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“Loki Laufeyson. You have been deemed guilty of treason, attempted genocide, patricide attempted regicide and a failed invasion towards a realm under the protection of Asgard. Do you have any final words before your punishment?”

The throne room of Asgard was silent, all waiting with bated breath after the Allfather’s declaration. A guard removed the muzzle from Loki’s face.

 The Avengers tensed, waiting for their foe to spew excuses and lies, trying to justify the invasion of their planet and the slaughter of their people. The people of Asgard watched the fallen prince in disgust, remembering all the times that the Liesmith wormed his way out of trouble. Thor watched sadly, waiting for the demon his sweet brother had become to rear its head.

Loki glared at the Allfather, defiance radiating in his eyes. After a tense moment, he spoke:

 “Tell me Allfather, do you regret it? Regret bringing the Jotun runt to your beloved Asgard, only for it to turn into the monster it seemingly was? That genocide charge- hah! I would have done all of you a favor! You call it genocide? I call it pest control .”

 Many in the audience, Avengers included, were close to being sick. This man- no, not a man - this beast , was talking about wiping out a race of sentient, living beings as if it were a casual game.

 But then Loki turned towards Thor and their attentions were once again drawn towards the prisoner.

 “You know, when I said I wasn’t your brother, I was being truthful.”

 “No Lok-”

 A burst of green light cut off the Thunderer’s sentence.

 “Well, well, well. I finally found you.” Came a smooth, somewhat familiar voice from the back of the throne room. “Do you have any idea how long I have looked for you, scum?”


Loki whirled around, glaring at the being who had appeared in the throne room.

You.” The word was harsh and cold, hatred bleeding through his voice as his eyes flash a frozen blue.


The Avengers, Thor and the rest of the witnesses had watched this exchange in confusion. The being was wearing dark trousers, a pale green shirt, and an emerald cloak, hiding his features from view. It dipped its head in acknowledgment of Loki’s proclamation.

 “Me.” It agreed. “I must warn you, now that I have finally found you, not even your master can save you now.” The tone in which the being spoke had gone from smooth to deadly in an instant. “There will be no realm, no barren moon, no crevice where I won’t find you.”

 Loki laughed, a cold, mad sound that sent chills to the whole room.


“Ah princeling, you always were entertaining. You speak of my master, and yet? Was he not yours as well? He tried, oh how he tried , to convince you of the right path. But alas, you left him. Left us when we were the ones to save you.”

 “Master?” whispered Tony with a curious glance at Bruce.

 The cloaked figure stepped forward, stalking towards Loki. Thor stepped up in front of his not-brother, raising his hammer threateningly.

“Who are you?” he asked. The figure stopped a few feet in front of the princes, the glint of a knife visible from the folds of his cloak.


“Who am I? Why brother dearest, do you truly forget me so easily?” Thor reeled back, glaring at the being.

 “I have one brother, foul creature. He stands in chains, going on trial for his atrocious crimes.” The crown prince of Asgard spat.

 The figure raised to pale arms to its hood, slowly pulling it down. Shocked and horrified gasps rang throughout the room.


“Really?” asked the second Loki.