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Terrible First Impressions

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A booming crash from somewhere in the manor causes Fuyumi to snap her eyes open and shoot up in bed.

She clutches the blankets close to her chest, heart beating so wildly in her ribcage she can feel the blood rushing in her ears. Fuyumi reaches a shaky hand out towards her phone plugged in the charger on her bedside table. After a moment of fumbling she brings it right up to her face and scrolls through the contacts.

Endeavor is in the house with her but calling him seems safer than risking tiptoeing down to his room. He tended to be a deep sleeper, a trait all of her brothers inherited, so even with his finely tuned abilities he might not know of the potential intruders.

Fuyumi is staring at the number labeled “Father" on her screen as she debates going to investigate the noise herself. It could just be an animal or even my imagination...

Another loud thud sounds from down the hall, and Fuyumi hears muffled voices and shushing following it.

Her hands tremble as she brings the phone to her ear and listens to it ring. In the dead of the night sitting in complete darkness, save for the light emitting from the phone screen against her face, the rings feel so loud she's terrified it'll give her position away.

Thankfully Endeavor picks up quickly. His gruff voice heavy with sleep speaks the moment the line connects. “Fuyumi? Why're you calling?"

Dad…"  She whispers with a desperate tone. “I think some people broke into the manor."

"What?? ” Endeavor snaps, any traces of fatigue in his voice gone in a flash. “Stay in your room."

“Ok..." The fear of intruders, anxiety of potentially bothering her father over what could be nothing, and shock of being woken up so suddenly are all brewing together in her stomach, leaving her feeling nauseous. Or like she might cry, either feels possible at this moment.

Endeavor grunts away from the receiver before he speaks again. “...It'll be alright, don't worry."

His deep, naturally rough sounding voice does little to soothe people, but the fact he tried means so much to Fuyumi. She takes a deep breath and nods. After a moment she realizes he can't see her nod through the phone so she mumbles out a pathetic sounding, “Ok…”

He hangs up and Fuyumi sits there holding her legs to her chest.

She's trying to focus on the noise outside when suddenly a flash of burning red-orange light emits from under her bedroom door. Not even a couple seconds later there's a steady stream of yellow light pouring in from the hall.

Before Fuyumi can wonder why the lights were turned on there's heavy knocking on her door.

The knocking is distinct enough she lunges across the room instantly and swings the door open. Her father is standing before her in his pajamas with a sour look on his face.

“...y-yes?" Fuyumi stutters. “Are they gone?"

Endeavor closes his eyes and sighs, rubbing his hand over the large scar on the side of his face. “No."

Fuyumi is about to ask another question but is cut off by a resounding thump that sounds like something, or someone , fell on the ground, followed by boisterous giggling.

Her face contorts to a look of confusion, and Endeavor moves so she can see what happened. On the ground is what looks like someone dead in a pool of red (blood?!) with someone standing over them.

Endeavor must've noticed the distress on Fuyumi's face because all he says is, “Glasses."

She gazes back up at him and realizes that everything around him appears fuzzy. Fuyumi rushes back into her room to grab her glasses, then rushes back to the door frame. Her face changes from one of horror to one of disbelief.

The person on the ground in blood is a tan, slender young man with messy ash blond hair, and she can see now the blood is actually feathers, meaning he fell onto his wings. The person standing over him is a short, muscular, dark-skinned woman with bunny ears and white hair cascading down her back.

The two young pro heroes Hawks and Miruko are currently standing (sort of) unannounced in Todoroki manor in the middle of the night.

Fuyumi opens and closes her mouth a couple times as she registers their presence. “What---"

“They said they ran out of ‘Doritos’. Or whatever the fuck those are…” Endeavor grumbles.

Endeavor-saaaan! How can you not know what Doritos are??" Hawks whines from where he collapsed on the ground. Miruko had a hand clamped over her mouth but after Hawks’ outburst she drops it to throw her head back with unbridled laughter.

“...are they drunk?" She slowly asks, observing the way Hawks is struggling to get off the floor as Miruko giggles uncontrollably.

Endeavor nods and heaves another long sigh. “I have no idea how they got in..."

Hawks manages to push himself up on to his elbows with the help of his wings and sports a wide, shit-eating grin on his red face. “Door was unlocked. Also we smashed a window.”

Fuyumi watches Endeavor's eye twitch, preparing for him to burst into flames. Instead he shuts his cold turquoise eyes and forces out a controlled breath. When he opens them again he's wearing a tired blank expression, and the chronic burning need to try and remedy the situation claws at her insides.

