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Return, Reunite, Repair

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Della continued to stare at the monitor that showed the grimy images of a news report: what the reporter was going on about she could not say as her eyes were focused on the three ducklings that stood in front of her uncle.

What had she done?

Well, for starters she had taken her brother's "you can't be an adventurer and a mother" speech as a challenge and then she had taken the Spear of Selene out for a test run. Della had thought she had spent an hour getting lost in a cosmic storm only to crash on the moon for a few months.

But when she managed to get a signal and hooked up her monitor to get a news report, she came to the horrible conclusion that she had been gone for a lot longer than a few months.

She had never seen her sons before-she didn't even bother to delay her space trip until after they hatched- but she just knew that those three ducklings on the monitor were her sons. The news reporter had said the boys were Scrooge's family and besides they looked just like Donald and she had when they were kids.

"Boys," Della had all but whispered as her hand landed on the monitor, wishing she could reach through the screen and touch them. She wished she could go through the screen, be back on Earth and give them a big hug. Then she would hug Scrooge before she would practically tackle her twin brother.

She was completely stunned that her babies looked like they were ten-years-old instead of being… well babies.

When the shock left her, horror seeped in, followed by despair. Her sons had spent half of their childhood without her. She had missed their first steps, their first words and all the other first milestones of their lives.

Donald had been there no doubt. Her brother had quit the navy the minute he found out Della was pregnant. He had been adamant that he would be involved in their lives. A sad thought occurred to Della: had Donald guessed that she would do something impulsive and irresponsible and he would need to step in as his triplet nephews' sole guardian?

Tears rolled down her face, dripping down her feathers and the edge of her beak. What had she done? Donald had been right when he said she needed to put her boys first instead of taking her chance to fly out among the stars.

Della suddenly became determined, wiping her face before continuing to tinker with her equipment. What she had done could never be undone but she could fix this by getting home and trying to have a relationship with her sons if they even wanted to get to know her. But she would never know how she could possibly make up for leaving them behind. However, she would not stop until she did because she was their mother and she loved them.

First, she needed to send out an SOS message that would hopefully reach Uncle Scrooge and if that failed she would do her best to fix her rocket. Or maybe if she prayed to Selene, the goddess of the moon would whisk her back to Earth if her powers worked liked that. Then again, Selene did mention that she and her fellow gods were retired so she might not have those sort of powers if she ever did.

No, Della needed to send a message to Uncle Scrooge before the signal between Earth and the moon was lost again. When she was back on Earth, she would do everything in her power to make up for lost time.

Lena Lestrange: Zero results found.

Bentina Beakley pinched the edge of her beak in frustration as the computer flashed those unhelpful words. She had already tried searching for Lena De Spell only to find nothing, not even a birth certificate. And if S.H.U.S.H's highly advanced computer system couldn't find a trace of Lena than there was little hope that any information on that teenage girl could be found.

What did Magica do? Conjure her niece out of thin air?

It had been one week since they had defeated Magica and her shadow army. Lena had disappeared soon after, leaving her best friend heartbroken. Webby had begged her grandmother to search for Lena so they could bring her to the mansion or at least find a family member of hers who wasn't an abusive witch.

Bentina refused to disappoint her granddaughter and besides for all her doubts and suspicions about Lena, she would never blame that poor abused child for doing what that horrible witch had ordered her -no. Magica had forced her niece to do her bidding; first though manipulation than when that failed, she had made Lena her obedient puppet.

Webby isn't the only one who wants you to be safe and sound, Lena.

With that thought in mind, Mrs. Beakley returned to the computer, typing names that Lena could be short for. She would not give up until the teenage duckling was found and taken somewhere warm where she would be surrounded by people who actually cared for her.

"Agent 22?" Director Hooter called from the doorway, looking rather nervous to be interrupting one of the most famous agents even if she had long retired by now and he technically outranked her. "Might I have a word with you? It is rather urgent."

