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My Hero Academia - Insert reader

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Graduation day at Ketsubutsu Hero Academy. Or should I say night.
It was time for the celebration party. It was held in the school's enormously big gym.
You stood by the entrance waiting for your friends. Shindo and Tatami. Slowly more and more students gathered inside the building, chatting, laughing and dancing, as music started playing. With a sigh you walked over to the "bar", which was technically just some tables pushed together to form one long table and then with some beers and punch etc. Alcohol but not that many different things to choose from. You grabbed a plastic cup and just poured some punch up for yourself, before leaning against the wall beside the tables and sipping your drink.
An hour passed. Tatami had now arrived. She stood beside you and you chatted for abit, until a voice was heard. You turned your head to see some guy from another class.
"You got some nice shapes girl" He smirked proudly. Probably affected by the alcohol at least abit.
Tatami squealed abit and backed away slowly, while whispering. "That is Haduko torendo. He is one of the biggest fuckboys ever. Sorry girl, but I am out!" She afterwards ran off to her other girl friends and you just chuckled and turned back to the dude.
"What do you want?"
A simple question equals simple answer.
"I want you on top of me, girl" he grabbed your hips and pulled you into him, which caused you the place your hand on his chest so that your faces would not even get as much as near each other. "Knock it off, dude." You stared, getting annoying by his actions.
"Aww don't be like that, we will have fu--" A silhouette had appeared behind the so called Haduko, which grabbed his shoulder and pulled him away from you. "She said, knock it off" The sound of the familiar voice caused you to smile, but you yelped slightly in surprise when a strong arm wrapped around your waist. You looked up to see it was Shindo, as expected. The sudden action cause a slight dust of pink, to appear across your cheeks.
"She is taken."
'I am what?!'
He glared at the drunk boy, who growled, huffed and walked away. Afterwards Shindo let go of you and turned to you with a goofy smile. He bowed in a majestic way. "You are welcome, your highness~"
"Yes thank you, sir 'I don't think my friends can protect themselves'" you chuckled with a pout afterwards. "And what was the thing with 'I'm taken'? Now he is gonna think I am dating you and probably tell his friend's about it." Crossing your arms, you waited for the bad explanation Shindo would say.
"Otherwise he would not leave you alone. If some guys are annoying you, I can pretend your boyfriend. It's easy"
There it was. Also it was not the first time, that Shindo had 'protected' you in that way. But for some reason, Shindo seemed slightly unsatisfied, once he said the word pretend.
But you chose to brush it off. You waved your hand and smiled.
"Yeah yeah"
It was first now, that Shindo actually got to take a good look at you. His eyes carefully wandered up and down your body, hoping you would not notice...buuut of course you did.
"Excuse me, is it normal to check out your best friend?" A smirk appeared on your face and Shindo flinched, caught in action. Obviously not knowing that this was an everyday thing he did and when you were not there, Tatami teased him about it.
He laid a hand on his chest and acted offended as a joke.
"Excuse me~ but when you are wearing a dress like that, you are asking for it!"
You were wearing a black dress, which was tight by your torso but the skirt part was loose. It also had a big hole on the back, exposing most of your back and neck.
You grumbled slightly and looked away. "It was the only 'nice' clothes I had, in my mom's eyes.."
Shindo smirked and wrapped an arm around your shoulder.
"Awww, are you a mommy's girl?~"
Both his actions and words made your face heat up. You pushed his arm off you, but what you did not realise was that you accidentally splashed your drink on to his shirt by doing so.
Both if you froze, to understand what just happened. That's when you panicked.
"Oh my god, Shindo I am so sorry!!" Grabbing several pieces of paper towels, you desperately rubbed them all around on his shirt.
"Hey, calm do-" before he could finish his sentence, he was being dragged by you.
"I am going to wash your shirt as quick as possible, or else the punch will leave a big stain" you dragged him to a changing room, making sure no one else was in there. Then dragged him inside and closed the door. "Take off your shirt"
Shindou cheeks went red, since the situation seemed to mean something else, but he obeyed your words not wanting to make you mad.
Your eyes wandered to his torso, as Shindo was unbuttoning his shirt.
