled roughly, running a hand through his hair and shaking his head. “I don’t know, Loki.”


Loki sat forward then and stared at Thor seriously, approaching this subject carefully. Although the pair were the best of friends, one thing they did not discuss was their opinion on each other’s significant others.


Loki always chose the bad boys; the ones who lied and stole and cheated and drank and smoke and popped pills and partied until they couldn’t even remember their own name, and Thor hated it, seeing Loki throw himself after these beta men who didn’t and couldn’t respect someone as great and amazing and loving as Loki.


Thor always managed to find and date the possessive and insecure omegas; the ones who would poke holes in condoms, skip out on birth control, and expect Thor to want to marry and bond to them after the 2nd date. These omegas were always jealous of how close Thor was to Loki, and any time any of them made Thor choose between them or Loki, Thor would choose Loki, without fail, every time.


The only arguments that they’ve ever had were over the fact that they hated each other’s significant others, so after their teenage and young adult years, they realized that to keep being friends, they just needed to not bring that up.




Today though, Loki was feeling confident, and he decided to test the waters. “Do… you not love her?”


Thor exhaled roughly again, not wanting to discuss this. “I don’t know, Loki.”


“Have you told her that you love her?”


Thor was silent here, so Loki just shook his head, not surprised. With him, Thor was the most adorable goof, one who would go to the ends of the Earth for him, and always complimented him and made him feel worth something; especially since he was an omega surrounded by uptight alphas stuck in their old ways.


But with the omegas he dated, Thor was terrible . He was closed off, abrasive, stoic, and Loki couldn’t remember a time where Thor seemed to actually be happy with an omega. The alpha just didn’t mesh well romantically with others.


“I’ll drop the issue, because I know I’m the last person to lecture you on love. But… sometimes, Thor… it really helps to know that you’re wanted.”


He looked at his watch then, seeing that their meeting with the board was in 5 minutes. “I’m not sure about you, but if I don’t end up in that boardroom in 30 seconds, the CEO and the other members will be up my ass; and not in a good way.”


This put an amused smile back on Thor’s face, and he took a final bite of his meal, gathering his mess and throwing it away in Loki’s trash can. “I'm not sure you want those old fogeys up your ass anyway. I don't think they can even keep it up.”


The two shared a laugh and left Loki’s office, heading down the hall and to the left for the meeting.


Because Loki was this company's very first omega CFO, he was always expected to perform better, quicker, and longer than his alpha counterparts, and although it was frustrating that he had to work twice as hard for the same pay, he knew he was paving the way for other omegas like himself, and felt that going through all of this was worth it if it meant that even one omega out there saw him, and believed that they could do it too.


All eyes were on him the second he entered the boardroom, and he put a pseudo peaceful smile on his face, nodding at the CEO.


The CEO grunted, a deep set frown on her face. “You're late.”


Loki looked at his watch, seeing that the meeting didn't start for 5 more minutes. He also noticed that she was only addressing him, and not Thor.


He was used to this treatment because of his secondary sex though, and widened his smile, sitting down. “My apologies. I'll make sure I get to the next meeting 10 minutes before it's scheduled to begin, instead of 5.”


Thor tried to hide his smile at Loki’s witty remark, and sat down across from him, nodding at the various board members.


They smiled and nodded respectfully at him before turning to address Loki and frowning.


“Mr. Laufeyson.”


Loki nodded respectfully at the other board members, looking to the Vice President as the meeting began.


“We shall begin this board meeting by reviewing the previous minutes of last week’s meeting. Are there any who have unfinished business from last week’s meeting?”


A round of “no” came from the board members, so the President of the company took over, turning on the powerpoint. “I turn the floor to Mr. Laufeyson, to go over revenue and expenditures, as well as marketing, and projected financial expansion.”


Loki put on another pseudo happy smile and pulled out his laser pointer, beginning to explain, and ignoring the miffed alpha CEO.


This meeting would be good .




