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A Team of Fools

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        A balding man with a long nose sat in a very blue room. In front of him was a table and four seats. The room was that of a meeting room. There were maps of unknown worlds upon the walls. A globe of Earth was in the corner while on the table was a map of a different world - Remnant. This room was known as the Velvet Room. Five people, all wearing some sort of blue uniform, enter the room and look at the long nosed man. He was their master and his name was Igor. 

        "Elizabeth, Theo. Would you please relieve your guests of their duty for the time being?" Igor says, turning to look at the attendants that were dressed as a stewardess and steward.

        "Right away," Elizabeth says, bobbing her head. "Come dear little brother!" 

        "Yeah yeah, I'm coming," Theo grumbled, following his younger sister. 

        "Shall we summon our guests as well?" asks the most elegantly dressed attendant. Her name was Margaret.

        "Heeheehee, yes, please bring them here," Igor chuckles, a large grin splaying across his face. Soon a male with blue hair and a female with brown hair enter the room. They noticed that there were four chairs and three attendants they didn't know. Knowing they would need to wait. The next person was a male with grey hair. This male was confused to see the other two people. He takes a seat. Finally a male with messy, black hair entered the room and was surprised.

        "About time Inmate! You took forever in getting here!" barked one of the warden dressed girls. Her name was Caroline. 

        "Please, take a seat with these other guests, Inmate," said the calmer of the warden girls. This was Justine. This male shrugs and takes the last remaining seat. 

        "Welcome to the Velvet Room. It would appear the four of you are to embark on a new journey. This world is not like your own and you must work together," Igor says.

        "A new journey? I though we didn't get a new one when we finished," the silver haired male spoke up.

        "Normally, that would be the case. But like our Master said, this world is not the one you know," Margaret speaks up.

        "You will still have your power of the Persona and you can come back here when necessary," Igor says. 

        "Got it Inmate?! You better go help out this different world!" Caroline snaps. The guest referred to as Inmate just waves off Caroline.

        "I have a question... Will Theo and Elizabeth permanently take our places as the Great Seal?" the female finally speaks up.

        "Only if you refuse to each give up most of your power," Igor says.

        "....Explain," the blue haired male says. 

        "Very well. Unlike the other two guests, you two will have to restart most of your repertoire and storage. You will start with Messiah and up to three of your choice," Margaret explains. 

        "We'll do it!" the female guest says. Igor grins and with a wave of his hand, and a mighty surge of power, the twin guests lose most of their power. Elizabeth and Theo return to the Velvet Room, both with gracious looks on their faces.

        "Elizabeth, Theo. Help your guests pick their Personas and then we can send them to this new world," Igor says. The two nod and go over to their respective guests. The male ends up picking Thanatos, Surt, and Norn. The female ends up picking Thor, Yurlungur and Metatron. 

        "I suppose we should introduce ourselves if we're going to be working together. I am Yu Narukami," the silver haired male says.

        "Akira Kurusu! You can also call me Joker," the messy black haired male says.

        "I'm Minako Arisato and this is my twin, Minato Arisato," the female supplies all too happily.

        "Sup," Minato says.

        "We will be awaiting your success, honored guests. Good luck," Igor says, grinning widely at them. Each guest then seems to pass out and head back to the realm of reality. But this reality, was one that they knew nothing of. The bond of the Fool Arcana awoken in all of them as they headed into their new journey.

~ Remnant, Ozpin's Office, Time Unknown ~

        Ozpin was in his office, his silver brows furrowed. The era of peace that Remnant had come to know was starting to come to an end. He believed in the incoming class of students, however, he knew he needed more help. Hence the headmaster of Beacon was trying to find anyone and anything that could help in the war against Salem that was going to come sooner or later. Ozpin sighs and leans back in his seat and was about to retire to his room when four figures seemingly appeared out of nowhere into his office. He immediately stands up, his cane ready to use in case these newcomers meant any harm. He approaches them and sees that they were all asleep, and were young. Relaxing, he calls Glynda to his office to help move the young people to the hospital wing. Glynda arrives and by using her Semblance, lifts the four sleeping persons.

        "Who are they Ozpin? And how did they get here?" Glynda asks, frowning slightly.

