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A New Life

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One Month after the Lian Yu incident -

Detective Quinten Lance stared at him like he was crazy. Oliver knows it’s a rather huge decision but he had made it after giving it a lot of thought. He haven’t told his remaining team yet, but with everyone on his original team dead and with only William left of his family, detective Lance is the only one that truly matters. With Flash gone after sacrificing himself to safe his city by going into the Speedforce and The Legends unable to contact, Oliver knew this will be good for both William and him alike.

Finally, detective Lance spoke “I’m sorry, can you repeat that again? I think I heard it wrong.”

“I know it a rather big and an unusual decision but it is decided. I’m leaving this Earth tomorrow with William. You are the only one left who has been with me from the start. This place reminds me too much of what I have lost, what I have failed. Or rather of everyone who died because of me. It appears to be true that being close to me brings nothing but dead and suffering. I can’t be just Oliver here but I can be at a different Earth. I don’t want my son to grow up as an Orphan and I don’t want any more dead on my conscience.” Oliver explain.

“Oliver, you know it’s not your fault. I would never understand why you always blame yourself when something bad happens. Bad things happens everywhere, to everyone, Oliver. We’ll be Gods if we are able to stop all of them. I understand you wanting to quit being the Green Arrow and also of wanting to start a new life but leaving this Earth all together? Isn’t it a little too extreme? Why would you wanna do that? This is your home, Oliver.” The detective reason.

“Home?” Oliver said it with a voice filled with distaste and disbelieve “Detective, this isn’t my home. This is a graveyard of everyone that I love, all of whom, died because of me. This place will always haunt me for the rest of my life. How can I let William stay in a place like this? I will always have enemies after me, Detective. Even if I don’t want to continue my crusade. William will never be safe as long as I’m on this Earth. Detective, I’m not asking for permission. It’s been decided. I just want you to look after everyone after I’m gone. Tell Sara ‘I’m sorry’ when you meet her. I’m truly sorry for leaving you but I have to do this. I need to do this.”

“It’s okay. I get it. I used to hate you but you have become family to me. And it makes me sad to see you like this too. Don’t worry, I’ll look after the team and Star City. Visit whenever you can. I’ll miss you, Oliver.” Detective Lance said sadly.

“I’ll miss you too, Detective. Are you sure you can handle things at the mayor’s office?” Oliver asked.

“I’m a cop. I’ll handle the mayor situation just fine. Just you be safe” Detective Lance replied waving his hand not to worry about it.

“Thank you, Detective.” Oliver said and then leave his mayor’s office for the last time.



“William? You ready?” Oliver asked his son, who has just finished receiving hugs from everyone at Star Labs. He hasn’t shed any tears but Oliver knows he’s trying to appear strong in front of everyone. He is a sensitive kid but with a strong heart. Oliver felt sad thinking it take such a tragic event to bring them together and swore to himself he would do anything to become the father he deserve.

“Yes dad.” William replied.

He looked at the rest not knowing what to actually say when even he isn’t certain of what life will be like from now on or if he’ll ever be with them again. Caitlin, Iris and Cisco has tears in their eyes except Joe which is expected. But he still seem genuinely sad. He turned to the first one with his hands out for a handshake but Caitlin has other plans. She instantly engulfed him in a fierce hug completely ignoring his outstretch hand. He slowly hug her feeling a warmed in his heart realising there’s still people he cares about more than he want to admit.

“Caitlin. Stay safe.” Caitlin nod and finally breaks away.

Iris too hugged him though not as suddenly as Caitlin but Oliver knows this will be just as hard for her. With Barry gone and now him. Oliver then made a promise to himself to come visit here at least ones a year to look after them and also to keep his remaining family intake.

“Goodbye Iris. You too stay safe. I know Barry will be back. He always does. Don’t give up hope.” Iris nod too and they finally broke apart.

Oliver then turn to the guys.

“Wells, Joe take care.”

“You too, Oliver.” They replied together and they shake their hands.

“Cisco, look after everyone. If you need help, I’ll always be there for family. And please don’t forget to convey my massage to Kara when you see her.” Oliver said finally turning to Cisco.

“Thanks man.” Cisco replied still crying. Oliver finally hugged him to make him better and he hugged him back even though he complain that he wasn’t that bad.

