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Fang Octavius and the Girl with the Crimson Eyes

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The figure hides.

It feeds off your terror.

Fang Octavius sprinted as fast as he could through the dark wood that surrounded him, a fog coating his path as the twigs and leaves underneath him snapped and crunched under his rough-looking black shoes. His eyes were wide with fear, widening just that extra centimetre when he twisted his head and slowed his running to see something was staring back at him through the darkness. A sort of shiver spread throughout his body, a chill, and he took off running again, not daring to look back even when he had run so far that he had no idea which way allowed him to exit the forest.

It's coming.

He hears the horrifying voice whisper through one ear and almost as if it was coming from out the other, looking all around him just to make sure he wasn't being watched. Somehow though, the silver-haired child could feel the presence of a person behind him at all times. Almost like a ghost.

"I know you're there! Show yourself, foul beast!" He tormented.

The boy raised his fists to attack whoever was out there, belittling him, but with a blink of his grey eyes, Fang could no longer see through the forest due to how dense the white fog had become.

You can't escape.

He blinked.

It's always near.

He blinked again.

It's with you, Fang Octavius.

With one last blink, Fang was met with something so drastically horrifying that he almost passed out.

It's always with you.

A pair of eyes.

Crimson eyes, staring right back at him.