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My Body / Your Body / Ours

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Yoongi doesn’t want to count how many men are in the room, he already knows he’s going to have to please them all anyway.

“Take your clothes off, little prince”

His clothes are already ripped in some parts from before in his own room where his cousin was been a little shit. “I’ll help you” says one with familiar cologne from behind him. He lets them do whatever. He doesn’t care at this point. They all laugh, lustful looks in their eyes. They all going to enjoy it, even Yoongi –hopefully.

Yoongi takes a deep breath and the first one comes.

A second one joins.

“Little slut is wet for our cocks, right?” a whisper in his ear that makes him tremble before two pairs of hands start groping around his body, shivers running down his spine when lips press against his neck.

“Don’t worry little prince, we’ll treat you nice”

“But fuck you hard” the other one finish.

Yoongi gets pushed to his knees, two cocks already being presented to him for him to start pleasing.

He leans forward, lips wrapping around one head, his right hand reaching for the other.

“Just like that” Yoongi sucks and licks switching between the two.

Soon enough the men want more, Yoongi feels fingers touching around his rim, others around his cunt. He’s wet on both holes.

“We all wanna taste you slut”

Yoongi is moved aside and bend over the still unused bed. He spreads his legs on instinctive, the man behind cheer.

“Such pretty holes you have, little prince”

Yoongi gasps the second he feels someone licking from the tip of his clit all the way up between his cheeks. He’s pushed forward a little more and more tongues are shoved in him. He moans high in sinful pleasure, opening his eyes a bit and trying to looking behind –they all indeed want a piece of him.  

“I wanna fuck him first” Yoongi thinks he hears them say more but he’s too busy feeling to focus.

A pair of hands grabs him by the hips after the last mouth sucks on his clit; a broken whine escapes his throat before he’s successfully shut with a big fat cock impales him.

“Fuck, his ass so tight.”

“Let me at his pussy”

The cock pulls out for the man to lie down on the bed moving Yoongi on top of him, “Ride me bitch” he says while the other positions himself behind spreading Yoongi’s cheeks to fit his cock, rim opening and swallowing it.

Yoongi feels bliss.

“Ngh” he supports his hands on the man’s chest slowly going up and down on both lengths. So good the stretch and touch.  

“You like it, slut”

“Go faster”

“Eat” a third guy gets in front of him, dick rock hard and Yoongi finds he himself eager for it.

For all of them.

Fuck me

Use me

He’s not sure if he actually says it. He doesn’t have to either way. They will. They will fuck him good and hard for him to feel it for days.


The guys inside of him fill him with their warm cum after the orgasm hits him, tightening around them. The other guy cums in his face, Yoongi opens his mouth wide. “Swallow all that milk baby, just for you.”

And just like that, the tree guys pull away for others to take their place.

Contrary of what he thought at the beginning Yoongi does start counting. It will be probably a new record.

He’s at eleven when he can’t hold himself anymore ending up squirting over the cock piercing his pussy. The guys cheer again.

He gets a dry orgasm at fifteen when they start playing with his sensitivity but let him get some water and a mild rest involving two guys licking his nipples, kissing him. Then it’s game on.

Yoongi falls unconscious with number 24, wakes up with number 27 fucking his mouth while both his holes are being used in doubles.  He blacks out again sometime later, barely registering what the men keep doing to his body. He knows there’s so much cum on him, inside him. He’s probably bloated but it feels good –he keeps telling himself.



When is finally over, he’s back in his own room, cleaned and dressed in night gowns. The servants are clearing the room when his aunt, the Queen enters.

She waits until they are alone before speaking, holding both hands up one with three fingers up, the other with five.

“35. I’m impressed.” She smiles. “You took them so well, I heard. Like the good slut you are, my Yoongi” she comes closer caressing his hair.

“I will let you rest for a while now” she winks. “But don’t forget your place.”

Yoongi won’t. He’s the castle’s whore. Nothing more.






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Yoongi lowers his gaze the moment he realizes the King is watching him attentively, intimidating yellow eyes. He’s just another young servant, a helper for the baker, nothing else. Just a stupid youth. Maybe the King is just looking at nothing in particularly and he’s just going crazy. Why would he look at Yoongi anyway?


One of the maids comes for him after all the servants had the dinner they were allowed to. She says he’s needed and makes him follow her up to the west wing of the castle.

