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Kitty , Bunny , Tiger

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It’s been a tiring day for Yoongi. BTS just finished their concert at Fort Worth for day 1 and they still have one day left to do the concert. They went straight to the hotel for resting because they have to be early tomorrow. On the way to the hotel, Yoongi immediately shut his eyes and went to sleep. Although distance from venue to the hotel wasn’t that far and only took 15 minutes by car. But still, because of his tiredness he couldn’t help but sleep.
After they arrived, Yoongi and the other members went to their bedroom. When he finally in his bedroom, Yoongi went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. He really felt so exhausted and want to sleep quickly, thus he took a shower right away.
He felt so refreshed and ready to sleep but he remembered that it’s been a long time since he posted his selfie to twitter. He didn’t want his fans to be starving because of that. So, he took his phone from the nightstand and took one selfie. He checked it before posting it. He thought that’s okay and then he posted it. After that, he finally shut his eyes.
Not long after he shut his eyes, he heard someone knocked his door. He opened his eyes and then sighed. It’s already past midnight and he didn’t expect anyone to visit his room. He went to the door and open it. He immediately smiled after knowing who it was.
“Hyungie, may I sleep in your room today? It’s cold in my room.” Said Jungkook while rubbing his eyes.
“Come,” Yoongi let Jungkook to enter his room and closed the door. “Why don’t you just raise the temperature instead of coming here?” Asked Yoongi because yesterday Jungkook also slept in his room and made a same excuse.
“You know it’s not what I mean, Hyung.” Answered Jungkook while pouting his pretty mouth. Yoongi could not say no to that.
“I know, I know. You want cuddle, right? Let’s cuddle and sleep.” Yoongi smiled, he then took Jungkook’s hand and lead him to the bed.
They both laid on the bed and Yoongi pulled the blanket to cover them. He looked at Jungkook who sighed in relieve and stroked his cheeks with his thumb. Jungkook leaned to Yoongi’s hand while smiling. Yoongi knew that Jungkook liked his cheeks to be stroked until he finally asleep. Yoongi was ready to shut his eyes again until he heard someone knocked his door, again.
“Wait here, Bun. I need to check who’s knocking.” Jungkook just nodded and let Yoongi checked it.
Yoongi opened his door again to find Taehyung standing there with his boxy smile. He let Taehyung in and closed the door.
“It’s past midnight Taehyung, what do you want?” Asked Yoongi. He really wanted to sleep. His eyes already felt so heavy.
“I want to sleep with you, Hyung. Can I, can I?” Taehyung begged with his puppy eyes. Who’s Yoongi to resist that?
“But Jungkook’s already here too though. My bed’s gonna cramped.” He said.
Yoongi climbed up to the bed, followed by Taehyung. Jungkook eyes opened and he looked at Yoongi to ask ‘Why is Taehyung here too?’ with his expression. Yoongi just smiled fondly at that.
“Bunny, Tiger want to sleep with us tonight. Is it okay?” Asked Yoongi to Jungkook. Jungkook looked like he’s thinking about that and after a while he finally nodded. Yoongi and Taehyung smiled as they laid on the bed.
Jungkook and Taehyung were facing Yoongi. Yoongi continued to stroke his hand to Jungkook’s cheeks while his other hand stroked Taehyung’s back. They both liked it when his lovely Hyung doing that to them. Soon, they all fell asleep with smile in their eyes. They felt warm not only in their body but also in their heart.
It’s all happened after the dinner party. When Taehyung confessed that Yoongi’d sent him a long message to him and at the end of the message, he said that he loves him. Yoongi was so embarrassed back then, because actually, he didn’t want Taehyung to share that to anyone and especially to public. Because he felt that that confession was really form his deepest heart and he didn’t want everyone to make fun of it. But, not long after Taehyung said that, Jungkook shared that he got one too. And at that time, Yoongi knew that he’s screwed.
Yoongi indeed has a soft spot for both of them. He didn’t know when he felt that feelings, but that feelings grew stronger and stronger as years past by. Living together made it even worse. At first, Yoongi tried to hide his feeling towards the younger two, he tried to avoid them as he could. But either the younger two or the other members would give him a questioning looks to him when he made a too much distance. So, Yoongi just gave up and pretended that nothing’s happened.
But it’s hard to keep it all to himself without no one knows it. Thus, he started to tell one of the member that he trusted the most to tell his feelings. He told Namjoon that he loves both Taehyung and Jungkook, and he also told him that he knew he’s in wrong to have feelings toward them, but he just couldn’t help it. He told everything that he felt to Namjoon while crying because he couldn’t bear it anymore. He really loved them and it hurt to hide it. But he afraid that if he told them his feelings, they’d hate him.
