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Flowers From Ophie || SEBASTIAN STAN

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"What are you telling me right now?"

"That I'm no poet, so I hope you forgive me for how plainly I'm trying to tell you that 




Insta: @imsebastianstan
Twitter: @SebStan

Insta: @ophieclarke
Twitter: @FlowersFromOphie






"Every day the weekend, I'm tryna be your best friend // Trying just to figure it out."
Chateau ~ Angus & Julia Stone

"Tell me about the days when // You were seventeen."
Coin Laundry ~ Lisa Mitchell

"I am your sweetheart psychopathic crush // Drink up your movements, still I can't get enough // I overthink your p-punctuation use // Not my fault, just a thing that my mind do."
The Louvre ~ Lorde

"We both know we're more than friends // And I know that's all right."
Woke Up Late ~ Drax Project

"Midnight into morning coffee // Burning through the hours talking."
I Like Me Better ~ Lauv

"Baptized in blue skies // Roll the window down, reach out, feel around for new life."
God Save Our Young Blood ~ BORNS ft. Lana Del Rey

"And I like you."
400 Lux ~ Lorde

"This is the start of something great."
Let's Go ~ Khalid

"Ever since you came, I'm living ultralife."
Ultralife ~ Oh Wonder

"Well I know when you're around 'cause I know the sound // I know the sound, of your heart."
The Sound ~ The 1975

"She is the sweetest thing that I know //You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low."
Hearts Don't Break Around Here ~ Ed Sheeran

"I love it when you say my name real slow // All my love is yours."
Floating ~ Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

"I do // Love you."
Futile Devices ~ Sufjan Stevens







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BREAKING NEWS MARVEL FANS! WINTER IS HERE IN THE FORM OF A FEATURE LENGTH WINTER SOLDIER FILM! And it looks like the co-star in heart-throb SEBASTIAN STAN's latest project has just been cast...


Poet turned actress OPHELIA CLARKE has been named as the leading lady in the yet to be titled film, posting a tweet on twitter accepting the casting after Marvel Studios made the relationship official:

Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel)
@FlowersFromOphie Good morning soldier


Ophelia Clarke (@FlowersFromOphie)
@Marvel @SebStan Ready to comply #winterishere


While a relatively unknown name in the movie industry, the New Zealand native has already made waves in the literature world through her award-winning poetry collection, One Sided, which was released two years ago when she was nineteen. Her follow up poetry collection is set for release in December, around the young poet's twenty-second birthday. During this writing time, however, Clarke has been spotted on stage across New Zealand, Australia, and England where she now resides. Her recent role as Beatrice-Joanna in Thomas Middleton's The Changeling gained rave reviews from theatre critics, a role which she performed alongside Marvel darlings TOM HIDDLESTON and TOM HOLLAND.


This will be Clarke's first ever feature length film as she makes her transition from stage to screen, and while no other information has been released about the film, there's no denying the excitement that is being felt by both stars and fans alike.


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Ophelia, congratulations! 


One of us!


Richie McClarke
Ew gross nope I quit 
Put up with you two long enough 
Can't do it again, y'all are the worst lmao

O most lame and impotent conclusion!

I agree with Shakespeare up there 

Richie McClarke
Oh, well in that case 
"I will not stay to offend you" :p 

Ooo same play, you were ready for that one.

Richie McClarke
Course I was, it's Othello! You know that's my fave! 

Pushing Shakespeare aside because not all of us care for the guy

Richie McClarke
Aw Tom you made Tom cry :'( 

Be right back crying :'(

I was going to say how are you feeling about joining Marvel? What's been happening? Have they given you the script yet?

Richie McClarke
First I am of fucking course feeling extremely...
Nervous! Lmao, I'm sure it'll pass though
Na I'm excited, it's going to be fun I hope :)
Secondly nothing's been happening atm the world has only just been told, but like my notifications are blowing tf up so that's something 
And thirdly even if they did (which they haven't yet) you're not getting your hands on it, mister! Can't let anything slip and you are a puddle of water on tile floors with no caution sign.

Oh God, don't tell Sebastian or Anthony that, they'll be using that phrase for the next three years 

Speaking of Stan and Mackie, remind them that you're on my team
I need a partner to throw it right back, we can tag team on them 

Richie McClarke
Ooo, is the pressure of being their annoying kid brother getting to you? Need some help shading, hmm? 
Tom, get help! 

We're not doing get help! 

Haha, well soon enough you'll be getting teased just as much as me and then when you need a friend
I'll be gone 

Richie McClarke
But aren't you already?
I saw the film, Tom.
All that dust set off my eczema lololol 

ᴹʳ ˢᵗᵃʳᵏ ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᶠᵉᵉˡ ᵗᵒᵒ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ

Meanwhile, in Loki's neck
*Sɴᴀᴘ Cʀᴀᴄᴋʟᴇ Pᴏᴘ*

*Hiddledum has left the group*

Lmao whoops 
Man can't take a joke lol

Richie McClarke
So I saw this meme about you dusting away and the frog in your mouth becoming homeless

*Hollandee has left the group*

Richie McClarke
Lmao whoops 
Men can't take a joke lol 
Seriously though, how tf do you change the nicknames? When was the last time Richie McCaw was relevant in NZ rugby? 


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ophieclarke: !!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! They're letting THIS BISH join the MCU?! Omlll! Thank you so much for the outpouring of support these past few hours! I'm incredibly excited to be joining the MCU gang and I hope I can make you all proud ❤❤❤

ophieclarke: !!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! They're letting THIS BISH join the MCU?! Omlll! Thank you so much for the outpouring of support these past few hours! I'm incredibly excited to be joining the MCU gang and I hope I can make you all proud <3 

78,938 likes | 5,775 comments

tomholland2013: ONE OF US!

ophieclarke: @tomholland2013 get back on that chat and answer my question <3

username1: Yay go Ophie! 



ophieclarke: @username2 @username3 Nooooooooooo :"O

ophieclarke: @twhiddleston wish you'd get ur ass on this app and back me up with some of these comments because lord jesus give me strength lmao :')

username4: Plz come to India for your next book tour!

username5: Wtf they cast you in the Winter Soldier film? If your acting is as bad as your poetry then this is gonna be a shit film
-(view 18 replies)-
username1: Ur gonna get ur ass star-spangled BEAT if u don't stfu @username5  

taikawaititi: You'd think @marvel learnt their lesson letting this kiwi on board

ophieclarke: @taikawaititi they can't get enough of us 

username6: So excited for this film! @username7 @username8

lordemusic: so proud of you!

ophieclarke: @lordemusic thank u love uuu :*

imsebastianstan: Welcome aboard @ophieclarke can't wait to get started :D

ophieclarke: @imsebastianstan save me a seat at tomorrow's table read <3

anthonymackie: @imsebastianstan one of us?!

tomholland2013: @anthonymackie I S2G MACKIE that's me and @twhiddleston line!

username3: !!!! MARVEL SMACKDOWN

username9: tag team leggo 

ophieclarke: oh look @chrisevans1981 it's Captain America: Civil War - instagram edition :DDD

chrisevans1981: oh no, this one is all yours @ophieclarke 




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SebStan: Whatcha thinking about there @FlowersFromOphie 

SebStan: Whatcha thinking about there @FlowersFromOphie 

11.1k Retweets | 15.9k Likes


FlowersFromOphie: Guess :p
AnthonyMackie: How to let @TomHolland1996 know that you're one of us now
TomHolland1996: ha! That's a joke @AnthonyMackie, she's probably thinking about how to roast ur boy @SebStan
user1: Please be thinking about your next poetry collection :'O
user1: @FlowersFromOphie is my drug and I need another hit
user2: She's thinking about @TomHolland1996 duh :*
ChrisEvans: Can I take food for 800 please?
FlowersFromOphie: Ding ding ding! @ChrisEvans winner winner chicken dinnaaa
SebStan: Idk if we can do chicken dinner but...
FlowersFromOphie: OML FOOD you lifesaver @SebStan thank you for the sandwich <3 <3 <3

user3: Mmm sandwiches from stanwiches
user4: psst look food proposal hehehe @user5 @user6
lorde: oml you vultures they've pretty much just met?!
user5: brb writing the fanfic 
user6: Fuck off I'm still sailing the s.s. Tomelia 
TaikaWaititi: no @lorde @user6 let them finish @user5 @user4 :p


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Today @ 9:44pm


Hey! Great work at the table read today, was also nice to get to meet you properly


It was! Yeah the screen test went by so fast, it was so busy, I was bummed out that we didn't get to speak much then


Well, we'll have lots of time to speak now hahaha
This is your first time in film, isn't it?


Yeah, insane right? I mean, jumping straight from stage to screen, and a Marvel screen no less


It's a great achievement, you should be proud of yourself :)
How are you feeling about it all?


Honestly, I'm really nervous. It's such a big franchise and I love the films so much, but now I'm in it and it's all so ???
Idk it just feels like a lot of pressure


I get what you mean, I was so anxious when I was cast, I didn't know if I would be able to handle it. But everyone here is lovely, we're all pretty much family so we support each other


Yeah, I kinda picked up on that vibe when I sat down at the table. It was comforting
I guess I just gotta deal with my nerves, I mean the only difference between this and the stage is that there are cameras all over the place and no live audience


Also not as horrifying if you fuck up a line


Oh my God yessss XD
My biggest fear doesn't matter here!


Thank God for movie magic hahaha


Hey, this is a bit random, but I know that we've got a little while to get in shape for filming so I was wondering if you could introduce me to your trainer? I really want to bring everything I have to this role


Yeah that's absolutely fine! I'm going in tomorrow if you want to come with?


Yes please! Also your trainer won't mind that I've got the strength of a floppy noodle right?