As each button popped open, your face just got redder and redder. Once all buttoned was opened, you forcefully pulled the shirt off Shindo and ran to a sink.
Some minutes passed with just awkward silence and you were drenching Shindos shirt in water, by the sink. You were spacing out, in your own thoughts. Until a familiar pair of strong arms wrapped around your stomach from behind. Your eyes widened, but you tried to stay calm and glance back over your shoulder, to see Shindo just watching what you were doing with his shirt.
"Is something wrong?"
You decided to casually ask, as you felt the grip he had around you tighten.
He stayed quiet for another minute, before taking a deep breath.
"You know, Y/N - Pretending actually hurts." Shindo said with a soft, kinda sad voice.
"Pretending? Pretending to what?" Forgotten what Shindo said earlier that night, you let go of the shirt and turned around to look at the taller male. Immediately your eyes locked at one another. "You already forgot... maybe I should remind you. Or should I really?" He hesitated.
"Well I am curious now. So I would like to know what you are pretending"
A sigh escaped Shindos mouth. "Alright."
Shindo started leaning forward, slowly closing the gap between the two of you. When you noticed, his words from earlier came back into your mind.
"If some guys are annoying you, I can pretend to be your boyfriend."
That is what he talked about. Pretending to be your boyfriend hurt him, because he actually likes you. The thought caused you to smile. How sweet he is. You copied his actions, leaning towards him until finally your lips met each other in a soft and passionate kiss. Your hands slid up his neck and to his cheeks, gently caressing them with your thumbs.
A minute passed of just kindly, lovingly kissing, until you broke the kiss. With pink cheeks you smiled at Shindo and then glanced down at his torso.
"You know, you weren't the only person checking out their best friend.." You embarrassingly admitted and gently ran your fingers down along Shindos muscles, before looking back up into his eyes. You noticed he tensed slightly by your words and he looked slightly embarrassed. Shindo being embarrassed. That was a rare sight.
His reaction made you smile and lick your lips just abit, so they would not get dry. "I don't bite~" you reassured him, seeing he was trying to hold back. In Shindos head you were standing out of his reach, as he had a rope around him that he could not get off. But once you said those three words, the rope snapped and he could run over to you.
You have him an opportunity and he'll was he not going to waste it.
Shindo then kissed you again, deeper this time, putting more feeling and need it. Smiling happily and returning the kiss, your arms went up and wrapped around his neck. Your lips slightly parted, to give Shindo permission for entrance even before asking. He glad accepted as your tongues collided and they started dancing around each other, to try fight for the dominance. Like you would ever have a chance of winning, against someone like Shindo. Of course he won the fight.
You felt how his wandered down, running over your ass, past it and down to your thighs. He grabbed them and lifted you up, then wrapped your legs around his waist. You broke the kiss for air, only to see a blushing, hungry-looking Shindo staring into your eyes.
His head shook slightly a few times.
"Y/N, I don't want pretend anymore.."
cupping his face and lightly kissing his nose, you gave him a sweet smile.
"Then don't. You can claim me now" you responded, eyes locked with his. He smiled back and seemed to get really happy about the answer.
"But are you sure you want to continue? I might not be able to hold b-"
"Yo.. I am sure" Switching to his first name, he knew that you meant it. So he nodded, pressed you against the wall and kissed you again sweetly, before moving downwards, kissing down your jaw and down your neck. When he heard your sweet small moans, he snapped. Shindo started searching around for your sweet spot, kissing and sucking on to your skin. Leaving a trail of small yellow-blue hickeys. Once he found the spot, he sucked on to it harshly, earning another moan from you.
His body pressed against yours, you started to feel the bulge appearing in his pants down blow. You bit your bottom lip before you chose to start grinding against it. This caused a low groan from Shindo. He pulled away from your neck and sat you back down on the ground.
"Get undressed" He ordered with a husky demanding voice.
Blushing, you embarrassingly obeyed and started unzipping your dress, until it slid down your body, on to the floor. Wearing no bra, your body was no fully exposed except that you were wearing panties. As Shindo stared slightly, you covered up your chest in embarrassment. That is what made Shindo snap back to reality and then removed your arms. "Dont hide, you are beautiful".
