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Daniela Phantom

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Looking at the blueprints before me I was deep in thought, taking a pencil I quickly wrote down some notes before measuring out the increments between each wire circuit. Erasing a large sheet of the metal frame I place a few smaller ones in its place, making it be able to bend with ease, I then pulled back, looking over at Madeline in deep thought.

"I see, that would help it so that it wouldn't overheat it" She states, overlooking the prints.

"Let me see it!" A loud voice booms as Jack shoves both me and Madeline to the side as he peers over at the blueprints "Uh-huh- ok- but where is the on switch? I want an exact look at this ghost realm myself!" He shouts ecstatically

I rolled my eyes as I retrieved another blueprint, one for the outer frame as I rolled it out in front of him.

"I said it before Jack, it's on the outer frame, you have to remember the on switch has to go on the outside, who knows what the effects may have should an actual live applicant were to be inside the device as it's turned on" I then thought a moment "as much as I would be fascinated to look at the results I would hate for it to be terminal, don't you agree Madeline?" I ask while looking at the other

She grimaces at me "How many times do i have to tell you to call us Mom and Dad Sweetie, I swear its like you don't want us to be your parents" she states almost wounded as she places a hand onto Jack shoulder

I sighed as i stood up, removing my glasses I look at the two of them "Sorry Mad- I mean, Mother, it's just, it feels like i'm being undermined by referring the two of you as my parental units and restricting my scientific college status to the two of you” I  stated simply before grinning “I mean you two are the greatest ghost hunters out there right?”

"Aw don't worry Champ" Jack shouts while wrapping an arm around me before pulling me in and messing up my hair "You'll always be one of the smartest kids, for you're a Fenton! Just like Danny and Jazz" he beams at me all the while crushing me in said hug.

I push myself away from him "Eh-heh, thanks," I push my glasses back up on my face while trying not to look annoyed by the sudden embrace "Anyways, on to the matter of the portal-" I smooth out my hair aftering messed up as I peer over the blueprints.

"Hey Daniella, we're going to be late if you don't hurry up!" I heard Danny shout from above.

My eyes widen at this "B-But! We were just going to-" But before I could say anything I felt both of the parents push me towards the stairs

"You should hurry along dearie, you don't want to be late for school" Mother states smiling

"But Maddie~" I groaned when she gives me a look, I faked a cough as I look to her "Mom, the plans are finally set! We were going to build the portal together!" I complain

"That is no excuse for the lack of attendance at school Dani, now don't worry about it, Maddie and I will be working on it while you're at school" Jack shouts while urging me along

That shook no confidence as I look back at him worriedly "Oh don't worry hun, it's all on the blueprints, a simple put together deal, I'm sure we'll finish it by the time you get home, then we can test it out together" Mom states happily

Thinking a moment, I didn't mind leaving it into the hands of Mother, so long as Jack doesn’t mess anything up, I sigh defeatedly, walking up the first step of the stairs.

"Fine, but I wanna be there when you test it ok! So even if you finish it before I get back ok!" I exclaimed

"Of course!" They both nod agreeingly.

I went to say something when I felt Danny grab my arm "Come on science nerd or we're both going to be late" He states pulling me

"Fine" I groaned, following him behind.

Quickly grabbing my bag I rushed outside behind Danny who jumps onto his scooter, fastening his helmet as I do the same. Quickly starting up my own black scooter I look at Danny with a knowing smirk.

"Last one there has to do the others chores!" He shouts before racing off

"Hey!" I shouted after him, following after him "No fair you cheated!"

He laughs as I was still behind him "Hey I call it taking a fair advantage" he grins at me

Maddie shakes her head smiling "I swear that girl only revolves herself around science" She says a little worried.

"She can't help it, she's a Fenton through and through!" Jack shouts, looking at the pieces to the portal

"Welp if we want to have it done by the time she gets back we best start now" She continues as she began to work on the main frame against the wall.

"The sooner we finish the portal the sooner we can get to kicking some Ghost tail, you'll see" Jack grins with glee.

They followed the prints that they had worked countless hours on to make it just right, welding in the parts and wiring the cords as it went along nicely. And that was when Jack was inspecting the metal the portal was made out of.

"Kinda flimsy to be holding a ghost portal don't you think" Jack states, overlooking one piece of the metal, bending it willy-nilly.

