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Did Nazi that Coming

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It was hard enough living in a zombie infested world, but it was made a lot harder when there's almost nothing to satisfy your needs. Except if you have a love for killing hordes of Zombies that is. But despite that there wasn't much food or water or even places to sleep and even way your stuck in this strange world you may find that your needs still require you to tend to them. Dempsey and the others usually find themselves supplies every once and a while to keep them going, plus drinking all those perks have kept them somewhat hydrated. The thing was for Dempsey is that there was nothing around to help him with his sexual urges. There were currently no women with them and he found it very tiresome to just try and masturbate all night. It had become hard to satisfy his needs.

Sometimes Dempsey would think about the others and wonder if they were capable of doing things a woman could do. Dempsey never really found any sexual attraction towards men, but when there is only men around you then you have to improvise. He thought about Nikolai and how passionately he would suck on a bottle of vodka and wondered if he could do the same with his cock, but Nikolai was a dumb drunk and would probably be very sloppy at it. There was also the occasion when he's see Takeo grip so tightly onto his Katana. It was almost orgasmic, but like Nikolai he probably wouldn't have the skills required to do such things with his own dick. Plus there was maybe the idea that neither of them would even fucking agree to it.

But of course, there was the other option and that was the mad, Nazi scientist that caused all this madness, Edward Richtofen. He was a rather flamboyant man, he would also talk about things as tho he had some form of sexual attraction to them, like the fact that he was a possible sadomasochist who loved to butcher people alive, thus his nickname. There were somethings he had said that came off rather, queer. Or at least that's how Dempsey heard it. He had come to the idea that maybe old Richtofen had a preference in men and him being an obvious perv was obviously dying for some form of sexual gratification. Dempsey, not considering his heterosexuality, was kinda developing feelings for the mad doctor. His high pitched voice always reminded him of a woman's and the fact that he laughs like a school girl. He just seemed more feminine compared to the others. It would make him a good asset to Dempsey's libido.



It was a boring night in Kino Der Toten. It was quiet and there were no zombies to be found. Nikolai had since passed out due to some heavy vodka intakes and Takeo had since called it a night. Dempsey on the other hand was wide awake. He had been lying on the stage for ages now with a bit of a problem between his legs. His cock was hard and needed satisfaction. Masturbating wouldn't help in this situation. His horn was just too great. He needed somebody to fuck. The pain of this boner was eating at him, he had tried rubbing it a few times through the slit in his pants, but that just made things worse. He needed someone and he needed them now.

Dempsey had sat there and thought for a moment. He thought of Richtofen and wondered if he was still awake. He wondered if he was having similar problems. There was of course the probability that Richtofen wasn't looking for sex, but Dempsey was awake and wanted company, even if he could at least start up a conversation with the doc. He had gone up to the projector room since that seemed to be where Richtofen liked hiding. When he got there he could sense there being some sort of human life. The sound of somebody moving around mainly. It was more than likely Richtofen. He had entered the room only to find Richtofen fully awaken sitting in the corner. He looked to be contemplating stuff, but Dempsey didn't know what.

Richtofen had brought his attention to Dempsey who was now standing right above him. "What's up, Doc?". Richtofen smirked a bit. He wasn't particularly fond of Dempsey's company, but at the same time he seemed like he could use somebody to talk to. "Hallo, Dempsey! Vhat has you avake at such a time?", Dempsey smirked at the German. "I could be asking you the same question". Richtofen chuckled a bit at Dempsey, his childishness always made him laugh. "But really, Dempsey. Vhat do you vant?". Dempsey was about to reply to Eddie's answer till he noticed the German's attention go towards the growing bulge in his pants. "Ah, I see. You need zhis taken care of, Ja". Dempsey gulped. The fucker actually noticed. "You looked scared, Dempsey! It is okay, let the doctor make you all better". Richtofen had gotten up from his sitting place and onto his knees. Dempsey was completely and utterly frozen. He couldn't believe this.

Richtofen moved his hands towards Dempsey's pants. He pulled them down to reveal the American's fully alert erection. Richtofen bite his tongue, the sight of the other man's cock was so arousing for him. It had been a while since he had been with any man, but out of all the cocks he had seen in his life, Dempsey probably had the biggest. It was thick and veiny and stood proudly like a true patriotic dick. "I hope you're prepared, Dempsey". The man didn't say a word, he just looked down at the crazy German in sweats.

