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Starscream and Skyfire's Song: Somebody

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Quiet laughter rung out a short distance away, drawing Starscream’s attention. Trying not to act so interested in hearing the familiar vocals, he glanced up from his polished black guitar to see the lead singers of the Autobot and Decepticon bands walking off the main stage of the Iaconian Crystal Gardens. Prancing is the better word for it, he thought to himself. His crimson optics followed their movements as the tall, silver Kaonian halted and took ahold of his bonded’s blue hips from behind, drawing their frames closer. Optimus paused in his steps, letting the Decepticon have his way. Starscream saw the exasperated amusement flicker over the Prime’s optics.

“Can I help you, you lust-driven brute?”

Megatron hummed, and then purred into the Prime’s audial. The sound panged at the seeker’s spark.

“You can, my Prime… In more ways than one.”

The Decepticon’s tone dipped so low, suggestive wasn’t the word to describe it anymore. Optimus’ optics shuttered as he leaned against his bonded, seeming to have fallen under the momentary spell of that dip in tone. Deep within the recesses of his spark, Starscream was inclined to agree with him. But then that moment ended, and the Prime’s optics opened as he turned in the grasp of clawed servos to face his bonded.

“Prowl is expecting us for a meeting with the Crystal Gardens’ founders. Have patience, and you may receive what you wish.”

Optimus’ voice was reigned into a softer tone that strummed the energon cords of any who heard it. But that did not seem to stop the Decepticon lead singer’s whine. An actual whine, which was silenced by a short kiss.

“Don’t pout, or you’ll be recharging on the floor.”

Megatron’s frame jolted from its momentary ease when Optimus pulled away and walked towards the back hallway. He stared after the tall red and blue mech in something so near dejection it was laughable.

“How did I come to love such a siren as you?”

He sighed, trudging after his bonded. The Prime paused at the edge of the hall, glancing back over his shoulder with a small smile to counter his devious behavior.

“I love you too, you fragger… Now are coming? Or are you going to let me walk among other lust-driven brutes waiting to get their servos on me?”

Even Starscream couldn’t resist a near silent snort as Megatron’s helm snapped up and his optics widened. Yes, you dumb aft, he just went there. Anyone who’d known the Decepticon for more than a solar cycle knew he had a possessive streak to rival an angry male Predacon. Megatron’s optics then narrowed, his plating flared, and his claws curled.

“You are mine.”

He growled. Starscream’s spark panged at the dominant statement as Optimus chuckled and leapt into a sprint, running down the hallway to tease his bonded. The Kaonian’s lip plate curled up into a smirk as he snarled and charged after the Prime, reveling in the opportunity of a challenge… That was one trait about Megatron no other mech knew, besides Starscream.

The seeker’s optics traveled after the tall, well-built Kaonian as he disappeared down the hallway, chasing after his bonded. You are mine, that deep rasp recited in his processor, and a shiver flashed down his spinal strut. Starscream sneered at it and forced his optics back down to stare at his guitar. What had he been doing with it anyway?

To the Pit with it.

With a care he never showed anything else, Starscream lifted the guitar off his lap and leaned it against the speaker he was sitting on. He then stood up, arching his back and feeling his wings twitch as a cable connecting to them snapped back into place. How long had he been sitting there? Must’ve been about a groon or two, he was present long before he watched the Autobot and Decepticon lead singers walk out on stage. That tended to happen when you and your band weren’t needed in that day’s performance. Not that this was a usual occurrence, this just happened to be a special request by the Iaconian crowd, and as performers who were they to disappoint?

His optics turned back towards the hallway, and his processor slowly conjured up the image of the Kaonian running after his bonded. His spark panged, and this time it twisted as well. Starscream’s throat constricted and his digits clenched, but he forced himself to swallow the sudden onslaught of emotion and look away from the mirage of the Decepticon. He made his claim. Let it go. He felt like a fool. It had been six ano cycles since they’d won their first world tour with the Autobots, one ano cycle since his lead singer had bonded with the Autobot’s lead singer. And it still stung. Like a knife to the chest. He should’ve gotten over it the solar cycle Megatron had announced to his band that he would ask Optimus to bond with him. Instead, his spark threw him into a whirlwind of self-destructive emotions. The day of the ceremony, Starscream finally recognized it as spark break.

Starscream reached down and picked up his guitar, heel struts clicking against the hard floor as he headed towards the side exit the would lead to Streetwise their tour bus.

Had Megatron ever really held any inkling of affection for me anyway?

… No.

The seeker knew the answer to that question. He’d always known. But that hadn’t stopped him from trying to win the singer’s affections for so long. Starscream supposed that in the end, Megatron had never known he was actually trying, or he knew and never acted upon it. He had the feeling it was the latter of the two. That stung too. And what could he do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No words or actions could’ve helped him now. Megatron’s spark was eternally bonded to Optimus Prime, a mech he did not even hold a torch to when compared side by side. Not that he would admit it, of course. Starscream still had his pride to uphold. Not to mention that like everyone else whom now knew the Prime, he knew what happened to his previous partner. It chilled him whenever he thought about it. He’d put himself and Megatron in the same scenario, trying to imagine what it might feel like if he’d been the one confronted by hesitant enforcers at his bonding ceremony, and not too far away Megatron lay shattered like glass…

It was horrifying. Something he could only imagine happening in a nightmare. So, while Starscream could gripe, groan, and complain about Optimus Prime for the rest of his life cycles, he couldn’t find it in his spark to try to weasel his way in between their bond. Something about it always felt morally wrong to him, if only because he’d pictured what it would be like if it happened to him too.

Starscream paused at the door, optics staring at the lever underneath his servos.

No. There’s nothing I can do about it.

Venting deeply to release the pent-up emotions still swirling around in his spark, Starscream pushed the door open and stepped out into the light of the sun, leaving the stage and the way it haunted his broken spark behind.

He made his claim. Let it go.