“Should we, uh...set them up in guest rooms?" Fuyumi suggests.

"Where are the Dooorrriittoss!? ” Miruko belts out in between laughs.

"I'd rather not…” Endeavor mumbles.

Fuyumi checks the time on her phone and determines based on how loud the two heroes are being and how her Father would be waking up in a few hours anyway, it was a moot point trying to go back to sleep. “ you want breakfast?"

Endeavor glances down at her, and Fuyumi feels that customary feeling of being minuscule next to the intimidating, hulking man. The feeling isn't as intense as usual, since the look on his face is sleepy and...almost soft, as opposed to the typical harsh glare he dons.

“Sure." He finally answers.

Fuyumi blinks a few times and feels an overwhelming joy bubble up her chest. “R-really?" He hardly ever indulges in shared meals…

He stifles a yawn behind his hand and nods once. Endeavor then addresses the two pros. “You two. Go...ugh, I don't know, go wash up, you damn idiots.”

“Aw, Endeavor-san, are we‘vited to breakfast---" A hiccup interrupts Hawks’ teasing. "---um, too?" Endeavor glares at the young man, who shamelessly and fearlessly grins back.

Eventually he mutters, “Ask Fuyumi," and trudges back towards his bedroom.

The two turn to Fuyumi and stare at her like deer in headlights. “...u-um..."

“PSSST. Hawks!" Miruko hovers over him with a hand around her mouth in a failed attempt to whisper. “Who’zat?"

“Uh...housekeeper?" Hawks slurs.

Miruko hums exaggeratedly before loudly gasping and bouncing on the balls of her feet. “Oh, oh! Mistress!"

"Ew, God, no! ” Fuyumi visibly recoils. "I'm his daughter!"

The two stare blankly at her for a few moments. Finally Hawks pffts raucously and throws his head back. “No fuckin’ way! You're way too pretty to be related to Endeavor-san!”

“Yeah! Plus you're not like, um...fiery or angry enough.” Miruko points at her face gesturing where Endeavor wears flames as part of his hero costume.

Fuyumi involuntarily flushes at the compliment, even if it was just drunken jargon, and huffs a cloud of chilled breath in an effort to ignore the heat in her face. “No, I assure you, I'm Todoroki Enji's daughter."

The two both throw out more disagreeing noises in response.

Fuyumi rolls her eyes and barely holds back a groan. “Ok, whatever, even if you don't believe me it's true. Now...get up and I'll show you the washroom.”

Miruko leaps over Hawks somewhat gracefully and rushes past her. Hawks on the other hand, struggles and flaps his wings for a few more seconds before getting onto his feet, takes one step, and almost falls over again. Fuyumi does groan this time before going over to help steady him with a hand on his elbow for support.

Immediately he throws his arm over her shoulders and tilts his face in close, eyeing her with the same intensity a bird would its prey. Fuyumi tries not to sink under his gaze (or collapse under his weight) and gulps audibly.

“...woah, you're like, really beautiful." He eventually breathes out, which would be so much sweeter if his breath and entire being didn't reek of booze.

“You're not related tah 'ndeavor-san." He finally announces with a laugh and moves out of her personal bubble as quickly as he invaded it.

“Yeah, no waaaay!" Miruko giggles from down the hall.

Fuyumi sighs. Murderers would've been easier to deal with than this.

After what feels like an eternity, she corrals the two to the nearest washroom (and even gives them spare toothbrushes to brush their teeth) and back towards the kitchen.

She pauses in the foyer when she hears tell-tale sounds of sizzling and a pan moving.

Fuyumi inclines against the entry way to peer into the room, with Hawks and Miruko mimicking her, and finds Endeavor is still in his pajamas cooking breakfast for them.

“" Fuyumi is at a loss for words.

“I figured you had the more difficult task, so I took over cooking. Unless you'd prefer to?” He glances over his shoulder at the three of them.

Fuyumi might cry. Nevermind, I'm very grateful they weren't murderers. She shakes her head vigorously with a large smile on her face.

“Endeavor-san, can ya‘ven cook or do ya just, like, burn shit?” Hawks starts snickering so hard by the end of his sentence Endeavor had already rolled his eyes and turned away.

The three of them move to the eating room and Fuyumi has them sit down (in Miruko's case, Hawks trips again and the two burst out laughing over it) to wait for food. She hurries back into the kitchen to prepare tea.

“Um..." Fuyumi hesitates briefly, takes a deep breath, and continues, “Is there anything special that helps with sobering up?"

"Time." He murmurs, then tacts on, “Greasy food also helps."