Finally, Oliver open a portal using the Extrapolator Cisco made for him. After saying a final goodbye to everyone, the father and son steps into the dimensional vortex together holding hands.



Alex has tried everything that she can think of but nothing is working to bring back her sister. Her sister Kara, who is like the sunshine, who always smile and has a way of brightening up anyone when they are with her. But this pass few month since Mon-El left, everything about her sister has been the exact opposite. She has turned into a zombie, speaking only when necessary and with as less words as possible. She hasn’t stop saving the city though. Scratch that, all she seem to be doing these days is go to work and save the city and nothing else. It’s frustrating the hell out of Alex. Maggie was of no help.

“Just give her time Alex. Everybody needs time to heal. You are doing everything you can. Just be there for her that all we can do for now.” Maggie said while changing into more comfortable evening clothes.

“Maggie, she has never been like this. Nothing I do is working and I’m worried sick and I missed my sister.” She doesn’t want to cry but she couldn’t stop the tears that came flooding. Maggie hold her and let her cry whispering it will all be okay, but she is starting to believe that less and less with each passing day. She suddenly sat up and looked at Maggie, eyes wide.

“I haven’t even told Kara and mom about our engagement yet. I was so worried it will make Kara even sadder that I always told myself it’s not the right time every time I think of telling them. Oh Maggie, I’m the worse sister.” Alex said crying even more now.

“Hey.. hey, Alex sweetheart look at me." Maggie waited till Alex look at her and continue. "Listen Kara is your sister how can you even think she will be sad hearing that? She will be happy no matter what. You are her sister seeing you happy is all she ever wants. In fact, I think this will even brightened her up. It will be a good distraction, planning this wedding and she needs a good distraction."

Maggie look at the table clock and turn to Alex again. "It’s not too late now. Why don’t you pick your mom up and head to Kara’s place and tell her the news?”

“You really think this will help her?” Alex asked unsure.

“Well, only one way to find out!” Alex answered smiling.

“Thank you Maggie.” Alex kissed her sweetly with a smile on her face before going to put on a change of clothes. Oh how much she loves her.



Hovering far above the sky, Kara listen for anything that catches her attention. She has been doing this every night since the invasion to keep her mind occupied and not think about Mon-El that  always overwhelm her whenever there’s nothing for her to do. She stayed out till she can’t keep her eyes open. By then it was easier to fall asleep. The other option being crying herself to sleep, is never a healthy one. She hasn’t had much experience in loving someone but if this is a part of it she doesn’t want it anymore. How can anyone love someone if they know heart break can be so devastating? All this thoughts made her think of Barry and Oliver. They are just like her saving people and still be with their loved ones. Both of them had been in a relationship longer then her though not without their fair share of hardship but now they seem to have figured it out well. And here she was, it was only months since she found someone who she loves and it’s all gone in a moment. She doesn’t know what she had done to deserve such a cruel fate from Rao.

Finally, not hearing anything out of the ordinary, Kara decided to head back home and try to sleep.

When Kara entered her room, she was surprised to find both her mother and sister there waiting for her. Not that she doesn’t love to see them but the way they look and talk to her were becoming more and more irritating with each passing day. She knows they are just worried about her but she doesn’t know how they can do anything to help her that hadn’t already been done.

“Hi mom, Alex?” she called out rising her brow.

“Your sister called me. Said she has something to share with us. We have been waiting for you for hours, I was getting worried but your sister here said you’ll be back soon and that we should just wait. Where have you been Kara? Are you alright sweetheart?” Eliza asked worry showing all over her face while coming to inspect her.

“I’m fine mom. I was just out scouring the city.” Turning to Alex she asked, “Alex, is everything alright? What is so important that it can’t wait till tomorrow?” Looking at her properly now, Alex seem nervous. She was fidgeting and acting weird.

“Umm.. I wanted to tell you guys earlier but I didn’t get a chance and also I was a little scared.” Alex replied.

“Alex, what is it? You are making us scared too now.” Kara said.

Finally, Alex took off her hand glove and raise her ring finger to show everyone the ring on it.

Eliza squealed and jump up to hug her daughter with tears streaming down her face. Her daughter had not had the best of luck regarding relationships. It made her really happy to finally see her daughter happy. Maggie was a good person and her daughter deserves the best. She was very proud of her daughter. And her tears shows how happy she was to hear the news.