“Go tell them, hyung. You won’t know what their feelings toward you unless you tell them.” That’s what Namjoon said. He just blinked at what Namjoon said, confused. “Trust me, hyung. It will make you relieve. And also, they won’t say mean things to your confession.” Namioon encouraged him. He just sighed.
So, he gathered his courage and started to make a really long text only to tell them his feelings. What he didn’t expect was, they both told the members that they got the message form Yoongi, at the same time. It was an awkward situation between three of them after they finished shooting. Yoongi thought that Taehyung and Jungkook must be misunderstand him. Yoongi thought that maybe they felt Yoongi only played them. He didn’t know what he had to do to clear the misunderstanding. Not until Taehyung and Jungkook dragged him to Yoongi’s room soon after they arrived at their hotel.
“What does it mean, Hyung? I thought you only sent the message to me? Guess I’m wrong.” Said Taehyung. He clearly looked like he’s upset.
“Yes, Hyung. I thought you only sent that to me too.” Now it’s Jungkook who talked. He also looked upset as Taehyung but more demanding.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to play you all. But all I said at that message is true. I love both of you. A lot.” They looked confused by what Yoongi’s said. Yoongi only sighed and sit. He then closed his hands to his face. “I couldn’t choose one of you.” He mumbled between his fingers.
“Look, my reason to finally told you my feelings, only to let you know my true feelings toward you both. And it’s not only a feeling from a hyung to his brothers. I really fall in love, literally fall in love, like in a romantic way, to both of you. Maybe I’d be happy if you have the same feelings toward me. But I won’t force you to love me back. I just want to lift this burden off my shoulders. Because it’s hard to pretend that nothing’s happened, to pretend that I don’t have a soft spot for you both, to pretend that I don’t love you both. It’s hard and it’s hurt.” Yoongi finally let all his feeling out. He didn’t realize that tears rolled down his cheeks while he’s letting out all of it.
He covered his face with his hands again and tried to hold his tears. After a while, no one spoke or even move from their place. Yoongi still sit on the edge of his bed with both Taehyung and Jungkook beside him.
“I’m tired. If you both don’t have anything to say anymore, please leave me alone.” He expected them to leave Yoongi. But it didn’t happen. They hugged Yoongi instead.
“Hyung, I love you too. I love you not as a dongsaeng love his brother. I really love you too in a romantic way, so much. I don’t mind if you can’t choose me or Tae Hyung. I just wanna you to be happy. I just wanna us to be happy. How about you Tae hyung?”
“I love you so much too, Hyung. Your love isn’t one sided. Because I love you in a romantic way too. I want to claim you as mine, as ours. So, would you claim us as yours too?”
Yoongi looked at both of them. Feeling disbelieved. They both stared at Yoongi while smiling. And seeing their smile was enough to make him the happiest man in the world.
Yoongi still felt asleep and didn’t want to open his eyes. He knew that it’s already morning but he resisted to open his eyes just to wake up. He still wanted to feel this warm from his boyfriends. But the more he urged himself to sleep more, the more he couldn’t. And it’s all because Taehyung who’s placing a soft kiss all over him now. So, he finally opened his eyes slowly.
“Love, let me sleep more.” Said Yoongi. Whining.
“No, Kitty. Time to wake up.” Taehyung told him while pulling Yoongi closer to him. He still placed some soft kiss to his jaw. Yoongi could feel Taehyung’s morning wood. His Tiger was horny.
Without thinking much, Yoongi placed his hand in front of Taehyung’s bulged. He could already feel his cock hard. Taehyung groaned at what Yoongi’s did. Yoongi just smiled. He then stroked it from his sweatpants slowly. Very slowly. It’s almost a teased. And Taehyung couldn’t help but let out more groans.
“Kitty, please.”
With that cue, Yoongi let his hand slipped in to Taehyung’s shirt. He pulled the waistband slowly and finally let his hand gripped Taehyung’s cock. He stroked it softly. Taehyung only hummed and searched for Yoongi’s lips. He kissed him hard like there’s no tomorrow. Yoongi only smiled in the kiss.
“Having fun?” Jungkook stared at them. Yoongi let go the kiss and stared back at Jungkook.
“Hey, Bunny. I thought you still sleeping. Tiger was horny and Kitty just want to help him.” Yoongi pulled Jungkook’s face closer and then kissed him. “Morning, love.” Said Yoongi.
Jungkook smiled at that. He really loves it when Yoongi called him ‘Bunny’ or ‘Love’. He then pulled Yoongi face closer to kiss him again.