Loki knew something was wrong the second he made his way up to the top floor penthouse of his apartment complex. Music was blasting from within, and this was never a good sign.


Usually, when this happened, it meant that Angrboda had someone over.


Angrboda was Loki’s current boy toy, and he was surprised that the relationship was going on month 5.


Of course, the young 25 years old cheated on him constantly, but there was something in him that made Loki unable to break up with him for good.


He opened the door to his apartment slowly and walked to the kitchen, thankful that the kitchen wasn’t visible from the living room.


He could hear the loud moaning and the slapping sound of skin against skin from where he was, so already he knew that Angrboda had someone over.


Pouring himself a glass of wine, Loki walked out to the living room, standing in the archway for a few seconds and watching his current boy toy fuck some blissed out omega into the couch, his couch, completely unaware that he was standing behind him.


Loki silently walked over to the speakers and grabbed the remote then, turning off the music that was blasting throughout the apartment. “Looks like you’re all having fun.”


Angrboda and the omega screamed, tearing themselves apart and reaching to cover themselves haphazardly.


“B-Babe, y-you’re home early!” stuttered Angrboda, shifting his eyes nervously between Loki and the omega next to him. “I-I-I-”


Loki raised his hand in the air, silencing him. “Don’t.” He switched his gaze over to the silent and shivering omega on his couch, shaking his head. “What did this man tell you?”


The omega shuddered, cowering away from Loki. “H-He said that he had a Sugar Daddy and that he wouldn’t care if he slept around. I-I-I’m so sorry!”


Loki raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. “Did he now?”


Angrboda looked pale, and he quickly began to dress, walking over to Loki and trying to caress his cheek “Babe, she doesn’t mean anything to me. You’re the one that I want, I swear, I-”


Loki stepped away from him, shaking his head. “No. That won’t work anymore. Get your things. And get the hell out of my apartment. I’m done.”


Angrboda laughed, reaching out again to try and hug Loki. “Oh come on, babe, you don’t mean that. I’ll take a shower, I’ll clean things up, I’ll make you your favorite dinner, and for dessert…” He winked, biting at his lower lip seductively. “I’ll do that thing that you like. The thing that drives you crazy .”


If this had been any other day, these words would have Loki swooning , and he would’ve accepted Angrboda with open arms, and a heart full of forgiveness and naive hope that somehow he would be the one to change him.


But for some reason, he just wanted to be alone.


He went through phases like this, with each new boyfriend. They’d cheat, and he’d forgive them once, twice, a million times even, before something in him grew tired of the disrespect.


Then he’d leave them, remaining single for a few months before finding someone new, and getting right back into the same cycle of believing that he would be able to change his partner for the better, that he’d be the light in their dark world.


It was a sick cycle, and it was one he found himself unable to break free from.


And tonight was no different.


“Get out of my house, Angrboda. Take your things, your clothes, and get out. You can come back tomorrow to get the rest of your things, but… I’m over this.”


Angrboda laughed, knowing that Loki wasn’t serious. When he returned tomorrow, Loki would apologize, and be right back in his arms. “Whatever, babe.”


Loki watched the pair gather their things and get out before going to his kitchen and setting his wine glass down.


He wanted to clean off his couches, as the last thing he wanted was for any bodily fluids to become permanent stains.


He had the thought of throwing the whole couch out and getting a new one while he scrubbed away at the stains fiercely, and laughed, shaking his head.


He was so pathetic.


His phone began to ring in his pocket then, and he ceased his rapid-fire scrubbing to pull it out and answer it.


“Aren’t you supposed to be celebrating your engagement?”


Thor laughed softly, and Loki heard him sigh afterward. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting your brains fucked out right now?”


Now it was Loki’s turn to laugh. “Why are you calling me, Thor?”


Thor sighed then. “Sif and I got into a bad argument… she… she kicked me out because I didn’t propose to her tonight.”


Loki tutted, beginning to scrub at his couch again. “Alright. You can spend the night. Though… we’ll have to share a bed. Angrboda… Angrboda defiled the couch.”