        "I don't know. They just... suddenly appeared. Something tells me that they are going to be huge allies in our fight against Salem, however," Ozpin says.

        "They don't have their Aura unlocked. We should ask the medical staff to unlock it," the blonde Huntress says. Ozpin nods in agreement. They arrive soon enough in the hospital wing, and Glynda sets the four people onto the beds specified by the medical staff there.

        "Doctor Scarlett!" Ozpin calls out to the red squirrel-faunus. 

        "Yes Headmaster Ozpin?" Doctor Scarlett says, walking over. 

        "Can you and your staff unlock the Aura of these four individuals? There should be nothing else wrong with them," Ozpin says.

        "Of course, I assume you would like a notification the moment the four wake up?" Doctor Scarlett inquires.

        "Yes please," Ozpin says. The red squirrel-faunus nods and calls over three medical staff. Ozpin, ever the curious man, decides to see what color Aura the four slumbering persons had. Glynda had left since she had to go make sure another suite would be prepared should these four enroll in the school. The first color that glowed was autumn red from the black haired male. Next to appear was a midnight blue color from the blue haired male. Afterwards was a magenta from the only female. And finally from the silver haired male was a yellow aura.

        The first of the Persona users to wake in the new world was Akira. His onyx eyes take in his surroundings - a hospital. For a moment, he panicked but he remembers his strange meeting in the Velvet Room. He slowly sits up and sees the other three guests in the beds nearby. Next to wake was Yu. He sits up immediately, but calms upon seeing Akira motioning for him be quiet. Minako was next and she was dazed. Sitting up slowly, she spots her twin next to her and then the other two from before. Minato remained asleep. Grabbing a pillow, Minako starts whacking Minato with the pillow.

        "Minato! Wake! Up! Already! You! Lazy! Ass!" Minako says, each word a pillow whack. Just as she was to strike Minato again, a hand reaches out and snags the pillow. Annoyed blue eyes glare at Minako.

        "What," Minato grunts.

        "We're not the Great Seals! That dream was for real! Also, we're in the new world! So wake up!" Minako says. Minato sighs and sits up begrudgingly. He just wanted to sleep - being a Great Seal didn't allow for sleep. 

        "Oh good, you four are awake. How are you feeling? The Headmaster will be down soon to talk with you. I'll just check your vitals," Doctor Scarlett says, having noticed his four new patients had woken.

        "....You have a tail," Minato comments, spotting the bushy tail.

        "Yes, I do. I'm a Faunus," Doctor Scarlett says, as if that was obvious. He sees their vitals were fine.

        "What's a Faunus?" Yu asks, arching a silver eyebrow.

        "Well since your vitals are fine and unless you're having amnesia, you're either pranking me or lived under a rock," the red squirrel-faunus frowns.

        "I assure you, this is no prank," Yu says. The doctor sighs before explaining what the Faunus were to the four.

        "Now, stay here and wait for the Headmaster to come down," Doctor Scarlett says before bustling off.

        "Wait, let's make sure none of us are Faunus!" Akira says. All four quickly check for any animal appendages - none of them were Faunus. A singular set of footsteps alerts the four of them to Ozpin's appearance.

        "Good morning. You slept soundly and through the night since your appearance here," Ozpin says.

        "Who are you? And where exactly are we..?" Minako asks.

        "I am Headmaster Ozpin. You are at my academy - Beacon Academy here in Vale in Remnant," Ozpin answers.

        "Hmmm, so this is the new world Igor sent us to.." Yu says, rubbing his chin.

        "Did you say Igor? Is he a man with a long and pointy nose?" Ozpin asks.

        "Yeah," Minato answers. "Know him?"

        "I do. So it would seem the Velvet Room heard my plea for help. What are your names?" Oz says. Each Persona user introduces themselves to the Headmaster.

        "Soooo if this is a school, I assume you want us to join as students since you wanted our help?" Akira asks.

        "Yes. Initiation is tomorrow. Also, you all have Aura now, the power of the soul," Ozpin says.

        "Oh! I bet our Personas will be even more powerful then!" Minako says, excitement shining in her red eyes and in her voice.

        "Let's do it," Minato says, Yu and Akira nodding in agreement.

        "Well then, welcome to Beacon," Ozpin smirks, before leaving the four to their own devices.