Fuyumi regards the pan; he's making a more traditional Western style breakfast and now understands why he chose that. “Ah, I see. Um, do you want tea?" He grunts, which she takes as agreement and sets out to make a full pot.

After another ten minutes the food is all plated and tea is served. The four of them are seated at the table, Fuyumi and Endeavor on one side and Miruko and Hawks across from them respectfully, and Fuyumi honestly can't remember the last time the table was so full. Even if half the occupants are strangers who broke into the house.

Hawks suddenly seems much more coherent as he's able to sit up and eat with little incident. Miruko, on the other hand, is struggling to keep her incredibly long hair out of her food; all of her fussing with her hair keeps making her wobble dangerously close to falling backwards.

Miruko unsuccessfully tries to sneak food off Hawks’ plate, cackling when he pushes her away with his right wing against her face. The two both fall over and start giggling.

Endeavor sucks in a deep breath and slowly releases it. “How did you two even end up in the Top 5?”

The question is rude but the tone he uses is so defeated sounding, Fuyumi almost laughs at how out of character it is.

Hawks purses his lips for a second then shrugs. “Honestly? Mostly by accident."

Miruko shoots up in her seat again so quickly she knocks into Hawks, not that either react. “Check out these guns!! That's how!!” She exclaims and flexes her arms for emphasis.

Hawks grabs her bicep and squeezes. “Wow."

“Right?!" She smiles broadly at him and they both start chuckling again.

Endeavor shakes his head disapprovingly though doesn't say anything more on the matter.

The silence that follows is awkward, at least for Fuyumi, the other three seem perfectly content eating in peace. She racks her brain thinking of some topic to bring up; she keeps going back to hero work as it's all she knows the three have in common, but that would exclude her from conversation. Not that Fuyumi minds just listening, but she isn't sure she wants to sit and listen to heroics so early in the morning.

She must've made a small noise or looked too visibly distraught because when she lifts her head three sets of eyes are locked on her. It's intimidating enough having her father peer down at her, but two very powerful strangers doing it too makes it even worse.

“Um..." She starts.

“...Is something wrong?" Endeavor questions.

Fuyumi is about to dismiss any concerns when Hawks leans across the table towards her father with a hand cupped around his mouth. “PSSST. Endeavor-san, psssssssst!"

Endeavor glares at the young man, but Hawks doesn't seem to falter as he just leans even closer. “...What?"

“I have'ah question.” Hawks slurs.

Endeavor just gazes at him, clearly expecting he'll continue without needing to be encouraged to. Miruko hunches over her plate taking large bites of her food while keeping her ruby eyes glued on the two men on her left. Fuyumi can't resist also looking between them as she sips at her tea.

After a minute has passed Endeavor finally sighs and waves with one hand for Hawks to go ahead while bringing his cup of tea to his lips with the other.

“Yourdaughter'ssuperhotcanIaskherout?" Hawks blurts out so quickly the words mushed together.

A beat passes as everyone processes what was said.

Instantly Endeavor starts to choke and cough roughly into his mug, tea dribbling down his chin. Miruko barks a laugh so loud her voice cracks. Fuyumi can feel heat creeping up her neck and face so quickly it makes her head spin, and tries in vain to hide her face behind her drink.

What?? " Endeavor roars as he slams his mug back down, small licks of fire dancing across his jawline.

Miruko points her chopsticks at Fuyumi and speaks around a mouth full of food. “He said you're daughter's hot an’ if he can ask'er out.”

Endeavor shoots her a death glare for only a tick before focusing back to the hero across from him. Hawks responds to the death glare with a toothy smile, however there's something different about it versus the other smiles he's flashed this morning.

Fuyumi squints over the rim of her cup pondering it over until it dawns on her. He actually looks a little...shy?

She can't tell if that makes his proclamation more or less endearing, even if it was completely unwarranted.

Fuyumi gently replaces the cup on the table's surface as she waits for the inevitable meltdown that'll bring this strange, albeit wonderful, bonding time with her father to come to a screeching halt. She tries to swallow the smothering disappointment crawling up her throat but finds it just as difficult as it always is.

“...Fuyumi is an adult and her own person, ask her yourself..." Endeavor mutters through gritted teeth.

The three youth at the table all double take at Endeavor with varying expressions of bewilderment. The older man is clearly very irate, if the way his jaw is clenched and his shoulders are tense are any indication, yet he merely dabs his napkin on his chin to wipe off any excess tea and brings the mug back up to his mouth.

