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The Clueless Club

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Summary: In which Clarke Griffin and Lexa are high school students with a plan and a scheme to make the objects of their affection  jealous. Extremely AU, OOC. 

Pairing: Clarke Griffin and Lexa

TV Show: The 100

Rating: Rated T ~ M. Themes, no smut. Fluff. Angst. 

Warnings/Spoilers: Femslash. Extremely A/U. OOC.

Disclaimer: Nothing owned, nothing gained, prose all author’s. Give credit where credit is due though. (Please don't download and upload again and pass it off as your own.)

Author’s note: A little late to the fandom, but did see the series premiere when it aired, ignored it for years until Clexa. Couldn't get enough of it. And so here we are. This story inspired by a lot of teen rom coms (points for you if you recognize them) because still waiting for our own les "Love,Simon" and "To All the Boys I've Loved before". 

Chapter 1

When Clarke Griffin hits her senior year of high school, three things happen to her: she turns eighteen, her adopted sister, Raven Reyes goes to college and promptly breaks up with Clarke’s good friend, Finn and things are about to change for her.

Clarke doesn’t know this though as she watches Raven pack her stuff the night before her big trip to college as Dr. Abby Griffin, Clarke's mother, and Madi, Clarke’s younger, adopted sister, watch them. They are all in Raven's room.

"Hey, don't look so bummed, it's just college, it's not the end of the world," Raven tells Clarke.

Clarke gives her a smile, albeit a sad one.

"Do you have to go all the way to the other side of the world?" Madi asks.

"It's MIT, not Mars," Raven says with a roll of her eyes. "Plus, I'll be back for Christmas."

Their mother smiles and gives Raven a hug. "I'm gonna miss you."

Raven grins. "Sure? 'Cause your long lecture about my room and my apparent lack of hygiene says otherwise."

"Oh, she's def gonna miss you," Finn says, wandering into the bedroom with a big grin on his face.

Raven's face lights up. "Hey."


Clarke's mother gives Finn a curt nod before she goes and fixes them dinner. “Thanks for inviting me to dinner, Mrs…” but Abby has already left.

Finn flops down on the bed. "Your mom hates me."

"No,she doesn't,"Raven says at about the same time Madi says, "Yes, she does."

When Finn looks at Madi with a pained expression and Raven just glares at her, Clarke quickly says, "Don't feel bad, she doesn't like jocks in general. Or guys in general. Except dad. Dad was special."

"That's not fair," Finn says, grabbing a pillow and sighing.

"Why's that?" Madi asks.

"'Cause no one will ever be able to live up to the late, great Mr. Griffin."

Madi shrugs. "Fair enough."

As Finn grabs Raven, Clarke mutters, "Welp, gonna leave you two lovey dovey lovebirds to gross it up. Make it strictly PG-13 folks, we've got minors in the house."

"You're eighteen,"Raven reminds her.

"Madi isn't," Clarke shoots back as she gets up to leave. Madi follows her.

Raven rolls her eyes.

Before Clarke leaves, Clarke catches a glimpse of tickets that Finn promptly pulls out of his back pocket.

"What’s this?" Raven asks.

"I...thought I'd surprise you,"Finn says. "Fly out to visit you."

"You already paid for this?" Raven asks.

Finn hesitates before he slowly nods.

Raven doesn’t say anything. Finally she says, "Finn can we talk?"

Raven gets up, goes to the door and closes it in front of a suddenly curious Clarke and Madi.

Finn mutters, "I don't understand, I thought you'd be happy..."

"You didn't even ask me," Raven says, voice now muffled by the door.

"I wanted to surprise you..."

"You wanted to piss me off..."

"Why are you being like this?"

"This isn't gonna work out Finn..."

"Girls, it's not polite to eavesdrop on other people's conversations,"Abby says to Clarke and Madi who are leaning by the door.

"Sorry,"Clarke mutters.

By the end of the night, Raven announces that she and Finn have broken up, Finn messages Clarke that they have broken up and Clarke again is reminded why she doesn't do relationships. As she rummages through her closet, a small box falls to the floor. She picks it up, opens it and finds letters - signed, addressed and sealed. Written when she was younger, she'd written them for all the people she'd liked and/or loved. She'd never sent them. She liked the idea of liking them but never liked the idea of actually being with them. Writing the letters was a great outlet for her. It helped her deal with her feelings without actually dealing with the people.