"Certainly, I'm not making much headway in my search anyway," Mrs. Beakley remarked, not bothering to tell Hooter who she was looking for or why she needed to find that person. Searching for her granddaughter's missing friend on a government computer used for catching the most heinous of villains was not something an agent should do. But Mrs. Beakley was no longer an agent of S.H.U.S.H even if she still had clearance.

"Well, you see, almost a week ago we received a transmission from the moon. The Lunar Eclipse was almost over so the signal was rather weak and the message was garbled but we still sent a few of our operatives to check it out," Hooter explained. "They have since returned with a female duck who has been living on the moon for at least six months. She's currently recovering in the sickbay, unconscious."

"Forgive me, Director but what does this have to do with me?" Mrs. Beakley inquired, her brow furrowing in confusion.

"Well I know you are currently employed by Scrooge McDuck and the remains of the astronauts' ship has his logo," Hooter told her. "I thought perhaps he could tell us who she is."

Mrs. Beakley's eyes widened in realization. For ten years, Scrooge had been sending ship after ship to search for his missing niece. All had returned except for Della Duck's Spear of Selene.

She would continue her search for Lena shortly. Right now, she had to be certain that the woman in the hospital bed was Della Duck before she alerted Scrooge of this new development.

The last thing Della remembered before she had fallen unconscious was the sight of familiar landmarks as the S.H.U.S.H agents spacecraft plummeted back towards Earth and then she was suddenly standing in some sort of fog.

"DELLA! OH DELLA!" a voice shouted and the female duck was suddenly picked up and swung around. "I am so sorry I couldn't bring you home."

"Whoa and I thought Storkcules was the affectionate one," Della laughed.

"Oh he still is. He tackled Donald when he saw him," Selene remarked, giving her friend a tight squeeze before setting her down again.

Della's eyes were downcast at the mention of her brother. "So Uncle Scrooge and Donald returned to Ithaquack. Did you meet my sons?" she asked, her voice cracking as she said sons.

"I met one of them," Selene told her gently, as she put her down. "Dewey. He looks just like you and acts like you too. He was looking for information about the Spear of Selene. He thought it was an artifact of mine."

"I named my rocket after you. I thought it was fitting," Della explained, blushing slightly.

Then the meaning of Selene's words sank in. Knowing Uncle Scrooge, he locked all memories of her away and Donald as mad as he was at her, probably avoided telling the triplets anything about her because he didn't want to tell them that she had willingly left them.

If her sons had not learned anything about her, it was possible that they had decided to go looking for information about her. If they were anything like her, they would be relentless in searching for the truth.

"Aw, Della, that's so sweet, you didn't have to," Selene giggled.

"I know but I wanted to. So did you meet Hubert and Llywellyn as well?" Della inquired wanting to know more about her sons.

"No, they were too busy helping your brother and your uncle in Zeus' competitions," Selene explained.

Della opened her mouth, only to close it again. Now was not the time to ask for that story. She had to go meet her sons.

"I need to wake up, Selene, my family needs to know I'm alive," she said, giving the taller duck a hug. "Not that I'm glad to see you."

"It's good to see you too but that's not the only reason I'm here. After spending so much time in space, your body's gotten weaker. I asked Panacea to pay you a visit, you'll wake up when she done," Selene promised her, stroking her cheek.

"Thank you, Selene," Della said gratefully, reaching upward to give Selene a small kiss. "You're the best."

"Welcome home, Della and try to stay out of trouble," Selene laughed, her cheeks as red as Della's were.

Both girls started giggling again as the fog began to melt away.

It was almost midnight when Mrs. Beakley returned to the mansion. As she had expected, Webby was wide awake and eager for news. She had probably sat on the bottom step of the stairs in her nightgown for hours, waiting for her grandmother to come home.

"Did you find anything, Granny?' she inquired hopefully. Her hands were clasped together as if she was begging her grandmother to tell her what she wanted to hear. It broke Beakley's heart that she would have to disappoint her.

