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"No. Please have mercy. Please." Tracey Davis, an eight year Slytherin pleads as she is dragged by a couple of blank faced aurors. Her hands are secured by handcuffs and she is crying. She is literally crying. Tears are sliding down her cheeks as she screams and cries loudly to be spared because she hasn't done anything wrong. Harriet follows them, hidden underneath her cloak. They are not alone. Oh no. There are professors and other students. They are just standing there, staring at her being dragged away. The only crime she has committed is that she was born as a veela.

"I am not unnatural. I am only a Veela. Please." Harriet's eyes narrows in rage and she follows quietly, wondering why no one is saying anything. How can they be so heartless. Even Remus is quiet. His eyes are fixed on Harrier's face as if he knows she is there. Dumbledore is watching the entire scene gravely.

Tracey's wings are beautiful. They are flapping behind her. Her body is trembling. Harriet points her wand on them and casts a quick spell. It will prevent them from severing her wings.

"Please. I haven't done anything wrong." She cries but they don't respond. Their movements are robotic and eyes are hard. Being a slytherin is a crime in itself after the defeat of Voldemort. Malfoy is still in Azkaban. Even though Harriet told them how he refused to recognize Harriet and her friends and how he did not kill Dumbledore, they sentenced him to four months in Azkaban. On the top of it, being a Veela was already a crime. Tracey is accused of being a Slytherin and a Veela.

Harriet stops when they come to the exit of the castle. For a moment, Tracey's eyes fall upon her as if she knows that Harriet is there. Her face is red and her eyes are so terrified that Harriet trembles. Tracey's body is quivering. She thinks that they will severe her wings. She doesn't know about the spell. Her terror and heaving chest send a shiver through Harriet's spine.

Harriet is a veela too. Now that the dark lord is gone, they don't want Harriet. Who knows what they will do to her if they find out. This wasn't what she had wanted. She had wanted to abolish the law but she won't be able to. As they side-along Tracey, Harriet falls on her knees.

She is shocked by the sheer hypocrisy they portray. They want their freedom but are not ready to grant others even their basic rights.

She breathes hard and closes her eyes. It's good that she didn't tell Dumbledore about what she had found while searching Riddle's manor. They don't deserve the freedom.

As Tracey's terrified eyes cross her mind again and again, her nostrils flare and her eyes shoot open. Her knees feel weak as she stands and removes her cloak. Thereafter, she storms inside the castle.

The only thoughts revolving her mind are that they need a taste of their own medicine and that she will need help. There is only one person whom she can trust.

It's time to resurrect him.


Severus is marking the assignments although his hands are quivering hard and his cheeks are burning from the fury that is coursing throughout his body. He doesn't understand what's wrong with these people. Haven't they just gone through the pain they are inflicting on those poor creatures. The man who created the barbaric law is dead.

Someone knocks his door and he presses the quill a bit too hard on the parchment. The nib breaks and Severus drawls, "Enter."

The door opens and it takes a moment to control his mounting fury because it's Potter and she is the last person he wants to see right now. She is annoying and rash and adamant and the perfect person to vent out his anger on. But he doesn't want to scold her. The dark lord is dead and she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from him.

So he takes a deep breath and looks at the girl. She has closed the door and is standing very still.

"I am busy right now. You can talk to me tomorrow after your class." He says, trying to keep his voice steady, trying not to let his anger seep out of him because he is sure that she is happy, that she thinks that the girl deserved it. Prejudice runs in her blood.

In some corner of his heart, Severus knows that he is wrong because Lily was a veela and James accepted her without any questions and died for her but his mind is not exactly rational right now, not when he knows that they are torturing a child for being what she is and he is doing nothing but staring at the green eyed trouble seeking menace in front of him.

He did not sacrifice his entire youth for to see this day. They don't even deserve freedom they were given on a silver platter.

"It's important." She says and he breathes again before gritting his teeth. He won't send her away because she is Lily's daughter and as she is growing, she is becoming a carbon copy of her mother.

"You have two minutes." He says and she nods before casting a privacy charm on his door. It surprises him and he raises his eyebrows, his hands folded in front of him.

What she does next is completely a shock. Unlike the popular myth, veela can show their wings to whomsoever they want and whenever they want. They are eccentric and egoistic and most importantly powerful and vicious and should not be crossed. Things get ugly when a veela is enraged. They tend to hold a grudge and don't forgive easily which is why he gapes at Potter whose magnificent wings are spread behind her. Her eyes are hard and her lips are pressed together. She must despise him for how he treated her ever since she set her first foot in this castle.

Apparently, she doesn't because no one knows that she is a veela, not even Black or Lupin. Maybe Lupin knows, being a werewolf and all. Even Albus doesn't know.

Her fists are clenched and it hits him very suddenly. Of course she saw how they literally dragged Ms. Davis out of this castle.

"Dumbledore got the wrong horcruxes. All of them are still intact. I trapped his soul somewhere and I am going to resurrect him by merging all his horcruxes. Are you with me?" She is blunt and honest and angry.

He blinks, trying to decide quickly.

"How will you kill him again?" He asks, his eyes narrowed.

"I will. Once all his horcruxes become one, it will only take a slash of my wings on his neck to finish him off. He is just one man." She answers.

He wants to slam his head on the table. She could have confided in anyone. Why did she come to him? He can't very well deny. She will just do it by herself and she is a menace and a magnet for trouble.

So he does what he thinks is prudent. He nods and she retracts her wings slowly. It's fascinating to watch them. They are silver and have green tips with a bit of golden in the middle and he wants to touch them. He is a potions master and is curious. But he wants to live a long life still and knows that she will kill him if he dared to ask that of her because although veela like showing their wings off, they don't let anyone except their mate touch them. They are temperamental and Severus wonders why she never lashed out at him. He left no opportunity to torment him even if it was partly to keep appearances.

A moment later, she turns around and he stands up to follow her. The sooner this is over, the better. He will ask his questions later when she has calmed down a bit.


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