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Chapter 1 – Failing Miserably

Draco Malfoy was bored. Wandering around Diagon Alley wouldn't be so bad if Blaise didn't insist on going into every single clothing store in the alley. The duo of Slytherins were currently perusing Gladrags. Draco was unimpressed with the selection of 'Fine Wizarding Fashions', but he knew that if he complained, Blaise would only take longer to shop. Luckily, a familiar voice pulled his attention away from a rack of cashmere sweaters. He ducked behind a large display of leather coats to watch as two redheads bickered over a rather plain blue sun dress. The offending dress was being held up by a stocky woman in her fifties. She seemed to be trying to convince a much younger redhead to give the selection a chance but was failing miserably. The younger girl looked to be in her late teens, with thick ginger locks that cascaded down her back in waves. Her fitted black t-shirt hugged her curves nicely, showing a sliver of freckled skin on her tight abdomen. A pair of stone-wash jeans hung low on her hips and were so tight that Draco would have sworn they were painted on if they didn't have holes in the knees. Draco only knew one family with red hair, but this girl couldn't possibly be gangly, awkward Ginny Weasley. This girl was sultry and full of fire, and Draco was interested. He wanted to get Blaise's attention, but the raven haired man was trying on a million pairs of jeans and was thoroughly distracted.

"That looks like something Hermione would wear." The girl stated with disgust in her voice. Her mother gave her a patronizing look while shoving the dress back onto the rack.

"You'd do well to dress a little more like Hermione and a little less like that Lavender girl you spend so much time with. Then maybe Harry would show a little more interest in your relationship." The girl rolled her eyes and huffed, turning her back on her mother in an obvious sign of irritation. Draco now had a full view of her face. She had lost the baby fat in her cheeks and gained it in her perky bust, but this was definitely the youngest of the Weasley clan. Draco smirked openly at the look of contempt on Ginny's pretty face. The way her full lips curved into a pout was enough to make him groan with need. Leaning further into the coat display, he attempted to adjust his growing erection. A sexy witch with a fierce bite always turned Draco on, but something about this girl had him reacting like a 3rd year again.

"Look mom, I know you wish Hermione was your daughter and now that her and Ron are engaged, you're getting your wish, so get off my nuts!" Draco had to cover his mouth to keep from snorting at this statement but payed close attention to Ginny's rant. "I'm never gonna be Hermione! I'm not that girl, I'm just me. And you can quit trying to marry me off to Harry while you're at it. We are not in a relationship! I understand that you want him in the family and I'm your only option, but it's never gonna happen. Harry and I are not right for each other. Besides, Harry is a pro at one-night-stands... believe me, I found that out the hard way." Ginny mumbled the last bit, but her mother heard her all the same.

"Ginevra, don't talk that way!" Molly Weasley looked scandalized but Ginny only seemed angrier.

"Why!? It's alright that every single one of your sons curse like pirates and have been sleeping around since they were fifteen, even younger for Fred and George. But if your only daughter mentions anything even remotely 'un-Hermione-like' then the world is going to end!" Ginny wasn't even pretending to shop anymore. She had turned to face her mother who was giving her a look that screamed disappointment.

"Ginny I just think it would do you some good if you spent a little more time with Ronald's friends and a little less time with your own. I don't approve of those girls you hang out with, they are bad influences."

"There is nothing wrong with my friends, mom! GAHH! I am so tired of you trying to turn me into someone I'm not! You better learn to love me the way I am, because you're gonna wake up one day and realize that you traded the flawed daughter you had for no daughter at all! And I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my time with the Trio of Virtue while they ignore me! Why do you think they didn't ask me to shop with them today? Huh!? We are in the same fucking place and they ditched me with you!" Without a backward glance, Ginny stormed past her mother and stomped out of the store. Draco rushed as quickly as his hard-on would allow, yanking Blaise out of the dressing room by his polo shirt and following the feisty girl out into the busy alley.

"Dude, what the hell!" Blaise yelled, smoothing his wrinkled shirt and running his fingers through his dark shoulder-length hair. "Why'd you drag me out here?" Draco ingored his handsome cohort, searching the crowd frantically for a glimpse of fiery red hair. He finally spotted Ginny standing outside of the ice cream parlor. She was fiddling with something in her hand that Draco didn't recognize.

"I 'dragged' you out here so that I could show you her." Draco said, pointing through the crowd at the littlest Weasley. He watched as Blaise furrowed his brow while examining the girl. Slowly, his furrow was replaced with a sly grin.

"Is that..?" Blaise looked disbelieving and Draco couldn't help but interrupt his question.

"The one and only Ginny Weasley, yeah I was surprised too. They say milk does a body good, but that chick must have been drinking straight from the cow cuz mother of holy fuck she's spank-worthy!"

"Damn, she looks good enough to lick! What do you think? Should we give it a go?" Blaise looked thrilled at the idea.

"What is that thing she's holding?" Draco asked as Ginny pulled out two long white cords and connected them from the little silver box in her hand to her small ears.