His words was like a weight that got off your chest. A feeling of relief. You let your body be exposed and slid your panties down. Shindo blushed by your action. Then shook his head and quickly started undoing his own pants, so they could get to work immediately. But he paused when he was about to pull down his boxers. "condom..?" he looked over at you and you just chuckled lighty, then grabbed your purse, pulling one out. "I always have one...Just in case" You winked at him and he took the small package. Shindo ripped it open with his teeth, pulled down his boxers and slid on the condom.
(Always remember protection kids!)
Right after Shindo went over, picking you back up and placed you on a small counter that was beside the sink. "Ready?.." he asked, his voice expressing nervousness. You just responded with a hum, before clenching you teeth because Shindo was slowly pressing himself inside your entrance. The sudden pain caused you to flinch and this made Shindo pause. "I-it's fine, Yo. Keep going.." biting your lip, you looked into his eyes. Shindo smiled and kissed your forehead as he continued pushing himself in, until he was all the way. Waiting a minute for you to adjust, his nervousness slowly disappeared and he just go ready for it all. You gave a nod, as sign that he could start moving and so he did.
Shindo started thrusting in a slow pace. There was still a slight pain, but soon got replaced with pure bliss. You started to moan softly and leaned your head back slightly. "Aah.. Yo~" The way you moaned his name just filled him with energy. "Y-you can go faster.." you moaned quietly, to not make people in the hallway hear you. I guess you can say Shindo had fallen under your 'spell'. He dug his face into the crook of your neck and just obeyed your commands. He wanted you to feel good. He wanted to fulfill your wishes. Make you happy. He fastened up the pace, going deeper at the same time which caused a low groan from him. Your moans became louder and your nails started digging into Shindos soft skin. Shindo started kissing and suck around on your neck once again and the room started to get more heated. The two of you just enjoying your moment of pure ecstasy, becoming one. You arched your back slightly and Shindos thrusts got harder. The only sounds was the sound of pleasured moans and skin hitting each other repeatedly. But it did not matter. All that mattered was you two, having the time of your lives.
Slowly a knot started to form in your stomach. "Yo~ Ahh.. I am getting close~" You moaned directly into your ear. He took a look at you before kissing you deeply, the kiss getting sorta sloppy. Shindo went deeper and deeper, before he hit a certain spot. This caused a loud moan out of you. An evil grin appeared on Shindos face, as he positioned himself in a way he could hit the spot over and over. His thrust became even harder and your moans almost turned into screams, while dragging your nails down Shindos back. All the different feeling at the same time. Shindous thrusts, his kissed and his grip around you. It all soon you hit your climax, scream his name.
"Aahh!!~ Yooo~!" Tears pricked the corner of your eyes from this amazing, breathtaking feelings. "Give me another minute.." Shindo groned in response and fastened up the pace, as much as he was able to. He helped you ride out your orgasm before he finally came into the condoms, keeping in a loud groan. Shindo pulled out and looked into your eyes and placing a hand on your cheek.
"I love you, Y/N.. and have for a long time" He connected your lips in a soft kiss, before pulling away again.
"I am all yours, Yo~ I love you" You smiled sweetly in response.
The both of you came walking out of the changing room, while you leaned against Shindo, arms around his left arm. Both of you were smiling happily. Oh - and Shindo was wearing one of those nice sleeveless black vest, for men. It hung inside the changing room, good for him So he was wearing nothing more than that west and pants of course. (Author thoughts: He must look fucking HOT) Back in the gym, you met Tatami once against. Immediately he got a suspicious look on her face. "You two.". You just smiled innocently as you responded with "What?"
Tatami started holding up her fingers. "1 - Where is Yo's shirt and why is he only wearing a vest? 2 -" She walked over to you and pulled down the neck part of your dress "-Why is your neck covered in hickeys?". Tatami paused as she was slowly exposng us, not caring about the people around us. "Wait a minute...." Tatami turned to Shindo, before forcefully pulling the vest of him and turning him around, so his back was facing her. Shindos back was covered with red streaks, from your nails during your 'fun time' together. "You two! Oh my god! Did you remember protec--" Tatami did not get to finish, before you and Shindo had ran off while laughing like madmen.