“... Are you okay?”


Loki finished scrubbing and stood up, heading back to his kitchen. “I’m used to it, Thor. I’ll be fine.”


“Alright… well I’ll be over in 20… hang in there, alright?”


Loki could sense the underlying care in Thor’s words, and he already knew the speech he was going to get when Thor came over, ‘“You’re better than this, Loki, you’re such a good person, you deserve someone who will respect you, blah blah blah .”’


Loki went to go take a quick shower after this, wanting to cleanse himself of Angrboda. He also knew that he and Thor would most likely spend this night drunk, so he wanted to at least be in comfortable night clothing.


Right when he was grabbing two wine bottles out of the fridge, he heard the front door to his penthouse opening, and smiled, grabbing two clean wine glasses. “Thor?”


He rounded the corner and met the alpha, a knowing smile on his face. “Hey. Ready to party?”


Thor nodded, walking past Loki with a duffle bag and heading towards the living room. “That is exactly what I need tonight.”


Loki laughed and followed him to the living room, setting their things down on the coffee table. “I cleaned the couch, so you can sleep out here for a few days if you want. But the bed’s large enough for the both of us, so that option still stands.”


Thor sighed and began to strip, changing into comfortable night clothing. “I’ll take you up on that offer, then. I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past week, and I do not want to spend another night on one.”


Loki smirked and sat down far away from the spot he’d caught Angrboda and that pesky little omega on, beginning to pour wine into both glasses. “Do I look old, Thor?”


Thor snorted, sitting down next to Loki and accepting the wine glass gratefully. “Where is this coming from?”


Loki sighed, staring off into the distance at the wall across the room. “Angrboda called me his “sugar daddy” today.” He inclined his head slightly, mulling over this. “And when I got out of the shower, I stared at myself in the mirror for some time. I checked for wrinkles… I checked for gray hair… age spots even. And I didn’t see any.”


Thor rolled his eyes, taking a sip of his drink. “Loki, that’s ridiculous. You don’t look a day over 22‒”


“That wasn’t what hit me, Thor. That wasn’t it at all.”


Thor remained silent here, understanding that their conversations had been building up to this point.


It looked like talking about their track records was unavoidable tonight.


“What hit me was… I’m 35. I’ll be 36 in 9 months. And… what do I have to say for it? I’m not married or bonded… I have no kids… I have nothing but a degree… and a job. Those… those don’t get to come home with me at night. When I come here… when I come home Thor, I’m all alone. And unless I… I fix whatever this desire is to fix my partners, I’ll always be alone. And I don’t know if I want that.”


Thor chugged his entire glass before pouring another one, and beginning to think about speaking.


He understood these sentiments all too well.


“I mean, look at me, Thor. An omega who’s middle-aged, and has nothing to show for it. People from our high school have kids in high school now, and… and I have a degree. And a job.”


He chugged the rest of his wine and spat out his tongue at the bitter taste before pouring his 3rd glass, and knowing that he was beginning to feel a bit tipsy.


They sat in silence for a few minutes, mulling over what Loki said before Thor finally felt ready to speak.


There was no way he would admit these things sober.


“I… find myself feeling this way too, when I come home.” He laughed then, shaking his head. “If I can even call it that. “Home”. A place where I am with a woman that I don’t love, surrounded by things I don’t care about. Lying in a bed next to someone who means nothing to me. Dreaming about a life where I have someone I love, to come home to.”


He took another gulp of his wine, knowing that he shouldn’t be drinking it so aggressively, but not caring.


He wanted to get drunk tonight.


“At night when I lie with Sif, I sometimes wonder if this will be my life. Tethered to a woman I don’t love, for the end of time. Or worse, bouncing from relationship to relationship, never finding what I’m looking for, what I want, what I feel I need .”


He shook his head, a bitter smile on his face. “I feel like… I’m wasting my life. My job won’t kiss me goodbye in the morning. A job won’t be there in my darkest moments. A job can’t follow me around the world, a job won’t have school projects, a job won’t… a job can’t give me what I desire in this life.”