A few days after Raven leaves for college, and while Clarke is trying to back the car out of the school parking lot, she almost backs into a person at the back of the car.

The person, a girl, looks pissed, her companion even more so. The companion, African American looking, in her forties or fifties, fierce and strict, marches to Clarke's side and demands, "The hell is wrong with you? You coulda got us killed!"

"Indra..." the girl says.

"I could have your license revoked..."


"I'm sorry,"Clarke says.

"I'm sorry, Lexa, but you could have been killed..." She turns to the girl with disdain. "Some people just shouldn't be allowed to drive. Or live."

"I said I was sorry,"Clarke says, exasperated.

Indra is about to say something but the girl stops her. "That's enough," the girl, Lexa, says.

Indra keeps quiet. The girl leans over, talks to Indra, speaks in another language, before she seems to remember something and switches back to English and says, "Could you wait with Gustus and Anya please?" Indra nods and marches off, heading to a limousine where a tall, large, muscular, tattooed, bearded man in a black uniform is waiting with a tall, blonde-haired Asian woman in a corporate suit.

Clarke grips the steering wheel as the girl regards Clarke quietly for a second, curious and perplexed. There is a hint of recognition on her face as she looks at Clarke. She knows her. Clarke tries not to blush. Lexa then steps forward and after a second says, all confidence and swagger, "You make a habit of trying to run over people trying to cross the parking lot?"

Clarke sniffs. "Of course not,"she replies haughtily.

"Think you can get to the end of the parking lot without running over anyone else?"

Clarke resists the urge to roll her eyes. "Pretty sure I can."

The girl smirks a little. Clarke notices  how green her eyes are, reminding her of the ocean. She feels like she can almost drown in them.

"Alright. Try not to kill anyone," the girl says cockily as she steps back and walks away.

As Clarke and Madi watch the girl swagger to the limousine, with the man Clarke assumes is Gustus opening the door for her, Madi whispers in awe, "Who is that?"

Clarke makes a face. "Lexa. Woods."

"Lexa Woods?"Madi asks, impressed. "The Lexa Woods? She's a legend."

Clarke nods. "The very same."

"Isn't her family loaded or some such shit?"

"Language,"Clarke automatically says. "And yes. She is. She's some kind of heir or something to Pramheda Tech. Her father built some kind of software tech, Ali or something that big companies are now using."

Madi whistles. "That's freaking awesome." Before Clarke could say it, Madi says, "Language, I know. But she is so cool."

"Yup. She is," Clarke sighs. "Captain of the Lacrosse team, debate team, math club, 4.0 GPA, honors society, etc.etc."

"She's captain of the Washington Grounders?" Madi says with awe.

Clarke nods.

"She led the team to championships like, three years in a row."

"Yup." Clarke watches the limousine drive away. Lexa is viewed with almost god-like reverence at the school. Rich, popular, Ivy League bound, heir to a company that's set to dominate Silicon Valley, teammates and schoolmates alike call her "Commander" and she has the whole school at her beck and call – including the teachers. She is class and privilege personified. Clarke sighs. They’d been classmates when they were younger, but Lexa obviously has always moved with a different crowd and they’d never actually been friends. Ever.

“She’s single, yeah?” Madi says. "And gay? I mean, I think she was kinda checking you out?"

“What?” Clarke asks, surprised.

“Single? You could totally date her.”

“What are you talking about?” Clarke asks. “No. I think she’s dating that girl…Costia somebody.”

“Doesn’t hurt to try…”

"What are you talking about? She's not even my...I'm not even..." She stammers."Not my type..."

“What?" Madi asks. "Rich, hot girl who can totally kick ass and speaks another language like a boss isn't your type? You need a  life, Clarke.A love life."

“Shut up.”

“Don’t give me that ‘love is weakness’ crap again,” Madi says with a roll of her eyes. “With Raven off to college,you’re gonna be even more pathetic,Clarke. You’re gonna be like one of those old cat lady persons who shrivel up and die.”

“Wow, that went dark quickly.”

“Take me home, Clarke. I’m hungry.”