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For Time Lords Sake, Please Just Let Me Sleep...

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The Doctor had just finished a day chasing cyberman around the universe, and he was tired. He parked the TARDIS in the middle of space, not intending on moving for a little while, just so he can rest. He takes a seat in his iconic armchair, relatively close to the console just in case of emergencies and begins to read a bit of the book he had always tucked down the side. But doesn’t last very long, before the book ends up in his lap, face down, and he was asleep. The TARDIS phone began ringing startling him awake. He jumps from his chair and picks up the phone, immediately hearing his companion in distress.

“Doctor…” she whimpers into the phone.

“Chloe… are you okay?” The Doctor’s voice suddenly becomes concerned.

“Can you come quickly?” She asks.

“Chloe…”, he begins, but quickly gives in, “Yes, of course. I’ll be there as quick as I can.” He said and hangs up the phone.

“Can I never rest…” he mumbles with a yawn. He quickly reorganises the TARDIS and pulls down the lever, the TARDIS taking off to Clara’s apartment.

Within seconds, the TARDIS materializes into Chloe’s bedroom. As he emerges from the TARDIS, immediately looking for Chloe, he is met with 2 young girls. He is taken aback as they throw their arms around his legs. The Doctor was very familiar with these two young kids, they were Chloe’s daughters and had spent a lot of time on the TARDIS when they were younger. Chloe emerges from the bathroom all dressed up, the Doctor looks at her funny as the kids finally release him.

“Hey mummy, is the Doctor going to look after us?” laughed one of the girls.

“Yes, he is baby.” Chloe replied standing in the mirror combing her hair.

“Excuse me… I’m what?” he asks shocked now.

“I am going to meet a couple friends, I needed someone desperately to look after the girls, and you Doctor are the only one I could think of at such short notice. I hope you don’t mind.” Chloe said.

Before the Doctor could say a word, he was silenced by Chloe saying goodbye to the girls.

“Now Doctor, all you have to do is make them some food, bath, and bed by 9pm.” Chloe was saying half way down the stairs!

They hear the door close, and The Doctor finds himself looking after the girls, even he wanted too or not. The girls bound down the stairs. The worried Doctor, following close behind them praying they don’t fall down the stairs, he couldn’t handle an accident in his tired state. The girls run and jump onto the sofa… getting comftable before switching on the television. He sits down beside the girls, and they are somewhat settled to a movie and the sofa feels so comftable he feels like he wants to be consumed from it and just doze into a long sleep and not wake up until morning.