Hahaha I'm sure you're not that bad, but I'll let Don know anyway. He'll have a plan that'll suit your skills then you can build up from that :D


Yay! Imma be as bulky as Chris Hemsworth lmao


We all wish we were as bulky as Chris Hemsworth, dude's a fucking God :(


U okay there buddy? :')


Just wishing my biceps were as big as his 


rip Sebastian, rip










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ophieclarke: Real time picture of me swimming in a pool of sweat after my first week working out with @donsaladino @imsebastianstan why did I let you convince me to do this oml


ophieclarke: Real time picture of me swimming in a pool of sweat after my first week working out with @donsaladino @imsebastianstan why did I let you convince me to do this oml

74,859 likes | 1,981 comments

donsaladino: hahaha, that means it's working!

ophieclarke: @donsaladino plz don't make me do legs next week

donsaladino: @ophieclarke :)

ophieclarke: Oh God @donsaladino

username1: I wish I looked this gorgeous in a pool of sweat >.<

username2: Working out?! Training?!! Winter Soldier?!! It's beginning!!

tomholland2013: You might actually beat me next time we arm wrestle :p

ophieclarke: I'll break you like a twig spidey boy @tomholland2013 

tomholland2013: @ophieclarke Bring it on, @twhiddleston can witness your defeat at our next get-together

username3: Arm wrestle = smushing booties @username4 

username4: Mmm Tomelia noice ;p @username3

username4: WAIT, @twhiddleston will be there, so... Tomelia²
-view 12 replies-
username5: YA NASTY

imsebastianstan: I didn't convince you, you said you wanted to, and I always give the ladies what they want ;)

username6: UM WHAT @imsebastianstan ???
-view 4 replies-
username7: I would literally kill for @imsebastianstan to leave that comment on my ig omfg :"O


ophieclarke: You should've stopped me @imsebastianstan now I can't feel my legs

ophieclarke: Or my arms or my back or my butt or anything for that matter @imsebastianstan

username6: UMM WHAAT?! :OOO

username3: SHIP IS UNDER ATTACK @username4

username4: @username3 FUUU-

imsebastianstan: Pain is temporary to becoming @chrishemsworth

taikawaititi: Maybe she's born with it? Maybe it's steriods @chrishemsworth

chrishemsworth: I TRUSTED YOU @taikawaititi

chrisevans1981: We been knew @chrishemsworth

ophieclarke: rip @chrishemsworth 

chrishemsworth: I'm not the one who can't feel their limbs atm @ophieclarke you're closer to death than I am 

ophieclarke: @imsebastianstan YOUR FAULT :"O

username8: I'm literally having a stroke right now y'ALL CAN'T BE THAT OBLIVIOUS TO THE DIRTY MINDS OF YOUR FOLLOWERS?!!

imsebastianstan: Hahaha, see you tomorrow @ophieclarke :*

username8: DECEASED.




Chapter Text

ATTENTION MARVEL FANS! It seems that the ball is really beginning to roll in regards to the upcoming Winter Soldier film starring SEBASTIAN STAN and Hollywood newcomer OPHELIA CLARKE. Only a month after it was announced that the young kiwi starlet would be joining the MCU, it looks like filming will begin very soon as both Stan and Clarke were spotted arriving at London Heathrow's airport earlier today.

It is unknown where exactly filming will be taking place, however rumours state that the four key locations will be in England, America, Germany, and Sweden. 

While Marvel Studios has stayed quiet about the plot of the film and Clarke's part in it, we know that it will be a physically demanding role, with Clarke posting photos to her instagram account about her sessions with celebrity trainer DON SALADINO. Saladino, who has worked with celebrities such as power couple BLAKE LIVELY and RYAN REYNOLDS, has also been training Stan since he joined the MCU. 

With a little time on their hands before filming starts, this will be the perfect time for Clarke to catch up with rumoured beau TOM HOLLAND. The pair were last snapped together over a month ago when Holland flew back to his home country from America to shoot post production scenes for his next film, Text Me Back. The teenage rom - com set in the city of Manchester is due for release in the Summer. 

Until then, however, Clarke will have to get used to spending time with Stan as the pair ready themselves for one of the most anticipated films of next year


Until then, however, Clarke will have to get used to spending time with Stan as the pair ready themselves for one of the most anticipated films of next year.


Chapter Text

Richie McClarke
Attention fellow changeling babes :*
Me and Sebastian and a couple others are hitting the pubs
Y'all keen to join?


Richie McClarke
Brixton, come through <3

Still on that Eastern time huh?

Richie McClarke
Hell yeah, I'll crash out when the sun is close to rising lmao
Are you keen Toms?

I'll meet you in half an hour :D

Richie McClarke
Yay can't wait <3
Ur turn Holland

I'll see you there :P

Richie McClarke
Yessss the gang's together again :')
Bring the camera, Hiddles 
And you bring dem arms Holland 
Imma take u tf outtt 

Spiderman vs. Winter Soldier's
Damnit I wish you'd tell me wtf your role is :(

Let us refer you back to the slippery floor, Tom XD

Richie McClarke
Sooo slippery XD

As long as you don't know anything Hids



Richie McClarke
lmao love u Tommy see u soon :*

That's it, when I win this wrestle you gotta tell me what your part is

Marvel snipers will take Ophie out before she even opens her mouth
Do you want her to die?

Richie McClarke
Yeah, Tom, do you want ur fave kiwi gorl to die?
Coz we all know Marvel will do it
Well, not to you, because they use your big mouth as free advertisement nowadays lmao

I can so keep a secret

Richie McClarke

Be right back laughing 

Oh my God you guys are the worst :((((

Richie McClarke
Say that to my face babes :*

Give me half an hour and I will 
To both of you >:|

Ehehehehe XD
See you two kids soon



Chapter Text

Today 10:14am
Tiny Tom

I can't believe Ophie beat me
Like damn, that Saladino dude must be a hardcore trainer XD


If it makes you feel better, you can do a cartwheel. Remember when she tried at rehearsals for The Changeling and she almost broke her nose falling over?


Dave said she was never to do that ever again lol


How long did you guys stay out for?


I left about an hour after you did
Dunno how long Ophie stayed out for


Ophie stayed out longer than you? She never does that.


Although I put that down to her being on a different time zone clock


Mmm, do you think?




No reason.


Did you pick up on it too?


What exactly is "it" that you are referring to?


You did! Of course you did, you pick up on anything


I didn't want to say in case you hadn't.


No, no, I did ;)
We are talking about the same thing right?


Ophie and Sebastian?




Wait, fuck


I'm kidding Tom
I picked up on it too 


Jesus Christ XD
Yes, we're talking about the same thing then.


Stan barely left her side the whole night


And Ophie did that thing with her hair. You know, she writes about it in her poetry every now and again.


The behind one ear, pull down, and twist? Yeah, I saw that too
You think they're...


XD To be honest, I'm not quite sure. They have been spending a lot of time together, though. For the past month they were in America getting ready for their film and working out together. But this is Ophie. She would've told us if they were.


You think so? I mean, she's never told us about that mystery man that pretty much inspired "One Sided."
And I've asked her a few times when drunk who it was she was writing about, and even while drunk she's never said a word


Perhaps it's because it occurred before we knew her? I'm not sure, but we shouldn't say anything just in case. You know how much she hates people who assume things.


Fuck yeah, she hates how the media is always assuming that we're a thing


"To assume is to make an ass out of u and me," that's pretty much her favourite saying.


Say it three times in a mirror and you summon her XD
But yeah, we should just let it lie


Today 11:48
Tiny Tom

If they ARE though somebody (me) is gonna have to have a few words with him
Because if he hurts her somebody (me) might just flip a table and then him
Then they (me) will flip away
Because that somebody (me)
Is Spiderman ;)


Hahaha, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Tag team it?


Of fucking course :D


Today 1:52pm
Tiny Tom

Seriously, though, what's Ophie's role in the film?
You're so mean.







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imsebastianstan: You haven't lived until you've heard @ophieclarke sing a Shakespearean drinking song with @twhiddleston ð���ð���ð���  

imsebastianstan: You haven't lived until you've heard @ophieclarke sing a Shakespearean drinking song with @twhiddleston <3 <3 <3

471,994 likes || 5896 comments

username1: Oh look! Other Tomelia! @username2

username2: Hiddlearck! @username1

chrishemsworth: Looking dapper @twhiddleston

twhiddleston: hahaha thank you brother @chrishemsworth 
-view 109 replies-

username4: But where is @tomholland2013???

username5: @imsebastianstan is sitting on him lmao @username4 
(@imsebastianstan liked this comment)

ophieclarke: You mean Tom was singing, I was screeching like a banchee hahaha XD

imsebastianstan: @ophieclarke you're too hard on yourself! It was more along the lines of screeching like a metal gate - much softer, more bearable ;)

ophieclarke: (◠﹏◠) @imsebastianstan

username6: Y'all noticing this cute shit rn? @username7 @username8

username7: HEART EYES MOTHERF*CKER @username6

username8: Uh-oh, I feel a strange beating in my chest?? Wtf is that @username6 

chrisevans1981: Looks like a fun night! 

ophieclarke: You should've seen the arm wrestle @chrisevans1981

anthonymackie: VIDEO?!! @ophieclarke @imsebastianstan

imsebastianstan: @anthonymackie You know it ;p


tomholland2013: !!! DELETE THAT FOOTAGE XD @imsebastianstan

ophieclarke: Aww, but funny footage! @tomholland2013

tomholland2013: :'((( cries @ophieclarke

anthonymackie: *ᵒⁿᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵘˢ* 

imsebastianstan: XD rip @tomholland2013

tomholland2013: fight me @anthonymackie @imsebastianstan  

ophieclarke: :DDD oml I love you guys so much @imsebastianstan @tomholland2013 @anthonymackie

username9: This just in - Ophelia Clarke proclaims her love for three Marvel babes, two who are currently 
-view 21 replies-
username10:  Tomelia vs. Sebelia - Let the ship wars BEGIN


Chapter Text


Early this morning Marvel Studios FINALLY gave the world what they were waiting for: Information about the upcoming Winter Soldier film! It started with a cheeky tweet from the film's titular star SEBASTIAN STAN to his young co-star OPHELIA CLARKE, who was quick to reply. 

 Sebastian Stan (@SebStan)
@FlowersFromOphie @Marvel Shall we begin? ;)


Ophelia Clarke (@FlowersFromOphie)
@SebStan @Marvel Ready when you are, soldier :p

The tweets were innocent enough, proving what many were already speculating which was that filming for the movie was to begin, the pair having been spotted arriving in London earlier this week. However, only mere minutes after Clarke's tweet, Marvel dropped a bombshell on it's fans: The official name of the film.