"It's an iPod. Muggles listen to music on it." Blaise explained. "Come on, you just found our way in." He wore a knowing look as he moved through the crowd towards the ginger goddess with Draco close behind. The two wizards followed her along the alley and into another clothing store called Charm 21. They watched as she looked through the racks of clothes, pulling out several items and making her way into the fitting room, all the while swaying her curvy hips to the music in her ears. Draco and Blaise moved like a singular mind, Blaise standing guard while Draco slipped soundlessly into the curtained dressing room behind Ginny. She was pulling on a black leather mini skirt. Draco just barely got a glimpse of red lace before the tight skirt found its place on her round hips. He reached to pull the bud out of her ear while she was still adjusting the sexy garment. Draco felt himself hardening again as he leaned down and caught a wiff of her warm cinnamon scent.

"What are you listening to?" Draco whispered huskily into her free ear. She let out a startled screech and spun, her wand drawn at the platinum-haired man's throat in an instant.

"Malfoy! Do you make a habit of sneaking into fitting rooms and watching girls undress? Having trouble getting people to take their clothes off for you, you have to surprise them now." Ginny sneered nastily. Although, Draco didn't miss the poorly hidden humor in her eyes or the appreciative way she looked him up a down either.

"On the contrary, Weasley, there are plenty of people who would be all too eager to strip for me. I just thought you could use a little company, seeing as how the 'Trio of Virtue' ditched you."

"You were eavesdropping! You little snake!" She declared, her eyes darkening with anger. Draco thought she looked even more attractive with every passing second.

"It wasn't hard. You were practically screaming at each other. Besides, I thought it was hot as hell the way you told off your mom. She was being a bitch." He admitted, hoping it would make her relax a little and not get defensive.

"Is that why you're here, Malfoy? Because you think I'm hot?" She asked, accentuating the 'T' and giving Draco a flash of her pearly whites. Dropping her wand and letting her eyelids droop, she inched closer to his 6'4" form. She pulled her full bottom lip between her teeth in a sexy tease, causing Draco to imagine her using those teeth to give him sweet sweet pleasure. Flirting was exactly the response Draco was hoping for, and he took full advantage. Grabbing her by her slim waist, he pinned her to the wall easily. Moving his face to hers, he looked at her closely. Her eyes were pools of deep whiskey, swirling with desire.

"Of course I think you're hot, and this skirt doesn't help." His deep voice was gravely and dripping with sex. He let his fingertips trace over the leather until they brushed the bare skin of her upper thigh. Her leg was smooth and muscular and the feel of her against him made Draco ache with need. She bent her knee, pushing into his touch but still keeping eye contact.

"So what were you hoping would happen when you followed me through the alley?" She asked, her voice rich, full of want.

"This..." Draco leaned in even closer, allowing his lips to ghost over hers. They were plump and soft. She was breathing heavily but didn't pull away, so Draco took the plunge. He kissed her deeply, groaning when she pushed her hips against his. He knew she could feel his erection pressing against her stomach, but she only pushed harder, grinding her hips and returning his kiss with fervor. His large hands gripped her tightly and she moaned into his mouth. They broke apart gasping, desire thick in the air. "Where is your sidekick? You two are never far apart." Ginny asked with a smirk. Draco nodded towards the curtain, still refusing to tear his eyes away from hers. "Zabini... you might as well come in... I know your out there." Ginny called in a sing song voice. Blaise stuck his head in the curtain, looking huffy.

"I am not his sidekick!" He said and pouted when Draco laughed. They watched as Ginny turned toward the mirror, giving them a open view of her back as she unzipped the leather mini and started pulling it down slowly.

"Do me a favor, Zabini, and remove your 'friend' from my fitting room so that I can finish trying on clothes." Ginny threw her head back and laughed at Draco's defeated look.

"You mean you're not gonna let us watch?" Draco whined sarcastically.

"No, but I'll let you pay." She chided as she pushed the two men past the curtain with a laugh.

Draco and Blaise waited patiently by the register for Ginny. When she finally emerged, she sauntered toward them and laid a small pile of clothes on the counter. She made to pull some sickles out of her jeans pocket, but Draco was already handing the clerk money.

"I was only kidding you know. You didn't really have to pay for my things." Ginny said as they made their way back into the alley. Draco and Blaise had a bag each and refused to let Ginny carry anything.

"But if we don't spoil you, how are we ever going to get you to go out with us?" Blaise said with a smile.

"What did you have in mind?" She asked, eyeing them curiously.

"We are going to a club tonight, you could come with us." Blaise looked hopeful, but before Ginny could answer, they heard someone calling her name from further down the alley. Draco turned and saw Ginny's mother standing with Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. They each gave him a dirty look before Mrs. Weasley was calling for her daughter again.

"I gotta go." Ginny looked irritated at the sight of the group.

"Please come tonight. We'll owl you the address." Blaise pleaded, caressing her hip gently with his hand.

"Alright, I'll come." She conceded with a smile. They handed her the bags and she turned to leave. But not before reaching up to place a kiss on Blaise's cheek, then Draco's. Ginny made her way quickly through the crowd and gave them a small wave before disappearing from view.


(This chapter has been edited and revised. If you notice any grammar/spelling mistakes or plot inconsistencies, please PM me and let me know so that I may address them. Thanks!)