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The Child Once Forgotten.

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Musutafu was a fairly quiet city in Japan, home to greatest heroics school, U.A.

In a flat, near the shadier side of the city, a lively pair were playing.

Bakugo Katsuki, 12-year-old Middle Schooler, was grinning as he face his greatest adversary. A tiny, green curly haired 4-year-old in an All Might onesie, beaming brightly. Midoriya Izuku, In Katsuki’s opinion, was the greatest brat in the world. The Baby brother he never had. He was a bundle of pure joy, wanting nothing to do but to help people. To be a hero. Izuku’s mother, Midoriya Inko came in from work, chuckling at the two of them.

“Good evening boys.” She greeted.

“Hi Aunty M.” Katsuki smirked, keeping his eyes on Izuku, Izuku was gigging.

“Hi Mama.” He beamed, cheeks red.

“Who’s winning?” Inko asked, now used to her daily routine of coming home to find the two boys grinning at each other, looking read to tackle and tickle their opponents. She had sent so many photos to Katsuki’s mother, Mitsuki.

“Me!” Izuku claimed, Katsuki let out a dramatic sigh.

“You lie.” He declared.

“Me no lie. Me win cause Kacchan-nii woves me.” Izuku told him with a wide smiled. Katsuki blushed and grinned, diving at Izuku and began to tickle him. Izuku burst into giggles until tears spilled from his eyes. Katsuki stopped and lifted up the boy.

“I have to head home now.” He told him, Izuku pouted.

“No, Kacchan-nii stay. Play more.” Izuku said.

“Sorry, I have school tomorrow, and you have a doctors appointment, right?” Katsuki set him down. “I’ll come down after all that though, Promise.”

“Pinkie?” Izuku held up his little finger. Katsuki wrapped his smaller finger around it.

“Pinkie promise.” Katsuki smiled. And gave him a hug. “Bye. See you tomorrow!” Inko and Izuku waved him off as he headed home. Katsuki froze as the door closed, taking a look around, something felt off. He saw nothing, he frowned and continued walking, it was probably nothing. He thought.


“Oi Bakugo, wanna hang out?” Someone from his class asked.

“Can’t, babysitting.” Katsuki lied, he wasn’t babysitting Izuku that night, but was still going round to play with the kid.

“Dude, you need to lighten up. Stop babysitting for some brat and have some fun.” Katsuki turned and glared at him.

“That brat is my mom’s best friend’s kid, and he is like a baby brother to me, so fuck off, if I want to take care of him, I will.” Katsuki slung his bag of his shoulder and walked off. He had to head home and finish his homework before going over to the Midoriya’s.

Katsuki frowned as he got home, his parents were silent, almost as if someone had…

“What’s wrong?” He asked. Mitsuki sighed.

“Izuku’s quirkless… he’s never going to get a quirk…” Mitsuki said, Katsuki froze.

“That’s fucked up, how can he not have a quirk, he’s the nicest kid in existence… he’d have to relay on Support equipment if he became a hero… I doubt this will get him to change his mind. Not gonna stop him.” Katsuki shrugged. “He’s still the same kid, just not getting a quirk, he’s awesome without one anyway.” He headed to the kitchen, Mitsuki followed him with a small smile.

“It will mean the world to him to here that… he was worried that you wouldn’t care about him cause he doesn’t have a cool quirk like you.” Mitsuki admitted.

“Tch, gonna have to tickle him into admitting he is awesome without a quirk.” Katsuki decided, Mitsuki chuckled lightly.


Katsuki was walking to the Midoriya’s, but the sound of sirens was becoming concerning. He slowed into a jog, and then into a run. His heart shattered as he saw the block of flats the Midoriya’s lived in up in flames.

“No…” Katsuki ran to the closest police. “Excuse me, my aunt lives in the flats, is she okay, she has a baby boy?” He asked in panic.

“The residence are over there.” The officer smiled. Katsuki hurried over, he looked around the residence… but they weren’t there, so he ran back.

“They’re not there! They must be inside, please, you have to get them.” Katsuki said, panic rising. The officer shouted to the heroes and fire fighters. Katsuki quickly called his parents, begging them to hurry down.


The Bakugo’s were the first to know… Midoriya Inko had been found, burnt to death in her flat, but there was evidence of a beating. Midoriya Izuku was no where to be found. Katsuki collapsed to his knees as it hit him. Izuku…was gone, missing…

“Cause of the beating evidence, we believe the Midoriya’s were the intended targets. We are to believe Midoriya Izuku was kidnapped.” The Police told them, Mitsuki wrapped her arms around her boy as he tried to bite back his tears. “We will do everything we can to get him back.”


Inko was buried a few days later, by the Bakugo’s. The family of three stood around her grave.

“Katsuki… we’re going to head back… would you like to stay a little bit longer?” Mitsuki asked, Katsuki nodded. She patted his head, and she and Marasu walked away, leaving their son looking down at the grave.

“I’ll find him, Aunty. M. I swear, I’ll find Izuku, and I’ll protect him in the way I couldn’t.” Katsuki promised. I have to be the best, I’ll save him. And Blast any villains that get in my way. Katsuki swore, he wasn’t going to take this lying down, He had to save Izuku.


For weeks after, Katsuki got through school, ignoring everyone,  going home, eating and then heading out to search. He was hoping Izuku had managed to sneak away and get free, and go to the usual places Katsuki would take him whilst he baby sat.  Katsuki got to the park he took Izuku to a few days before the incident. Katsuki sat alone on a swing, tears falling down his cheeks as he thought of the younger boy. Izuku… little Izu-chan had a heart of gold. Wanted to help everyone, wanted to be a hero that made people smile… Katsuki clenched his jaw as he knew the boy could never achieve his dreams now … the villains the police and heroes believed kidnapped him, they would try and break his spirit… and he was only four, he was so afraid they will find him dead… his tears were unstoppable at this point.

“Katsuki?” The boy looked up, his mother stood nearby with small tears in her eyes, without another word, Mitsuki pulled him into a hug. He buried his head into her shoulder. “I know, I know…” She hushed him, patting his head. “We’ll find him, we’ll find him. I promise.” Mitsuki said. Katsuki clung to her. His resolve to be a hero solidified, if only to help locate the boy he thought of as a baby brother.