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Wrestling Frenzy: Pokemon

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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon and anything else in this fic.

"What the... Where the hell am I?" Ash asked himself, not knowing where the hell he was. He was in the middle of a wrestling ring, in an mega-giant arena. He was surrounded by a GIANT crowd, too, with two announcers, Bubbles (Brave Fencer Musashi) and Gingerelle (Brave Fencer Musashi), two sisters, sitting near a commentary booth table outside the ring. Also, a referee, a short, light-purple haired, amber-eyed African female, was in the same ring.

Ash, thirteen years old, had went to bed in his mom's Pallet Town home eight hours ago. Now, he was somehow here, with his ordinary clothes, hat, and shoes on. He obviously didn't know the large amount of non-Pokemon characters in the crowd, and he also didn't know Bubbles and Gingerelle. Speaking of the latter two, he looked at them.

"Where am I!?" Ash asked them.

"In an arena, idiot!" Bubbles replied rudely.

"Now, darling, that was very rude of you!" Gingerelle said.

"So!? The hell with that weird-looking dweeb!" Bubbles was being a bitch again, courtesy of her personality.

Suddenly, Gary Oak (Pokemon), Ash's former rival, entered the ring. Both were shocked to see each other in the same ring. They were roughly the same age, and Gary was a tad taller than Ash. Like Ash, Gary had no idea how he had gotten here in the first place.

"Ash!?" Gary was still shocked.

"Why are you here, Gary!?" Ash was getting scared of this craziness.

"I have no idea, man!" Gary was telling the truth.

"You both are two of the sixty participants of a Royal Rumble, a Pay-Per-View. After two-sixty seconds, a new participant arrives to the ring. Touch both feet outside the ring, and it is over for you," a creepy female voice scared the hell out of Ash and Gary.

"Who's that!?" Ash asked.

"A 6'6 woman that is back from the dead, to get revenge on my enemies, especially my two biologicial daughters, after the last PPV, Armageddon," the woman replied.

"R-Revenge!?" Ash sounded afraid.

"After coming back from the dead, I had created my own universe, absorbing many characters from other universes inside here, creating a mega crossover," she explained.

"So, that's why we're here!" Gary said.

"Correct, Gary. I know everybody. You, Ash, and other crossover characters' mandatory objective is to perform well on all PPVs, to help me gain unlimited energy, so that I can control my own universe permanently. After that, I'll return everybody to their own universes," she said.

"Do us participants grant any wish for winning a match?" Ash asked.

"Right, Ash," she replied. "Now, begin!"

"You heard her, Ash! The winner gets ANYTHING!" Gary started to sound like his old self.

Gary went for a quick jab to Ash's face, knocking Ash down, making the crowd go wild. After picking Ash up, Gary attempted to whip Ash out of the ring, but Ash hopped on top of the ropes, back-flipped, and then shoved Gary so hard, nearly eliminating him.

"So, that's how it's gonna be, huh!? Whatever! I can take care of you!" Ash said to Gary face to face.

Both went for the spear, but both participants accidently collided against each other's heads, knocking each other down. Bubbles said, "Well, that was a brain-dead move!", and Gingerelle said, "It was unpredictable, darling. Both of them are desperate for prizes!", then the third participant, Misty (Pokemon), showed up.

"ASH!?" Misty was dumbfounded to see her former male companion in the same ring as her.

Ash stood up, saying, "Help me get rid of Gary!"

Strongly agreeing with Ash, Misty assisted him, placing Gary on the edge of the ring, attempting to eliminate him. But Gary counterattacked, punching both Ash and Misty, getting himself back into the ring. Four seconds later, Karen (Pokemon), the fourth participant, joined the younger participants, getting booed. Ash and Misty both got victimized both Karen's double-clothesline attack, then Gary suffered a wicked headbutt, almost getting eliminated. Gary hopped back into the action, attempting a splash. But Karen performed an uppercut, knocking Gary down.

"Holy crap, Karen's a monster!" Bubbles said.

"Against smaller opponents," Gingerelle stated the obvious.

"She'll continue to act this way, sis! Mark my words!" Bubbles predicted.

Crash (Crash Bandicoot) got into the ring, getting a massive pop from the crowd, an obvious fan favorite. Bubbles was freaked out by Crash's appearance, but Gingerelle stated that he was a childhood hero. Face to face against Karen, Crash slapped her, and he occured another slap against her, pissing her off. Gary took advantage of this, giving Karen a backbreaker. Crash focused on Ash and Misty, and Karen glared at Gary, scaring the hell out of him. Karen went after Gary, but Gary got near Crash, Misty, and Ash, successfully luring Karen towards them. Avoiding Karen, Gary rested near a turnbuckle, watching Karen dominating against the smaller opponents. Then, Ryu (Street Fighter series) came into the action, getting more cheers than Crash, stopping Karen from her vicious actions.

"Alright , Ryu!" Bubbles cheered.

"Ryu's now my favorite to win the Royal Rumble, darling!" Gingerelle said.

Karen hit Ryu back, two punches to the face. Then, the confused, scared, and married, Kagome (Inuyasha) joined, not knowing who to attack first. Then, she got attacked by Ash and Misty, not fighting back. However, she received many cheers, due her marrying a popular anime character. Karen and Ryu went at it like savage beasts as the eight participant, Hanzo (Overwatch), got in. Unlike Karen, Hanzo received a shit ton of boos, almost as if the audience wanted to murder him.

"Oh, my... He's getting massive hate..." Gingerelle said.

"I don't care! He looks cool enough to win this!" Bubbles said.

Hanzo threw himself into the mix against Karen and Ryu, turning the scene into a three-way brawl.

Kagome poked Crash's eyes, then Ash and Misty performed a double chokeslam against the animal. Next, Gary threw Crash out of the ring, getting big cheers.

Crash eliminated!

"Good! " Bubbles was happy to see the elimination.

"There goes everybody's childhood hero from the past..." Gingelle had wanted Crash to stay in the match.

"More childhood heroes will show up, not just that freak!" Bubbles spoiled the whole match, a big deal.

"Why did you spoil the viewers like that, darling?" Gingerelle asked.

"Because I can, and stop calling me darling!" Bubbles replied.

Speaking of which, Samus Aran (Metroid series) rushed in, knocked down Karen, Hanzo, and Ryu, and nearly knocked Kagome out of the ring. Gary hit her, but Samus gave him an super angry look, frightening him. Samus gave Gary a low-blow, making him squeal like a girl. Then, she punshied him further with a DDT. Behind Samus, Hanzo grabbed her before forcing her whole body against the mat, Karen surprised Kagome with a clothesline, and Ryu battled against Misty and Ash. It was an all-out-war.

"By the looks on their faces, neither of these competitors don't want to get eliminated!" Gingerelle said.

"Especially Hanzo! Look at him go!" Bubbles said.

The tenth participant, Zelda (The Legend of Zelda series; Twilight Princess version), got some cheers. Feeling confident over the cheers, Zelda attacked the hell out of everybody, but after making Hanzo bleed, she gained an large amount of cheers. Samus retaliated, but Hanzo began to attack both, making this another three-way fight.

"Damn it, why the hell is Hanzo getting booed!?" Bubbles wanted to know.

"Our owner! What is it? According to her, Hanzo nearly killed his own brother, after his brother had refused to take part of this "Shimada Clan", the Shimada Clan's elders orders," Gingerelle confirmed.

"And!? It was his own damn brother's fault, not him!" Bubbles responded in a fangirl tone.

"Wait, I've got more info! Hanzo had deeply regretted "killing" his brother, some Overwatch gang had decimated the Shimada Clan, and Hanzo's brother forgave him," Gingerelle confirmed more info.

"It's still not Hanzo's fault! Duh!" Bubbles was acting like a fangirl again.

Ryu put Hanzo on a chokehold, receiving a massive pop. Helping Ryu, Kagome aided him, hurting Hanzo, also getting more pops. Ash, Misty, and Gary went up against Karen, and Zelda and Samus suddenly gave each other vicious blows to the face. Now, Tori Meadows (Yu-gi-oh! Zexal) arrived. Targeting Kagome, Tori assaulted her with a deadly jumping cutter. Because of that, Hanzo elbowed Ryu's face. Together, Hanzo and Tori gave Ryu a double-DDT attack on Kagome's face. But seconds later, Tori surprised Hanzo with the same jumping cutter move, earning respect from the crowd.

On fire, Tori hurt Karen, Gary, Misty, and Ash with the same move as Zelda and Samus accidentally eliminated each other, gaining the biggest pop as of now.

Zelda and Samus eliminated!

Despite the eliminations against one another, Zelda and Samus smiled at each other. Then, they frenched, making the crowd say "Awwww.", disgusting the injured Hanzo. Gingerelle, Bubbles, and viewers at home were enjoying the french-kissing as well. Now holding each other's hands, Zelda and Samus skipped away.

"Awww, that's so romantic," Bubbles said.

"But your boyfriend didn't enjoy it," Gingerelle said.

Tori chose to eliminate Karen first as Tomba (Tomba series) entered the ring. Tori decision was a mistake; Karen had countered her hard with a sick piledriver move. After Leisure Suit Larry (Magma Cum Laude version) got into the mix, Karen tried to eliminate Tori with a powerbomb, but Tori punched Karen's right eye twice, forcing Karen into letting her go. Tori commenced a double knee facebreaker against Karen, showing more toughness despite her size.

Ash performed a surprised facebuster against Tori as the fourteen character, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider: older version) entered the fight, but Larry got Ash with a low blow. Angry at Larry, Misty threw him out of the ring with little effort.

Larry eliminated!

"That goes the pervert's run!" Gingerelle said.

"I've never liked that creep anyway!" Bubbles said.

Four new fighters, Celosia (Pokemon), Bryony (Pokemon), Aliana (Pokemon), and Mable (Pokemon) came into the ring together. Recognizing Ash, someone that had went against them and their team in the past, the girls beat the living hell out of him. Misty intervened, but the former Team Flare scientists pulverized her with a quadruple powerbomb attack. They occurred the same attack against Tomba, but unlike Misty, he got eliminated. Then, they assaulted Tori, Hanzo, Lara, Karen, Kagome, and Ryu. Scared, Gary laid next to a corner, holding the ropes. The girls were getting booed for this.

Tomba eliminated!

"Damn, they're wild!" Bubbles said.

"You can say that again!" Gingerelle said.

Serena (Pokemon; Kalos) and Shauna (Pokemon; Kalos) came in! They assisted their girlfriends, who had a secret relationship with them after the Team Flare events, until they recognized Ash, shocked. Serena said, "Ash!? You're here, too!?", and Ash responded, "Serena, it's been a while..."

"Y-You two know each other?" Misty asked, having a different look on her face.

"We had met at a Pokemon Camp when we were little, and we, Pikachu, and two others had our own adventure in Kalos..." Ash replied.

"It's true!" Serena said.

Angry and jealous, Misty hurled Serena out of the match.

Serena eliminated!

"Hey, that's not fair!" Shauna whined.

But Misty eliminated her, too.

Shauna eliminated!

"We saw that, you little shit!" Bryony yelled at Misty.

Bryony, Celosia, Mable, and Aliana were about to attack Misty, but Tori staggered Bryony with a jumping cutter out of nowhere. Hanzo attacked Aliana with a Go 2 Sleep move, and Karen knocked Celosia down with a savage lariat. And finally, Gary hurt Mable with the spear move. The girls got eliminated by their attackers afterwards.

Bryony, Celosia, Mable, and Aliana eliminated!

Gary, Karen, Tori, and even Hanzo got cheers for eliminating them.

"What a moment! Gingerelle said.

"This event is great so far, unlike that fake ass wrestling everybody currently hates!" Bubbles said.

"That company's so disappointing, it's no point of insulting it anymore, darling," Gingerelle said.

"I told you not to call me that word! "Bubbles yelled.

End of Chapter 1

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The twenty-first participant's about to get in the ring! He's getting booed, too! Who was he? Steven (Steven Universe), a worthless SJW loser. He was so extremely hated, even Hanzo would get more respect than him.

"FAG ALERT!" Bubbles screamed.

"Why is he here? He has no business here," Gingerelle said.

Couldn't take the boos anymore, Steven deciced not to enter the ring. Wanting him to get hurt very bad, Bubbles went after him with a steel chair. After hitting Steven on the head with the steel chair, Bubbles dragged him to the ring while holding the steel chair. Bubbles put him in the ring, placed the steel chair next to him, and then returned back to commentary.

"That's what I'm talking about, sis!" Gingerelle appreciated Bubbles for doing something cool.

"See what happens next!" Bubbles said.

The crowd chanted, "HURT HIM BAD! HURT HIM BAD!", repeatedly, and Karen made an evil smile on her face, saying, "You heard them, all!". Strongly agreeing with Karen, they looked at each other and nodded, even the referee. Karen grabbed the crying Steven before forcibly throwing him towards the turnbuckle, damaging his back. Karen opened the steel chair, put it on Steven's head, and then placed him in the middle of the ring. Lara attacked Steven with a scissor's kick, then Misty and Gary performed a double-chokeslam against him. Next, Tori assaulted him with a super kick move. After that, Kagome hit him three times with the infamous heart punch finisher, making her look like a dangerous heel wrestler and evil person. Ryu super kicked him, but in a more aggressive way. Hanzo went for the moonsault towards the injured neck and head. And finally, Ash and the referee occurred a double leg drop against Steven's head before throwing the worthless piece of shit out of the ring and getting cheered like crazy.


Steven couldn't move a muscle because he was unconscious; he looked like he was dead.

"That's what the faggot bitch get for being a faggot SJW!" Bubbles said as the non-eliminated wrestlers continued to fight against each other.

"Are you homophobic? Just kidding!" Gingerelle said.

"The gay people I know hates SJWs to death! Hell, there are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders here that hate their asses, hence the extreme booing!" Bubbles said.

"Minoritiy races and ethnic group, too!" Gingerelle added.

Sango (Inuyasha), Kagome's best friend and also married, got in, getting the same amount of cheers as Kagome. Speaking of the latter, she was dumbfounded to see Sango here. Kagome shouted, "Sango!", then Sango noticed her best friend before having the same reaction.

"You're in this hell hole, Kagome!?" Sango still had the same reaction.

"We can do this together, Sango!" Kagome said.

Together, Kagome and Sango ruthlessly damaged Karen, Lara, and Ash as Lucio (Overwatch) joined the wild party. Lucio commenced acrobatics moves against Kagome and Sango, stopping their little rampage. Ash and Misty grabbed Lucio's throat, but Lucio reversed their double-chokeslam, getting behind them. Lucio occurred more of the same high-flying moves, knocking down all of his opponents, receiving a mega-insane pop.

"Wow, Lucio's on fire!" Gingerelle shouted.

"Only autistic indians hate him," Bubbles was referring to a common enemy of Lucio's; she had gotten the word from her boss.

Musashi's (Brave Fencer Musashi) the next fighter, much to Bubbles and Gingerelle's shock. And speaking of that, Musashi was surprised to see them on commentary. Bubbles yelled, "The hell are you lookin' at, asshole!?" giving him the finger. Musashi threw one towards her and Gingerelle, with Gingerelle blowing him kisses, teasing him. Now, Musashi got into action as the next fighter, Glacia (Pokemon), came in. Glacia got lots of boos from the crowd.

In response, Glacia tossed Lucio out of the ring, but Lucio reached towards the announcer's table before grabbing on it, getting a massive amount of love from it. Lucio safely hopped back into action as Goku (Dragon Ball series; Super version), another fan favorite, got into the fight. Then, Kojiro (Brave Fencer Musashi), Musashi's rival became the twenty-seventh fighter. Noticing each other, Kojiro and Musashi got into a brutal brawl. But eight seconds later, they both fell off the ring.

Kojiro and Musashi eliminated!

Musashi and Kojiro continued their brawl towards backstage as Mamoru (Sailor Moon) headed to the ring. After Mamoru touched it with one foot, Hanzo kicked his face, eliminating him fast, getting jeered once again, making his wife, Usagi (Sailor Moon), daughter, Chibiusa (Sailor Moon), and friends, Rei (Sailor Moon), Makoto (Sailor Moon), Minako (Sailor Moon), Ami (Sailor Moon), Hotaru (Sailor Moon), Setsuna (Sailor Moon), Haruka (Sailor Moon), and Michiru (Sailor Moon), in the crowd mega angry at him. .

Mamoru eliminated!

"Well, that escalated quickly!" Gingerelle said.

"He's crap anyway, just like Musashi! Thank God Kojiro did us a favor!" Bubbles said.

Emily (Overwatch) joined the violence, but she got jeered hard for whatever reason. Then, Justin (Da Boom Crew), Nate (Da Boom Crew), Jubei (Da Boom Crew), and Ricki (Da Boom Crew) all came in, but the boos against them were super vicious. Goku surprised the four losers, eliminating them one at a time. Because of that, Goku gained more respect.

Justin, Nate, Jubei, and Ricki eliminated!

"Thank you, Goku!" Gingerelle said in a super-happy tone.

"That's what the hell I'm talkin' about, Goku!" Bubbles said.

The crazy action continued to grow. Ryu vs. Goku. Sango and Kagome vs. Hanzo. Ash, Misty, Lucio, and Emily vs. Glacia. Lara vs. the sneaky and cowardly Gary. Karen vs. Tori. The next six fighters, Shantae (Shantae series), Owen (Cluefinders), Atsuko (Michiko and Hatchin), Jimmy (Bully), Mia (Ronin Warriors), and Risky Boots (Shantae series) got involved in a fifty second span. Shantae, Owen, Jimmy, and Mia had positive cheers, with Owen's being the highest. As for Atsuko and Risky Boots, they were jeered.

Shantae and Risky Boots, two common enemies, didn't fight against each other. Instead, they were stupefied to see one another. Taking advantage of this, Emily threw them out before getting kicked in the face super hard by Glacia.

Shantae and Risky Boots eliminated!

Shantae followed Risky Boots backstage, after the lattee wanted to have an essential girl talk with the former. Then, Lucio eliminated Jimmy.

Jimmy eliminated!

Owen's short run came to an unfortunate end as Hanzo used an uppercut move to eradicate him from the match.

Owen eliminated!

Atsuko's short run ended, too, courtesy of Tori's jumping cutter + punt + throw combo.

Atsuko eliminated!

The slutty Foxxy Love (Drawn Together) became the fortieth fighter to join. Her attire and looks had caused most of the crowd to cheer for her and occur common whistles for hot women. In the ring, Foxxy picked Glacia as her chosen partner, rubbing Glacia's bigger ass. Foxxy sweetly asked, "Wanna help me, suga?", and Glacia replied, "My heart says yes.", before Foxxy used her signature music weapon against Lucio, Emily, Ash, Hanzo, Tori, and Karen. Gary realized the teamwork from Foxxy and Glacia, then he laid near one of the corners, resting. Glacia and Foxxy threw both Emily and Tori out of the match.

Tori and Emily eliminated!

"Shit!" Tori cursed, heading backstage. Emily was mad, too.

Sango and Kagome surprised Glacia by attacking her from behind, but Foxxy retaliated for Glacia. Then, the duo eliminated both Inuyasha characters before assaulting the other fighters.

Kagome and Sango eliminated!

"Wanna hold hands while we go backstage?" Kagome asked, blushing, hinting that she was bisexual and liked Sango.

"Sure, baby!" Sango agreed, blushing, also hinting that she was bisexual as well.

Holding each other's hands, Kagome and Sango went backstage as Glacia and Foxxy chose Lara as the next fighter to eliminate.

Lara eliminated!

"Damn it, I've wanted Lara to last longer! But I gotta admit, Foxxy and Glacia are looking like a great duo!" Bubbles said.


"AND GLACIA JUST FU'D THE BULKY FIGHTERS OUT OF THE RING! MY GOD!" Bubbles exclaimed as the crowd roared.

Goku and Ryu eliminated!

Ryu and Goku rushed backstage as Glacia and Foxxy got rid of Lucio.

Lucio eliminated!

Despite getting eliminated, Lucio made a peace sign while running backstage, still getting cheered. Anyway, Foxxy grabbed Glacia's ass again, touching Glacia's lips with hers, starting a french-kiss. Glacia held Foxxy's butt in return. Most of the audience, most viewers, and the commentators were enjoying the lesbian kiss, but Ash, Misty, Hanzo, Gary, Mia, and Karen weren't, with Hanzo calling both Foxxy and Glacia inhumans.

After breaking up the kiss, Foxxy touched Glacia's right cheek, asking, "Would you like a be a suga-mama to me, baby?", but Glacia replied with a strong kick towards Foxxy's midsection, a brutal stunner, then a powerbomb out of the ring.

Foxxy eliminated!

In spite of getting eliminated and hurt by Glacia, Foxxy smiled at her, and Glacia smiled back.

"Wow, only seven fighters in the ring and twenty more waiting!" Bubbles said.

"This has been a crazy event so far! Thank God we are part of this!" Gingerelle said.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter Text

"Looks like Glacia is the favorite to win this event, sis!" Gingerelle said as Glacia dominated Mia, Gary, Ash, Hanzo, Misty, and Karen.

Not for long!" Bubbles said as Mercy (Overwatch) became the new entrant. She was the third Overwatch character to get booed, but like Emily, she was a nice person.

Mercy got confused by the boos. Realizing that a new fighter was in the ring, Glacia attacked Mercy. Glacia then hurled Mercy out of the ring, but Mercy barely saved herself, using one hand to grab the ropes, having one foot on the edge of the ring. Whew. The next new fighter, Yamcha (Dragon Ball series; Dragon Ball Super version) got booed like hell, almost getting the same heat as Hanzo.

"Great. It's him, the jobber," Bubbles deadpanned, disliking Yamcha.

"Oh, my. New boos towards another new participant..." Gingerelle said as Veran (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages) became number forty-three.

Veran and Yamcha attempted to beat up Glacia, but Glacia grabbed their throats before commencing a double chokeslam, and Glacia earned many cheers. But the cheering stopped as Mercy targeted Glacia's knee, knocking the Ice-trainer down.

"And we're back with the boos!" Gingerelle said.

"MY, GOD! BACKBREAKER!" Bubbles screeched as Gary occurred a backbreaker attack against Mercy's back, then the super large crowd got happy again.

Now, Karen, Hanzo, Ash, Mia, and Misty got back into action, turning his into an all-out-war as Fran (Final Fantasy XII) made it better. Fran didn't get much cheers, but she wasn't like Hanzo, Karen, Mercy, and Yamcha when it comes to hate. Karen and Fran accidentally clotheslined each other, knocking each other down. With them down, Mia climbed on a turnbuckle and then went for the flying elbow attack against Fran's face. But Misty executed Mia with a sick Cross Rhodes finisher.

More Royal Rumble fighters, Yuma (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Princess Elise (Sonic), Croc (Croc series), Professor Burnet (Pokemon), Kobra (Mortal Kombat series), and Bubsy (Bubsy series), joined, but Croc was the only one getting cheered like crazy, with the crowd chanting "Croc!" repeatedly. Yuma, Tori's best friend, Elise, Kobra, and Bubsy were strongly disliked, especially Elise, Kobra, and Bubsy, but Professor Burnet had mixed reactions.

Ash and Professor Burnet, a second mother to Ash, noticed each other, then they and Misty teamed up together as Musashi and Kojiro continued to brawl against one another, going near the ring. The crowd focused on that, too.

"GO, KOJIRO! KILL HIS ASS!" Bubbles rooted so hard.

"I think Kojiro has the upper hand! Musashi looks more fatigued than him!" Gingerelle pointed as the final ten fighters, Mario (Super Mario Bros. series), Sonic (Sonic series; original version), Jak (Jak and Daxter series; Jak X Combat Racing version), Leaf (Pokemon), Chun Li (Street Fighter), Bayonetta (Bayonetta), Shinichi (Parasyte), Kuvira (The Legend of Korra), Betilla (Rayman; Rayman Origin's version), and Aeris (Final Fantasy VII), took part of this insane elimination match. Every final fighter had gotten an large amount of cheers except for Aeris, who was mildly booed. Leaf was also Ash's childhood friend; she and Misty had met before, and Leaf said that she was never romantically attracted to Ash.

"KILL! HIM!" Bubbles continued to cheer for Kojiro as Kojiro grabbed a small, electronic television device from the announcers table.

"Do it!" Gingerelle yelled, then Kojiro damaged Musashi's bloody forehead with the dangerous object.

Kojiro got insane cheers for that action.

'Drag that piece of shit out of here right now!" Bubbles ordered.

"Got it!" Kojiro agreed, dragging the unconscious Musashi away from Bubbles and Gingerelle.

"Kojiro, for the win!" Gingerelle said as Yamcha took care of Kobra.

Kobra eliminated!

"Finally, the lesser of two evils have done something decent!" Bubbles said as Yamcha received some cheers for the elimination.

Yamcha commenced another cool moment, Wolf-Fang Fisting Elise out of the ring, increasing the cheer count from the crowd.

Princess Elise eliminated!

"Worse Sonic character ever!" Gingerelle stated the truth.

"It appears that Yamcha's trying to get the crowd behind him!" Bubbles pointed the obvious.

"Yamcha strikes again!" Gingerelle said as Yamcha threw Aeris towards the announcer's table, damaging her forehead, making it bleed.

Aeris eliminated!

"Holy crap, that's a killer elimination!" Bubbles said.

"Ouch! Straight through the balls!" Gingerelle said as Glacia gave Yamcha a vicious low-blow.

Together, Ash, Professor Burnet, Misty, and Leaf initiated a quadruple powerbomb against Veran, putting her out of this savage and bloody match.

Veran eliminated!

"Let's keep it up!" Professor Burnet said.

"YES, YAMCHA, YES, YES, YES!" Bubbles shouted with joy as Yamcha spin-kicked Mercy out of the match.

Mercy eliminated!

"Overrated and boring piece of shit healer! Lucio and the other healers are more fun and exciting to use!" Gingerelle said as Yamcha's cheering count continued to rise up.

"Wow, did you swear again!?" Bubbles asked. "You rarely swear!"

"Yes, but for moments like the Royal Rumble!" Gingerelle replied.

"That makes sense!" Bubbles said.

Yuma shocked Ash with a Somoan Spike finisher, hurting Ash so bad. Because of that, the super pissed off Misty begin to brutally assault Yuma, performed repeated Rock Bottoms. Then, Hanzo eliminated both Croc and Jak, after clotheslining them.

Croc and Jak eliminated!

"Hanzo's getting booed again!" Gingerelle said.

"He's still my top pick!" Bubbles said.

"CRAP, DID YAMCHA MURDER BUBSY!?" Gingerelle screamed through the top of her lungs, after Yamcha broke Bubsy neck with the Twist of Fate finisher.

"Unfortunately, no!" Bubbles sounded disappointed, but at the same time, she was happy that Bubsy's about to get eliminated.

Bubsy eliminated!

"YEAH!" Gingerelle cheered for Yamcha, but so did the entire crowd.

"Yamcha should've retired as a Z Fighter a long ass time ago!" Bubbles said as Fran and Karen eliminated Mario and Sonic with a high kick attack and a fireman's carry finisher, respectively.

Mario and Sonic elimianted!

"And found a way to become somewhat relevant again! In my opinion, his ex's relationship with that badass Saiyan had wrecked his career as a Z-Fighter!" Gingerelle added as Misty finally eliminated Yuma.

Yuma eliminated!

The sneaky and cowardly Gary noticed that Professor Burnet, Leaf, and Misty were a bit far from Ash, so he eliminated them one at a time. But Ash had witnessed Misty getting eliminated by Gary.

Professor Burnet, Leaf, and Misty eliminated!

"You'll lose anyway, Gary, you dork!" Misty shouted, but Gary didn't pay attention to her.

"Win for us, Ash!" Leaf said.

"I will!" Ash said as Professor Burnet, Misty, and Leaf headed backstage.

Mia ended Chun-Li's longetivity, but after that, Kuvira ended Mia's.

Chun-Li and Mia eliminated!

Next, Yamcha performed better than before, scoring four eliminations under ten seconds, with Bayonetta, Kuvira, Betilla, and Shinichi being his victims. Seven fighters left!

Bayonetta, Kuvira, Betilla, and Shinichi eliminated!

"Jesus Harold Christ, Yamcha! You're on friggin' FIRE!" Bubbles said.

"You shouldn't blame him, after all the shit he had suffered in Dragon Ball Z!" Gingerelle was right about that.

"Wait, we can work this out!" Gary was carried by Glacia. "Let me win, and I'll share my prize with you!"

"I'm not the smartest person to ever live, but I am not dumb!" Glacia said, then she tossed Gary out.

Gary eliminated!

"Oh, man! I've wanted him, Glacia, and Hanzo as the last three fighters!" Bubbles said.

"Ash, Hanzo, Glacia, Karen, Fran, and Yamcha are the only six left! Who'll win!?" Gingerelle as the final six fighters desperatelyl fought hard against each other.

"Ash, Hanzo, and Karen have obviously been in this gruesome match for so friggin' long!" Bubbles said.

"I predict that Yamcha or Glacia would win! The hot Yamcha looks very confident, while Glacia still looks energized!" Gingerelle said.

"I'm not afraid to pick Hanzo again!" Bubbles said.

"We'll see about that!" Gingerelle said.

Foxxy came back out, cheering for Glacia only. But suddenly, Serena, Shauna, Mable, Celosia, Aliana, and Bryony, all super angry, ran towards Foxxy, assaulted her, and then got heavily booed. Glacia noticed the assault, then she cried, "STOP IT!", but after the assault, the gang of six got near Bubbles and Gingerelle.

"Hey, what was that about!?" Bubbles asked, but the gang of six proceeded to beat the hell out of the two sisters.

"Serena, what the hell are you guys doing!?" Ash asked.

Now, the gang of six went into the ring for the first time since earlier. They assaulted the remaining six fighters and even the referee, getting extreme jeers. But the jeers immediately changed into extreme and hard cheers as Leaf, Misty, Lucio, Professor Burnet, Tori, and Lara intervened, saving the remaining wrestlers. Bubbles and Gingerelle also joined, screaming, retaliating. Even the referee retaliated! Retreating fast, the gang of six jumped through the barricade before escaping through the crowd and getting hit by a variety of half-eaten snacks.

"Win, Ash!" Professor Burnet said.

Lucio, Professor Burnet, Misty, Lara, Tori, and Leaf returned backstage, but Foxxy stayed outside the ring. Glacia dominated again, dropping Hanzo with the Playmaker finisher, hitting Ash with a piledriver, attacking Karen and Fran with a chokeslam, and planting Yamcha's face with a Mic Check finisher, more hardcore cheers for her. But moments later, Hanzo hurled Glacia to elimination, and he got back to being booed, nothing new.

Glacia eliminated!

"Let's go, suga," Foxxy said, touching Glacia's butt.

"Make my heart grow stronger, in private," Glacia said, patting Foxxy's ass.

Glacia and Foxxy walked together as Yamcha finished Fran off.

Fran eliminated!

"Now, Yamcha's the solo favorite!" Gingerelle said, but Karen changed that.

Yamcha eliminated!

But that didn't stop the crowd for chanting Yamcha's name.

"You were saying?" Bubbles smiled, folding her arms.

"But look!" Gingerelle yelled as Ash ended Hanzo's very long run.

Hanzo eliminated!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Bubbles whined as the crowd began to chant Ash's name,.

"Too bad, so sad!" Gingerelle taunted Bubbles.

"My new top dog is Karen, then!" Bubbles said.

"I'll go with Ash!" Gingerelle said.

"It's just you and me, you little shrimp!" Karen said.

"Make the best wrestler win!" Ash said.

After the small talk, Karen chopped Ash's chest, but Ash hit her back with his own chop attack. The two went back and forth, refusing to lose; Ash was cheered on each hit against Karen, but Karen was booed on each hit against Ash. Now, Ash rapidly chopped Karen seven times, but Karen got him hard with an uppercut. With Ash down, Karen climbed on a turnbuckle. Then, she performed a savage diving headbutt attack, landing her head against Ash's. Despite being a super hated heel, Karen got cheered for that.

"THAT'S SICK!" Bubbles exclaimed.

"Ash can still do this!" Gingerelle continued to believe in Ash.

Karen lifted Ash, but Ash barely saved himself, hitting Karen with the facebreaker finisher. Gingerelle screamed, "JUST THROW HER OUT, ASH!", but Ash on the a turnbuckle, wanting to further the damage against Karen. Gingerelle cried, "NO, ASH!", but Bubbles hollered, "GO, KAREN!". With the crowd, and Gingerelle, by his side, Ash felt very special, wanting to win this. Ash executed the Shooting Star Press, but he botched the move, barely damaging Karen, hurting himself a lot, and causing the crowd and commentators to gasp in shock.

"Jesus, that was suicidal!" Bubbles remained dumbfounded.

"Damn it, Ash, why!?" Gingerelle cried

Ash and Karen could barely move. After hardly lfting herself up, Karen dragged Ash towards the edge of the ring. She barely threw him out, but Ash barely hung on for dear life! Karen punched Ash's throat hard, but with much force, Ash held the ropes very tight. After enduring Karen's fifth hard punch, Ash high jump kicked the left part of Karen's head, a wicked contact! He commenced it more times, regaining lots of cheers. The dizzy and badly injured Karen mistakenly put herself in the same position as Ash, almost eliminating herself. Both Pokemon characters hurt each other while holding on, but after a little while, Ash used a drop kick attack against Karen's battered legs, and Karen fell off the ring before Ash did.

Karen eliminated!

"AND THE WINNER IS ASH!" Gingerelle screamed as the crowd chanted Ash's name extremely loud.

"Wow. What a event. WHAT A FRIGGIN' EVENT!" Bubbles said.

Outside the ring, the referee raised Ash's left arm as the crowd chanted Ash's name harder than ever, and Ash smiled. Karen, in disbelief, sighed, glaring at Ash. She aggressively patted Ash's back, congratulating him on winning. Then, she walked away as Misty, Leaf, and Professor Burnet went towards Ash. The trio congratulated Ash, with Misty hugging Ash very tight. Both Ash and Misty blushed.

Almost every Royal Rumble participant came out to give Ash props for winning. Gary and Hanzo were out, too, but they were the only ones not to give Ash credit, angry. Karen was far away from her opponents, still angry. The only ones that weren't out were Steven, Foxxy, and Glacia; Steven was in the hospital, while Foxxy and Glacia were making out in a private room.

A familiar theme occurred, silencing the crowd, commentators, and wrestlers. Only the referee knew who was playing that theme. Speaking of which, the owner revealsed herself as Ragyo (Kill La Kill), one of the most darkest and scary antagonists in anime history.

"Energy has gained, a lot. I, Ragyo, the owner, would like to thank you all for putting much effort into the Royal Rumble, especially you, Ash, the winner, " Ragyo said.

"You're welcome, Ms. Ragyo!" Ash said.