"It's a durable enough material where it can hold when fastened with other metals with it and it is a kind of material that will reflect any ectoplasm and make it so that the portal could remain consistent" Maddie informs him as she was putting on the final touches. “Plus the portal has multiple layers to help it stand strong, trust me Jack we thought of everything”

Jack inspects the metal further "if you say so-" He bent metal further only to hear a snap, Jack began to panic as he had just broken the final piece.

"Oh Jack can you hand me the last piece, with that I think we're done with the inner core" Maddie states happily.

"Uh- Just a moment Maddie!" Jack shouts, looking around frantically.

Spotting another piece of the portal he soon saw it was the on/off switch, it was the perfect size, grabbing it he quickly went over to the blueprints as he made the quick switch.

"Here you go Maddie, with that the portal is finished!" Jack says with a sweat drop falling from his face.

Maddie looks at the piece, recalling something from earlier "Jack I thought this was supposed to go on the outside" She informs quizzically

"Oh nonsense! See that's what it says on the blueprints" Jack says frantically, showing her the layout.

"Well-" She draws out, now inspecting the paper.

"Don't worry, I got it" and without another word he pulled on some wires as he welded the last piece in "See, no worries"

"Ok Jack" Maddie states, a little skeptical but she let it slide as the revelation of the ghost portal being complete fill her with joy. "Oh I can't wait for the kids to come home, isn’t this just exciting?"


I didn't even waste anytime putting my scooter away as I practically jumped up the steps and into the house as Jazz opens the door, only for me to practically fly past her.

"Hey Jazz, can't talk!" I shout as I raced towards the basement

Making it to the basement I looked around hopeful when I saw it, clean, new, and pristine, the ghost portal.

My eyes practically sparkled to life as I stare at the wondrous machine "Oh is it done?" I ask excitedly, nearly jumping up and down but as professionally as I could I restrained myself.

Jazz and Danny caught up behind me as mom and dad nod their head.

"It is and ready for the first ever test to the ghost zone, with this baby we'll be able to hunt more ghosts than you can dream of" Jack shouts proudly

Jazz just rolls her eyes "Whatever, I highly doubt this would work, if you need me I'll be reading upstairs" she states leaving

"Suit yourself, I wouldn't mind checking it out" Danny states as he could feel the excitement emanating off of me.

"Come on, Come on, let's try it!" I shout

"Alright, Alright, Jack if you may" Maddie states smiling

Jack picks up the two wires, ready to connect them and powering the portal to optimal utility.

"I welcome you, the Ghost portal!" He shouts, plugging it in.

I was on my toes as I waited for any reaction from the device, a spark ignited and- nothing.... I blink, waiting once more, a little longer than before, but nothing came, perhaps if I blink once more, nope, still nothing, the portal was a complete bust.

"B-But the calculations were correct, I studied every inch of this device" I tried to make reason when both my parents and I slouch forward, feeling depressed after such a failure.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I guess we just have to start on square one" Mom states while heading back upstairs with Jack behind her.

"Yeah, maybe we'll have better luck next time."

I stared agape at them as I look back at the device "But- But I know I was right- this should have worked"

Danny places a hand to my shoulder "Hey, maybe there was just a fluke, i'm sure you'll get it next time" he tries to cheer me up

I grimace at this as I went over to the workbench, retrieving a blueprint as well as two jumpsuits, both white and made to keep its wearer safe from any harmful chemicals and such.

"No, I won't accept defeat" i stated as I gave the jumpsuit to Danny as well "Here we're going to take a closer look"

Danny looks down at the jumpsuit before shrugging, he wouldn't mind checking out the device, it was kinda cool, but it wasn't like he was going to say that out loud. Putting on the jumpsuit I enter the portal mainframe, inspecting the metal structure with a keen eye, I tap on my glasses to get a finer look at the detail, wondering if I'll come across any loose wiring or anything that would indicate such a failure on a large scale. Danny was looking all around us when he saw something.

"Hey isn't the on switch usually put on the outside of these things?" Danny states, pulling my attention away from my inspection.

"Yeah but I specifically told them to put it on the outside" I look down at my blueprints that I had carried on hand.

"Well maybe if we switch it, it'll work" Danny states already reaching for the button.