He and Loki both sighed softly and downed their wine glasses, reaching out with unsteady hands to their respective wine bottles and pouring shaky glasses.


“Loki, what kind of wine is this? I think I’m tipsy.”


Loki laughed drunkenly, looking at the bottle. “Chinato wine. I only drink it when… when I need to forget.”


Thor looked at the blurry numbers on the bottle. “20% ABV?! Norns, Loki! How many glasses have you had?”


Loki hummed, setting down his cup. He knew that if he drank too much too quickly, he’d get sick. “4. I won’t have any more for an hour.”


Thor stared at his full glass for a moment before laughing, and forcing himself to down it, shaking his head and spitting out his tongue at the bitter taste. “Norns.”


Loki laughed, falling over and leaning his head against Thor’s shoulder. “I’m not sorry. We both needed to get drunk and let go tonight.”


Thor smiled, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. “What are we doing with our lives, Loki?”


Loki sighed, closing his eyes as well. “I wish I knew, Thor.”


The two sat in drunken silence, basking in the feeling of warmth in their veins.


After a few minutes of silence, Thor turned to look at Loki, a soft smile on his face. “Sometimes, I just think it’d be easier to marry each other.”


Loki snorted, looking up at Thor, a drunken smile still on his face. “You’re too good for me, Thor.”


It surprised him to hear this, and he continued to stare at his friend, his closest friend in this life. “Loki… you’re a Norn given gift to the world. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.”


Loki laughed again, and Thor knew he did so because he was uncomfortable with thinking about them being together.


“I don’t think we’d mesh well, Thor.”


Thor was drunk enough to keep pressing the issue, and he wondered where this was stemming from. “Why is that?”


“Well for starters, I’d have to want to have sex with you. And I don’t. I can’t look at you that way. You’re…”


Thor turned slightly, staring at Loki intensely. “I’m what?”


Loki frowned and looked away from Thor, turning away from him. “We’re good how we are now, Thor.”


Thor frowned as well, knowing that Loki was only saying this because he felt insecure about himself. “Loki. How many times do I have to tell you that you’re too good for this world? Anybody would be blessed to call you their wife and mate, and… and I just don’t understand why you keep chasing after these beta men who don’t love you…”


Loki narrowed his eyes, the alcohol making it nearly impossible to keep his anger restrained. “And what about you? You think that I want to see you in pointless relationship after pointless relationship? With omegas who dream of something that you’re not wanting to give them? You’re not any better than me, Thor.”


“That’s not what I meant, Loki.” sighed Thor, shaking his head and closing his eyes. “Loki… I just know you. And I care deeply for you and our friendship. I just want to see you happy. That’s all.”


All the fire and fight left Loki then, and he looked back up at Thor, a mournful look on his face. “I don’t know if I can, Thor.”


Thor set down his glass and pulled Loki into a hug, holding the skinny omega. Thor was alarmed to feel Loki’s spine, and realized that he hadn’t been taking care of himself as he should.


“Loki… Loki please talk to me.”


Loki remained in his arms, silent.


It was always hard to hide the parts of himself that he didn’t want Thor to see.


“Loki, why are you drinking tonight? Did you eat at all today besides the lunch I gave you?”


Loki remained silent still, so Thor sighed, continuing to hold Loki in this vulnerable moment.


“I’m not happy with my life, Thor. And… I don’t know how to escape this void of unhappiness.”


“Depend on me , Loki. Depend on the people in your life who love you and care about you.”


Loki laughed harshly, tearing himself out of Thor’s hold and grabbing his glass, drinking more of its contents. “Yes, all three people.”


He flipped his shoulder-length hair out of his face then, staring at Thor impassively. “This brings us back to our earlier point, Thor. And I can’t get out of this cycle until I truly get tired of being disrespected by my partners. And I fear that I never will.”


