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Wings Torn by Daggers

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Toothless had fought with twice as much energy than he had done earlier, surpassing even Astrid and Stoick, who were both screaming profanities at Dagur as he dragged Hiccup out of the cell and down the hall.

Toothless called his riders name in desperation over and over again as he heard Hiccup's yelling get quieter and quieter; he eventually bit the hand of the guard that was holding him, causing the man to shriek and jerk away, cradling his bleeding limb close to his chest. That caused the other guards to let go of the others and make a rush towards the exit, locking the door and leaving as quickly as possible.

Toothless ran and slammed his hands against the bars, calling out his rider's name down the hall. There was no answer; Hiccup's yelling had stopped. Toothless growled, a dragonic sound that shouldn't have come out of a human's mouth, and started pacing the line of the cell, hoping to find somewhere to squeeze through, maybe.

The others had joined him at the cell bars, trying their best to peer in the direction Dagur had dragged their leader/son.

"M-maybe Dagur just wanted Hiccup something." Fishlegs stated, although the way he said it made it sound more like a question than anything else, which caused even more anxiety.

"Yeah, and Hiccup isn't prone to blowing things up." Stoick muttered sarcastically under his breath, although his eyes and body language clearly showed how scared he was for his son.

Toothless continued to growl, tail swishing back and forth as he continued to pace. Astrid eventually turned around after a minute, grabbing his shoulder. "Look, I know your anxious, we all are, but sitting around doing nothing isn't going to help Hiccup! We need to get out of here!" She stated, saying the last bit to everyone.

"Uh, duh. Thanks,—

—Captain Obvious." Barf and Belch deadpanned from their positions beside one another, giving equal stares at the blonde, who stared back quizzically at the ex-Zippleback.

"... Don't question it, it's how they always talk." Hookfang added, still glaring at the bars.

Astrid blinked for a moment or two before shaking her head. "No matter, we still need to get out of here, maybe if we— "

She was cut off by a bone-chilling scream that echoed down the hall. Everyone froze for a moment, praying that it wasn't who it so obviously was. The next scream that came did the exact opposite; everyone forgot their entrapment, and repressed themselves against the bars, yelling out Hiccup's name in terror as he continued to shriek.

The screaming that was so obviously out of pain now was incoherent for the first minute. Everyone had quieted down, realizing that the yelling was useless, when they heard the first words.


Everyone was shell shocked. No, beyond that. There wasn't a word to describe the feelings they were experiencing in those moments. Stoick had gripped the bars so tightly Toothless was sure that they might snap in half as he yelled for his son, unsure that the boy could even hear his words of... well, not really comfort, more of a promise through a mixture of fear and anger.

Hiccup's screaming had turned into shrieks, cut off every now and then so abruptly, the only explanation Fishlegs could come up with was that he might be experiencing waves of pain.

Yeah, definitely more anger than fear.

Toothless' eyes burned. From rage is what he originally thought, but when his vision started getting blurry he realized they were tears. He quickly scrubbed them away, and continued to yell to his rider.

Another agonizing minute passed as Hiccup's shrieks became sobs. Astrid at this point was hammering the bars with her bare hands, tears at this point were broiling in her eyes too, but being her stubborn self, they refused to spill over. Stormfly eventually grabbed a hold of her, having enough sense to know it was pointless and that she would only hurt herself if she kept trying.

Hiccup screamed Toothless' name next; a heart-wrenching, desperate sound that shook the dragon to his core.

Toothless screamed Hiccup's name. He had lost all sense of judgement, and replaced Astrid's job of beating senselessly against the bars. "HICCUP!" He screamed, yanking at a bar that was at eyesight, "HICCUP IM COMING, IM GONNA MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, THE OKAY? I PROMISE."

There was no answer. Toothless continued screaming, Astrid resumed in beating at the bars. (Stormfly found that it was easier for the girl to let her anger out on something nonliving) Fishlegs was whimpering, he and Meatlug were hugging, the twins had enough sense to know something was seriously wrong. Stoick continued to seethe, and started yelling in the directions the guards went instead. And Snotlout...was terrified for his cousin, he was just too proud to show anything beyond anger.

