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Fanfic Poop: Dumbass KneWave Accidentally Nukes Inkopolis

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It was just another biggy day in the annoyingly sad life of KneWave. He was just playing a friendly game of Splatoon, to drown out his crippling depression.


Why was he depressed, you ask?


Well, he couldn’t fuck a squid as it was technically against the law. So this made him depressed.


Also, he had just gotten banned from the internet for posting loli hentai in a pro-Stalin discord server.


But suddenly, KneWave remembered he lived in Ohio! And for some fucking reason or another, bestiality is legal there!


And like that, Took-An-Arrow-To-The-Knee-Wave put on his libtard trolling hat, and traveled to Inkopolis.


This is where the shit hit the fan.


KneWave dabbed and Fortnite danced over a hundred miles to Inkopolis, which was somewhere in Pennsylvania I guess. Everyone he came across on the way there got the fatal disease known as Ligma, and became Super Duper Double Double Triple Double Extra Bossy Deluxe 4X4 Gay ( Animal Style), with extra shingles, a shimmy and a squeeze, burned, crying, and swimming.


Upon reaching Inkopolis, KneWave did yet another dance: the dance…of the mating squid.


Pearl was having lesbian sex with Marina at the the time, however she looked out her window as soon as she noticed a massive aura of faggotry.


“Good lord…I just got done having sex with another woman, and even I’m not THAT gay!” Marina yelled.


“The hell do you mean, ‘done’? That was only the first three rounds, I can still bust at least two more times!” Pearl yelled.


And so, the two continued their lezzo game of ‘rock, paper, genitals’ with the light turned off, as KneWave continued his quest for underaged squid pussy.


KneWave sniffed the air and immediately went into a Slav squat, smelling the ink of a virgin squid-kid. He snuck up to the hapless squid loli and smacked her ass, the squid letting out a loud moan.


Pearl and Marina’s inky lesbian sex was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of KneVaporWave’s gigantic biggy balls clapping the small ass cheeks of a hapless SQUID YOU’RE A KID YOURE A SQUID YOU'RE BIGGY THE KID YOU’RE NIGGY THE SQUID YOU’RE CALLIE ‘KANYE’ WEST YOU’RE A SQUIIIIIIIIID AND NOW YOU’RE COPYRIGHT STRIKED


KneWave came inside the squid-kid, his dong doing a Fortnite dance inside her pussy.


KneWave left the scene and headed to the local library, pulling his laptop out and logging into DeviantART.


KneWave cracked his Sonic 3 And Knuckles.




KneWave looked up an online photo editor in a separate tab. He blasted the bassboosted 1943 German national anthem on his libtard owning boombox, not really caring that he was in a fucking library.


He proceeded to spend the next ten hours making Gang Weed memes and writing loli rape fanfiction featuring Pearl and Marina getting quad-boned by Markiplier, Masahiro Sakurai, Hank Hill and Cory Baxter.


The next day


Marina awoke from her peaceful lesbian sleep, noticing that Pearl was already eating her pussy. Marina moaned as she busted yet another lady-nut.


The two were interrupted yet again, both their phones going off rapidly. They rushed over to check their notifications, however they were greeted with a shocking, disturbing image.


They looked to see the horrific sight of Gang Weed images and loli rape fanfics in their DM’s. The bombardment of notifications proved too much for their phones, and so they broke simultaneously, smoke coming out of the screen.


Marina stared into the distance with shock.


“He has come. The Bane of Inkopolis has risen once more.” Marina said with horror.


Meanwhile, Pearl snuck behind Marina once again and started eating her ass, making her moan once more.


To be lewdly and epically continued…