Thor rolled his eyes, turning towards Loki slightly and staring at him, refusing to look away. “One of us has to end up happy, Loki. We can’t both be grumpy old men.”


For some reason this made Loki burst out into a fit of giggles, and he laughed for a few seconds, the image of them as grumpy old men the funniest thing he’d ever imagined.


Seeing Loki laugh made Thor laugh as well, and the pair laughed together for a minute, the negative air of their heavy conversation beginning to clear.


After they both calmed down, Loki turned to look at Thor, biting his lower lip.


Thor closed his eyes and turned to face the ceiling, exhaling loudly. “Don’t do that.”


“Do what?”


“Bite your lip.”


Loki gave an incredulous laugh. “Why?”


“Because it… it makes me think about things. And I’m too inebriated to file those thoughts away.”


Loki smirked, moving on the couch with unsteady movements. “What sorts of thoughts?”


Thor knew Loki was teasing him, so he decided to give into the man, and tease him back. “It makes me want to kiss you, Loki. And I don’t think it's a good idea to kiss my best friend.”


He opened his eyes when he felt a weight in his lap, surprised to see Loki straddling him.


“Things like this?”


They gazed at each other in uncertainty, heat and curious desire mirroring in the depths of their eyes.


“I lied earlier, Thor. About not being able to have sex with you. Because I can. I’m… I’m drunk enough to forget about… about everything. And…” He bit his lower lip again. “I’m tired of not being happy. And you make me happy, so… push me off if you don’t like this.”


Thor barely had any time to think or formulate a reply before Loki’s lips were upon his, and he felt as if he were rendered immobilized by shock.


Loki sensed this, and moved to slowly kiss along Thor’s jaw and neck, hoping his warm lips and tongue would be enough… even if it were only for tonight.


Thor’s mind finally caught up with what was happening, and he began to stutter. “Loki… a-are you sure about this?”


Loki pulled back and stared at Thor, surprising him with the vulnerability and hope in the depths of his eyes. “Just… let me take care of you, Thor. Trust me.”


He pressed a lingering kiss against Thor’s lips before separating from the man, and sliding off of his lap and to the floor.


“Loki, what are‒”


His heart began to beat faster when he realized what Loki was doing, and he moved to protest, the warmth of Loki’s mouth and his soft, wet tongue stopping him.


Loki stared up at him as he licked up the length of Thor’s half flaccid length before drawing the thick head into his mouth, and beginning to sink down.


Thor felt as if he was watching everything from 3rd person during this, in complete and utter shock because this was his best friend, and although he occasionally thought about what it would be like to sleep with Loki, he never thought it would actually happen.


He was drawn back to the moment at hand when Loki moved to lick along the seam of his testes, gently rolling them in one hand, and testing out something that had Thor seeing stars.


Loki began to use his other hand to jerk his hand along Thor’s thick shaft, licking around the soft gland of his head before drawing the engorged gland into his mouth, sucking and making sure to dip his tongue into its slit.


Fuck , Loki!” groaned Thor, grabbing at Loki’s hair, and pushing him further onto his cock.


Loki didn’t seem to mind this, and removed his hands from Thor, moving them to the top of his thighs so that he could deep throat him.


Thor was amazed that Loki could do this without gagging, as he was not a small man, and after another minute of this treatment, Thor felt himself beginning to climax.


He tried to pull Loki off of him, but the man refused, tightening his hold on Thor’s thighs, and moaning deeply when he felt Thor’s cum shoot down his throat, remembering in that moment that alphas produced ungodly amounts of semen, and regretted not pulling off.


He refused to give up though, and managed to swallow everything, pulling off of Thor with an audible pop, and a blissed out smile. “Well?”


Thor was panting heavily, and he didn’t know how to feel.


He had never been a participant in oral sex that good, and this made him look at Loki in a new light, one where he believed he could honestly consider being with the man.


“Loki… I-I can’t even…”


Loki laughed softly, standing up on unsteady feet. “I’ll get the pillows and blankets out for you… I… assume you want to sleep on the couch.”


