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Opposites Are Lovely

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Embry Call fidgeted from his seat on the brown linen couch in the medium size living room, the baked sweets that wafted in from the kitchen made his stomach churn, he sighed and ran a hand through his now short hair. Emily Young, Sam Uley’s fiancé walked into the joined living from the kitchen holding a tray of freshly prepared muffins.“Would you like a muffin, Embry?” She asked kindly, he only nodded, not trusting his own voice at the moment. Taking hold of the baked good, he nibbled into the muffin, hoping that some food would be able to settle his stomach, then he heard two loud howls that made him jump in his seat, Emily giggled then placed the tray down on the table in front of him; then she walked up to the front door with a wide smile on her face; a large man with chopped black hair soon scooped Emily up in his arms, they laughed as he walked into the kitchen while still holding her. Two other boys walked in and Embry gazed at them, then his eyes widen at the second boy that had stepped into the house; he looked about six feet tall and was very muscular. The boy was staring back at Embry with wide eyes also. He felt his world shift before him, he couldn’t seem to focus on anything else other then the boy’s deep brown eyes that were gazing into his own. His heart was beating furiously in his chest, the other boy seem to notice what was going on between the two and smiled then called out to Sam and Emily breaking the trance that was holding boy’s. After Sam, Jared, and Paul introduced themselves to Embry, and Sam explained what an imprint was and the bond that they shared, he let the two teens head outside to speak with one another. Embry followed cautiously behind Paul as he lead them into the woods; Paul stopped at a large oak tree. Embry bit at his lower lip when Paul turned around and faced him. He felt his whole body tense up when Paul slowly walked up to him, he averted his eyes down at the soft patches of grass below him; Paul took in a deep breath and softly spoke. “Embry.” His name fell off his tongue like honey, Paul reached out his hand and gently cupped the other boy’s cheek, which caused him to look up into his deep brown eyes once more. “We can take this slow, we don’t have to rush into anything that makes you uncomfortable. We can get to know each other, what we like, dislike, anything you want before we try to get into anything serious. Is that okay with you?” He whispered, a large lump formed in his throat at Embry’s glistening eyes. Embry gave a short nod of his head, soon a small smile formed around his lips which caused Paul to chuckle; both of their hearts were light and filled with joy at taking their relationship slow and getting the chance to know one another a bit better. For the rest of the day the two boys spent their time at the beach, learning what the other liked in terms of food, music and video games.