"I'm afraid not, dear, but I'll tell you what: tomorrow, I'll check in with some old contacts of mine who I asked to keep an eye out for Lena," Mrs. Beakley suggested, patting her granddaughter's head.

Webby deflated but she managed to give her grandmother a smile. "Okay, Granny, thank you," she said, trying to keep the sadness out of her voice. She knew that Mrs. Beakley was doing her best to find Lena and it certainly wasn't her fault that her beautiful idiot of a best friend was on the lam.

"Why don't you go to bed? Is Mr. McDuck still up?" Mrs. Beakley asked.

"He's in his office. Goodnight, Granny," Webby said, kissing her grandmother's cheek before dutifully walking the stairs to her bedroom.

As Mrs. Beakley walked towards the office, she passed Duckworth dusting. The ghost butler gave her a rather annoyed look.

"Where did you put the serving tray? It wasn't where I usually put it and tonight I had to carry Mr. McDuck's midnight snack by hand," he informed her crossly. "It was most undignified."

"I highly doubt he even looked up from his work and noticed how you were serving his tea and crackers," Mrs. Beakley pointed out dryly.

"I noticed," Duckworth shot back.

Mrs. Beakley rolled her eyes but she decided not to press the issue. Normally arguing with Duckworth was highly amusing but tonight she had important business to take care of.

"Would you mind fetching Donald and telling him that I need to speak to him in the office?" she requested politely.

"You want me to wake Master Donald up at this hour!" Duckworth exclaimed, scandalized. "That would be most rude not to mention he has an early job interview and I will not be the-"

"It's about Della," Mrs. Beakley interrupted.

That shut him up and immediately afterwards, the ghost put his duster down and walked through the walls to reach Donald's bedroom.

Now that she had dealt with Duckworth, Mrs. Beakley entered Scrooge's office, wondering how he and his nephew would take the news that Della was back. Not to mention the boys' reaction.

"We needed to talk," she said bluntly.

"I'm rather busy at the moment," Scrooge told her dismissively, not even looking up from his work. The entire room was pitch black except for a tiny lamp on his desk. If he wasn't afraid that his paperwork would catch fire, he probably would have used a candle to save electricity.

There was a sound of footsteps and then a crash and some muffled cursing before the running footsteps were heard again and seconds later, Donald Duck came bursting into the room.

His nephew barging into his office so abruptly was what finally made Scrooge look up.

"What in the dismal downs is wrong with you, lad?" he demanded. "Don't you know how to knock? I cannot work with all of these constant interruptions."

Before Donald could make retort, the housekeeper quickly cut in: "S.H.U.S.H. found Della," Mrs. Beakley explained, not beating around the bush.

It was too dark to make out Donald's expression but the lamp light illuminated the surprise, elation and hope on her employer's face.

"Are they sure it's her?" Scrooge questioned.

"I saw her myself," Mrs. Beakley replied.

"Did you talk to her?" Donald asked, sounding delighted.

"She was unconscious when I visited her. The doctor believes that her body might be resting after spending so long up on the moon."

"Wait. Do you mean to tell me that this entire time she's been on the moon?" Scrooge exclaimed incredulously. He had sent so many ships to look for her for the past ten years and yet no one had found any signs of her on the moon.

"Well she's definitely been there for the past six months but it doesn't look like she aged for eleven and a half years," Mrs. Beakley remarked.

"Can we go see her?" Donald requested with a grin. He didn't care what exactly happened to his sister. He just wanted her home with her family- the boys. What was he going to tell them? Would they want to go see her? And did Della even know how much time had passed or did she think she was coming home to five-month-old ducklings?

"I am afraid that S.H.U.S.H protocol forbids unauthorized personal in our headquarters. However-"

"Beakley, if you think that rules are going to stop me from seeing my niece," Scrooge interjected, frowning.

"However she is stable enough to be moved to Duckburg's hospital if she does not wake up in the meantime," Mrs. Beakley continued not even acknowledging Scrooge's interruption. "I have asked them to inform me immediately if there are any changes in her condition. In the meantime, I would suggest that you tell the triplets what is going on."