  Marvel Studios (@Marvel)
The Winter Soldier: 1963

1963 was a turbulent year for the whole world, ranging from war to civil rights activists, but the biggest event to have taken place during this year was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which plunged America and the whole world into a state of shock and mourning. While Marvel has not expanded on what exactly it is that the film will be focusing on in 1963, many are already speculating that it will be centered around the assassination. This wouldn't be surprising as in the final issue of the Captain America Vol. 5 comic, it is implied that the Winter Soldier had a direct hand in the president's assassination. 

Whatever the case, the buzz surrounding the film is growing with every drip-fed piece of information Marvel gives us, and we cannot wait for the film to come out next year!


Chapter Text

FlowersFromOphie: Haven't even arrived at the airport and already @SebStan is gone lmaooo #lightsout #nightnightSeb 


2.7 retweets || 6.5 likes

--- Replies ---

user1: wtf his hair is perfect even in sleep??? I am shooketh
SebStan: At least you got my good side @FlowersFromOphie XD
AnthonyMackie: @SebStan every side is your good side, look at you, got the girls taking photos of you on the dl
FlowersFromOphie: @AnthonyMackie You know me so well, when tf are we gonna meet?!
user3: @FlowersFromOphie has eyes and she uses them to creep on @SebStan :p
user4: Can y'all hear that? That's the sound of Tomelia sinking to its death
user5: GET FUCKED @user4 you can pry Tomelia from my cold dead hands
User4: @user5 Then Perish™
TomHolland1996: Um if I wanted to see @SebStan on my feed I'd follow him XD
FlowersFromOphie: LOOK AT HIM @TomHolland1996
TomHolland1996: If you zoom in you can see the droll on his face lmao @FlowersFromOphie
SebStan: "Every side is your good side" MY ASS @AnthonyMackie 
FlowersFromOphie: @SebStan I thought your ass was a given on the list of good sides you have
SebStan: ;)
FlowersFromOphie: ;)
user6: BOOONEE
user8: Did I just witness foreplay?
lorde: Not enough language play for @FlowersFromOphie  @user8  but almost loll
FlowersFromOphie: Did you just reveal my kink to all of twitter? @lorde  
TaikaWaititi: @SebStan in the corner taking notes ;)
SebStan: Callout culture hurts @TaikaWaititi :'(
User9: RIP @TomHolland1996 have fun dealing with ur girl getting with the enemy lmao
AnthonyMackie: #oneofus 


Chapter Text

Big Mackie
Sebass don't forget to pick up them kinder surprise chocolates while you're in Germany, smuggle them in your main suitcase when you get back for reshoots

Captain Dorito
Ooo get double, I want some too!

You two say that like I'll be able to stop myself from eating them XD

Big Mackie
Get some self control, man! We need them more than you :'(

Captain Dorito
Get Ophelia to hide some in her suitcase as well when she comes back, the more you two have the better

You don't know Ophelia if you think she won't eat them either
She used to collect the Marvel and Star Wars keyring things they used to have inside, you know? She's got the Captain America one on her home key

Captain Dorito
I won't lie, I'm feeling very special right now <3

Big Mackie
Would've thought for sure she'd have a Loki or Spiderman one

She does, but they're on her bag from high school back in her parents' home

Captain Dorito
She doesn't need those keyrings when she's got the real ones in England anyway

Big Mackie
How was filming in England btw? 

It was great! Weather wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, and Ophelia showed me around her favourite parts of London while we were there

Captain Dorito
Sounds like you two are getting along

Big Mackie
Ooo, is Sebelia gonna become a thing by the end of filming??


Big Mackie
Ship name that the fans have given you and Ophelia, y'all have some supporters 

Captain Dorito
Taika is pretty much captain of the ship lol

Noooo! No, we're just friends! It's nothing.
I mean, she's close with Tom isn't she? 

Big Mackie
Little Tom? 

Yeah, I think maybe they've got a thing going on

Captain Dorito
Have you asked her?

No, didn't think it's my place

Big Mackie
Na man, all of that is just rumors. She'd be vocal if they actually were dating. She'd write some poems about him or something
You sound disappointed though, bro

What do you mean?

Big Mackie
Like you kinda don't want them to have a thing

Na, you're reading into it

Captain Dorito
I don't know, man
It sounds like you're not gonna try anything with her because you think that she and Tom are dating, but if they weren't...

Even then I wouldn't because we're just friends!

Big Mackie
Although what??

Na, it doesn't matter. It's nothing

Captain Dorito
Come on, Seb! You can't just leave us hanging like that!

Okay, fine!
So Ophelia went out a few nights ago to catch up with an old friend of hers and they went clubbing. It was fine because we had the next day off.
But we were texting while she was out and she had been drinking, and like I was out as well with some of the other guys who are with the film so I'd been drinking too

Big Mackie
Oh my God, y'all are drunk texting each other?!

It wasn't anything crazy! Just more emojis than usual, heart eyes and winky kiss faces and smiley blush ones.
She said that some random tried grinding up on her and I said that I would've hit him if I was there, and then she wrote "I wish you were :*"

Captain Dorito
Oh my Goddd

It doesn't mean anything though, does it, because we were both drunk and she was probably just being cheeky. She's a cheeky person, it's cute

Big Mackie
"It's cute" :)

Not like that!
So what do you guys think? Is there some kind of double meaning here that I'm missing? Analyse it

Captain Dorito
I think you already know what's there

Big Mackie
Damn, Sebass is in his feelings, ain't that right Seb?

I said the text? Not me!

Big Mackie
When I said make her one of us I didn't mean you had to go falling for the girl hahaha

Captain Dorito
Wait, you're FALLING for her?? In that way? Seb, have you really caught feelings??
I thought it was just another cheeky message overall that didn't seriously mean anything to you. What about all those all those twitter and instagram comments? Are they legit??

No, it's all just teasing! It's lighthearted, she's cheeky by nature and I'm replying
Also me and Mackie like playing with Holland, it's like we're teasing our kid brother's best friend
It's chill

Big Mackie
Says the man that wants us to analyse her text to pick up the "hidden meaning" in her words

So you don't think there's anything there?

Captain Dorito
Do you want something to be there?

Of course not.

Captain Dorito
Give us another no, I'm not that convinced

Big Mackie
Yeah, we're missing a no, I think.

You two are terrible
Alright, okay
Maybe my mind got a little overexcited and thought that there was something there in her words.

Big Mackie
Oh, no, there's definitely something there Sebass

Do you think??

Big Mackie
You are sooo in your feelings with her, aren't you?

I'm not!

Captain Doritos
You just said that you got overexcited at seeing her text and the possibility that she sent it with a double meaning implied?

I shouldn't have asked in the first place

Big Mackie
Too late Sebass! You've got a crush on your co-star!

Captain Doritos
Those fans have been right, Sebelia is gaining momentum, huh?

You know what? No kinder surprise eggs for either of you.

Big Mackie

Captain Doritos

Byeeee :*

Captain Doritos

Big Mackie


Chapter Text

Today 10:34pm
Ella Bella <3


You ever wonder when they're gonna bring vine back?


Bitch, me too, the fuck


Ella buy it back <3


Lmao that's a joke, I've got better shit to do


Oh come on! Melodrama kicked ass, you've got the money for it, pleeease as an early b'day present for yours truly??
I need some new content


I've already got your b'day present planned, so nah lol
And you want some new content?
How bout a song? :p


Ooo!!! Sing us a song, jazz man


Can you wait three weeks?


Damn three weeks and then the new single is out? That was quick bby


Na, not that quick, it's just a lil one to pass the time, don't expect anything else for awhile
Me and Jack haven't finished it juust yet, but I'm sure it'll be done in a week, but we're working through it 


Oh yeah, through it, on it, on each other...


Nasty nasty naaasty girl
I could say the same about you and Sebastain ;p


Um, this is a simple pg-13 film thank you very much, not a dark studio room with great acoustics 




Ghost moans ;p


You're honestly the worst :'(


And yet you still hang around :*
Speaking of Seb, though, lemme hit you up on some latest news




No you strumpet damnn XD
No shitting where you eat


"Shitting where you eat?"


No hooking up with workmates
We all know the dangers that come with that :(


True... That wasn't a fun time.
You got to write an award winning poetry collection about it, though


Perspective :')
Anyway, I was gonna say that I caught up with Gyda recently



Ooo how is she?? 


She's great, she's at university and having a lit time, also she's grown out her hair and now looks like a fucking supermodel


Noice, go Gyda <3


Ikr? Anyway, we went out together, hit the clubs, had a few drinks, it was a great time. 
At the same time though me and Seb were texting each other


Drunk texting?!!


Yes, and both of us were drunk because he was out with some of the other cast and crew going hard as though it were Oktoberfest or some shit
And like our texts weren't crazy or anything, but I told him about how a guy grinded up on me and he was all protective, and there was this other moment where later on in the night he texted me asking if I was back at the hotel yet, and I said na, and he said:
"Oh, okay then :* Hope the night is going great, text me when you're here so I know you got back safe xx <3 "
I mean, is it just me or is there a double meaning to these convos?? Because I'm picking up on some double meanings


Don't think so, just sounds like he really cares for your safety?
Mark those xx though
Is he an emoji guy?


Not often, at the beginning he used them sparingly, but he's been adding them more and more in our conversation


Echoing your use of them, perhaps? 
Has that been happening, actually?


What, us copying each other? 




Dunno, don't think so
I mean, I wasn't exactly gyming much before him, and he wasn't emoji-texting much before me, and now that I think about it there's been some similar dressing styles, but that's just because of the climate here in Germany. It's nothing crazy I don't think


And yet you think on it ;)


It's not that deep, I was just wondering :p
You don't think I'm overthinking all this, do you? I'm pretty much living that Louvre lyric of yours rn
Then again, this isn't the first time this has happened to my dumb ass :')


I'm not sure honey, I mean yeah you're just as notorious as I am for overthinking punctuation - or in this case - emoji use, but you two have been spending a hell of a lot of time together, so I wouldn't be surprised if maybe he's catching feelings.
Although I will admit, sounds like you are ;)


Puh-lease, this is just some innocent banter about whether or not he has, not me
I'm fine


One of my eyebrows rn is arched so high I think it's about to take flight


Oh hahaha
But js, people spending a bunch of time together does not mean they're gonna end up catching feelings for one another, as you've said multiple times about you and Jack
Unless that's all been a lie ehehehe


You've been spending too much time with Hiddleston, using his laugh in your text
And me and Jack are outliers in all that


Well, same with me and Seb


:) Sure Jan


Ugh, get back to work, you've got a song to release, chop chop


Imma write new lyrics into it about you and Seb




Ooof, touche


Lil Mexican standoff here
Pens away?


