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Who am i ?

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I open my eyes.My whole body was covered in sweat. I had this nightmare again. It was always the same. Fire. Everywhere fire. I could still hear the screams. Slowly i sat up. There was no way i would sleep again but there was nothing i could do. It was still night.

I put on the black t-shirt i wore yesterday and opened the door of my room. The whole house was silent. It was strange to be alone in such a big house. I got down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Just when i wanted to drink i heard a really loud scream. The glass dropped to the floor and broke. For some minutes that felt like an eternity i just stood there without moving. Then i heard a scream again. I had to find out what it was. Even though i was scared as hell. Barefoot and with just a t-shirt on i walked out. It was really cold but i had to find out what had happened. I had seen enough horror movies to know that it was a really stupid idea to go at night in a forest. Alone. But that was exactly what i did. On my way to the forest i saw a car standing near my house. I never really liked cars but i had to help my father repair cars often. So i knew exactly what it was. A 67 chevy impala. I couldn't help but smile. But my smile faded aways when i heared someone scream again. This time i understood it


I ran into the forest and hid behind a tree. There where three people. Two of them looked like they were my age. But i had never seen them at my school.The other one was much older. And they were all carrying weapons. Then i saw something else. I had never seen something like that. I covered my mouth with my hand so i wouldn't scream. One of the boys took a gun and shot it before it could attack them. But there were comming more. I had seen something like that before. They had sharp teeth and long nails. When i was little my father often looked up things in a special book he and my mother had. I wasn't allowed to see it but i was curious what was so important. So one night i got down and looked inside the book. There were all kinds of supernatural creatures inside there. Vamires,Wendigos and werewolfs. Yeah they looked like werewolfs but that was impossible. Creatures like that don't exist. Right? I was so absorbed in my thoughts i didn't realize that they had killed all of them. They gabbed the bodies and put them together. The older one poured gasoline all over them and then set them on fire. I didn't want to watch but i was to scared to move. Thankfully they went to the car so i could run back. Inside the house i ran to my parents office. I searched everywhere till i found the book. Was it true? Where there really creatures out there that just lived in stories and myths? When i opened the book a key and a peacee of paper fell out. I read what was on the paper.

,,Dear Y/N, i never wanted you to know that but i guess we have no other choice. There are very bad things out there. And we are some of the people who fight them. We are hunters. They are everywhere over the world fighting the supernatural. We never wanted you to be a hunter because it's very dangerous.The key is for the bunker. You can look what's inside or you can just throw the key away and live a normal life. It's your decision. Chose wisely. Remember we love you!

- Mom and Dad“

Tears were dripping down my cheeks. But i knew what i had to do. I grabbed the key and went to the cellar. I put the key in the lock. When i turned the key around my hand was shaking. Then the door opened. I took a step inside. There were parts of newspapers and notes hanging on one wall. On the other wall there were weapons. That was to much for me. My hands were shaking. Did i even know my parents? Who were they? I guess i had to find it out. I took all the boxes inside and brought them to my room. Even though it was already morning i sat on my bed and looked through all the stuff till i fell asleep.