His stupor didn't fool Hookfang though. He could quite literally smell it. The Nightmare smiled a bit through the anger he felt.

Eventually, some guards came to tell the prisoners to shut up. That's when the tables turned. In exactly 5.76 seconds, to be exact. As soon as a guard got close enough, Stoick shot his hand out, grabbed the man, and slammed him against the bars, knocking him out. He then immediately grabbed the keys the guard was holding, and unlocked the gate.

Toothless was the first one out. He sprinted in the direction of Hiccup, adrenaline the only thing keeping his muscle memory going. He didn't even hear the cries of the others as he rounded the corner and out of sight. Hiccup had stopped screaming about thirty seconds before their breakout. Toothless had been the only one to notice as far as he could tell. Without the sound of his rider to guide him, the night fury was basically running blind. He couldn't call out Hiccup's name either; he could be captured if someone heard him, or Hiccup might not even answer.

Dagur started screaming then.

It wasn't a painful scream, like one Toothless so very much wished he could inflict upon the Berserker, more of a cry of outrage. Toothless could hear him yelling to someone, unknowingly giving the night fury an advantage.


"I did not! Your imbecilic brain didn't let me finish my godsdamned sentence! I still had a few more ingredients to add!"


"I DID!"


Toothless entered the doorway just in time to see the witch from earlier blast Dagur into the wall. Alvin was next to her and unsheathed his sword, swinging it at her. The witch ducked out of the way, and swiped the vials of what Toothless could recognize as the other dragon's magic, before sprinting out of the room, almost knocking Toothless over.

Alvin and Dagur followed, paying the night fury no mind as they rushed past, set on revenge for the witch. Toothless stared after the two for a moment, before turning his gaze back into the room.

The first thing that hit him was the sickening smell of blood and fear. He almost choked on it as he took a shaky step into the room, looking around. He almost didn't recognize Hiccup at first, but when he did his heart skipped a beat.

His rider was covered in blood. It soaked his clothing and pooled around him and was so obviously his. Thankfully, the bleeding seemed to have stopped, but that didn't stop Toothless from gagging at the coppery scent. Hiccup was facing towards him, on his right side, one arm trapped under him awkwardly and the other splaying out just as much. His face was screwed up in a way that notified the night fury that his rider was still very much in pain. Or at least it seemed like it. He couldn't see or hear him breathing. The dragon held his own breath, holding completely still, staring at his rider.

Hiccup took a shuttering breath, and Toothless exhaled in relief, rushing over to him—

Only to stop midway, staring with wide unbelieving eyes at what he saw.

When Toothless first arrived, as we know, Hiccup had been facing towards the entrance, where his dragon had entered. He had been laying a good distance away, so the night fury could only see the front half of him. Unknowingly to Toothless though, that position had hid something from his view, so when the dragon made his way over to his rider, he caught the first glimpse of something utterly terrifying and heart breaking simultaneously.

Toothless choked on a cry, covering his mouth with his hand, and feeling tears spark into his eyes. This time though, he let them flow. "Oh, Hiccup." He wavered as the hot tears ran down his cheeks.

There, on Hiccup's bruised and bloody back, ripped through his blood-stained tunic, were two night fury wings, hanging limply in a cramped position behind him, pooling in even more blood. He had a tail too, the exact same as Toothless' aside from the two tail fins at the end. Not only that, but they looked new, the dragon noticed, like a hatchling's. The scales looked sensitive, soft, not quite fireproof. The night fury couldn't stand it.

His two tail fins. His WINGS. Toothless couldn't get it to register in his mind.

Wings. he has wings. gods, this isn't right.

Hiccup shifted a bit. Not much at all, really, but enough to grab his dragon's attention.

Has he been conscious this entire time...?