With that, Mrs. Beakley left the office, leaving the two ducks to discuss what to do and digest her words together.

As she walked away to her own bedroom, she got a call on her cellphone.

"Ah, Miss Macawber, I hope you are calling with some good news."

"The best news," the sorceress replied, sounding pleased with herself. "I managed to track down Magica De Spell's brother, Poe and he has quite an interesting story to tell you."

"All right. Thank you for your help. I'll be in St. Canard in an hour, make sure your house is visible," Mrs. Beakley commanded. "Good night, Miss Macawber." She then hung up her phone before sighing, she supposed she was not going to get any sleep tonight.

Mrs. Beakley walked upstairs to her granddaughter's room and she was not surprised to find that Webby was not asleep.

"Webby, how would you like to come with me as I track down Lena?" she questioned. After all, the Duck family had some family drama they needed to deal with so perhaps it was a good time to go on a family trip with her granddaughter.

"Like a spy mission?" Webby asked curiously, her eyes lighting up.

"Well I suppose you could call it that," the older duck replied, hoping very much that this particular mission would involve no violence like the Black Heron incident. "But we won't be going for a few days. Try to get some sleep in the meantime."

"I can't sleep, I keep having bad dreams about Lena," Webby admitted softly.

Mrs. Beakley climbed up to the loft, sitting on her granddaughter's bed. "What sort of bad dreams?" she inquired.

"Well sometimes I dream that she really was working for Magica and she was never my friend. And other times I dream that she's hurt really bad and I can't rescue her," Webby explained.

"Oh Webby, I have had my doubts about Lena. But I know now that she is a strong girl who most certainly cares very much about you," her grandmother assured her, patting her head. "I promise you that we will bring her back."

"But what if she doesn't want to come back?" Webby asked worriedly.

"If anyone can convince her to come live here, it will be you," Mrs. Beakley replied with a fond chuckle.

Webby seemed a little cheered up about it. Mrs. Beakley stayed on the bed, listening to her granddaughter excitedly telling her what her plans were if Lena did decide to live at the mansion.

Donald was pacing in the dark. Why? Because his cheap uncle didn't want to waste electricity when no one was doing anything productive. Scrooge had gone to his worry room to pace while Donald stayed in the office-until he bumped into Scrooge's desk and consequentially decided he better just pace outside where there were no breakable objects. So now he was pacing outside the front gates.

Suddenly the garage light was turned on and minutes later a pajama clad Launchpad peered out, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Uh, hey Mr. D, did you get locked out?" the pilot asked, sounding confused. "I can let you in through my bedroom. Just be careful while you're walking because I dropped a burrito on the floor somewhere."

"I didn't get locked out. I'm just pacing," Donald told him seconds before he tripped over a stone and fell flat on his face. "IS THERE ANYWHERE I CAN PACE WITHOUT FALLING OVER SOMETHING!" he shouted.

"Is everything okay, Mr. D?" Launchpad questioned, running over to help Donald up. "Do you need someone to talk to?"

Well he might as start practicing how to break the news of Della's return. The triplets would be up in four hours so he had until eight o'clock.

"It's about the boys' mother. As it turns out she's alive," Donald explained. "Apparently something happened when she was in space and she time traveled, I guess, and then she crashed landed on the moon a few months ago. Apparently, some secret government agency rescued her and now she's going to be able to meet her sons for the first time and I'm freaking out about it."

"Della's alive," Launchpad repeated, practically beaming with happiness. Had Donald not been too busy with his own thoughts, he might have noticed and commented on it but for now he focused on trying to find better words to tell his nephews that their mother was not only alive but also coming home.

"I don't know how to tell the boys especially when I don't know all the details," Donald continued, growing more and more frustrated. "I don't know if they even want to meet her. I don't know how they will react. I don't know anything!"

