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Subject: A Comprehensive Report

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Medical Record - Midoriya Izuku, 15, M, SID: 9093341
Mother: Midoriya Inko

ER Admission Report:

September 22nd - Admitted with severe injuries obtained in the course of heroic duty.

Lacerations on the left and right cheek, infected. Minor damage to the Zygomaticus muscles. Scarring likely, function unimpaired. Antibiotic routine required.

Severe abdominal contusions. Bedside ultrasound examination was performed - no internal bleeding was observed. Overnight observation required.

Rotator cuff strain, possible ligament or tendon injury. Immobilization required. Arthrogram recommended.

Dehydration. Intravenous saline and overnight observation required.

From: Sir Nighteye <>
To: Nedzu <>
Subject: Admissions test

Thank you for delaying Midoriya-kun’s test. As you likely already know, Midoriya-kun sustained major injuries during the Funabashi investigation, but he will be discharged from the hospital in a couple of days. As long as the test does not include a physical element, he should be able to complete it at your convenience.

Sir Nighteye

From: Nedzu <>
To: Sir Nighteye <>
Subject: Re: Admissions test
Sir Nighteye,

Oh, Midoriya-kun doesn’t even need to visit UA’s campus! I’ve attached the files and the videos of the admission test for the other four recommended students. I’d like Midoriya-kun to provide me with a full profile of each - including an assessment of their physical and mental health, a consideration of which field of heroics they are most suited to and why, and a hypothetical plan to subdue them should they engage in criminal activity. Please pass these along to him, and tell him that he has a week to finish them once he starts! No rush!

Plus Ultra!


Mirio: hey buddy!
Izuku: hey sejpai
Izuku: whst did u wwmt to talj abpt?
Mirio: what?
Izuku: sry hsrd 2 type
Izuku: druuuuuuugs
Mirio: please go to sleep
Mirio: sorry I woke you up!
Izuku: noooo its nicee
Mirio: huh?
Izuku: itz niicw to hav ppl who care
Izuku: i didnt have thst befor
Mirio: oh
Mirio: well, midoriya-kun, for all the people who care about you
Mirio: you have to promise to rest and get better
Mirio: we’re counting on you!
Izuku: k srnpai!
Izuku: i promise

“Illegal Genetics Lab Busted!” by Ito Fumiko, published in 2132

Last night, police conducted a raid on an underground genetics lab in Iwate Prefecture. A total of seven people were arrested on charges of unauthorized genetic manipulation under international law, and were also found to be in violation of several animal cruelty laws.

“It was like a horror movie,” arresting officer Tanaka Hayato told reporters. “A menagerie of patchwork animals with strange quirks. A frog/toad/salamander that could lift a bench and throw it at us. A dog/horse/cat that could breathe fire. A mouse/rat/dog/bear that could speak Japanese. I didn't know what to make of their research.”

Not everyone in Japan finds this research so horrific, however. “What were they supposed to do?” an anonymous source from a major Tokyo university weighed in. “The draconian restrictions on genetic research have slowly strangled the field of biology. I can't say that I've never considered starting an illegal genetics lab myself. You can't do genetic quirk research on anything less complex than a vertebrate model organism, and that's against the law. At this rate, quirks will always be a mystery to us.”

Transcript of debrief of Midoriya Izuku (SID: 9093341) by Centipeder (HID: 1105921), Sir Nighteye (HID: 8082956), and Tsukauchi Naomasa (PID: 005-580-296), September 24, 2178 at 10:00am, Police Case #00289910:

Tsukauchi: Okay, I’ve turned the recording device on. Gentlemen, when you’re ready.

Centipeder: Alright, Midoriya-kun, let’s start from the beginning. You were talking to Eraserhead when you recognized “Boss” - the head of the organization that Eraserhead was infiltrating. Is that correct?

Midoriya: Somewhat. I didn’t recognize him fully at the time, but I knew he sounded familiar. After Aizawa-san sent me a physical description of “Boss”, I was able to place where I’d seen him.

Centipeder: And that was?

Midoriya: I’d watched his interview when I was researching the bank heists and Nakahara Gorou’s apparent death. His missing eye and his… laughter were…. I remembered them.