Toothless could see his rider's nostrils flaring, obviously smelling something. Toothless couldn't even want to think about the sensory overload his rider must be experiencing. Sure, he had his problems getting used to the dulled senses his human form held, but even then they were still way more advanced than a normal human's. On top of that, his body was supposed to be able to adapt to those changes, Hiccup's wasn't. His rider's senses had just doubled, even tripled in sensitivity, and his body didn't even know how to handle the transformation, yet alone the sensory overload. Toothless could only imagine what he must be feeling.

There was a small whimper, and Hiccup shifted some more. His hand twitched, as if he was grasping for something. When Hiccup seemed to realize nothing was within reach, he whimpered some more. It took Toothless a minute to realize that his rider had sensed him, somehow. It took him half a second after that to realize he was reaching out for him.

He stumbled over to Hiccup; the adrenaline was gone and his muscle memory had failed him again, and dropped to his knees a foot or two away from Hiccup. He reached a hand out, only to stop midair and hesitate for a moment. His rider looked so fragile. Toothless felt that if he even laid a finger on him, his rider might shatter like glass. But Hiccup was shifting with renewed vigor, obviously sensing the close range his dragon was at, and Toothless watched him for about two seconds before promptly scooping him up and cradling him in his arms.

The first thing Toothless noticed was that Hiccup was cold. And not like his skin was cold from the outside air but that he was cold on the inside. Toothless assumed it was from the loss of blood. Blood that he was now covered in and didn't care. All he wanted to do was comfort his rider.

The next thing Toothless noticed was the shaking. Hiccup's body was shaking like a leaf in gale-force winds, reacting to both the shock and the drop in body temperature. Toothless could feel his rider's wings tremor against his arms and lap as well. That was the thing that got to him the most. And yet, he still couldn't process the fact that these limbs belonged to Hiccup now.

The last thing Toothless noticed was that Hiccup was mumbling into his chest. At first, the night fury thought that they were words, and maybe they were, but his fried brain and Hiccup's state made the words start falling on non-responding ears. Despite that fact, Toothless leaned down, whispering soft words of encouraging things to his rider, no matter how ridiculous. If it was enough to get Hiccup to respond positively, Toothless would say it.

"It's gonna be okay." He shushed, mindful of his rider's sensitive hearing. Rocking back and forth, Toothless held his rider in a firm grip closer to his chest, curling around him. "You're gonna be okay, Hiccup, everything's gonna be fine, I promise I'll make everything better, okay? But in order for me to do that you need to talk to me, look at me and tell me something. Let me see your eyes, Hiccup. Please."

His voice cracked on the last word. Toothless was brushing his fingers through his rider's hair now, untangling his hair from the dried-up blood in it. He stopped mid-sentence, discovering something else. At first, he didn't realize he was touching something other than hair, until he felt the definite scales under his fingers. He looked over to his left hand, which was now rubbing a night fury ear. There was another to match it, they had been so covered in blood, Toothless hadn't even realized they were there until he had felt them.

Toothless was staring, once again shell shocked, when Hiccup said his first comprehensive word.

"T-Tooth...less?" He mumbled with a hoarse voice, furrowing his brow a bit. Said dragon snapped his head back down to Hiccup's face, resuming the stroking of his rider's hair.

"Yeah, Bud, it's me. You gave me quite a scare there."

Hiccup seemed to grimace a bit, well as best as he could through his agony. "I'm s…orry." He mumbled, hacking up a bit of blood afterwards, causing a spasm to wrack his body. Toothless jumped as his rider tensed up underneath him and let out a small squeak of pain, before he pulled him even closer than he thought was possible, resuming his rocking. It seemed to soothe him.