"We have seven events left. Please help me more, so that my mission will commence against my universe. My referee, Rei (Kill La Kill), is the only character in the universe I've dragged out of. She'll take part of the same position until the last event is over," Ragyo said. "Ash. What is your wish?"

"Send money and notes to my mom, my other friends, and Pokemon! In the notes, be sure to tell them that I won't be back home for a while! I love this universe!" Ash replied.

"Very well," Ragyo said, snapping her fingers once, commencing the wish.

"Wait!" Gary said, going straight to Ragyo. "I want a World Championship belt! I want to put it on the line on every event, to face aggressive challengers, to make you the happiest woman ever! But if I lose before the final event, I'll try to reclaim it!"

"I like your idea, Gary," Ragyo said. "Ash."

"What is it, Ms. Ragyo?" Ash asked.

"You. And your friends. Take a victory picture of me and dear Rei (Kill La Kill). Just call me Ragyo, by the way," Ragyo replied.

"Okay, Ragyo!" Ash agreed.

Together, Ragyo, Ash, Professor Burnet, Leaf, Misty, and Rei (Kill La KIll) smiled and took a picture, with most of the wrestlers clapping, and the commentators and crowd chanting Ash's name once again.

End of Chapter 3

Chapter Text

A week later...

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this exciting event of No Way Out! I'm Bubbles-"

"And Gingerelle!" Gingerelle cut Bubbles off.

The crowd was excited for the upcoming matches of this wild event. Two of the last three matches would revolve around the Elimination Chamber, a dangerous, savage, and vicious cage that'd cause obvious pain and injuries against the participants. Speaking of which, Ash, Gary, Karen, Hanzo, and Lucio were qualified for the matches, but who were the other seven participants, and who would face each other? Both winners of the two Elimination Chamber matches would go on to face against each other in the final match of the PPV.

"Hey, bitch, you didn't have to cut me off like that!" Bubbles shouted.

"You didn't talk fast enough, darling," Gingerelle said.


"Oh, my, Bubbles, you're so furious! Save the beating for Musashi!" Gingerelle smiled.

"QUIET, ALL OF YOU!" Steven, in a wheelchair, assisted by Garnet (Steven Universe), screamed as he, Garnet, Pearl (Steven Universe), and Amethyst (Steven Universe) headed to the ring, mega angry. The four got booed so bad, the crowd wanted to kill them.

"It's that fat faggot again!" Bubbles said.

"Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. They suck, too," Gingerelle said.

After getting in the ring with his companions, Steven shierked, "I SAID QUIET!", but the crowd kept booing the shit out of them.

"Idiots! Each and every one of you are idiots! We are good people!" Garnet yelled.

"We've never done any bad to people, but we're the bad guys!? Shame on you all!" Amethyst screeched as the crowd hurled trash and food at the Steven Universe characters.

"Throw junk at us all you want, fools, but that won't stop us for being Social Justice Warriors, the nicest people on Earth!" Pearl said, but the crowd's booing grew louder.

Suddenly, the crowd got extremely happy as Yamcha, with a kick-ass thrash metal theme, For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica, headed to the ring to confront the mega-loser Steven Universe characters, arguably the most hated faces in this wrestling universe.

"Let's see what Yamcha has to say!" Gingerelle said.

Now, the music stopped, and Yamcha laughed at the loser characters. After laughing, Yamcha said, "Oh, man! You guys are straight up dorks!"


"You have no damn room to talk, Yamcha!" Pearl said.

"Pearl's right, Yamcha! You were a total loser in Dragon Ball, you were more of a loser in Dragon Ball Z because you were killed by a little creature and you were dumped by that ex of yours, and you didn't do ANYTHING in Dragon Ball Super!" Amethyst said.

"Haha, you're right about that! I was bad compared to others! But-"

"But what!?" Garnet cut Yamcha off.

"I'm more of a positive, good person than you assholes will ever be!" Yamcha said, then the crowd got behind him, cheering for him again.

"Bitch, please! You're not making any sense!" Pearl said.

"Yes, I am! The four of you aren't Social Justice Warriors! You're Social Justice Whiners!" Yamcha said, then the crowd chanted "Social Justice Whiners" to the Steven Universe characters.

"WHINERS!?" Amethyst yelled.

"I won't go into much detail on why you whiners suck, but you whiners aren't making the world a better place at all! Normal people that hate racism, sexism, etc. aren't like you losers, and speaking of racism, most of you losers are racists yourselves! Hypocrites!" Yamcha added, then the crowd chanted his name.

Very angry, Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst jumped on Yamcha, but eight seconds later, Yamcha used his Rainbow Mic against Garnet's forehead, making it bleed fast. Next, he punched Amethyst's head four times. Pearl attempted to flee, but Yamcha seized her before throwing her towards a turnbuckle, damaging her head, knocking her out. Steven cried for help, but no one cared about him and his loser friends. The bleeding Garnet counterattacked with a punch towards Yamcha's head, but Yamcha flew her out of the ring with his signature Wolf Fang Fist move. Now, Yamcha gave Steven an evil smile.

"You can't hurt a handicap person!" Steven cried, but the crowd chanted "DO IT!" repeatedly.

"Yes, Yamcha! Do it!" Bubbles said.

Yamcha rolled out of the ring, grabbed one of the steel ring steps, got back in, and the smacked the hell out of Steven's head with it. Now, the crowd screamed, "MORE!". Strongly agreeing with them, Yamcha placed the steel ring steps in the middle of the ring, put the brutally injured Steven in a dangerous position, and then performed a Double underhook facebuster, almost killing Steven. The crowd resumed saying Yamcha's name like he's a hero to the entire universe.

"That's a nice way to end the opening segment, kicking some SJW ass!" Bubbles said.

"We might get more hardcore shit like that later on, sis! Anything can happen!" Gingerelle said.


"Humph! I could do better!" Karen, and other wrestlers, had seen the segment from a giant screen.

"Not against me and my World Championship belt!" Gary said, holding his World Championship belt, being the inaugural champion.

"What did you just say!?" Karen asked, glaring at Gary, scaring him.

"N-N-Nothing!" Gary lied.

"Coward," Hanzo said, having his arms folded.

"I ain't a coward! I'm the champion!" Gary denied.

"You don't deserve that belt! I do! Hell, I'm the Royal Rumble winner for crying out loud!" Ash said.

"That event was so last week! Focus on the present, with ME as champion!" Gary said.

"Go shove that belt up your ass, Gary! Or I'll do it for you in our Elimination Chamber match!" Tori said.

"Nice joke you've got here, missy!" Gary spoke in a sarcastic tone. Then, he realized that a high-calibur wrestler wasn't talking trash to him. "Hey, where's Glacia!? Why isn't she saying anything bad to me!?"

"She's with that Foxxy woman again," Tori replied, pointing at Glacia and Foxxy.

Glacia and Foxxy were making out, with Glacia pinning Foxxy on a wall.

"Wow. Those two really like each other," Lucio said.

"Uh-oh, look who's here!" Tori said as Princess Clara (Drawn Together) appeared behind Foxxy and Glacia.

"STOP KISSING!" Gary shouted, causing the kiss to end.

Now, Foxxy noticed that Clara's here, and Foxxy glared at her.

"Goddamnit, Clara, quit followin' us and leave us alone, you racist bitch!" Foxxy yelled.


"Go, or I'll make your heart sad!" Glacia threatened.

"You heard suga mama!" Foxxy said.

Clara sighed, closing her eyes, walking away. "Fine..."

"Huh," Ash said as Foxxy and Glacia resumed their thing.

"Abhorrent humans," Hanzo said as a known, tanned female Hoennian appeared far from Foxxy and Glacia, angry at the latter.

A few minutes later...

"Now that the ring is magically cleared, the triple threat match for the inaugural United States belt begins!" Gingerelle said.

Yamcha was still in the ring, waiting for his opponents to arrive. Who were they? The first opponent? Mario, with his classic Super Mario Bros. theme being played. Mario had the same positive reactions like before. The second opponent? Link (Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess version). He, too, had the same cheers as Mario.

With all three fighters in the ring, the match began. Both Link and Mario went after Yamcha, punching him fast. Yamcha retaliated, punching Link's midriff. But after that, Mario and Link kicked Yamcha's legs, knocking him down. Mario went for the pin, but Link grabbed Mario before throwing him outside the ring. Link attempted a leg drop attack against Yamcha's throat, but Yamcha rolled to his left, avoiding the assault.

"A bit decent so far!" Bubbles said as Mario returned to action.

Yamcha got up, but Mario hit him with a weak looking spear attack, not enough to look like a finisher. Mario tried to pin Yamcha again, but Link pulled off a decent combo against Mario, a kick to the right knee and a knee to the head. Recovered, Yamcha trading punches with Link, with Mario being down.

"Punch, punch, PUNCH! PUNCH EACH OTHER HARD!" Bubbles shouted.

"Mario can't get up! That kick from Link must've been one devastating blow!" Gingerelle said.

"But Link's kick didn't look like a finisher, as known as the super kick!" Bubbles said.

"Link's busted open! Nice punch from Yamcha!" Gingerelle said.

"But Yamcha's now bleeding!" Bubbles said.

"The more blood, the better! It's part of wrestling and storytelling!" Gingerelle said.

"Unlike something we all know!" Bubbles said.

After Link and Yamcha threw enough punches towards each other, Mario put himself back into the mix, going for the facebreaker finisher against Yamcha. Next, Mario tried a jumping cutter against Link, but Link reversed it before executing a vicious german suplex, almost breaking Mario's neck. The crowd really, really loved this match so far.

Link went for the pin against Mario, but after two and half seconds, Yamcha barely broke the pin, angering Link. With Yamcha standing again, he and Link resumed delivering savage blows against one another, looking like tough competitors. Sixteen seconds later, Yamcha gained control of the match, punching Link's midriff like crazy, not allowing Link to fight back. After enough damage towards Link, Yamcha pulled off a finished, the F-5, a savage looking F-5.

Yamcha laid on Link and raised Link's right leg, trying to earn this hard-fought victory. Mario suddenly damaged Yamcha's body with a frog splash finisher, and the crowd went extremely wild! But hold on! Mario inadvertently rolled himself off the ring, feeling so much pain inside him!

"Big mistake, Mario! BIG MISTAKE!" Bubbles screamed.

"He's super hurt, hun!" Gingerelle said.

Six seconds later, Link attempted to steal a win by pinning Yamcha, but Yamcha barely kicked out! Mario quickly climbed on a turnbuckle before hitting Yamcha's neck with a leg drop. Despite being more hurt than his opponents, Mario avoided Link's deadly clothesline attack, and then pulled off another facebreaker finisher, right against Link. Instead of going for the pin, Mario barely lifted Link before pulling off the piledriver finisher. Mario got speared by Yamcha a second later, making the crowd go crazy! To end this match for good, Yamcha attacked Mario with the powerbomb finisher, right on top of Link. Then, Yamcha pinned BOTH Mario and Link, winning this difficult match.


"What a classic match that was!" Gingerelle said.

Rei (Kill La Kill) handed Yamcha the United States Championship belt, Yamcha raised the belt up high, and Rei (Kill La Kill) raised Yamcha's hand. Yamcha smiled like a winner, with tears rolling down his cheeks. The crowd had wanted Mario or Link to win as well, but they were happy that the better wrestler had won.

Link and Mario got up, and Yamcha showed sportsmanship, telling the video game characters that they had done great. More sportsmanship occurred as Yamcha raised both Mario and Link's arms, with Yamcha in the middle. After that, Link and Mario shook hands with Yamcha before leaving the ring. Then, Yamcha raised the belt infront of the crowd, still getting the same amount of love.

End of Chapter 4

Chapter Text


"Congrats, Yamcha!" Ash said, patting Yamcha's back. Many others were congratulating Yamcha as well, but heels like Karen, Hanzo, and Gary didn't give a damn.

"Thanks, Ash!" Yamcha said.

"You did it, pal!" Goku said, touching Yamcha's left shoulder. "Defend that title!"

"I will, buddy!" Yamcha promised.

A few minutes later...

"Finally, the Intercontinental Championship is about to start! Who'll win? Let's find out during the match!" Gingerelle said.

"Lucio's coming out!" Bubbles said as Lucio rushed to the ring, with one of his songs being played. A lot of people were still behind Lucio. One person, however, wasn't.

"Rememeber, people! Lucio's scheduled to participate in the second Elimination Chamber match! I doubt that he'd win that match, but anything can happen!" Gingerelle said.

"But what if he wins that match? What if he wins the final match of No Way Out as well?" Bubbles asked.

"It'd turn him into a mega star! After all, he has more charisma than most of the roster!" Gingerelle replied.

"Don't forget that he has more charisma than 97% of the roster from that fake ass wrestling company, today's version, mind you!" Bubbles added.

The next person to come out was Musashi, gaining cheers from 70% of the crowd. Bubbles and Gingerelle, however, booed the hell out of him. Next was Kojiro, with Bubbles, Gingerelle, and 85% of the crowd cheering for him. The fourth participant? Ms. Frizzle (Magic School Bus), with Liz (Magic School Bus) on her shoulder. She had more cheers than Musashi, but less than Lucio and Kojiro. And finally, Sonic came out as the last participant, receiving a crap ton of cheers like Lucio.

As the five-way no disqualification match began, Bubbles yelled, "Let's kick his ass!", obviously referring to Musashi. She and Gingerelle left the announcers table, grabbed three kendo sticks under the ring, gave one to Kojiro, and then beat the hell out of Musashi, turning the match into a triple threat match. Lucio and Sonic took down Frizzle as Musashi fought back with one punch towards Bubbles' face. Musashi then kicked Kojiro's groin as Lucio and Sonic went at it. Both scenes were entertaining according to the crowd.

Gingerelle hit Musashi again, but Musashi grabbed Kojiro's kendo stick before wacking her face three times with it. With Bubbles, Gingerelle, and Kojiro down, Musashi returned to the match. Still holding the kendo stick, Musashi assaulted both Sonic and Lucio with it. Frizzle got up, but Musashi put her down with a curb stomp finisher to the mat. Musashi targeted Frizzle for the pin, but Bubbles grabbed Musashi's left leg, pulling him out of the ring, preventing him from winning.

Gingerelle tackled Musashi, smashing him through a barricade, making the crowd go viciously wild. Bubbles said, "Oh, the hell with this!", pulling out a ladder, wanting to weaken Musashi a lot more. After spin-kicking Sonic away from Frizzle, Lucio quickly hopped on the turnbuckle before raising a peace gesture. Seconds later, he commenced the airborne finisher, but Frizzle countered it with a surprising jumping cutter! That got the crowd extremely happy. But a second later, Kojiro planted Musashi's body with a senton bomb, and the crowd got into that!

Sonic kicked Frizzle's face, not letting Frizzle get the successful pin. Then, Gingerelle initiated a flying leg drop on Musashi, getting loved again. Gingerelle and Kojiro stepped away from Musashi, making room for Bubbles. Frizzle shoved Sonic away from Lucio, then she went for the pin. But Lucio kicked out after one second! Bubbles attempted a diving headbutt, but Musashi eluded it, causing Bubbles to collide her head to the ground. Ouch! Musashi quietly got away from Gingerelle, Bubbies, and Kojiro, crawling under a row of occupied seats.

Back in action, Sonic hit Lucio and Frizzle, but the three hit each other repeatedly. Kojiro said, "Forget about him! I've got to win this match!", ignoring Musashi from now. Gingerelle and Bubbles went back to their commentary table. Returning to the match, Kojiro put Frizzle on the mat with the rough ryder finisher, slammed Lucio's body towards Frizzle's with the rock bottom finisher, and then smashed Sonic's head with the super kick.

"You've got this 100%, Kojiro!" Bubbles said.

"GO FOR THE PIN!" Gingerelle shouted.

Kojiro chose Lucio to pin, but Musashi stopped the pin with a diving headbutt from the ladder! That made the crowd super happy, with Gingerelle and Bubbles being extremely shocked! Gingerelle and Bubbles rushed to the ring, but Musashi pulled out a fire extinguisher from his upper clothing before spraying water at Gingerelle and Bubbles. Then, he assaulted the sisters with the item. Kojiro hit Musashi with a savage low blow! Another one! But Lucio staggered Kojiro with the trouble in paradise finisher! One! Two! Three! Victory!

Another Lucio song began to play as Rei (Kill La Kill) handed Lucio the Intercontinental title. The crowd got behind Lucio as usual, but the same person shook her head, not liking the victory from Lucio. Musashi laughed at his injured opponents, but in pain.


"That was an intense and emotional match, Lucio!" Tori said.

"It was! But I'm happy to walk away with this baby! I might make a new song about it after this event regardless of how the second Elimination Chamber match turns out!" Lucio said.

Karen suddenly got close to Lucio, glaring at him. But Lucio glared back. "So. You've won. No big deal. I'll crush you like a little bug!" Karen said, trying to scare Lucio with an intimidating voice.

"You don't scare me, babe!" Lucio wasn't lying.

"Hey, Lucio!" Gary said, giving Lucio attention. "Think you can steal my title and carry two belts!? Not a chance!"

"We'll see, yo!" Lucio said.

Ten minutes later...

"'Bout damn time!" Bubbles said as the Elimination Chamber cage slowly descended.

"All of us are about to witnesses some super violent action!" Gingerelle said.

Ash came out first before entering one of the chamber pods! Then, Glacia, with Foxxy by her side. But Foxxy stayed outside the chamber. Third, Hanzo. Fourth, Fran. Fifth, Sango. Six, Mia. And last, Emily. The first two wrestlers to get picked? Ash and Hanzo. Hanzo pulled the first punch, but Ash punched back.

"Oh, man. This shit... This match is gonna blow up the arena!" Bubbles said as Ash and Hanzo continued to assault each other.

"I know what you mean, sis, but I hope no one dies!" Gingerelle said.

"If Musashi were in one of the matches, we'd root for him to die!" Bubbles said.

"Extreme, but necessary! And next time, don't miss another diving headbutt," Gingerelle said.

"Hey, I tried to add more damage against him! At least the fall didn't mess up my beautiful face! I need it for the next beauty pagaent contest!" Bubbles said.

"And you won't win it," Gingerelle said.


"Glacia's out of her pod!" Gingerelle said as Glacia got into the fight.

Glacia took down Hanzo and Ash. She laid on Ash, but Ash kicked out quick. Hanzo acted very dirty, punishing Glacia's knees. Twelve seconds later, Ash stopped the brutal assault, giving Hanzo a super man punch towards the face. Then, Glacia speared Hanzo towards Emily's pod, damaging him so bad.

"That's my suga mama!" Foxxy said as the crowd chanted Glacia's name.

But the chants stopped as Ash threw Glacia towards the chains and steel, terrifying Foxxy, shocking the crowd. But Ash got cheered seconds later. Now, Ash went on top of Mia's pod. Ash went for flying elbow towards Glacia's head, but Glacia avoided the move, and Ash's unintentionally got hurt. On his feet again, Hanzo charged at Glacia, sending her towards Fran's pod, hurting her back. Speaking of Fran, she finally got out of her pod!

Back in the ring, Ash attempted a spear towards Fran, but Fran reversed it, crashing Ash towards Sango's pod, a dangerous move from her. Hanzo hurt Glacia some more, smashing her head against the chain and steels, making Foxxy cry, gaining massive hate. After more damage against the bleeding Glacia, Hanzo added more injury, assaulting Glacia with a piledriver finisher towards the steel. Ash and Fran went at it, but Fran was dominating Ash.

"Jesus, Glacia is getting murdered so bad!" Gingerelle said as Emily got released.

"Foxxy and the crowd don't like it, but I do!" Bubbles said.

Hanzo was about to stomp Glacia's head, but Emily staggered him with a roll-up pin, successfully pinning him.

Hanzo eliminated!

"SHIT!" Bubbles cursed.

"That was unexpected!" Gingerelle said.

"I hope that ugly freckle-faced bitch gets hurt REALLY BAD!" Bubbles hollered as Hanzo angrily left the chamber.

Now, Hanzo unleashed his frustration towards Foxxy, giving her a wicked headbutt. Then, he battered her further with a piledriver, increasing the large hate from the crowd and household viewers. Hanzo went backstage as Mia joined the action. Ash, Fran, and Emily went against each other, but Mia avoided the scene, turning her attention to the very injured Glacia. Mia failed to eliminate Glacia as Glacia survived the pin at two and a half.

Angry, Glacia grabbed Mia's throat, but Mia reversed Glacia's chokeslam as Emily and Ash planted Fran's face on the mat with a double DDT. Glacia countered Mia's facebreaker finisher before tossing her towards Ash's empty pod. Emily kicked Ash's groin, getting booed. Then, she put herself on a pod as Mia dodged Glacia's spear. Emily weakened Fran with a weak-looking frog splash, then pinned her as Sango finally got in the ring.

Fran eliminated!

"The ugly whore strikes again!" Bubbles said as Glacia survived another pin from Mia.

"She's impressive, I must say," Gingerelle said.

"You can do this, suga mama!" Foxxy continued to root for Glacia as Sango poked Ash's left eye.

Emily pulled the backbreaker move on Sango, but Ash super kicked Emily as Glacia tossed Mia towards Ash, Emily, and Sango. Then, Glacia finally cleaned house, ragingly assaulting her opponents. Next, she punted Mia's head. Afterwards, Emily gave Glacia an angle slam finisher before pinning Mia. Emily's starting to get cheered.

Mia eliminated!

Sango slapped Emily's left cheek, but Emily executed a stunner on Sango before getting rid of her.

Sango eliminated!

"EMILY'S ON FRIGGIN' FIRE, ALL!" Gingerelle screeched as the crowd rooted for Emily.

"She still sucks!" Bubbles said.

Placing her left foot on Glacia's head, Emily threw two middle fingers at Foxxy, calling her a slutty bitch. Foxxy got very mad. Ash gave Emily a clothesline from hell, but Glacia attacked Ash with a boot to the face afterwards.

"Hey, suga mama! That red-headed hoe just insulted me!" Foxxy told Glacia.

"I will teach her not to insult you, heart," Glacia said.

Ash went for a surprise roll-up pin on Glacia, but Glacia easily broke the pin! Because of that, Glacia beat the living crap out of Ash, tossing him towards the pods. After a minute of giving Ash a nasty beating, Glacia chokeslammed him. But Emily kicked Glacia's ass with two Go 2 Sleep finishers and one Twist of Fate finisher. One! Two! Three! Gone!

Glacia eliminated!

Ash pulled off a quick roll-up, getting the win!

Emily eliminated!

"WHOO-HOO! GO, ASH!" Bubbles said as the crowd cheered for both Ash and Emily.

"Scary match, but I hope the next one is scarier!" Gingerelle said.

The chamber ascended as Ash and Emily hugged and complimented each other for their hard effort. As for the disappointed Glacia, she got comforted by Foxxy. Rei (Kill La Kill) raised both Ash and Emily's arms as the crowd continued to cheer for both. Then, Rei (Kill La Kill) said, "Ragyo wants to see you both at her office. Come with me.", then Ash and Emily followed Rei (Kill La Kill).

"I still love you, baby, win or lose," Foxxy said, fondling Glacia's ass.

"My heart," Glacia smiled widely.

Both women kissed, but Clara crawled out of the ring before attacking the two. Clara got booed for that. Foxxy and Glacia counterattacked, but the same tanned Hoennian, Phoebe (Pokemon), saved Clara, assaulting both Glacia and Foxxy with the steel chair. Phoebe also got booed. Clara did not expect this.

"What the hell is going on!?" Bubbles asked.

"I have no friggin' clue, sis!" Gingerelle replied.

After the beatdown, "Phoebe screamed, "I HATE YOU, GLACIA! YOU'VE BETRAYED ME!", before spitting at the unconscious Glacia. Phoebe went backstage, but the curious Clara followed her, wanting to talk to Phoebe.

"I sense a love triangle storyline!" Gingerelle said.

"It had better be good!" Bubbles said.

End of Chapter 5

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"Umm... Excuse me!" Clara talked to Phoebe.

Phoebe turned around, yelling, "WHAT!?", scaring Clara.

"C-Can we talk for a minute?" Clara asked.

"About us being partners for a while!? So predictable!" Phoebe replied.

"Yes or no?" Clara asked.

"I've learned about you before, you racist piece of trash, and I hate you! But yeah, we can be partners, under one condition!" Phoebe replied.

"What's the condition?" Clara asked.

"Become my slave!" Phoebe replied.

Clara signed. "I'm not looking forward to this..." Clara said lowly.

Ragyo's office...

"Ash. Emily. That Elimination Chamber match was... fascinating. Emily, you had pinned five participants in a row. And Ash, you had endured Glacia's brutal assault... like a real champion. I am proud of you two, and others that are willing to win, put their bodies on the line for their family and friends, and make my energy grow stronger," Ragyo said.

"You're welcome, Ragyo!" Ash said.

"Ragyo. My universe is a bloody mess right now because of Talon and the aftermath of the Omnic crisis. I will continue to sacrifice my body for you, my fans, and my love ones, even if it means trying to win a belt or defending it in every PPV," Emily said.

"My, Emily. I like your attitude," Ragyo said.

"Here's an idea. Add more belts. Europeon, Hardcore, Tag Team, and Heavyweight," Emily suggested.

"I shall," Ragyo said.

"Interesting," Ash said.

"A God daughter of mine. I'll revive her after No Way Out. She'll become a General Manager," Ragyo said.

"An annoying one," Rei (Kill La Kill) said.

"Now leave, both of you. Rei (Kill La Kill) and I are about to have a bit of privacy," Ragyo said.

"I know what you mean," Emily said as she and Ash left the office.

In the ring/Five minutes later...

Risky Boots was the only one in the ring, wanting to tell Shantae something important; she was heavily booed.

"Shantae, if you're here, please come on out. It's vital," Risky Boots said.

Shantae came out, with her main theme being played. Then, she joined Risky Boots in the ring as the theme stopped playing.

"Again, I'm sorry for-"

"You don't have to apologize again, Risky," Shantae smiled.

"That really means-"

Shantae touched Risky Boot's right shoulder, confirming, "Yes, Risky. I forgive you."

"I'll pay for all the damages I've caused," Risky Boots added, suddenly getting some cheers.

"You don't have to, Risky," Shantae said.

"Are you sure, Shantae?" Risky Boots asked.

"I'm sure!" Shantae replied.

"Shantae. I'm not sure if you'd accept this, but..." Risky Boots then kneeled, revealing a golden, expensive wedding ring to Shantae, gaining extra cheers. Shantae gasped with a smile on her face, blushing. "I love you, and I want us to have a great life together. Will you marry me at Wrestlemania?"

"Yes!" Shantae accepted.

With that being said, Risky Boots slid the wedding ring on Shantae's index finger from the right hand, then the girls made out, laying on each other, blushing heavily. The crowd said, "Awwwwww.", and Bubbles and Gingerelle said the same thing. Backstage, many wrestlers clapped, but a few like Gary and Karen scoffed at it, and Hanzo shook his head.

Ten minutes later/Backstage...

"Kagome!" Sango said, unintentionally interrupting Kagome's stretch and flex exercise. "Good luck!"

Kagome kissed Sango's left cheek before saying, "Thanks! I'll try my best!"

"Wait, did you just kiss me on a live PPV? We'd told our husbands that we'd be here, remember?" Sango said.

"I've remembered, sweetie, but we shouldn't hide our secret any longer!" Kagome said.

"You're right, Kagome!" Sango finally agreed. "Get out there and win, sexy!" Sango then slapped Kagome's ass.

"I will!" Kagome said, briefly shaking Sango's left breast in return.

Ten seconds later...

"Finally! Let's get the second Elimination Chamber match started!" Gingerelle said as the same chamber descended.

"You're super pumped for this, I know! Me, too!" Bubbles said.

Gary, one of the top heels, came out first, with him being the top heel to get a lot of cheers from the crowd. Second, Lucio, the same amount of cheers as Gary. Third, Karen, booed. Fourth, Tori, 95% cheers. Fifth, Kagome, positive reactions. Sixth, Mercy, booed like hell. Mamoru became the final participant to head to the ring, but Hanzo rushed behind him, gripped the back of his upper clothing, and then hurled him towards the steel, shocking the crowd, especially Chibiusa, Usagi, Hotaru, Haruka, Setsuna, Ami, Makoto, Michiru, Rei (Sailor Moon), and Minako. Hanzo furthered the assaulted against the poor Sailor Moon character, bashing his head against the steel multiple times, receiving the biggest hate ever. Then, Hanzo delivered a deadly finishing combo against Mamoru, a Heart Punch, a Somaon Spike, and a Powerbomb through the table.

"SHIT, THAT WAS AWESOME, HANZO!" Bubbles screamed like a true fangirl.

"That was brutal..." Gingerelle said.

Rei (Sailor Moon), Setsuna, Haruka, Minako, Ami, Usagi, Hotaru, Chibiusa, Makoto, and Michiru finally rushed to the brutally-injured Mamoru as Hanzo and Rei (Kill La Kill) argued at each other, with Hanzo trying to replace Mamoru's spot. But the arguing stopped as a theme song started playing. Nui (Kill La Kill), the general manager, arrived out of backstage. Earlier, Ragyo had planned on making Nui as General Manager at Wrestlemania, but before the second chamber match had begun, she changed her mind.

"Oh, Rei (Kill La Kill)! You're not like that! Let sweet Hanzo join the others!" Nui said, then the crowd booed the shit out of her and Hanzo.

"Fine..." Rei (Kill La Kill) agreed, letting Hanzo in the match.

"HEY, THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Usagi cried as Hanzo got inside the last chamber.

"Now, let the match begin!" Nui said, leaving.

Gary and Mercy became the first two wrestlers to fight each other! Surprisingly, Mercy dominated Gary, but the crowd remained on Gary's side, refusing to cheer for an Overwatch character with a psychotic fanbase from the Overwatch games. After enough clobbering, Mercy pinned Gary, but Gary easily escaped the pin. However, Mercy continued the assault until Kagome stopped her. Mercy counterattacked, pulling off a Somaon Drop attack against the Inuyasha character.

"Gee, the crowd ain't on her side! I wonder why?" Gingerelle continued to despise Mercy as the announcers' table magically reappeared.

"It's obvious. Most of her fanbase is a psychotic cult!" Bubbles said.

Gary astonished Mercy with a punch towards the crotch, but it had little effect. Pissed, Mercy slapped the cowardly Gary, but Kagome got into the mix, occuring a three-way brawl against Mercy and Gary. Tori turned it into a four-way brawl. Tori knocked everybody down with several punches, but when she got close to Gary, Gary assaulted her with a facebreaker! Gary could barely move after that, however! Being the only ones on their feet, Mercy and Kagome slapped each other, but twelve seconds later, Mercy put Kagome down with a stronger and forcible slap.

Mercy went for the leg drop as Gary rolled to his own pod, but Kagome evaded the weak move. Karen's out! Tori got up, but Karen put her back down with a spear! She also speared Kagome and Mercy. Being sneaky again, Gary charged towards the hated Karen before colliding her towards Mercy's empty pod. Gary then targeted Karen's legs, dropping her to the mat. More desperate to eliminate Karen quicker, Gary put himself on top of his own pod. He initiated a Frog Splash, but Karen grabbed his throat, not letting him damage her.

In fear, Gary begged Karen to let go, but Karen chokeslammed him on the steel floor. After being released, Hanzo pinned Kagome, but Kagome saved herself from being eliminated. Gary poked Karen's eye! Gary then crawled fast towards Hanzo and Kagome, luring Karen! Gary rested more as he watched Karen, Hanzo, and Kagome went at it. But Mercy and Tori made it a five-way brawl.

"Gary's playing smart!" Bubbles said.

"We'd seen the same strategy at the Royal Rumble, but he didn't win it!" Gingerelle said as medics carried Mamoru to the ambulance.

"But tonight's match is different, with only seven wrestlers in the match! Gary might win this!" Bubbles said as Chibiusa and the nine Sailor Scouts followed the medics.

Lucio's out! The super popular Lucio successfully dropped Tori, Hanzo, Mercy, and Kagome to the mat, but Karen countered his attack, chokeslamming him. A sudden knee attack towards Karen, courtesy of Tori! One, two, three!

Karen eliminated!

Angry to the extreme, Karen waited for Rei (Kill La Kill) to unlock the chamber door before shoving her towards a steel. Then, Karen got up, stole a steel chair from a little kid in a crowd, got back in, and then ragingly clobbered Hanzo, Rei (Kill La Kill), Kagome, Tori, Lucio, Mercy, and Gary with the steel chair, a single shot towards the head! Karen suffered massive heat for the savage attacks, but she didn't care. She walked away, with her giving the jeering crowd the middle finger.

"What a ferocious monster heel!" Gingerelle said.

"I wouldn't fuck with her, even if she was the last being on earth!" Bubbles said.

Gary's the first to stand! Gary tried to eliminate Hanzo, but Hanzo survived! Gary gulped, rolling back to the same spot. A five-way brawl commenced, with Rei (Kill La Kill) standing up again. Backstage, Karen ruthlessly speared Yuma because of his friend's actions against her earlier. Then, Karen pulled off monster heel tactics against poor Yuma, tossing him towards the walls like a worthless rag doll. Tori noticed this on the titantron, but because of the distraction, Hanzo put her out of the match, via roll-up.

Tori eliminated!

Tori rushed to her best friend's aid, not caring about losing this vital match. Gary attacked Kagome with a surprise superman punch before resting again! Taking advantage of this, Mercy commenced the Keaton Bomb on Kagome before eliminating her.

Kagome eliminated!

"LOOK AT THE SCREEN!" Bubbles said as Tori assaulted Karen from behind.

Lucio pinned Mercy, after taking her down with the Boom Drop!

Mercy eliminated!

"Lucio proves that he's the better healer!" Gingerelle said as the crowd chanting Lucio's name very hard.

"That's great, but Karen's retaliating! That's not good for Tori and Yuma!" Bubbles said as Karen beat the hell out of Tori.

Hanzo and Lucio fought each other as Karen shoved the injured Tori down the stairs. Then, she threw Yuma towards Tori, almost breaking his neck, giving both Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal characters an evil and scary smile on her face. SOS from Lucio! Hanzo's down! One, two, three, gone!

Hanzo eliminated!

The crowd went extremely berserk over that pin, but in a happy way. Now, it was Gary against Lucio, a popular heel and a popular face. Gary and Lucio went back and forth against one another, with the crowd and the commentators behind both wrestlers. The home audience, almost every one of them, didn't care who'd win.

A Trouble in Paradise from Lucio! But someone suddenly shouted Lucio's name while waving at him, right near the chamber! The distraction stunned Lucio, with Symmetra (Overwatch), Lucio's number one enemy, being responsible for it! Thanks to Symmetra, Gary got the cheap roll-up pin, winning the match.

Lucio eliminated!

"AND THE WINNER IS GARY!" Bubbles shouted as Symmetra ran off.

"Thanks to Symmetra!" Gingerelle said.