Tsukauchi: Why were you watching those in the first place?

Midoriya: Ahhh, it’s… uhhhh… the case is, well, I mean… It was interesting? And, ahhh….

Sir Nighteye: (Sighs) Midoriya-kun, you’re a terrible liar.


Sir Nighteye: Midoriya-kun, are you all right?


Sir Nighteye: Midoriya-kun….

Midoriya: Don't touch me!

(Heavy panicked breathing.)

Sir Nighteye: Izuku, I'm sorry.

Midoriya: No, no, it's… it's fine. (Pauses.) It's just, I mean, this is out of order, but - he… I lied to him, right? I lied to him over and over, as convincingly as I could. And he knew I was lying, every time, because he could see…. I told him I had a foresight quirk, but he could see that I was quirkless. But he let me lie to him again and again, just because it amused him. He gave me pointers. And he'd hurt me every time because he claimed that I wasn't a good enough liar, but really, he just liked to inflict pain. I knew that the moment I cut his little game short, the moment I told the truth, he'd get bored and kill me. And there was only so long that I could make up interesting lies. So… anyway… yeah, it's not your fault… Sir?

Centipeder: Sir, perhaps you, can ah… relax your grip on the chair?

Sir Nighteye: It's either this or I get arrested for excessive brutality against a prisoner. Please, take your pick.

Centipeder: Fine, alright, moving on - Midoriya-kun, we were at your recognition of Nakahara Nobu.

Midoriya: Ah, yes, so, um, I recognized him, and I dug quickly into his financials, since I had his name, and I found that he owned the bank, essentially - he had bought the property after the heist, and he hadn't done anything with it.

Tsukauchi: We got to that point as well, retracing your steps.

Midoriya: Yeah, so, then you picked up on the inheritance thread?

Centipeder: Wait, what?

Midoriya: You… didn't? Then, wait -

Sir Nighteye: Nevermind our investigation. What was your logic here, Midoriya-kun?

Midoriya: Ah, well, they hadn’t found the money, right? All eyewitness said that the other robbers had been carrying the money out, and as long as Nakahara Gorou was dead, it wasn’t like they were going to really search all of his belongings for the cash. Plus, Gorou had only recently “accidentally” shown his face to cameras at the last bank heist. The only one of the bank robbers to be identified dies messily and obviously in the next heist? It seemed a little coincidental to me, especially when the robbers could just drop the money discreetly in Gorou’s apartment or something, which would then pass easily and unobserved into the possession of Nakahara Nobu. But that wouldn’t work if the authorities found no body when the ruined bank was cleared from the property.

Tsukauchi: That….

Centipeder: That makes a great deal of sense, yes.

Tsukauchi: And you figured that out from the fact that Nakahara Nobu owned the ruins of the bank?

Midoriya: Well, that and the fact that Nobu was running an operation that would have required a lot of overhead capital. And that the other robbers turned up dead and unrecognizable two weeks later, which suggests that they weren’t in charge of the heists.

Sir Nighteye: (Huffs) Don't look so stunned, Tsukauchi-san. There's a reason I employ Midoriya-kun.

Centipeder: Many reasons.

Sir Nighteye: Well, yes.

Tsukauchi: (Laughs) I can see that.

Midoriya: N-no, I'm not - I mean - I should have… this is my fault!

Sir Nighteye: Midoriya-kun?

Midoriya: (Crying) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm -

Sir Nighteye: Midoriya-kun! Izuku! Is this about….

Midoriya: I… I should have called. Or texted, even.

Sir Nighteye: Yes, you should have. Why didn't you?

Midoriya: It was… speculation. A long shot. And everyone was so stressed, and… we were understaffed, and frustrated, and I… This sounds so stupid, but I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. I thought I could go to the house, confirm or disprove my theory that Gorou lives there, and then… you know… tell you after. And… I was excited enough about it that I didn't really… think that through.

Sir Nighteye: Izuku…

Midoriya: I know! I know it was stupid, I'm sorry -

Sir Nighteye: No, I'm sorry.

Midoriya: What?