Pens away
Lil freak


Love you too :*



Chapter Text

ophieclarke: Imma get you back, phone thief @imsebastianstan     

ophieclarke: Imma get you back, phone thief :p @imsebastianstan

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lordemusic: She's not lying @imsebastianstan, the amount of selfies I've got on my phone is horrendous, and that's not just because of her face lmao

ophieclarke: FIGHT ME @lordemusic 

username1: Oh my God I die he's so beautiful :'O 

username2: Looks like they're going down the IW Cap path for this new movie @username3 what do you think?

username3: @username2 I think that my thighs have become beard-chafed just looking at this picture ;p

username2: ASDFGHJKL @username3

anthonymackie: WAIT WHAT @username3

chrisevans: Damn, I'm such a trendsetter :D

username3: Of people wanting beard-chafed thighs? Yes
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username2: Honey, you're sounding thottie- I mean thirsty, have some water XD

taikawaititi: Um excuse you star-spangled LIAR @chrisevans @chrishemsworth

chrishemsworth: Noticed you copied my beard @chrisevans

ophieclarke: Lmaoo rip @chrisevans

imsebastianstan: @lordemusic I can't believe that comment for a second

imsebastianstan: @lordemusic the horrendous face one, that is, the large quantity of selfies I do believe <3
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ophieclarke: :') Aroha nui @imsebastianstan  

username4: !!!!! SEBELIAAAAAAAA

username5: Awww Seb thinks Ophie is pretty I'm crying he's so adorable

username6: yeah, pretty fucking ugly @username5 
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tomholland2013: Don't even try. 

username7: Oh damn, @tomholland2013 SNAPPED!

username8: Looks like Tomelia is still afloat after all 

username9: @username8 AND COMING FOR BLOOD



Chapter Text

Goodbye Germany, hello Sweden! That is what the stars of Marvel's latest blockbuster, Winter Soldier: 1963, would have said after being snapped in the snowy Scandinavian country only a few hours ago. Both SEBASTIAN STAN and OPHELIA CLARKE were caught exploring their new surroundings by some eagle-eyed fans who said that the pair, "looked happy and excited to be here," even taking time out of their day to talk with them (although information about their upcoming film was kept under wraps).

With this change in scenery, it seems that filming has reached it's halfway point with only America left until it wraps up. It is unknown whether this shooting will overlap with Avengers 4 reshoots, however there are already rumours that Clarke may end up being a part of this.

"Apparently Ophelia will be accompanying Sebastian back to Atlanta for reshoots during their weekend break from their film," a source claims. "This would only need to happen if Ophelia has some part in the Avengers film."

If this is the case, it could mean that we will be meeting Clarke's character sooner than we first thought! And, if she does end up in Avengers 4, it could mean that she will be reunited with her Changeling co-stars TOM HOLLAND and TOM HIDDLESTON. Both actors have been spotted on set, but whether the three will end up sharing a scene together remains to be seen.

However, even if this does not happen, we've always got Instagram where this week Holland shared some heated words with a troll on the comment section of Clarke's Instagram profile. Under a picture of her co-star Stan, the troll made a swipe at Clarke in regards to her looks. While Clarke herself did not comment, Holland did, simply telling the troll to "Don't even try," sending fans into a frenzy at his passive-aggressive technique to defend his rumoured girlfriend.

Looks like your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman has a sharp edge to him when it comes to his real life M.J!



Chapter Text

Today 8:05pm
Hiddles <3


Hey Tom, can I ask you something?


Of course love, what's going on?


How's Holland been recently? Have you seen him or bumped into him lately?


I saw him not too long ago actually, we're both on set for reshoots
Did he not tell you?


No, but then again I didn't ask. Seb already told me, he's got reshoots coming up as well during the same week as Tom's rom-com premier so we're pausing production here.


Weekend off, then. What are you planning on doing?


Well, Tom asked me if I wanted to come with him to the premier awhile ago, but we haven't talked about it since then.
Haven't really been speaking much at all, tbh. 
Idek if we're still going to the premier together, which like if we're not, I might as well join Seb and come through for the reshoots


Sebastian invited you to come with him to Atlanta?


Yeah, just as a fun little trip, nothing serious


Really? Nothing serious?


You sound like Ella. Nothing's going on between me and Seb, I swear
And anyway, that's not what I want to talk about. I wanna talk about Tom


He seems alright on set, no different from his usual self. I find it strange, though, that the two of you haven't been talking. Even the group chat is pretty dead, and it usually isn't with you two always sending Avengers theories to one another trying to get me to spill the beans. 
Did you two have a fight?


No, or at least I don't think so. He's been so quiet recently, I'm a little worried.
Did you see what he wrote on my latest instagram post? It was mentioned briefly in an article I read as well so it hasn't gone unnoticed by others.


No, I haven't been on it for a little while now.


So I put up a picture of Seb and it got some comments. Eventually one person just said something about Seb thinking I'm pretty, and someone else replied "Yeah pretty gross" or some shit like that.


That's rude.


That's social media though, isn't it? And anyway, I'm not bothered by that shit, there are worst things a person could say, and if it does end up being said I just don't read it. I've got thick skin.
So that comment was posted, and Tom replied to it, which is insane because he's never replied to a negative comment like that before, let alone on my own instagram picture.


What did he say?


"Don't even try."
Like that's it, but he ended with a full stop so obviously that means he's deadly serious. Since then though he's pretty much been absent from all social media. Doesn't comment on any of my other pictures or tweets, doesn't text me, and if he does it's really fucking dry. 
I think it's because of Seb.


What do you mean?


You know how him and Seb and Mackie have that whole cheeky banter between them where they kinda poke fun at one another? What if it's more serious than we all think? Like what if Tom is actually getting cut up by their comments, or if they actually, seriously, don't like each other at all? 
People always joke and say that I'm getting with the enemy or whatever, you know, "One of us" and all that, but what if Tom actually sees it like this and he doesn't like the fact that his best friend is getting close with an actual enemy of his??


There's no way in Hell Tom Holland has enemies, and I highly doubt that Seb or Mackie would ever be malicious on purpose to him, or vice versa. I've always seen it as a sibling relationship between those three.


Same here, but what if that's not the case?
Idk but I think I've upset him, Tom.


Why don't you ask him about it? Clear the air and see?


And if I'm wrong? What if he gets upset or annoyed about the fact that I believed he really hated Seb? That makes him sound like the bad guy.
Ugh but now I'm just assuming all of this, which is even worse.


I think this is going to have to be one of those things that need to be cleared via communication, Ophie, sweetheart. Then you'll stop assuming these things, and maybe Tom will be vocal with what it is that's eating him up inside.


Yeah, as per usual darling, you are right
I think I'd rather talk to him about this face to face, so I'll ask him if we're still on for the premier, and if we are I'll talk to him about all of this after. 


Sounds like a plan. Fingers crossed it works out and you two can go back to blowing up the group chat again.


Ha, here's hoping 
Thanks Tom. This has helped.


It's fine, Ophie. Don't worry too much, though. You two are close. Whatever is going on, you'll both work it out.


Hey, do you think we could keep this convo on the dl? I don't want him to know that we've been talking about him behind his back, he might get offended.


Of course, love. 


Thank you so much Tom, you're an Angel <3



Chapter Text

FlowersFromOphie: See you soon, spidey <3

FlowersFromOphie: See you soon spidey �

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user1: Ugh they're so in love, it's sickeningly adorable :"") @user2




TomHolland1996: Bring your dancing shoes, the afterparty is gonna be penggg :D


FlowersFromOphie: Sorry if I step on your toes XD @TomHolland1996


user3: Is it just me or am I picking up som CA:TFA vibes here??


user4: Ooo I'm feeling you @user3, someone's been hanging around @SebStan a lot, huh? ;p


SebStan: Excuse me, but dancing is me and @ChrisEvan's thing?!


ChrisEvans: Actually yeah! I'm the one who doesn't want to step on someone's toes @FlowersFromOphie @TomHolland1996


TomHolland1996: Oh yeah, beacuse the grandpas are totally gonna be able to go dancing XD Go take your athritis medicine and head back home to the retirement village @SebStan @ChrisEvans


ChrisEvans: :O


SebStan: :O


FlowersFromOphie: A NOICE BURN @TomHolland1996 XD 


FlowersFromOphie: Also, followers and fans of the MCU, if y'all don't jump on that obvious Stucky support from @SebStan and @ChrisEvan's I am gonna be severly disappointed in you all XD


user5: Stucky confirmation?!?!!


user6: We're not gonna let you down @FlowersFromOphie, the fics and fanart is coming!