Richtofen grabbed Dempsey's penis making him shudder. The tip of Dempsey's cock started to twitch, so Richtofen though it'd be nice if he started off with a little tease. He placed the tip of his tongue right on Dempsey's urethra. He wiggled it around causing Dempsey to moan. Richtofen knew he was going to enjoy this, he had a lot of experience in the art of being a secretive cock slut. He Played with Dempsey's pisshole for a while before he decided to take the tip. He opened his mouth a little bit and began to coax the head in. He kept his lips somewhat puckered so that Dempsey could enjoy the sensation of it going in. Richtofen was still using his tongue a bit on Dempsey's head. Whilst Richtofen was making his was down the shaft his tongue was moving back and forward to create a somewhat ticklish sensation for Dempsey.

The American threw his head back in ecstasy. Richtofen must have done this before, Nikolai and Takeo would have no idea where to start with something like this. Richtofen continued to move down the shaft till he had reached Dempsey's sack. Dempsey was almost astounded by how far Richtofen could go. Dempsey's cock was at least six inches or more and had a pretty large girth. The fact that some insane Nazi doctor was able to get the whole thing down without gagging was amazing. Richtofen began to bob his head up and down the shaft, his tongue still working the sides. It felt fucking amazing. His head moved faster each time he had made is way from the tip to the end. He then began to slow down and made his way back down to Dempsey's balls where he began coaxing them into his mouth too.

The feeling of his testicles being fondled made Dempsey cum a bit. Richtofen was already swallowed most of the pre-cum, but as soon as Dempsey blew his load in the doctor's mouth he stopped. Dempsey looked down at the German who was now taking Dempsey's dick out of his mouth. He looked back up at the waiting American and opened his mouth to reveal most of his cum. He then swallowed it and opened his mouth back up to show it was gone. "I know you are still horny, Dempsey. But I'd hate zo let you waste all of your cum in my mouth. The German man turned himself around revealing his behind. "Go on, work zhat cock, Dempsey!". Dempsey was in heaven. Months without any form of sexual intercourse and all of a sudden he finds a man who was pretty damn good at taking hard dick.

Dempsey got down on his knees and grabbed Richtofen's ass. It was surprisingly round, like that of a woman's. He reached up to the waist of Eddie's pants and began to pull them down. Dempsey poked Richtofen's rear with his cock before ramming it in without hesitation. It caused Richtofen to moan. It was Dempsey's turn to show off what he could do. He held onto Richtofen's hips to secure himself, he began to move his cock back and forth. He began to move Richtofen a bit causing the German to get pretty excited. Dempsey could already tell that Richtofen was hard, he was enjoying every last second of this. It had been so long since he's spent anytime with another man in this way and Dempsey would make for a pretty good fuck buddy.

Richtofen had stopped talking, but his moaning was beginning to get loud. Dempsey tried to cover the man's mouth a bit as so he wouldn't alert the other two. It did keep Richtofen silent, but Richtofen somehow got Dempsey's fingers into his mouth and was beginning to suckle on them. He obviously got the impression that Dempsey was looking for that. Despite it being pretty weird, Dempsey had just accepted it as it was keeping Richtofen quiet. He continued to pound his cock into Richtofen, his cock slid in and out and Dempsey swore any second he was going to cum. It wouldn't really matter, Richtofen seemed accepting of the man's ejaculation. He was a good little cum slut.

Dempsey was biting back the moan building up in his throat, he was defiantly on the verge of cumming. He had removed his fingers from Richtofen's mouth as he was preparing himself to cum. He used both hands to grab onto the German's sides and forced himself in with great amounts of power and speed. It almost made the German squeal. Eventually Dempsey could feel himself coming to a climax. He swore he had cleared out all the sperm in him, so much that it was leaking out of Richtofen. The German began to make cute little noises at the feeling. Dempsey simply removed his cock from Richtofen, causing the German to fall to the floor. Still making those fucking noises. Dempsey looked down at the man on the floor, he seemed pretty damn happy and so was Dempsey. The American left the projector room, pulling his now very satisfied cock back into his pants. He went back down to the stage to finally get some sleep.