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My One and Only

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'No, please.' Kurt pleaded as he was backed into a corner.

'I can't have you running around, teasing me any longer.' David hissed as his elongated teeth grazed Kurt's smooth neck. Kurt shivered in disgust and flinched away, making David more angry.

'David I told you, get off me.' Kurt pleaded. He felt David's smile play on his lips as his venom dripped from his fang onto Kurt's neck, causing there to be a mark left on his perfect skin.

'You're teasing me again Baby. I told you to not tease me, now I'll have to show you what a bad boy you were.' David whispered into Kurt's ear and bit on the lobe just enough to draw blood. A tear trickled down Kurt's cheek and he stood still, with tear-stained cheeks. 'Why?' Kurt whimpered as David left wet, teeth kisses down his neck. He heard ripping and then his beautiful silk button up was torn down the middle. 'Because i own you Baby. I can't have you running around without being claimed now can I?' David's filthy hands rubbed Kurt's torso and down his legs. Kurt just stood there and waited until he was done. Just when he thought everything was going to be over, David hissed and pounced on him. A sharp pain pulsed through his veins and everything went dark.

Tina Cohen-Chang walked silently through the halls of the Vampire Council's meeting hall. She didn't hesitate as she pushed through the ceiling tall double doors into the thrown room where her father, and the rest of the council was seated. She walked straight up to her father's, Leon Cohen-Chang, seat and looked up at him.

"Have you given my idea any thought father?" Tina questioned, looking him directly in the eyes.

"I have dearest. We have talked to the headmaster at Dalton and they have agreed to allow the young human to enter their halls and dorm there." Leon Cohen-Chang said with a pleased nod. Tina smiled and nodded back to her father.

"I will give the good news to the Hummel-Hudson's right away." Tina said before turning on her heels and walking to the door, but not opening it. She turned back around.

"Thank you, all of you for this opportunity for Kurt and his family. Thank you Sir Jesse Anderson, you will not regret this Sir." Tina bowed gracefully and left the room. She walked through the halls and dialed Burt Hummel's number. She was one a the people Kurt has yet to shut out of his life completely.

The phone rang twice before Burt's gruff voice sounded through the line.

"Hello Tina, how are you honey?" Burt always loved Tina and her family, even if they were high on the vampire royalty chain.

"Hey Mr. Hummel. How's Kurt doing today?" Tina asked politely.

"He's been better. It's getting better every day from your's and the council's help. I can't thank you enough, Kurt actually came down for dinner yesterday and talked to Finn." Burt said gratefully.

"I'll be the house in two minutes with some good news." Tina said before hanging up and running quickly to the Hummel-Hudson household, her raven colored hair whipping behind as she ran through the forest.

She knocked on the door three times before Carole Hudson-Hummel opened it. She smiled stiffly and let Tina in, she was taking Finn's side for the most part in this situation.

Tina ignored Carole and walked straight up the stairs into Kurt's bedroom. She smiled warmly when she stepped inside and found a sleeping Kurt and Burt sitting on a chair by the bed. Burt smiled and stood to give Tina a hug.

"Okay Tina, what did you have to tell me?" Burt questioned the short girl in front of him.

"It's quite good new actually. I talked to the council and they accepted my offer to have Kurt attend a private school in Westerville." Tina smiled at Burt who seemed confused.

"What kind of private school? It sounds expensive." Burt sounded not amused.

"Well, it's an all boys boarding school for vampires. But hear me out here Burt, there is a zero tolerance police against harming humans and we have a group from the royal family there that have agreed to protect him." Tina said convincingly. Burt seemed to be thinking and then he nodded.

"How much is the tuition?" Burt asked.

"The council is paying for it. They feel awful for Kurt and want to repay you and your family for all the harm caused." Tina answered simply.

"Okay. When does he start?"