FlowersFromOphie: Send the links @user6 ;p


user7: OORRR we go in a DIFFERENT ship direction and point out the fact that Ophie is echoing Steve, and Tom is echoing Bucky, and both @FlowersFromOphie and @SebStan are in a film together, so if Ophie=Steve and Seb=Bucky, that meannnss ;) <3 #Sebelia




TaikaWaititi: NO @user8 LET THEM FINISH


user9: Lmao at the Sebelia fandom hijacking a Stucky/Tomelia post, @ChrisEvans and @TomHolland1996 are suffering


RobertDowneyJr: hey there @ChrisEvans ;)




user10: Sad reacts only for our suffering spidey, Sebelia strikes again :')




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tomholland2013: Alsemero and Beatrice-Joanna reunited once more! Thank you so much @ophieclarke for coming out to support the premier of #textmeback �

tomholland2013: Alsemero and Beatrice-Joanna reunited once more! Thank you so much @ophieclarke for coming out to support the premier of #textmeback <3

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username1: Minus the tragedy at the end though, right?!

tomholland2013: Hahaha, of course! @username1

ophieclarke: A great premier, a fantastic film (can we say MOOD?!) now lets hit the afterpartyyy @tomholland2013 :D


username3: Rip Sebelia, looks like your ship has sunk before it could even float lmao

username4: @username3 that don't make no sense hoe

robertdowneyjr: Looking classy, kids B)
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ophieclarke: *ᵒʰ ᵐʸ ᵍᵒᵈ ᶦᵗˢ ʳᵒᵇᵉʳᵗ ᵈᵒʷⁿᵉʸ ʲʳ* 
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tomholland2013: The feeling never gets old :')

imsebastianstan: A beauty! Oh, and you too @ophieclarke :*

ophieclarke: <3 @imsebastianstan

username4: YOU WERE SAYING?! @username3 

username5: Y'all notice that neither @imsebastianstan or @tomholland2013 follow one another, and yet Seb went out of his way to find this pic that @ophieclarke is tagged in just to comment on it? 

username6: Mmm that's some tasty tea @username5

username7: @imsebatianstan is thirsty af for a tall class of @ophieclarke ;)

username7: Sebelia is alive and @tomholland2013 is cryinggg
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username8: y'all do NOT wanna see this thread it is just ship war galore ooof


username10: Yesss @imsebastianstan get in thereeee

twhiddleston: You two look great, hope the rest of the night goes well <3 @ophieclarke @tomholland2013 


Chapter Text


2:47am and Tom was impressed. Ophie barely ever managed to make it to one in the morning, and yet she'd made it this far. It made him happy knowing that he had been able to keep the usually introverted writer out for such a long time. We'll both be paying for it in the morning, he thought as they stumbled down their hotel hallway and towards their rooms that were opposite one another.

"That was fun," Tom said, looking at his friend with a grin, playing with the tie that hung loosely around his neck. She giggled, tugging at it slightly.

"It was! It was awesome," she replied, leaning against the wall and looking at Tom with a soft smile. "Thanks for inviting me, Tom. I had a great night."

"So did I."

There was a brief moment of pause as the two stared at one another, Tom wondering what direction he wanted to take this conversation into next. His hands were already beginning to shake and sweat. Before he could say what was on his mind, though, Ophie spoke, straightening up.

"Listen, um, before you go to bed, I was wondering if I could have a chat with you," she asked, taking Tom by surprise. He didn't think she'd initiate this.

"Yeah, of-of course. My room?" He asked, pulling out his swipe key. Ophie nodded, and soon the pair were standing in the middle of his hotel room. Tom walked around towards the small kitchen, chucking his jacket and tie on a chair. Ophie, meanwhile, stayed where she was on the other side of the room.

"You want a drink?" he asked.

"Water, please," Ophie replied with a wavering smile that Tom didn't notice. He handed over her water before taking a seat at the small table, his own beer in hand. She didn't join him, though. 

"You alright?" He asked.

"I was... I was actually about to ask you the same question, funnily enough," she said, tapping her fingers against her glass and looking at him. Tom tilted his head to the side.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... You've been acting really weird recently. Distant," Ophie explained slowly. "I just wanted to check up on you and make sure you're all right."

"I'm fine, Ophie," Tom answered with an off-tune chuckle, puzzlement taking over his features. "What - What's brought this on, huh?"

"A few things, I guess," Ophie murmured, her gaze falling away from him and towards the floor. "We don't really talk as much over text or the group chat, or insta or twitter. I thought that maybe something was getting at you. Like... Like maybe Seb?"

"Sebastian?" The mention of the man took Tom by surprise. "What about him?"

"You two... You and Seb and Mackie... You guys don't hate each other, right?" Ophie asked, making Tom laugh.

"What? No! No, of course not! It's all just banter, Ophie, you know that," he replied, although his answer didn't seem to reassure Ophie as much as he thought it would.

"Yeah, I know. I just thought that... Well, me and Seb have been spending a lot of time together, and since that's been happening you've been distant, so I thought that maybe I had upset you by... by hanging out with the enemy or some shit," she explained, pacing in a small area. Tom frowned. She was acting odd. The way he thought this evening might go didn't seem to be heading in that direction at all, now. In fact, he had no idea where it was heading at all.

"He's not my enemy," Tom said, the humour in his voice subsiding. "No, Seb is fine. It's nothing, really."

"Then why so distant?" Ophie asked.

"I've just been busy, that's all," Tom replied, taking a sip of his drink before looking away with a frown.

"I know you have. But that's not the reason," Ophie said, taking a step towards him before pausing, her eyes on his face once more. "I... I can see it on your face, in your eyes."

"What are you talking about?" Tom asked, feigning ignorance at her questioning. Ophie scoffed, one hand on her hip.

"Come on, Tom. We all know you can't keep a secret to save your life-"

"Oh, really?!" Tom snapped, standing up and staring at her in defiance. "I can't keep a secret? I can. I have been."

"Really?" Ophie said, putting her drink down on the table so she could cross her arms. "And this secret of yours, is that the reason why you haven't been speaking to me lately? As though you're using me as a trial run for perfecting the art of ghosting-"

"I'm not trying to ghost you, God," Tom said, beginning to pace the room himself now while Ophie watched. "And can we not talk about this?"

"I don't even know the 'this' that you're referring to, you won't tell me what's going on!"


"Does this secret have something to do with Seb?"

"I don't want to talk about it or him."

"Tom, come on," Ophie complained, throwing her arms down by her side and watching as he moved further away from her, a flurry of emotions passing over his face so fast she could barely keep up. "Tell me what's on your mind. It's driving me crazy trying to figure out what's going on with you recently. Are you upset that me and Seb have been hanging out a lot?"


"Are you feeling left out or ganged up on?"


"Are you sure you don't hate Seb-"

"Goddamnit, Ophelia!" Tom shouted, spinning around to stare at the woman who stood across the room from him. She didn't seem shocked by his outburst, standing her ground as he began to move towards her as he spoke. "No, okay?! I don't hate Sebastian! I don't hate anyone! In fact it's the opposite! My problem has nothing to do with hate, it's to do with love!"

"Love?" This seemed to take Ophie by surprise, and the look on her face almost made him laugh. He couldn't believe that she hadn't picked it up. "I don't understand-"

"You say I can't keep a secret? I've been keeping this one since our Changeling days. I love you, Ophelia," Tom said, standing so close to her he could see the storm of grey hiding within her blue eyes. When she didn't say anything he sighed, walking away from her and towards the sliding door that led onto the balcony outside. 

"I... I've loved you for ages. At first it was just as friends but then it got bigger. I didn't want to say anything, though, because we were workmates. I didn't want to interfer with our professional lives. But I won't lie, I liked seeing the media assume we were a couple. I never corrected them because it was something I liked imagining. I was going to tell you once we had finished the play but then you ended up getting cast in this new film. Suddenly you weren't around so I couldn't tell you how I feel. Instead you were in America, and then London, and then Germany and Sweden and all over the place with... with Sebastian. And you two are working together, drinking together, posting photos of one another, just getting close, and suddenly it looked as though I ran out of time. Because it's you and Sebastian, now," Tom finished, looking down dejectedly at the ground. "I didn't tell you soon enough."

"Tom..." Ophie's voice trailed off. "I had no idea you felt this way."

"Now you do," Tom replied with a sad smile, making his way towards the bed and sitting down on the floor, back against it. She didn't move to join him, staring down at him with a frown.

"Me and Seb... We're not an item, Tom," she told him as he pulled his legs towards his chest, hugging them there.

"But do you like him?" He asked, the thought hurting his heart.

"I..." Ophie sighed, pushing back a strand of brown hair. "I don't know. It's complicated."

"Complicated how?" 

"It feels... different."

"Different from the guy in your poetry."

"I..." Ophie paused, eyebrows drawn together before she eventually sighed and nodded. "Yes. There's something different going on here. I don't have the words to explain."

"You don't like Sebastian in the same way you liked... Whatever his name was-"


"What?" Tom said, looking up at her in surprise. She smiled softly, shrugging, before coming over to sit next to him on the ground.

"That was his name," she said, staring straight ahead as she remembered the mystery man Tom barely knew anything about. "You've always asked who inspired 'One sided'. That was his name. His name was Orm."

"Oh. Weird name," Tom said, making Ophie smile.


"Oh. Guess that solves that mystery, huh?"

"Hm, yeah," Ophie chuckled, and for a short moment Tom joined her. When the moment died, though, he spoke once more, unable to keep the sadness or disappointment out of his voice.

"But... But you don't like me, do you?"


"You can be honest. Just because you're not with Sebastian, doesn't mean I'm trying to tell you to get with me. Just tell me," he said. At first, Ophie didn't reply, but after a few seconds she looked at him with sadness.

"Not like that, Tom, no. I'm sorry."

"It's fine, Ophie," Tom said. He didn't want her to feel bad, that was the last thing he wanted. With a dry chuckle he spoke again. "Can't force someone to love you."

"Ain't that a fact," Ophie replied in a voice that held a hurt that Tom hadn't ever heard in her voice before. He frowned, wondering to himself how much damage this Orm character had done to her. Clearing his throat he looked at her.

"Do you like Sebastian?"

"Jury's still out," she said. "It feels too close to Orm while at the same time feeling entirely new. We haven't spoken about it. We're... we're just friends, him and I."

"And me and you," Tom added, Ophie nodding slowly.

"And me and you," she repeated softly. Tom sighed, his head resting against the edge of the bed.

"I'm sorry for being distant," he told her. "It... It was beginning to hurt too much."

"This... This isn't going to ruin us, though, right?" Ophie asked, looking at him with worry. "We're... We'll be okay, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. Might just need a bit more time, though, Ophie," Tom said honestly. Ophie nodded.

"Of course," Ophie replied, swallowing. After a moment she stood. "I... I'm going to go. Early flight back tomorrow."

"Is... Is it alright if I say goodbye to you here? You don't need me coming with you to the airport tomorrow," Tom said. Ophie couldn't help but step back slightly at the request, a little taken aback by it. However, she quickly let it pass her by, masking her pain.

"Oh. Oh, yeah, no that's fine, Tom. That's fine. I'll see you around."