"Don't...don't apologize." Toothless said, throat starting to constrict once more. Hiccup was starting to lose it again; his breath had picked up and he was whimpering in fear and pain. He had even grabbed a fistful of Toothless' shirt, twisting it as if he could transfer the pain into the material. The night fury swallowed before continuing. "Hiccup...Hiccup please open your eyes. Let me know you're okay. If I see your eyes I..." he trailed off, not knowing how to finish the sentence. "Please just— "

He was cut off by a racket at the doorway, which was now facing his right. At first, Toothless thought it was Dagur or Alvin, coming back for their little unfinished project; but when he smelled an all too familiar scent, he didn't know whether to breathe in relief, or panic even more. Hiccup was already losing it with only his closest friend in the room, his dragon wasn't sure how he would react with all his closest friends/family crowding around him.

Hiccup was already sobbing again, clutching to Toothless as another aftershock wracked his body, screaming hoarsely into his chest. The night fury cradled his head as he continued watching the door, waiting for the arrival of the others. Astrid was the first one to enter, and upon seeing the pool of blood on the ground promptly shrieked, which caused Hiccup to jump and let out another cry of pain.

Toothless quickly shushed her, putting a finger to his mouth in the universal 'quiet' motion and then pointing to the sobbing bundle in his arms. Astrid visibly paled upon setting her sapphire orbs on Hiccup's bloodied, crippled state. Her knees almost gave out on her and she was lucky he had Stormfly next to her to keep her balanced, despite the Nadder herself looking just as terrified.

The rest of the Berkians followed shortly after, all experiencing similar reactions. The one that unsettled Toothless the most was Stoick's. The chief just stared at his son for a moment, eerily quiet as he took everything in. Toothless watched as the man's gaze travelled from Hiccup's blood covered face, to his soaked tunic, to the wings that were barely visible between Toothless' legs and his son's back; then to the tail that was hanging limply off to the side, flicking every now and then when Hiccup jerked as he experienced another aftershock.

And through all of that, and even after, the man stayed silent. Broiling in his own mixture of anger and sadness, remaining stoic as always.

Everyone else sat in a sort of unbelieving silence, much like Toothless had. Each one of them convinced that this had to be a dream, right? But every time Hiccup jerked or shifted, the new limbs did too, which drove into their minds that these things are actually attached to Hiccup. They're a part of his body. They're a part of HICCUP.

Eventually, after a minute or two, Meatlug, who had been observing the scene with as much logic as her mind could muster, spoke up. "Toothless?" She asked, keeping her voice low in a mindful way, glancing at Hiccup.

Toothless, who had been whispering things into his rider's ear, looked up at the Gronkle quizzically. Meatlug took that as her sign to continue. "W-we need to stretch his wings out." She stuttered, "They've been folded the entire time, I doubt they've gotten any blood flow into them. It's hurting them." Toothless paled for a moment, before nodding.

"Yeah, yeah okay that makes sense." He mumbled, glancing down at Hiccup, who had calmed down slightly. As much as he didn't want to believe the wings were there now, they were. And if they were being injured, then so was Hiccup. He mumbled something to the teen, brow furrowing when he didn't get a response, before carefully shifting him till he was sitting upright, facing Toothless.

Hiccup whimpered a bit, still laying against Toothless' chest, almost completely unresponsive to anything going on around him. The gang caught full sight of Hiccup's wings for the first time, as they were now no longer squished between his back and Toothless' legs. After getting a nod from said night fury, (because that dragon is damn protective about Hiccup) Meatlug made her way over to the two. She was followed shortly by Tuffnut, who, due to some training from the healer back on Berk, was the only person in the room with medical knowledge that surpassed basic skills.

After a hurried explanation from Meatlug, the two grabbed either wing and began to pull in opposite directions ever so slowly. Everything went smoothly for about the first two inches—

And then Hiccup wailed.

And it sent chills down everyone's spines like no other scream of his had that day.

Because not only was it a wail of pain, but it was one of understanding.

Hiccup had just realized what exactly had happened to him.


Now, because the wings weren't getting any blood flow into them, that basically meant that Hiccup couldn't feel them. Now yes, he could feel where the wings had ripped out and where they were now connected to his shoulder blades, but because he couldn't feel his actual wings, it felt more like something was digging into his back instead of something protruding out of it.

