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Two Chances (One to Piss Bakugou off)

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Neito wanted to blame Class 1-A, he truly did.

But the fact that it was a school break kinda threw that out the window.

Here he was, trapped under a collapsed department store, and he couldn’t even bitch about it being Class A’s fault. From what he had heard before the building collapsed, there had been some villain going crazy outside the store.

The was one up side to this though.

Curled against him was this cinnamon roll of a boy. Neito could handle sharing the small space as long as it was with this boy. He knew that his name was Izuku Midoriya and he was an employee of the building they were trapped under. He also found out the boy was quirkless after asking. Honestly, he didn’t know what to do except wait for help.

“Monoma?” Izuku moved slightly, burying his face in Neito’s arm, his voice soft.

“What is it?”

“They’re coming right?” His voice was slightly panicked.

Oh… Right… It had been quite some time since the building collapsed. He was beginning to wonder that himself.

“Of course they are. Come here,” he mumbles softly, moving around before pulling Izuku against his chest, holding him close. “It’s getting cold, so let’s try to stay warm…”

Izuku nodded silently, curling into him. In the beginning, Izuku barely shut up but now he refused to talk. It was worrying.

He wasn’t good at comforting others.

He didn’t know what to do; didn’t know how to help. How was he supposed to be a hero if he couldn’t help one person?

He closed his eyes, burying his face in Izuku’s hair. Time’s like this made him wish he had a flashier quirk, then maybe he could actually do something useful.


Izuku gripped Neito’s shirt, trying so hard to not cry for once. He knew Neito was trying his best to comfort him and that made him slightly happy. After all, Neito hadn’t said anything ill against him being quirkless. He seemed to truly want to help him.

“Monoma?” He had to at least let him know that he was doing a good job.


Izuku wrapped his arms around his neck, laying his head against his chest. “Thank you… I’d probably be a crying, terrified mess if you hadn’t been here.” He listened as Neito’s heart sped up as the boy slowly wrapped his arms around Izuku.


Neito felt his eyes burn as well as his face heating up. Great, crying and blushing at the same time. He kept his face buried in Izuku’s hair, letting out a shuttering breath. “Of course! I’m going to be a hero after all!”

Izuku nuzzled close, relaxing against him. “You’ll be a great hero.”

Neito felt the tears fall, doing his best to stay quiet. He really didn’t want Izuku to know he was crying, didn’t want him to know he was scared.

“Deku! Are you in there?!”

Neito paled, hearing Katsuki’s voice, only slightly happy that someone was out there. But who was Deku?

Izuku sat up, eyes wide. “Kacchan! Kacchan, we’re here!”

What the hell?

“Get the fuck out of my way!”

They could hear the faint voices along with Katsuki’s loud one. They could hear the creak and groan things moving, could hear things being thrown to the side.

Izuku looked excited, tears falling as he grinned and looked up at Neito. His smile so happy and bright, his arms still wrapped around Neito. “You were right! They’re here!”

Neito forced, and failed, to keep his blush down and smiled down at him. “I told you.”

“Yeah… Yeah, you did.”


Neito sat in the back of the ambulance, letting the paramedics check him over as he watched Katsuki, resident number one jackass of U.A. check over Izuku in a semi-frantic manner. Apparently Izuku was his adoptive brother, taken in after his mother disappeared when he was six. Katsuki was his brother.

Part of him was happy; they weren’t together, he still had a chance.

The other, more logical part of him, knew that Katsuki would blast him in the face if he even tried.

He was startled out of his thoughts, hearing Katsuki stomp over with a ‘Hey, copy machine!’

Really? That’s what he calls him?

He sat up, smirking at the other blonde. “Yes, bakugou?”

Katsuki stopped in front of him, scowling and eyebrow twitching. “I’m only going to say this once.” His voice quieted at the end and stayed that way. “Thanks… for keeping dipshit over there safe.”

Neito almost couldn’t believe his ears. But seeing how freaked out Katsuki had been they had been found, his eyes wide with terror before filling with relief upon seeing Izuku safe, he knew Katsuki cared for the boy.

“That being said,” his voice turned back to normal, more aggravated really, “Listen, and listen well. I saw you checking Deku out. Stay the fuck away from him. I can and will kill you.”

They could hear Izuku calling out Katsuki, telling him not to threaten people, only for Katsuki to flip him off.

Katsuki glared down at him. “Remember.. I will fucking kill you.” With that, Katsuki walked over to a cop, scowling more.

Neito wanted to laugh. That was almost tame compared to what he had been expecting. He glanced over at Izuku, smiling as the boy walked to him.

“Monoma,” his voice was soft, smiling as he stopped right in front of him. “You’re okay?”

“Of course I am!” Neito grinned as Izuku smiled even more.

“I’m sorry about Kacchan. I don’t know where he got that attitude… He’s always had it.” His voice was fond as he spoke, making it even more obvious that Izuku cared for Katsuki.

“It’s fine-”

His words were cut short as Izuku kissed his cheek, pulling back just an inch before whispering, “If you ask Kirishima for my number, he’ll give it to you.” He fully pulled back, smiling bright but blushing all the same.

Neito knew his face was completely red as well.

“I’ll talk to you later, hopefully.” Izuku turned, jogging to Katsuki. The boy looking pissed as he grabbed Izuku’s hand, pulling him away.

Neito watched after them, grinning madly.

Oh, he definitely had a chance.

Two chances really.

One was to date Izuku.

The other to piss Katsuki Bakugou off more than he ever has.

He was going to love this.