"Uh-huh, maybe but if we do that-" I was too lost in trying to figure out a way to rewire the system to have the button on the outside but before I could say anything else Danny had already pushed the button.

The whole world warped before us, I felt my body seize up in an unknown substance as I felt like every molecule in my body was set alight, I couldn't even scream but it only happened in an instant when the portal shoves us out of the device, we landed unconscious onto the lab floor.


"Ow-" I groan as I sat up from the ground.

I rubbed the back of my head before pulling it back to see if there was any blood, it felt like there should with how much it hurt. I notice my hand glowing a faint green luminescence, I don’t remember having any green lighting in the lab. I took a look around but just before me I saw a magnificent sight before me.

A green translucent portal was wide open in a swirling green vortex. "It works!" I exclaim "It really works! Danny you-" I turn to my side to see Danny still knocked out, panic envelops me as I began to shake my twin "Danny? Danny?!" I felt my heart squeeze as horrible thoughts entered my mind.

A groan escapes him as he slowly rose "Ow- that was- something" He states looking towards me

For a brief moment I thought I saw his eyes were green, but as soon as he blinks they were gone, it must have been a figment of my imagination, or the portals lighting, or a side effect perhaps maybe I should- no, no, worry about Danny first.

"Oh Danny" I wrap my arm around him, worry evident on me "I thought- I thought-" I held him close as he places a hand to my shoulder

"Hey i'm fine, we were both in there you know, so are you alright?" He asks as I finally pull away.

I inspect myself, noticing my lab suit was gone as well as my lab coat, which annoyed me, other than that I felt nothing different or out of the ordinary.

"No, it appears that I am very well, how about you, any side effects or lingering pain?" I ask him, clearly curious.

He pats his chest "No, perfectly fine besides my head hurting”

“Well we did just got blasted out of the portal upon activation” I say simply.

“Suits gone though, maybe that's what protected us from the blast" he comments.

I sigh with relief "Oh thank goodness" i then grimace as I got up "You maybe fine but I know mom and dad won't be once I give them a talking to" I growled as I began to storm upstairs.

I saw them slumped on the living room couch as I could feel myself seething at them, Jack sighs at this as he hunches over even further.

"I know Dani, you're just as disappointed about this as we are" He states grimly

"Oh i'm disappointed alright" I say before throwing my blueprint in front of them, it unraveled as it showed a rather changed schematic that was fairly obvious now that I look at it "But not about the portal as that's now up and running no thanks to you, Of all things, you do the one thing I say not to, you put the switch on the inside when I clearly said not to, you are just lucky that Danny and I didn't get hurt otherwise I would-" I try to lecture them with a finger raised at them but they interrupt me.

"Wait the portal is working!!" They exclaim, pushing past me and towards the basement.

I spun with my hand still in the air, being a bit dazed I then glared at the direction they had ran off to.

"I will not be ignored!" I shout after them

Following them downstairs i frown at their ignorance "Hey are you even listening to me!" I shout again.

It was like they were in their own world as they marveled at the portal "Hello~!" I shout once again for their attention but to no avail.

Ignored again I simply slumped forward in defeat, Danny places a hand to my shoulder.

"Hey at least we're fine, just look at them they look so happy" he gestures towards them.

I was skeptical at first before sighing "Fine, I'll let it slide, but only because we got the portal working!” A light bulb soon lights up above me “The portal is working!" I said as I realize this accomplishment as I ran up to their side as I gawk at the portal just as much as they were.

"And she's lost to us all" Danny laughs as he went to leave the lab.

"Oh and Danny" i call up after him

He looks back at me and I smile with glee "Thanks"

He returns the smile before leaving me to it, I suddenly panic "Oh I have to document this! This is such a tremendous occasion!" I shout, grabbing my notes as Madeline gauges the ecto ratings ebbing off of the portal.

Almost instantly the thought of going through the portal instilled me with wonder and curiosity, and soon ideas formulate on my mind as I saw Madeline pull out new blueprints, I move to her side as we began to discuss the newest device, or rather vehicle we were to create.


I yawn as I had spent that whole night observing the portal as well as tossing ideas between Madeline and myself, I was so tired but I was thankful that it was Saturday, Maddie was reading the signatures that omitted from the device as Jack stood, as if waiting for a ghost to come through, speaking of which I soon came to a new realization.