Lucio didn't chase Symmetra. Instead, he walked away in shame, letting the crowd down. But in spite of that, the crowd continued to chant his name. As for Gary, he hugged Rei (Kill La Kill) very tight, and Rei (Kill La Kill) barely hugged in return. Then, he screamed, "GET READY TO LOSE, ASH!".

Fifteen minutes later...

Ash vs. Gary! Ash was out first, then Gary; both renewed rivals had the same amount of cheers! But when Hanzo came out to do commentary, the crowd immediately booed like batshit insane beings. The match started as Hanzo sat between Gingerelle and Bubbles, with Bubbles staring at him.

"Hi, Hanzo!" Bubbles said.

"Hello," Hanzo said.

"Bubbles likes you, Hanzo," Gingerelle said.

"I DO NOT!" Bubbles screamed.

"Yes, you do!" Gingerelle sang.

Both sisters started arguing.

Ash broke Gary's roll-up pin, and Gary whined, "Let me beat you, Ash!", but Ash refused, "NO!", assaulting Gary. Gary fought back, turning this into in all-punch brawl between the two. Both looked obviously tired, after the hell they had been through in their chamber matches.

"Quiet, both of you!" Hanzo yelled, and the sisters stopped arguing.

"Sorry, Hanzo!" Bubbles apologized. "So... um... are you homophobic towards lesbians?"

"No," Hanzo replied.

"Odd," Gingerelle looked confused.

"Shantae and Risky Boot's segment. Other lesbian-related moments. Not my cup of tea," Hanzo said.

"What about gay shit?" Bubbles asked.

"Ugh..." that's all Hanzo could say.

"Hey, wait a second! A few days ago, I had discovered more McHanzo fanart, with you and this McCree (Overwatch) character doing gay shit together!" Gingerelle said.

"Never mention that again," Hanzo said coldly.

"So, you hold a grudge towards fandom shit, right?" Bubbles asked.

"Especially shipping communities. Confirmed pairings or not, they are all inhuman and disgusting," Hanzo replied.

"So, you're not a canontard, then!" Gingerelle said as Ash and Gary kept brawling and brawling.

"You should've won the Royal Rumble and the chamber matches, Hanzo! You're great!" Bubbles said.

"You have my thanks," Hanzo said.

"You should sign your fans' autographs before a PPV event!" Bubbles said.

"I will think about it," Hanzo said.

"By the way, Mamoru sucks ass! Glad you owned him twice!" Bubbles said.

"He's unworthy, like Ash and Gary," Hanzo said.

"You'd better beat the crap out of those ugly Sailor whores and that friggin' midget, too!" Bubbles said.

"Oh, crap! Gary almost lost!" Gingerelle said as Gary survived another pin.

"Man, they're both tired!" Bubbles said as Gary and Ash now looked extremely exhausted.

Gary slowly moved back, trying to play mind games. Then, Gary intentionally fell before rolling out of the ring. Ash got close to the edge of the ring, but he got pulled by Gary before getting slammed towards the announcers table. Ash hit back with a headbutt as Rei (Kill La Kill) started counting. Both brawled again, but after the eighth count, Gary shoved Ash towards the steel ring steps, then he barely got back in the ring. Ash tried to make it back to the ring, but after the tenth count, Gary won the match via countout.

"GARY WINS! GARY WINS!" Bubbles shouted as the crowd gave Gary a round of applause for winning a short and hard-fought match.

"Good match!" Gingerelle said.

"Humph," Hanzo said.

"I WIN, ASH! IN YOUR FACE!" Gary taunted.

"Damn..." Ash cursed, slowly heading backstage.

Ragyo and Nui appeared. Near Ash, Ragyo said, "You'll get him next time, Ash.", patting Ash's shoulder.", then she and Nui entered the ring as Ash got congratulated by Misty, Leaf, Professor Burnet, being told that he had fought like a champ throughout his matches. "You are the winner, Gary. Congrats."

"A big winner!" Gary said.

"What is your wish?" Ragyo asked.

"I want to reunite with my old cheerleaders (Pokemon), all six of them!" Gary replied.

"Agree," Ragyo said, making the wish.

"GARY!" the six cheerleaders said in unision, reuniting with their man.

"Look what I've got!" Gary said, showing the cheerleaders his World Championship belt. "I had defended it twice just to bring you girls here! I miss you all!"

"We miss you, too, Gary!" the cheerleaders said in unison.

Gary raised the belt as the crowd, Gingerelle, Bubbles, Ragyo, Rei (Kill La Kill), and Nui clapped for him, but Hanzo stood on the announcers table, glaring at Gary. Gary glared back, with his cheerleaders glaring at Hanzo as well. A staredown between both heels, a super-loved heel and a super-hated heel.

End of Chapter 6

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Four weeks later...

"Wrestlemania is here, ladies and gentleman! LET US HAVE SOME FUN UP IN HERE!" Gingerelle said as the 500,000 capacity crowd roared excitedly, getting extremely pumped into Wrestlemania.

"Damn right, Gingerelle!" Bubbles said, loving this.

Yamcha came out with his same theme from the last event, holding a mic, receiving many cheers. When he got in the ring, he shouted, "Y'all ready for some Wrestlemania!?", and the crowd responded with a giant roar, mega happy. "That's what I'm talkin' about!" Yamcha added before leaving.

"Man, Yamcha's been getting more love lately!" Bubbles said.

"He'd rather not suffer in the same spot as a Z-Fighter jobber, even if our events end! I don't blame him!" Gingerelle said.


"What the hell...?" Yamcha said confusingly, witnessing Clara giving Phoebe a piggyback ride. He wasn't the only one with a confused expression.

"Guys, meet Clara, my slave! She'll do ANYTHING for me!" Phoebe said, glaring at Clara, treating Clara like shit.

"I hate you..." Clara said weakly, shaking a little.

"I HATE YOU, TOO, BITCH!" Phoebe screamed. "Now, take me to our private room! I need some exercise!" Phoebe said, then Clara took her there.

Hanzo sighed. "Idiots," Hanzo insulted the crossover pair.

Ragyo's office...

"Oh, my!" Emily said as she and Ash caught Ragyo and Rei (Kill La Kill) smiling at each other and holding each other half-naked.

"We are terribly sorry for not knocking on your door, Ragyo!" Ash apologized.

"Do not apologized, Ash," Ragyo said as she and Rei (Kill La Kill) put their clothes back on.

"Ragyo, the Battle Royal participants for the Europeon Championship are very excited for the match!" Emily said.

"That is good to hear, Emily," Ragyo said.

"Btw, add a Money in the Bank match for the Backlash PPV! The winner attempts to cash in on the World Champion or Heavyweight Champion at a later time!" Emily suggested.

"Fascnating idea, Emily," Ragyo strongly agreed.

"Emily, how was your universe during our four-week wrestling break?" Rei (Kill La Kill) asked.

"A bit better, thanks for asking!" Emily replied.

"That's nice to hear, Emily! The next wish I'm planning to make is to stop all active criminal organizations for good!" Ash said.

"Like Team Rocket? I've heard about them!" Emily said.

"Yeah, like them!" Ash said.

"I really hope you beat Gary! Last week, he was at King's Row, at my own universe, with his dumb girls, constantly bragging about himself being the World champ!" Emily said.

"Gary's a tough and sneaky opponent, but I'll beat him!" Ash said.

Five minutes later...

"The ambulance match is about to start, all! It should be interesting!" Gingerelle said as an ambulance appeared near the ramp.

"Hanzo should win this!" Bubbles said.

"Unless interference from Chibiusa and the Sailor Scouts occur, Hanzo might pull out the victory!" Gingerelle said.

"Speaking of those losers, they're sitting very close to the edge of the barricades! They might interfere!" Bubbles said as Mamoru came out with his own theme.

Usagi, Hotaru, Chibiusa, Michiru, Ami, Makoto, Setsuna, Minako, Haruka, Rei (Sailor Moon), and the rest of the crowd cheered for Mamoru, but only Bubbles and Gingerelle booed him. Then, Hanzo appeared with a satanic Japanese theme, getting booed by 100% of the crowd. Only Bubbles and Gingerelle cheered for him.

When the match began, Mamoru quickly kicked Hanzo square in the nuts, a heel tactic from a face. That got the crowd extremely happy, but Bubbles jeered the shit out of Mamoru. Hanzo tried to retaliate with a punch towards the throat, but Mamoru stopped the retaliation with a spinebuster. Mamoru then threw punches towards Hanzo's head like an insane madman as the entire crowd remained by his side, especially his wife, daughter, and allies.

"Mamoru is not deterred!" Gingerelle said.

"Hanzo's still gonna win this bitch, Gingerelle! You heard it here!" Bubbles said.

Twenty-one seconds later, Hanzo violently poked the shit out of Mamoru's eye, finally ending the vicious assault. Predictable boos commenced from the crowd, with Usagi giving Hanzo two middle fingers. Mamoru punched Hanzo again, but Hanzo brutally struck Mamoru's back with his knee. Finally gaining the upper hand, Hanzo hit Mamoru with an uppercut, flying Mamoru towards the turnbuckle. Hanzo tried to spear Mamoru, but Mamoru rolled, and Hanzo unintentionally hit the turnbuckle, damaging himself.

"Damn!" Bubbles cursed.

After tossing Hanzo out of the ring, Mamoru commenced a suicide dive, hitting Hanzo, receiving a mega giant pop. Next, Mamoru whipped Hanzo towards the ambulance, and Hanzo collided towards it. Near his opponent, Mamoru grabbed Hanzo's hair before slamming the latter's head towards the ambulance, busting Hanzo open. Mamoru commenced it fifteen more times, then Hanzo got knocked out cold.

"Oh, no, Hanzo!" Bubbles cried.

"I hate to say this, but Mamoru will win this 100%!" Gingerelle said.

Mamoru opened the back of the ambulance door, getting ready to put Hanzo inside. But someone with an Oni mask suddenly intervened, hitting Mamoru's face with a barb-wire bat, greatly shocking the crowd, the wrestlers backstage, and the commentators.

"Who the hell is that?!" Gingerelle asked.

"I have no friggin' clue, but this is a strange, but good turn of events!" Bubbles replied.

The unknown Oni guy hit Mamoru with the weapon again before planting Mamoru's face on the ground the Skull-crushing Finale finisher. Pissed off, Usagi, Ami, Setsuna, Chibiusa, Haruka, Minako, Michiru, Rei (Sailor Moon), Makoto, and Hotaru got out of their seats, but the Oni guy swiftly hop on the barricade before diving towards the Sailor Moon characters. Finally conscious, the confused Hanzo saw Mamoru being down. Then, he took advantage of the injured Mamoru, putting him inside the ambulance, closing the ambulance door.

"YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!" Bubbles happily screamed as the Oni guy dashed away.

"Hanzo's the winner! Wow! What a bizarre match! But whoever helped Hanzo, GOD BLESS HIM!" Gingerelle said as the crowd booed at Hanzo.

Usagi, Chibiusa, and the other Sailor Moon scouts angrily went after Hanzo, but Hanzo successfully escaped.


"Don't my polished nails look great?" Phoebe asked, getting her nails polished by Clara.

"Screw you," Clara replied, giving Phoebe an angry look.

"Your universe sucks ass, and your family sucks ass, especially your father. That guy had acted weird towards me," Phoebe said.

"That means he wants you to strip-dance infront of him, sadly," Clara said.

"I should watch more Drawn Together episodes to see what the hell you really mean," Phoebe said.

"Just watch Ghostesses in the Slot Machine," Clara said.

Ragyo's office...

"Owner Ragyo," Hanzo said, getting in.

"Hanzo. Welcome," Ragyo said, sitting on her chair.

"A victory from me is highly needed, but who interefered? Who helped me?" Hanzo asked.

"An Oni gentleman," Ragyo replied, showing Hanzo a clip from the match. "Do you know him?"

"His movements... Could it be... him...? Or just a fan...? Thank you for showing me the clip anyway. I shall go," Hanzo said before leaving.


"When we goin' back to Hoenn, suga mama?" Foxxy asked, sitting on Glacia's ass, massaging her back.

"After Wrestlemania, heart," Glacia replied.

"Good, baby, good. Your tall friend, the captain, was so nice to me, he looked like he wanted to have a three-way with us," Foxxy said.

"I don't mind. The three of us can do it in his large ship. My heart will obviously grow stronger," Glacia agreed.

"You're the best, suga mama," Foxxy said.

Seven minutes later...

"Loser Leaves Town/United States Championship match is starting, folks!" Bubbles said as Yamcha and Lucio, as the special guest referee, headed to the ring.

The crowd sided both.

The opponents for the handicap match? Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, booed to death. When the match got started, Lucio quickly pushed Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet off the ring as Yamcha executed Steven with a quick powerbomb. Yamcha pinned Steven as Lucio counted very fast, making this the shortest Wrestlemania match ever.

"Yamcha retains his title!" Gingerelle said as the crowd gave Yamcha and Lucio a huge round of applause.

"I knew Lucio would do that! But I don't blame him! No one likes the Steven Universe assholes!" Bubbles said as Ragyo, Nui, and Rei (Kill La Kill) showed up.

"Here comes our owner!" Gingerelle said.

Now, the crowd sang, "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good-Bye!" to the Steven Universe characters as Ragyo, Nui, and Rei (Kill La Kill) joined Yamcha and Lucio. Near the tall Ragyo, Steven and his friends went on their knees, crying, begging Ragyo not to make them stay at their universe permanently. But Ragyo made them disappear. Then, the crowd got very wild as Yamcha raised his United States belt up high.

"So far, so good!" Bubbles said.

"This event still has plenty of matches left!" Gingerelle said.

End of Chapter 7

Chapter Text


All of the faces, and even most of the heels, thanked Lucio and Yamcha for getting rid of the pathetic Steven Universe characters for good. But suddenly, a slow, sarcastic clap stopped the kudos as Symmetra got near Lucio.

"Typical street rat, ruining other beings' chances," Symmetra said.

"Those Social Justice Whiners deserved it, you Vishkar goof! They're a disgrace!" Lucio countered.

"But you are a disgrace as an Intercontinental Champion. Dirty hoodlums shouldn't hold it. I'll show the millions of universes what a real Intercontinental Champion does, and you'll lose," Symmetra said.

"I won't lose you to a Vishkar scumbag!" Lucio said.

"Win or lose, you're better than Symmetra, Lucio," Yamcha said.

"Thanks for the love, man!" Lucio said.

"Yamcha. Your Dragon Ball franchise history is overall laughable, a joke like those that don't obey laws. Lucio, for example," Symmetra said.

Eight minutes later...

"Two hated rivals are about to start this Intercontinental title match, folks! This should be fun!" Gingerelle said as Symmetra, who was heading to the ring, got a tremendous amount of boos, with a spooky Indian-type theme being played. Then, Lucio got out with a new theme, with the crowd behind him.

"It begins!" Bubbles said as Lucio and Symmetra began to punch each other.

Symmetra scratched both of Lucio eyes, a dirty heel move. But Lucio fought back, shoving Symmetra. Lucio got closer to his rival, but the latter blocked his kick attack before shoving him back. Deciding to fast pace, Lucio rushed near his rival. Then, he executed a spinebuster on her. Symmetra rolled out of the ring, but Lucio followed her. Symmetra hit Lucio in the face, but Lucio rapidly attacked back until he got back into the ring at the count of six. Symmetra returned to the ring two seconds later, but Lucio kicked her face, and she fell. Pin from Lucio, but no victory.

Back up, Symmetra ruthlessly kicked Lucio's legs, refusing to let him retaliate. After Symmetra's ten kick, Lucio fell. Symmetra whipped herself towards the ropes, ran to Lucio, and then low kicked his head. A leg drop from Symmetra! But it missed as Lucio rolled to his right! A giant relief to the crowd.

"Both rivals are trying their best to win the title!" Gingerelle said.

"But it feels more like a World title match to me!" Bubbles said as Symmetra dodged Lucio's running knee move.

Face to face, Lucio and Symmetra kicked each other's legs, cheer and boo, respectively. Many kicks later, Symmetra used a roundhouse kick, right towards Lucio's head, knocking him down. Lucio barely survived Symmetra's pin, but shortly after that, Symmetra put Lucio in a fireman's carry position. Symmetra attempted the FU finisher, but Lucio landed both feet on the mat! The Trouble in Paradise from Lucio, but Symmetra quickly blocked it!

A swift Clothesline from Hell from Symmetra! Lucio ducked the finisher! The fast-pacing match continues as Symmetra and Lucio beat the hell out of each other, adding blood into the mix. Symmetra picked up Lucio with force before moving him towards a turnbuckle, damaging his back.Then, she threw him backwards, furthering the damage against him.

"Goddamn, this match!" the exciting Bubbles cursed.

"Is good!" Gingerelle added for Bubbles.

Symmetra stomped Lucio's back, not letting him get up. Symmetra occurred more stomps against Lucio, taunting him, earning extra jeers. After that, she moved back before dancing briefly, her signature taunt. Symmetra went for the punt, but Lucio avoided it! Up on his feet again, Lucio assaulted Symmetra, punches towards the gut. Symmetra stopped the assault, scratching Lucio's eyes again. Despite the hard scratch, Lucio went for the leg sweep, putting Symmetra on the mat.

Boom drop! Pin! But not enough! When Symmetra got up, Lucio attempted the facebreaker. But Symmetra caught Lucio in mid-air! Symmetra placed Lucio on top of her, but Lucio used repeated elbow attack against Symmetra's face, trying to free himself! Symmetra endured the hits, super angry. After getting hit enough, Symmetra went for the Go 2 Sleep finisher. Done.

"Emotional match, folks! Emotional match!" Bubbles said as the crowd booed Symmetra.

"I agree, but most of the crowd hate the results!" Gingerelle said as Symmetra snatched the IC belt off Rei's (Kill La Kill) hands.

"A punishment for your crimes, street rat," Symmetra said to Lucio as the crowd chanted Lucio's name.

In a private room...

"Wow... That storyline was... weird... But I hate to admit that it makes sense!" Phoebe said as Clara massaged her shoulders. "What else is weird? I want to know more of your dirty secrets!"

"An episode from Season One..." Clara replied.

In another private room...

"Hey, Gary!" Ash yelled, storming inside Gary's private room, startling the latter and his girls.

"Beat it, loser! Our match for the World title hasn't even started yet!" Gary yelled back.

"I know, but I've come here to tell you that you suck and your girls are nothing but sluts with HIV!" Ash said before leaving.


"Oh, Sango... Your kisses and gropes are so wonderful..." Kagome moaned, getting kissed and groped everywhere by Sango.

"We should've done this a long time ago, baby," Sango said.

"I know, Sango, darling... You're too beautiful..." Kagome moaned more.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha (Inuyasha) yelled, scaring both Kagome and Sango, pissed, having the pissed and perverted Miroku (Inuyasha) by his side, distracting Hanzo, Lucio, and other wrestlers.

"Sango! How could you!" Miroku sounded hurt.

"We had to come out, Miroku! But we can work this out!!" Sango said.

"No, Sango! You've betrayed me and our children!" Miroku said in the same tone.

"And Kagome, you should be ashamed of yourself! We had a promising future in our own universe and you ruined it for us!" Inuyasha yelled.

"So, that's how it's going to be, huh? Fine. I don't have to be your wife anymore," Kagome said, turning heel.

"I'm taking our kids away from you, Miroku! They'll have two mothers!" Sango said, turning heel as well.

"Awwwww, am I hearing adultery behavior and splitting?" Nui said, coming near the four Inuyasha characters. "I can book both groups in a later match, a four-way tag team elimination match for the Tag Team belts! Have fun!"

"Oh, we'll have fun, Nui!" Kagome said as she and Sango glared at Inuyasha and Miroku. The latter two glared at the former two, too.

Six minutes later...

"Finally, the Battle Royal for the Europeon Championship!" Gingerelle said as the contestants came out.

The thirty contestants? Emily, Din (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons), Naryu (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages), Ki (The Tower of Druaga), Ishtar (The Tower of Druaga), Mako (The Legend of Korra), D.W. (Arthur), Mercy, Katherine (Pokemon), Linnea (Pokemon), Blossom (Pokemon), Kali (Pokemon), Frizzle, Blanche (Pokemon), Candela (Pokemon), Iggy (Hey Arnold), Twilight (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; human form), Ryo (Ronin Warriors), Rosalina, Professor Kukui (Pokemon), Professor Burnet, Leaf, Misty, Serena, Fran, Joni (Cluefinders), Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Spike (Ape Escape), Yuma, and Rootrick (Brave Fencer Musashi). D.W., Mercy, Iggy, Serena, and Twilight Sparkle had negative reactions from the crowd, but the rest had mixed to positive reactions.

"Now, go!" Bubbles said as the match started.

The pairs, Din/Naryu, Professor Kukui/Professor Burnet/Leaf/Misty, Blanche/Candela, Katherine/Linnea/Blossom/Kali, and Ki/Ishtar aided each other. Mercy got rid of Rosalina, gaining heat from the crowd.

Rosalina eliminated!

Moments later, Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet tag-teamming Rootrick.

Rootrick eliminated!

"Wow, you friggin' suck, Rootrick!" Bubbles insulted her own ally.

"When does the Kojiro vs. Musashi match start?" the goofy Rootrick asked.

"Right before Shantae and Risky Boots' wedding!" Gingerelle replied as Misty and Serena unintentionally eliminated each other.

Misty and Serena eliminated!

Misty and Serena occurred a brawl towards one another, but at the same time, Spike (Cowboy Bebop) clotheslined Mako and Joni out of the ring, Emily threw both Din and Nayru out, and Linnea, Katherine, Kali, and Blossom put both Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet out.

Mako, Joni, Din, Naryu, Professor Kukui, and Professor Burnet eliminated.

Then, Emily eradicated three hated characters one by one, Iggy, D.W., and Twilight Sparkle, receiving lots of love.

Iggy, D.W., and Twilight Sparkle eliminated!

"F those characters! Glad Emily eliminated them!" Bubbles said.

"I thought you hated Emily, Bubbles," Gingerelle said.

"I do, but rather her than those sore losers!" Bubbles said as Blossom, Linnea, Katherine, and Kali suffered elimination from Mercy, Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Yuma, and Leaf, respectively.

Blossom, Linnea, Katherine, and Kali eliminated!

"So many quick eliminations!" Bubbles said.

"It's for a title, so it makes sense!" Gingerelle said as Spike (Ape Escape) super kicked Leaf out of the match.

Leaf eliminated!

Now, Ryo and Yuma handled Ki and Ishtar, respectively.

Ki and Ishtar eliminated!

"Ten left!" Gingerelle said as Emily, Mercy, both Spikes, Yuma, Frizzle, Fran, Blanche, Candela, and Ryo threw aggressive and hard punches and kicks against each other.

Mercy screamed out, pushing Ryo out of the match. More heat from her.

Ryo eliminated!

Candela and Blanche liquidated Spike (Cowboy Bebop) as Mercy handled the other Spike (Ape Escape).

Spike (Cowboy Bebop) and Spike (Ape Escape) eliminated!

Four seconds later, Fran kicked Frizzle's face, kicking her out.

Frizzle eliminated!

Someone touched Yuma's leg, distracting him! Karen, guilty as charged! Mercy took advantage of this, getting Yuma out.

Yuma eliminated!

Karen attacked Yuma, but Tori intervened, saving Yuma as Fran knocked Mercy down with an uppercut. Security quickly broke up the small brawl between Karen and Tori, wanting them to stay 100% perfect for their main event match for the Heavyweight title.

Mercy saved herself from getting eliminated, after almost getting thrown out of the ring by Candela and Blanche. Fran grabbed the throats of Blanche and Candela as Mercy got back in. With strength, Fran threw Candela and Blanche out, but a second later, Mercy ended Fran's run.

Candela, Blanche, and Fran eliminated!

"Now, it's down to two Overwatch characters!" Gingerelle said as the crowd got heavily behind Emily.

"GO, EMILY! I HATE MERCY MORE THAN YOU!" Bubbles shouted as Mercy and Emily briefly shook each other's hands.

Mercy unleashed her aggressive side again, punching Emily's face so fast, dominating her. That got her booed so bad. But after Emily retaliated with an unexpected Clothesline from Hell, the crowd got extremely happy. Next, Emily won.

Mercy eliminated!

"FUN MATCH!" Bubbles shouted, clapping so fast.

"The better Overwatch character won, all!" Gingerelle said as Rei (Kill La Kill) gave Emily the European title. Mercy just walked away.

"The ironic thing about this is that Emily's European!" Bubbles said as the super happy Emily raised the belt for the happy crowd.

"Don't forget that Mercy, the final wrestler to get eliminated, is European as well!" Gingerelle reminded.

In a private room...

"You and your father on the Dirty Pranking No. 2 episode!? Kissed like a married couple!?" the shocked Phoebe exclaimed, sitting on Clara's back, watching the episode with her. "Okay, I've learned enough of the relationship between you two creeps, and I've watched enough of this shit! Let's just focus on our tag team match, and you'd better not get pinned!"

"I'll try to help us win," Clara said as Phoebe got off her.

End of Chapter 8

Chapter Text

Four minutes later...

"Wait, what match is about to start again?" Bubbles asked.

"It's just a match for the Hardcore belt. The 24/7 rule is activated," Gingerelle said.

"Oh, that... Anybody can win that cheap belt... But as long as the wrestlers I like win it, I'm okay with it!" Bubbles said.

Lucio's one of the wrestlers for the match! The crowd chanted his name again, wanting him to win a Wrestlemania match. Bubbles got happy, too. So, was Gingerelle. Lucio's opponent? Bubsy. Booed like crazy. When the match started, Lucio occurred a roll-up pin, but Bubsy broke it! Bubsy tried his own roll-up pin, but Lucio escaped from it, a big relief! Then, Lucio's Trouble in Paradise made contact towards Bubsy's head! Win! Mega happy crowd!

"Quick, but I ain't complaining!" Bubbles said as Rei (Kill La Kill) kindly gave Lucio the Hardcore title.

"Lucio better watch out for Symmetra! She'll likely become the first wrestler to take the title away from him under the 24/7 rule!" Gingerelle said as Lucio and Bubsy respectively shook hands.

Seven minutes later...

"Hurry, hurry!" Symmetra said to a different referee, after giving Lucio five vicious low blows in his own private room.

The ref, Rootrick, hurried to the private room as Symmetra gave Lucio a quick tombstone piledriver towards the floor. Then, Symmetra pinned Lucio again, getting his title away from him, becoming the first wrestler to own two titles.

"Order overcomes chaos, hoodlum," Symmetra said to the unconscious Lucio.

Three minutes later...

The tag team elimination match's about to begin! The first tag team group to come out? Foxxy and Glacia, with both grabbing and squeezing each other's lovely asses, cheered. The next group? Phoebe and Clara. Booed. The third group? Inuyasha and Miroku. Cheered. And the last one? Kagome and Sango. Booed.

"Do not try to tag me! Just do your goddamn job!" Phoebe said before slapping Clara's ass.

In the ring with Inuyasha, Foxxy, and Kagome, Clara targeted Foxxy first as Inuyasha and Kagome went at it. Miroku and Sango talked shit against each other, while Glacia cheered for Foxxy. As for the deadpanned Phoebe, she shook her head as Foxxy started to attack Clara so ruthlessly, not being impressed. Inuyasha tagged Mikoru, but Kagome quickly tagged Sango. After doing enough damage against Clara, Foxxy tagged Glacia.

Sango and Miroku locked themselves into a normal brawl as Glacia owned Clara with savage attacks. Phoebe remained the same, while Foxxy cheered for her taller girlfriend. Thirteen seconds later, Glacia gripped Clara's throat before occurring a chokeslam against the latter. Glacia went for the pin as Miroku and Sango tagged their partners. Clara broke the pin at two and a half! That staggered the hell out of everybody, especially Foxxy and Glacia. But Phoebe smiled, nodding.

"How the hell...!?" Bubbles yelled.

"Either she's trying to impress Phoebe or refusing to get pinned by her rivals!" Gingerelle said, which made sense.

Glacia cursed in her native language, lifting Clara so easily, attempting to do an F-5 finisher against her. Clara barely escaped from it before going towards Phoebe. Kagome tried to pin Inuyasha, but Inuyasha broke it.

"I've changed my mind, Clara! I'll take care of her!" Phoebe said.

"Stay your ass in the same spot! I've got this!" Clara said.

Glacia tagged Foxxy as Clara commenced a surprise, but weak spear against Inuyasha. But it's enough to eliminate Inuyasha, causing Clara to get more hate from the crowd.

Inuyasha and Miroku eliminated!

Clara hardly dodged Foxxy's own spear as Sango and Kagome taunted both Inuyasha and Miroku for losing so early, and the latter two cursed at their ex-wives. With force, Clara shoved Foxxy towards a turnbuckle, then Clara went behind the distracted Kagome for an easy roll-up pin.

Kagome and Sango eliminated!

Now, Inuyasha and Miroku laughed and taunted at their rivals as Foxxy tagged Glacia again. Angry at their enemies, Kagome and Sango attacked them, but the men fought back. Meanwhile, Mia pinned Symmetra backstage, after an assist from Ryo, who was wearing a referee shirt. Mia's the new Hardcore Champion!

Clara ducked Glacia's fairly predictable spear, causing the latter to unintentionally fly outside the ring. Now serious, Clara came towards Foxxy before knocking her down, making her fall off the ring. Outside the ring, Clara crashed Foxxy into the steel ring steeps, showing more seriousness. When Clara and Glacia got back in the ring, the former countered the latter's Rock Bottom finisher, getting behind the latter. Next, a backbreaker from Clara. Then, a devestating curb-stomp finisher. Finished.

"WE DID IT!" Clara screamed with joy as the crowd booed the shit out of her and Phoebe.

"I didn't do shit!" Phoebe said, joining Clara.

"But my confidence was consistent because of you!" Clara said as she and Phoebe got their Tag Team champion belts from Rei (Kill La Kill). "I still hate you, though!"

"I still hate you, too, and you're still my slave!" Phoebe said as she and Clara walked away together.

"Gee, what an odd couple..." Gingerelle said.

"Decent match, but I wonder how long will the love-hate relationship between Phoebe and Clara last. They might part ways at a later PPV!" Bubbles said.

Backstage/A few minutes later...

"Yamcha, where are you?" Bulma (Dragon Ball series) asked, looking for Yamcha. Because the audience were able to see Bulma from the titantron, they called her a slut so many times, due to her past.

"Bulma...? You're here...?" Yamcha didn't expect Bulma to come here.

"Yamcha, why haven't you told me about your business in this universe? We're friends, remember?" Bulma asked, attracting many wrestlers.

"Because I think it's best for us to never see each other again, permanently," Yamcha replied.

"Yamcha, no..." Bulma said, looking like she was about to cry.

"Bulma, I don't want to be remembered as "the guy who used to date the Saiyan's current wife" and "the laughingstock of the Dragonball franchise" for the rest of my life. I should've vanished a long time ago, after our second break-up. Speaking of that, new fans of mine had showed me a variety of fanfiction stories of us breaking up and your husband saving you from an evil version of me, and they had showed me "threesome" fanarts between you, me, and your husband, with me being humiliated in any type of way," Yamcha said.


"Leave... me alone," Yamcha cut Bulma off, gently removing her hand off his. "Go. No more conversations between us, and no more invites to your food party after a crisis. Just go. Please," Yamcha said.

Bulma started crying, then Vegeta (Dragonball series) appeared, angry at Yamcha. Vegeta yelled, "How dare you make my woman cry!"

"Vegeta, you and Bulma need to leave me alone, so I can move on with my life!" Yamcha yelled back.

"We'll leave you alone, after I pummel you to death!" Vegeta shouted.

"Hey!" Emily yelled, distracting Vegeta and Bulma, getting by Yamcha's side. "Leave Yamcha alone, you bloody assholes!"

"Make me, you ugly wench!" Vegeta said.

"Yo, y'all need to bounce and let Yamcha be!" Lucio said, sticking by Yamcha's side as well.

"Yeah, leave him alone!" Ash said as he, Leaf, Misty, Professor Burnet, and Professor Kukui got near Yamcha, defending him.

Suddenly, many face wrestlers like Mia, Ryo, Ryu, Rosalina, Mario, and Sonic stood by Yamcha's side. Goku showed up, saying, "Guys, let Yamcha live his own life. Leave him alone."

"That damn Yamcha made my woman cry, kakarot! But since you and the other fools are defending the pathetic little worm, I'll terminate you all!" Vegeta yelled.

"Vegeta," Ragyo said, appearing with Nui and Rei (Kill La Kill), magically moving Vegeta and Bulma away from the group, temporary disabling Vegeta's powers, startling the latter two. "Go and leave Yamcha alone, or you and Bulma will suffer."

"Damn you tall freak..." Vegeta said, feeling weaker because of Ragyo.

"Fuck you, Yamcha!" Bulma screamed, giving Yamcha the finger. Then, she and Vegeta went back to their own universe.

"Are you okay, Yamcha?" Ragyo asked.

"Yes, Ragyo. Thank you," Yamcha replied.

"You are welcome, Yamcha," Ragyo said.

Eight minutes later...

"Three more matches to go!" Bubbles said.

"Plus, the wedding!" Gingerelle said.

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Bubbles suddenly jeered with the crowd as Musashi headed to the ring.

"Yes! More people hate him!" Gingerelle said.

Kojiro appeared moments later, and the crowd and commentators cheered for him. The match began, but Rootrick rushed to the ring before assaulting Musashi, causing Kojiro a disqualification. Kojiro, however, didn't care. Bubbles and Gingerelle, again, targeted Musashi, attacking him. Ben (Brave Fencer Musashi), Ed (Brave Fencer Musashi), and Topo (Brave Fencer Musashi) came from the crowd, helping their evil buddies. Rei (Kill La Kill) stood back, not helping Musashi.

Princess Fillet (Brave Fencer Musashi) rushed to the ring with a steel chair! The evil characters retreated, then Fillet raised the injured Musashi before saying, "Are you okay?", and Musashi replied, "Not really, but thanks for saving my ass.", as the crowd booed at them. But after Musashi turned around, Fillet assaulted the back of his head with the same weapon as the evil characters returned to the ring. Now, the crowd chanted Fillet's name.

"Fooled you, Musashi!" Fillet said, turning heel.

Bubbles and Gingerelle flipped the conscious Musashi, who was shocked. Even worse for Musashi, Fillet and Topo began to smooch on one another, confirming themselves as lovers. After the sexy smooch, Fillet explained, "Our attack against you was planned, Musashi! Also, Topo and I had begun our secret love relationship after the Royal Rumble events!"

"Get him out of here, Rei (Kill La Kill), while Fillet and I enjoy ourselves!" Topo said.

Rei (Kill La Kill) pulled Musashi away as Fillet and Topo resumed their love towards each other. As for the rest of the heels, they commenced random poses, getting cheers.