Sir Nighteye: I'm sorry. We've been understaffed for the last ten years, critically so for the last five. You're an intern, Midoriya-kun, not even in high school yet. In a mainstream heroics office, you'd still be fetching coffee. I pulled you out of school to be primary analyst on a case that would have been difficult for an analyst twice your age and 10 times your experience. And you rose to the challenge, Izuku. You found the other kidnapping victims, as well as 10 other people who had been labelled as missing. Thanks to you, we have Nakahara Nobu in custody, and we can question him about his trafficking operations.

Midoriya: W-what about Gorou?

Tsukauchi: When Eraserhead erased his quirk in the raid, he became enraged and provoked the heroes into taking lethal measures.

Midoriya: I… I see.

Sir Nighteye: Izuku, that isn’t your fault, either. Listen, I officially reprimanded you, and you understand why.

Midoriya: I do.

Sir Nighteye: But I also blame myself for this. I should never have put this burden on your shoulders.

Midoriya: But -

Sir Nighteye: No, listen. You’re capable, observant, and too clever by half. I knew that you’d do a fantastic job, and you did. But you shouldn’t have had to - I let my concerns about the agency’s workload supercede my common sense and gave you too few people and resources and a position that carried too much responsibility. That you were stressed enough to put yourself in a precarious situation is a testament to my own failures.

Midoriya: Sir, I chose to go! I chose not to tell anyone!

Sir Nighteye: Yes, and I chose to put you in the position to do that.

Midoriya: Sir, you can’t blame my failures on yourself.

Sir Nighteye: And you can’t take responsibility for mine.

Centipeder: Sir, do I need to call Midoriya-san in here to intercede?

Midoriya: No, no, please don’t!

Sir Nighteye: Yes, we’ll continue with the debrief now.

Tsukauchi: No, I think that’s enough for now, anyway. Midoriya-kun, rest well, and I assume you’ll be filling out an official report later?

Midoriya: I will.

Sir Nighteye: After you’re released from the hospital, not before.


Sir Nighteye: Inko would kill me otherwise.

Excerpt from “Education in Heroics: A Retrospective” by Miyagi Juurou:

Arguably the most highly-regarded high school in Japan today, UA began as a private school of middling regard. Founded in 2001 by Otsuka Kiku, the heiress to the Otsuka fortune, the school initially billed itself as a business-focused high school that would give students the connections that they needed in the corporate world. At the genesis of the heroics industry and the end of World War III, UA’s management was quicker than most to see the way the wind was blowing, and in 2016, they added a heroics course to their curriculum. The government offered to support the initiative, but Otsuka, wary of outside control or dependence, refused. This would set a precedent in future decades for UA to remain independent of governmental control.

The well-known H-shaped building did not always exist in that form. UA started out with only the east building, but when the hero course was added, parents expressed worries about their children being in proximity to quirked people, especially quirked people who were being trained to fight. Another building was created next to the original one to house the quirked students. When the support course was added, the hero course building was remodelled and expanded to mirror the other building and the walkway was added between them. To this day, management and general course are housed in the east building, while the support and hero course are located in the west building.

Profile for UA Admittance - 1/4
Analyst: Midoriya Izuku
Name: Yoarashi Inasa
Quirk: Whirlwind

Quirk analysis: Powerful and flexible - adaptable to many situations. Subject demonstrates impressive control of it, able to manipulate several objects with very fine control simultaneously. For further development, ascertain whether he can use the wind as an extrasensory aid - can he use the wind to tell positions, movements of people, etc? Also, a proper costume design would allow himself to easily propel himself through the air.

Physical health: Fantastic. His strength and muscle tone is extraordinary for his age, and as long as he avoids too-heavy free weights in his training regimens, he should be able to maintain this.

Mental health: Enthusiastic about heroism and respectful and admiring of his recommender. Halfway through the exam, after a break, he returns sullen and resentful. Unsure of the cause, but he seemed to be unusually fixated on the Todorokis. If they are in the same class, observation recommended.

Field of heroics: Quirk and personality seem most suited to Villain Apprehension, but if quirk is able to provide extrasensory information, that coupled with his stunning control would make him an outstanding Rescue hero. Entirely unsuited for Intelligence and Covert Ops.