"So~ how are we going to turn off the portal now?" I ask, yawning once more as I leaned on one of the lab tables.

They turn towards me "Off? Why would you want to turn off the fenton ghost portal?" Jack asks

I propped my head on my hand as I continued to stare at the portal "If anything we can't just leave this thing open where anything can come in or out of the portal, it's a hazard," I try to explain and before he could put up a rebuttal I continued "Eventually all of us have to go to sleep, so trying to watch it is out of the question and what ever may come out of it may catch us off guard,”

“Well what do you have in mind?” Jack asks curious.

I grin slightly at this “I suggest a gate, something that we can easily access as the other side is detached from our realm for our protection as well as the inhabitants of Amity Park." I finally finish, drawing up some blueprints, ready to be detailed with the inner delicate works of fine circuitry.

"She does strike up a fair point Jack" Maddie points out “And it does sound like a good idea”

"Very well, this system will be so impenetrable no ghost would dare to try and break through haha!" Jack proclaims while slamming a fist down the table.

In that moment one of my hands that were resting on the table slipped, or that's what I thought happen as I fell forward, looking down to see what I slipped on I soon saw my hand was completely missing!
"Ah!" I quickly caught myself before screaming as I clamp a hand to my mouth as I saw the looks on the others faces, shoving my invisible hand behind me "Uh- Yeah sure, let's get started why don't we, Oh dear I seem to uh- need to- fix my glasses bye!" I exclaim before racing off

"Huh strange" Jack states as he and Maddie watch her storm off "Perhaps-"

"Oh she probably skipped on sleeping, we were up pretty late studying the portal so she's a little off, I'm sure she'll be fine" Maddie speaks up

"Oh right, sometimes with her intellect I forget she's a child sometimes" he then sniffles "Sometimes I think she’s growing up too fast"

"Oh Jack" Maddie comforts him.

Racing into the bathroom I quickly lock the door, pulling up my lab coat I had expected to see the absence of my hand only to see that it had appeared in that short duration. Had I imagined the dilemma due to my rather tired state? No, no, I had far worst days and they never ended up providing me hallucinations, perhaps it was due to a side effect of an experiment, I tried to think back on all of the recent projects I had partaken. There was the minor fenton ghost snatcher but that was a mediocre project and surely that wouldn't be the cause of this hallucination, the only thing that had consumed my time and effort was the-

Looking up I remember the events of the other day, I was inside that portal when it was activated. Perhaps, when the portal activated it somehow changed me, changing in such away but how? The ghost portal, by the looks of it must be comprised of Ectoplasm so the portal must have fused my DNA with that of a ghosts! I thought hard as I tried to will my hand to disappear once more, it flickers and that was enough for me to shake it wildly in order to get my hand to appear once more.

“That’s just- Fascinating!” I say while smiling at the mirror.

I splash cold water onto my face as I took a deep breath, looking at myself in the mirror, my purple eyes staring right back at me, my hair was being kept up by a silver ribbon per usual with medium length bangs that were constantly being swept over my left eye. Trying to figure some things out I was in completely new, and different territory.

There was something new, something different with in me, I was so preoccupied by the ghost portal that I didn’t stop to think about it, but now it feels  as if something was different in myself. Taking a deep breath I tried to will out whatever it was out from within me. I felt myself lift from the ground ever so slightly as this new sensation envelopes me, it was powerful, it was intoxicatingly new and direct, I let it take over me, spreading through my body. Opening my eyes I watch as silver rings surround me, spreading over me I watch as my appearance had completely changed.

Looking down at my hands I was amazed by this, that ghost portal had made me half ghost!  I had silver white hair that was no longer held back in a hair tie, my eyes were now a vibrant green as I had impossibly pale skin, well, more pale than my usual skin tone as I even notice that my lab coat from the other day had returned as it was covering over my Fenton suit that now showed black with silver trimming.

“Extraordinary” I whisper to myself.

I close my eyes as I took a deep breath, recalling this new gift I wanted to see if I could return to my normal form, it was as if my powers reacted fluidly with my commanding thoughts as I return to my human form, this was better than anything that I could ever think of!