Alex then looked at Kara and she found Kara smiling. But seeing the tears on her sister’s face she started to worry but Kara came and hug her.

“I’m really happy for you sister. I really am. You deserve to be happy.” Kara said.

“Thank you Kara. You deserve to be happy too you know?” Alex respond.

“You sister is right. You deserve to be happy too. And I hope you’ll find someone soon that will make you just as happy if not more.” Eliza said with a sad smile on her face and a hopeful look in her eyes.

Kara smiled at that. “Don’t worry about me sister, I will be fine. This is your moment. And it makes me happy just seeing you happy.”

Kara really was happy for her sister. Unlike her, her sister too had gone through a lot of hardship and struggles to get here. It made her think if it’s because she had gotten together with Mon-El rather easily that leads it to not last. Still, the moment she heard her sisters announcement she doesn’t know how to take it but in her heart she know her sister deserve it with all that she had gone through and seeing her happy really made her happy. It made her think if her current state is part of the hardship that everyone goes through to find the happiness and love that her sister has right now. It made her feel a little better thinking it that way. Finally, she can’t help but smile. She doesn’t even realise that she had been crying until her sister asked her if she was okay. At that moment she realises she was genuinely happy and smiling for the first time since Mon-El left.

“I’m really happy for you sister. And also thank you. I needed that.”

“Stop it already. You are going to make me cry too. And I don’t want to cry.” Said Alex, though she already had tear streaming down her face, making everyone laugh. Kara might have lost her real parents, home and family but she felt really lucky to have found another family who truly loves her as their own.

“Let celebrate. I’ll go and get pizza. It will just be a sec. Alex wine is in the bottom drawer. My sister is about to get married!” Kara announced feeling excited for the first time in a long time.



Oliver and William landed on an alleyway. They were surrounded by tall buildings everywhere when they step out on the main road with their bearings. Oliver and William first went and bought a map. Luckily even if their credit cards doesn’t work, notes seem to be exactly the same. After studying the map for a while, Oliver led William through the city, which they found out is National City and exactly the Earth they want to be in. After what seem like hours, they finally stopped in front of an abandon warehouse.

"What is this place?" William asked.

"It's a safe house for the League of Assassins." Oliver answered as he lift the shutter into the warehouse. "They used abandoned places as temporary safe houses for their members while they are on a mission. And it seem like the league here follows the same system as that of our Earth’s."

"How did you know how to find it?" William asked. "And where it was?"

"Do you remember Supergirl? She is from this Earth. We talk about her earth and when I mentioned the league, she said her brother once mention some masked vigilante doing a real number on the League and that they are as good as lost this days. I had been with the league at our earth and I used the same algorithm to locate the nearest safe house. I didn’t know it would be here but I had to try because it’s the easiest and fastest way to get settled in and it seem like I’m lucky for once. According to the state of this safe house, no one has been here in years so we should be safe to stay here for now." Oliver answered.

"What do you mean for now?" William asked with worry in his voice. "What if someone did come?"

Oliver put his arm on his son’s shoulder to calm him down. "Don't worry. We won’t be staying here for long. These warehouses hold money, weapons and all the material you need to make fake IDs and documents. Everything we need to create a new identity for the two of us. After that, we’ll get our own apartment and begin our life here."

“Oh. Okay.” Replied his son and went to settle down for the night with his dad.

Oliver knew from Kara that there is no Oliver or Star City on this Earth, so that’s a relief. That means nobody will recognise him and so will creating a new identity be easier. He would have to find an apartment and a job first. The league’s money would last for years comfortable but he would be earning a normal salary since he plan to lead a normal life, so he decided to save the league’s money for emergencies. He had to find a school for William too. Oliver fell asleep planning his next move to start a new life in a new place and for the first time in weeks, he haven’t thought of Lian Yu before he sleeps.



A breach appears suddenly at the DEO office which set every agents on alert. A second later, a guy with a weird eye gear jump out of it. He immediately raised his hand, seeing all those guns pointed at him.

“I come in peace” he said. “Seriously guys, I just came to talk to Kara. We are friends.”