"See you around," Tom replied, but he did not look up at Ophie. Inhaling deeply, Ophie stared down at her friend, hesitant over what she wanted to do next. It felt wrong to leave him without a hug, or a kiss on the cheek goodbye, but at the same time that physical contact seemed out of place in a time like this. Eventually, she decided that it would be best to leave Tom as he was. Without another word she picked up her bag and coat and made her way towards the door, slipping out quietly. It was as though she hadn't been there at all.


Chapter Text

Seb? Are you awake?

Yeah, it's only 1am
You're up pretty early for a girl who's been to a premier

I haven't slept.
When do you get back here?

Here? Aren't you in London?

No. I just got back to Sweden.

It's 7 in the morning over there, I thought you weren't flying back until the afternoon?

I came back early. There was no point in staying any later.

Is everything all right??

I don't know.
When are you back, Seb?

I fly out at lunch, still got some morning reshoots to do.
Are you okay? Did something happen in London?

I don't know what to do, Seb. I've been so stupid.

Hey, no, don't say that. You're not stupid, you're one of the smartest people I know.
What happened? 

Tom had been acting so weird on social media recently, I thought that he was angry with me for spending so much time with you, that maybe the little feud that you two have went past sibling teasing, but that wasn't it, I got it wrong, I was blind.
We got into a fight.

You and Tom? Holland, right?

Yes, me and him. I told Hiddleston that I had been worried about how distant me and Tom had become and he said that I should ask him about it, set the record straight, but I had no idea...

You guys will make it better, though, right? I mean, one fight doesn't mean the end of a relationship. You two will get over it, whatever it is.

Yes of course, I'm sure we will, it's just that
What do you mean by relationship?

Um... Exactly that, right?

Romantic relationship?

Yeah? Am... Am I wrong?

Yes. Yes, you are. Me and Tom aren't dating, Seb. What media articles have you been reading??

Shit, I'm sorry, I just assumed that you two were because you two are so close

Did you ever assume that about me and Hiddleston??

No, he seemed to be more a mentor figure.
Wait, are you two dating??

Jesus, so me and Hiddleston are just friends because - what, the age difference?? Is that it?? But because me and Holland are so close in age people are just like, "let's throw them together in the relationship pot!"
I mean first of all, I prefer the older guys, so the media should get their facts straight before running their mouths
Secondly, you assumed me and Holland were dating... why??

I just thought you two were, or at least you two had a thing

Instead of assuming, why didn't you just ask?

I didn't think it was my place!

I hold you in high regard, Seb. You can ask me anything.
Just don't assume things, okay? Not when it comes to me or... or anything to do with my relationship status. Leave that to the media, they're fucking pros when it comes to that shit.

Okay, I'm sorry, I won't do that again.
Thank you for saying you hold me in high regard, though.

It's the truth.

Back to you and Tom, though...
What happened? What was the fight about?

Promise not to tell anyone I told you this.

I promise.

He said that he loved me.

Oh, shit.

I mean, I guess you weren't too far off with your assumptions. It's just incredibly one-sided and based on something that never even existed anyway, despite how much Tom wanted it to.

So you two had a fight about that?

I mean... I don't know if fight is even the right word? I hit him up about my earlier suspicions, he told me that, I said I didn't feel the same way... Then we kinda left it.
Or, I left the country.

That must've been a shock.

It was. It really was.
Like, I love him so much. Of course I do. But as a friend. He's my best friend and I love him as such. I don't even think it's possible for me to imagine him as anything other than a friend. 
But it still sucks though, because I wasn't aware of his feelings so I feel stupid for not addressing this sooner, or the fact that he even caught feelings in the first place
Not his fault, it be like that sometimes.
But it just feels like our friendship has taken a hit because of this revelation. And I don't want to lose him. But I'm scared that I will because it might be too painful for him to have me around but not get to call me his own.

You two are too close to let this affect your friendship. I think, for a little while, it'll feel weird and rocky, but eventually you two will make up. Tom doesn't seem like the type of person to end such a great friendship just because a relationship isn't going to blossom from it. You two will sort it out.

I hope we do. I'm sure we will, but everything is just a whirlwind atm. 
I'll tell Hiddles about it later, and Ella of course. They should be kept up to date with all of that.

You... You haven't told them?

No, not yet.
Only you.


Should... Should I not have?

No, no! I mean, I'm surprised that you told me first is all.

Yeah, well... You seemed like the right person for me to come to. 

Well, when I get back, if you want, we can talk about this more. Whatever makes you feel better, Ophie. I'll be there.

Thanks, Seb. It means a lot to me.

That's fine, Ophie. 
Get some sleep, now. Maybe by the time you wake up, I'll be back over there.

I can't wait <3

Goodnight, love (unsent)
Night, Ophie

Night, Seb
I hope you dream of me (unsent)

Chapter Text

imsebastianstan: Press pause


imsebastianstan: Press pause.

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Chapter Text

Well, Marvel fans, it looks like it's the end of the line - At least when it comes to filming for Winter Soldier: 1963

A source of ours has reported that there is only a month left before the film heads into post-production around thanksgiving, all taking place in Atlanta starting from this week. It has been an incredibly busy few months for the cast, especially OPHELIA CLARK, who was last seen attending the premier of TOM HOLLAND's film Text Me Back. Since then, rumour has it that her upcoming poetry book will be coming out very soon, followed by a possible world tour. However, this is unconfirmed as the young starlet in the making has not been active on social media recently, much like Holland. With this lack of activity coming from the pair, people are beginning to suspect that the young couple may have broken off their relationship, but this is all just speculation. 

Where something dies, though, another thing is born. While he often posts pictures of his co-star on instagram, SEBASTIAN STAN's latest post was one of himself and Clark sitting on a rooftop together. Stan had disabled the comments, sparking speculations that - while many had been focusing on Tomelia - the small, sudden growth of Sebelia may have been taking over instead. If this is the case, it would be within reason that Holland and Clark broke up over this. Now this is a love triangle we were not expecting!

So, Marvel fans, what side are you on? Is it team Tomelia, the young lovebird relationship born onstage that we were all rooting for? Or is it team Sebelia, the dark horse relationship born onscreen that we honestly weren't expecting? Cast your votes now!

57%  || 43%



userone: Of fucking course Tomelia! They've known each other for almost two years now, there's history involved there! And they're always commenting and tweeting each other online, they're just cute!

usertwo: Not to mention the fact that they're CLOSER IN AGE?? Like wtf Ophelia is 21, almost 22, and Sebastian is in his mid 30s?? It's gross @userone

userthree: You're childish if you're pulling the age gap card @usertwo, soooo many celebrities are in relationships that have way bigger age gaps than that! And anyway, they're both adults! If Ophelia was a teenager and Sebastian was going after her then that's a different story, but she's 21 so it's fine! Also it's not like he's been grooming her or whatever, they literally just met this year.

userfour: Personally I love Tomelia, but like lets be honest?? Did it even ever exist?? They never said a word about their so called "relationship," Ophie hasn't even written a poem about it or anything, and she's always writing poems and putting them on her insta. No mention of Tom.

userfive: Y'all are all stupid, it's not Tom OR Seb, it's Tom (Hiddleston)! 

usersix: That is blatent Lordelia erasure @userfive also she can have male friends! 

userseven: Wait, Lordelia is an actual ship??? @usersix but they've known each other since they were kids, they're clearly just friends

usersix: I will go down with this ship @userseven 

usereight: Enough of this, Tomelia is an inferior ship for those who are still stuck in kindergarten. Sebelia is mature, adult, beautiful, and I can't wait for the poetry that's gonna come out of that relationship mmm

usernine: @usereight or really just any poetry in general, I NEED SOUL FOOD!!

Chapter Text

ophieclarke: a potion ~ blood ink, chewed fingernails, drop of saltwater, the skin from my lips, a sample of my brain, a splinter of my heart

a potion ~ blood ink, chewed fingernails, drop of saltwater, the skin from my lips, a sample of my brain, a splinter of my heart. 
The end product ~ a collection of poems I release upon the world. 
November 1st
This Elegant Death

498,565 likes || 5,995 comments

userone: SHE'S BACK @usertwo


chrisevans1981: Can't wait!

ophieclarke: @chrisevans1981 oml you read them?!?!

chrisevans1981: of course! They're great!

userthree: *anewship* @userfour @userfive

userfour: SCREAM didn't realize I needed this!! @userthree

userfive: STOP IT it's Sebelia alright?? @userthree

twhiddleston: excited for you lovely! Send me a copy <3 

ophieclarke: @twhiddleston no duh mentor mine, it's already in the mail :*

lordemusic: BABY 

ophieclarke: I love you to the edge of the universe and onwards 

usersix: Will there be a tour?!!

ophieclarke: @usersix Just after xmas love, stay tuned for official dets! 

imsebastianstan: Get ready, world, @ophieclarke has got something incredibly special lined up for you all

ophieclarke: @imsebastianstan you're too sweet soldier :* 

taikawaititi: You can say boyfriend @ophieclarke it's okay 
(-view 38 replies-)
userseven: @chrisevans1981 may be the captain of the mcu, but @taikawaititi is the captain of Sebelia 


Chapter Text

Big Mackie
The countdown is on!

What countdown?

Captain Dorito
The only countdown that matters

Which is??

Big Mackie
Countdown to your last day on set with the lovely Miss Clarke
So when are you gonna make your move, Sebass?

You're terrible, Mackie

Captain Dorito
Come on, man! You can't pull that card on us. We've seen your instagram photo, the messages you've sent us about her, it's only a matter of time

Big Mackie
And your time is running out

What do you mean? We've still got press before the film comes out, you make it sound like I'm never gonna see her again

Big Mackie
Yeah, but soon Ophie is going to release her new poetry collection then go on her book tour and who knows who she'll bump into while that happens

Captain Dorito
She could find herself a kind Canadian

Big Mackie
Or a fancy Frenchman

Captain Dorito
A great greek God

Big Mackie
Or a nice Norwegian

Captain Dorito
I think we should be poets

Big Mackie
We can show Ophie our work and see what she thinks, maybe help us get it published 

Guys, shut up! That's not gonna happen, she'll be too busy

Big Mackie
It could

It won't

Captain Dorito
Do you not want it to?

Am not going to answer that

Big Mackie
It's a simple question. Do you want Ophie to go on tour, meet another guy, and start something with them? 

