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That’s What You Get

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“Hey guys,” Taehyung sets down the camera on their dresser, making sure he’s still in the frame, his voice dropping to a whisper. “Right now Jeongguk is playing Fortnite and he has his headphones on and he can’t hear me. So, I’m gonna prank him. Well,” Taehyung laughs a bit after he says it, pursing his lips. “Not really prank, but annoy him.”

“All he’s been doing is playing, and while I get that the game is fun, I am attention deprived,” Taehyung deliberately frowns for emphasis, too. “So, this is my payback for him ignoring me.”

He picks up the camera now, fixing his fringe while he looks into the lens. “He won’t notice me placing the camera because really, when he’s playing his game, he cancels me out so bad, I could be getting murdered in front of him and he won’t even see,” Taehyung rolls his eyes once he says it. “But, to play it off, I’m going to call for Tannie and set it down.”

He walks out their bedroom, hiding the camera against his chest, so it records the floorboards and his black socks momentarily. The camera immediately picks up on Jeongguk cursing into his mic, his hands smashing his remote buttons.

Taehyung quickly sets it down while Jeongguk is too distracted on trying to get a kill to notice him. The camera is out of focus for the first few seconds, showing their L shaped couch before it focuses on Jeongguk’s face—which is set in determination. He’s leaning over his own knees, continuing to play, oblivious to the camera Taehyung had just set up.

Taehyung calls for Yeontan, moving away from the camera to pick up the dog. “Say hi, daddy. Why are you neglecting me,” Taehyung puts on his best baby voice as he inches closer to Jeongguk, placing one of Yeontan’s tiny paws on top of the youngers head.

“He kept trying to attack my feet while I was playing,” Jeongguk answers absentmindedly, about to reply with something else, but then he cuts himself off to yell in triumph. Taehyung looks over at the tv, confused, and sees he had gotten a kill.

He tries his hardest to not roll his eyes. He fails.

“‘Cause Tannie just wants attention.” We both do.

“Well, good. You’re here, he can get it from you now,” Jeongguk hastily says, still distracted by the damn game. That has Taehyung pouting in annoyance, so he attempts to block the tv from Jeongguk’s view. “Baby, come on. Stop.”

Not giving up, Taehyung sets Yeontan down on Jeongguk’s lap with a way too satisfied grin. The latter glances up at him, his face unamused. “Say look at me, daddy!” the elder coos, talking in ‘Yeontan’s voice’ once again.

“Taehyung, please.”

“What? That’s your son.”

Jeongguk doesn’t even humor Taehyung like he usually would. Since he wasn’t around others in the game, he uses one hand to quickly scratch behind Yeontan’s ear before he’s gently patting the dogs butt to get off.

Yeontan instantly gets the message and jumps off his lap, padding away out of the cameras frame.

“Now, you leave as well if you’re going to be annoying.”

“Rude,” Taehyung gapes, crossing his arms. “I just want attention.”

“And I will give you some after this, okay?” Jeongguk has both his hands on the controller again, speaking in a rushed half assed manner—a clear sign he’s not really paying attention to Taehyung yet again.

“Give me a kiss,” Taehyung pouts, sitting next to him with his leg over Jeongguk’s, kissing his cheek. Jeongguk turns his head a bit, puckering his lips so he can give him a kiss, but his eyes still remain focused—glued on the television.

Taehyung would snort at how extra that is, but he leans in anyways and kisses Jeongguk right on the lips, softly.

“There. Now stop distracting me.”

“But I want more,” Taehyung complains, kissing the corner of his lips and then down his jawline. The younger sighs in a drawn out manner, his shoulders sagging. He’s not really snapping at Taehyung yet, but the latter can tell Jeongguk is close to frustration.

“Taehyung, baby, why,” Jeongguk groans loudly when Taehyung now slides onto his lap. He looks at the elder, eyebrows pinched in indignation. “Why must you act so difficult when I’m trying to play?”

“Do I really have to explain why again?”

“I can give you all the attention you want when I’m done, okay?” Jeongguk promises, saying it gently, but his facial expression looks way too exasperated to be sympathetic.

Taehyung bites back his smile.

“But I want it nowwww,” Taehyung deliberately whines, crawling off Jeongguk’s lap to balance on the couch when he steps up on it. He stands behind his boyfriend, bending down and wraps his arms around the youngers neck, laying his cheek on top of Jeongguk’s head. “Pay attention to me.”

Baby,” Jeongguk warns, tone stern and curt. Taehyung subtly glances at the camera from behind Jeongguk, winking at it cheekily. “Please, stop. I’m about to get this kill.”

“Yeah? And you’re gonna kill me from all this deprived attention.”

Jeongguk just shakes his head at how dramatic the elder is, remaining quiet as his thumbs repeatedly hit the same buttons. Taehyung puffs out his cheeks, trying to think of other ways to annoy Jeongguk—when he looks at the tv and sees his boyfriend close to dying in the game. So, he smirks and reaches down to try and snatch the remote out of the youngers hands.

The younger successfully pulls away before he can touch it, leaning more forward to stop the elder from attempting to grab it again. “Taehyung, come on. Chill.”

“I wanna play now, actually. It looks fun.”

“Of course, it does. You played before, stop acting like you never did,” Jeongguk’s light, playful tone is gone, replaced with a hard and terse one. It has Taehyung holding back the urge to laugh at how serious he takes this game.

Jeongguk sighs in agitation when he does end up dying, angrily running his fingers through his red hair, nearly knocking his headphones off.