Thor reached out and dragged Loki back into his lap, noticing that the omega was rock hard.


He also smelled a sweet, familiar scent in the air, and knew that it must have been the scent of Loki’s slick.


“Norns Loki, if you think I’m letting you go after that, you’re sorely mistaken.”


Loki began to stammer when Thor moved to kiss at his clothed chest and uncovered neck, feeling embarrassed. “I-It’s alright, Thor. You don’t have to feel obligated to do this.”


Thor licked from the base of Loki’s neck to the sharp line of his jaw. “It’s definitely not an obligation. I’m sober enough to know what I want. Are you?”


Loki gasped when he felt Thor maneuver a hand under the waistband of his night pants, clutching at his shoulders when Thor slipped three fingers into him easily.


The pair groaned together, and Thor moved to kiss at Loki’s neck as he began to prepare him, not understanding how he could feel this good. “ Fuck , Loki.”


Loki pushed Thor away suddenly then, confusing him greatly. “Loki?”


Loki moved Thor’s hand out of his night pants and stood up, removing them. “If we’re doing this, we’re doing it my way.”


Loki straddled him again and grabbed at Thor’s cock, pressing the head of it against his slickened entrance. “Last chance to back out, Thor.”


Thor gave a strained laugh, grabbing at Loki’s hips, and pushing the thick head of his cock into him. “Wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world.”


Loki smirked, beginning to sink down. “Good.”


Guttural groans escaped from the throats of both men as Loki sank down further and further onto Thor’s large cock, not stopping until Thor was completely inside of him.


They both knew that they would come if either of them moved at this moment, so they remained still, each of them basking in the sensations that doing this brought them.


After a minute of calming down, Loki began to move, getting used to the feeling of feeling so spread and so full.


Thor couldn’t believe that Loki felt so good, and it took everything in him to not begin rapid fire thrusts into the omega.


After Loki adjusted, he began to move more and more, quickening the rate at which he rode Thor.


The alpha was surprised that Loki could ride him while inebriated, and found himself wondering just how “drunk” Loki was.


He let Loki have his fun for a few minutes before stilling his hips with strong hands, stopping him. “Let’s change positions.”


Loki nodded breathlessly ‒he wasn’t as young as he used to be‒ and climbed off of Thor with shaky legs, a strange part of him unhappy to feel this empty.


Thor stood up as well and quickly removed his own night pants, turning Loki around and bending him over the sofa. “I’ve always wanted to try this.”


Loki blushed and let out a soft moan when Thor entered him again, pushing back onto him when he began to move.


He couldn’t believe that he was doing this, but decided that he would ignore the panicked voice in the back of his head, the one telling him to not do this out of fear of rejection.


He wanted to enjoy himself, and… after the life he’d been living up until this point, he deserved to.


Thor felt the same, trying to ignore his reservations about what they were doing, and to just enjoy the moment.


Loki felt so good, better than anyone he’d ever been with, and he didn’t know if it was because he was under the influence, or because…


He wasn’t ready to go down that road yet.


Instead, he focused on the feel of Loki’s skin, the warmth surrounding him, the sound of their lovemaking ‒if one could even call it that‒ and he grabbed at Loki’s shoulders so that he could enter him more precisely, marveling in the sight of him entering and leaving him.


It was alluring enough to entrance him for a few seconds, watching Loki’s pink pucker stretch to accommodate his girth.


Loki wasn’t happy that Thor’s movements slowed, and he turned around, a fearsome frown on his face. “What the hell are you doing, Thor? Move!”


Thor laughed, looking down at Loki. “Sorry. You just look really nice, stretching to accommodate me.”


Hearing this sent a fierce blush across Loki’s face, and he arched deeply when Thor suddenly slammed into him, letting out a choked cry.


Moving his hands to Loki’s hips, Thor began to move the way he knew Loki was wanting him to, switching up different angles until he found the one that had Loki screaming.


