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Steve nestled closer to Bucky who was breathing softly. Neither boy said anything but a sense of dread hung over them both. Bucky would be gone in a few days time, exiled to a farm nestled in the cornfields of Indiana. He hugged him a bit tighter and earned a soft chuckle from his boyfriend.

“I'm not gone yet.” Steve kissed his jaw and tangled his feet with the older boys.

”You will be. This will be over soon and we'll never see each other again.” Bucky grabbed his chin and forced him to look up at him.

“I will see you again. Because you're mine and I'm yours and I'm with you, Stevie.” He held up his pinky finger and Steve twisted his own around it.

“Until the end of the line.”

13 Years Later

Steve sat at his dining table, staring down at the blank sketchbook in front of him. He could hear Sharon getting ready in their bedroom and he frowned. He slammed the book shut and pushed it aside.

He wandered into the kitchen where the coffee pot was sitting, a few minutes away from being done. He pulled two mugs out and watched the machine until it beeped. Steve poured the hot coffee out, adding cream and sugar to his own.

Sharon entered the kitchen, putting earrings in as she went. She finished and picked up her mug and took a long sip, a content sigh escaping after she swallowed.

“My flight leaves at 9 so I won't make it home after work. All my bags are packed and I'll only be gone for four days. You need to pay our share of the lawn care service, the water bill, and I need you to pick up my dry cleaning from Scott's.”

“You know that place is a money laundering front, right?” She chuckled and pulled an apple out of the fridge.

“Well they're fantastic at getting stains out.”

He watched her eat a quick breakfast and pack up her lunch. She kissed him deeply before chugging the rest of her coffee.

When she finished eating and getting ready, Steve helped her carry her bags out to her car. She was clearly frantic and he stopped her getting into her car to kiss her one more time. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“What was that for?” He smiled and shrugged.

“Because I love you. I'll see you Tuesday.”

“I love you too.” She pecked him before climbing into her car and driving off.

With his weekend free, Steve decided to headed to the bookstore. His new graphic novel was on shelves and he wanted to grab a copy. As he walked down the busy streets of Brooklyn, he focused on the sound of his feet shuffling across cement.

When he stopped outside of the store, his heart leapt into his throat. A dark haired man stood in front of the books on display by the windows. He was reading the back cover of a book and hadn't seemed to notice Steve watching him.

Steve rushed inside, the bell ringing above the door as he did. The man glanced up and smiled warmly, putting the book down. He walked up to him and wrapped his arms around him.

“Holy shit! What are the odds?” Steve felt his heart leap into his throat and he smiled.

“Hi Buck.”

Steve was sitting on the curb when he heard gravel crunch next to him. An older boy stood over him, looking at the comic book in his hands. He sat down next to him and smiled.

“What's that?” Steve blushed and showed him the cover of the comic.

“It’s called Astrid. It's about an alien from the year 2347. Her goal is to protect Earth from its destruction by an evil alien warlord named Koltak.” He said softly, handing the boy the issue.

“She sounds badass. What's her powers?” He asked, reading the back.

“Flight, super strength, shapeshifting, and invisibility. But later in the series she discovers she's half Gather. That means she can harvest powers from whoever she defeats.” He was growing more excited describing her to this stranger, unaware of the fond look he was earning from him. “Oh! I'm Steve Rogers” He offered a hand to shake. The boy grabbed it and shook it firmly.

“Bucky Barnes.”


Bucky pulled away, stilling smiling brightly.

“It's great to see you, Stevie. You haven't changed a bit.”

“Yup. I'm still skinny and small.” He said with a laugh, gesturing at his small frame.

“That's what I always liked about you.” Steve felt his cheeks heat up and Bucky smirked at him.

“So how have you been?” Bucky shrugged and leaned against a table.

“I'm doing good. I just moved back to the city actually.” Steve wrung his hands nervously and smiled.

“Great. It's great to see you again.” Bucky’s eyes flitted down to the gold ring on Steve's finger and his smile wavered.

“You're married?” Steve glanced down at his ring and bit his lip.

“Engaged. Her name is Sharon.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and ducked his head.

“Well I’d love to catch up more with you. What's your number?”

After quickly exchanging numbers with Bucky, the older man left. Steve watched him disappear down the busy street and sighed heavily, twisting the ring on his left finger that suddenly felt heavy and tight. He pushed his intrusive thoughts away and focused on finding a copy of his book.

The walk home was filled with detailed memories about their year together when they were teens. He hadn't thought about Bucky since he was in college but seeing him again had brought dozens of thoughts and emotions flooding to the surface of his mind. He shook his head and turned onto his street, pushing him out of his mind.

Steve sat on the edge of the pool watching Bucky do laps. His muscles rippled across his back as he did a smooth breaststroke. He felt his breath hitch and he chewed on his lip. Bucky finished his tenth lap across the large pool and effortlessly pulled himself out of the water.

Bucky patted himself down with a towel as he approached Steve who was swishing his legs in the water. He sat down next to him and stuck his legs in the water next to his. He deliberately brushed his leg against Steve's and delighted in the pink blush that covered his cheeks.

”So do you plan on actually getting in?” He asked, wrapping his towel around his shoulders.

”I can't get in if the water is too cold.” He answered softly. Bucky chuckled and places his hand on Steve's knee.

”We could probably heat it up if we tried."

Steve sketched another outline of his main character, not really focusing on what he was creating. He tapped his pencil against his chin and sighed. Bucky was still at the front of his thoughts and he glanced down at his phone. He thought about texting him but he didn't want to see too excitable. That and it wasn't appropriate to text someone at one in the morning.

His phone rang suddenly, shocking him out of his thoughts. He flipped it over to see an incoming call from Sharon. He smiled and answered, hoping his fianceé would distract him.

“Hey honey. How was your flight?” He heard a rustling and his brow furrowed. There was a noise he couldn't quite discern and he turned his volume up.

”Oh God! Oh fuck!” His face reddened and he realized he was hearing Sharon...pleasure herself.

“Uhhh...Sharon?” There was another moan and then his face paled when he heard another voice come through.

”You like that, baby? Does that punk you're marrying fuck you like this?” A man asked, earning another moan from Sharon.

”No! Please keep-” Steve ended the call and clenched his jaw tight.

A million thoughts rushed through his head before he stood, screamed, and threw his phone across the room, it landing softly on the carpet in the living room. He braced himself and leaned heavily on the dining table. He inhaled sharply, desperately trying to clear his mind.

“God damn it!” He finally shouted, punching the table.

His knuckles were bruised when he went to bed an hour later.