“Oh! I can play now, lemme play,” Taehyung finally jumps off the couch, trying to snatch the remote again, but Jeongguk’s reflexes are quicker. He holds Taehyung back with a hand on his chest, while his other hand holds the remote further away.

“Taehyung, babyyy,” Jeongguk whines, actually whines, and Taehyung can’t help it—he full on laughs this time. “Please.”

What? I wanna play!”

“When I die this round, okay? Promise.”

“You’re too good at this shit, you take forever to die. I wanna play now,” Taehyung tiredly argues as he rolls his eyes bitterly—but it’s not like he’s actually mad because of that.

No, he obviously doesn’t care about the game.

He just wants to annoy Jeongguk to the point the younger gets the hint and eventually turns off the game, but Jeongguk doesn’t. Because he only ignores him as he goes back to starting a new round in the game, jumping off the bus.

“Fuck yesss,” Jeongguk excitedly says, finding a golden treasure box, breaking down the attic to get wood. Taehyung breathes out though his nose, now getting annoyed himself, which is funny, seeing as he’s the one that’s supposed to be annoying Jeongguk.

Taehyung stands in front of him with quirked brows. Jeongguk leans over to the left to see past him, but the elder just moves more to the left as well. “Fine. I don’t wanna play anymore. Just quit,” he says instead with a shrug, like that solves everything.

“Taehyung, wait—“

“Come on,” Taehyung does jumping jacks in front of him, causing Jeongguk to abruptly stand up from the couch and look over his head—but Taehyung then stands up on their white marble coffee table, blocking Jeongguk’s view once again.

“I swear to god, why are you being so annoying right now?”

Taehyung simply giggles and wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, pulling him closer. He kisses the younger slowly, so their lips linger, tilting his head down at him. “Because.”

“Tae. How many times do I have to plead for you to stop?” Jeongguk mumbles against his boyfriends mouth since Taehyung wouldn’t pull away yet.

Taehyung continues to pepper loud wet kisses all over Jeongguk’s face and parted lips, eyes crinkling from how hard he’s smiling. “It won’t matter until you quit,” he sing-songs.

Taehyung gets two more long kisses in before Jeongguk pulls away and looks at the TV with wide eyes. “Shit, no,” he curses worriedly—but follows it up with a cheerful laugh, “Ha, bitch. You failed,” Jeongguk says into the microphone all smugly—probably trash talking another online player.

He bops the elder on the nose and goes to sit on the other side of the couch, purposely away from where Taehyung was still standing on the table.

Taehyung climbs off the table, giving him a few minutes to play normally without bugging him—to have Jeongguk think he’s done. Once he notices Jeongguk’s tense again, mumbling profanities under his breath, building and shooting at the same time—that’s when Taehyung secretly crawls over to where the outlet is at, unplugging the entire game system.

“WHAT THE F—,” Jeongguk yells in disbelief, pulling off his headset with a huff and throwing his controller on the couch. It’s quiet as the younger leans over his knees, hiding his face in his hands.

“My hand slipped,” Taehyung poorly reasons, his voice too humorous to be apologetic.

Why,” Jeongguk murmurs into his hands, sounding so defeated, not even looking up at Taehyung when he speaks—too bothered to do so. Taehyung smiles at the camera, giving it a thumbs up.

He walks over to Jeongguk, easily removing his hands from his face, so he can straddle him on the couch. He laughs loudly when Jeongguk gives him a blank stare in return. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Mhm, and what’s that? You finally done being annoying?” Jeongguk doesn't look all that mad, which makes Taehyung want to coo and kiss him. Jeongguk could never really stay mad at him for too long, after all—it’s a fact.

Taehyung smacks his chest playfully. “It was a prank.”

“A prank,” Jeongguk repeats dry, his eyebrows shoot up in disbelief. Taehyung nods, the smug smile never leaving his face. “You ruining my streak was the prank?”

“No, I was purposely annoying you. That’s what you get for always ignoring me.”

“I don’t always ignore you.”

“When you’re playing Fortnite, um, yes.”

Jeongguk sighs in mock surrender, finally wrapping his arms around the elders waist. “I guess I deserved that,” he murmurs, leaning his forehead on Taehyung’s chest. “Damn. Where was the camera?”

“Over there,” Taehyung turns around in the others hold to point to it. It was in an obvious place, now that Jeongguk sees it, but he had overlooked it since he was too busy playing the game, all the while dealing with a clingy Taehyung.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk lets out an amused laugh. “I guess you got me good,” he admits—but glares at the elder, although it’s lighthearted. “But I still don’t see how that was a prank.”

“Don’t you dare question my pranks, mister.”

Jeongguk laughs again, quietly, kissing Taehyung, who doesn’t waste a second to kiss back. “Sorry, baby. I’ll pay more attention to you now.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Taehyung feigns annoyance. “You’re only saying that now because if you don’t, I’ll just bother you again.”

The camera can’t pick it up, but Jeongguk trails his hands down his boyfriend’s body, squeezing his ass. “Fine. For me ignoring you, I can make it up to you now?” he kisses under Taehyung’s jaw, whispering, “and finally give you all that attention you deserve.”

Taehyung bites his bottom lip, face flushed from the suggestion. “The camera is still recording, you know.”

“And we can edit this out, you know,” he winks as he teases the elder, leaning in to kiss him again. “So, what do you say, baby? Hmm?”

The suggestion sounded more than nice, but Taehyung wont let Jeongguk get his way so easily. So he huffs out, “Well, it’s the least you can do after what I had gone through today to get you to notice me. It took me like what? Twenty minutes for you to finally, properly look at me, you selfish—ow! Did you just pinch my ass?”