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Yunho knows Jaejoong is no good for him. He knows, people tell him all the time, but Yunho doesn’t have the guts to leave.

Yunho knows it not right how Jaejoong raises his voice, more often than when he speaks softly to him.

It’s not right that Jaejoong gets jealous when Yunho talks to the other members, but Yunho is so in love with the idea of what they once were that he stops. He talks to Junsu and Yuchun through Jaejoong, and he’s never alone with Changmin.

The fans love it, how they’re always together. He never thought it would extend this far to their private lives.

As soft as the stylists try to make him seem, and how he plays the aegyo part in front of the same fans forcing them together, Jaejoong is a cruel man. He knows which words will make Yunho crack, spring tears from his eyes. The younger man hates crying in front of him, because Jaejoong’s face twists into an ugly smirk about it.

Jaejoong is his biggest critic. Everything he does is never up to standard. Be stricter with the staff, demand more from them. Yell at the annoying younger trainees, remind the other groups of their seniority and power. Jaejoong uses Yunho to punish those he dislikes, waiting behind a door as he hears his boyfriend chastise some staff member for making an error on Jaejoong’s outfit that day.

The thing about Jaejoong, the most horrific thing about him, is how he leaves people broken without a care. When the lawsuit is announced and the three of them, Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu- depart, Jaejoong leaves a trail of destruction. Yunho has spent so long at his beck and call, heartbroken to not be taken along with them, is left behind. Yunho hasn’t spent time alone with Changmin in months, and the staffs have began to dislike him greatly. The younger artists around him aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy about being in the same room as a man who did nothing but brag.

Yunho’s entire life was Jaejoong until that point, and now it was empty. His career was in question, the thing he had worked so hard to build. His personal life was just as bad. Changmin refuses to speak most days, emotional about everything going on.

Yunho forgot how to live after they left. Making his own decisions, finally living for himself and not to please someone else.

He hated it.