On top of that, he was still practically half conscious and hurting, and was focusing on the overwhelming amount of scents and touch and that with every sound above a whisper drove a migraine-inducing stab into his head. He could vaguely feel the tail protruding from right above his hips, but he was already too far out of it to take it into perspective. So basically, all of those facts added up to the point where he was only partially aware that his back was hurting and he didn't know why. It was just another thing to add to the agonizing list. It was a miracle that he even was able to distinguish Toothless at the door when he first arrived.

He had been struggling to even breathe. He had heard the faint yelling start from behind him but he couldn't distinguish what was happening. All he had known was that he was in so much pain and that everything seemed more sensitive and that his ears were ringing and that his head was pounding and that he felt like he was BURNING and why gods couldn't hehavegoneunconciousagesagoand—

There was a loud bang, followed by a tremble as the ground underneath him shook and then there was silence and then he could smell Toothless how he didn't know but he could and he was right next to him but why couldn't he touch him he couldn't feel him but he sounded so close and...

...and then suddenly his dragon was closer then Hiccup thought was possible because his scent was so strong but why and how and...

He his dragon's arms now. Arms? Toothless didn't have arms— oh yeah, he was... he was human now, right? Or was that just a dream. Gods, was this all just a dream? A nightmare? When would he wake up?

There was mumbling... Hiccup couldn't understand it but it was soothing. The arms around him tightened and he felt a comforting pressure of someone encircling him from the outside world. There was a soothing pressure on his head... his dragon was stroking his hair and... came to rest on something...

"T-Tooth...less?" It was hard to speak. His throat was screaming. He was being rocked back and forth. He liked it.

"Yeah, Bud...ou gave me...scare there..." His dragon's voice faded in and out, but it was soothing and sounded the right volume but he sounded like he was whispering why was everything so loud?

"So...rry." He shouldn't have said that. He coughed and tasted something coppery in his mouth, and then another spasm wracked his body and there was so much pain and HEAT again whyisn'titoveryetplease.

Toothless said something but he was starting to lose it too Hiccup could smell it and it scared him even more and oh, gods, please just make everything better please why.

"Hiccup...pen your eyes...let me know y...okay...please..."

There were more noises now. A loud noise startled him and he jumped because it hurt his ears. And then there were more scents and breathing and the smell of fear was stronger and there was sadness too and anger but he was in so much pain there was another spasm and more heat and he gasped for breath and...

There was... mumbling...and then he was shifting, Toothless was sitting him up. Why?

There was a... presence behind him. No... two. There was some more mumbling and then... they grabbed...something. Something that was a part of him but wasn't at the same time. He couldn't feel it, but he could feel the muscles on his back pulling as they touched... whatever they were touching. Something that he knew shouldn't be there but it was. And then they kept...pulling, causing Hiccup's back muscles and shoulder blades to scream in pain. Toothless had wrapped his hands around him tighter.

Then Hiccup finally started to feel something. Something that was a part of his body that wasn't there before. They were on his back right where the pain was and it only worsened as they stretched and they felt like...


He didn't even know how he had come up with the assumption, but somehow he knew he was right. Hiccup wailed as the pure terror set in because he shouldn't have these wings but they kept STRETCHING and feeling was starting to make its way to them and they were PART of him and...

Hiccup could feel the wings, his wings, stretching. He could feel his muscles stretching, he could feel the muscles in his wings stretching and he could feel the people stretching his wings fingers on his wings. And they were hurting him and it was just inchafterinchafterinchafterinchofPAIN and he couldn't fight against it because he didn't have the strength to move them.

His wings. His wings.


And then they stopped, but Hiccup continued to shake his head and watch Toothless' hair as it swayed as he continued to rock him and when did he open his eyes why was everything so focused everything was sharper and brighter and it hurt and he was so tired but his body wouldn't let him sleep and he was so HOT and—

The stretching had caused the spasms to start back up again, just like any new movement before had. Hiccup tensed up, burying his face in the crook of his dragon's neck, gasping for breath as he waited for the wave of heat and pain to subside. He prayed for the millionth time that day to make the pain go away.