End of Chapter 9

Chapter Text


"That's as far as I can go, Musashi," Rei (Kill La Kill) said, letting go of Musashi.

"Fillet..." Musashi said, raising himself up, not feeling good. "I-I'll kill her..."

"Do you need others wrestlers to be booked in future matches with you?" Rei (Kill La Kill) asked.

"I can handle them by myself, Rei (Kill La Kill)! I had handled groups of enemies in the past!" Musashi replied.

"You're not in a video game anymore, Musashi," Rei (Kill La Kill) stated the obvious. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's wrestling, after all, non-scripted wrestling!" Musashi replied.

Six minutes later...

"The wedding's about to start, all!" Gingerelle said, sitting between Fillet and Topo, two new commentators.

"Wait, who's getting married again?" Fillet asked.

"Shantae and Risky Boots!" Bubbles replied.

"Oh, those two characters! I always liked them in the Shantae series! Shantae x Risky Boots is my favorite shipping!" Fillet saisd.

"The Shantae series was one of the first few series I'd played, after my revival! I love Shantae x Risky Boots, too!" Topo said.

"Us lovers have something in common. Shantae x Risky Boots and hating Musashi!" Fillet said.

"Bubbles' boyfriend, Hanzo, hates shippings, calling shippers inhuman and pitiful!" Gingerelle teased Bubbles.


A wedding theme occurred! The solemniser? Lucio! Despite being one, he was wearing his usual attire. Lucio got in the ring, getting a mega pop. Risky Boots joined, wearing a $2,000.00 purple wedding gown, earning the same amount of cheers. Shantae, with the same dress and a $1,000.00 Wedding Bonquet, slowly headed her way to the ring, also receiving the same amount of pop. As the crowd stopped cheering, Shantae and Risky Boots held each other's hands, looking and smiling at each other, with Lucio saying wedding words, personality wise.

When Lucio got to the part were someone should get the opportunity to stop the girls from getting married, a similar theme commenced, distracting everybody. Sky (Shantae) and Rottytops (Shantae), Shantae's former friends with benefits, showed themselves, mega pissed at both Shantae and Risky Boots.

"Uh-oh! Look who's here!" Fillet said.

"And they're mad!" Bubbles said.

"Very mad, for obvious reasons!" Topo said.

"Let's hear what they have to say, all!" Gingerelle said as Sky and Rottytops entered the ring.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Shantae!? You absolutely have no damn business marrying this low-life bitch!" Sky yelled.

"She's the same person that had ruined innocent beings' lives before, Shantae, including you and your family! Are you an idiot!?" Rottytops yelled, too.

"First of all, I'm not an idiot, and second, stop insulting Risky! What she had done in the past was a mistake! Everybody makes mistakes!" Shantae yelled back.

"Mistake!? MISTAKE!? Risky Boots' actions in the past weren't mistakes! THEY WERE EXTREME!" Rottytops screamed.

"But Risky was forgiven by everybody! I had tried to call you and Sky while you two were on vacation, but neither of you wouldn't answer!" Shantae said.

"Wait, what!? Forgiven!? Are they idiots like you!? Morons!" Sky continued to yell at Shantae.

"Okay, I've had just enough of childish insults! Just go and let us get married!" Shantae said.

"Take a hike, both of you!" Risky Boots said.

"Shantae, you've just made the biggest mistake of your life! Therefore, our friends of benefits relationship is over!" Rottytops said as Sky nodded.

"And Risky Boots, you'll always be remembered as the ugly, evil bitch!" Sky said as Frizzle pinned Mia backstage for the Hardcore title, with Liz wearing a mini-referee shirt.

"Hey, y'all chicks need to bounce, so I can get to the kiss part! Wrestlemania has two big main events coming up, and the folks here wanna see them!" Lucio said.

"The Risky Boots problem has nothing to do with you!" Rottytops said.

"Yeah! Oh, by the way, Risky Boots, DROP DEAD!" Sky said.

"Oh, that is it!" Shantae shouted.

Shantae angrily punched Rottytops, then Risky Boots assaulted Sky. The now heels retaliated, but Lucio got involved, hurting the former two. Symmetra, who had came out of the crowd, tried to help Rottytops and Sky, but Lucio, Risky Boots, and Shantae cleaned house, using the Trouble in Paradise, Stunner, and Super Kick finishers against Symmetra, Sky, and Rottytops, respectively. After the heels ran away, the faces got back to business, with Lucio saying the final words. Shantae and Risky Boots kissed as the crowd and commentators clapped for the two. Then, Risky Boots and Shantae threw the bonquet at the crowd. Risky Boots carried Shantae backstage, with Lucio following them.

"What a Wrestlemania segment! Beautiful!" Topo said.

"Guys, we're about to have another lesbian-related storyline! That'll make Ragyo's energy expand more!" Bubbles said.

"If Ragyo had to rely on those two garbage wrestling companies from the known universe, she'd gain little to no energy," Gingerelle said.

"Those pathetic companies would be a giant waste of time to rely on. They don't care about improving their garbage shows anymore," Fillet said.

Seven minutes later...

The Tori vs. Karen match's about to begin! But wait! Karen and Tori brawled their way to the ring! The brawl had started seventeen seconds ago, after Karen had injured Yuma's neck with the Twist of Fate. After a surprise spear, Karen lifted the weak Tori, headed to a steel-ring step, and then powerbombed Tori on it twice, jeered hard.

"Start the goddamn match!" Karen yelled at Rei (Kill La Kill), putting Tori in the middle of the ring.

But instead, Karen and Rei (Kill La Kill) ended up arguing. Eleven seconds later, Nui came out with her theme, ending the arguing. Nui said, "Silly, Rei (Kill La Kill)! You're supposed to start the match, not argue! As General Manager, I say let them fight, in a Three Stages of Hell match! First, a Street Fight match, then a Steel Cage match, and finally, a Ladder match", then Rei (Kill La Kill) sighed, leaving no choice but to agree with Nui. "Have fun, girls!" Nui said before skipping away and humming.

"Oh, shit, y'all! We're about to have more fun up in this joint!" Bubbles said.

When the match began, Karen pinned Tori, but Tori barely survived the count! Tori rolled out of the ring, avoiding Karen's angry stomp to the face. Tori went under the ring, got back out with a Sledgehammer, and then attacked Karen's midsection with it. Tori targeted Karen's forehead, but after that, Karen counterattacked, giving Tori a nasty uppercut, making her fly towards the barricade.

Karen occurred the spear finisher, but Tori eluded the spear, and Karen collided towards the barricade, breaking a portion of it. The crowd and commentators loved that. After getting the Sledgehammer back, Tori waited for Karen to get up. When Karen did, Tori hit her back. Then, another hit! Tori screamed, "Turn around, bitch!", waiting for Karen to turn the other way. After that part commenced, Tori hit her chest, knocking her down. After lifting Karen, Tori furthered the damage with a facebreaker and a Clothesline from Hell.

Tori went for the pin, but Karen kicked out at one! What a shocker! Tori couldn't believe it, the crowd couldn't believe it, the wrestlers backstage and in their private rooms couldn't believe, trillions of beings in different universes couldn't believe it, and the commentators couldn't believe it!


"That's some main event quality shit right there!" Topo said.

Desperate, Tori grabbed the Sledgehammer. But seconds later, Karen got up, grabbed Tori's throat, and pulled off a Chokeslam. Karen wasn't done yet! She revealed a table and a steel chair from under the ring. She set the table, put the steel chair on Tori's neck, got in the ring, and then hopped on top of the turnbuckle.

"JESUS CHRIST, KAREN!" Gingerelle yelled.

"One land, and there won't be a Ladder Match for Tori to compete!" Fillet said.

Karen posed, giving the heavily jeering crowd the double middle finger. Karen dived towards Tori, but Tori rolled, and Karen got hurt from the fall! The crowd, commentators, and everybody else went wild as Tori removed the steel chair off her.

"Christ, Tori! You lucky bitch!" Bubbles shouted.

"Lucky, yes, but what's Tori gonna do next?" Fillet said as Tori got on the same turnbuckle.

"She's holding that steel chair, people! Would that be enough to beat Karen?" Topo said.

Tori occurred a dangerous move towards Karen's face, after combining the steel chair and her butt! Pin! No! Karen survived that pin, too! Another shocker! Gingerelle pointed, "Karen refuses to lose!", as the super frustrated Tori hit Karen's face with the steel chair again. Karen retaliated, kicking Tori's midsection with both of her feet. On her feet, Karen snatched the weapon off Tori's hands before hitting her head three times. One. Two. Three. Onto the second match!

"Man, that was a ferocious Street Fight match!" Topo said.

"I couldn't agree more, Topo, but the Steel Cage match will probably last shorter than the Street Fight match!" Gingerelle said as the Steel Cage descended.

Karen got in the ring, but Rei (Kill La Kill) put the dazed Tori in there. After the bell rang, Tori surprised Karen with another facebreaker! With Karen down, Tori started climbing the Steel Cage. However, Tori wasn't moving fast. Eleven seconds later, Karen pursued Tori, being faster than her rival. Near Tori, Karen grabbed Tori's left leg, but Tori stomped Karen's face with her right foot! Twelve stomps later, Karen fell, giving Tori a slightly better chance of winning.

"That was a close one!" Fillet said.

"Wait a second! My prediction might unintentionally come true!" Gingerelle said.

"You mean you thought Tori would lose this match pretty fast, right?" Topo asked.

"Yeah, Topo!" Gingerelle replied.

"Uh-oh, Karen's up again, and she's headed straight to Tori!" Bubbles said as Karen went after Tori.

"Tori better hurry!" Fillet said as Karen confronted Tori on top of the Steel cage.

On it, Karen and Tori angrily traded punches towards each other's bloody heads, yelling at each other. But hold on! Tori had her other hand behind her back, trying to get something! A metal pipe! She bashed Karen's head with it, making her collapse, staggering everybody so greatly! Then, Tori fell off the cage, landing outside of it, getting the second win. Before her brawl against Karen, Tori had placed the metal pipe inside her attire, and before she and Karen had traded punches on the steel cage, she had hid it behind her.

"Man, this is a friggin' war! A bloody, emotional war!" Fillet said.

"Awesome storytelling!" Topo said.

"We have one more match, all! Who'll win this?" Gingerelle said.

"I don't care who ends up winning! This is great overall!" Bubbles said as Ragyo magically hung the Heavyweight title above the ring.

The third match began! Tori got a ladder from under the ring as Karen hid from Tori, resting, pulling a Gary-related heel tactic. In the ring, Tori set up the ladder, placing it in the middle. When Tori got on it, Karen quickly got in the ring before knocking the ladder down, but Tori quickly hopped to her left, expecting Karen's move.

"Smart choice by Tori!" Topo said.

Speaking of smart, Tori pulled out another weapon, a trash can. Karen, too, got a different weapon, a baseball bat. But three seconds later, she got a ladder and a small bag of thumbtacks. Karen threw the ladder towards Tori, but Tori avoided it. The Pokemon antagonist then ran towards Tori with the baseball bat, but when she got close, Tori hit her first. Karen hit back, right against the noggin! Tori grabbed the bat, preventing Karen from attacking her again! Tori kicked Karen's midriff, but Karen overpowered her with two hits towards the head. Then, Karen used the second ladder against her enemy. Down.

"Karen's got this!" Fillet said as Karen spread the thumbtacks near the announcers' table.

After chokeslamming Tori towards the thumbtacks, a savage and painful scene, Karen rushed in the ring before setting up the first ladder again. She climbed on it, getting ready to claim her big prize. Karen got to the very top, standing. But somebody suddenly pushed the ladder hard, and Karen collapsed towards the announcers' table, breaking it! The extremely shocked crowd chanted "HOLY SHIT!", with others' jaws being dropped. Who'd done it? Yuma!

"DAMN!" Bubbles cursed.

"I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS, EITHER!" Gingerelle screamed.

"Hurry, Tori!" Yuma said, placing the ladder in the middle of the ring for his best friend.

Back in the ring, Tori slowly climbed on the ladder as Yuma and the crowd chanted her name very loud. Karen got up! But she fell seconds later, exhausted and tired! Whew! On top of the ladder, Tori got the belt before falling happy. End.

"The underdog wins! THE FRIGGIN' UNDERDOG WINS!" Fillet said as the wild crowd got extremely happy, high-fiving, hugging, and kissing each other.

"Arguably the best storytelling match I've seen so friggin' far!" Bubbles said as Tori and Yuma hugged each other.

"Matches like that make me want to watch the good old days of wrestling again!" Gingerelle said.

"We have plenty of time to watch some old school wrestling before the next PPV starts!" Topo said as Ragyo and Nui got in the ring.

"Ragyo's here, folks!" Bubbles said as Karen went backstage.

"Marvelous match, Tori. Now, make your wish," Ragyo said.

"My wish? Make the people at my universe watch the PPV events in an exclusive club, with my mom getting the biggest special treatment!" Tori said.

"Fancy wish, Tori," Ragyo said, occurring the wish.

"Enjoy the belt!" Nui said.

Both Tori and Yuma raised the belt for the excited crowd, smiling like mega winners.

End of Chapter 10

Chapter Text

In a private room...

"The hell y'all want!?" Foxxy asked, after Clara and Phoebe disrupted her and Glacia's kissing.

"Oh, we're just here to say hi!" Phoebe replied in a fake kind tone.

"HI!" Clara shouted, waving.

"Get. Out," Glacia said in a serious tone.

After Clara and Phoebe walked away a bit, they returned to the private room before attacking Foxxy and Glacia with their tag team belts, using cheap shots to the head, knocking them down. Phoebe said, "You suck at attacking people with weapons, Clara! Do better!", then Clara raised Glacia up a little before hitting the latter's head a lot harder than before.

"That's better, slave!" Phoebe said.

"How's this?" Clara asked, attacking Foxxy in the same manner.

"Wow, that's more aggressive!" Phoebe replied. "Anyway, take me to the buffet and fix my lunch!"

"Yes, master," Clara replied.

Outside the arena/Three minutes later...

"Found you!" Atsuko yelled, hitting Frizzle's head with a steel chair, scaring Liz. "Get over here now!" Atsuko said to Kojiro, who was paid to be Atsuko's referee for a bit.

After the pin, Atsuko took Frizzle's Hardcore belt.

Eight minutes later...

"The final match, all! Who will win? Ash or Gary! Find out tonight!" Gingerelle said, getting very pumped into this match.

"Here comes Gary and his girls!" Fillet said as the titantron showed a happy Gary walking above various universes while holding the belt, with his girls cheering by his side.

Gary and his girls came out, with Gary having the belt on his waist. Gary's theme song? You're the best. The crowd went crazy for Gary. Gary put the belt on the announcers' table before going to the ring. His girls just stood outside the ring. Ash's out next! The titratron showed a confident Ash walking up the stairs while reaching for the World title, with the main Pokemon theme being played. Ash got the same amount of cheers as Gary.

"Ash's here, Ash's here! Let's get this match started!" Topo said.

As Ash entered the ring, the match began. But Gary immediately exited the ring. Ash chased Gary, but Gary rushed behind out of his girls as Rei (Kill La Kill) starting counting. Gary then rushed towards another girl of his, playing mind games with Ash. Ash got closer to Gary and his chick as another one of Gary's girls crawled under the ring, but Gary surprised him with a sucker punch, then a spear.

"Whoa, Gary's pulling off more neat heel tactics!" Gingerelle said as Gary went back in the ring.

Ash got up at the count of eight, but the same girl from under the ring grabbed both of his legs! In spite of that, Ash confronted Gary, nearly losing. Gary tried to flee again, but Ash grabbed him before tossing him towards a turnbuckle, hurting his rival's forehead. One of the girls hopped on the edge of the ring, distracting Ash. Ash slapped her, making her fall down. But another girl occurred the same move, giving Gary enough time to recover, another nice heel tactic.

Ash knocked her down, too, but the recovered Gary gave Ash a devestating backbreaker. Gary occurred the pin, but Ash kicked out a two and a half, astonishing Gary and his girls so greatly! Before the match, they had planned on doing heel tactics against Ash to avoid a disqualification, but the plan backfired.

"That was close!" Gingerelle said.

"You can say that again, Gingerelle! Had Gary won so early, Ragyo would gain little amount of disappointing energy!" Topo said.

Super desperate to win, Gary put Ash in a angle lock submission, but Ash escaped from it. After that, Ash dominated Gary, throwing furious punches towards the face and chest, earning louder cheers. Sixteen seconds later, Ash whipped Gary towards a turnbuckle, and Gary fell after the collision. Ash commenced a moonsault against Gary, then a frog splash! Ash went for the pin, but Gary's frustrated girls entered the ring and attacked Ash, causing Gary a disqualification! Getting Gary disqualified was a backup plan, plan B. Because of the disqualification plan, Ash was unable to win the belt, a good plan.

"Damn, I knew that'd happen!" Bubbles said.

"There goes Ragyo's Wrestlemania energy count!" Fillet said.

Nui's theme started playing, and the girls ended the group attack! Nui appeared, saying, "No, no, no, no, no! Bad girls! Bad! As General Manager, I have full power of restarting the match! Hit Ash again, and the belt belongs to him! Behave!", then she returned backstage as the crowd got happy.

"So, Nui doesn't want the final match to be short, just for the sake of Ragyo's energy. That makes sense!" Gingerelle said.

"Smart move from Nui! We all want to see a great match, storytelling wise!" Fillet said as Gary and Ash got up.

Now, Ash and Gary went at it, punching each other around the ring, getting support from the crowd. After taking Ash's fifteenth punch like a champ, Gary staggered him with a quick spinebuster. Then, a leg drop. Pin, but no! No victory! The angry Gary raised Ash and then whipped him towards the ropes. Gary went for the spear, but Ash leaped high, avoiding the simple finisher! The costly missed caused Gary to spear his way out of the ring.

Back in action, the angerier Gary blocked Ash's predictable punch before giving the latter a headbutt. Next, a chop. Another chop. And another one. Then, a regular clothesline. Gary whipped himself towards the forward, got near Ash, and used The People's Elbow, a famous signature move. Another pin, but no victory! His girls slapped the edge of the ring, chanting his name so loud, trying to boost his confidence and aggressive side.

Gary lifted Ash, preparing to further the assault with the Go 2 Sleep finisher. Ash wiggled it out! Then, a Styles Clash signature move from Ash! But the mildly dazed Gary remained on his feet! Gary ducked Ash's sudden super kick! Gary's own super kick against Ash! Was that enough for Gary? No! That pissed Gary and his girls the hell off! On Ash, Gary punched his head like a deranged criminal, but Ash retaliated eleven seconds later, hitting Gary's back with his left knee, stunning him. Ash commenced the same move, getting himself off Gary. Up again, Ash gave Gary an uppercut, but Gary counterattacked with an uppercut with his own. Then, Ash and Gary gave each other mad chops towards the chest as the crowd yelled, "GO!", repeatedly.

"Wow, this is better than their last match!" Bubbles said.

"You mean the one from No Way Out or the one where Gary's girls intentionally disqualified him?" Gingerelle asked.

"BOTH!" Bubbles replied.

"Classic chops right there, guys! Keep it going!" Fillet said.

"Both competitors are putting much effort into winning at the biggest stage! Kudos to them!" Topo said.

Twenty-three seconds later, Ash used a leg sweep move against Gary's legs, dropping Gary on the mat. Ash's next pin failed to end the match. Back up, Ash forcibly pulled Gary before giving him a regular clothesline. After that, a leg drop against the throat. Now, Ash put himself on a turnbuckle. Ash used a savage flying drop kick move towards Gary's head, but Gary hardly eluded it with a single roll, a close one. Back on their feet, the rivals commenced a second full-out brawl, but unlike the previous one, they went out of the ring.

"BRAWL HARD!" Bubbles shouted.

Nearby, Gary's girls taunted Ash, calling him a loser, a homo, a geekbait, a smelly boy, and more insults. Angry by the insults, Ash gripped Gary's head before pushing him towards a turnbuckle, and Gary's forehead started bleeding. Mic check, right infront of the horrifed girls! After putting Gary in the ring, Ash went for the pin, but Gary kept the match alive! Ash moved back a little, waiting for Gary to get up. When Gary got up, Ash tried a Stunner, but Gary countered it! Ash then countered Gary's Pedigree finisher! Jumping cutter from Ash! One, two, no! Gary survived again! A big relief!

Instead of waiting for Gary to get up, Ash put him in a fireman's carry, preparing to use the F-5 against him. But Gary escaped from it before hitting Ash's left leg, taking him down. Gary yelled, "Suplex city, bitch!", getting behind Ash and wrapping his arms around Ash's midsection. One german suplex! Another suplex! Then, another one! And one after that! Last one! Five suplexes in a row!

"Nice suplexes from Gary!" Topo said.

"What's he gonna do next? A finisher?" Gingerelle asked.

"Probably!" Bubbles replied.

Deciding to embarrass Ash, Gary locked Ash's legs with a figure-four lock, trying to make Ash tap out. Ash attempted to escape from it, but Gary put more force into it, wanting to win this high-quality match so bad. Gary's girls chanted, "TAP OUT!", to Ash, but Ash refused to get humiliated by tapping out to his heated rival. Thirty seconds passed, and Gary couldn't get the job done. Gary begged Ash to tap out, losing his forced tightness against Ash.

Twelve seconds later, Ash finally escaped from the lock, a giant moment. Ash stood, but Gary put him back down with a kick. Then, Ash dodged a simple splash from Gary. With Ash on his feet again, Ash attempted the angle lock against Gary's left leg, putting a lot of pressure, angry as hell. Gary's girls couldn't interfere. Instead, they cried like whiny little children, not wanting their man to lose. But Gary freed himself from the dangerous submission move sixteen seconds later, and his girls smiled.

"Jesus, what a friggin' good match!" Bubbles said.

Next, Ash lifted Gary up light, getting ready to powerbomb him on the mat. But Gary punched Ash's bloody forehead until Ash let him go. Jumping cutter! But Gary couldn't move! His girls implored him to move. Gary moved before putting his arm on Ash's midsection. One, two, no! That made the girls extra mad! Face to face, the rivals focused on each other's midsections, with both feeling tired, especially Gary.

Quick uppercut from Gary, then a kick to the left ankle from Ash! Gary hit Ash back, a punch towards the throat. Then, more punches occurred all over the ring. Four straight punches later, Ash initiated a quick suplex against Gary, but Gary rolled himself towards a turnbuckle afterwards, wanting to rest a little. When Ash got towards him, Gary occurred a fast spinebuster. Gary picked Ash up, getting ready to do a finisher. But Ash staggered Gary and the latter's girls with a stunner!

Having enough of Ash, Gary's girls distracted him by entering the ring, giving Gary enough momentum to kick out of Ash's next pin. They got out, but Leaf, Misty, Professor Burnet, and Professor Kukui rushed the girls and attacked them, having enough of their interference! Another brawl from other characters!

"This is friggin' insane, man!" Fillet said.

"Ash's allies are beating the shit out of them despite their lower number! Wow!" Bubbles said as Gary kicked out of Ash's pin.

"This is hands down the best match on the card!" Topo said.

Ash and Gary fought against one another again as the brawl outside the ring got more chaotic, with both of their allies hitting each other with weapons. Gary blocked Ash's stunner, but Ash avoided Gary's super kick two seconds later. Close to Gary, Ash pulled the Angle Slam finisher on Gary! One! Two! Three! Finished! Ash won! Ash won! Wild and mega happy crowd!

"Fantastic match, all! Ash is the winner!" Gingerelle said excitingly as Ash's happey allies joined and congratulated him for winning a big and classic match.

"If not for Nui's decision, all of us wouldn't witness a great and classic match!" Topo said as Rei (Kill La Kill) got the world title.

"This match shits all over the Karen vs. Tori match!" Fillet said as the sobbing girls left with their saddened man.

"That match was great, but not great compared to Ash vs. Gary!" Bubbles said as Rei (Kill La Kill) handed Ash the World title.

"I'M THE BEST WRESTLER IN ALL UNIVERSES!" Ash shouted with joy, raising the belt wtith one hand.

Now, Ragyo and Nui joined the group as the crowd stopping acting wild. Ragyo said, "You know why we're here, Ash. Do it."

"Discontinue all evil organizations at my universe!" Ash said, then Ragyo made the wish come true.

"The wish doesn't affect your former friends' girlfriends, ex-Team Flare members. Just a friendly reminder," Ragyo confirmed.

"I know, Ragyo, but if they want a piece of us, we'll give them hell!" Ash said, then the crowd chanted Ash's name.

But the chants ended prematurely as Hanzo's theme started playing. Hanzo showed himself, glaring at Ash, getting boos shoved down his throat as usual. Ash glared back. Obviously a staredown, just like the end of the previous PPV.

End of Chapter 11

Chapter Text

Three weeks later...

"Backlash is here, darlings! I repeat, Backlash is here! Let's get this party started!" Gingerelle said.

The Backlash PPV was finally here! The capacity was 90,000, a lot lower than Wrestlemania's capacity, but many beings in almost every universe had paid for it. The only beings that hadn't witnessed the PPVs or come to this universe were the ones from the Kill La Kill universe, not counting Rei (Kill La Kill). Speaking of Rei (Kill La Kill), the Kill La Kill characters that knew her had no idea where the hell she currently was, not seeing her for a few months.

"Listen to the crowd. They're happy, we're happy, we're all happy!" Fillet said.

"Not only will we witness each and every no disqualification match, but new rivalries as well!" Topo said.

"Speaking of rivalry, I'd heard rumors of Sky and Rottytops recruiting a few characters from their own universe, just to go against Shantae and Risky Boots! It might happen! Hell, anything can happen in this universe!" Bubbles said.

"Guys, Ragyo's here!" Fillet said as Ragyo's theme occurred.

When Ragyo, Nui, and Rei (Kill La Kill) got in the ring, Ragyo said, "Welcome to Backlash!", then the crowd gave her a big pop. After the crowd got quiet, Ragyo added, "I've added more wrestling-related stuff, to help my energy. I'm no longer accepting wishes, but despite that, the characters accept my decision. However, I'm willing to support them after the eight and final PPV. Now, enjoy Backlash!", then she and her girls headed out as Yamcha got in.

"What's up, crowd!" Yamcha yelled with joy, getting a big pop. "Ragyo and Nui haven't chosen anybody to face me for my United States Championship, so if anybody backstage or from the crowd wants my belt, feel free to come to the ring! It'd be a good match!"

Four seconds later, Tights (Dragonball series), Bulma's older sister appeared, and the crowd booed at her for being related to Bulma. Tights responded, "SHUT THE HELL UP, IDIOTS!", as she joined Yamcha in the ring.

"Tights... I didn't expect you to be here..." Yamcha said.

"I'm here to kick your ass, Yamcha. You hurt my little sister!" Tights said.

"I didn't hurt her, Tights! Permanently getting out of her life was the right thing to do!" Yamcha defended himself. "But if you want to consider me evil, then fine! I'll make another Loser Leaves Town match! The match starts after the first PPV match!"

"Deal!" Tights agreed, giving Yamcha a quick blow low. Then, she planted his face on the mat with a DDT as the crowd booed her. "That's for Bulma, asshole!"

Tights left, with a groaning and painful Yamcha glaring at her.

"That was a short and interesting promo overall. But Yamcha will beat her!" Gingerelle said.

"Tights looks like a serious competitor, but I'll put my money on Yamcha!" Fillet said.

"But what if Yamcha loses? Where would he go?" Topo asked.

"Not in his own universe, but he won't lose! He's proven to be strong and confident!" Bubbles replied.


"Drake (Pokémon; Hoenn)!? You're here!?" Phoebe yelled, making Ash, Lucio, Misty, Hanzo, Karen, Shantae, Risky Boots, Atsuko, Symmetra, Gary, Gary's girls, Emily, and others look at her, Clara, Foxxy, Glacia, and Drake.

"Phoebe. It has been a while," Drake said.

"How was your time with the Foxxy slut, Drake?" Clara asked.

"Bitch, our time with each other ain't none of yo goddamn business!" Foxxy yelled.

"It is our business!" Phoebe said, poking Foxxy's chest once, glaring at her.

Glacia swatted Phoebe's hand, the same one the latter had used. Glacia threatened, "Go, or we won't have a tag match against each other. We'll make a three on two fight right here,", then Clara and Phoebe walked away.

"Are you okay, Foxxy?" Drake asked.

"I'm fine, suga daddy," Foxxy replied, smiling, touching Drake's left cheek.

"Let us three have some fun," Glacia said, placing her right hand on Foxxy's butt.

The three walked away as most of the other competitiors talked to each other about that scene.

"Humph. Filthy, abhorrent human beings," Hanzo said.

"Agreed, Hanzo," Karen said as Hanzo looked at her.

"I sense a kindred spirit," Hanzo said. "Where is your opponent? I haven't seen her yet."

"From what I've heard, Tori and her shit boyfriend of hers won't be here until the next hour," Karen replied. "Anyway, you'd better squash those Sailor sluts. I hate that stupid anime show!"

"We'll both be winners tonight," Hanzo said.

Seven minutes later....

"Predictable crowd!" Bubbles said as the booing crowd made predictable boos at Hanzo, who was going to the ring.

"No offense, Bubbles, but I don't think he's gonna win this match!" Fillet said.

"That's your opinion, not a fact!" Bubbles said.

"Bubbles is fangirling over Hanzo again!" Gingerelle sang.

"What I'm really saying is that Oni guy might aid Hanzo again!" Bubbles said.

"Even with him or her around, Hanzo still won't get the victory! Eleven against two in a Handicap + Falls Count Anywhere match is not a fair match!" Topo said.

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU SAILOR LOSERS SUCK!" Bubbles jeered as the crowd cheered for Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Hotaru, Setsuna, Mamoru, Chibiusa, Ami, Minako, Makoto, Haruka, and Michiru, with the latter eleven going to the ring.

After the timekeeper, the retired Owen, rang the bell, the match begin, with Hanzo and Usagi facing off against each other. The two traded punches and kicks, with Usagi being faster and weaker and Hanzo slower and stronger. A bit later, Usagi dropped Hanzo with a clothesline, then went for the pin. No victory. Usagi tagged her husband as Hanzo got on his feet. Hanzo evaded Mamoru's incoming clothesline, but Mamoru dodged Hanzo's sudden kick.

Hanzo punched Mamoru, but Mamoru dropped Hanzo on the mat with a strong and forced headbutt towards the head! That got the crowd pumped hard! Now, Mamoru tagged his daughter. After waiting for Hanzo to get up a little, Chibiusa executed the Overwatch character with a jumping uppercut! Then, the angry and revenge-minded Chibiusa moved back towards her family and friends, wanting to finish off Hanzo for good.

"Oh, damn it!" Bubbles cursed.

"A punt will definitely end Hanzo!" Fillet said.

When Hanzo raised up a bit, Chibiusa charged towards him, going for the devastating punt finisher! That made the obviously happy crowd chant Chibiusa's name so friggin' loud. Chibiusa laid on Hanzo, but Karen interfered out of nowhere, punting Chibiusa's head, saving Hanzo! Very shocked, the crowd. Most people outside the crowd were staggered as well.

"HELL YES!" Bubbles screamed with happiness.

Karen exited the ring, grabbed a steel chair near Owen and Joni, the new ring annoncer, and also retired, for main event matches, and then put herself towards the ten Sailor Moon characters. Karen managed to hit Michiru, Mamoru, and Hotaru, but the rest of the characters beat her up.

"Chibiusa's unconscious, but so is Hanzo!" Gingerelle said.

"But the good news for both wrestlers is that the countout rule is disabled in this match!" Topo said.

"Ah, crap, now, they're going in the ring! Damn!" Bubbles said as Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Ami, Haruka, Minako, Makoto, and Setsuna went in the ring.

Because Chibiusa was still tagged, the conscious girls took turns hitting Hanzo with finishers, a Jackhammer from Setsuna, a scissor's kick from Usagi, a spear from Minako, a Moonsault from Ami, a Stunner from Rei (Sailor Moon), a facebreaker from Makoto, and a Rock Bottom from Haruka. Giant pops from them. The girls went back to their corner as Chibiusa woke up, but the same Oni person made another appearance, hitting the girls with the same barb-wire bat, knocking them down, pissing the crowd off.

"It's about time he or she showed up!" Bubbles said as Chibiusa went for the pin.

Karen pulled Chibusa away from Hanzo! Karen put Chibiusa on top of her, but Mamoru, Hotaru, and Michiru got revenge, crashing Karen towards the steel-ring steps! The Oni person targeted Hotaru, Michiru, and Mamoru, hitting their heads, putting them down, making them bleed. A facebreaker from Chibiusa! Karen recoved from the triple-attack, but Chibiusa got her with another facebreaker!

"Man, this is too extreme!" Topo said as the crowd got behind Chibiusa again.

"That's what Backlash is all about, darling!" Gingerelle said.

Chibiusa attempted another pin, but Hanzo escaped from it! Holy cow! Too many jaws dropped, and too many dumbfounded expressions. Chibiusa tagged her mother, but Karen got back in the ring with the same steel chair and furiously smashed Usagi's head, going into full-rage monster heel mode again!

"GO, KAREN!" Bubbles shouted as Karen successfully assaulted the other Sailor Moon characters with one steel chair shot to the head.

Mamoru, Hotaru, and Michiru got up, but seconds later, they became a victim of Karen's monster heel behavior as Hanzo pinned Usagi for the victory. The crowd. A VERY bad ending for them.

"Sucks to be the Sailor Moon gang!" Fillet said as the Oni person dashed away.

"They should blame themselves for not being quick enough!" Topo said.

"I agree, but the right person won anyway!" Bubbles said.

"Wait, what's this!?" Gingerelle said as Karen dragged both Mamoru and Chibiusa to the stage.

"I think they're about to do something big!" Fillet said as Hanzo put Usagi near a spotlight from the edge of the stage.

"DO IT, HANZO!" Bubbles screamed loud as the super pissed off crowd threw food and items at Hanzo and Karen.

"NO!" Chibiusa and Mamoru, both weakened, cried, but Hanzo chokeslammed Usagi through the spotlight, and it exploded, greatly injuring the latter.

"YEAH!" Bubbles clapped so hard, being the only one.

"Hardcore moment, but I've seen better!" Topo said as Hanzo and Karen went backstage.

"Was that a reference of WWE's 2009 Backlash?" Fillet asked as Mamoru and Chibiusa sobbed on Usagi's, who was also sobbing, badly damaged body.

"Yeah, but Hanzo's WAY better than the Big Slow, the big crybaby pussy!" Bubbles replied.


"The Sailor losers are out of commission! You don't have to deal with them anymore!" Karen said.

"Now, I have a bigger objective to pursuit. I shall leave for a while," Hanzo said.

"When are you coming back?" Karen asked. "You don't have to interfere in my match."

"During Ash vs. Gary," Hanzo replied, leaving.

End of Chapter 12

Chapter Text

Twelve minutes later...