“Here” she leads him to a bedroom all the way to the en suit bathroom. “You need to wash yourself well”


“Just do what you’re told boy. No asking questions.”

She instructs him in what to do and is so embarrassing but is done soon enough and after he has dried himself she offers him a silky gown to cover his body with once back in the room.

“Wait here now. And please” she says at the door, “Do as you’re told and nothing bad will happen to you”


Yoongi is scared like he has never before; he’s cold and alone waiting for something or someone in that room. He’s not stupid but the naïve part of his mind still hopes everything is going to be okay.

He sees around the room and the bed is what calls his attention the more, he has never being in one or touch it, so he’s curiosity gets the best of him and before he can overthink he throws himself in it.

It’s soft.

So soft, probably like a cloud should feel.

Then the door opens and Yoongi’s heart stops before he can sit up to see who it is.



The husky voice of the great king travels to his ears and Yoongi feels panic, he gets out of the bed immediately, holding the robe against his body. The fabric covering one of his shoulders has dropped significantly exposing his porcelain skin.

Those golden eyes are on him again, intense and calculating. “Your name is Yoongi, right?”

The boy looks down again; he wonders how on earth the King would know his name. He nods slowly.

“Look at me, Yoongi-ah”

Yoongi, tentatively does so, too scared to disobey. People that disobey don’t end well.

“I’m not going to hurt you” the king finally walks forward taking a sit on the bed. “Come sit next to me”

With shaking legs, shaking body, he approaches the King slowly at the other side of the bed, climbing to sit next to him.

The king takes his hand and Yoongi feels like choking on air. He gasps.

“I told you already, don’t be afraid Yoongi-ah.  Alright? Answer me.”

“A– Alright”

“Good. You’re so beautiful.” The man tilts his chin up with two fingers under it. “So, so beautiful.”

Yoongi feels overwhelmed by the King’s words but he doesn’t have too much time to overthink when the king leans down kissing him.

Yoongi is going to faint.

The touch is soft at first but the man moves forward, one arm surrounding the younger bringing up to his lap. He kisses him more. So much more. Yoongi can’t breathe for a second.

“You’ll be my cute good little boy, right?”

Yoongi doesn’t understand. He nods at the king anyway.

“Ah! Ngh!”

Yoongi whines high pitched covering his mouth, his silky robe is somewhere on the floor along the king’s fancy clothes too.

The king himself is between his legs, kissing him where no one else has ever touched him.

“You taste so good, Yoongi-ah” the man groans dropping more kisses on the skinny pale legs by the sides of his head before dipping back down, tongue ready to part and sink in Yoongi’s juicy pussy, licking his way down to his puckered pink hole as well.


“Is good, right?”


“I’m gonna make you cum”

And there, sprawled on the comfiest bed he has ever been in, the King fulfills al the promises of making feel good while taking the purity of his young small body.

 It hurts at first but then it’s a whole bunch of new sensations, Yoongi can’t comprehend.

“Look how your pussy is taking my cock, baby boy. Sucking me right in.” Yoongi screams, cunt tightening around the hot shaft of the King, “So good”

“Ah, ah!” The king’s thrusts start slowly but then he’s fast and rough, burying his dick deep.

Yoongi feels the warm seed filling him up to the brim when the king cums inside him.

“You’re so good, the best.” The king kisses him again, his hand touching his pussy, fingers gathering his milk before pushing in his asshole, stretching.

The king gets him on his stomach with a pillow bellow his belly, legs spread before piercing him from behind. Fucking him fast and deep.

“Yes, baby boy. Your ass was made just for me.” he leans over his shoulder, lips pressing kisses there. “So tight. Just mine, say it”

Yoongi moans when fingers fill his pussy again, “I’m the only one that can make feel this good. I’m the only one that can touch you like this. Say it.”

“I– I’m…yours…I’m yours!”

When the king cums again he does it all over Yoongi’s back, marking him some more.

Yoongi gets a little time to catch his breath before the man reassumes his ministrations, telling him how good his body is, so perfect to be fucked by his king.


“You’re my good boy” Yoongi is aware of another kiss placed on his forehead before he falls into unconsciousness.

His last thought is that yes, he wants to be good for his king.


That same bedroom with the cloud as a bed becomes Yoongi’s new room.

