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Today has been one for the books let me tell you.

Let me start from the beginning…

5 years old

“Aiko-Chan today we are going to meet the Uchiha's, they are interested in working with daddy’s business, so make sure your on your best behaviour okay!” “Oki Mummy!”
“Little Miss Shimada allow me to introduce my youngest son Sasuke Uchiha”“….”“How do you do Mister Uchiha, My name is Aiko Shimada its a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I hope we can be really good friends”

Primary School

“Hi my name is Aiko Shimada, my father is Hanzo Shimada, the Shimada name has been famous for centuries only within the last few decades has it obtained more fame. My father used to work for Overwatch and military organisation that is here to bring peace and protection to the world.”
“Hi my name is Sasuke Uchiha, my father is the current owner of the Uchiha Corp and yes Itachi is my brother. I’m apart of the Uchiha clan which is apart of Uchiha Corp, Uchiha Corp is an emergency services department that specialises in hospitals and police stations along side owning hotels as well.”
Mid Primary School“Sasuke Sasuke! Come to kendo practice with me, it will be fun to actually practise with someone who knows what they are doing”“Okay Aiko! I won’t go easy on you!”

*”Should those two really be friends, their families are rivals are they not”* “It must be a farce having the children get along, to show that so can the adults. How disgusting”* “ It's such a fake relationship you can see it a mile away”* “Clearly its the adults doing no rival clans let their kids talk to each other let alone play together”*

“Sasuke is really okay for us to be friends? Everyone has been saying nasty things”“It will be okay Aiko, no one really knows whats going on aside from us. Don’t stress your little head out. We will always be friends”
“Aiko you can’t be friends with Sasuke anymore, he is your rival and you must be better than him if you wish to succeed as a good heir to the clan. Do I make myself clear!”“Sasuke! Sasuke!”“You shouldn’t be here Ai, this isn’t a place for rivals to see each other people will talk.”“Your old man said the same thing to you too huh?”“Ai….. Just leave. We can’t be friends anymore”
Mid Highschool
“Welcome back Miss Shimada its good to have you back with us, I understand you studied abroad.”“Yes it was a wonderful experience especially since it helped my clan grow even stronger.”“That’s good to here, I’m sure we will see you experience pay off in the test sheets then”Results 1. Uchiha, Sasuke2. Shimada, Aiko 3. Hyuga, Neji
Current Final Year Highschool ….