Yoongi still stroked his hand softly and slowly to Taehyung’s cock while kissing Jungkook passionately. He could feel Taehyung’s cock grew bigger. Taehyung tried to muffled his moans with kissing Yoongi’s hair and neck. But he thought that he couldn’t last longer.
“Kitty, I’m close.”
Yoongi, who heard that tried to let go his kiss from Jungkook. He needed to make his Tiger satisfy first.
“Bunny, wait a moment, love. Tiger said that his close.” Jungkook just nodded and let Yoongi helped Taehyung.
Yoongi kissed Taehyung on the lips. Hand stroked his cock a little bit harder. He could feel Taehyung fidgeting because he’s close.
“Let it go, love. Just cum”
He kissed Taehyung again, harder and stroked his cock harder too. He let Taehyung moved his hips to fuck his hand. Not long after, Taehyung cum. Taehyung whimpered and Yoongi let go his lips. He then pecked Taehyung’s cheek and Taehyung just smiled at that. Feeling blessed.
Yoongi now turned to Jungkook. Who stroke himself while watching Yoongi and Taehyung before. Yoongi smiled and kissed him.
“Now, what bunny want kitty do?”
“I want kitty to suck bunny.”
“Okay, copied that.”
Yoongi grabbed Jungkook’s hand and let it go from his cock. He then closed his mouth to Jungkook’s cock. Slowly he swirled his tongue all over the head. Jungkook let out a moan because of that. Yoongi looked straight to his eyes intently and finally wrapped his mouth to his cock. Jungkook’s big, so as Taehyung, and Yoongi had to try extra hard to cover his cock fully. Jungkook arched his back as Yoongi started to bobbed his head.
“Like that, kitty. Feels so good.”
Jungkook fucked Yoongi’s mouth. He placed his hand at the back of Yoongi’s head and keep it still. Yoongi moans at that. And Jungkook could feel the vibrations because of Yoongi’s moans. He couldn’t help but fucked Yoongi’s mouth harder and harder.
“Ah, ah, ah. Love, I’m so close.”
He tried to let go his cock from Yoongi’s mouth because he felt he’s gonna cum. But Yoongi grabbed his hips to keep it still. He didn’t let go Jungkook’s cock. Jungkook just arched his back and fidgeting. Yoongi bobbed his head harder, he sucked his cock until he cum.
Jungkook’s cum so hard and a lot. Yoongi sucked it and didn’t let it dripped. He let go his mouth from Jungkook’s cock with a ‘pop’ sound. He then closed his mouth to Jungkook’s mouth and share the cum. Jungkook gladly swallowed it.
“Thank you, Kitty.”
“Anything for you, my dear.”
Yoongi pecked Jungkook’s cheeks and smiled fondly at him.
“Now it’s your turn, love.” Said Taehyung. Already slipped a hand to his boxer. Yoongi just whimpered. Feeling Taehyung’s big hand on his cock was already too much for him.
“Yes, now it’s your turn, Kitty.” Said Jungkook while kissing him.
Yoongi’s already hard. He already this hard from the beginning. But his boyfriends were his priority. He didn’t want to feel satisfy if both of his boyfriends didn’t feel it yet. Thus, he thought that he couldn’t last.
Jungkook kissed him hard. Taehyung stroked his cock hard too. He just could moan and moan. Arched his back while his hand reached his nipples. His nipples were his sensitive spot and he likes to play with them.
Yoongi let go his kissing only to moans loudly. His lips parted, eyes shut tightly. Jungkook and Taehyung love this expression of Yoongi the most. He’s so beautiful, and they’re glad that only them who could seeing Yoongi like this.
“Ah, ah, ah, yeah like that Tiger. Stroked me hard. I’m so close.”
Taehyung stroked harder. He the close his mouth to Yoongi’s and started to suck it hard. Jungkook moved Yoongi’s hand from his nipples and replaced it with his mouth. He licked and sucked at Yoongi’s nipples. Yoongi arched his back, he couldn’t hold it anymore. His moans getting louder everytime Jungkook and Taehyung sucked him harder.
“Tiger, Bunny, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna, arghhhhh”
Yoongi cum so hard at Taehyung mouth and Taehyung swallowed it. Jungkook still licked his nipples slowly until Yoongi down from his high. Yoongi felt so blissed and then he tried breath normally. Taehyung and Jungkook peck both side of his cheeks. He felt so content.
“Thank you, my Bunny and Tiger. I love you both.” Said Yoongi. Placed a soft peck to their cheeks.
“We love you more, Kitty.”
“I love you most.”