"Defend that U.S. title well, Yamcha!" Gingerelle said as Yamcha got cheers for heading straight to the ring.

Yamcha's obvious opponent, Tights, came out, and the crowd rained on her with many boos. When the match began, Tights gave him another low blow, a more brutal version. She then roundhouse-kicked his head before pinning him. Yamcha kicked out of it so easily, making Tights angerier than ever. Tights whipped Yamcha towards a turnbuckle, then performed a swift and hard-hitting Somoan Bulldozer.

"Tights ain't playin' around!" Bubbles said as Tights took Yamcha down with a german suplex.

"But Yamcha doesn't look extremely beaten as of now!" Fillet said.

Tights initiated another pin, but Yamcha kicked out of that, too. Afterwards, Tights hit him with a plain and boring-looking splash as the crowd continued to go against her. Bulma and Vegeta were watching the match in their own universe, cheering for Tights and going against Yamcha. Anyway, Yamcha got victimized by a normal leg drop, but after Tights raised Yamcha's body, Yamcha gave her a fast uppercut, then a normal clothlesline.

"There we go!" Topo said as the crowd got behind Yamcha so heavily.

Yamcha pulled offensive combos against Tights, a slap towards the left cheek, a slap towards the right cheek, a knee attack towards the gut, a non-forcible uppercut, a whip towards the ropes, and then a somoan drop. Yamcha's pin couldn't end the match there. However, he was still on fire. Tights escaped, rolling out. Outside the ring, Tights grabbed something from under the ring, a kendo stick. Near Tights, Yamcha gripped the weapon, but Tights delivered a low blow against Yamcha's private area, gaining the upper hand.

"Damn, what's with her low blows against him!?" Topo asked as Tights dominated Yamcha with shots to the head and chest.

"She probably has a secret crush on him!" Fillet replied.

Yamcha kicked her hard, finally ending the twenty-seventh second dominance against him. However, Tights responded with another shot towards the head, resuming the dominance. Fifteen shots later, Yamcha fell. In spite of that, Yamcha escaped Tights' pin at one and a half, staggered his opponent.

"Predictable, but Tights should've furthered the damage with a finisher or signature move!" Gingerelle said.

"Plus, Tights had used the wrong weapon against him! Kendo sticks!? C'mon, man! Try something better if you want to win!" Fillet said as Tights put the injured Yamcha back in the ring.

Tights released a ladder, set it up, got on top of it, and then hit Yamcha's head with a diving headbutt. However, Yamcha barely survived it, due to Tights not putting enough effort into the move. Yamcha was bleeding, but Tights wasn't. The latter whipped Yamcha out of the ring. When Yamcha got up, Tights went for a suicide dive flip, surprisingly impressing the crowd and others.

"That was brilliant!" Topo said.

"Better than WWE's repetitive and desperate suicide dives in its PG-sissy era!" Gingerelle said.

Now, Tights whipped Yamcha towards the stage, and Yamcha tripped and fell. As Tights got close to Yamcha, she and Yamcha got against one another, hitting each other. Yamcha finally made Tights bleed, two punches towards the forehead. But seven seconds later, Tights got the upperhand, a fourth low blow, a DDT, then another one. Instead of pinning Yamcha right now, Tights got on top of the arena's Titantron, preparing to do something extremely risky.

"Shit, Tights, what the hell are you doing!?" Fillet said.

"High-risk, high-reward! That's what wrestling's all about, although Tights should've thought about another way to end Yamcha!" Bubbles said.

Tights attempted the Leap of Faith finisher, but Yamcha barely moved, causing Tights to land hard on the floor! That astonished the hell out of many universes, with the crowd chanting "Holy shit!". Tights had thought about using the finisher before she had commenced it, to teach Yamcha not to mess with her family. But it had bitten her in the ass, ending up injured and losing.

"Jesus! That was so risky!" Topo shouted as Yamcha pinned Tights.

"And Yamcha retains his title!" Gingerelle said.

"Note that Tights had DOMINATED the ENTIRE match, and it led her to a permanent absence in this universe!" Bubbles said.

"Wait, what the hell is Yamcha doing!?" Gingerelle said as Yamcha put himself on top of the Titantron.

"One last hit against his enemy!? That makes sense!" Fillet said.

Yamcha posed for the crowd and his fans at home, raising his arms and hands, making two peace gestures. Then, he performed the Leap of Faith finisher, successfully landing on Tights, making Bulma sob loud on the angry Vegeta. The crowd happily yelled, "Thank you, Yamcha!".

"Thank you, Yamcha, indeed!" Topo said.

"What's the next match?" Fillet asked.

"Symmetra vs. Lucio for the Intercontinental title!" Gingerelle replied.

"That should be a good match!" Fillet said.

Backstage/Five minutes later...

"There you are, Lucio!" DJ Mary (Pokemon), the backstage interviewer, said, rushing towards Lucio. "Mind if I ask you this question?"

"Sure, babe!" Lucio replied.

"Are you confident enough to take back what's yours?" DJ Mary asked.

"The right answer is yes! Close-minded freaks like Symmetra have no business keeping titles under their possession!" Lucio replied.

"Is this Vishkar organization the worse thing to ever exist in any universe?" DJ Mary asked.

"I hate it, but it's not the worse thing to ever exist! I've heard and learned about more messed up things in the common universe!" Lucio replied.

"I know this isn't related to your rivalry with Symmetra, but when is your next album coming out?" DJ Mary asked.

"After Backlash, thanks for asking! Oh, and at Summerslam, I'll give out free Lucio-ohs to the crowd!" Lucio replied.

"Alright! Good luck in your match!" DJ Mary said.

Shortly after the interview, Symmetra attacked Lucio from behind, hitting him with the Intercontinental belt! Next, a backbreaker. Symmetra dragged Lucio all the way to the ring, with the crowd jeering at her. After the bell rang, Symmetra positioned Lucio on top of her, but Lucio wiggled his way out before performing the Trouble in Paradise! A bit dizzy, Symmetra rolled out of the ring, avoiding Lucio.

"A close one, all!" Gingerelle said.

Symmetra got on her feet, but Lucio occurred a dive drop kick, crashing his rival towards the barricade. Near Symmetra, Lucio whipped her towards another portion. Then, he ran towards her, pulling a normal clothleline attack against her, sending her behind the barricade. Lucio got on the barricade and then commenced a seaton move on Symmetra. Lucio went for the pin, but not enough.

Realizing that no one was sitting on a steel chair, Symmetra seized it, hit Lucio with it, folded it, and then attacked Lucio again. Lucio fought back with fast punches, and Symmetra unintentionally let go of the steel chair. Lucio pulled more offense while moving, punishing his female rival with kicks towards the midriff and legs. Symmetra retaliated with an angry headbutt, but Lucio used his own headbutt against her.

"These two are REALLY at war!" Bubbles said as Symmetra and Lucio continued to punish each other with headbutts.

After Symmetra's nineth headbutt, she snatched a guy's pepsi soda and hit Lucio's bleeding forehead with it. But Lucio grabbed a woman's partially eaten pretzel and hit Symmetra's head with it three times. Symmetra counterattacked by kicking Lucio's midsection, but Lucio put Symmetra down with a drop kick. Not wanting to lose against Lucio, Symmetra performed an onslaught of punches towards Lucio, screaming like a psycho.

"Wild, wild, wild!" Fillet said.

"That Vishkar's on fire!" Bubbles said.

"Lucio, Symmetra, doesn't matter! I don't mind both winning this match!" Fillet said.

"Looks like Lucio might lose this one!" Topo said.

Lucio shoved Symmetra, ending the vicious assault against him. Then, he ran towards the ring, luring Symmetra. Lucio obtained a Baseball Bat from under the ring, got near Symmetra, and bashed her head. Still on her feet, Symmetra pulled off a strong uppercut, sending Lucio towards the steel-ring steps. But she fell on her ass afterwards.

"Good scene there!" Gingerelle said as Symmetra crawled in another direction.

Symmetra grabbed her title, but Lucio spotted her before giving her a Boom Drop. Lucio attempted an SOS on Symmetra, but Symmetra countered it, delivering a hard elbow attack towards the head. Another hit, another head shot with the title, a Paydirt finisher, and then the pin. Finished.

"Symmetra wins again!" Fillet said as Symmetra raised the title towards the booing crowd.

"In my opinion, Symmetra would've won the match regardless! She's a strong competitor!" Topo said.

"THE ONI PERSON'S HERE AGAIN!" Gingerelle screamed as the Oni person made his third appearance.

He attacked Symmetra with his usual weapon, receiving heat again. Then, he put both Symmetra and Lucio in the ring, got out, revealed two tables, put both in the ring, and then got in again. He set up the tables, but after that, Symmetra and Lucio attacked him at the same time, a rare moment between the two! The Oni guy hit them back, putting them back down. He injured Lucio with the Clothesline from Hell finisher, then he planted Symmetra's forehead on Lucio's forehead with the Tombstone Piledriver.

"Why the hell is he or she targeting both!?" Topo asked.

"Yeah, I thought his or her purpose was to support Hanzo only! Lucio and Symmetra had nothing to do with Hanzo!" Fillet said.

"No clue, but we'll probably get an explanation!" Bubbles replied.

"Ouch!" Gingerelle said as the Oni person powerbombed Symmetra through one of the tables.

"And another one!" Topo said as the unknown character pulled the same move against Lucio.

He held the title up high.

"An Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental title at Summerslam? Looks like it!" Bubbles said as Nui came out with the usual theme.

"You've got your wish, stranger, but you'll have to wait for the Triple Threat Tables match to happen at Summerslam! I hope you don't mind!" Nui sang before leaving.

"Well, that was predictable. But it should a great match nonetheless!" Gingerelle said as the Oni guy left with his signature weapon.

"I hope he or she removes that Oni mask! It looks creepy as hell!" Fillet said.

Backstage/Six minutes later...

"Misty, where are you going? Your match's about to start!" Ash said, stopping Misty.

"Really? I about to get something to eat. But thanks, though! I'll kick Serena's ass!" Misty said.

Afterwards, Misty came out, then Serena, with Misty getting cheered and Serena getting booed. The match started, but Shauna, Mable, Aliana, Celosia, and Bryony, with weapons, aided Serena, attacking Misty and causing the match to end in a no contest. Because of this, Ash, Leaf, Professor Burnet, and Professor Kukui rushed to Misty's aid, but Serena and her five girlfriends overpowered their enemies.

"Well, that was a waste of a friggin' match!" Bubbles said.

"The match would've been inferior compared to the last three, anyway," Gingerelle said.

Daisy (Pokemon; Cerulean), Lily (Pokemon), and Violet (Pokemon), Misty's older sisters, got out of the crowd with steel chairs! Then, they interfered, assaulting the six with their weapons, saving Misty and her group, getting massive cheers!

"Eight on six!" Topo said as Ash, Profesor Burnet, Professor Kukui, Leaf, and Misty managed to fight back.

"Fun event so far, and that's a fact!" Fillet said.

Misty's older sisters furthered the damage against the heels, then the heels ran away, with the faces standing tall. After that, Daisy, Lily, and Violet hugged Misty one at a time, apologizing to her for being so cruel to her in the past. Misty forgave them, with her hugging her older siblings back. Then, the faces held each other's hands while raising them.

End of Chapter 13

Chapter Text

Nine minutes later...

The Hardcore title match's about to start! The first to come out? Atsuko with the Hardcore title. Booed. The second? Mario. Wildly cheered. Third? Ben. Cheered. And last? Ryo. Cheered. And the special guest referee? Goku! Mega cheered! This match had an interesting rule, but what was it? The match would last for seven minutes, and the wrestler to get the last pinfall could keep the title after the match.

When it began, Atsuko fled from her opponents, got her Hardcore belt, and then headed backstage, with Ben, Ryo, and Mario going after her. As for Goku, he just followed the participants. Backstage, Atsuko defended herself, hitting Mario's face with the belt. But Ben put her down with a regular clothesline before suffering a surprise spinebuster attack from Ryo. With the Hardcore title in his hands, Ryo waited for one of his opponents to get up. Atsuko got up, then Ryo whacked her head with the title. Pin!

Shortly after the pin, Ben retaliated, furiously punching Ryo, leading to a brawl between the two. They went back out, continuing the brawl. Ben eventually got the upperhand, dominating the brawl, not allowing Ryo to fight back. Now, Ben pulled off a quick Somoan Drop against Ryo, right on the stage. Then, he commenced a powerbomb off the stage, impressing the crowd.

"Nice, Ben, nice! Keep it up!" Bubbles said.

First, a leg drop off the stage, then the pin, earning the Hardcore title with under five minutes remaining. Atsuko staggered him afterwards, a Skull Crushing Finale from her. Atsuko reclaimed the title, headed to the announcer's table, grabbed a mic, and then stepped into the ring.

"I can stay in this ring all day until this match ends!" Atsuko yelled, getting a big amount of jeers.

But the jeers suddenly changed into big cheers as Mario hit the back of Atsuko's head with a steel chair. With Atsuko down, Mario got on a turnbuckle, performed a diving headbutt, and then pinned Atsuko to claim the Hardcore title. Now, Ryo returned to the ring. Mario attempted to hit Ryo with the steel chair, but Ryo grabbed it before snatching it off Mario's hands. Mario rolled out, avoiding a predictable headshot from Ryo.

"Ben has returned!" Topo said as Ben clotheslined the back of Ryo's neck.

"My, Ben, what a weak clothesline..." Gingerelle said.

Mario broke the pin with the steel chair! Ed and Kojiro interfered, double-kicking Mario's face! Despite heel interference from the two, the crowd loved it. Anyway, Ben, Ed, and Kojiro triple-powerbombed Mario on Atsuko, weakening both. The three prepared to attack Ryo, but Musashi got involved, wacking his enemies with a kendo stick. That angered the crowd and the commentators.

"That asshole! Let us beat him up!" Fillet said.

Fillet and Topo got off commentary, but Musashi gave the girls the finger before running away from them. Because of that, Fillet and Topo returned to commentary as Ryo brutally cleaned house with the steel chair. Then, Bubbles said, "What a wuss, running away from you two!", as Ryo hit Ben with the Twist of Fate finisher.

"We'll get that punk next time!" Topo said as Ryo pinned Ben.

One minute left! Mario and Atsuko got back into the fight, giving Ryo a double DDT. Three seconds later, Mario gave Atsuko a stunning jumping cutter before getting the pin. Mia got into the mix, hitting Mario with a ladder! Pin! But Rosalina, Mario's ally, greatly astounded the Ronin Warriors characters with steel chair shots to the face! The match's almost ever! Rosalina put the dazed Mario on top of Ryo! One! Two! Three! Pin!

Done. Happy crowd.

"Wild ending!" Gingerelle said as Goku kindly gave the belt to Mario.

"To be honest, the match wasn't great, but I loved the ending!" Fillet said as Goku raised both Rosalina and Mario's hands.

"Had the entire match lasted ten friggin' minutes instead of seven, I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars! My rating? 2.5!" Bubbles said.

"Eh, I'll give it a 3 out of 5. Not great like the first three matches, but not bad!" Fillet said.

Seven minutes later...

Tag team time! Foxxy, Glacia, and Drake came out together, then Phoebe and Clara. The match began as Phoebe and Foxxy squared off against each other. But Clara tagged Phoebe, pissing the latter off. Phoebe scowled, "Wait until it's your turn, bitch!", but Clara responded, "Shut up! I've got this! Just do something!", then she and Foxxy knocked each other down.

"More love/hate moments between those two!" Fillet said.

"I think Clara has a plan, but we'll have to wait and see if it happens or not!" Gingerelle said as Foxxy and Clara recommenced the fight.

Foxxy shoved Clara, and Clara intentionally pretended to collide herself towards Phoebe, causing Phoebe to flop like a sneaky basketball player. Outside the ring, Phoebe crawled towards Drake and Glacia as Clara retaliated with a clothesline, then another. Next, she dropped her arm on Foxxy's face with force. Instead of pinning her enemy, Clara went on top of the turnbuckle, talking trash to both Glacia and Drake. Meanwhile, Veran pinned Mario at the buffet area, with Sango and Kagome as referees. Veran became the new Hardcore champion.

Glacia and Drake took the bait, insulting Clara. Because of the distraction, Phoebe attacked Glacia and Drake by intentionally getting them weak shots with a sledgehammer. Foxxy knocked Clara down as Phoebe lured Drake and Glacia towards the announcer's table. Phoebe got on it before purposing jumping herself towards Glacia and Drake. The older Pokemon characters grabbed Phoebe's throat as Clara countered Foxxy's Pedigree finisher. Then, Clara shoved Foxxy very hard before wearing two illegal objects on her hands, brass knuckles. Glacia and Drake made the crowd and commentators extremely happy by giving Phoebe a double chokeslam on the announcer's table! But Clara staggered Foxxy with two punches towards the forehead, then an FU for the victory.

"Wow, that match sucked, but the heel tactics from Phoebe and Clara were great!" Gingerelle said as Glacia and Drake rushed to the ring..

"And look at them run!" Topo said as Clara escaped with the laughing Phoebe and the tag team titles.

"Yeah, that match was ass! However, I'll have to give the tag team champs credit for wanting to get their match over with!" Bubbles said.

"It doesn't count against Ragyo's energy, in my opinion. Heel tactics work well with it, even in short matches," Fillet said as Glacia and Drake comforted the crying Foxxy.

"I agree with Fillet here. I wish the match was longer, though," Topo said.


"Hahaha... We did it..." Phoebe said.

"As long as I do all the wrestling in our future tag team matches, we'll be good!" Clara said.

"Take us to our private room and feed me some pain pills and water... Shit... That double-chokeslam had hurt like hell... But it was worth the risk...!" Phoebe said.

"How many pain pills do you want?" Clara asked.

"Two, you brain-dead, autistic moron! Don't try to overdose and kill me!" Phoebe replied.

"You don't have you yell at me like that, you short whore!" Clara countered.

"Slut!" Phoebe countereed back as she and Clara went inside their private room.

Eight minutes later...

"Hi, Emily!" DJ Mary said, going near Emily. "Your European title match is about to start! Are you confident enough to defend your title?"

"I am, mate, but my opponents shouldn't be underestimated! Plus, they have partners on their side, which makes the match more difficult!" Emily replied.

"Are you going to defend it again at Summerslam?" DJ Mary asked as Sango beat Veran for the Hardcore title in another area, with Kagome being the referee again.

"I'll make an essential announcement at Summerslam, which relates to the title and my future in this universe!" Emily replied.

"Okay, Emily! Have fun out there!" DJ Mary said.

"I will!" Emily said.

The Europeon Title match! Emily received more cheers than ever as she got into the ring. Sango, the Hardcore champion, came out with Kagome, and they got booed. Rottytops, a participant, and and Sky also got booed. Shantae and Risky Boots, both cheered, got out, with the former being a participant for the title. And finally, Inuyasha and Miroku entered the match, with the latter as the final participant. Kagome, Sky, Risky Boots, and Inuyasha were scheduled to participate in the Money in the Bank match next.

"This is gonna be a fun five-way match!" Fillet said.

The bell rang. Sango and Miroku fought one another as Rottytops and Shantae also brawled. Outside the ring, Kagome and Inuyasha went against each other, and Risky Boots and Sky also fought each other. Emily decided to grabbed a weapon from under the ring. A golf club! When Emily got back in the ring, she hit all of her opponents with the weapon, then she assaulted her non-opponents, making sure that they wouldn't interfere.

"Sweet, Emily!" Gingerelle said.

"I don't hate Emily anymore! She's proven to be a badass wrestler!" Bubbles said.

In the ring, Emily nailed Shantae with the F-5. Emily got on top of Shantae for the pin, but Risky Boots pulled Emily away from Shantae before attacking Emily with a clothesline. Sango, Rottytops, and Miroku turned the match into a triple threat match from now as Emily defended herself from Risky Boots. Miroku took both Sango and Rottytops down, but Kagome kicked him square in the balls from behind. Shortly after the cheap assault, Inuyasha threw Kagome out of the ring as Sky pulled a backbreaker finsher against Risky Boots' back.

To make sure Sky wouldn't interefere, Emily hit her with the super kick. Emily got in the ring again, but Shantae began to attack her. Emily counterattacked with chops towards the chest, but Shantae occured the same move against Emily. Shantae and Emily went back and forth, giving each other's chops, with the crowd cheering for both.

Sango and Rottytops stopped the action, turning the scene into a fatal four-way brawl. Kagome and Inuyasha continued brawling. Miroku got back into the action, targeting Sango. Sango retaliated, making Miroku's forehead bleed with the brogue kick finisher. Risky Boots and Sky went at it again, ruthlessly punching each other.

"Damn, so much fast-pacing!" Fillet said.

"Way better than the last match!" Bubbles said.

After giving Sky a black eye, Risky Boots gripped her before crashing her towards the steel ring steps. Now, Sango acted like a powerhouse, knocking down Emily, Shantae, and Rottytops with more brogue kick finishers. Inuyasha managed to give Kagome a hard-hitting DDT on the floor, then he stopped Sango from pinning Emily. Angered by this, Sango focused on Inuyasha, but Miroku got involved, and he and Inuyasha gave Sango a double suplex, a big reaction.

"Chaos! They're doing it well!" Topo said as Miroku got in the ring.

Emily survived Miroku's pin! Both Shantae and Rottytops attacked Emily and Miroku, but only Emily fought back, with Emily going ballistic against the Shantae characters. Nine seconds later, Emily pushed Shantae outside the ring, then Rottytops. A clothesline out of nowhere from Inuyasha! With Emily down, Rottytops and Shantae assaulted Inuyasha, but moments later, Miroku intervened, double-clotheslining Shantae and Rottytops. Back on her feet with vengeance, Sango hit her enemies and Risky Boots with a steel chair. Shantae and Rottytops got back up, but Sango put them back down with one steel chair shot against them.

"Sango looks like a poor man's Karen, but overall, she's doing good!" Bubbles said as Sango targeted Sky and Risky Boots.

"She wants to win!" Topo said.

Recovered, Emily eluded Sango's attack before giving her an Angle Slam on the floor and a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel ring steps, a more bigger reaction. Then, she went for the pin. The match ended, with the crowd going insane.

"EMILY WIN! EMILY WINS!" Gingerelle yelled with excitement as Rei (Kill La Kill) patted Emily's right shoulder and gave Emily her Hardcore title back.

"Short, but good!" Topo said as Rei (Kill La Kill) and Emily briefly hugged each other.

"Outside of the tag team match and the no contest match, the PPV has been enjoyable so far, and we only have three matches left!" Bubbles said.

"The Money in the Bank match!? Karen vs. Tori!? And Ash vs. Gary!? Man, what a great stretch!" Fillet said.

End of Chapter 14

Chapter Text

Ten minutes later...

"Karen's coming out, but her match hasn't even started yet!" Topo said as the crowed booed the living hell out of Karen.

In the ring, Karen said, "It's been a friggin' hour, Tori! Get your skinny ass out here, and bring that pussy boyfriend of yours with you!"

When Tori and Yuma arrived, the crowd got behind them, with Tori holding the Heavyweight championship. After both got in the ring, Tori responded, "What the hell do you want, loser!?"

"The faggot right next to you had costed my opportunity to win the Heavyweight belt in our Wrestlemania match!" Karen said.

"That ladder match was obviously a no disqualification match, so Yuma had every right to interfere! If a friend of yours had done the same thing, I wouldn't complain about it!" Tori said.

"Here's a deal, and you'd better accept it! Yuma doesn't interfere in our match tonight!" Karen suggested.

"Deal!" Tori accepted.

"Deal!? Why, Tori!?" the shocked Yuma asked.

"I'd already pinned Karen without your help, Yuma!" Tori replied.

"That No Way Out match did not count!" Karen said.

"Because we weren't alone in that chamber!?" Tori asked.

"That's the only reason!" Karen replied.

"Whatever! I won't disappoint the crowd again! They'll go home happy!" Tori said, then the crowd cheered for her again.

"Those brain-dead morons will go home sad!" Karen said before getting jeered again and leaving the ring.

"Wow, that was a fun promo!" Gingerelle said.

"Short, but sweet!" Fillet said.

"Speaking of sweet, the Money in the Bank match is about to start in a few minutes! It's about damn time!" Bubbles said.

"I've been waiting for the match! The participants had better not disappoint us!" Topo said.


"Going somewhere, you skinny shit?" Karen asked Fran, who was about to exit the backstage area.

"The Money in the Bank match is about to began, naughty Karen," Fran replied calmly.

Close to Fran, Karen put her fist near Fran's face, saying, "No matter who wins that match, I'll pulverize the winner that tries to cash in against me, making sure that they fail 100%!"

Fran chuckled. "I am not intimidated. I can pummel you anywhere at anytime. But from now, I have a match to focus on," Fran said, then she left.

A minute later...

"Yes! Get this friggin' match started!" Bubbles said as the crowd gave Fran a large pop.

The second wrestler to come out? Sky, with Rottytops and three extra female allies, her mother (Shantae), Twitch (Shantae), and Vinegar (Shantae). Third, Risky Boots, with Shantae. Fourth, Musashi. Fifth, Kojiro, with Ben and Ed. Sixth, Kagome, with Sango. Seventh, Inuyasha, with Miroku. And last, Mercy. Sky, Sky's mother, Rottytops, Twitch, Vinegar, Kagome, Sango, Musashi, and Mercy, especially, were booed, but Shantae, Risky Boots, Kojiro, Ben, Ed, Inuyasha, and Miroku were cheered.

As the match got underway, Topo and Fillet immediately left commentary, obviously targeting Musashi. Sky, Rottytops, Sky's mother, Vinegar, and Twitch all gang-attacked Shantae and Risky Boots as Topo, Fillet, Ed, Ben, and Kojiro assaulted Musashi outside the ring. Sango and Kagome overpowered their ex-husbands, giving them cheap blows against their weak areas. As for Mercy and Fran, they pulled out ladders.

"Mercy had better not win this match!" Gingerelle said.

Fran used the ladder against Kojiro, Ed, Fillet, Ben, and Topo, gaining more love. Mercy attacked Kagome, Sango, Sky's mother, Twitch, Sky, Vinegar, and Rottytops with her own ladder, but the crowd booed at her again. Now being the only ones standing, Fran and Mercy targeted each other. Mercy hit first, sending Fran to the floor, receiving extra heat.

"Awwww, hell naw!" Bubbles shouted.

"This is not good!" Gingerelle said as Mercy set up the ladder in the middle of the ring.

"The wrestling fans strongly agree with you!" Bubbles said as Mercy climbed on the ladder.

"Wait! Rootrick's here!" Gingerelle exclaimed as Rootrick rushed to the ring.

"Where the hell has that idiotic, doofus been!? Out eating!?" Bubbles said as Rootrick got behind Mercy.

Rootrick grabbed Mercy's left leg, but Mercy used her right foot against Rootrick's face. Nine seconds later, the bleeding Rootrick fell, but Shantae and Risky Boots pushed the ladder, causing Mercy to collide her head and neck towards a barricade! The happy crowd chanted "That was awesome!". But after Kagome and Sango used super kick finishers against Shantae and Risky Boots, respectively, the crowd booed at the former two.

"So friggin' FUN!" Bubbles shouted.

The angry Musashi hit Kagome and Sango with a steel chair! Rootrick, Ed, and Ben attempted to triple-assault Musashi, but the latter managed to assault them hard, with Ed and Ben finally bleeding. Shortly after Musashi set up the ladder, Fran staggered him with a spear, and the crowd chanted the hell out of her name.

"Friggin' thank you, Fran!" Bubbles said.

"Thanks, indeed, sis, but the match ain't over yet!" Gingerelle said.

Fran began climbing, but Inuyasha and Miroku got back into the fight as Topo and Fillet set up two tables outside the ring, dropping Fran down. Sky and Sky's mother got in the ring before attacking Inuyasha and Miroku, but the male characters fought back. Rottytops, Vinegar, and Twitch aided their female friends as Topo and Fillet carried Musashi towards one of the tables. Fran rolled out of the action before gettting two kendo sticks. Topo and Fillet's plan to double-chokeslam Musashi on the table failed as Musashi reversed their finisher, executing a double-DDT against them.

"Damnit, Topo and Fillet, do better!" Bubbles yelled at her own friends as Fran attacked Sky, Vinegar, Rottytops, Sky's mother, and Twitch with the two kendo sticks.

"Musashi still won't win this, dear!" Gingerelle predicted as Risky Boots and Shantae aided Fran from now.

After helping Fran clear out the female heels, Shantae and Risky Boots performed a double-super kick against her as Mercy pulled out a third ladder. Kagome and Sango recovered, but Risky Boots and Shantae super kicked them, too, as Mercy placed the same ladder between the ring and the commentary table. Shantae and Risky Boots climbed together, but moments later, Musashi set up a ladder next to the one in the ring as Mercy hit Risky Boots with a devastating backbreaker, causing Mercy to unintentionally land hard on the steel chair.

"CHRIST, MERCY!" Gingerelle screamed as Musashi stood on the same ladder he had set up.

Shantae touched the Money in the Bank briefcase, but Musashi speared Shantae outside the ring, and Shantae crashed into the ladder between the ring and announcer's table. The crowd screamed "HOLY SHIT!" as Kojiro targeted the briefcase. Rootrick, Ed, Ben, Topo, and Fillet guarded the ladder, but Sky's mother, Rottytops, Twitch, Vinegar, and Sky fought against the former five. Rootrick unintentionally knocked the ladder down, and Kojiro fell towards one of the tables, another holy shit moment.

"SON OF A BITCH! HE ALMOST HAD IT!" Bubbles cried as the pissed off Mercy stood.

Mercy gave Vinegar a Stunner, then Twitch! Sky's mother and Rootrick became victims of the Stunner as well, but Miroku, Inuyasha, and Fran damaged Ed, Ben, Topo, Fillet, Sky, and Rottytops with repeated Clothesline from Hell finishers. Musashi double-drop kicked Inuyasha and Fran! But Mercy Rock Bottom'd Musashi! Mercy blocked Miroku's facebuster finisher! A roundhouse kick from Mercy! Miroku down!

Kagome and Sango clotheslined Mercy out of the ring, placed her near the unbroken, and the double-chokeslammed her on it! A rare, big pop from the two heels! Anyway, Sango and Kagome got in the ring, set up one of the ladders, and then climbed on it. But Risky Boots grabbed the steel chair before hitting Sango's back with it, and Sango fell. Then, Risky Boots hits Kagome's legs twice. Kagome fell, too. Instead of climbing, Risky Boots waited for the next person to get up.

Both Inuyasha and Fran raised up, and Risky Boots smashed their heads with the weapon. Risky Boots started climbing again, with Mercy beginning to climb on the other side of the ladder. When both participants went eye to eye, they punched one another. After enough blows against Risky Boots' bloody face, Mercy performed a jumping cutter against Risky Boots, and Risky Boots' face made hard contact against the steel chair!

"GODDAMN! KILLER!" Bubbles shierked.

"I hate Mercy, but that was definitely a holy shit moment from her!" Gingerelle said.

Shantae attempted to avenge her wife, but Mercy blocked her punch before pulling another jumping cutter! With everybody down, Mercy climbed again. When Mercy got near the briefcase, Fran assaulted her legs with the kendo sticks. Mercy tried to resist the damage, but she eventually fell before getting victimized by Fran's Twist of Fate. Fran got on the ladder, successfully got the briefcase, and then fell. Done.

"FRAN WINS! FRAN'S THE WINNER OF THE MATCH!" Gingerelle said as the crowd heavily got behind Fran for winning a hard-fought match.

"Shit, that match was epic! Kojiro should've won it, though, but still!" Bubbles said as Topo and Fillet returned to commentary.

"Man, we'd tried everything to let Kojiro win, but we messed up at the end!" Fillet said.

"True, but at least Musashi's ugly ass didn't win, thank God!" Topo said.

"Rather Mercy than that prick, but thank God Fran, the better wrestler and performer, won!" Bubbles said.

Backstage/Nine minutes later...

"Win for us and our universe, you hear?" Yuma said as Tori headed out.

"I WILL!" Tori said, leaving backstage, initiating her match against Karen.

Speaking of Karen, she surprised Yuma from behind, wrapping her arms around his mid-riff. Then, she suplex'd Yuma towards a wall, injuring him again. "I'll crush your little girlfriend like a pathetic insect, Yuma! Just watch!" Karen said.

After Karen showed herself to the crowd, and many others, and got booed, the match began. Tori pulled off swift karate moves against Karen, getting a good start. But twenty-three seconds later, Karen gripped her rival's throat before tossing her towards a turnbuckle, damaging the latter's back. Next, a nasty looking Samoan Bulldozer from the monster heel. Karen put Tori and herself on top of the same turnbuckle, then Karen performed a big suplex, dominating this match so far.

"Karen ain't playin' around!" Bubbles said.

Karen threw Tori out like a worthless ragdoll, and Tori's body hit the announcer's table! Near her shorter rival, Karen pummeled the living shit out of Tori, refusing to let Tori fight back. Most of the crowd booed Karen like hell, while the rest begged Karen to let Tori go.

"Badass monster heel, ladies and gentlemen!" Gingerelle said.

"Was Tori's victory at Wrestlemania a fluke? Looks like it!" Topo said.

"I'll have to kindly disagree, babe! Tori had shown enough heart to go toe to toe with Karen in their Wrestlemania match! But tonight, Karen doesn't want to the same opponent to beat her twice in a row! Karen wants to make sure that her monster heel tactics are enough to weaken Tori!" Fillet said.

"That makes a helluva lot sense, Fillet!" Bubbles said as Karen ended the brutal beating.

Karen grabbed a mic, confirming, "I had gained muscle and trained a lot between the end of Wrestlemania and before the beginning of Backlash!", before resuming the beating.

"Y'all heard that!? The rest of the roster better watch out!" Topo said.

"Karen had already destroyed Chibiusa, Mamoru, and those ugly Sailor sluts, which means she had already sent a message to Tori and the other wrestlers!" Fillet said.

"Oh, that's right! But who'll beat her one on one!? Karen's smarter, stronger, faster, athletic as hell, and very savage!" Topo said.

"Hanzo will stop her!" Bubbles said.

"I highly doubt it! They're pretty much on the same side!" Fillet said.

"What about Glacia?" Gingerelle asked.

"As long as the slut's on her side, she won't beat Karen!" Fillet said.

"I have to agree, Fillet! Foxxy and Glacia give each other bad luck! That Drake guy is also bad luck!" Topo said.

Back in the ring with the greatly injured Tori, Karen nailed her with the World's Strongest Slam. Over.

"And that is that!" Bubbles said as Karen snatched the Heavyweight title from Rei (Kill La Kill).

"That didn't feel like a title match at all..." Gingerelle said.

"But a devastating squash match!" Topo said as the mega hated Karen raised the belt.

"Oh, look!" Fillet shouted, pointing at Fran, who was rushing to the ring with the briefcase.