Toothless flinched with teary eyes as Hiccup wailed as his eyes shot open, slit dragon pupils and all, and slumped against him, almost causing the night fury to fall over. The dragon wrapped his arms tightly around Hiccup as he continued to scream as Meatlug and Tuffnut walked even further apart.

And then he started to kick and writhe. Toothless wasn't even sure his rider was aware he was doing it, but he had to pin his arms to his own chest and very awkwardly pin Hiccups legs under his own, so he wouldn't hurt himself further. One leg was pinning Hiccup's good leg from behind the knee and his tail was working in a similar matter, immobilizing both the best Toothless could while still supporting his rider the way he was.

He was stroking Hiccup's hair again, rubbing around the ears and whispering again, but Hiccup's ragged breathing was enough to say that he wasn't listening. Meatlug and Tuff had finished by then, and were now sitting a bit awkwardly, just staring at the wings now hanging limply on the ground.

They were smaller than Toothless', by at least a few feet in wingspan- about nine to ten feet. They would pass roughly a foot or two past Hiccup's fingertips if he were to stretch them out sideways.

Hiccup was shaking again, clutching to Toothless like the lifeline the dragon had probably become. Toothless shifted his head so that he could look over at Stoick; he had sensed a spike in anger in the man since about a minute ago, and it had only seemed to grow.

The night fury watched as the bearded man clenched and unclenched his fists in silent rage, his face though, still remained passive as he spoke. "Oh, son." He said in a low voice, gaze trailing over the broken scene in front of him. He had never even seen Hiccup cry before, seeing his son this broken was all too much for him. It was a moment before he spoke again, not really addressing anyone, more like thinking out loud.

"I'm gonna kill them! Both of them! I'll rip off their heads and FEED THEM TO THE RED DEATH ITSELF FOR WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO MY SON!"

The chief was yelling now, cursing profanities that Toothless didn't even know existed. He tried to calm the man down from his position on the floor, (the screaming was obviously causing Hiccup a lot of pain) but it seemed in vain. Toothless gave a pleading look to Astrid, who got the message and thankfully was able stop the chief from yelling.

"Sir! I know you're upset, and scared, and frankly furious, trust me, I am too! We all are, but we can't lose ourselves! Dagur and Alvin are probably who-knows-where halfway across the island right now pursuing that witch, and Hiccup needs to get to Gothi! This is our chance to get out of here!" She said, turning towards everyone else, "We can take a boat and sail back, considering our situation, so instead of sitting around, let's do something!" Now, it wasn't that Astrid didn't care about Hiccup's situation, (she actually cared way more than she wanted to show) she just really, really wanted to get off this island that would probably give her nightmares for the next month.

Stoick took a few calming breaths, still tense, and looked over at his son, who had his face buried in the crook of his dragon's neck, shaking profoundly. "He's shivering." The man stated, glancing up at Toothless.

Said dragon nodded solemnly, stroking his rider's hair. "Yeah, it's the blood loss, his body temperature's dropped a lot." He whispered, using his other hand to rub the section of back below Hiccup's wings and above his tail.

Stoick watched again for a moment, before stating, "Give him my cape, it'll at least keep him warmer.

Toothless' eyes widened as he sat up straighter. He was still wearing Stoick's cape. He had forgotten about it in all the commotion. The night fury reached up and unclasped the bear skin from around his neck, bringing it around behind Hiccup, who was still settled in his lap.

Hiccup's eyes trailed the cape as Toothless situated it, deliberately avoiding looking directly at the pitch-black wings that he could feel on himself in his field of vision. He shook his head tiredly as Toothless started to drape it over him, struggling to get away from it, causing another spasm of pain and heat to wrack his body.

Toothless was confused as Hiccup started to struggle against him, whimpering. The dragon frowned, glancing down at his rider. "Hiccup, I'm not gonna hurt you." He said with a slight pang.