"Uh, I am not really good at giving advice but I think you should just tell them what you know so they can process it and then when you get more information, you can tell them about it," Launchpad suggested, sounding very wise for someone who was wearing Darkwing Duck pajamas.

"Yeah, I guess, I could do that," Donald agreed with a sigh, looking up at the triplet's window and when he did so, he realized that he wouldn't have to tell the triplets anything for their window was opened and there were three ducklings standing there with wide eyes and dropped jaws.

Launchpad followed his gaze and rubbed his neck, feeling incredibly awkward. Seconds pass before Huey, realizing they had been seen, quickly slammed the window shut and dragged his two brothers away.

"I think they might have heard our conversation," Launchpad stage-whispered.

"You don't say," Donald deadpanned after face-palming.

Well he'd better go get Uncle Scrooge. It seemed that everyone in the mansion was now wide awake and with Mrs. Beakley gone somewhere it seemed that it would be up to them to do damage control.

The boys hadn't planned to stay up. Huey hated getting less than eight hours of sleep, Dewey had played a very intense game of Guitar Hero and Louie was tired from spending all day sitting on the couch.

But at sometime after midnight, they were woken up by someone-they quickly realized it was Uncle Donald- falling down the stairs.

Although Louie and Huey were ready to go back to sleep, Dewey was not and he was suddenly eager to get a midnight snack. Then Louie decided he could eat something so he tagged along. Huey tried to fall back asleep but he began thinking about food which made his stomach growl so he quickly hurried after his brothers.

After their trip to kitchen, narrowly dodging being caught by Duckworth, they grabbed an ice cream container and three spoons. Afterwards they returned to their rooms to enjoy their treat.

"Ugh, what was I thinking? Of course, I can't sleep after eating ice cream," Huey complained as he tossed and turned in his bed. He had only a few bites of ice cream before trying to fall back asleep but he was unsuccessful.

Of course, his brothers slurping their ice cream was not helping him.

"There is still some left if you want some," Louie informed him, waving the container at him.

"No thanks," Huey grumbled. The duckling-in-green shrugged his shoulders and continued to dig in.

"Hey Launchpad's up," Dewey remarked seeing the garage's lights come on. "I'm gonna see if he wants any ice cream."

Before Dewey could call out to his friend, they heard a familiar angry squawking.

"Was that Uncle Donald? Doesn't he have a job interview early tomorrow? What's he still doing up?" Huey wondered, climbing down from the top bunk and joining Dewey at the window.

"It's about the boys' mother. As it turns out she's alive," Donald explained. Upon hearing this, Louie dropped the ice cream container on the floor and practically sprinted to Dewey's other side so he could hear every word Donald was saying. "Apparently something happened when she was in space and she time traveled, I guess, and then she crashed landed on the moon a few months ago. Apparently, some secret government agency rescued her and now she's going to be able to meet her sons for the first time and I'm freaking out about it."

They barely heard the rest of Donald and Launchpad's conversation. It wasn't until Huey realized that the two adults had spotted them did they move from the spot they were rooted to.

"Ew, I just stepped in ice cream," Dewey complained, wiping the pink slush off his foot and then using his bedsheets to clean his hands.

Huey rolled his eyes. "I think there are more important issues here aside from spilled ice cream and you being unsanitary," he muttered.

"We're gonna meet our mom," Louie breathed, sitting on his bed, his eyes wide with shock.

"Yeah, how do we feel about that?" Dewey asked, looking at Huey as if their brother would know exactly how he was feeling.

"I don't know. Happy, excited, scared," Huey suggested. He wasn't even sure how he felt about Della coming home let alone how his brothers were feeling. "I mean there are a lot of unanswered questions that I think we are entitled to have answered."

"Like why she named me… that name," Louie commented, completely serious.

"I want to know how she time traveled," Dewey said, his tone growing excited. "Maybe she met aliens and there was a space battle."

"I was thinking of different questions like why she left us?" Huey admitted somberly.

Deafening silence fell over the room after that and not even Dewey tried to make a joke to break the tension.

