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Shattered windows

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"No Danie, I am not paying for that window,"

I mutter into the phone as I throw away the last part of my bagel.

"It is his responsibility." "I get that, Donna, but he really isn't happy. At least, that's what he's saying,"

I look around before I cross the busy street, holding my bag in my hand and my phone in the other.

"I don't care Danie. I'm the boss, remember? If he doesn't like it and he's not going to pay for it, he can go away."

Danielle laughs.

"Yeah right, as if you'd like that. And, if he goes away, you'll end up paying for the window anyways." "Fine!"

I snarl, and a woman looks up surprised from her phone as I push myself next to her in the line for the ID control.

"I'll transfer the pounds to the account."

Danielle has the audacity to giggle. Maybe it could be funny when I think of it later, but right now, it's really not.

"How long do you think it's going to take you, boss?"

Her voice becomes emotionless.

"About five minutes,"

I say as I show my ID, and the men let me through, and I walk over the large street towards the shining building.

"Okay. Malfoy has a question for you, by the way. Should I send him to your office now, or later?"

I look at my watch. 8.40, it says.

"Later, please. There's still some emails that I need to read quickly before the meeting, so I won't have enough time for him." "Alright."

The phone makes a sound and I carefully slide it into the pocket of my cream coloured jacket. I take out my other phone from my bag, and I look down on it while quickly typing a message to my best friend and employee, Pansy Parkinson.

She dropped out of thin air three years ago, right here in big London, just like Blaise Zabini, one of my best workers. Draco Malfoy followed six months later.

Right as I press send, I feel a hard thud and a hot fluid covers my light blue blouse. I curse and step backwards. "Oi, sorry!" A voice says. I reach for a tissue and wipe away the fluid, but it's as I feared, the coffee has made a large brown stain in the middle of my blouse. I look up, right into two flashing green eyes. The stranger smiles at me. "I am terribly sorry for ruining your blouse. Here, take this to cover it up for the time being." He takes of his hoodie and presses it into my arms. As much as I'd like to snarl at him, there's really no time. I quickly take out a small white card from my wallet and I press it into his hand. "I'll make sure I will have your hoodie cleaned in no time. This is my card. You can come by when you have time to recover your hoodie." I put my bag on the ground and pull the hoodie over my head. It's surprisingly warm, and I pull my jacket off, which also has a few coffee stains.

With a sigh, I walk past him, into the huge building. When I enter my office, I can finally breathe and escape all the strange looks sent my way. Danielle walks in. She giggles. "What on earth are you wearing Donna? Is that a hoodie?" I nod. "I bumped into this stranger on the street, and he spilled coffee on my blouse. He gave me his hoodie and I gave him my card so he can pick it up later." Danielle laughs. "I hope he's handsome. Maybe you should put on a new blouse." She turns around and walks out of the office. I sigh deeply and take off the hoodie. "Now let's get this shit cleaned up." I mumble.


One hour later, I walked into the conference room, with a new, identical blue blouse on. "Welcome, everybody," I say as I put the files on the table. There are about twenty people here. "Today is just a regular meeting, we're going to talk about the sales, and what we can do to improve our architecture skills. I hope you rested well in your weekend, because it's going to be a hard week. Blaise, you go first." I nod towards the dark man as he gets up and I get a comfortable seat. "So this week might become one of our best in years. I checked up all the sales from last year until now, and we can definitely see that our sales have been going up. Now, to improve this, I say..."

"Great. That's it for today then," I take a look at my watch, which points out that it's already lunch time. Blaise stays behind as the rest make their way through the glass doors. "I think your idea about the interior design models is a very good one Blaise. I'll tell Pansy about it. I think she will like it." I take all the files and press them to my chest. "Is there anything else you'd like to say?" Blaise smiles. "I'll escort you back to your office," he bows and I snort. "Sure you will. Come on, let's get going. Draco said he wanted to talk to me." Blaise delivers me right in front of my office and I say goodbye to him as he makes his way to the other conference rooms, where Pansy will probably be.

"Draco's in your office. I just sent him in." Danielle tells me from behind her desk. I smile at her and walk into my office. It's a rather large space, with mostly lots of glass. It's got a small balcony, and a bathroom. In the middle of the office there is a large desk, also made out of glass. I also placed two black couches in, to give it a little bit more of a comfier vibe. Draco's sitting on one of the seats in front of my desk. I drop my files and take a seat. "Good afternoon Draco. What brings you here?" I ask. The blonde man smiles as he pushes a paper towards me. "There is a slight favour I need to ask of you." He says. I take the paper and read the first few words. Then I raise my eyebrow. "You want me to hire this woman?" Draco nods. "Why? What can she bring to this company?" I lean forward. Draco purses his lips. "Astoria is really kind. She loves helping people. Maybe she could help in your customers department." "I can't just pull strings for you just because you're my friend Draco. She will need to convince me." "Really?!" He starts to smile. I raise a hand to stop him form celebrating too fast. "The fact that I give her a chance does not in any way mean that I will hire her. This Friday night, we can have dinner. I will get a restaurant. Okay?" Draco gets up and nods. "Yes, I will let her know. Thanks for giving her a chance Donna." I smile softly. "Don't start celebrating yet. You don't know if she'll get hired." Draco only laughs and walks out.