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With Coffee Comes Dean Winchester

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“I know you really liked him Cas but he was a jerk. And he dumped you so you really should forget about him.” Charlie smiles at a few strangers passing by and turns back to Castiel. “Did you tell Gabriel?”

“No, and I probably never will. Maybe my brother will figure it out by himself, I hope he will, but me breaking up with Michael is bad enough, I don’t want Gabe’s moral high ground.”

“Fair enough.” She nods, shrugging. “You already have me, you really don’t need Gabriel pissing you off. Did you at least pick up your stuff at Michael’s place?”

“Anna did, she sent them to me and called me to insult me because I didn’t choose the right guy, like always.”

“And I bet your mother also treated you like shit.”

Castiel shrugs. “Yeah, I guess. If saying I’m an imbecile is treating me like shit. She’s still disappointed I left Stanford because I didn’t want what she wanted, because I wanted to move here.”

“Lawrence is great for you, Cas, don’t forget that. You moved here eight months ago and you’re already happier than you’ve ever been with her or at Stanford. You have friends, you have a decent job and until a few days ago, you even had a boyfriend. Yeah, he was a shitty one but it’s not the point.”

“A decent job? I serve coffees, fries and muffins, I don’t even know what I want to do in the long term. My family is right, I’m pathetic.”

His best friend rolls her eyes, shoving him a little. “You’re not pathetic, they are. Gabriel is the only one I actually like.”

“Yes because a) he’s the only one you truly know and b) he’s as awful as you are. You both still want me to drink and become someone… Else.”

“No, we just want you to have fun. Cas – you know how to read, you know how to work, you know how to be polite, and that’s really great, but you really need to relax because you’re young and sexy. If I was straight, I would totally bang you.”

“Alright, I like coming here and hearing what I just heard, Charlie.” Sam arrives, holding Jessica’s hand, and sits next to Cas. “What’s up?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be studying somewhere where no one is having fun, Sammy?” Charlie teases him, sticking her tongue out.

“Oh god, please don’t call me that.” He closes his eyes, sighing a little. “It just reminds me that my brother is coming back today.”

“Your what?” Charlie and Cas in unison.

“You have a brother?” Cas asks, staring at his friend with wide eyes.

Sam huffs a little laugh. “Yeah, I though you knew that. I thought you both knew that.”

“Well, you’re really quiet about your family, Sam.” Jessica squeezes his hand. “If it wasn’t about Benny, I wouldn’t even know about your brother or your half-brother.”

“Yeah,” Sam scratches his neck. He’s embarrassed, Castiel notices. “I don’t really like talking about my brother and I barely know Adam. I’m not that close to my family since… The accident.”

Castiel and Sam met almost three months ago, thanks to Charlie and Jessica. They barely talked before but since Sam and Jessica started dating, Sam began to attend the Café where Castiel worked; the one where they currently all are. Since then, they smile at each other and laugh at each other’s jokes – Sam’s jokes, usually – but they’re not that close. It shouldn’t be surprising that Castiel doesn’t know anything about his life but, somehow, it is.

Charlie, on the other hand, is like a open book to him. Castiel smiles, remembering all the things he loves about Charlie and her being honest is the main one. She openly talks about how she loves girls, she talks about her parents all the time, she loves LARPing – and Castiel still doesn’t know what that mean – and she dances a lot. That’s usually where she meets all of her conquests and it also amazes him; she always brings new girls, always.

Back to their current situation, Castiel sees Jessica kissing Sam’s cheek, probably to calm him down a minute. Even though he’s trying to search inside his too little memory, Cas can’t remember what is the accident Sam’s talking about. He doesn’t know much about Sam’s life, he doesn’t know about his brothers, he doesn’t know about his parents and he doesn’t even know about his pets. He knows about Charlie’s life, about Jessica’s, about Benny’s and even about Kevin’s – even though the kid can be a little too much sometimes,
even for Castiel – but how come he doesn’t know one thing about Sam’s?

“Aren’t you exciting to see your brother again? You never talked about him before but… I mean – he’s your brother. I would kill to have a brother. Or a sister. Or maybe both?” Charlie frowns a little, holding her coffee tightly.

“No it’s not—” Sam rolls his eyes. “I love Dean, I do, but I barely talk to him and we’re not that close. We were before, when he lived here, then he moved to North Carolina with my father and I decided to stay with Bobby, Ellen and Jo. Since then, we texted a dozen times and we called three times. We’re not… We’re not like that.”

“It’s a shame.” Castiel finally says. “I’m new here, even though it’s already been eight, nine months since I’ve moved, but I needed Gabriel. I mean… I barely see Raphael and Alfie because they’re living with my mother and Anna and I aren’t really on good terms, but I miss them.”

“I thought you had seven siblings?” Charlie tilts her head a little, smirking.

“Yeah, Uriel, Zachariah, Lucifer and I aren’t really… Talking. It’s a whole different story.”

“Lucifer? Seriously?” Sam raises his eyebrows. “Man, I kind of understand why he doesn’t want to talk to you or anyone.”

Castiel all but glares at Sam before talking again, choosing his works wisely. “What I mean is that I need to think about my siblings because it’s the only thing I got around here, with you. School isn’t an option, my work is driving my crazy and I’m not dating anyone anymore so it’s a shame you’re not… I don’t know, sharing something with your brother.
Or your half-brother, by the way. He’s still family.”

“Yeah, yeah, I, um… I get it, Cas, I do, but it’s complicated. I really don’t want to talk about that now but someday I’ll tell you everything and, hopefully, you’ll understand.”