Hiccup continued to struggle, despite the spasms going through his muscles. "N-no." He mumbled, "please..."

"Hiccup," Toothless coaxed, "it's just a cape, it's your dad's cape. You need to get warmed up."

Hiccup kept shaking his head, slit pupils intensely watching the blood-stained cape as the night fury held it. "No, it's... hot..."

Now Toothless was really confused, and feeling more anxious than ever. "Hiccup, bud, please..." he moved the cape to drape it over his rider, and the Viking jumped, almost falling out of his arms.


"Hiccup— "

"I-I'm MELTING!" He shrieked, writhing, clammy skin pressing against Toothless' bare arm.

That set off alarms in the night fury's head. How could Hiccup feel like he was burning if he was on the edge of hypothermia? Unless...

Unless he had fire.

... Well now Toothless felt more dumb than shocked. His rider was half night fury now, of course he would have fire. Even so...

The dragon looked down at his rider for the millionth time that day. Hiccup still needed to be warmed up, even with the fire within him; it wasn't helping to warm him up, instead just causing an extremely uncomfortable amount of heat as his body struggled to get used to it. Just like a lot of other things his body will have trouble getting used to. Toothless silently apologized, before bundling his rider up in the cloak that, to be honest, dwarfed him. The night fury would have cooed under different circumstances.

Hiccup didn't shriek, just continued to whimper, and jerk weakly inside of the bearskin sushi wrap. At first, the heat really was unbearable because he was burning up on the inside and now he was hot on the outside and...and then, it started to feel good, relaxed even. And...and he was...tired...

Toothless couldn't help but breathe a giant sigh of relief as finally, finally, Hiccup lost consciousness and fell against his dragon, putting him out of his agonizing misery. He waited a moment or two, listening to Hiccup's deep, calm, rhythmic breaths (which had a slight wheeze to it due to the dryness of his throat) as his rider slipped deeper into unconsciousness.

As soon as he was sure that Hiccup wouldn't wake up when he moved, Toothless shifted until he was laying down once more, before standing up, carrying his rider bridal style in his arms.

There were no words as the tired, broken and traumatized gang made their way out of the blood-stained room and down the cold stone hallways, into the twilight of the outside world. The moon was their only source of light as they trekked through the gravelly land, towards the docks.

There were no guards in sight; they had probably gone to aid their chief in fighting the witch, battle taking place who-knows-where by now. It was ridiculously easy to find a compatible boat and set sail on the eerily calm waters.

Even through all of that, even after getting on the boat and his arms felt like they would fall off from the strain put on them, Toothless never let go of Hiccup. He held his rider close to his chest, mumbling to him even though the Viking was off in the realm of the unconscious, no dreams in sight (One everyone was glad for, it was more than obvious that everyone on that ship would have nightmares for the week to come)

Hiccup slept for most of the way back to Berk; his body focusing more on delivering the nutrients needed to the new muscles attached to him now, and learning to regulate it simultaneously evidently worked faster when he wasn't conscious. Or at least that was what Toothless got from the long-winded, yet quiet explanation from Fishlegs when he got worried about the length his rider was asleep.

When Hiccup did wake up though, they were roughly a few hours from home. He seemed to still have most of his memories from Outcast Island, (Toothless cursed the gods for that; he had hoped that the memories were wiped from his mind so that it would save him from dealing with a bunch of trauma but noooooo~) and although he didn't talk all that much, as his throat was still very painfully raw, he continued to whimper and shake the entire ride, pressing into Toothless like a scared hatchling would do to its mother.

And that was where the story ended, or maybe began, dear readers. The boat continued to sail through the glassy waters, carrying with it the aura of crippling shock and fear that radiated through the air and water itself, making even the fish turn tail and swim away as fast as they could. The stench of blood and anger mingled with the confusion of the situation, creating a feeling only described in actions and silence, not words nor writing. The only sound heard as the Isle of Berk came into view in the horizon, was the whimpering of a bloody and broken child and the soft heartless whispers of his best friend.