He is explained by the same maid that took him there that he has no longer the duty to work down in the kitchen because now he has other tasks, like to learn, for that a tutor is introduced to him. He is also showed his new clothing, all fancy and pretty, the food is now brought to him too and after he finishes everything a little candy is always waiting for him.

The king visits him every night, sometimes he does as he pleases with his body, other times he just sits and tells stories to Yoongi caressing his head until he falls asleep.

And even though Yoongi has learned to love the way the king watches him, his voice when he talks to him, the gifts, still Yoongi loves even more when the king touches him, when he kisses him, when he has to drop to his knees to fill his mouth and please him, when the king fucks him so hard he can’t even see straight.

Yoongi’s new duty is to be the king’s good boy and he’s going to do his best.





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Yoongi runs through the woods, trying to leave behind the screams and the fire, he runs as fast as he can until finally one of his chasers catches him.

“Got you boy!” the guy says, holding him against his chest taking advantage of the position to bite on his earlobe.  

Yoongi tries to get away but the man drags him without too much effort back to where the others are finishing with the job of robbing and destroying the caravan, killing everyone in it.

Everyone except Yoongi.

Still, Yoongi thinks he’s going to get killed too but the one that looks to be the leader of the group just takes him by the hand dragging him to his horse telling him to stay put while they secure all the things in their greedy bags.

“You’ll ride with me” he finally says.

“…What– What are you going to do to me?”

He chuckles and says no more.



Yoongi is taken to their campsite.

“What are you going to do to me?” he asks again.

“Can’t you guess, pretty boy?” the leader is a tall men with intimidating eyes, leads him close to the fire one of the other five started since the night has fallen.

When the realization finally sits with him, Yoongi gasps under six pairs of eyes.

“Such beauty can’t go to waste. Or do you perhaps prefer to die?”

Yoongi is dumbfounded by his words. He doesn’t want to die though. No. Not yet, much less like this, just because.

And they know it.




They all want to kiss him, touch him.

They take his clothes off, one piece at the time.

“Your skin is really soft” someone pinches his thigh.

“Who could had guessed those savages would have quite the gem traveling with them”

Yoongi’s lips are swollen and red when they decide to continue their ministrations towards his lower body instead. The one with the long hair pulled in a high bun spreads his legs, holding his ankles.

“Look at that” he licks his lips, “Boy you just make want to eat you all”

“Hey, I wanna a turn too”

“We all going to”

“Feel this” Yoongi hears before fingers brush the tip of his clit before pressing inside.

“Ah!” he feels them moving around, scissoring.

“You like that?”

“Hey! This is my favorite drink” the man shows him one of the bottles they have all been drinking for now empty, before lowering it between his legs and right up into his pussy. Yoongi tries to close his legs, feeling it stretching him little by little. He gasps when he starts moving it in and out, just the tip then a bit more.


“…He seems strong enough to do it” the leader and one man with a long scar at the side of his face are talking at his left side, not missing any detail of the things the other four are doing to the young.

Yoongi feels so hot.

“Would you have our children? Of course you could, right pretty boy?” the leader comes closer leaning down to whispers, “Beautiful Yoongi”

Yoongi whines, closing his eyes at the feel of a tongue been shoved between his folds. He can’t think his brain can’t process what is being said to him but when it’s his name what he hears, his eyes immediately open again, gaze meeting the leader’s.  

“Fuck, his pussy is the best I ever tasted”

“Call me master, Yoongi.” The leader winks, “Master will always be good to you as long as you’re good to us”

His husky voice is so nice to hear, Yoongi slowly nods. He doesn’t know what else can he do but as the men say. He doesn’t know more beyond being told what to do. All his life has been like that.

Hands turn him around, he rest his face on the thick cover bellow, those same hands also spread his cheeks revealing for the hungry eyes around his puckered hole.


“Bet he’s a virgin in all holes”

“We got ourselves the biggest prize”

Yoongi feels overwhelmed with what’s happening out of the sudden, all too soon. That morning he had woken up, helped with breakfast, with the washing of clothes, with the food and right before he went to sleep the bandits had struck. Same bandits that are now playing with his body.

Moist fingers prod at his asshole, their voices are loud. A tongue is shoved inside, he yelps high pitched. He’s not new to this particular activity since some of the men in the caravan lately and often touched him when they found him alone. Not of them doing more than to feel him all over though.