Castiel doesn’t say anything but glances at Charlie who is rolling her eyes. Gabriel is all that Castiel has with Charlie, Sam, Jessica and, sometimes, Benny and Kevin, but his brother will always be an important part of his life. Sam can have something with his brother – well, brothers, and he obviously doesn’t want to. Of course, he doesn’t know what happened between the Winchester brothers but it can’t be that bad.

Can it?


It’s almost too late for him when Dean finally arrives at Lawrence. Of course, he could have taken the plane, it would have been easier and way more faster, but he hates it. Not that he would ever admit that to anyone because he hates showing his fears to the others, especially to his family. Who is he kidding? Especially to Sam, his little brother. But… Is he still allowed to call him that? His brother?

When Dean called Sam last week and told him he would come to Lawrence for the summer – and possibly for a lot longer than that, his brother didn’t sound thrilled, it was quite honestly the contrary. He knows things happened – or didn’t happen between them but they were still brothers, they still needed each other, so why was Sam reacting like that? He’s the one who stayed here two years ago when he begged him to come because he couldn’t stay with his father alone. Sam didn’t accept, he stayed here because he wanted to be with his family, so what the hell was he? What the hell is he, now?

But hey, it’s 6pm and he really doesn’t want to think about awful things, about awful situations, he just wants a damn coffee. And Lawrence kind of changed a lot in two fucking years so he got lost because his favorite place just disappeared overnight. There’s still the Roadhouse but he’s not ready to face Ellen’s questions, Jo’s curiosity or Bobby’s screams, he just wants some calm. And he’s going to get it.

When he enters the first coffee he finds that is still open, he immediately notices how full it still is despite the time. What, aren’t people supposed to sleep or something? Well – maybe not now but they sure as hell aren’t supposed to be drinking coffee either, that he knows. So what the actual hell?

And when he sees the menu, he understands. It’s not just a Café, it’s a Restaurant. Well – not exactly, but it serves food so let’s call it like that. He rolls his eyes, takes some money from his wallet and gets in line behind an awfully tall woman. Almost as tall as Sammy is. Was? Not, still is. People can’t get smaller with time, can they?

“Hey.” He says after the woman lefts with her order. “I’m tired and I’m kind of angry because I travelled a long, long time, can you find out what will fix me up?”

“Well, I’m not a shrink and I’m not good with people so I can’t. My little brother will probably be able to help you so,” the short guy, because he’s really short for a guy, turns around and rolls his eyes. “Cassie, can you please come? You can’t hide behind the wall all damn night.”

“I’m not hiding, I trying to get some rest. I barely slept because of you, if I recall. And stop calling me that.”

“Whatever. This client needs some rescue, can you please help him? I’m bored and Kali is waiting for me.”

“You shift ends in an hour. You can’t go, Gabe.”

“It’s my damn Café, I’m allowed to do whatever the hell I want. Later, bro.”

The hot blue-eyes boy rolls his eyes and looks at Dean, smiling shyly. “Sorry about that, my brother and I aren’t the best friends in the world. He was saying something about you needed some rescue?”

“Yeah, I… No, I don’t need a doctor or something like that. My day was shitty and I need something to make me love life again. Good luck with that.”

He fucking chuckles at that. “Yes, I’m not a doctor, to the agony of my mother, so thank God. I’m not sure I’ll help you with your request but I can give you a good coffee, an excellent muffin and some fries with a hamburger if you’re still hungry after the muffin.”

Dean hums. “Do you have pies?”

“Yes, we have apple pies, blueberry pies, pecan pies, cherry pies and a long list of others. Are you interested in some?”

“Yeah, fuck yes. One slice of cherry pie, please.” He nods eagerly. “Now, I love life again.”

“Great then my job is now done.” He smiles again and types something. “For here or to go, sir?”

“Call me Dean and I’ll eat it here, I can’t stand my car right now and she can’t see me angry, not her.”

He tilts his head, looking all cute and adorable. “She? You’re not alone? Maybe I should add another slice of pie.”

Dean tries really hard not to grin. “Not, she is my car. My Baby.”

“A car in an inanimate object, am I wrong?”

“Oh but she’s the sweetest. Sweeter than most humans.”

“Now I can’t really argue with that, can I?” He hands him a ticket without loosing his smile. “I’ll bring you your order and I’ll try not to make you wait too much.”

“Thanks uh…” He frowns, trying to find a name somewhere. “I really won’t call you Cassie, man.”

“No, please, don’t.” He groans and god, if Dean doesn’t want to hear this sound again. “My brother is an idiot. I’m Castiel.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Castiel, you’re the first person I meet since I’ve arrived here.”

“Really? You’re new here?”

“Not… Entirely. I’ve left a few years ago so I don’t really know anyone. Except you, of course.”

“Then welcome to Lawrence. If you want someone to talk, I guess you now know where to find me.”

“Yeah,” Dean grins. “I do.”

The guy – Castiel, smiles and looks at him while Dean slowly but surely joins an available little table near the huge window. When he glances at Castiel again, he’s staring at something behind the register and his cheeks are almost pink. Dean can’t help but grin at that sight, more than happy to understand that he’s probably the reason why the guy is blushing. He doesn’t know why he’s blushing and he doesn’t even know why it matters so much to Dean, but it does. He was nervous to meet Sam again, for good reasons, but talking to this stranger helped him and he’s ready to bet that talking to him every single day will help him again, just like it did. But Dean knows, deep down, that talking to someone isn’t what he needs to forget about things.

Hell – if he wants to be happy, Dean needs to forget about his own fucking life. And he knows, more than anyone, that it won’t happen, because nothing good ever happens to him. That’s probably why he stops staring at Castiel, that’s probably why he looses his smiles and that’s also probably why he starts thinking about his father and Sam again. Nothing good will happen. Nothing good will happen.
Nothing good will fucking happen.