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The Dressmaker

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Travelers crossing the wheat-yellow plains to Dungatar Australia would first notice a dark blot shimmering at the edge of flatness. further down the Asphalt,the shape would first notice emerge as a hill on top of that hill sat a shabby brown weatherboard.leaning provocatively on the grassy looked as if it was about to fall down,but it was roped down onto a solid chimney by thick-limbed wisteria.When passengers approached Dungatar by the train felt the carriage warp around the slow southward curve, as they glanced up through the window and saw the tumbling brown house.One winter night Tilli Dunnage searched for the light from her mothers house through the windscreen of a greyhound bus.She recently had written a letter for her mother but she didn't receive no reply she summoned the courage to phone.the curt voice at the telephone exchanged had said,Molly Dunnage hasn't had a phone in years she wouldn't know what a phone was, 'i wrote' said Tilli she didn't reply or perhaps she didn't receive my letter. ,old mad Molly wouldn't know what to do with a letter either came the retort

Tilli decided to go back to Dungatar.