"Oh, shit, y'all, Fran's here to put smiles on the crowd's faces!" Bubbles said as Fran handed Rei (Kill La Kill) the briefcase.

"So predictable! Bring it!" Karen said.

As the match began, Karen and Fran brawled like crazy, screaming at each other. Karen got the upperhand thirteen seconds later, giving Fran swift chops towards the chest. After a bit, Fran retaliated with an uppercut. Another swift uppercut! But not enough to drop Karen! Fran then attempted to whip Karen, but Karen countered the move, whipping Fran towards the ropes. When Fran got a bit close, Karen went for the spear, but Fran countered the finisher with a DDT! Then, a Jackhammer finisher from the taller wrestler! One, two, no! Karen survived!

"Oh, so friggin' close!" Bubbles said.

"Is Fran going to be the new savior?! We shall see!" Fillet said.

Back up, Karen retaliated, using brawling moves against Fran again. But Fran shoved Karen hard, sending the latter to a turnbuckle. Near Karen, Fran punched the shit out of Karen, and the heel's forehead busted open, revealing blood. Then, Fran whipped Karen towards another turnbuckle, but with much force. Karen fell, after making contact with the turnbuckle. Fran put herself on top of another turnbuckle. She went for a diving headbutt, but Karen evaded it! Outside the ring, the livid Karen held a steel chair before confronting Fran in the ring.

Karen smacked Fran once, but Fran counterattacked with a hard-hitting headbutt. Karen tried again, but Fran put her hands on the steel chair. After snatching the steel chair off Karen's hands, Fran bashed her head. But Karen still stood on her feet! Fran pulled off the Go 2 Sleep finisher! One, two, NO! AGAIN! Karen survived again! Lots of gasps and shocking reactions from everybody!

"Karen has more endurance, too!? Damn!" Bubbles said.

"Even two heavy shots to the face don't beat Karen!" Topo said.

"Better than the last match!" Gingerelle said.

Frustrated as hell, Fran grabbed the steel chair, but Karen got up, snatched the weapon, and then used it against Fran's face! But Fran remained on her feet! Tori suddenly staggered Karen with a facebreaker! Karen didn't fall! Yuma, back to get revenge, with his own facebreaker finisher! Still on her feet! Fran with the Tombstone Piledriver! One, two, three! Over!

"FRAN HAS SLAIN THE MIGHTY BEAST, Y'ALL!" Bubbles shouted as the crowd got VERY wild over the finish.

"Man, that match was hard-hitting and intense!" Fillet said as Rei (Kill La Kill) gave Fran the Heavyweight title.

"It sure was!" Topo said as Tori and Yuma thanked Fran and left.

"We have characters coming to celebrate with Fran!" Gingerelle said as Penelo (Final Fantasy XII), Balthier (Final Fantasy XII), Mjrn (Final Fantasy XII), Jote (Final Fantasy XII), Vaan (Final Fantasy XII), Ashe (Final Fantasy XII), and Basch (Final Fantasy XII) came to the ring. They celebrated with Fran, with Penelo hugging Fran very tight, blushing with her best friend.

End of Chapter 15

Chapter Text


"Congratulations, Fran!" DJ Mary said excitingly, standing near the happy and smiling Final Fantasy XII characters.

"You are welcome, kind Mary," Fran said.

"Are you guys going to go back to your universe and celebrate more?" DJ Mary asked.

"Yes, Mary. We'll see you in Summerslam, but pay a visit in our universe like you like. Interview us," Fran said.

"I definitely will!" DJ Mary agreed.

Eleven seconds after the Final Fantasy XII characters left, Karen arrived late with a steel chair, screaming, "Where the hell are they!?"

"You mean Fran and her people, right? They're going back to their universe!" DJ Mary replied.

"Damn it!" Karen cursed, leaving backstage.

Outside, Karen saw her targets entering a Final Fantasy XII warp as Hanzo appeared. Karen screamed, "SHIT!", hitting a portion of the building with a steel chair. Hanzo asked, "It looks like you've been defeated."

"That ugly little shit didn't beat me! Fran did, after she had cashed in her briefcase against me!" Karen replied frustratingly.

"Has Ash vs. Gary started yet?" Hanzo asked.

"In a couple of minutes!" Karen replied. "Look, just screw off! I don't really need you!"

"But we are savage heels, you and I," Hanzo said.

"You've done some brutal shit against others, I'll admit, but you're an inferior heel compared to me! I'm the number one heel in Ragyo's wrestling world!" Karen said.

"I'd suffered more hate than you, Karen," Hanzo said.

"Hey, yeah. You do. Your past.. It was dark... Darker than the shit I'd done against characters in this universe..." Karen said.

"Why are you a heel? What have you done in the past?" Hanzo asked.

"I was a beloved Elite Four member in my universe's Indigo League. I had criticized some trainers for only caring about strong Pokemon and loathing weak Pokemon. One day, a trainer had come up to me, bragging about how he had released his weak Pokemon and used his strong ones to win fifty matches in a row, wishing death upon me. Right infront of many witnesses. I took him way too seriously, so I had punched him once, putting him in a coma for three months, killing my reputation. The same witnesses had snitched on me, but no charged were filed. The victim's family had attempted to sue me, but failed at the end. Several weeks after the victim was awaked and a few days before that Royal Rumble match, he and one of his brothers had confronted me, wanting me to demand an apology. I didn't do that. Instead, I had stabbed both brothers, almost killing them. It felt good. Right now, I'm a wanted criminal. Most people in Johto are waiting for me to come back in that region, wanting me to get arrested and get thrown in prison," Karen replied.

"So, that is your reason," Hanzo said.

"You don't have to compliment me for my actions," Karen said.

"I don't need to. I respect you," Hanzo said.

"I'm sorry for telling you to screw off earlier, Hanzo. I respect you, too. Let us go back inside," Karen said.

Two minutes later/Backstage...

"Father!? You're here at this time!?" Clara, with Phoebe, said, seeing The King (Drawn Together).

"Clara! There you are!" The King said, going near Clara and Phoebe. Now, he looked at Phoebe, fondling her soft hair, giving her a dirty look. "Your special friend's still here."

"Oh, piss off, creep!" Phoebe said, swatting The King's hand.

"Father, this isn't the time for your perverted tencendies!" Clara yelled.

"But I'm lonely. I need your partner to keep me occupied for a while," The King said.

Phoebe sighed, taking off her lower clothing, revealing her blue panties. "Fine... Let's friggin' get it over with," Phoebe said.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Clara asked.

"The hell does it look like I'm doing!? He had better give me over $10,000 for this shit," Phoebe replied.

"I've got plenty, my darling," The King said seductively.

"Is a five-minute strip dance okay with you?" Phoebe asked seductively, smiling, moving towards The King, making Clara facepalm.

"Is it acceptable," The King replied in the same tone, grabbing Phoebe's ass.

"What the sam hill y'all doin'!?" Foxxy said, standing near Glacia and Drake.

"My former sexy servant girl! Hello!" The King said.

"Father, she's our enemy!" Clara yelled.

"My apologies, Clara," The King said.

"Hmm... A sad trio. It makes all innocents hearts sad and cold," Glacia said.

"Like ours. Prepare to suffer a deadly beating!" Drake said,

"Bring it on, assholes!" Phoebe shouted.

Three against three backstage! But Hanzo and Karen appeared, and Hanzo said, "Another pitiful inhuman in the mix, I see.", distracting the six.

"Oh, look, the most hated heels on the roster are here! Take a hike! We're busy!" Phoebe yelled.

"Busy on what? Inhuman behavior?" Hanzo asked.

"Really, Hanzo? Is that the best you can come up with? Hypocritical asshole, calling people "inhuman" while ignoring the fact that you attacked your own flesh and blood in your past!" Phoebe replied.

In response for Hanzo, Karen brutally whacked Phoebe's head with the steel chair, scaring The King, Clara, Drake, Foxxy, and Glacia. The King cried, "You'll pay for hurting my daughter's sexy partner, you bitch!", then the Oni guy came out of nowhere, attacking the The King with his signature weapon. Hanzo speared Clara, putting her down.

"You've done enough, Oni person!" Karen said, and the Oni guy stopped the brutal attacks.

Now, Karen impressively lifted The King before pulling off the F-5 finisher. Next, a punt to the head. Phoebe barely moved, but Karen put her down with a quick punt to the head. Clara tried to crawl away, but Karen grabbed her before throwing her towards a wall with much force. Then, Karen knocked Clara out with a deadly tombstone piledriver.

"YA WANT SOME!?" Karen asked Glacia, Drake, and Foxxy, frightening the three.

But the three got away fast.

"The three of us. We are now a stable group. The Oni person. Reveal your face soon. Summerslam's the best event to do it," Karen said, then the Oni guy nodded.

A minute later/Backstage...

"Hiya, Ash!" DJ Mary said, going near Ash in a hurry.

"What's up, Mary!" Ash said.

"Are you fully energized for your match against your heated rival?" DJ Mary asked.

"I definitely am, Mary! If Gary's whores attempt to interfere anytime, then I've got a nasty surprise for them!" Ash replied.

"Thanks, Ash! Best of luck in your match!" DJ Mary said.

The Last Man Standing match's getting started! The last one! Out first? Gary and his women. Same cheers as usual. Then, Ash. Also the same cheers. When the match got started, the rivals immediately threw hard punches against each other's faces, turning this into another brawl between the two. But the only difference in this match was their movements, faster than before.

"Man, those are some fast punches!" Fillet said.

"I'll say, sweetie! They really want to win!" Topo said.

"Oooh! An uppercut!" Gingerelle said as Ash uppercutted Gary towards a turnbuckle.

"But Ash's not charging towards Gary!" Bubbles said as Ash walked normally towards Gary.

A whip from Ash, sending Gary towards another part of the ropes. Now, Ash charged at Gary, a fast one. Instead of pulling a finisher, Ash went straight for a regular DDT. Next, Ash lifted Gary, then he whipped him again, sending the latter out of the ring. Ash hopped on top of the turnbuckle before executing a frog splash on Gary. As Ash got off Gary, Rei (Kill La Kill) started counting. Gary's girls interfered in a predictable fashion, with three of them lifting Gary and the other three attacking Ash.

"I knew they were going to do that!" Bubbles said.

"And here they come!" Topo said as Daisy, Lily, Violet, Professor Kukui, Leaf, Misty, and Professor Burnet came to help Ash.

Ash's group and Gary's group clashed at one another as Ash and Gary resumed their devastating and swift brawl. Blood splattered everywhere. After a minute, Karen and Hanzo showed up, attacking Ash's group, aiding Gary's girls. Then, the Oni guy gave Ash a low blow and Skull Crushing Finale combo.

"Oh, shit! Karen and Hanzo are taking their new stable group seriously!" Bubbles said.

"Great for Gary, but bad for Ash!" Fillet said as the Oni guy finished Ash off with the Killswitch finisher.

"That'll do it for Ash!" Gingerelle said as Rei (Kill La Kill) started counting.

After the tenth count, Gary won the World title, with his girls celebrating with him. But after Rei (Kill La Kill) awarded Gary the title, Hanzo and Karen attacked Gary and Gary's girls, and the crowd booed the shit out of them. The Oni guy aided his partners, and the three ended up owning the seven. Then, Hanzo, Karen, and the Oni guy executed a triple-powerbomb against Gary as the crowd continued to boo at them.

"Serious heels, people!" Bubbles said as Serena, Shauna, Mable, Aliana, Bryony, and Celosia made an appearance.

Serena and her girls beat the shit out of Ash's gang as Hanzo and the Oni guy raised Ash's weakened body up. They let go of Ash, and Karen pulled off a nasty-looking Clothesline from Hell against him. After that, Karen Fu'd Ash against the steel-ring steps! Savage. Karen yelled, "STOP IT!", then Serena and her girls ended the fast attacks. Karen's next victim? She gave Kukui an FU finisher as well. Then, she opened her steel chair before putting it on Kukui's head.

"KAREN, NO!" the weakened Professor Burnet yelled in tears, but Karen responded, kicking Professor Burnet's face.

Karen dragged Professor Kukui near the announcer's table as Topo, Fillet, Gingerelle, Bubbles, Owen, and Joni got the fuck away from the ferocious monster heel. Near it, Karen occurred a super vicious powerbomb against Professor Kukui, breaking the table, giving the latter serious injuries, causing Professor Burnet to sob very loud. Afterwards, Karen removed the steel chair off Professor Kukui before throwing him towards Professor Burnet.

Professor Burnet sobbed on her badly injured husband as the crowd booed Karen, especially, Hanzo, the Oni guy, Serena, Shauna, Mable, Celosia, Bryony, and Aliana, with the latter nine standing tall. But seven seconds later, Karen, Hanzo, and the Oni guy assaulted Serena and her girls with weapons, not caring about the latter six's heel status.

"Them, too, despite them being heels!? They really ain't playin'!" Bubbles said.

"Thank heavens they didn't attack us!" Gingerelle said.

"They look unstoppable! I don't think a group can stop them!" Topo said.

"You got that right, love! But I have a feeling that they'll recruit new characters into their stable group!" Fillet said as Hanzo, the Oni guy, and Karen powerbombed Serena on the injured Bryony.

Now, Nui came out!

"My, oh, my! What a big mess! But the three of you are proven to be serious wrestlers and contenders! Hanzo, you'll face Ash and Gary in a triple threat match at Summerslam! And Karen, you'll face Fran and Tori in a fatal-four way match in the same event, but the fourth opponent, a female, has to win a tag team title match with her partner first!" Nui said.

Karen hugged Hanzo, thanking him for being her partner in their new stable group. Then, she left. After a brief hug, the Oni guy left, too, leaving Hanzo all alone with their injured victims. Hanzo thought, "Who are you, mysterious Oni person?"

End of Chapter 16

Chapter Text

A month and fifteen days later/Three hours before Summerslam/Outside the arena...

"Hi, Hanzo! I'm Hilda (Pokemon) and this is my boyfriend, Hilbert (Pokemon), and we're your biggest fans!" Hilda said in a fangirl tone as other fans behind her and Hilbert waited for their turn to let Hanzo sign their autographs.

"We've got your back, man!" Hilbert said as Hanzo signed his autograph, turning heel.

"Yeah!" Hilda strongly agreed, also turning heel.

"Thank you," Hanzo said, now signing Hilda's autograph.

Now, Hilbert and Hilda went behind Hanzo as the latter began to sign more autographs.

"Where's Karen, Hanzo?" Hilda asked. "She's not by your side."

"I haven't seen her since Backlash..." Hanzo replied.

"I hope she's okay! She kicks ass!" Hilbert said.

"I wanna be like Karen when I grow up, all muscular and intimidating!" Hilda said.

"Where's that mysterious Oni person, by the way?" Hilbert asked.

"I do not know, but I'm sure the five of us will dominate Summerslam," Hanzo replied.

"My most favorite moment at Backlash is those nine Sailor whores getting creamed by you, Karen, and the Oni person! They're friggin' ugly, that Chibiusa midget is also ugly, and that Mamoru dork looks like a complete loser!" Hilbert said.

"Hilbert hates the Sailor Moon series more than anybody!" Hilda said.

"The character I hate the most is Usagi! Her annoying voice also sucks!" Hilbert said.

"If they all return, we will make sure that they'll never appear on a wrestling event again," Hanzo said.

"Extreme, but necessary!" Hilbert said.

"Hilbert and I will make sure that Ash or Gary won't pin you tonight!" Hilda said.

"Thank you, loyal fans," Hanzo said as Lady Kayura (Ronin Warriors) and Rowen (Ronin Warriors), a romantic couple, became the next fans to get their autographs signed.

"Hello, Hanzo. Sweetheart Rowen and I have been impressed by your behavior. Please sign all over our autographs," Lady Kayura said.

"I shall," Hanzo said.

"By the way, Hanzo, we'll use weapons against your opponents!" Hilbert said.

"But we'll use wrestling moves if they're weakened!" Hilda said.

"Okay," Hanzo said, finishing the signing.


"Finally, Summerslam, the second biggest PPV!" Bubbles said as the crowd got excited for Summerslam.

"Wait, what's the current season in this universe?" Fillet asked.

"Summer, darling!" Gingerelle replied.

"It doesn't feel that hot to me, but I'm super excited got through this blockbuster PPV nonetheless!" Fillet said.

"Me, too, love!" Topo said.

"And now, they are booing!" Bubbles said as Hanzo appeared.

"I think the Oni person will reveal themselves at the start of Summerslam, according to Karen's backstage segment at Backlash, but I haven't seem them or Karen!" Gingerelle said.

"I hope to God they're okay, especially Karen! She brings more value to the wrestling world with her monster heeliness!" Topo said as Hanzo got into the ring.

"Quiet, you unworthy fools," Hanzo said, intentionally getting more heat than ever.

"Wow, that's a cold response towards the crowd, but it's a nice one!" Topo said.

"Tonight, I will claim what is mine. The World Championship. But from now, I won't leave the ring until I see the Oni heel, to learn their true identity," Hanzo said.

Seconds later, the mysterious Oni showed up, getting jeers.

"There he or she is!" Fillet said.

"But where the shit is Karen!? She had better be okay!" Bubbles said as the Oni person got in the ring.

"You are here. Now, reveal yourself," Hanzo said.

The Oni person removed his mask, revealing himself as Genji (Overwatch), much to everybody's shock. Hanzo was shocked the most.

"HANZO'S OWN BROTHER!? ALRIGHT!" Bubbles shouted.

"Brother... You were the Oni heel all along..." Hanzo said.

"The only reason I had come to this universe was because of you and your actions, brother, to aid you. My body... I'm 100% flesh, again... No longer a cyborg ninja, as long as I do not return in our universe," Genji said.

"But your body is soft and frail, brother. My team and I are about to dominate the wrestling world. I do not want you to get seriously hurt," Hanzo said.

"Do not worry, brother. If our stable group grows overtime, I will be okay. Let us treat our group like the defunct Shimada Clan, without murder involved," Genji said.

"Do you have your playboy lifestyle persona in mind?" Hanzo asked.

"I've moved on from that a long time ago, brother," Genji replied.

Genji and Hanzo shook hands as the extremely livid crowd jeered at them. Then, the crowd got silent as a super devious theme occurred. Who came out? Someone with a creepy looking dark-bloody mask, a demonic outfit, and darker blue hair.

"Who the hell...!?" Topo yelled.

"Not sure, but let's find out!" Bubbles replied.

As the theme ended, the person entered the ring before saying, "I am Karen!", in a more serious tone. Then, she got booed as usual.

"Karen's back!" Bubbles said.

"I thought she was thrown in prison or something," Gingerelle said.

"Karen? Why are you like this?" Hanzo asked.

"My Final Fantasy XII targets... They had ruined my face, after I had failed to pulverize them... A Pokemon character from Johto... She had given me this mask... not only to make me feel better, but to control me... During my long absence, I had trained like crazy... More muscle... more endurance... and more skill..." Karen replied.

"Who is controlling you, Karen?" Genji asked.

"She's already here, Genji, but she'll reveal herself at No Mercy!" Karen replied, then Hilbert and Hilda got in the ring fast. "Who the hell are you two shrimps!?"

"We're huge fans of Hanzo!" Hilbert replied.

"I'm also a huge fan of you, Karen, and I love your new appearance!" Hilda said.

"Why thank you. Consider joining my team!" Karen said.

"We've already did, Karen!" Hilda said as Rowen and Lady Kayura joined the gang.

"Make room for us! We idolize Hanzo!" Rowen said as he and Lady Kayura turned heel.

"The more, the better!" Karen said.

"Oh, shit, people! A dangerous stable group is definitely born!" Bubbles said as the crowd threw snacks and items at the heels, with the latter seven raising their arms and holding each other's hands.

"But who will stop them? Ash and Gary?" Gingerelle asked.

"They and their posse don't stand a chance against them, so no one will beat them!" Topo predicted.

"A different theme is playing!" Fillet said as the heels, the crowd, and others got distracted by Ash's theme.

"Here's Ash!" Bubbles said as the pissed off Ash showed himself.

What would Ash say to the heels?

End of Chapter 17

Chapter Text

"Seven heels... Together... In the ring... But how many more characters will join your group, Karen? Five? Ten? Twenty? Doesn't matter! You'll all go down, especially you, Karen, after what you've done to Professor Kukui!" Ash said.

"Kukui's a weakling, just like you, his wife, your allies, and the rest of the faces on the roster! And that royal mask gimmick of his? The same one from the Pokemon Games and Anime? What an epic fail! Aside from him, Burnet, and your allies, who else is on your side!? No matter who you recruit, Team Karen will keep control of this wrestling universe!" Karen said.

"We're on Ash's side!" Tori said as she and Yuma came out, then they got cheered.

"You!? And Yuma!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tori, you pathetic little weakling! You were squashed like a lifeless cockroach at Backlash, proving that your Wrestlemania "victory" was a fluke! You'll suffer the same fate tonight!" Karen said.

"I had trained hard before Summerslam as well! So did Yuma!" Tori reminded.

"Yeah!" Yuma said.

"I won't make the same mistake again, allowing you to squash me!" Tori said.

"You and Yuma had wasted your precious time training, just to go up against me!? How cute. But Tori, you do realize that you'll also have to go up against Fran later tonight!? Good luck trying to take us both down!" Karen said.

"Fran and I share the same status, obviously, but I won't let that bitch or you pin me!" Tori said.

"Karen, if your goons try to interefere and hurt Tori, I'll show them not to mess with her, and I'm not afraid to have two or more partners by my side! Or I might clean house all by myself!" Yuma said.

"If you want to prove yourself that you're not a coward, then why don't you bring your ass to the ring and take us on!? DO IT!" Karen said.

"Hold on!" Leaf said as she, Misty, Daisy, Lily, and Violet got out.

"Oh, look! More weaklings have arrived! Kukui's obviously at the hospital, but where's Burnet!? Hiding under Kukui's hospital bed!?" Karen yelled.

"She's with Professor Kukui right now, but she has promised herself to return back to action at Survivor Series!" Leaf replied.

"Ha! That's after the next PPV! What a bitch move!" Karen said.

"You're a bitch, Karen! And speaking of that, I'll make you my bitch right now!" Ash said.

Ash hurried to the ring, with his allies joining him. Karen, Hanzo, and their team immediately reacted, clashing against their enemies. Ash vs. Karen, Misty vs. Hanzo, Leaf vs. Genji, Tori vs. Lady Kayura, Yuma vs. Rowen, and Daisy, Lily, and Violet vs. Hilda and Hilbert!

"Awesome way to open up a goddamn PPV!" Bubbles said.

"Man, look at the punches! They look vicious!" Fillet said.

"Especially Karen's!" Topo said as Karen battered the hell out of Ash with furious and aggressive punches.

"It's eight against seven, but it looks like Team Karen is doing fairly well!" Bubbles said.

"Uh-oh! Karen's about to clean house!" Gingerelle said as Karen targeted Misty and Tori at the same time.

After knocking Misty and Tori down, Karen targeted the rest of her enemies, sending them on the mat with just one punch to the head. Team Karen stood tall as the crowd booed at them, but the boos changed into cheers as Fran rushed to the ring with a sledgehammer. Hilda, Hilbert, Rowen, and Lady Kayura tried to quadruple team Fran, but Fran successfully knock them all down one at a time, swift attacks.

Fran hit Genji and Hanzo next, but shortly afterwards, Karen punched Fran's head twice, and Fran unintentionally dropped the sledgehammer. But Tori recovered before giving Karen a facebreaker. Karen stayed on her feet, but Fran quickly grabbed her weapon before hitting Karen's head with it. Karen remained still! Karen counterattacked with a wicked uppercut, putting Fran down! But Penelo got in the ring and hit the back of Karen's head with Fran's Heavyweight title, receiving a mega giant pop from the super excited crowd! That hard-hitting attack dropped Karen!

"Wow! Amazing!" Topo said.

"My controller says retreat!" Karen yelled as she rolled out of the ring.

Listening to their leader, Genji, Hanzo, Hilbert, Rowen, Lady Kayura, and Hilda retreated with Karen, but moments later, Fran grabbed the sledgehammer before throwing it towards the heels, hitting Rowen's back! Rowen fell! Lady Kayura tried to rush to her boyfriend's aid as Ash frustratingly ran towards him, but Karen grabbed Lady Kayura, telling the latter not to worry about Rowen from now. Being dragged away by Karen, Lady Kayura began to cry as the angry Ash locked one of Rowen's legs with the Angle Lock submission finisher, causing the latter to tap out, sending Karen a message.

Seven seconds later, Fran got near Ash before stopping him, saying, "Save your frustration against Hanzo later.", and Ash nodded as Rowen crawled away fom the two. Fran raised Ash's hand with hers as Leaf, Misty, Daisy, Lily, Violet, Tori, and Yuma stood tall with Penelo in the ring. As the happy crowd cheered at the faces, Fran and Tori glared at each other.


"Gary! Gary! I've been looking for you!" DJ Mary said, getting close to Gary and Gary's chicks.

"Are you here to talk about me and my posse possibly joining Team Ash? If so, then you've wasted your damn time! Just because we're on Karen's victim list doesn't mean we'll join forces with our main rival! We're focusing on one objective, and that's getting our title back! And one more thing, if Karen tries to target us again, we'll give her and her sucky team a good ass beating!" Gary said.

"Alright, then! Good luck against Ash and Hanzo tonight!" DJ Mary said.

Another part of backstage...

"Rowen, sweetie! You're here!" Lady Kayura said with relief, coming towards her boyfriend.

"I'm okay, Kayura," Rowen said, barely standing up, smiling a little.

"Let's have some privacy for a bit. I'll make you better," Lady Kayura said sweetly, fondling Rowen's right cheek.

"ENOUGH WITH THE ROMANTIC CRAP!" Karen screamed, scaring Lady Kayura and Rowen.

"Thank you," Hanzo said.

"Our goal is to gather as much recruits as possible and dominate the wrestling universe, not occuring some "lovey-dovey" bullshit! Got it!? Good! Now, listen up! If Symmetra and Lucio give Genji trouble in their triple threat tables match later on, get out there and help him! That Intercontinental belt is coming home with us! But if you two somehow mess up, reinforcements, Hilda and Hilbert, will desperately aid Genji!" Karen said.

"Got it, miss Karen!" Lady Kayura and Rowen said in unison.

"Ummm... K-K-Karen..." Serena said nervously, having Shauna, Mable, Aliana, Celosia, and Bryony by her side.

"You jobbers?! Get lost!" Karen said.

"Can we join your team...?" Aliana asked.

"Never! Again, get lost!" Karen replied rudely.

"No, Karen. As co-leader, I say let them, under one condition," Hanzo said.

"Hmph! Fine!" Karen said. "What's the condition?"

"Their condition is to eliminate six wrestlers under five minutes," Hanzo replied.

"I'll tell Ragyo and Nui to book it!" Karen said, going elsewhere.

Ragyo's office...

"Ragyo!" Karen yelled, kicking Ragyo's door open, causing Ragyo, Nui, and Rei (Kill La Kill) to jump a little.

"Evil Karen. Do not do that again," Ragyo said coldly as Karen took a few steps in the office.

"Get the hell over it and listen to me! Six heel wrestlers want to join my team, and the only way for them to join it is to win a six-on-six beat the clock elimination match! Five minutes!" Karen said.

"Sounds like fun! I'll book it!" Nui said.

"Five minutes is a bit overkill, but the match is acceptable," Ragyo said.

"Rei (Kill La Kill)! You're the referee for the match!" Karen said.

"I don't like you and Hanzo..." Rei (Kill La Kill) admitted as Karen walked away.

In the ring...

"Welcome to Summerslam!" Emily said, then the crowd chanted her name loud. "I know we've had an opener, but again, WELCOME TO SUMMERSLAM!" Emily shouted.

"Goddamn, the crowd is extremely louder than before!" Fillet said.

"If it wasn't for Emily's performance at No Way Out or Wrestlemania, she'd get booed out of the building right now!" Bubbles said.

The crowd calmed down a little and Emily said, "Anyway, I have an essential announcement to make! What is it? I'm vacating my European title, retiring from wrestling! But that doesn't mean I'm permanently leaving the wrestling world! I'll become a talent agent, helping Ragyo grow wrestling house shows every week, furthering her energy! Also, I'll become an executive, being a part of authority! That is all! Let's get our Hardcore Title match started, all!"

The crowd chanted Emily's name again as she left.

"Damn, that early!? I had started hopping on the Emily bandwagon after her match at Backlash!" Fillet said.

"But she's now Ragyo's bitch, an authority figure! She might give us good stuff!" Gingerelle said.

"Like hardcore and no disqualification matches!" Bubbles said.

"Or Bra and Panties matches!" Topo said.

"That sounds sexy! Long live the Attitude Era!" Fillet said.


"Genji..." Mercy said, distracting Genji and the rest of Team Karen.

"Angela..." Genji said.

"Beat it or we'll squash ya!" Karen threatened.

"Wait, Karen," Genji said. "Angela. Why are you here? Make it quick."

"...Never mind," Mercy said.

"Hold on a second, "Angela"! You've wanted to mention Genji's heel status, am I right!? If so, then you, a super hated face, have no business doing that! Change for once! Stop being this boring "goody two shoes", healer! Express your opinions toward the universes! Just because you're a face and just because you have some fans don't mean you're automatically liked! Even the heels on the roster, especially Gary, are more respected than you, a face! If you continue to act the same way, you'll mentally lose at the end of the last event, and you'll end up like Steven and his SJW losers, being the worthless and most hated character in this universe! Think about what I said!" Karen said, then Mercy left speechless, looking very sad.

End of Chapter 18

Chapter Text

Three minutes later...

"Hardcore title match, y'all!" Fillet said as Kagome and Sango, both jeered, came to the ring.

Afterwards, Sango asked, "Who is brave enough to challenge the former demon slayer!?", as the crowd chanted "You suck!".

"C'mon, don't be a pussy!" Kagome shouted.

Several seconds later, Shippo (Inuyasha) made an appearance, shocking Kagome and Sango a little, mostly receiving cheers.

"Oh, hi, Shippo!" Kagome said in a fake, kind tone.

"Don't give me that bullshit tone, bitch!" Shippo shouted.

"Oh, my! Since when did you become a potty-mouth, Shippo? Yesterday? The day before yesterday? You've grown a lot!" Kagome said with the same tone.

"We're so proud of you!" Sango said, using the same tone as well.

"Seriously, cut the act! I know everything! You two have changed!" Shippo yelled.

"And what the hell are you going to do about it, Shippo!? Nothing!" Sango said.

"You don't look worthy enough to take the Hardcore title from Sango! Now, go!" Kagome said.

"NO! I won't leave until I win that belt!" Shippo said.

"Fine, then! You'll suffer the consequences!" Sango said.

"We need a ref in this match!" Kagome shouted as the angry Shippo went straight to the ring.

Seconds later, Atsuko joined the drama, becoming the ref. When the match began, Sango and Shippo went at it as the crowd sticked by Shippo's side. After a shove from Sango, she went for a regular clothesline, but Shippo avoided the move. Face to face again, Shippo and Sango punched each other, giving each other insults.

"I know this is the start of the match, but it looks a bit sluggish!" Topo said.

"Blame Shippo. He looks like shit in the ring compared to Sango!" Bubbles said.

"I'm not against Shippo, but I agree with sis. He needs to step it up," Gingerelle said.

"His mic skills is also shit!" Fillet said.

When Shippo got the upper hand, Kagome said, "Oh, the hell with this!", getting a steel chair. Kagome went in the ring, smacked Shippo's head with the weapon, and then got back out as the crowd went against her and Sango again. Despite this being a singles match, Atsuko didn't disqualify Sango, although Atsuko was also a heel.

"Thank you, Atsuko!" Sango said, using the Jackhammer finisher against Shippo.

After Sango got the victory, Atsuko said, "You're welcome.", before leaving.the defeated Shippo all alone with Sango and Kagome. The latter two began to pummel Shippo, but Inuyasha and Miroku intervented moments later, assaulting their ex-wives with weapons, saving Shippo. However, Kohaku (Inuyasha) appeared from the crowd, aiding Sango and Kagome, confirming his heel status. Despite a three on two fight, Inuyasha and Miroku owned Kagome, Sango, and Kohaku, making the crowd happy. The faces stood tall, but moments later, Kagome's mom (Inuyasha), attacked the two from behind, one shot towards the back of their heads with a Baseball Bat. Double-knockout.

"Kohaku, and now Kagome's mom!? Damn!" Bubbles said as Kohaku, Kagome, and Sango got up.

"Get a table!" Kagome's mom said, pulling out a small bottle of gasoline and a lighter.

Outside the ring, Kohaku got a table from under the ring as Sango and Kagome dragged Shippo away from Inuyasha and Miroku. After the heels got together, Kagome's mom poured the gasoline on the table, and then lit up the table. The three female heels occurred a triple chokeslam against poor Shippo as the crowd shouted "BITCHES!".

"JESUS HAROLD CHRIST!" Bubbles screamed.

"That was hardcore... But it's awesome!" Gingerelle said as Kohaku stomped Shippo's back, getting rid of the fire.

"Miserable Shippo... No one helped him!" Topo said.

"Wait, what is this!?" Fillet said excitingly as Kagome's mom gave Sango a surprise kiss on the lips and groped her ass, shocking Kagome, Kohaku, and many others.

"Kagome's mom loves girls, too!? Nice!" Bubbles said.

After the kissing and groping, Kagome's mom slightly patted Sango's left cheek twice as the two smiled at each other.

"I love you, Sango," Kagome's mom said.

"Never leave us, pretty," Sango said sweetly.

"Always be by our side, dear mother," Kagome said.

Now, the three female heels gave each other a triple hug as the crowd jeered at them.

Backstage/Six minutes later...

"Ryo and friends!" DJ Mary said, wanting to talk to Ryo, Mia, Kento (Ronin Warriors), Sage (Ronin Warriors), Cye (Ronin Warriors), and Yuli (Ronin Warriors), with the latter six being prepared for their match against Serena and Shauna's girlfriends. "Are you guys ready to prevent your opponents from joining your former friend's new team?"

"Definitely, Mary! Wish us luck!" Ryo said.

"Alright!" DJ Mary said.

After the backstage interview, the six Ronin Warriors characters headed to the ring, with the crowd on their side. Rei (Kill La Kill) was the referee for the match, Karen's request. Then, Serena, Mable, Celosia, Aliana, Shauna, and Bryony joined, with the crowd against them. But wait, Rowen and Lady Kayura headed out just to do commentary, with the crowd booing them.

The heel Ronin Warriors characters sat next to Bubbles, Gingerelle, Fillet, and Topo as the match started, then Bubbles said, "Welcome. No, hold on! Thanks for idolizing Hanzo! He's a real competitor!"

"You're welcome, dear," Lady Kayura said as Shauna and Yuli went against each other.

"Had you, Rowen, Hanzo, Hilda, Genji, Hilbert, and Karen watched the previous match?" Topo asked.