“Who are you?” asked a black guy who Cisco decided looks dangerous and has a 'don’t screw with me' vibe.

“My name is Cisco or Vibe, which is my code name. Hi!” When he saw him still looking at him without any response, he continued, “I’m a friend of The Flash. Supergirl knows me. I just came to talk to Kara about something. I promise.”

“Alex?” The man called to a woman with short black hair dressed in black tights “Call Supergirl. Do you know him?” he continue to ask turning towards her.

“On it. Not exactly, sir. But I remember my sister mentioning him once or twice.” Alex, whom Cisco remembers Kara mentioning decided must be Kara’s sister. They look nothing alike at all.

“Really? Just ones or twice?” Cisco asked annoyed.

“Kara will be here shortly, in the meantime come with me. My name is Jonn. I’m the director of DEO. And this is our base. I have met Barry ones. How is he?” Jonn asked while leading Cisco to what seem like a waiting room and indicating him to sit.

“That is why I’m here, sir. I have some news regarding Barry and more. I will share as soon as Kara is here.” Cisco replied.

“Cisco?” Hearing his name, Cisco turn and find Kara at the door. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you. It’s good to see you.” Kara came in and hug him.

“It’s good to see you too, Kara. Though I wish it were on better circumstances.” Cisco respond.

Seeing Cisco’s stoic expression, Kara asked, “What is it? Does Barry needs my help? You don’t look very good.” Alex came in too at that moment.

Cisco took a moment before speaking “Um.. we had a few pretty bad days.” Cisco said without a hint of happiness in his voice. “Kara, Barry is gone. He sacrifice himself to save the world by going into the speed force. And we don’t know how to get him back without destroying our Earth.”

“What? What do you mean?” Kara asked looking confuse and disbelieve latch on her voice. Jonn and Alex just stayed quiet and listen.

“The speed force which is the source of power for all speedsters was starting to cause destruction due to some imbalance caused by speedsters and the only way to stop it was for Barry to be inside it to keep it balanced. We don’t have any other solution, so Barry went inside it to stop the destruction.” Cisco explained with a hint of guild and helplessness in his voice.

Not wanting to think the worse, Kara asked “But he might come back. He is not actually gone is he? As soon as he finds a way or we find a way, Barry could come back. Couldn’t he?”

“I hope so. We are looking for solutions too. We haven’t found it yet but we’ll not stop looking.” Cisco replied.

“Good. I will ask Winn to look into it too. Don’t worry Cisco, we’ll bring Barry back. I know we will.” Kara said with conviction, not wanting to believe Barry is actually gone. Barry is his only close friend from Earth 1 and she doesn’t want to think of losing him too so soon after everything that happened with Mon-El.

“There’s more.” Cisco said still looking even sadder if that’s even possible. “Felicity, Diggle, Thea and William’s mother all died in an explosion. Oliver lost everyone from his old team. He has got only William now.”

“Oh Rao.” Kara said. Her hands covering her mouth out of shock on hearing the news. She remembers Thea being the only family left of Oliver’s blood. Also, Felicity whom Oliver loves and his best friend Diggle. Kara can’t even contemplate how he much be coping with that. She had felt so lost and so much in pain just losing Mon-El and hearing Oliver lost everybody he love made her dizzy. Oh Oliver.

“Who’s William?” Alex asked when Kara stood silent.

“William is Oliver’s son. He had kept William away from him with his mother to keep him safe. But Adrian Chase kidnap everyone close to Oliver to Lian Yu and asked Oliver to choose between everyone else and William. Chase had planted explosives all over the island which is programmed to detonate when he dies. Oliver’s friend Slade manages to save the rest but William’s mother Samantha won’t leave without her son and tried to stayed behind, so Thea, Felicity and Diggle went after Samantha to reason with her, but Adrian Chase shot himself in the head before they could get to safety.” Cisco explained.

Everyone in the room just stood there in silence after hearing what they had just heard. How would anybody cope with a lost like that is a common question in everyone’s head. Kara couldn’t believe what she just heard. Oliver had suffered the most among all of them and when he finally found happiness, he was left alone again just like the time when he was stranded on an island. She doesn’t know much about him but she knows enough to understand why he is the way he is, and why everyone respects him and listens to him. He is their leader, a mentor and an inspiration to everyone on his Earth even though he has no powers. According to Barry, Oliver had not become the hero he is by choice but was made into what he was today though hardship and suffering. Her lost felt like nothing compare to what Oliver had lost and Kara felt terrible. She know how it felt to lose everything. She had also gone through it herself when she watch her planet and everyone on it died along with her planet. But now she has got a loving family here she doesn’t think she will be able to go on if she lost her family for a second time like Oliver.