Surely there would be negative side effects to this, deciding to first test out my memory I began to recall events in my life, from when I was young, what I feared, my Birthday being April third along with my twin brother Danny, my older sister Jazz, I never really made friends but I excel at the arts of science. I continue to think back on my past life as well as recent affairs, being seventeen and on the last year of high school I was comfortable with the sufficiency of my memory to deduce that I in fact have no flaws in memory.

That I know of “I need you to set up a timeline for me” I say as I tap my glasses for a moment.

“Understood” A calm autonomous voice spoke up from my glasses.

A yes, my intelligent AI that accompanies me wherever I go no matter what.

Exiting the restroom I was now looking towards Danny’s room, he shared the same fate as me so perhaps he too experienced this revelation. Although a big part of me wanted to begin some tests on myself, but that can wait, not all of this can be good, this was an accident after all surely not all of this is beneficial, I think I’ll confront Danny about this, or rather I should, but how do I go about it without revealing my own status. I know for sure that our parents would freak out if they ever heard about this predicament, so with my mind set I seek out Danny who may or may not be turning ghost.

Taking a deep breath I knock on Danny’s door “Hey Danny, I need to-” But as I open the door I watch as a boy with snow white hair, glowing green eyes, with a very pale complection turn towards me in surprise with a gasp escaping his lip.

My eyes widen as my whole world felt like shifting to one side “D-Danny?” I call out, concerned whether this was my brother or that I was seeing things.

“Dani!” He flew, he literally flew right at me as he places his hands on my shoulders “I don’t know what this is but that portal did something to me! What’s going on!” He exclaims.

I shake my head as I close the door behind me, I look at Danny closely, getting every detail as I even pulled on the black and silver jumpsuit he wore.

“Fascinating” I comment.

“Can you not be a science nerd about this and help me!” He shouts.

I roll my eyes as I transform as well, making him gasp as well. “The portal had infused our DNA with that of a ghosts, we are now part ghost, and with our will alone we can change our forms, try calming down and just think of turning back to your human self ok?” I tell him all the while turning back to my human self.

He watches for a moment before doing just as I told him, his normal human self now being presented in front of me.

“Very good” I then inspected him some more, grabbing his wrist I drag him to a chair, pushing him down as I began examining him. “Apologies but I need to be sure that there are no ill effects on you Danny so please be still” I comment.

“What? I-” He doesn’t finish as I grab a hold of his jaw while turning on a light on my glasses.

“Look into the light please” I command, I watch as his pupil shrinks normally “Look Left” He does just that “Now Right” and he complies. “Good now your other eye”

Once finished with that task I take out a tongue depressor as I open his mouth “Say Ah” I commanded next as he complies, pressing the depressor down on his tongue as I take a look at his throat. Seeing all that needed to be seen I lift his tongue with the depressor as I put a thermometer underneath then placing the tongue back by shutting his mouth.

He glares at me for handling him like such but I shrug “Don’t give me that look, i’m doing this for your benefit” I say, though I couldn’t help but think that this would benefit myself as well, but I let that thought fall as I take the thermometer out and checking his temperature, it was, to my shock, normal. I gave a small frown as I insert the tip of the thermometer into my watch.

“Scan Dna for any imperfections or hindering alkaloids, harming bacteria, virus, etcetera.” I command, my glasses coming alive as it scanned the substance in my watch.

She scanned the DNA sample with quick succession “Dna sample resembles that of Danny Fenton but the structure is compromised with that of ectoplasm, a common source of this being found in ghosts or supernatural phenomena that are still unknown, do you wish for me to continuing extracting informations Daniela?” I hear her say conclusively

I sigh at this “No, that will be all”

“Well?” Danny asks, on edge.

I think a moment, consulting my findings before shrugging, “Honestly? Nothing” I say while turning towards him.

“Nothing?” He raises a brow at me.

“I don’t know what to tell you, you’re perfectly healthy besides your temperature is a little below than average but nothing to be concerned about, it perplexes me as I try to think of what this could wrap up to, I mean, this was an accident, so surely not all of this has to be good, maybe if I try to see long exposure to thermal- no,no, we would just react normally but maybe if we were in spectral form, I need to come up with a name, hmm, Dimidius Exspiravit, yes, that’s perfect-”

“Hey Daniela! Hey!” Danny finally pulls me out of my rant, I look at him, finally remembering where i was.

“Apologies, I zoned out again” I grin sheepishly.

