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Harry Potter and The Cursed Children

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He lunged, twisting his jagged teeth into the other man's thick pumpkin colored fur. He jerked his head back, even through the coat his teeth connected. The other man howled and shrieked gently nipping at his assailant.
A submissive way of begging him to stop.
The man's ears were back, tail between his legs as his attacker started to shred his hair out of the other werewolves' hip. He jumped away but his attacker stayed on him.
"HOW DARE YOU!" He hissed between bites "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO TOUCH HIM!!!"
"Forgive me! Forgive me! I didn't know!!!" He squealed as his assailant started back on his shoulder "I DIDN"T KNOW AHHHHHHHHH NO!!!"
The blond-haired man drew the red out of his front arm. The wolf stumbled back.
"I bid you a slow death." He snarled bringing his face next to the man's snout.
"Change back you flea-bag. Do it" He drawled, turning back into human himself.
Claws were back into dull nails.
Fingers were made from elongated gray paws.
He felt his ribs tighten as they shrunk.
The sun stabbed through the branches of the evergreen forest. It was twilight.
With human hands, he gripped the extra skin on his spine and under his neck.
The man obeyed.
He surveyed his naked and bloody body.
He was ugly.
His skin was flabby and was hairy with split end.
He was a creep
His name was Crane. Ralph Crane.
Cranes scared blue eyes looked up into the men's eyes.
He looked up into a roaring gray storm.
"Sir please..."
"That's lord to you."
"I didn-"
He pushed him down, glaring. The man collapsed in a Heep.
"You just wanted some ass that's all." he spat, voice dripping "Like to think of little boys in that way?"
"I DIDN'T KNOW!" Crane yelped, trying to get out of his death grip "I WON'T GO NEAR YOUR SON AGAIN!"
"Oh yes you did know, wanted to turn him didn't you?" he snarled, "Angry that I didn't do it yet? Wanted to do it hear-"
"Pretty boy" a gruff voice snapped in the darkness.
"Yes?" he growled, looking behind him, at the monster.
The monster who made him. His muscly frame was bathed in shadow.
"Have you forgotten what I taught you?" Fenrir growled playfully, appearing out of the shadows "Take those pretty little teeth of yours and go for his throat, you don't let go until he stops shaking."
"Oh what a fool I can be," The man sneered, gazing down at the man "I should have started with that."


And he did what he was told, enjoying the man's screams.