"Well she didn't mean to," Louie whispered. "If it weren't for that cosmic storm, she would have come back, wouldn't she?"

"Did she even want to be a mom?" Huey asked sharply, suddenly growing angry at her.

Uncle Donald was not their biological parent and therefore, he had no obligation to act like a parent. And yet from what Uncle Scrooge had said, it was their uncle who took care of them even before they hatched. He was the one who looked out for them, trying to convince their mother to think about them instead of adventure.

"Hey, the whole reason she went to space in the first place is because she wanted to give us the stars," Dewey pointed out, unwilling to believe that their mother was so callous especially when they were so close to getting her back.

"We didn't need the stars. We needed our mom," Huey snapped. He softened slightly when he saw Louie flinching. He sighed. "I guess we'll have answers soon enough whenever she gets here."

"She's our mom, Huey, let's give her a chance," Dewey suggested.

"I know. I will. Scout's honor," Huey promised.

"Do you think we should tell Webby?" Louie questioned. Even though she wasn't their biological sister, she was still family. Besides she was probably the only one in the mansion who didn't know Della had been found.

"She is gonna be so excited," Dewey laughed.

"We better help her prepare whatever questions she has. You know, in case, she has another fangirl overload," Huey agreed as the three ducklings left their room to see if Webby was awake.

Meanwhile in another part of the mansion, Uncle Scrooge had left his worry room and was making his way to a locked wing on the third floor. Only Mrs. Beakley and Duckworth were aware of what those rooms were for although he was sure that Donald could make an educated guess considering he had been there before.

When Hortense and Quackmore had died, Scrooge had become the guardian of his young niece and nephew. He had chosen to let them decided what they wanted to do with the spare rooms at the end of the third floor.

He had expected the twins to want to sleep in separate rooms but they hadn't so the result was one room that was divided down to the middle much like his and Flinty's room at the billionaire club. The other two spare rooms remained empty for quite some time.

The second room had been the one Della moved into once Donald had gotten his houseboat. She had begged him to keep their childhood room the same so she could walk down memory lane every so often.

The third room was the one Scrooge walked into as it had only been used briefly and it was a painful reminder of how long Della was gone for.

"They are not even here yet, Lass, why do you need to get started now?" Scrooge demanded as glanced around at the room that seemed to be filled to the brim with baby stuff from clothes to diapers to toys. "And how much did all of this cost?"

"I used my own money, Uncle Scrooge," Della told him firmly.

"I'm your boss and I know how much I pay you," Scrooge pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

"Fine, I'll give you the bill and you can deduct it our of however many paychecks," Della assured him, giving him the smile that was almost always guaranteed to get her out of trouble.

"Della, I got the wall art," Donald called, straining as he lugged a heavy box into the room. His sister quickly helped him move the box onto a table and she quickly opened it, taking out the contents: the metal letters.

"H, L, D? Their eggs aren't even here yet and you have not only bought- what I can only assume to be- a baby store's entire inventory, you have also picked out their names five minutes after the doctor told you it was three boys."

Okay, maybe I want a little overboard but come on, Uncle Scrooge, I am gonna be a mom. I want to be prepared for anything," Della said as she lovingly stroked her belly. "It's gonna be amazing. I can't wait until Llywellyn, Hubert and Deuteronomy Dewford Duck are born."

"Well I think it's safe to say Hubert will be the only one who doesn't get teased for his name," Scrooge muttered.

"Unlike your parents who named you after a book character who you actually act like," Donald joked, causing Scrooge to glare at him. "I wonder when those three ghosts will change your demeanor."

"Be nice you two," Della scolded them as she waddled over to the rocking chair and sat down. "These boys are tiering me out enough as it is."

"Well it will be worth it once they are laid and hatched," Donald pointed out with a smile. "I can't wait to be an uncle."

"I can't wait to be a mom. Then it will be just like when we were little and we'll go on family adventures," Della gushed.

