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He Belongs to Me

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Chapter 1~ It all starts with a beginning

Threw the iron gates passed a 16-year-old boy dressed in bright orange with ruffly messed up blonde hair his name was Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki the last survivor from the Uzumaki attack on his family he didn't know if he had any other family aside from his adopted father Ikura. His outgoing attitude can put many people off even by how eccentric he dresses. His skin was perfectly tan with three little whisker-like scars down each side of his cheeks. As he looked around the school grounds he noticed people looking at him, sighing he walked on through the school. "Please let this year be better than any others" Naruto muttered to himself. A blonde hair chick dashed past him squeaking at the top of her lungs to her pink haired friend. "Sakura, Sakura! Have you heard of the new transfer student?" a girl with long pink hair turned around. Her name was Sakura Haruno she probably was one of the most annoying people in the school but somehow she managed to be so popular with such pink hair.

"Ino.." Sakura's emerald eyes widened "he's behind you..." Ino brushed the long bang covering her right eye behind her ear slightly and her blue eyes widened to "He's tan wow how exotic..." They both muttered under the drooling Sakura woke from her daze "ugh but he's nothing compared to my Sasuke-Kun" Sakura blubbered. Ino frowned "Your Sasuke. What was that billboard brow you got something your not telling me you slut!" Ino and Sakura may be besties but they have this continuing rivalry over Sasuke it's been going on since they were kids. The two of them continued arguing all the way to class.

Overhearing this conversation in the shadows of the tree was Hinata Hyuga. A beautiful pale girl with lilac eyes and long dark black hair, from the well distinguished Hyuga clan though she was incredibly shy.

"you know Hinata it's rude to listen to other peoples conversations. But I guess I'm one to talk." Hinata looked around flustered. In a flash, he was standing before her. His name was Sasuke Uchiha. He is famous for being a genius in his class and he is one of the two sole survivors of his clan. Sasuke brushes his jet black long bangs out of his eyes, his black eyes pierced Hinata. As well as being a genius he's also the school's president, he's also incredibly gorgeous most of the girls like to fawn over him, being so academic and athletic makes their hearts flutter and mouths drool. "s-sorry...President...I didn't mean anything by it..." Sasuke sighed and walked off "I'll let you off just don't let me see you doing it again." as he walked past Sakura and Ino he overheard them talking about Naruto again "so that's what's gotten everyone so energetic a transfer student huh" Sasuke walked to class in silence after that.

"Class I would like to introduce Naruto Uzumaki, he is a transfer student so I would like you to treat him with respect." Kakashi ordered his homeroom Everyone glared at Naruto in anticipation " Uh Hiya my name is Naruto! Please look after me" the girls squealed, Naruto went to find a spot but all were taken apart from the seat next to Sasuke Uchiha "can I sit here?" Naruto asked Sasuke "no that's where my books sit" "Jerk" Naruto mumbled. He pushed Sasuke's books onto his side while taking the seat. Kakashi continued on with his homeroom lesson all the while having a mask over his mouth and his silver hair in his face.

A few weeks later and...

Naruto was studying in the library for his science test next period. His books were full of dog tags and sticky notes. His reading glasses slightly holding onto the brim of his nose. Hiding behind the closet bookcase near Naruto was his new fan group whom both loved him and Sasuke Uchiha. 1 hour into lunch and Naruto had fallen asleep in the library. Sasuke walked past, holding his science books "dobe! You're going to be late to class" Naruto didn't move. Sasuke walked up to Naruto.

Sasu Pov

He's sleeping that does sound like him, to sleep halfway through studying. Although when he's asleep he does look a whole lot cuter than he does when he's awake if you ignore his loud and outgoing attitude he looks kinda cute. I shook my head what are you saying Sasuke! I thought over the thoughts I was having over the blonde kitsune, nibbling on my fingers that where arched around my face.

"Teme...." Naruto was mumbling in his sleep "dobe?" I pulled my head down to the same Hight as Naruto's " Sasuke-Teme...." he's saying my name while he's asleep how innocent "dobe?" Naruto's hands wandered up to my head, Naruto pulled down on my side bangs really hard "Sasuke- Teme... Ya know it's rude to stare at people when their sleeping!" "oww dobe let go!" "what time is it?" Naruto released his hands from his death grip off my bangs "good to see your awake Naruto, we have 10 minutes till lunch is over"

Naruto rubbed his eyes "Teme I'm only gonna ask you this once but can you help me? You are the president after all" I just smirked at him "Hn. What do you need help on?" Naruto pointed towards a certain page. It was the reproduction system. The smirk nearly turned into laughter "really you need help on this?" Naruto shrugged "only a little. I'm not that stupid" I swallowed the laughter and tried helping Naruto, whilst restraining the ever-blooming smirk hidden underneath my fingers.

Normal Pov

The Bell rang for the 3rd period "so Naruto do you understand it better now?" "yeah thanks, Sasuke" Naruto grinned at Sasuke "come on we have class" Naruto sprung out off his chair with enthusiasm. Unaware Naruto tripped over the leg of the table knocking Sasuke to the ground as well as himself, Naruto looked up to find himself resting against Sasuke's chest. "Sasuke. I'm sorry I must have tripped over" Naruto pulled himself away from Sasuke's torso blushing slightly to himself.

Naru Pov

I'm such an idiot, how stupid am I to knock him over. I hope he's ok. I would worry if he wasn't. What!!! DID I JUST SAY!!! You would care if Sasuke was hurt? Well, it was my fault but No I shouldn't be concerning myself with him. Sasuke stirred "you moron dobe!" I breathed a sigh of relief "thank god that you're fine. I was concerned that I did something and it was my fault" Sasuke sat up and looked at me. My cheeks still burned red as his dark eyes looked at me.

Sasu Pov

Is he blushing aww so cute! What am I thinking about we are friends and getting closer by the day? I'm straight... I think No Sasuke No you are straight! But he's so cute! I can't help my self. I grabbed the kitsunes waist bringing him closer our foreheads touching slightly "Idiot dobe don't stress over me I'm perfectly fine" "ok Sasuke" I released him. The bell rang again "Oh crap we are late! Sasuke Its time to go!" Naruto grabbed hold of my arm dragging me into our next class, stupid dobe...

"Ughhhh that was more painful than I thought it would be" Naruto growled I just smirked, of course, he didn't like it no one likes sex education half the class was either red in the face or making jokes. "What we have now?" "Lunch Dobe" "RAMENNNNN!" Before I could say goodbye he was running down the hallway to the canteen "Oi Dobe no running in the halls!" "Your gonna have to catch me if you want me to stop teme!" He's such a child sometimes. I walk into the canteen he's already on his third bowl oh god. I walk over to him a notice there's a tray with a bento box on it. I opened it there was a little piece of paper with the words.

~ Your welcome. That's 5.50 Teme =^.^=

He bought me a bento and it had my favourites everything was savoury nothing sweet. He really is sweet I smirk and pull out a 20 dollar bill and place it on his tray "That should cover the three bowls plus five extra" he smiled this brilliant smile that warmed up my heart this feeling is strange... What am I going to do about this??