“How is he?” Alex asked before Kara could speak. Kara knows her sister much be thinking about her too. About when she had told her story for the first time to Eliza and her sister.

“Oliver is strong. I don’t know how he is now but he is not the kind to give up. He left our Earth shortly after he performed everyone’s funeral ceremony. I hope he gets pass this soon.” Cisco answered.

“What do you mean ‘he left your Earth’?” Kara asked confused.

“He doesn’t want anyone to know and I’m not supposed to tell you this. But he is here in your Earth with William. According to what he told us, to start a new life away from all that reminds him of his failure. He blames himself, and with everything that happened, he seem to believe that he brings only dead and suffering to those close to him. And so, he doesn’t want to be close to anyone now. That’s why he went to this Earth leaving the few he care for behind. I think he wants to stay away from everyone and avoid attachment with anybody. Don’t ask me where he is. I don’t know. All I know is that, he’s here on this Earth with William.” Cisco replied.

“That’s insane. How can he think all that? And how will he go through with such a tragic experience alone? He needs someone to talk to and share. We have to find him.” Kara complained.

“Kara, I don’t know about you but I won’t want to get on his bad side. Finding him is the easy part but he has requested me to tell you not to find him when I talk to you. He plan to live a normal live with a normal job and just be a good father to William. I can’t stop you or anything but I would just give him his space if I were you, at least for now. Also, he is scary and I don’t want an arrow in me. He asked me to contact him if we needed him when he left, but that’s it. You are part of our team so I thought you deserve to know.” Cisco replied sadly.

“Cisco, I won’t leave Oliver alone when he’s suffering. He won’t get rid of me that easily.” Kara promised.

“Good luck then. I hope you will be able to help him and not get shot with an arrow when you find him.” Cisco said.

“Cisco, I’m not afraid of arrows. They can’t penetrate my skin.” Kara said rolling her eyes.

“I won’t be so sure if I were you. Oliver is as unpredictable as they can get. Anyway, I have to go now. With Barry and Oliver gone I can’t stay away from our Earth long. See you Kara. Alex Jonn, it was nice meeting you guys. I hope next time it’s under much better circumstances.”

“Bye Cisco” replied everyone. After a parting hug from Kara, Cisco open a breach and was gone in a moment leaving everyone in the room in their own thoughts. Kara swear she would find Oliver and try to help him get better in whatever way she can. Nobody should suffer alone after such a tragedy. She has no idea how to find him though. She will have to ask Winn to track him down. She doesn’t even know how he’ll create a new identity for him and his son without help from anybody. She is pretty sure he would come up with a way. Also, William needs to go to school. She will ask Winn to start from there. Decision made, Kara went to talk to Winn.



Over the past few days, Oliver and William had been carefully setting up their new lives creating a series of fake documents. It helps that the leagues resources are as original as they can get to make them seem like they have lived their whole life on this Earth. Oliver doesn’t need a be on any social media since he can just pretend to be not interested, but for William, his generation is tricky and creating all those fake life of his son on the internet is the tricky part. Using only photos taken in places that existed on both Earth and editing it so that both of them could be on it in most of them and creating travel records to make it seem like they travel a lot to explain the lack of friends and attachment if asked, Oliver finally finished everything that is needed to start their new life. He plan to pretend to have moved from Central City, it’s a city he knows the most about other than Star City which doesn’t exist on this Earth.

He had found a beautiful house in the suburbs which is much better because he doesn’t want to run to neighbours all the time which will surely happen if he was living in an apartment building. Now, he can start looking for a job. He had admitted William to a school that has a good reputation called Davis Middle School and it would be better if he finished furnishing the apartment before classes begins. Even with all this busy schedule since he had come to this Earth, Oliver still finds it difficult to sleep. Whenever he closes his eyes nightmares threatened to consume him. He had hardly slept since he returned home from Lian Yu the first time but it had gotten even worse. Not that it affects him much anymore. But he was not alone with nightmares while sleeping. There hasn’t been many days William had sleep peacefully. Oliver always holds him at night and it seem to make sleeping easier for his son. William had become quite attach to him too like he was afraid that he would lose his father anytime too. It saddens him that his son had gone through a lot at such a young age.