“I could eat his ass all day”

Yoongi whimpers, body shaking when the guy keeps sucking on his rim until more hands manhandle him away and before he can follow what’s happening now he is pierced with one hot thick cock deep in his wet cunt.

The thrusts are hard, his body moving forward with each, insides molding to it. The man has him on his back holding his legs with big hands by his sides enjoying the view of his meat going in and out.

Yoongi feels something warm forming in his belly, hands pinching his nipples.

“My turn, my turn!”

The man sits up bringing Yoongi with him in his lap, the other man settling at Yoongi’s back to guide his dick to his free asshole.


“Ssshhh. be a good boy and I’ll do it slowly” he grabs him by the chin tilting his head to be able to kiss him. Yoongi breathes out when is all the way in.

The men find a rhythm that satisfies them, not stopping with their lewd words towards him.   

“Hurry up! I want to fuck him too!”

“Shut up!”

They are so loud, Yoongi briefly thinks again, moaning with his mouth wide open, eyes closed when the orgasm hits him.

“C’mon baby, get all that milk”

“Fuck, gonna cum”

“Inside! Inside!”

“Gonna get pregnant with all our cum inside, aren’t you?”

Yoongi can’t reply, they don’t expect him too.

He’s place on his back again for the next one who wastes no time ramming his dick in. The shortest of all of them, same man that caught Yoongi in the woods earlier, straddles his chest. “You’ll give me this while I wait, right?” Yoongi has a mouth full two seconds later.

True to their words, they all cum inside his pussy, belly swelling with their hot seed.




“You’re going to be our little pretty Yoongi” the leader tells him before he falls asleep exhausted once inside the warm of a tent. “And since you have been so good, I’ll make an exception with you. But this is between you and me, only when we’re alone.” His eyes sparkle. Yoongi is so tired. “You can call me Joon” Yoongi closes his eyes.





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Yoongi has learned all about magic since little from his mommy before she died burned by the king and his men, after that he was on his own, living far away from the castle and people in general, slowly planning the revenge his mother tasked him of course.

His power grew with each passing day and soon enough he thought himself ready to start. One of the first steps in his vendetta consisted in getting some help to be able to attack the minds of the castle and citadel first –which should have been easy.

But nothing is ever easy –his mother told him, you have to work hard to get what you want, she used to said –and here is Yoongi now, blinking at the being before him.

It’s a demon –he’s definitely sure.

His eyes are sparkling red irises surrounding that pure black. Between his slightly parted lips he can see pointy fangs as white as exquisite pearls. He’s naked except for the long black lines of tattoos all over his tan skin; they’re forming a symbol Yoongi can’t distinguish just yet. There’s a tail too, long and slim swaying at his back. Yoongi’s pale cheeks turn red eyes going wide for a second before he stops himself from looking bellow the demon’s waist.

The demon chuckles, eyes never detaching from Yoongi’s.

“Hello little witch”

Yoongi straitens his pose, not wanting to look weak, “…You’re not the one I intended to summon” Yoongi knows this demon is strong, way stronger than the one he was aiming for.

“I know”

“Then why are you here?”

“I thought I could come and have some fun. I know your mommy”

Yoongi gnaws on his lower lip, “She’s not here” she’s dead, the demon will probably want to fool him “You should leave, I have nothing to offer you”

“She sends her greetings and on the contrary little witch, I came here just for you”

Yoongi narrows his eyes, “What do you mean?”

“What you heard” he takes a step forward, Yoongi takes a step back. “You’re as pretty as I was told” another step “You have a great power too.”

“Speak clearly, would you.”

The moment Yoongi’s eyes drift for a second to where the spell book is, the demon surges forward at lightning speed trapping Yoongi against the wall. The lights of the candles around them blink before setting steady again.   

“I’ve got you little witch…”



“So pretty.” the demon’s husky voice reaches his ears.

Nothing is ever easy, Yoongi should know better and here he is now, naked on his knees trying to suck the huge two dicks of the monster, the demon, he definitely didn’t intend to summon.

“Maybe I should bring my pets too, let them play with your cunt, would you like that little witch?” he runs his fingers through Yoongi’s soft black locks, mindful of his claws. “My hellhounds would make cry so beautifully”

Yoongi gags a bit before swallowing around one head, his small hand wrapping around the other tugging.