"Yes, and we were impressed," Lady Kayura replied.

"Actually, lord Hanzo didn't like the lesbianism after the triple chokeslam part," Rowen said as Shauna started to dominate Yuli.

"But overall, the Inuyasha heel characters are always welcome to join Team Hanzo," Lady Kayura said.

"You mean Team Karen. She's obviously the most intimidating member," Fillet said.

"Team Hanzo, Team Karen, doesn't matter. They're both leaders," Lady Kayura said as Shauna pinned Yuli, the former had used a spear against the latter.

Yuli eliminated!

"Don't take my previous team seriously. They're not going to win," Rowen said as Aliana and Sage went toe to toe.

"Oh, look who's here!" Topo said as Hilbert and Hilda arrived.

"They're just here standing near the ring!" Lady Kayura said as Aliana beat Sage with a simple roll-up pin.

Sage eliminated!

"That was fast!" Gingerelle said.

"Six against four!" Rowen said as Mable went against Kento.

"Lady Kayura, mind if I ask you this?" Topo asked.

"Sure, Topo!" Lady Kayura replied.

"If you, Rowen, Hilda, and Hilbert somehow have a foursome, would you accept Rowen and Hilda doing it and you and Hilbert doing it?" Topo asked.

"No one has answered that kind of question to us, but the answer is yes!" Lady Kayura replied as Mable shocked Kento and the latter's friends with a roll-up pin.

Kento eliminated!

"I'll accept the foursome as long as Kayura accepts it!" Rowen said.

"Jumping cutter! Jumping cutter! Cye is out!" Fillet yelled as Celosia beat Cye.

Cye eliminated!

"Chirst, Rowen, your old buds suck pee-pee!" Bubbles said as Celosia tagged Bryony.

"Ouch! A fast Clothesline from Hell!" Rowen said as Bryony initiated the move against Mia.


Mia eliminated!

"Serena's in! Can she beat Ryo in time?" Topo said.

"Looks like it!" Gingerelle said as Serena staggered Ryo with a quick and desperate facebreaker.


Ryo eliminated!

"That's it, all!" Gingerelle said as Rei (Kill La Kill) immediately walked away from the victorious heels.

Lady Kayura, Hilbert, Rowen, and Hilda entered the ring, congratulating Serena, Mable, Celosia, Shauna, Aliana, and Bryony for being winners. Then, Karen, Hanzo, and Genji joined. Karen smiled, aggressively rubbing Serena's hair, saying, "Impressive, Serena and girlfriends! You guys are in!".

"Thank you so much, Karen!" Serena said happily as the crowd heavily booed the heels.

"So, that makes THIRTEEN members!" Bubbles said.

"Team Ash desperately needs more members!" Gingerelle said.

End of Chapter 19

Chapter Text


"Hey, Ronin Warriors characters!" Ash said, distracting the disappointing Ronin Warriors characters.

"Sorry, Ash... We've tried...." Yuli apologized.

"It's not your fault... You don't have to do this, but consider siding with Team Ash. It'd be better for every face wrestler to stick with each other throughout the rest of the PPV calender," Ash said.

"We're in!" Mia said, and the others nodded.

"New members of Team Ash!? Oh, say it ain't so!" Hilda said as she, Hilbert, Rowen, and Lady Kayura appeared.

"Your leaders and the other members aren't with ya, I see! But don't worry! We won't attack ya just yet!" Ash said.

"Whenever both sides brawl against each other, I'll be the first to target you and your legs!" Lady Kayura said.

"Why!? Oh, that's right! I had made your boyfriend my bitch not too long ago! BTW, I suggest you and your heel buddies on Team Karen should have red streaks around your eyes! That way, we can identify Team Karen!" Ash said.

"You're making a reference to my terrible past... But we'll do it!" Lady Kayura said, then she, Rowen, Hilbert, and Hilda left.

"Listen, RW characters! Karen and Hanzo might recruit the Inuyasha heel characters! Take the Hardcore belt away from Sango!" Ash said.

"We won't disappoint you, man!" Kento said.

Ragyo's office...

"Ragyo, our owner. Please accept this request," Lady Kayura said.

"As long as it is acceptable," Ragyo said.

"Have red streaks around Team Karen's eyes! When a new member joins, give them one!" Lady Kayura said.

"Accepted," Ragyo said, snapping her fingers once, giving Team Karen red streaks.

"Oh, the bloody irony," Emily said, doing important paperwork.

"I know what you mean, Emily! Lady Kayura was once possessed by Talpa (Ronin Warriors), having red streaks on her and turning her evil! Now, she, as a non-possessed heel, a bad person, has the red streaks again! Tehehe!" Nui said.

Nine minutes later...

"Here comes the gang of girls!" Fillet said as Sky, Sky's mother, Rottytops, Twitch, and Vinegar showed up.

"Um, what's about to start?" Topo asked.

"The United States Championship title! Yamcha vs. Sky's mother!" Fillet replied.

"Sky's mother!? The challenger!? Her in-ring skills are stiff as shit!" Bubbles said.

"But Yamcha can carry her to a decent match!" Gingerelle said as Cye, Sage, Mia, Yuli, Ryo, and Kento gang-attacked Kohaku, Kagome's mother, Sango, and Kagome in the cafeteria area.

"We'll see about that! And speaking of Yamcha, here he comes!" Bubbles said.

After Yamcha entered the ring, two more characters came out. Shantae and Risky Boots, both cheered like Yamcha. Risky Boots and Shantae glared at their rivals as they headed to the announcer's table to do some commentary. Back to the cafeteria scene, Yuli pinned Sango for the Hardcore belt, with Mia as the referee.

"You girls look so damn cute together!" Topo said as the title match initiated.

"You're not the only one that has the same opinion, Topo!" Risky Boots said.

"Everybody loves us as a romantic couple!" Shantae said as Yamcha and Sky's mother went back and forth with chops to the chest.

"Shantae x Risky Boots forever!" Gingerelle said.

"Shantae x Risky Boots is the WORST pairing ever!" Sky shouted as her mother started to dominate against Yamcha.

"Hey, screw off! We're doing commentary!" Risky Boots said.

"Yeah, leave us alone!" Shantae said.

"You bitches sound like shit on commentary!" Twitch said as she, Rottytops, Sky, and Vinegar surrounded Risky Boots and Shantae.

"We don't fear you bitches in a handicap fight!" Risky Boots screamed.

"Prove it!" Vinegar shouted.

Topo, Fillet, Gingerelle, Bubbles, Owen, and Joni got away from the Shantae characters as Shantae and Risky Boots attacked their enemies. But the four heels ended up overpowered Risky Boots and Shantae as Sky's mother got distracted from the fight. Yamcha surprised Sky's mother with a roll-up, but Sky's mother escaped from the pin at two and a half!

More angry at Yamcha, Sky's mother turned around before low-kicking him, causing both of his knees to hit the mat. Sky's mother double-slapped Yamcha's cheeks, spinned, and then clothleslined him. Followed by a Boom Drop to the face as the crowd booed at the older Shantae character. Sky's mother attempted the Go 2 Sleep finisher, but three seconds later, she unintentionally dropped Yamcha on the mat in shock as Puar (Dragon Ball series), with a kendo stick, aided Shantae and Risky Boots, with Puar getting heavy support from the crowd.

"Look at Puar go!" Gingerelle said.

"Cool shit!" Bubbles said.

With Sky's mother distracted, Yamcha finished the former off with a backbreaker, then a pin.

"Nice!" Topo said as Goku, the referee, gladly handed Yamcha the United States Title. Now, Yamcha got involved the fight, four vs. four. As for Goku, he hurried to the cafeteria area, being hungry.

"It was worth getting away from the announcer's table!" Fillet said as the fierce brawl continued.

Five minutes later...

"One, two, three! Now, enjoy it!" Karen, as a referee, said, after beating up Sage, Cye, Yuli, Mia, Kento, and Ryo all by herself, letting Aliana claim the Hardcore title.

"You are the best, Karen!" Aliana said, hugging Karen.

"You guys are on your own! Defend the title as much as you can!" Karen said, hugging Aliana super tight.

Six minutes later...

"Now, what's about to happen?" Gingerelle asked as Lucio got out.

"Lucio's here, but the Intercontinental title match starts after the Tag Team title match. Let us here what he has to say!" Fillet said.

"Lucio's in the house!" Lucio said, getting a gigantic pop. "Listen, y'all, today is a very special event, so I wanna give y'all some free Lucio-ohs! Go, Ragyo, go!"

Ragyo magically made lots and lots of Lucio-ohs boxes appear before giving each and every box to the over-happy crowd. The crowd chanted the hell out of Lucio's name, thanking him for giving them free cereal.

"Nice promo!" Bubbles said.

"It ain't hardcore or close to it, but it's good nonetheless!" Topo said.

A minute and twelve seconds later/In the women's restroom...

"Aliana!" Ash said as he opened a restroom stall he and Yuma, both with Baseball Bats, were in, frightening Aliana.


"Shut up!" Ash yelled.

Ash and Yuma both assaulted Aliana so bad. Next, Yuma occurred the jumping cutter finisher against Aliana. One, two, three.

"The Hardcore belt's mine, bitch!" Yuma said, getting Aliana's title. Then, he and Ash left the badly bruised Aliana all alone.


"You pathetic little hoodlum, giving away free cereal," Symmetra said, confronting Lucio eye to eye.

"You're so predictable, it's sad. You need to reevaluate yourself," Lucio said.

"Into an unintelligent, close-minded thug like yourself? No thank you. I like who I am, a realistic, normal being that obeys law and order," Symmetra said.

"More like Vishkar's lapdog, a person being used by the corrupted losers!" Lucio said.

"The two of you. Quiet," Genji said, getting near Lucio and Symmetra, ending the arguing.

"Go back to Karen, your brother, and their gang of piitful thugs, Genji. This is between me and the hoodlum," Symmetra said.

"Do not forget that our triple threat match will happen later tonight. I will win," Genji said.

"No, I will!" Lucio said.

"Neither of you miserable humans will walk away with the title because I will defend it well," Symmetra said, then she, Lucio, and Genji heard arguing nearby.

Agreeing to end their arguing against each other, Lucio, Symmetra, and Genji went to see who was arguing. It was Foxxy, Drake, and Glacia arguing with The King, Clara, and Phoebe. The Overwatch characters just deadpanned, wasting their time.

"I've wasted a few seconds of my life..." Genji said.

"Your brother's right about them, Genji. They are inhuman. Their "storyline" is laughably bad," Symmetra said.

"Yeah, their storyline doesn't entertain me at all," Lucio said, then he, Symmetra, and Genji parted ways from now.

End of Chapter 20

Chapter Text

Five minutes later...

"Tag match, people! One of the winners get a shot for the Heavyweight title later tonight!" Bubbles said as the tag team championship match's about to begin.

"Ugh... This is gonna a shitfest... worse than the previous tag team match..." Fillet said as Foxxy, Drake, and Glacia appeared, with the latter three getting a quality amount of cheers.

"I'm sure it'd be decent, baby! Oh, wait a second! I know what the hell you mean!" Topo said.

"Sexual distractions, below-average in-ring work from all participants, and two old farts possibly fighting against each other during the match!" Fillet said.

"That means a snoozefest, I mean shitfest!" Bubbles said.

"Shitfest sounds better! I'll give this match three minutes and fifty-three minutes or less!" Fillet said.

"We have like twenty-five to thirty seconds until the crapfest starts, darlings!" Gingerelle said as Clara, The King, and Phoebe appeared, with the latter three getting booed. The King had Phoebe on his back, while Clara had a deadpan look on her face, not liking the moment between The King and Phoebe.


"It ain't a big deal, Bubbles, jeez," Fillet said.

"Okay, they're in the ring! And it begins!" Topo said.

"I'm in!" Phoebe said, tagging Clara.

"WHAT!? NO!" Clara yelled, glancing at Phoebe.

"I'll tag you back after a minute!" Phoebe said.

"Please listen to sweet Phoebe, Clara," The King said, raising Phoebe's lower clothing, looking at her ass.

"Fine, then!" Clara said.

Now, Phoebe went face to face against Foxxy. But seconds later, Foxxy commenced a surprise roll-up, barely getting the shocking victory!

"That was quick, all!" Gingerelle shouted as Foxxy, Drake, and Glacia joined together with happiness, with The King, Clara, and Phoebe, especially, in shock.

"Called it!" Fillet said as Phoebe angrily walked away from The King and Clara, but the latter two followed Phoebe anyway, with Clara having a furious look on her face.

"Let's hope the main event matches don't end up the same way!" Topo said.

"Nui has the power to reset important matches, for Ragyo's sake!" Bubbles reminded as Mario, the referee, hand Foxxy and Glacia the tag team belts.

"Oh, right!" Topo said.


"What the hell was that, Phoebe!? You suck!" Clara yelled through the top of her lungs.

"I wasn't ready, goddamnit!" Phoebe yelled back.

"You weren't ready!? You should've never tagged me in the first place!" Clara yelled again.

"Girls, girls! Please stop arguing!" The King begged.

"You know what, the hell with this! You're fired, Clara! I never want to work with you again!" Phoebe said.

"I've never liked being your bitch, anyway!" Clara said.

"Don't separate, please! Work it out! The King begged, just to hang around with Phoebe like a filthy pervert.

"Father, will you please stop acting like a disgusting bastard for once!? Let's go!" Clara said.

"Alright... Good-bye, Phoebe..." The King said disappointingly.

"Just go! Damn!" Phoebe said.

Four minutes later...

"What's Hilbert gonna do?" Gingerelle asked as Hilbert went into the ring all by himself.

"Talk or something, but let's see what the hell he has to say!" Topo replied.

"I'm Hilbert, one of the greatest Unovian trainers of all time!" Hilbert said, then the crowd booed at him.

"It's not easy being one of the best Pokemon trainers in the Pokemon universe!" Bubbles said.

"Pokemon is based on anime, right? Although I haven't appeared on a Pokemon anime episode, I'm technically an anime character! Like Pokemon, there are some good and great anime shows! However, there are some god-awful and cringy ones! Sailor Moon, for example!" Hilbert said.

"Oh, shit, people!" Bubbles said.

"Sailor Moon... The hell kind of cringeworthy anime title is that!? Oh, wait! The full title is "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon", which stands for "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon"! Pretty? Pretty!? Really!? Wow... Talk about being dead wrong... THEY ARE UGLY! U-G-L-Y, UGLY! Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Minako, Makoto, Ami, Setsuna, Hotaru, Haruka, Michiru, all nine of them! The ugliest anime female characters ever! YUCK!" Hilbert ranted.

"Man, Hilbert's owning the hell out of the Sailor Scouts!" Fillet said as the crowd kept booing at Hilbert.

"Both Chibiusa, the ugly midget, and Mamoru, a moron, suck, but the nine Sailor sluts are much worse! Haruka looks like a straight up dude, Michiru looks like she has autism and assburger symdrone, Ami needs to get her friggin' flat and ugly unattracted ass kicked everybody for being a nerdy slut, Makoto is synonymous with "forever alone" because her vag means disaster, Hotaru has no biological parents and they're dead idiots that need to get their graves pissed and shitted on, lesbian child molester Setsuna looks like someone that wants to prey on little girls like Hotaru on a daily basis, hence why she and Hotaru are always together, the silly Minako has shit for brains, Rei (Sailor Moon) is nothing but a gangsta wannabe that needs to give up on life and stay in the kitchen to make me some food, and Usagi, the worst of them all, needs to suck on her mom's infected nipple because she's a loser crybaby! BURN!" Hilbert ranted more.

"OUCH!" Bubbles said as the angry crowd hurled food at Hilbert.

"Jesus H. Christ, Hilbert!" Gingerelle said.

"You pathetic losers ain't gonna stop me from dissin' the nine worst characters in anime history! I wanna talk about Haruka and Michiru again! They're cousins, and they love "love" each other!? Oops, I'm talking about the censored version of Slutty Moon! My bad! One time, I had one of the worst nightmares ever! What was it? Me and Haruka, sleeping together! When I woke up, I was like, "Holy crap, a dude sleeping next to me! How the hell did this happen!?", and Haruka revealed that she had a recent sex-change just to look like a man 100%! Ewww! Haruka, do every universe a favor and look like a woman!" Hilbert ranted once again.

"Are the Sailor Scouts even watching this?" Topo asked.

"Obviously, but Hilbert's rants against them are friggin' hilarious!" Bubbles replied. Back in the Sailor Moon universe, in Usagi's hospital room, Hotaru cried on the angry Setsuna's shoulder, with Setsuna wanting to hurt and severely injure Hilbert very bad. Michiru also cried, but on Haruka. The room was full of upsetiness and anger.

"By the way, Sailor sluts, if I see any of you in this universe, I'll handle all of ya on my own because I ain't afraid of ugly dorks! It'll be like Backlash, where Hanzo, Karen, and Genji owned ya in that S-Tier PPV!" Hilbert said.

"Hilbert!" Emily said, coming out, suddenly getting a big ass pop. "The European match's about to begin! Leave my ring right now!"

"I'm done, anyway! Peace the hell out!" Hilbert said before dashing backstage.

"One hell of a ownage segment!" Fillet said.

"The stuff he had said against Michiru, Hotaru, and Setsuna were too extreme. But overall, his segment was enjoyable!" Topo said as Emily went into the ring.

"The Five-Way elimination matach for the European Title commences!" Emily said before joining commentary.

"Hi, Emily!" Gingerelle said.

"Hi! Look who's participating in the match!" Emily said.

First, Luigi (Super Mario Bros.). Second, Xandir (Drawn Together). Third, Frizzle, with Liz on her shoulder. Fourth, Spark (Pokemon). And fifth, Mercy. Many people were cheering for the former four, but the rest chanted, "No Mercy!", towards Mercy.

"Begin!" Emily shouted.

The match began.

"Wow, Mercy's pulling off a quick start!" Gingerelle said as Mercy took down each competitor with a normal clothlesline.

"But she's not getting credit for dominating so early! Poor Mercy!" Fillet said.

As Emily and the Brave Fencer Musashi characters continue to commentate, Xandir pulled some offense, giving Mercy karate kicks towards the midriff. Frizzle stopped the action, hurling Xandir towards a turnbuckle, damaging his head. Behind Frizzle, Mercy picked her up before slamming her on the mat. Afterwards, Luigi and Spark double-attacked Mercy, a double suplex. Big cheers! Both men glanced at Frizzle, who was getting up.

Frizzle reacted quickly, shoving Luigi towards Xandir, sending Xandir down again. Now, Frizzle and Spark brawled like savages. Luigi recovered, but Mercy got him with a swift spear before putting the iconic and childhood video game character out of the match.

Luigi eliminated!

"Uh-oh, the boos are growing louder for Mercy!" Topo said.

"We're in the same universe, but I can't help Mercy. She's on her own," Emily said.

Mercy was about to punt Xandir's head, but the brawl unintentionally prevented her from doing so, knocking Mercy out of the ring. Angry and desperate for love, Mercy seized a steel chair from under the ring before returning to action. Mercy ended the brawl, bashing Frizzle's head with the weapon. Spark acted fast, giving Mercy a headbutt towards her head. However, Mercy retaliated her, smacking Spark's head. Pin.

Spark eliminated!

"Oh, bloody hell!" Emily said as the crowd sang "Aria!", taunting Mercy.

"They're making a reference to the imfamous raids from the main Overwatch forums, with many Mercy mains wanting Blizzard to revert their Queen!" Gingerelle said.

"I knew the raids would fail hard!" Bubbles said as Mercy angrily punished Frizzle with repeated shots to the back and midsection.

"This is not a good moment for Ms. Frizzle!" Topo said.

Liz intervened, but...

"Damn, Mercy!" Fillet said as Mercy aggressively tossed Liz far away from Frizzle.

Done with the steel chair, Mercy frustratingly punished Frizzle with a Go 2 Sleep and a Somoan Spike. Pin.

Frizzle eliminated!

"She's still not getting respect!" Bubbles said as Mercy waited for Xandir to get up.

"Blame the bloody Mercy mains, the toxic assholes!" Emily said.

After Xandir got up, Mercy went for the spinebuster. But Xandir countered it, going behind Mercy. Backbreaker from Xandir! Pin!

Mercy eliminated!

"Xandir defeats Mercy for the European Title, folks!" Gingerelle said as the crowd cheered for Xandir like mad crazy.

"I'll have to admit, Mercy tried her best!" Topo said as Emily joined Xandir and Rei (Kill La Kill), the referee.

"But at the end of the day, she won't gain respect from many! She's a loser!" Bubbles said as Xandir celebrated the European title with Emily and Rei (Kill La Kill).

"Is Mercy gone for good? We shall see," Fillet said as a crying and broken Mercy walked away.

End of Chapter 21

Chapter Text

In a room/Four minutes later...

"There he is!" Aliana said, after opening a door. She, Mable, Serena, Shauna, Bryony, and Celosia had saw Yuma all alone.

"Go ahead and take it, but Team Ash will get it back!" Yuma said.

Yuma hit Aliana's face with the Hardcore title, but Shauna, Bryony, Celosia, Serena, and Mable pounded him afterwards. Then, each heel went for the jumping cutter against the wounded Yuma. After that cruel beatdown, Shauna pinned Yuma for the low-tier title, with Mable acting as the ref.

Backstage/A minute later...

"Look at you," Tori said, after bumping into Fran. "Unworthy champion. That belt will be mine!"

"We are obviously on the same team, little one, but you had better watch your tone. Otherwise, you'll feel my wrath, with you suffering more beatdowns than at Backlash," Fran said.

"So, you are saying you're better than Karen? Both of ya will end up being my bitches because the belt will come home to me!" Tori said.

"You've asked for it. I'll see you, Karen, and Glacia in our match," Fran said before leaving.

Two minutes later...

"Friggin' finally, the Intercontinental title match begins!" Bubbles said as Lucio came out with a new soundtrack from his recent album.

"Now, that's what the hell I'm talkin' about! Shit's bumpin'!" Fillet said, enjoying the soundtrack.

"You ain't the only one!" Topo said, loving the music like everybody else.

After the music, Symmetra's theme occurred, with Symmetra coming out and gaining heel heat. And finally, Genji, also getting heel heat, more than Symmetra. When the match got started, Symmetra and Lucio double-teamed Genji, punching the crap out of his upper body. Afterwards, Symmetra nailed Genji with the Cross Rhodes finisher, and Lucio added more pain with the Boom Drop on the neck.

"Now, their rivalry recommences!" Gingerelle said.

Left slap, right slap, spin, another right slap, a low kick against the groin, and then an uppercut from Symmetra! Nice combo! Symmetra dragged Lucio outside the ring before throwing him towards the bottom of the announcer's table, hurting his head. Now, Symmetra pulled out three tables!

"Wait, three tables!?" That doesn't make sense!" Topo said.

"Interference wlil occur during the match, Topo, hence the extra tables! Also, more action might occur after the match regardless of the winner!" Gingerelle reminded as Symmetra set up the tables.

"Ah, right!" Topo said.

After doing her part, Symmetra placed Lucio on the announcer's table before putting herself on it. Then, she put Lucio on top of her, getting ready to powerbomb her heated rival. But a spear out of nowhere from Genji! Big shocker! Symmetra had collided on the barricade after the assault; her back and the back of her neck was more painful than her midriff.

Genji targeted Lucio, but Lucio occurred a missile drop kick. Lucio commenced another Boom Drop, but Genji hardly evaded the move, causing Lucio to land hard! Genji got up, commenced a spinning heel kick, knocked Lucio down, picked up Lucio, and then whipped him towards the nearest turnbuckle. Lucio crashed towards the turnbuckle, and he fell, with blood coming out of his forehead.

"Finally, some blood!" Fillet said as Genji went back to Symmetra.

"Without blood in matches like this, it'd be bland!" Bubbles said.

A punch towards the Genji's forehead, and Genji bled! What was that on Symmetra's right hand? Brass knuckles, hence why Genji bled! She had equipped while she was down. Anyway, Symmetra initiated more shots to the forehead, going ballistic! After enough punches, Symmetra commenced a headbutt, and that knocked Genji senseless.

"Damn! Genji got knocked the F out!" Topo said.

"Nice reference!" Gingerelle said.

"Uh-oh! The cavalry's here!" Bubbles said as Lady Kayura and Rowen rushed to the match.

Lucio raised his own body up, but Symmetra put him back down with a hard-hitting punch towards his bleeding area. Then, Lady Kayura and Rowen double-assaulted Symmetra. But Symmetra fought back, giving Rowen a filthy black eye! Another filthy black eye! Ouch! Lady Kayura counterattacked for Rowen, a desperate DDT against Symmetra. Despite the painful DDT Symmetra received, she barely got up four seconds later! Two quick jabs towards Lady Kayura's midsection, then an uppercut!

"Symmetra's too tough! Damn!" Fillet said.

"True, but it looks like she has to deal with more cavalry!" Gingerelle said as Hilbert and Hilda hurried to the scene with steel chairs.

When Hilbert and Hilda got close to Symmetra, the latter knocked the hell out of Hilda with one punch to the loggin, but Hilbert stopped Symmetra's comeback with one shot to the head. Moments later, Lucio nailed Hilbert with the Trouble in Paradise! Then, Lucio victimized Lady Kayura with the same finisher!

"Chaos, baby, chaos!" Bubbles shouted.

Genji regained conscious! He stopped Lucio from trying to slam Symmetra through one of the tables, punching him once! Lucio and Genji furiously brawled, punching each other's faces. The crowd was going super crazy for Lucio! Rowen attempted to interfere, but Symmetra used the backbreaker finisher against him! Then, Rowen got powerbombed through one of the tables! Hilda recovered from her brief, uncomfortable nap, but Symmetra put her through another table as well!

"Nice, nice! Very nice!" Topo said, clapping very fast.

A three-way brawl occurred, but it lasted a little as Hilbert and Lady Kayura double-super kicked Symmetra to the face! The crossover duo punished Lucio with the same combo finisher, but after that, Lady Kayura and Hilbert double-powerbombed Lucio throughout the announcer's table before giving each other a high-five, and the crowd booed the living shit out of the two. Even worse, Genji slammed the unconscious Symmetra through the last table, getting the victory!

"Brutal and chaotic overall!" Bubbles said as Rei (Kill La Kill) angrily gave Genji the Intercontinental title.

"Man, the crowd is VERY upset! Good and great heels do tend to piss off the crowd a lot, though!" Fillet said as Lady Kayura and Hilbert picked up their lovers.

"If Karen and Hanzo both win the big titles tonight... Oh, man, it's gonna be a massive shitstorm!" Topo said.

"Like super long, boring, and useless arguments on the internet!" Gingerelle said.


"Well done performance, guys!" Karen said as she, Genji, Hanzo, Lady Kayura, Hilda, Hilbert, Rowen, Shauna, Bryony, Mable, Serena, Celosia, and Aliana all celebrated.

"You are welcome, leader Karen," Genji said.

"Two more matches to go, and we'll walk out with all four titles in Team Karen's possession. Serena and girlfriends! The six of you will help Hanzo against Ash and Gary during his match! Genji will interfere, too, but not much, due to the savage beating he has received in his match! No one intereferes in my match!" Karen said.

"Karen, you forgot about me, Lady Kayura, Rowen, and Hilbert!" Hilda said.

"The four of ya are off for the rest of the night, and don't try to go against it! Otherwise, you're out! Anyway, my match starts in fifteen minutes! Wish me luck!" Karen said.

Two minutes later...

"Oh, look, it's Musashi!" Gingerelle said as Musashi headed to the ring, with the crowd going up against him again.

"What does the fruitcake has to say!?" Bubbles said as Musashi glared at her, Gingerelle, Topo, and Fillet.

"I know you guys hate me for some unknown reason, but I don't care! I just want to say that I am done with wrestling! I'm commentating!" Musashi said.

"WHAT!?" Topo, Fillet, Bubbles, and Gingerelle screeched in unison as the crowd began to cheer for Musashi.

"That's right! Ragyo's world needs a face commentator! Ragyo, make room for me!" Musashi said, then the commentator magically increased its size a little.

"That is not fair!" Fillet whined as Musashi sat between his enemies.

"Deal with it!" Musashi said.

"Whatever, fag!" Bubbles said.

Five minutes later...

"Bitch!" Leaf said, delivering one blow to the face against the injured Shauna; Leaf, Misty, Daisy Lily, Violet, and Yuma had already handled Bryony, Mable, Aliana, Serena, and Celosia.

Violet acted as the ref, allowing Leaf to take Shauna's Hardcore title.

More minutes later...

"Karen!" DJ Mary said, distracting Karen.

"What the hell do you want, you sad, pathetic weakling!?" Karen asked.

"Erm... I just want to say a few things to you, is all!" DJ Mary replied.

"Then, spit it out! My match is about to start in two minutes!" Karen said.

"You are obviously a ferocious, smart, and savage competitor, but you'll be facing three tough opponents in the same match!" DJ Mary said. "Are you 100% prepared?"

"I've been prepared since the beginning of Summerslam!" Karen replied.

"That's nice! Name a couple of moves you're planning to use against your female foes!" DJ Mary said.

"I don't have to name them! Instead, I can do this!" Karen said before lifting DJ Mary and giving her an F-5.

"Ow! That hurt!" DJ Mary cried.

"WANT MORE!?" Karen hollered, seizing DJ Mary's hair.

Karen snatched DJ Mary's glasses off her, crushed it, and then gave her a chokeslam. DJ Mary cried, "HELP ME! I CANNOT SEE WITHOUT MY GLASSES!", as Karen dragged the poor woman towards a wall. Karen repeatedly smashed DJ Mary's forehead against the wall until it bled. Fran, Penelo, Jote, Mjrn, Basch, Balthier, Vaan, and Ashe came to the rescue, but Karen forcibly tossed DJ Mary towards the Final Fantasy XII characters before sprinting away.

"Are you okay, kind Mary?" Fran asked, holding DJ Mary, locking eyes with her.

"I'm okay," DJ Mary replied weakly, smiling.

Now, it's time for the Heavyweight title match to begin! Glacia headed out first, with Foxxy and Drake by her side. Karen came out with a steel chair! Triple attack, each shot to the back of the head! Musashi protested, "Someone needs to call animal control on her ass!", as the crowd booed the living hell out of Karen as usual. Karen furthered the punishment, throwing Foxxy off the stage and giving Drake a nasty, hard-hitting boot to the face! Then, she carried the knocked-out Glacia to the ring as Fran and Tori hurried for the match.

In the ring, Karen glared at the angry Rei (Kill La Kill), screaming, "The other two are here! START THE MATCH OR I'LL PUMMEL YOU!". Rei (Kill La Kill) started the match.

Tori evaded Karen's steel chair shot attacks, then Fran speared Karen. Back on her feet, Fran went toe to toe against Tori, delivering chops against her. But Tori fought back with her own chops, albeit weaker. After doing enough chops against her smaller foe, Fran whipped her, but Tori countered it, using her own whip with a lot of force. When Fran returned to Tori, Tori went for the facebreaker, but Fran countered the finisher, holding Tori.

Fran placed Tori on top of her, but Karen speared Fran, knocking both Fran and Tori down! Now, Karen lifted Tori and Fran at the same time, indictacting that her muscles were really bigger than before! Karen commenced a double F-5! Then, a pin on top of Fran! One, two, not over! Glacia broke the pin, much to Karen's surprise!

"Whew, thank God!" Musashi said.

"I thought Glacia would never save the match like that!" Gingerelle said.

Pissed, Karen punished Glacia again, giving her a spinebuster on Tori. Then, Karen whipped Glacia out of the ring, causing Glacia to crash towards the announcer's table. Karen put Glacia and herself on top of the announcer's table, then she held Glacia, preparing to commence a powerbomb on the announcer's table. But Foxxy and Drake intervened, assaulting Karen with a double kendo stick shot, forcing Karen to drop Glacia.

Glacia picked up Karen, but Karen squirmed her way out before hurting Foxxy with a successful clothesline from hell. Glacia retaliated for her precious Foxxy, diving towards Karen, knocking the monster heel down. Glacia got on her feet, then she and Drake seized Karen's throat before carrying the monster heel towards the announcer's table.

"Oh, shit! They're about to do it!" Topo said.

"DOUBLE-DDT! GODDAMNIT!" Musashi yelled as Karen countered the double chokeslam and hurt both Drake and Glacia with the double-DDT.

"Karen's the star of the match! It looks like it's over already!" Bubbles said.

"It's not over until someone gets pinned completely!" Musashi said as Fran headed towards Karen.

"Wait, I've changed my mind! Here comes Fran!" Bubbles said.

Fran and Karen clashed at each other again! The crowd rooted the shit out of Fran, desperately wanting her to pin Karen. Getting very serious, Fran gained control of the fighjt, viciously pummeling the heel out of Karen's forehead. Blood eventually dripped from Karen's scary mask. Karen assaulted back sixteen seconds later, an unexpected normal clothesline! Tori suddenly performed a suicide dive, hitting Karen!

"Sweet one!" Musashi said.

Tori went back to the ring before climbing on top of a turnbuckle. She went for the leg drop, but Karen prevented the move with a launching and devastating headbutt against her! Painful! Glacia attempted a super kick, but Karen ducked, and Glacia hit Fran instead. Screaming, Karen lifted Glacia before crashing her to the announcer's table! Then, the monster heel crashed Glacia towards the in-ring steps! Nasty!

"Killer, Karen!" Fillet said.

"Karen is the best heel wrestler today!" Bubbles said.

"I agree a million percent!" Gingerelle said.

"Here comes Tori!" Musashi said as Tori commenced a short missile kick towards Karen's head!

"Tori has the advantage from now!" Bubbles said.

"But she has to act fast non-stop! Otherwise, Karen will pulverize her so bad!" Topo said as Tori equipped the steel chair.

Tori punished Karen with the weapon, but Karen stood! Tori hit her again, but with little effect! Face to face with Karen, Tori hit the monster heel once more, but the latter still stood, laughing like a maniac! Karen shouted, "MY TURN!", before giving Tori an uppercut, launching Tori towards Owen.

"Hey, watch it, dude!" Owen yelled. Then, Karen glared at the Cluefinders character, frightening the hell out of him.

"ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE SLAM! GLACIA DOES THE ANGLE SLAM ON KAREN!" Fillet screeched as Glacia commenced a surprising Angle Slam against Karen.

"That Angle Slam looked painful!" Musashi said.

Glacia put Karen in the ring, then herself as Foxxy, with the same steel chair, and Drake came to her aid. Then, Foxxy placed the steel chair in the middle of the ring. Together, Glacia, Drake, and Foxxy triple-powerbombed Karen as the crowd cheered extremely loud. Triple pin! One, two, NO! A bigger shocker!

"Get pinned already, Karen! Jesus Christ!" Musashi said.

"Karen still refuses to go down!" Fillet said.