Weaknesses: At this point, he doesn’t seem able to use his quirk to predict sneak attacks, so at this point in his training, considering his skills and his personality, a quick, fast strike would be the most successful method of attack. Considering only his quirk, a combination of a hero with a gun license and infrared goggles and a hero (like Desert or Rockslide) who could create obscuring particles that would be swept up in his wind. Once Yoarashi’s wind is clogged with particulates, he would cut off his quirk to “clean it out” and restore his visibility, and during that break, he would be unable to react in time to deflect a bullet. It is likely that you could increase the chances of this working by riling him up, as he doesn’t seem to have good situational awareness or emotional control.


Kacchan: hey deku did u really drop out of school
Kacchan: are u that much of a loser

Kacchan: i said, are u that much of a loser

Kacchan: hey fucker don’t ignore me

Kacchan: deku im gonna fuck you up
Izuku: oh, too late kacchan!
Izuku: i’m already in the hospital
Izuku: next time, maybe
Kacchan: deku what the fuck
Kacchan: why are u in the hospital
Izuku: that’s classified, kacchan
Kacchan: cut the crap nerd
Izuku: okay
Izuku: what did you even want, kacchan?
Kacchan: did u really drop out of school
Kacchan: auntie inko said ur not coming back
Izuku: i finished the curriculum
Izuku: so no, i didn’t drop out
Izuku: kinda the opposite of that, really
Kacchan: how did u swing that u fucker
Izuku: classified!
Kacchan: what the fuck nerd
Kacchan: im gonna explode ur face
Izuku: you know kacchan
Izuku: you’re not really that scary, are you?
Kacchan: say that to my face u fucking deku
Kacchan: ill show u scary
Izuku: i’m sure
Izuku: later, kacchan
Kacchan: im not done yet fucker
Kacchan: dont fucking ignore me you asshole
Kacchan: fucking deku

From: Sir Nighteye <>
To: Midoriya Izuku <>
Subject: Moving Forward

After discussions with your mother, as well as Centipeder, Bubble Girl, Eraserhead, and Tsukauchi-san, who all felt like they had a stake in this, I’ve decided to take you off of active duty for a month. During this time, you should complete your UA admittance test and then relax. We’re not sending you back to school, so you may come in to the office if you want. However, everyone is banned from talking about active cases with you, so don’t try to ferret out any information about them.

After a month, you’ll be back on active duty, but until you graduate UA, you will never be either the sole or primary analyst on a case. None of this is punishment, so don’t view it through that lens. I know that this feels like we’re grounding you, but all of us just want you to recover, both physically and mentally.

And I think we need to repair trust, on both sides.

Sir Nighteye

From: Midoriya Izuku <>
To: Sir Nighteye <>
Subject: Re: Moving Forward

I understand. I’ll still visit the office enough that you’ll all get sick of me, so don’t worry!

Mom says that I should tell you that she actually grounded me. Also, my injuries are healing well, although I’ll need some physical therapy for my shoulders and the cuts on my cheeks are going to scar.

I’ll do better, Sir. I promise, I’ll show you that you can trust me.

Midoriya Izuku

- What has a knife, one eye, and is covered in dirt?

Profile for UA Admittance - 2/4
Analyst: Midoriya Izuku
Name: Honenuki Juzo
Quirk: Softening

Quirk analysis: Versatile. Honenuki is already highly creative with it, although his default move of softening the floor beneath his opponent quickly becomes predictable in a drawn-out battle. Can he also soften organic material? If so, he could use his quirk against villains to disable them. It might end up being too lethal, however.

Physical health: Very good. Has obviously undergone a fitness regimen appropriate for his age. He is quick and strong enough - his trainer seems to have concentrated on endurance, which was a good choice.

Mental health: Excellent. He is calm under pressure, and seems friendly and willing to work with others. A healthy sense of competition, but takes losing graciously. Has a close but respectful relationship with his recommender.

Field of heroics: His quirk and personality are such that he could go into any field and do well. Rescue would be the trickiest for him, as he’d need specialized training to be able to calculate which parts of disaster scenes he could and should soften. His quirk is not especially suited to information gathering, but it is perfect for sneak attacks and for subtle sabotage, so Intelligence and Covert Ops is a good option. If he gains more diversity in battles against an opponent, he would also shine in Villain Apprehension.