Finally, after three weeks since arrival, everything was ready. The house furnished, William’s school starts the next day, everything from bank accounts, utility services etc. has been taken care of and he even bought a car. The only thing remaining to do was get a job which will be tricky since he doesn’t know much about anything other than fighting and shooting arrows. Finally, he decided to look for job as a personal bodyguard or private security to keep him sharp and in shape. He means it when he promise Cisco he would help if needed.

That night at dinner.

“Dad?” William started.

“Yes son? What is it?” Oliver asked looking at his son.

“Will you be going out as the Green Arrow here?” his son asked.

Oliver hadn’t talk much about his other persona with his son and hearing the question he decided to tell his son of his plans regarding the Green Arrow.

“No son. I don’t plan of continuing that here anymore. Besides this Earth has Superman and Supergirl and are filled with aliens and we are in National City which is Supergirl’s home. Also, I don’t want you to worry about me all the time. I haven’t had any experience being a father but I promise I will try my best to be the best father I can. I promise.” Oliver answered, looking into his son’s eyes to show that he means every word.

“Okay.” William said and after a moment continued “I never blame you for what happened at the island dad. I was even proud of you when I first found out my dad was the Green Arrow. I have always been proud of you. I didn’t tell mom because I didn’t want her to worry anymore unnecessarily. She always worries. It was then that I realise that she must be the one keeping me away from you to keep me save. And I understand. I don’t want you to worry about me too. You are a hero. You help people selflessly. I’m proud to be your son, dad. I always was. I just want you to know that.”

Oliver was shock to hear his son’s confession. He was so proud of his son. His son was so brave and so pure of heart that he couldn’t stop either his tear or the smile on his face. He doesn’t know if he deserves his son’s admiration and love but it made him so happy he got it. He got up and hugged his son. He planted a kiss on his head and whispered “I’m so proud of you too son. And I love you so much. Thank you son. I don’t know if I deserves all your love and admiration but I can’t be any happier to have you as my son.”

“I love you too, dad.” William whispered.

“Here, I have something for you as a present for your first day at school tomorrow.” Oliver said taking out a Supergirl key chain that was given to Oliver by Supergirl as a souvenir on their last meeting after they defeated the Dominators together saying it was rare even on her Earth.

“Wow! This is so cool. How come the Flash and Green Arrow get only action figures and pictures and Supergirl got all the cool stuff?” William asked grinning.

“Well, I guess Supergirl is cooler than either of them!” Oliver replied smiling.



At the DEO headquarter, Kara was surprised when Winn called and told her that he had found Oliver. It seem like Oliver wasn’t trying to hide at all. Or more likely, he thinks Kara would listen to his request and not contact him. Oliver and his son has used their real names while creating their new identity. Which is perfectly fine since there is no Oliver on her planet.

“Wow! He’s good. I won’t have known all this documents is fake if I hadn’t really looked closely. How did he manages to get all this done so quickly and so perfectly?” Winn asked with lots of admiration and awe in his voice.

“That's Oliver. Nobody knows how he does things. He just gets it done. I think he really thinks I will listen to his request.” Kara said feeling a little guilty that she had not listen to his request at all.

“So, are you going to see him?” Winn asked.

“I don’t know.” Kara replied conflicted over her previous resolves.

“Kara, he’s in National City. You don’t have to meet him directly to find out if he is doing okay. You will always be close by. If you think he needs someone to talk to or is in a bad place emotionally, you can always swoop in to help or offer comfort. But why interfere and break his request if not necessary? I’m sure you will run into him soon enough even if it’s not intentionally. You can talk to him then and everybody is happy.” Winn reasoned.

Kara mulled over that for a moment and then replied “Yeah, I think you are right. I will just watch from a distance and leave the rest to chances.”

“Good. Now that that’s settled, we have a problem at the National City museum and it needs you.” Winn said.