"Or you could not do that and just raise them normally," Donald suggested.

"Lad, those children are McDucks and Ducks, they will get into trouble no what how they are raised," Scrooge declared proudly, exchanging a grin with Della as Donald rolled his eyes at the both of them.

Scrooge stared at the three metal letters hanging up above three empty cribs. Della had told him that one day she would find her own place with her boys but her uncle had never really believed that. Or perhaps he had simply hoped that she and her sons would stay, forcing Donald to visit every so often.

It was supposed to be the six of them together. Instead Della had disappeared, Donald refused to speak let alone see him and he had to wait nearly twelve years before he got to on an adventure with his grand-nephews.

This room would never be used but Della was coming home so there still was a chance for all of them to be a family again.

A crazy adventure family who got into trouble no matter what.


As Della woke up, she could hear muffled voices. Still half-asleep, she struggled to get out of the bed, casually removing the sensors that were on her body. She moved towards the door where the conversation became louder.

"I'm telling you, there was some woman here about five hours ago, pouring some sort of liquid down the patient's throat."

"We checked the security cameras, Director, but we saw nobody. So unless she vanished into thin air, I still think the doctor was seeing things."

"Well something must have happened. The patient is now fully healed. I'm surprised that she's not awake yet," the first voice said irritably.

"And you don't think she could have healed that quickly in five hours?" a third voice questioned.

"Director, the woman was undernourished, dehydrated and her bone density was quite low. But now her body is in impeccable health which would have taken a minimum of a few months if not years to have accomplished," the doctor replied, sounding very logically.

As much as Della would have liked to inform the three people outside her door that it was thanks to Selene's friend, Panacea, she was unsure she would be believed and was not in the mood to explain the whole being friends-well friendship was perhaps an understatement of their relationship- with the moon goddess.

So she chose to announce her presence instead, opening the door and smiling innocently at them.

"Would you be so kind to lend me some clothes?" Della asked. "Not that I don't love the hospital gown but I think that it's rather inappropriate to wear once I go home."

The three birds stared at her for a few minutes before the doctor calmly requested she return to her bed so he could do one final check-up.

Della wanted to protest but she decided it would be faster to comply instead of arguing. She needed to get home quickly.

"Webby-" Mrs. Beakley began.

"I know that I'm really looking forward to finding Lena but you could have mentioned that S.H.U.S.H. found Della Duck!" Webby continued, blissfully unaware that her grandmother was trying to say something. "I can't believe she was on the moon. You should see the boys. Louie looks like he's gonna burst into happy tears-"

"No I'm not!" Louie protested, revealing that Webby had her grandmother on speakerphone.

"- and Dewey hasn't kept still and he keeps adding to my question list that Huey is helping me make," Webby continued.

When she took a deep breath, Mrs. Beakley took that as her cue to speak. "I'm just leaving Miss Macawber's house and I'll be home soon. I promise I'll explain everything to you and the boys when I get back. All right?"

"Okay, Granny, love you, bye," Webby replied excitedly.

Mrs. Beakley sighed as she shut the front door behind her and walked down the path to her car. As she did so a purple masked duck got off amotorcycle rode up and began to make his way to the Macawber's house.

"Agent 22," he greeted her with a stiff nod as he walked past her.

"Agent Mallard."

She had barely gotten into her car when her phone rang again.

"Agent 22, this is Director Hooter, I just wanted to inform you that we will be dropping off Della Duck in Duckburg," Hooter told her.

"What? I thought you were supposed to call me when she woke up. And the doctor said it could take days for that to happen," Mrs. Beakley reminded him.

"Yes, well we're a little foggy about the how and the why but Dr. Humpus has given her a clean bill of health and she should be on her way to Duckburg as we speak," Hooter explained, sounding a bit embarrassed.

Mrs. Beakley bit back a groan. Well it seemed that there would be family drama for breakfast.

At least one good thing had come out of a sleepless night, thanks to a conversation with Poe De Spell had gotten her a lead on where to find Lena.