Captain Dorito
Or do you want to fess up your feelings and have her start something with you?

I don't have any!

Captain Dorito
You're a terrible liar

Big Mackie
Yeah, you really suck dude

Okay, okay, fine.
There is something, I guess. She's...
She's perfection, honestly. 

Big Mackie
There we go, man!

Captain Dorito
Knew you had feelings for her

It's nothing crazy, though. I've got it under control.

Big Mackie
I'm sorry, what? You've got it under control?? 

Captain Dorito
What the hell does that mean? Why does it need to be under control?

I just don't want her to know.

Big Mackie
You're kidding, right? You admit that you've got feelings for her, but you're just like "I won't do anything about it."

Well why should I? We all know it wouldn't work anyway, and I don't even know if she likes me back.

Big Mackie
Wooow, dude, I am tearing up right now this is heartbreaking

Captain Dorito
Yeah, man, who hurt you?


Big Mackie
You'll never know how she feels until you ask her! 

Captain Dorito
Just tell her the truth, don't hide that kind of stuff, man. That's deep and meaningful and true, hiding it is just destroying something that really should be free, especially in today's society. We need more love, dude. 

But is it my love that she needs? Or even wants?
She's a bright young woman, she's so talented and funny and intelligent
And, it goes without saying, she's beautiful
But what am I to her? She could be with someone her own age, not some old man like me.

Big Mackie
There have been bigger age gaps, Sebass, and creepier ones too. You guys are organic. 

Captain Dorito
And if she makes you happy and you make her happy, and you two are both into each other, then go for it. But make a move, or else you're gonna lose her and you're gonna regret not telling her your feelings beforehand. 

You two are quite dedicated to this, aren't you?

Big Mackie
We're dedicated to your happiness, bro. 
Also, once we get you set up, you and I can start our work on Evans here

Captain Dorito
Woah, hey, no, I'm fine, thanks

Mm, yeah, nah, you're not

Captain Dorito
Yeah, nah?? What does that even mean??

Big Mackie
Man, you've been hanging out with Ophie a lot, haven't you? That's kiwi slang

Yeah, I have no idea what she means when she says that, I mean, is it a yes or a no??

Big Mackie
Ask her, and while you do that ask her out for dinner at the same time

Alright, alright
I'll think about it

Big Mackie
Not for too long, though, Sebass! The clock is ticking

Captain Dorito
And before you know it, she'll be gone

Chapter Text

Today, 7:48pm
Ella Bella <3


Imma sell my signed copy of ur book on ebay :p

Goddamn is this because I sold my signed copy of ur album on trademe?? I told you, I needed that drug money XD

Lmao ur such a dick
Anyway, how's life? What's been going on between you and Tom since we last spoke? Still silent?

Yeah, but Hiddles has been passing on messages. He says that Tom told him what happened the same day I did and that he's fine, he just wants some alone time to sort his head. And I get it, that's understandable.
I think we'll be okay, Ella.

I'm happy to hear that babe, he's a cool dude.
What about you and Sebastian?

That's a different story.

A sexy story hopefully ;p

Oml you're terrible
Obviously you're a Sebelia shipper then

No shit lmao
And so are you


Scroll up, lovely, you haven't stopped talking about him since y'all met

It hasn't been that constant!

Like I said, scroll up
Come on, there must be something there. My spidey senses r tingling

Ur spidey senses r wrong

Get fucked, they're never wrong, there is something HAPPENING
A change in the air
Sensed it as soon as Sebastian put that photo up of you two

Na, mate, ya dreaming

Whatever! Look at those texts, Ophie! Allll the way at the top
"Oml, Ella, we get along so well! He makes me feel not nervous about the film."
"Oml, Ella, he's so nice, he isn't one of those hollywood asshole guys."
"Oml, Ella, when he speaks Romanian he makes me wanna suck his dick."

I did NOT say that u twat lmaoo
I just said that when he speaks Romanian it makes me smile

Bullshit, you get turned on when he speaks a different language and you know it
honestly, woman, ur kinks are weird, why can't you just be into choking like the rest of us

Because not all of us have had a chance to explore our hoe side, REBECCA, don't virgin shame me :'(((

Ask Sebastian if he can show u whether or not it's ur thing hehe ;p 

Am not going to answer that

Ooo yeah, I see u babe, come on, let it outttt
Ophelia Aroha Manaia Clarke

Shit, fine, okay
Maayybe there are some feelings


A lot.
Yeah, a lot.
I really like him, Ella.

Holy shit you said it, I don't think you've ever said it before, Taika is gonna be over the moon

Lmaooo you two are terrible
But like, Idk how to deal with it

What do you mean?

How to stop feeling this way

You want to stop feeling this way??? Why???

Because he's a really awesome guy who I'm really great friends with, and co-workers btw, and I don't wanna ruin that
I mean, it was so weird, the last time with me and Orm.
That shit hurt, Ella

Yeah, I remember

I don't want that to happen again

But, like, here's the thing
What if it won't happen again?

What do you mean?

Things happen for a reason, and while what happened with you and Orm was trash af, it meant that you became one step closer to the real deal, and honey, Sebastian could be the real deal

I don't know, El

I don't believe that for a second. You do know, don't you?

It feels different than Orm
Is... is that okay?

Of course. No love is ever the same. What does Sebastian feel like?

Mum's garden in the spring.
I keep thinking about the arch she has over one of the pathways and how she had planted these two vines on either side of the arch
They grew seperately, up and up and up, until they finally met in the middle and began to interact, intertwine with one another. That's when they started to bloom. When they were together.
I feel like I'm blooming with him. Like something has cracked open inside of me and I'm ready to release it to the world.

Good things?

Yeah. Natural, bubbly, good things

Brings out the best in you

I think he does
Actually, I know he does. I've always had it, but I think I just needed help finding it, and he was that help
I was terrified about the film, you know? And he's helped me every step of the way. It's a different kind of leading compared to Hiddleston. Hiddles, he helped guide me into this world in regards to theatre. I'd only done stuff back home and in Australia, but this was the big leagues and he helped with that
But Seb has helped with film, and so much more that he probably doesn't know about. I'm growing and he's there with me.
I'm writing better because of him, I can feel it

Sounds like he's really good for you, Ophie

But am I good for him? Am I good enough?

Only Sebastian can answer that question, and he can only answer it if you ask him
How long do you have until filming finishes?

Just under three weeks, then I've got a holiday until after Christmas, then it's book tour, premier, and whatever else comes up next.

You know how you have that issue about being co-workers
That's not gonna be a problem soon

I mean, we've still got the premiers
What if we try it out and it doesn't work, and then we're forced back together again during the press tour?

The way you've described how he makes you feel, babe, makes me think that this shot is worth taking.
Fuck the what ifs! Fuck the future! This is the now. No more living in the inbetween like you and Orm were, time to find that stable ground with him.
Yes or no, at least you know where you stand with him instead of wondering what you two are

Yeah, actually, you know what? You're right.

Usually am, honey ;p

I'll wait until just before we finish, test the waters, see if he feels the same way, and then just before we're due to leave each other's company, I'll ask him

Yes! Go baby, take those reins!

Okay, okay lmao
I'm fucking nervous

If you weren't, I wouldn't think the feelings were real
But you are, so go get your man, babes

Operation Make Stan My Man is now underway lol

Love it, love you, turn this into a reality plz
And while you do that
I'll get the wedding song prepped :)))


Chapter Text


userone: Anyone else totally not ready for the fact that filming for #wintersoldier1963 is wrapping up in exactly ONE WEEK?!! I've liked the behind the scene content that @imsebastianstan and @ophieclarke have been giving us, and even more, I'm go...


userone: Anyone else totally not ready for the fact that filming for #wintersoldier1963 is wrapping up in exactly ONE WEEK?!! I've liked the behind the scene content that @imsebastianstan and @ophieclarke have been giving us, and even more, I'm going to miss the Sebelia interactions between the pair! Can't wait for the press tour, but damnit imma miss this soooo much

367 likes || 48 comments

usertwo: I know what you mean! The Sebelia content has been great, I'm gonna miss it so much!

userthree: Keep your heads up! Next up will be the movie, and can you imagine the Sebelia content we're gonna get from that?! Also, a new ship in the mcu hopefully!!

userfour: I'm excited! I just got back from buying @ophieclarke's new poetry book and I cannot WAIT until her tour!
(-view 2 replies-)
userone: omg how do you like it?! Mine isn't arriving until tomorrow
userfour: It's fantastic! She covers more territory in this one, but at the same time she hasn't chucked aside the depth or emotion that her first one had, I love it 

userfive: Idk, I'm still a firm Tomelia shipper, hopefully being away from Stan will mean that she and Tom can work whatever it is that's going on between them out

usersix: We never even got @ophieclarke's revenge on @imsebastianstan with the selfie on his phone! 

ophieclarke: OML I'm cackling, this is great @imsebastianstan @anthonymackie

ophieclarke: Also never say never @usersix 

imsebastianstan: What is it that the kids say? Mood?
(-view 2 replies-)
anthonymackie: You really need to up your internet vocab skills Sebass
ophieclarke: lmao yes, Seb, that's exactly it, one big ol' MOOD hahaha

anthonymackie: Also my face wtf

imsebastianstan: Why are you shocked man, your face looks like that all the time @anthonymackie 

ophieclarke: Don't cry @anthonymackie, you'll get used to it, we all did :')

userseven: RIP @anthonymackie 

usereight: They're tag teaming on ur ass @anthonymackie 
(-view 1 reply-)
userone: Can we say "couple goals" lmaoo

anthonymackie: Oh my God you two are such bullies @imsebastianstan @ophieclarke 

anthonymackie: @imsebastianstan @ophieclarke come have dinner with me and the missus sometime so we can throw it right back

usernine: DOUBLE DATE?!?!?!

(-imsebastianstan liked this comment-)


Chapter Text

"That's a wrap for today, ladies and gentlemen! See you tomorrow morning for our last scene!"

With a round of cheers and whoops, the cast and crew of Winter Soldier: 1963 began to make their way off set, fading away in groups, pairs, or alone in different directions. 

For Ophie, it was alone. She just had to grab some bits and pieces from her trailer and then she was planning on catching a ride with her security back to her hotel room. It was four in the morning and they had just finished what had been a long and tiresome thirteen hour shift, so she was looking forward to falling into bed and letting sleep take her. 