Weaknesses: As noted above, his go-to attack is predictable and easy to counter. Any heroes with quirks that let the user hover above the ground or fly (Hawks, Starshoot) would easily take him down. However, the true danger is his ability to undermine the structural stability of any buildings around him. Fighting him in an open area is preferable.

Excerpt from “A Pedigree Study of Quirks” by Cheung Yaling:

When the “quirked gene” on chromosome 20 was discovered in 2024 by Winston et al., it was assumed that quirkedness might follow Mendelian inheritance patterns. However, it soon became clear that it was nothing so simple. In this paper, we will discuss how results from several pedigree studies point to the quirked gene being subject to imprinting. Although a copy of the quirked gene is inherited from both the mother and the father, the copy from the mother is entirely silenced. Only the father’s copy of the quirked gene will be expressed. For example, if a man carries both the normal and the mutated form of the quirked gene, half of his children will be quirkless and half will be quirked, no matter the genotype of the mother. It seems that the nature of the quirk, if there is one, is inherited normally from both the mother and the father.

Izuku’s notes, scrawled in the bottom margin: Hisashi must have carried quirkless allele of quirked gene. Doesn’t matter now.

“Hey, Mirio-senpai!” Midoriya seemed in good spirits, but the scars across his cheeks stood out starkly against his freckles and he still moved his shoulders gingerly.

“Hey Midoriya-kun!” Mirio replied, trying to sound as upbeat as he could. He knew it was futile - he wasn’t really good at this subterfuge thing, and Midoriya was the sharpest kid he knew. He’d been scary when Mirio had met him as a 13 year old - trembling from nervousness and hero worship and still able to analyze and pick apart Sir Nighteye’s quirk in front of the entire agency - and after one and half years in the crucible of underground hero work, he was terrifying.

Sure enough, Midoriya’s eyes sharpened, darting from Mirio’s face to his body and then to his bookbag and the rest of the room. “Senpai? Is something the matter? Is it something to do with what you wanted to talk about last week?”

Mirio gestured to a chair. “Please sit down, at least.” Midoriya cautiously lowered himself into a chair across the table from him. Mirio had asked Sir Nighteye for permission to use one of the soundproof conference rooms for this meeting, and Sir had agreed. Mirio knew that Midoriya was probably confused by it - they’d hung out together many times in the break room or in the cafe across the street, and this strangely formal venue was alien and off-putting. But it was necessary.

“What is this about, Mirio-senpai?” Midoriya asked. He fiddled with the strap of the sling that supported his right shoulder. Mirio had heard that Midoriya’s shoulders had been severely strained, but he hadn’t been allowed to know any of the details of the case. He yearned to ask Midoriya about it, but that wasn’t why he was here.

“Sir told me that you were the only other person in the agency I could talk about this to,” Mirio replied. Midoriya still looked uncertain. “Ugh, I’m not… One for All?”

Midoriya jolted in his seat. “What? Are you…. Sir knows about this?”

“Well, yes. You do know that One for All is… an inherited power? Passed down?” Mirio asked awkwardly. All Sir had told him was that Midoriya was in the loop, and that the boy “knows more about All for One than any of us”, and that was surprising enough that Mirio hadn’t followed up and asked what exactly he did know.

“Yes, I do. And… you do too?” Midoriya ventured.

“Yeah, I mean… All-Might wants me to inherit it?” It came out as question, uncertain.

“What?” Midoriya shrieked. Mirio was glad that he had chosen to do this in a soundproof room. “Wow, really?”

“Yeah,” Mirio said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head and looking away from Midoriya. “I mean, I was surprised too. Me? Inherit One for All?”

“What? No, Mirio-senpai.” Midoriya leaned across the table to grasp Mirio’s hand. He winced as he shifted his shoulder too much. “No, you aren’t a surprising choice.” Conviction filled his voice. “I could hardly believe that All-Might’s chosen successor would be someone I know, but out of everyone, I agree - you’d be my top choice as well.”

“What?” Mirio blinked at Midoriya, stunned.