A voice in the back of Fuyumi's head questions if this is even really her father as she gawks at him, given his willingness to share a meal with not just her but his two young, intoxicated colleagues that broke into his house in the middle of the night. The fact he didn't set Hawks on fire when he asked if he could pursue her is making this wild hypothesis seem even more plausible.

“...wait, what seriously?" Hawks stares wide-eyed at Endeavor, who nods stiffly in response. Hawks blinks once, twice, then glances over at Fuyumi.

The two lock eyes for a couple minutes, his sharp goldish brown with her bright turquoise.

Before either can say anything Miruko elbows Hawks in the side roughly and Fuyumi winces in sympathy when he falls over with a pained gasp. “What're ya doing, are ya gonna say anythin’ or not??? " Miruko scolds him.

She then points at the two family members across from her. "’deavor-san said 'sure ask'er’ and she's fucking waiting you birdbrain, say somethin’!

Hawks keeps his head down and mumbles something incomprehensible. Miruko's long ears twitch and she scoffs intensely. “He says he's noise-ish."

Nervous! " Hawks corrects her with his head still down and his voice muffled against the table.

"Yeah that's what I said." Miruko claims, eliciting another eye roll from Endeavor as he grumbles something into his drink.

Fuyumi blinks owlishly at Hawks slumped over the table and takes in how his vibrant red wings are twitching slightly. “Um...did you…” He lifts his head up just enough to peer at her as she speaks. “Did you mean what you said?"

Hawks nods timidly.

“Then ask again when you're sober." Fuyumi says coolly, hoping it came off more confident than she feels.

Hawks propels up in his seat with wide eyes and rosy cheeks. “Really? Ok, I can do that, yeah!" He smiles wide as his wings flutter behind him.

Fuyumi bites her tongue to keep from cooing over how cute the display was. Endeavor just scoffs at the same time Miruko laughs and claps Hawks on the shoulder.

From there conversation took a tamer turn and the three heroes discuss patrol hours. Fuyumi listens but struggles to keep up, fatigue and boredom weighing on her she can barely stifle a noisy yawn behind a hand. Embarrassment washes over her when she realizes all three heroes stopped talking, but isn't given much time to fret as Hawks and Miruko both readily suggest they should finally get going and Endeavor quickly agrees.

Fuyumi stands and is about to collect dishes when crimson feathers float in front of her and start to gather everything. She looks up and sees Hawks standing and collecting all the dishes from his feathers into a stack in his arms.

“Least we can do is help clean up, right?" He winks and walks into the kitchen.

Fuyumi is frozen in place watching Hawks bring all the dirty dishes to the kitchen. She jumps slightly when Miruko literally hops over the table and then the kitchen island towards the sink, getting there just a hair before Hawks did.

She shakes herself out of her stupor and is about to march over there and insist they leave before they can cause any more damage when Endeavor rises to his feet, blocking her path to the kitchen. He laces his hands together and stretches his arms out in front of himself, the bones cracking softly as they release tension.

“Well look at that, they are useful for something." He says at last.

“Can we trust them to do the dishes?” Fuyumi whispers. The two start bickering from the kitchen as if on cue.

Endeavor shrugs and heads to the doorway, stopping just past it. “Fuyumi."

She turns to him and waits patiently until he continues. “This was...nice. Thank you for calling." He then takes his leave.

Fuyumi stays in place for a few heartbeats, then makes a mad dash into the kitchen and throws her arms around the two heroes’ necks. Both make startled noises but she isn't paying attention to that, just repeatedly muttering, “ Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Geez it's just the dishes…” Miruko snickers. Hawks gently pats Fuyumi's head then shoos her away.

Fuyumi whispers one more thanks, then darts off down the hall towards her bedroom, slamming the door shut and twirling around in a happy circle. It occurs to her it's strange she and her father left the unexpected guests doing housework unsupervised, though the zap of energy she had is gone as swiftly as it came and leaves her struggling to keep her eyes open.

She decides they'll be fine and crawls back into bed, barely taking the time to remove her glasses before passing out.




It's been three weeks since the incident when Hawks and Miruko drunkenly broke into the house. It's also been that long since she's seen or talked to either.

Fuyumi was foolishly much more disappointed that Hawks didn't seem to remember his promise than she would've ever guessed she would be. Not that she'd admit it out loud, especially after the way her father eyed her when she attempted to casually ask how the two heroes were doing and if either ever mentioned any of what happened. Thankfully he decided to be courteous enough not to comment.

By the sound of his vague answer the two either completely forgot or felt enough shame to not bring it up to him.

Not all was a lost cause though. In fact a huge reason Fuyumi wishes she could see the two is to thank them once more.