When she left her trailer, she found that she wasn't alone.

"Grabbing your stuff?" Sebastian asked from his own trailer steps, a backpack slung over one shoulder. Ophie smiled, holding up her handbag.

"Couldn't leave the place without it," she replied, making Sebastian chuckle. The pair walked together down the rows of trailers, making their way towards the parking lot. There wasn't much coversation happening between the pair, and it might've felt odd between two other people, for them it was natural. They didn't have to fill the silence in between them. They liked making the most of this time together. 

And anyway, both were too busy having conversations in their head with themselves.

Say something.

Do something.

Chris and Mackie did say that time was running out.

He can't become another Orm.

She'll be on her tour soon. You're going to miss your chance.

He's going to join another film. You're going to miss your chance - again.

Go on.

Say it.

Say it.




Both actors paused, looking at each other while they expected the other to finish their sentence, before laughing.

"You first," Sebastian said, running a hand through his hair. Ophie shook her head, blushing at their mistake.

"Oh, no, you - you started saying something first. Finish your sentence," she said. For a moment it was a lot of back and forth between each other, until finally Ophie was able to pressure Sebastian into telling her what it was that he wanted to say.

"I was just wondering if you were hungry. There's a twenty-four hour diner nearby we could grab something from."

"Huh," Ophie said, looking up at the older man with a grin. "I was going to ask you the same question."

The knowledge that the pair had been thinking the same thing lit Sebastian's face up like a christmas tree, and he almost jumped for joy at her reply.

"Great! I - I can drive us? I mean... do you want me to drive?" he asked.

"Like... Just the two of us? No security team?" Ophie asked, the thought making her think about her past. Since being cast in the film, her agent had quickly snatched up for her all the 'perks' that came from being in an mcu film. There were sponsers, gifts from said sponsers, nutrition and fitness trainers (thank you, Saladino!), and, of course, security, and while Ophie wasn't ungrateful for all the hard work her agent and all those people did for her, it made her feel quite detached from the person she used to be. Sometimes she missed being that small actress from New Zealand who stuck to stage theatre, who didn't need bodyguards because who wanted to attack a poet? Her poetry books didn't even come with a photo of her in the back. The thought of being alone without them excited her. The thought of being alone with Sebastian, though?

It took her breath away.

"I'd like that," Ophie finished, looking at Sebastian with a smile that he returned. After letting their security team take the rest of the day off and watching them go in Ophie's car, the pair jumped in the front of their jaguar, Sebastian making the car speed out of the lot and onto the roads of Atlanta. 

At this time of the morning, the city was dead to the world and the pair felt like the king and queen of the streets. They used Ophie's phone to play music through the aux, the playlist of songs the pair both loved pumping out of the speakers. They had their windows down, Sebastian with one hand resting out the side of the car, Ophie sticking her head outside as she watched the lights pass by, as Sebastian watched her. 

They decided that they didn't want to be stuck in a diner, so they ordered from the takeaway menu the place had before driving out of the city with their food. Eventually the pair found themselves on the banks of chattahoochee river, sitting on a grass bank as the sun slowly began to wake up. They had been talking non-stop now, jumping from subjects such as music and their jobs, to some more personal matters like family and home.

"I'd love to go back there," Sebastian was saying as he picked at his fries. "Sometimes I feel bad for getting rid of my Romanian accent since living here, or that I don't know the language as well as I should. I'd like to be in a Romanian film one day and not sound like a foreigner when I speak, or just be able to speak it without making mistakes."

"I kind of get you," Ophie said, looking across the river and listening to its murmurs. "My te reo is terrible - I only know the basics - but I should know more. It's my home, it's my culture on my dad's side, and yet I don't know it at all. Sometimes I read newspapers about me from home and they call me a sell-out, but Ella told me that that's just the tall poppy syndrome talking."

"Tall poppy syndrome?" Sebastian questioned, looking at her with a tilted head. She looked back at him with a tight smile.

"You gotta be as humble as Richie McCaw if you wanna be a beloved kiwi. Otherwise you're pretentious and a sell-out and not humble at all," she explained, making Sebastian frown.

"You're not allowed to be proud of what you've achieved?"

"Well, you can, but they won't love you for it."

"You should be, though," he said earnestly, turning his body so he was facing her. "You've done amazingly. The poetry, the acting... You are proud of yourself, right?"

"I..." Ophie hesitated, biting her lip. Sometimes it was hard to fight the critic inside her. She nodded hard. "Yes. I think I'm allowed to be."

"You are," Sebastian agreed before looking over the river. By now the sun was halfway showing, its light shining across the river and making it shine gold. It reminded him of someone.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Ophie said, looking curiously at Sebastian who seemed a little hesitant with following his question. After a moment of back and forth inside his mind, he decided to bite the bullet and ask.

"Whatever happened between you and Tom?"

"Oh..." At this question Ophie looked away, a frowning deepening the features of her face. Sebastian regretted the question as soon as it left his lips but there was no taking it back now. And anyway, he didn't want to assume things. He knew that Ophelia didn't like that.

"We're just taking a break from each other. Friend-wise, you know?" she told him, picking the grass that lay next to her. "It just hurt him too much. But Tom - Hiddles - he told me that he was getting his mojo back, that he's sure that he'll be back to himself in no time. And when that happens we can pick up where we left off. As friends."

He couldn't help but notice the way Ophie kept referring to Tom as a friend. It made his heart flutter slightly, despite how bad he felt for the young actor. Sebastian had also been stung multiple times in the pursuit for love so he knew how it felt. It happened to everyone, even the stars.  

"Have you got any projects coming up?" Ophie asked, turning back to Sebastian who shook his head. "Really?"

"Not until late january. Taking a break for a little bit, making the most of the holidays. Then I've got one film and then our press release," Sebastian said. It scared him a little to be thinking about the future, especially the period from tomorrow's wrap until their press release for the film. All he could think about was Chris and Mackie's words in the group chat. So much could happen during that time, especially with the pair seperated from one another for so many months. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to not see Ophelia every day. She had become such a constant presence in his life that he wasn't ready to give up. 

"I'm looking forward to press release," Ophie said, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Really? What about your poetry tour?" Sebastian asked. The dates for her tour had been released on her instagram only a few days earlier, due to start just after new years and running until their press release begins. So far, comments about the post had been positive, with people already knowing what they'd like to see in their stockings for christmas. With the mention of her poetry tour Ophie shrugged.

"Well, yeah, I guess. But..." she trailed off.

"What?" Sebastian asked softly. Ophelia raised her eyes to meet his.

"I've liked this," she murmured. "I've liked these past few months and working with you, getting to know you. I'm going to miss it a lot..."

She paused, swallowed, let her hand resting on the grass inch towards Sebastian's, the tip of her pinky brushing against his hand before she finished her sentence.

"I'm going to miss you."

"I..." Sebastian smiled softly, allowing his hand to move and take hold of Ophelia's, fingers wrapping around her hand as he squeezed it tightly. "I'm going to miss you too."

They stared at each other for a moment, hesitating on what to do next. For Sebastian, he still doubted whether or not the feelings Ophelia might have for him were more than friendship. He felt like that boy from high school, foreign, different, not the kind of guy girls were falling for. For Ophelia, her own little rules were pecking at her brain: don't get with coworkers. Don't ruin the friendship. Then it was her doubt that began creeping its way inside. She, too, had never been the girl guys would fall for, and if they did she was never able to bring herself to like them back. The one time she had allowed herself to fall for a guy had left her incredibly battered and bruised because of the fact that she couldn't commit, that she was too afraid. She had tried to jump but had changed her mind last minute, unable to stick the landing, falling down that cliff and hitting every rock on the way down. It was the jump that she was afraid of. She was terrified of loosing her footing.

You and Orm could've been good together if you had tried, a voice whispered in her head, soft beneath the louder doubts. But you and Sebastian could be great. You two could be a sunrise. 

And there was the sunrise, and there was Sebastian, and there was her courage to commit to a man she knew she cared about more than anyone else in the world. She had learnt her lesson in the past. It was now or never.

Without a word Ophie leaned forward, tilted her head to the side, and pressed her lips quickly against Sebastian with enough speed it almost threw the older man off. Before she could pull away, however, and allow the shame and doubt of what had occurred wash over her, Ophelia found herself being pulled against Sebastian, his arms wrapping around her. She had made the first move. He would return it with a passion, with joy, with fireworks going off in his mind that, yes, yes! You were wrong, she feels the same way too!

When they finally pulled away from one another, Ophie was straddling his knees and Sebastian had his hands tangled in her brown hair. Both were flushed and breathing heavily, and when Sebastian put his hand down to shift his weight he suddenly felt a thick liquid spreading against the palm of his hand, making him jump. Looking down, they saw that the ketchup from his chips was now smothered against his hands, making them laugh.

"You've got red on you," Ophie giggled, making the man tilt his head to the side, a cheeky glint in his eyes.

"So do you," he said, puzzlement crossing over Ophie's features before she realized what he was hinting at. With a shriek Ophie leaned backwards, trying to get away from him to no avail. Sebastian smeared the ketchup across her face, making her squeal and laugh as he pinned her down on the grass. Reaching across she grabbed the remainder of their fries, smushing the potatoes against his face and making him pull back. There was potato in his beard that made Ophie snort with laughter.

"You are terrible," he laughed, leaning back down over her as she reached up and picked some potato out of his beard.

"And you're a snack," she replied with a grin, wrapping her arms around his neck. "So come here and give me a bite."

By the time the pair got back to the motel it was almost lunchtime. They had managed to wash the ketchup and potato out at the river, and despite their lack of sleep for almost twenty four hours, the pair couldn't have felt any more awake or alive as they walked each other to their rooms hand in hand.


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SebStan: #wintersoldier1963 has wrapped! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the production of this film! Can't wait to show you all Bucky's story. Lots of love to my co-star @FlowersFromOphie, I cherish every minute we spent together bringing this film to life. P.S- You've got red on you :p

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ophieclarke: A meal serving up a meal @imsebastianstan #happythanksgivingeveryone! #istillthinkchickenisbetterbutwhateverlmao

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