“A-ahh!” Midoriya stuttered, releasing Mirio’s hand to retreat back to his side of the table. “N-not that I c-could, I m-mean, All-Might knows better than I do, and I w-wouldn’t -”

“Buddy, buddy,” Mirio laughed, reaching across the table to ruffle Midoriya’s hair. “I get it, and I… I appreciate it. I… I haven’t said yes, anyway.”

“What?” Midoriya looked adorably confused, his hair sticking up all over the place. “Why not?”

“I… I don’t know,” Mirio confessed. “I mean, it’s… it’s All-Might’s power! Am I the best person to wield it? I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my Permeation quirk, and I know that I’m going to be a good hero - I can save people, and really, that’s what matters. But… All-Might’s quirk….”

“That’s no way to think of it, Mirio-senpai.” Midoriya replied, shaking his head firmly.

“Alright,” Mirio acquiesced good-naturedly. “How do you see it?”

“You’ll save a million people with your own quirk and your own training,” Midoriya said, conviction burning in his eyes. “You’ve declared this, and I believe you. We all believe you. But - how many more people would you be able to save if you also had One for All?”

“Oh.” Somehow, it was so clear when Midoriya put it like that. Mirio was suddenly, viscerally grateful for the younger boy. “I… Yes, I just had to think of it like that, didn’t I?”

Midoriya smiled. “You’re gonna be a great hero either way, Mirio-senpai. Lemillion.”

Mirio returned his smile, reaching out to ruffle his hair again. “So will you, Midoriya-kun. If you avoid killing yourself first.”

Midoriya pouted as Mirio laughed, feeling lighter than he had since he had first talked to All-Might. Midoriya was right - it really was very simple, wasn’t it?

Excerpt from “Big Brother is Watching You” by Minami Kenichi, written in 2129, banned in 2131:

Quirk registration was one of the more insidious policies to emerge from the aftermath of World War III. Billed as a necessary measure to keep track of quirked people and to prevent foreign nationals from infiltrating the country, quirk registration legislation first appeared in China. Other countries rapidly adopted the idea. While small groups of quirked activists protested it at the time, quirk prejudice was at an all-time high, and the motions passed in all countries. As the number of quirked people rose, the idea was already so entrenched in society that nearly no one challenged it.

Quirk registration set a precedent for a slew of laws that targeted or severely impacted quirked people. Even today, Japanese laws concerning quirk usage are backwards and unnecessarily restrictive. To use a quirk in a business or in everyday life, one must apply for a quirk license, which are arcane and fiddly bits of paperwork that have a steep fee attached to them. Mutation and “permanently-on” quirks are exempt from this, but these quirked people must register as such, and any businesses that hire them must also fill out paperwork pertaining to their quirk usage. In a world that already discriminates against mutation quirks, this extra step hurts the employment prospects of a marginalized group of people for no satisfactory reason. Quirk registration is the basis of this restrictive government control, and must be dismantled before anything else can be changed for the better.

From: Tsukauchi Naomasa <>
To: Sir Nighteye <>, Midoriya Izuku <>, Centipeder <>
Subject: URGENT - Nakahara Dead

Nakahara Nobu was found dead in his cell, no signs of foul play or any signs of forced entry. The guards heard nothing, and the cameras malfunctioned, so we don’t have any recordings around the time of death. We had barely started questioning him the day before, so we have nothing. We’ll do an autopsy, but I’m not sure if we’ll find anything. I’m sorry.

Tsukauchi Naomasa

From: Midoriya Izuku <>
To: Tsukauchi Naomasa <>, Sir Nighteye <>, Centipeder <>
Subject: Re: URGENT - Nakahara Dead

When you do an autopsy on him (and actually, when you do an autopsy on Gorou as well), can you make sure to look for the presence of the extra toe joint? And can you save some genetic material - I don’t know where I’d find anyone who does genetic testing anymore, but I have a few theories that I want to test. Thank you.

Midoriya Izuku

From: Tsukauchi Naomasa <>
To: Midoriya Izuku <>, Sir Nighteye <>, Centipeder <>
Subject: Re: Re: URGENT - Nakahara Dead

Sure. That’s easy enough. I’ll let you know what we find.

Tsukauchi Naomasa