“Why haven’t you said that sooner if I’m needed, Winn?” Kara asked in an irritated voice.

“Um.. Because Alex and Maggie was handling it just find but they seem to be overpowered only a few moments ago. Also, you were not emotionally settled and I want you to be combat ready without any conflicting thoughts in your head before going into a fight.” Winn replied nonchalantly.

Without any further words Supergirl flew away and appeared in front of the big ugly alien on Winn’s monitor.



Oliver pulled up at the school entrance and both father and exited the car.

Besides him, William looks nervous.

“You okay?” Oliver asked holding his son’s shoulder to help him calm down.

“It’s nothing, dad. Just first day at school jitters.” William replied.

“You will do fine. Don’t worry too much.” Oliver smiled at him.

“I will be fine, dad.” William said.

“I know you will. I have faith in you. After all you are my son! Now go in there and show them whose boss.” Oliver encourage, on which William giggled.

The moment was interrupted by the voice of a girl calling William out. “Excuse me.”

Oliver looked at the girl who appears to be of William’s age. She has a short curly black hair and looks healthy and well fed unlike the woman beside her who appears to be her mother. The mother has a black hair but unlike her daughter, her hair was long and straight. She looks to be around early 30's and she was about Laurel’s height. Oliver thought she is beautiful but she looks tired and she was much slimmer than her daughter.

“Hi. I’m Ruby. Is that really a Supergirl key chain?” the girl asked pointing at the key chain on William’s bag.

“I’m really sorry.” Said the mother before William could reply. “My daughter seem to have a habit of interrupting strangers without thinking. Hi. My name’s Samantha or Sam is fine. I’m Ruby’s mother. I haven’t seen neither of you before at school so I’m guessing you are new here” She flashes an infectious smile at the end.

“Hi. I’m Oliver Queen and this is my son William. And don’t worry about it. I’m glad that William met someone on his first day here to be with. And yes, we just moved here only a few weeks back.” Oliver answered.

“My dad gave me this key chain just yesterday. And yes, this is a Supergirl key chain. You can see it if you want. Do you like super heroes?” William continued to answer Ruby’s question.

“Thanks. And of course I do. Superheroes are awesome.” Ruby touch the keychain and look at it with awe. “Wow this is really it. They said only a 100 of these pieces were made altogrther. Your dad is so cool.”

“You know, I have even had to chance to meet a few of them up close.” William said grinning.

“No way!” said Ruby excitedly and leading William into the school. “You have got to tell me all about it. Bye mom!”

“Bye Dad!” William called as well.

Both parents were laughing at their kid’s hyper conversation about superheroes.

“Well, at least they remember to called out goodbyes!” Oliver chuckled.

“Considering they both are into superheroes, they’ll probably become best friends.” Sam replied. “Where did you moved here from?”

“Central City.” Oliver replied.

“Really? I used to travel there a lot for work. So, doing drop off for the wife today?” Sam asked.

“No wife. Just me and William.” Oliver replied sadly. “I took William in after his mom passed away.”

“I’m a single parent too. I worked at L-Corp. That and taking care of Ruby is all I do. Speaking of which, what are you doing in National City?” Sam asked.

“I’m between jobs at the moment. I used to do private security work. Came here looking for a change.” Oliver lied.

“Well, I wish you luck. Oh if you want I’m sure L-Corp might be willing to hire you.” Sam offered.

“Thank you. I’ll consider it.” Oliver answered.

After exchanging phone numbers, the two parent parted ways.



Hearing the knock on her door, Lillian turn her chair towards the door and gave permission to come it to come in.

An agent whom Lillian has no interest in knowing who he was came in quietly and stood in front of her desk.

“Ma’am, everything is set and ready to execute as planned.” Said the agent.

“Good. Don’t make any mistakes this time or I’ll personally see to it.” Lillian warned.

“Yes ma’am.” The agent assured.

“Go and begin preparation. I want everything to be ready by evening tomorrow.” Said Lillian and dismissed the agent.

She will be damn if she fails again this time. But she is confident that this time she will succeed. After all, this one has been perfectly planned, had spent a lot of money and resources and took months to plan. Nobody will expect what she had planned. It will be done quickly and silently without attracting any attention. It was perfect. She smiled thinking about her genius plan. Poor Supergirl.