“Ah little witch, I might even keep you”

Yoongi decides to ignore the comment, maybe if he gets the demon off fast he’ll leave. Maybe. He looks up and those scary eyes are set on him, devious smile on his face.  

“After all it would be hard to forget such a sweet pretty thing like you” Yoongi wonders is he might read minds.

The demon doesn’t stay put for long, wicked body craving for more, he chocks the witch on one of his cooks, the tip of his tail moving down curling around one slim tight before going to tease the folds of Yoongi’s already slicked cunt.

“Let me see your tits” the demon leans forward, hands reaching “So small”

Yoongi whines at the fingers pinching his nips, “I’m not…I’m not a girl” he feels hot all over; it might be the demon’s power.

“You’re prettier, I like your tiny tits more” he says hauling the boy up and taking one between his lips

The demon’s fingers find their way to his pussy at the same time the tail ventures between his cheeks to play with his asshole instead.

With no warning Yoongi is suddenly shoved onto the top of a table, the things over it falling to the floor. For a second he turns his head to see one of his potions on the floor but before he can complain there’s the tip of a dick on his pussy just as another one on his ass.

“The real fun little witch” and without any other words, the demon thrusts in. Yoongi screams.  

“Your body is taking me well, good”

“Oh– Oh my–!” Yoongi brings his hands down on his belly, a small bulge on it. It’s so big. So much. Too much.

“Body so warm” the demon pulls out slowly letting only the tips before shoving back in again…and again. The rhythm of his hips increasing with each movement.   

“You’re going to cum little witch. You’re going to cum from my cocks fucking into you only.” One hand tugging his hair gently cradling his face to kiss him. It’s rough and intense and Yoongi takes it, moaning with eye closed.

True to his words Yoongi ends up coming from the pleasure driven into him. The demon laughs viciously and cums too, warm feeling the witch with the impish seed.

“Just like that pretty” He leans down to peck him on the lips softly, Yoongi pants, eyes half lidded.  

The demon doesn’t give him too much time to rest before he’s at him again, this time stretching his pussy around both of his cocks.

“It’s too mu–”

“Take it baby, pretty, pretty baby”

Yoongi yells reverberating through the house.




Come morning, Yoongi is asleep only waking up after midday with his friend Hoseok banging on his door bringing news and gossips. Hoseok is human, Yoongi has known him since they were little.

There’s no trace of the demon anywhere.

“Are you serious?” Yoongi asks wide eyed at his friend.

Hoseok nods enthusiastically, “Yep. I just came from there. Everything is chaotic.”

The king’s heirs are all death because the queen and her sister went crazy during the night killing them. The king has been locked in his chambers since he found out and apparently there’s a flew going around town that started that morning.

“Is it contagious?”

“Don’t worry. I’m okay.” Hoseok assures him he will be. “Do I need to remind you on the protection spell you put on me”

Yoongi sighs.

Hoseok tells him he’s leaving to another town a few days from there, he’ll return later. Yoongi makes him promise he’ll be careful. Yoongi has never been fond on humans but Hoseok became his only exception, a true friend.

Hoseok leaves the next day.

Yoongi goes as usual, not sparing a single glance in the Castle’s way.




Come night, Yoongi is woken by the sounds of howling coming closer and he instantly knows those aren’t common wolfs or dogs around his house. He clutches the covers of his bed. He knows there’s something out there. He has been feeling presences around –not the demon but certainly related to him.

Yoongi remembers his words then, when the howling is heard again.

Yoongi knows they’re coming for him.

Nothing is ever easy and the demon has indeed helped him. the Castle and the town around it are slowly withering.

Yoongi lets it happen then.  

Soon enough the witch finds himself on his hands and knees, tears streaming down his face as one of the three hounds mounts him, fucking him just as good as the demon promised. They go one after the other licking the slick between his legs fucking both his holes raw, filling him with their hot doggy cum.

The demon finally comes before he passes out exhausted, used and sated.  

“See. I’ll make all your wishes come true” he caresses the soft cheek, “And you’ll be my pretty little witch always. Yes.”

Yoongi closes his eyes.

“You can call me–”

Yoongi falls unconscious.

The demon chuckles, “Cute”