Loki could barely contain himself when Thor switched his angle, and he grasped at the couch, collapsing over the crest of it and panting heavily.


Mnh! T-Thor! F-u-uck!”


Thor continued to pump himself into Loki, feeling his 2nd climax of the night building up from within.


“I’m so close, Alpha!”


Thor’s eyes snapped open when Loki called him this, and he let out a low moan, reaching to flip Loki over.


The omega immediately wrapped his legs around Thor’s waist, clawing at his clothed back when he felt Thor even deeper , opening him up in ways that he’d never felt before, and before he could even comprehend what was happening, he came, electricity shooting through every single neuron in his body, and lighting them aflame.


He held Thor tightly when he came, unable to even vocalize his immense pleasure, feeling as if he had forgotten how to even breathe.


Thor was no better than him, and a few seconds after Loki climaxed, Thor came, pumping copious amounts of his semen into Loki.


Loki never thought he was one to enjoy the feeling of being filled like this, but… being here tonight with Thor… he didn’t mind it in the slightest.


They remained in each other’s hold for half a minute, panting and trying to catch their breaths.


After a full minute passed with no speaking, Loki leaned his head back and laughed, not surprised that Thor wasn’t fatigued from holding him so long. The man had the sculpted body of a god.


“How drunk are you?”


Thor moved to kiss Loki’s neck, not minding the tang of his sweat covered skin in the slightest. “I still feel something, but… I’m coherent.”


Loki nodded as well, wincing slightly when Thor pulled out of him and moved him to the couch. “Me too.”


He laughed again when Thor placed another soft kiss against his Adam's apple, feeling too blissfully fucked out to move. “Why are you kissing me?”


Thor stilled, looking up at him. “... Do you want me to stop?”


“... I don’t.”


He didn’t know what he and Thor were doing right now, and knew that he couldn’t blame it on the alcohol. Alcohol only brought out the deep, hidden desires of the heart, and… you could only blame it for lowering your inhibitions.


Thor continued to kiss and suck soft, faintly visible hickeys into Loki’s neck, his warm, wet tongue relaxing the omega further.


“What are we doing, Thor?”


Thor made a soft sound, moving to gently roll Loki’s testes in the palm of his large hand. “I don’t know. But I don’t want to think about that right now.” He ran a calloused thumb along the seam. “Do you?”


Loki stifled a moan and shook his head hurriedly. “If we’re going to do this again, we might as well carry it out like civilized adults, and do it in bed.”


This made Thor smile in amusement, and he nodded, swiftly taking the omega in his arms and carrying him back to his bedroom.


Loki would’ve normally protested, as he was closer to 40 than he was 30, and fully capable of taking care of himself.


But just this once, he allowed himself to indulge in this secret desire of his, one where he wanted to be doted upon and taken care of by a dutiful and loving alpha. An alpha who only cared about him.


Thor setting him onto his bed pulled him from his thoughts, and he made a soft sound, climbing underneath the sheets of his bed. He was tempted to tell Thor to forget it, but the alpha quickly stripped his tank off and climbed into bed after him, pulling him into a strong embrace.


“Are you tired?”


Loki yawned and nodded, wanting to have sex again, but feeling as if he didn’t have the energy to do so.


“If we have sex again, you have to do all of the work. I’m too exhausted to move or fully participate.”


Thor snorted, not surprised in the slightest. Loki always got extremely lazy when he was relaxed or tired. “I don’t mind in the slightest .”


He shifted underneath the blanket then until he was braced on his arms above Loki, sliding his hands underneath his nightshirt, and running them along the sides of his torso.


Loki was surprised by the gentle touches of Thor during their second romp, and he was embarrassed to admit how much the alpha’s soft touches or caresses soothed his long-held desire to be adored and treated like this.


This encounter was much calmer and more intimate than their first one, and Loki fell asleep in Thor’s warm arms, too comfortable and blissed out to care about tomorrow.


For now, he’d focus on tonight.