“I’d say” He frowns.

I sigh once more as I lean back on his bed, I look at my hand as I tried to make it go intangible once more. It turned invisible, being completely unseen by the human eye, then returning back to normal, I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear.

“Even if our family hunts ghosts this is the very first interaction with the spectrals, do you know how many studies I can do to figure out the extent of their capabilities!” I smile.

“Uh, Daniela?” Danny calls out to me, only it sounded like he was below me.

I saw that I was floating and upon realizing this I crashed back down on the bed.

“And how are you going to perform those tests if Mom and Dad are always in the lab?” He asks.

I blink at this “Nooo~” I complain as I fall back onto bed, looking up at the ceiling “They will surely hinder my research” then my eyes widen as I bolt up “What if they hinder my research because of this?!”

“Seriously?! That's what you’re worried about? Not them freaking out about this!” Danny complains.

It barely registered in my mind as I look down at my hands “I’m not just worried that they won’t just hinder my research, We’ll become their research” The harrowing thought frightened me as I couldn’t help but think of all the ways they could test, the more pain inducing ones for I knew what I would want to look for, I can only imagine mom and dad, two who have been hunting ghosts for the longest of times, they would practically devour and exhaust every resource just to find the ins and outs of a ghost.

I grab Danny’s shoulders as I look deeply into his eyes “Promise me you won’t tell them about this ok Danny!? You can only imagine so much of what they could do to us, but I know what they would do on us, I don’t want that! So promise this is a secret between us!” I beg him.

“Jeez alright already” He says lifting his hands up in submission before he thought a moment “But I can’t promise I can keep it from Tucker and Sam” He admits.

I wave my hand at this dismissively “So long as you think they can assist you with hiding this fact from everyone I’ll allow it” I sighed as I look at my watch, Jack and Maddie won’t realize I’m gone until a bit longer, they were still preoccupied by the ghost portal.

I place a hand over my shoulder as I look back at Danny “Even after all this, I’m just glad I’m not doing this alone” I say with a small smile.

Danny smiles back “Yeah heh, same here”

“I’m going to go back to the portal” I then notice that Danny was sinking into the chair he was sitting on “And, try to get your powers in check”

He realizes this as he tries to fix it, exiting his room I look at my hand once more as it becomes intangible. Curiously I test it on a wall leading to my room, knowing my dresser to be just behind the wall I felt around until I felt my folder on the ghost portal. Pulling it away my hand returns back to normal.

“Fascinating” I whisper to myself.

“What’s fascinating?” Jazz’s voice asks energetically curious.

“Gya!” I jump at the suddenness of Jazz’s question “O-Oh, I was just going over some of the notes I had on the Ghost portal, they are quite amazing conclusive results, to be able to have a stable and running ghost portal leading to where all spectral entities originate from, how can it not be fascinating” I lied through my teeth, technically I wasn’t lying but that didn’t stop the fact at how fluent I was to with hold other information.

“Well try not to get too crazy over it, it’s bad enough that Dad is practically drooling over it” She says while pointing towards the lab.

I jump at this “He better not be drooling over the circuits again!” I shout while running down to the lab.

Jaz sighs at this “Why can’t she take up a more serious profession, like actual science” She comments.

“This is a science!” I shout back at her.

Realizing I heard her, she backs away and into her room. Entering the lab I watch as Maddie and Jack were intently watching the portal, as if waiting for a ghost just to waltz right in… Again.  

I lean against my own lab table with a smirk “A ghost won’t just fly through, the portal was just opened they probably don’t even know it’s there” I comment.

“Well you may be right but I want to be ready for when they do come through here!” Jack exclaims with his fists raised.

I shrug at this “Well even so perhaps we should start on the” I look down at the start of a concept art for the blueprint of the gate “ugh, the ‘Fenton Ghost Gate’” I say with a little disgust “Really does everything we make has to have the name Fenton in front of it?”

“Of course!” Jack shouts “It can’t be a Fenton device without the Fenton name in front of it!”

I frown at this “Oh it’s no problem Daniela, let's just start on plans for the Fenton Ghost Gate ok sweetie” Maddie says while standing next to me, peering at the start of a blueprint.

“Yes of course Ma-” I cleared my throat quickly “Mom” I smile

She gave me a knowing look before continuing with my, or rather our work.