Somehow their actions encouraged Endeavor to actually engage more; it must've occurred to him after the fact that spending more time with his children would be an efficient way to mend bonds with them. Since that unusual morning they've shared eight more meals together, two of which were his suggestion.

Eight isn't a very big number, but it's more times than Endeavor has participated in for the entire year at least, and that alone makes it impressive.

Fuyumi is currently in the kitchen doing prep work for dinner. Her father told her he'd be out late today and to eat without him, but she still wanted to leave leftovers for him. She's humming the parts she can remember of a popular song as she's dicing up various vegetables.

The doorbell ringing causes her to stop what she's doing.

She gently places the knife down on the cutting board but doesn't move from her spot, her white eyebrows furrowing as she tries to think who could be visiting at this time. When the doorbell rings a second time, Fuyumi wipes her hands on a towel and shouts out “Coming!" before heading to the door.

Fuyumi realizes after swinging the door open it might've behooved her to check who it was first, because when she comes face to face with those distinct goldish brown eyes again, her heart gets caught in her throat.

“You---" Fuyumi starts.

Hawks smiles and sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. “Hey." He's in civilian clothes again, but his large red wings and handsome face make him unmistakable.

She blinks owlishly at him, opening and closing her mouth a couple times. Before she can work out any words, Hawks holds out a wrapped bundle of large red and white flowers he had behind his back. The flowers are elegantly held together with a poofy ribbon and tufts of silver tissue paper. “First I wanted to apologize.”

Fuyumi is looking between him and the flowers, confusion and bashfulness conflicting with each other. “...huh?" She eloquently asks.

"Honestly I forgot most of the details of what happened until a week later when Miruko made a joke about how she's still shocked Endeavor didn't roast me alive. Then it all kinda flooded back to me and I got really embarrassed...n-not that I didn't mean what I said!”

He wings flap a couple times, then stop when he clears his throat. "Anyway, uh, I was so busy with hero work and trying to think of a way to salvage my first impression that time kind of flew by and well...I'm way past that point, huh?” He chuckles nervously, one hand still on his neck and the other still extended with the bouquet in its grasp.

Fuyumi delicately accepts the gift and brings the flowers up to her nose, inhaling the sweet floral scent. “Hmm, that was quite the impression you left. It was so jarring seeing you stumbling around after seeing many clips of you on TV being so suave and graceful in the air.”

He winces slightly, but quickly relaxes when she starts giggling into the bouquet. “Yeah, unfortunately I'm not as charming drunk as I am sober." He stuffs his hands into his pockets and looks down at his feet. “So..."


His eyes dart back up to lock with hers. “Does your offer still stand?"

Fuyumi pretends to ponder over it, humming loudly as she toys with the soft flower petals. She knows he isn't buying it though, because she can feel the heat rising in her cheeks and can see the way his wings flutter ever so slightly in her peripheral. “It depends, are you sober this time?"

“One hundred percent." He reassures immediately.

Fuyumi shyly pushes her hair behind her ear and nods once. Hawks takes the smallest step closer and wears a wide, charismatic grin on his stupidly attractive face. “Todoroki-san, will you go on a date with me?”

She knew what he was going to ask and yet she still stumbled on her response. “Y-yes..."

“Really??" Hawks’ wings start to flutter faster behind him as he leans even closer. “Awesome! When are you next free?"

“Well, I was in the middle of making dinner for myself if you wanted to join.” The moment the suggestion left her mouth Fuyumi regretted it. Great, I don't think I could've sounded more desperate if I tried… It was difficult not to slap her face and groan.

“No Endeavor-san tonight?” Hawks cocks his head to the side.

"N-no, um, he's going to be working late..." Fuyumi focuses back on toying with the flower petals.

It only takes Hawks another short moment before he replies. “I'd love to stay for dinner, especially if you're a better cook than Endeavor-san.” He laughs loudly, and she can't help but chuckle as well. Her father isn't the worst cook ever, but whenever he does cook (which is rare) he makes everything crispy and far too spicy.

“However, I'd rather next time I have a little notice to plan a more romantic outing.” Hawks winks. Fuyumi wonders if maybe this is more than she can handle as her cheeks flare up even more.

“Shut up, you're doing the dishes again." She huffs, moving out of the doorway so he can enter the house. “And try not to break anymore windows." The window in question has been fixed already, but he still glances over at it with a fond laugh.

“I can't make any promises." He shrugs, stepping into the house.

Fuyumi rolls her eyes as she shuts the door, listening to him ramble on about whatever while he takes his boots off. Definitely glad they weren't murderers three weeks ago.