Fran cleaned house with her Heavyweight belt as Tori pulled out a ladder. With Drake, Foxxy, and Glacia out, Fran waited for Karen to get up as Tori set up the ladder. When Karen got up, Fran smacked her head so friggin' hard, then Tori initiated the Shooting Star Press finisher on Karen! Big cheers for Tori! Shortly after pulling off that killer move, Tori rolled out, avoiding Fran. Fran confronted Tori, but Tori quickly put herself behind the ladder before knocking it down, sending Fran to the ground.

Targeting Karen again, Tori stood on the turnbuckle before posing for the crowd. Air bourne! But Karen countered the high-flying finisher, pulling off a Stunner, stunning the hell out of everybody! Pin! But Yuma broke it! Yuma ran away afterwards, but Karen caught him before hurting him with the Go 2 Sleep. Karen and Fran bumped heads, but Karen's quick facebreaker put Fran down. Penelo, Jote, Mjrn, Balthier, Vaan, Ashe, and Basch interfered, but Karen hurried towards the ladder, picked it up, and then used it as a weapon against the group, going into apeshit mode once again.

"MONSTER HEEL MODE AGAIN!" Bubbles shouted.

"Vintage Karen!" Topo said.

After knocking all seven characters down, Karen dropped the ladder before getting the steel chair. Next, Karen went back to Tori, placed the steel chair on Tori's head, and then went on top of the turnbuckle! Frog star splash! Mega ouch! Non-stop boos from the crowd! Glacia suddenly commenced a roll-up pin on Karen! One, two three, done!

"HOLY FRIGGIN' SHIT! THE MATCH IS FINALLY OVER, AND KAREN LOST!" Musashi shouted in shock as the crowd chanted Glacia's name, with the crowd treating Glacia like a queen.

"Shocking results, and a shocking upset!" Topo said as Foxxy and Drake joined their lover.

Karen just sat in the ring, extremely shocked.

"Great match! Oh, wait! Karen's still in the ring!" Gingerelle said as Rei (Kill La Kill) gave Glacia the Heavyweight title.

"They had better get the hell out of there fast!" Fillet said.

"Too late!" Bubbles said as Karen quietly got her steel chair back.

The assault continued against the trio, but Rei (Kill La Kill) got the hell out quick! Genji and Hanzo arrived as Karen kept beating the living shit out of her targets. The Shimada brothers furthered the beatdown by giving Drake a double suplex and Foxxy a double-DDT. Karen screamed, "Lift Drake and hold him!", and the Shimada brothers agreed. Then, Karen hit Drake's head three times in a row before shouting, "Now, let him go!". They did before watching Karen commence the Jackhammer finisher against Drake.

"Leave us alone!" Foxxy sobbed.

"Your Hoenn bitch should've never pinned me!" Karen said, violently grasping Foxxy's hair. "Put her in a double submission hold!" Karen ordered.

Hanzo locked Foxxy's head, while Genji locked her legs. Foxxy painfully tapped, but she stopped as Karen beat the hell out of the slut with repeated chair shots to the back. Musashi said, "This is exaggerating!"

"You're an idiot, Musashi! Some heels typically do this type of shit!" Topo said.

"I know, but still!" Musashi said.

"Enough!" Karen said, ending the beating.

Genji and Hanzo released Foxxy as Karen put the steel chair on Glacia's right leg. Then, Karen stomped the hell out of Glacia's leg. Glacia screamed and cried in a lot of pain, while Foxxy kept sobbing. Karen hollered, "In-ring step, NOW"!, then Genji and Hanzo got one for Karen. After the stomping, Karen raised the step before dropping it on Glacia's injured leg, and Glacia cried louder. Karen raised it once more, then she dropped the heavy thing on Glacia's head. OUCH!

"That is enough, boys!" Karen said, raising Genji and Hanzo's hands with hers, getting jeered so hard.

"Extremely savage!" Bubbles said as Hanzo and Genji raised their other arms.

"Team Karen, man... THEY ARE VERY, VERY SERIOUS!" Fillet said.

"Team Ash had better end this!" Musashi said.

"As long as Karen's still around, they won't!" Gingerelle said.

"Karen will get the title at No Mercy! Nothing will hold her back!" Topo said as Karen and the Shimada brothers headed backstage.

End of Chapter 22

Chapter Text

Backstage/A minute later...

"Yo, Gary!" Ash said, distracting Gary and Gary's girls.

"Hey, dickhead, we ain't joining your team!" Gary said.

"It ain't about that, Gary! I just want to tell the seven of you to act very aggressive when shit goes wrong! You know what I mean!" Ash said.

"You don't have to tell us twice, Ash!" Gary said.

Three minutes later...

"My title! Bitch!" Kagome's mother said, after she, Kohaku, Sango, and Kagome had assaulted Leaf, Misty, Daisy, Lily, Violet; Mable was the referee, after she, Serena, and their girlfriends made a deal with the Inuyasha characters on joining Team Karen.

Four minutes later/In a private room...

"Oh, screw rock, paper, and scissors! Let's play something else!" Hilda said.

"I agree!" Rowen said. "But.. what could we play?"

"Hmmm... let us forget about a game from now. Dancing sounds more fun!" Lady Kayura said. Dancing was one of Lady Kayura's favorite hobbies.

"Dancing? I don't know how to dance!" Hilbert said.

"I can teach you how to dance like a professional, but it'll take a while! Just you and me!" Lady Kayura said.

"Umm... just us? Are you okay with this, Hilda?" Hilbert asked, having a nervous look on his face.

"I'm fine with it!" Hilda replied.

"Kayura's amazing, Hilbert! Just follow her steps, that's all!" Rowen said.

"Alright..." Hilbert said as Lady Kayura got close to him.

"Let's do this first," Lady Kayura said, holding Hilbert's hands with hers, slightly making contact to the front of his body.

"Can't we try another dancing move first...?" Hilbert asked nervously, feeling something strange from his special area, blushing a little.

"This move won't take long," Lady Kayura said.

"OH, GOSH, I AM SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!" Hilbert said as his erected place unintentionally poked Lady Kayura's special place.

Lady Kayura giggled, causing Hilbert to have a confused look on his face. After giggling, Lady Kayura said, "It's okay, Hilbert. Let's start."

"Okay..." Hilbert said, smiling a little.

A minute later...

"Final match, all!" Gingerelle said.

"No shit," Musashi said.

"Oh, shut up," Gingerelle said.

"I hope this Falls Count Anywhere match is as great and chaotic as the last title match!" Bubbles said.

The first to come out was Ash. Cheered like crazy. The second? Gary and his women. Also cheered like crazy. And then, Hanzo. Booed endlessly. After the bell rang, Ash, Gary, and Gary's cheerleaders all gang-attacked Hanzo, trying to weaken him as much as possible. Three of Gary's girls powerbombed Hanzo outside the ring, then the other half of Gary's girls also powerbombed Hanzo in the same spot.

"Smart move!" Musashi said.

"Sadly, I agree with you, but Hanzo's still gonna win!" Bubbles said.

The rivals picked up Hanzo, then Gary used the zig-zag finisher against Hanzo, which wasn't enough. But Ash used the pedigree finisher afterwards, a stronger finisher than the zig-zag. The frenzy blew the arena up with non-stop cheers thanks to the early attack against Hanzo. Genji was attacked in a similar fashion in his match against Lucio and Symmetra, but thanks to constant interference, Genji had won it.

Ash and Gary went to business, going up against each other. The two young competitors fought their way to the crowd as Gary's girls and Rei (Kill La Kill), the ref for the main event match, followed them. Meanwhile, Karen kicked Hanzo's face a little, pouring water on him, telling him to fight like a real champion. Ash and Gary continued their hard-hitting action towards the food and snack area as Karen went after Gary's girls. The crowd and others could see the action from the titantron.

"Now, Karen's in the mix! That is not good news for Ash and Gary!" Gingerelle said.

"If Karen rips Ash and Gary to shreds during the match, it's obviously over for the two!" Fillet said.

After getting near Gary's girls, Karen gave three of them a quick stunner, two of them a chokeslam, and the last one a tombstone piledriver. Ash and Gary finally noticed Karen's presence, but Karen got away as Hanzo appeared. Instead of teaming up together like minutes ago, Ash and Gary still went against one another, due to Hanzo being weakened. But the only person they needed to worry about the most was Karen.

Hanzo got into the fight, commencing a three-way fight. Beings near them were standing near the competitors, watching the fight. Some of them were eating, while others decided not to buy something to eat from now. Hanzo managed to whip Gary, sending him towards a wall. Gary crashed into it. Ouch. Ash took advantage of that, nailing Hanzo with the super kick. Hanzo feel arkwardly as Gary hurried back into the fight. Gary stopped Ash's attempt on pinning Hanzo, giving Ash a normal clothesline.

Gary pinned Hanzo, but Hanzo kicked out a one and a half! Desperate to end this match without extra interference from Team Karen, Gary positioned Hanzo on top of his, preparing to do the Go 2 Sleep finisher. But Hanzo assaulted Gary's head with repeated elbow strikes. Gary finally released Hanzo, but Ash took both of his opponents down with a double clothesline.

"Double clothesline! Sweet one!" Topo said.

Ash grasped one of Gary's hands before whipping him towads the ice cream dessert business, owned by a Pokemon character. Gary flew behind the counter, then Ash dived behind it, continuing to fight against Gary. The two trade hard blows again as the owner came out of the back room. She knew Ash, but not Gary.

"Ash! Get out of my business!" Linda (Pokemon; Unova), the owner, yelled.

"Linda!?" Ash said, recognizing her voice.

"I SAID GET OUT!" Linda shouted, hitting Ash in the groin. Then, she threw him out.

"Thanks, Linda!" Gary said.

"You, too, punk!" Linda yelled, sucker punching Gary out of her business. "Hanzo is number one!"

"You've gotta be kiddin' me..." Musashi said.

"More Hanzo fans!? Nice!" Bubbles said.

"You mean more Team Karen members," Musashi said as Linda hopped over her counter.

Linda put Ash on top of her before occuring the wasteland finisher, slamming Ash's body to the floor with much force. Gary retaliated, but Linda countered Gary's fifth punch, giving him a german suplex as Hanzo showed up. Linda noticed Hanzo, then she said, "My boyfriend, Charles (Pokemon), and I root for you, Hanzo! Win the title for us!", before returing to her business.

"Make extra room for the Hanzo fanclub!" Bubbles said.

"Who else would join Team Ash? Lucio, Yamcha, Inuyasha, and Miroku make sense!" Musashi said.

"Unless Symmetra joins Team Karen, which is highly unlikely, Lucio won't join Team Ash!" Topo said.

"I highly agree with Topo! Symmetra's a one-person army that doesn't care about any wrestler but herself!" Gingerelle said as Hanzo dominated Gary with headbutts and chops.

Gary ended the dominance, scratching Hanzo's face. Then, Gary kicked him straight in the groin before occurring a DDT against him. One, two, kickout! Frustrated as hell, Gary whipped Hanzo towards one of the entrances to the crowd section, and Hanzo feel down some steps, injuring the highest S-Tier heel some more.

"Damn! That's gotta hurt!" Topo said.

"Good move, Gary, but beware of Karen and the other reinforcements!" Musashi said as Gary's girls reunited with their boyfriend.

Back in the fight, Ash pushed Gary down the steps, and Gary ended up injured as well. Pissed as Ash, Gary's girls targeted him, but Ash got away from them as he rushed down the steps. The reinforcements, Mable, Aliana, Bryony, Serena, Celosia, Shauna, Kagome, Sango, Kohaku, and Kagome's mom, came out to help Hanzo! Shortly after the Inuyasha heel characters had joined Team Karen, Karen had ordered them to aid Hanzo.

Yuli, Mia, Kento, Cye, Sage, Ryo, Miroku, Inuyasha, Yuma, and Tori intervened, turning this main event match into an all-out mayhem! Yuma vs. Kohaku, Miroku vs. Sango, Inuyasha vs. Kagome, Cye vs. Kagome's mom, Yuli vs. Celosia, Mia vs. Shauna, Ryo vs. Aliana, Tori vs. Serena, Sage vs. Mable, and Kento vs. Bryony! Holy shit!

"This is really, really a brutal war!" Bubbles said.

"Real wrestling, folks!" Fillet said.

"This is almost similar to WWF's Alliance storyline brawls!" Topo said as Ash, Gary, and Hanzo recommence their triple battle.

"The Team Ash vs. Team Karen storyline is slightly better than that shit, but we can all agree that the Alliance storyline is a trillion times better than WWE's entire PG gayness!" Bubbles said.

Behind Gary's girls, Genji hit them one by one with his signature weapon, the same weapon he had used during his Oni mask disguise at Wrestlemania and Backlash. Karen showed up again, aiding her team, owning Team Ash with her usual monster heel chair shot attacks. But Fran, Penelo, Balthier, Mjrn, Jote, Vaan, Basch, Ashe, Daisy, Lily, Violet, Leaf, and Misty got involved in the match, attacking Karen and her team! 13 vs. 11!

"AGAIN!? THIS... IS... FUCKIN'... AWESOME!" Bubbles said.

"Viewers, if you're a former WWE fan looking at this right now, you'll laugh at current WWE fans after watching this amazing event!" Gingerelle said.

"How people still watch that shit is beyond me! Horrible ratings, non-stop bad shows, lack of star power, awful promos, shit matches, and piss-poor booking!" Fillet said.

"AEW and TNA ain't even good either!" Musashi said.

"TNA!? It's been dead since 2010 according to smart wrestling fans!" Bubbles said.

"And AEW had shot themselves in the foot! Brain-dead indy wrestling fans that pretend to care about the product and indy-related shit!" Fillet said.

"The company had lots of money to help them grow big for years to come, but they ended up failing!" Bubbles said as Genji supported Hanzo.

"FRAN IS GOING MADLY INSANE, ALL!" Gingerelle screamed as Fran went into berserk mode against Bryony, Serena, Mable, Aliana, Celosia, Shauna, Kagome's mom, Kohaku, Sango, and Kagome with her sledgehammer.

"Blood, blood, blood! So much friggin' blood!" Bubbles said as Ash and Gary forced themselves to go against the Shimada brothers.

"GO FRAN!" Musashi shouted.

"Karen's getting her ass kicked!" Topo said as the rest of Team Ash gang-attacked Karen.

"Wait, Genji's going to support Karen!" Fillet said as Genji hurried to Karen's aid.

"DAMN!" Musashi cursed.

After giving Hanzo a double-suplex, Ash and Gary battled towards each other. Genji supported Karen as much as possible, giving Karen enough time to get ready for another monster heel rampage. Fran beat the living shit out of Genji with her brutal weapon, but after Karen got up, Karen knocked Fran out with a chair shot towards the back of the latter's head. Then, Karen went into extreme rage mode, successfully cleaning house with accurate chair shots towards her enemies.

"That's it for Team Ash!" Bubbles said as Karen rushed towards Ash and Gary.

Ash nailed Gary hard with the super kick, then Karen bashed Ash's head twice, sending him down. Karen put Hanzo on top of Ash, then Hanzo got the victory.

"HANZO'S THE CHAMPION! HANZO'S THE CHAMPION!" Bubbles hollered so loud, jumping up and down like a true fangirl.

"Man, the crowd's even more pissed!" Topo said.

"I don't blame them! Hanzo doesn't deserve that belt!" Musashi said as Karen snatched the World title off Rei's (Kill La Kill) hands.

Karen lifted Hanzo before handing him the title.

"This is bad..." Musashi said.

"You mean good!" Fillet said.

"Hanzo should've won it at No Way Out, but better late than never!" Gingerelle said.

"You did it, brother!" Genji said as Hanzo raised the title up high.

"We all did it, brother!" Hanzo said in a happy tone.

Karen happily patted Hanzo's back as the rest of Team Karen joined their comrades. Rowen, Hilda, Lady Kayura, and Hilbert also joined, congratulating Hanzo. Karen said, "Let's continue to dominate at No Mercy, and the Heavyweight title will be ours!", as the crowd threw harmful objects at Team Karen.

"That's the end for Summerslam, all! See ya at No Mercy!" Gingerelle said.

"What would Mercy do at No Mercy?" Topo asked as Team Karen went backstage.

"Probably the same shit! Also, she'll get booed, again!" Bubbles replied.

"If Mercy doesn't impress me throughout No Mercy, she deserves to get banned forever!" Fillet said.

End of Chapter 23

Chapter Text

Four weeks later...

"Welcome to No Mercy, ladies and gentlemen! I'm Musashi, and the four next to me are very ugly and unattractive!" Musashi said as the crowd got pumped for No Mercy.

"Piss off, bitch!" Fillet said, giving Musashi the finger.

"Wow, that's the first time I've seen an offensive gesture towards me!" Musashi said sarcastically. "But anyway, had any of you wrestling fans attended the recent house show or heard about it? It was so much drama!"

"It was only one scene, ya blockhead! But it was great, better than the matches from both house shows!" Bubbles said.

"To be honest, every house show match I've seen ain't even close to good. However, the new talent and feuds will make the wrestling world more stable when Emily takes over next season!" Topo said.

"No Ragyo for next season and beyond?" Fillet asked.

"Remember, Ragyo wants to focus on getting revenge on her own universe after this wrestling season! But that doesn't stop her from visiting some events!" Bubbles said.

"Oh, good! I don't mind Emily replacing Ragyo, by the way!" Fillet said.

"Emily has some of Ragyo's magical powers! Hell, Emily even fully restored her own Overwatch universe!" Gingerelle said.

"REALLY!? Did she eradicate Talon!?" Bubbles asked.

"Yes, sis, but not the members! She gave them a chance by joining the wrestling world, but Reaper (Overwatch) was one of the few to not join!" Gingerelle replied.

"Great!" Bubbles said.

"I've heard that Sombra (Overwatch) and Moira (Overwatch) will wrestle, as a lesbian tag team, for Emily in future house shows, and I've also heard that Widowmaker (Overwatch), who's back to normal 100%, is Emily's bitch!" Fillet said.

"Widowmaker is part authority? Cool!" Bubbles said.

"But I've heard a rumor of Tracer (Overwatch), Emily's girlfriend, disliking Emily's new life!" Fillet said.

"If true, then it doesn't make sense for Tracer to dislike Emily's new life. After all, Emily's the one that saved Overwatch's universe!" Topo said.

"Viewers and audience, let us show ya what happened during the recent house show!" Gingerelle said.

A week ago/A house show...

"YAMCHA!" Puar cried as Bulma and Vegeta attacked Yamcha out of nowhere, which distracted everybody.

Before the attack had commenced, Puar, Musashi, and Yamcha were doing commentary on Din and Nayru vs. Veran and Onox (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Season); Emily had revived Onox a few days ago, due to Din and Nayru's recent beef towards Veran, the one who had started the rivalry because of her past with Nayru.

"Hey, where the hell did you two come from?!" Musashi asked as the fairly large crowd jeered Bulma and Vegeta.

"GUYS, STOP THIS!" Puar cried again, but the married couple ignored Puar.

"I told you bloody fools to leave Yamcha alone!" Emily said, arriving to the scene fast.

Emily magically levitated Bulma and Vegeta, saving Yamcha from the assault. Vegeta angrily struggled to free himself, but Emily's powers were too strong, surpassing almost every power in all universes. The crowd cheered for Emily.

"LET US GO!" Bulma cried.

'Damn it, woman, if you don't release us, I'll kill you!" Vegeta threatened.

"You two are permanently banned in this universe! If you hurt Yamcha anywhere else, I will kill you both!" Emily yelled, adding pressure against Bulma and Vegeta, making them cry in pain, torturing them.

Five seconds later, gone.

"Keep the house show going!" Emily said, leaving.

"You okay, man?" Musashi asked as Yamcha returned to commentary.

"Yeah, I'm okay! They won't mess with me again!" Yamcha replied.

"Good thing you didn't die, Yamcha!" Puar said.

"Emily would've revived me had I died, but it would suck if they had killed me!" Yamcha said.

Present day...

"By the way, folks, Din and Nayru had won the match, with Nayru pinning Veran via roll-up!" Musashi said.

"Here comes, DJ Mary, and she's looking okay!" Bubbles said as DJ Mary headed to the ring.

Big pop.

"Karen didn't have to attack Mary like that weeks ago! Mary ain't a wrestler for Christ's sake!" Musashi said.

"Ah, quit your whining about Team Karen! They ain't goin' nowhere!" Fillet said.

"Shut up, you two, let's hear what DJ Mary has to say!" Bubbles said.

"Hello, all! I'm DJ Mary from Pokemon's Johto, and I'm here to say that I'm glad to be here again!" DJ Mary said, then she got cheered again.

But the crowd got silent all of a sudden as a demonic theme occurred. Karen, Hanzo, and Genji appeared from the back, and Hilbert, Lady Kayura, Rowen, Hilda, Kagome, Sango, and Serena appeared from the crowd.

"Oh, come the hell on, people!" Musashi yelled.

"DJ Mary's about to get her butt rip to shreds, all!" Gingerelle said.

"This is undoubtedly a cowardly act, getting ready to attack a defenseless non-wrestler!" Musashi ranted.

"Whiner!" Topo said.

After Karen and company got in the ring with the scared DJ Mary, Karen grasped DJ Mary's throat as the crowd booed the hell out of her and her team as usual, glaring at DJ Mary, saying awful things. But fifteen seconds later, Karen let go of DJ Mary, smiling at her. Then, DJ Mary smiled back before hugging Karen and patting her back, with Karen hugging in return. That astonished the hell out of everybody.

"What the hell is this!? No, DJ Mary!" Musashi shouted as the crowd began to turn on DJ Mary for confirming her heel status.

"Hell yeah, DJ Mary!" Bubbles said.

Letting go of Karen, DJ Mary said, "Morons, and I mean EACH AND EVERY ANTI-TEAM KAREN BEING! You fools really thought I was some "goody-two shoes" Pokemon character, huh?! Well, let me tell ya this! You all had gotten mind-fucked!"

"DJ Mary and I go way back!" Karen confirmed.

"I was one of the few to stick behind Karen's back during her trouble with the law! Remember the scene at Backlash where Fran had wanted me to interview her and her pitiful crew at their shit-infested Final Fantasy universe!? I had went there the same day that Karen had failed to attacked them, witnessing it with my own four eyes! And guess who had given Karen that mask and attire!? Me! I'm the one that is controlling Karen!" DJ Mary said.

"Although Mary has the power to control me, she lets me make my own decisions sometimes!" Karen said.

"And remember that Summerslam scene where Karen had ruthlessly attacked me!? It was planned, by me! I sold the shit out of that beating, huh!?" DJ Mary said.

"You sure did, Mary! After Summerslam was over, Mary had trained the living hell out of me for the third time, and those training sessions were worth doing!" Karen said.

"Karen's been a dangerous and unstable monster heel since the aftermath of Wrestlemania, but only two have beaten her, fluke victories! Anyway, we'd like for Gary and his sluts to come out!" DJ Mary said.

"Don't make us look for you, Gary!" Karen said.

Seconds later, Gary and his girls came out to speak to Team Karen.

"What the hell do you jackasses want!?" Gary asked.

"We're offering you this deal, Gary, but if you refuse to accept it, you'll regret it!" Karen replied.

"What friggin' deal, Karen!?" Gary asked.

"The seven of you joining us!" Karen replied.

"Don't stay as indepedent heels anymore!" DJ Mary said.

"I won't join!" Gary refused as his girls shook their heads.

"The rest of Team Karen are hiding at random spots backstage. If you reject the offer, they will attack you endlessly, and there is no turning back," Hanzo reminded.

"Listen, Gary. We need a guy like you, arguably the most popular and sneaky heel. You had commenced a rivalry with Ash between the beginning of the Pokemon anime and the Hoenn saga, and you two had renewed it at the start of the Royal Rumble. You hate him, and we hate him, too. You joining forces with Team Ash doesn't make sense to you, but with you joining us, you're automatically a winner, even if you lose in your match against Ash and Hanzo later tonight. We have three belts with us. Only the United States, European, Tag Team, and Heavyweight titles have yet to be collected, with the latter two being vacated. Hilbert and Lady Kayura will have a shot for the tag team titles, but the name of their opponents haven't been confirmed yet. As for the Heavyweight title, I have another chance to get it, and I won't let Fran or Tori, both members of Team Ash, claim it! It doesn't matter if you or Hanzo keep the World title at the end of the PPV because we are all World and Heavyweight champions!" Karen said.

"Are you guys in... or out!?" DJ Mary asked, having a serious look on her face.

"We're... in!" Gary replied, then he and his girls joined Team Karen in the ring as the crowd jeered at them.

"WHAT!? NO, DAMN IT!" Musashi shouted.

"The hell with the crowd, Gary! You've made the right decision!" Topo said.

"Right decision!? You're out of your goddamn mind, Topo!" Musashi said as Gary and Gary's girls shook hands with Team Karen.

"As a heel, I'm not afraid to admit that I admire Ash, but to say that Gary joining the wrong team is mind-boggling! Team Karen is superior and stronger compared to Team Ash!" Gingerelle said.

"Damn right, sister!" Bubbles said.

"Ash is now out, muddafuggars!" Fillet said as Ash angrily came out.

"So predictable, Gary!" Ash said.

"We had to, dipshit! Team Ash is finished!" Gary said.

"The war ain't over until the final PPV ends!" Ash said.

"Just because you and your bitches have joined Team Karen doesn't mean we've automatically given up, Gary! We're not weak!" Misty said as she joined Ash.

"Yeah! I want to say this before we leave this opening promo! Eleven anime characters have officially joined Team Ash, and nine of them will focus on one of you Pokemon characters in the ring! It ain't Karen, Gary, or Gary's girls! It's either Hilda, Hilbert, or Serena!" Ash said.

"Show yourselves!" Misty said, then Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Makoto, Ami, Minako, Hotaru, Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka revealed themselves as nine of the eleven extra members, scaring Hilbert.

"Shit!" Hilbert said in fear, hiding behind Karen.

"Remember us, Karen, Hanzo, and Genji, the nine Sailor Scouts you put out of action for a bit!? We're here to support Team Ash!" Usagi said.

"But our main goal is to focus on one individual!" Hotaru said.

"We know you're in the ring with Team Karen, Hilbert!" Rei (Sailor Moon) said.

"You can't hide behind your monster heel forever, Hilbert!" Michiru said as Hilbert accidentally peed on himself.

"Hilbert, Emily and Nui had given me and Michiru an opportunity to face you and your ancient girlfriend for the tag team titles!" Haruka said, then Hilbert and Lady Kayura blushed in unison.

"How rude! Hilbert and I do not like each other that way!" Lady Kayura said as Rowen looked at her. Hilda also looked at Hilbert.

"Don't lie! Most viewers knew what happened during that Summerslam segment, where you had decided to teach Hilbert how to dance!" Minako said.

"Hilbert had obviously gotten an accidental erection, and you were okay with it touching your special spot during the dancing sessions!" Setsuna said.

"Respond to that, ancient slut!" Ami said, but Lady Kayura walked away in shame, with Rowen following her.

"You see that, Hilbert? Lady Kayura likes you! Would she comfort you after we tear you apart and make you cry like a little bitch!? Obviously!" Makoto teased, then Hilbert walked off, angry and scared.

"Where ya going, Hilbert!? Scaredy cat!" Usagi teased.

"We're done with this segment! One more thing, Team Ash will OWN No Mercy!" Ash said, then he and his group left.

"Crap, that was a long, but necessary opening segment!" Topo said.

"Team Ash all the way, bitches!" Musashi said.

"Team Ash sucks ass! Team Karen will own them once again!" Fillet said.

"No, they won't!" Musashi said.

"Yes they will!" Bubbles said.

"Musashi, you're lame!" Gingerelle said.


Lucio and Symmetra bumped into each other. The two had a match later tonight.

"Street rat," Symmetra said coldly.

"Brain-dead Vishkar," Lucio countered, having a serious look.

The two then continue to walk to their destination.

Near Linda's business...

"Kayura, do you still love me!?" Rowen asked Lady Kayura.

Linda was just sitting on her counter, doing nothing.

"Yes, Rowen! I still love you!" Lady Kayura replied, hugging Rowen.

"Never cheat on me, babe," Rowen said.

"Lady Kayura, are you okay?" Hilbert asked, then the Ronin Warriors characters let go of each other.

"I'm fine, Hilbert, but I think it's best for us to not make contact with each other until our match starts," Lady Kayura replied as Hilda reached towards her, Hilbert, and Rowen.

"C'mon, Hilbert!" Hilda yelled, grasping Hilbert's right hand, glaring at Lady Kayura, starting not to trust her.

Hilda and Hilbert walked away together.

A minute later...

"The cult of personality music is playing!? I LOVE THAT SONG!" Bubbles said excitingly as the crowd got super pumped.

"Man, I hope it's CM Punk making a wrestling comeback!" Fillet said.

But instead, Mercy came out, and the crowd jeered the shit out of the Overwatch character. Mercy had a new look. Her hair was halfway cut, not looking much like a woman. She had on black boots, very hard ones. Blue shorts. A black shirt, with the words "Fuck SJWs, liberals, and conservatives" in white. A knife and bomb tattoo on her left arm, a flame and death skull tattoo on her right arm, a baseball bat and handgun tattoo on her left leg, and a machete and molotov cocktail tattoo on her right leg. And finally, a golden Los Angeles Rams chain necklace on her neck.

"Wait, is that Mercy!?" Bubbles asked.

"Looks like her!" Gingerelle replied.

As the kick-ass theme ended, Mercy said, "No Mercy. A PPV named after me.", in a slightly different tone.

"She's completely different!" Fillet said.

"Yeah, take a look at her shirt!" Topo said.

"According to you assholes, I have no business being here, but I'm about to change many universes, especially the common universe, voicing extremely controversial facts and extremely controversial opinions towards anything. Agree or disagree with me all you want," Mercy said.

"Extremely controversial!? Uh-oh!" Gingerelle said.

"Attitude Era promos, here we come!" Bubbles said.

End of Chapter 24

Chapter Text

"Hmmm... What should I talk about first? SJWs? Or liberals and conservatives? SJWs. Everybody here hates them. I know most of you are thinking, "Mercy's just using SJWs as easy targets, to get loved.", but that is not true. I've always hated them, but before tonight, I've never gotten the chance to insult them because of my former persona. Now, tonight's the right time to do so. First, I'll show you all this exclusive interview featuring Lucio, Emily, and a dear friend of mine, Soldier: 76 (Overwatch). Watch," Mercy said.

A week ago/In an interview room...

"You are all here! Let's get this interview started, shall we?" DJ Mary said.

"I bloody hate SJWs!" Emily shouted.

"We all do," Lucio said.

"Would you like to share your thoughts on SJWs now or later, Jack Morrison?"DJ Mary asked.

"They are weak-minded, soft punks, but the ironic thing about them is that 90% of them are straight, non-masculine men, and white," Soldier: 76 said.

"They hate their own race, too, especially white cops. Self-hating, bloody pricks!" Emily said.

"Emily, back in 2016 in the common world, many SJWs had supported you and Tracer for being a lesbian couple," DJ Mary said. "Had you confronted them?"

"Six weeks ago, after inviting them to a Tracer x Emily party! Two SJW losers had whined about the existence of Tracer x other Overwatch female characters and Tracer non-Overwatch female characters fanart, and a couple had whined about Tracer x Overwatch male characters fanart!" Emily said.

"What was your response?" DJ Mary asked.

"I told them to shut the hell up and let people draw whatever the hell they want, leaving them shocked! My next response was, "The fanart industry doesn't revolve around you disgusting people! It revolves around freedom of expression! If people want to draw harmless fanart of Tracer getting it on with another female or any male, it is their right! Fanarts of Emily x Tracer x Widowmaker and Emily x Widowmaker exist, and I don't mind 100%! Hell, I don't mind seeing a pic of me getting gangbanged by ten men! They are MANY gay and lesbian characters featured in straight pics, including Soldier: 76, another character you idiots bandwagon to the extreme! Not too long ago, I told him that artists were still drawing straight pics of him and various women, and he said he didn't care. If you think non-canon fanart is very harmful, seek immediate help! Otherwise, end your own fuckin' lives!" That was the end of the party!" Emily replied.

"What happened next?" DJ Mary asked.

"More than dozens of those losers were reported dead, via suicide!" Emily replied

"Thank God. The less SJWs, the better," Soldier: 76 said.

"Last year, there was an anti-SJW term called "NPC", meaning that most SJWs and liberals would repeat the same thing over and over again," DJ Mary said. "The NPC term is not as common as it was in late 2018, but would you prefer SJW, NPC, or both?"

"SJW is extremely common, so I'll go with that," Lucio replied.

"I'm with you," Soldier: 76 said.

"I had used the NPC term, until its usage declined," Emily said.

"Lucio, many universes had witnessed you and Yamcha being anti-SJWs against the Steven Universe characters!" DJ Mary said. "Did you lose some fans?"

"Just three!" Lucio replied.

"I'm not surprised. Many folks don't want to turn into a laughingstock," Soldier: 76 said.

"Not surprised, either!" Emily said.

"Emily, I have one more question before this interview ends," DJ Mary said. "Had some SJWs complained about Ragyo's wrestling world?"

"Many of them, but don't be surprised!" Emily replied.

"They can complain as much as they want, but at the end of the day, they're in the minority, and they won't change Ragyo's business," Soldier: 76 said.

End of vid.

"Nice clip!" Bubbles said.

"Lovely video, am I right? But here's my opinion. Most conservatives are as repetitive and annoying as most liberals and SJWs, but I'll get to liberals and conservatives at a later time. As for SJWs, some of them had killed themselves according to Emily. All I have to say is... good. No. Wait. More. Murder, assault, and rape would also be appreciated to hear against SJWs. No. Even darker. Abortion. Prevent more SJWs from existing. Punch, stab, slam, beat, or shoot the pregnant stomach. Or just commit double murder," Mercy said.

The crowd and others had many different and shocking reactions, after hearing what Mercy had said. Yes, they all hated SJWs, but they, even the most hardcore anti-SJWs, never expected to hear something so severe and extreme.

"GODFRIGGINDAMN, MERCY!" Fillet shouted.

"I-I'm speechless..." Topo said, having the same staggered reaction.

"Controversy is in the air, y'all!" Bubbles said.

"That's too much... even for Attitude Era standards..." Gingerelle said.

"Too dark..." Musashi said.

"Enough about them from now. Notice my necklace?" Mercy said, raising the Los Angeles Rams necklace. Then, she received many cheers from other Los Angeles Rams fans and many boos from New Orleans Saints fans. "I'm getting support from my fellow Rams fans, but at the same time, I'm receiving hate from butthurrt Saints fans if you know what I mean. Why am I a Rams fan? Because the team and logo make me feel more independent. I see some Patriots fans in the building, by the way, but it looks like they don't hate me. Saints fans. Watch," Mercy added before showing many beings the ending between the Rams and Saints NFC title game. Then, she got booed again by the same Saints fans. Many Saints at home had hurled stuff at their flat screens, wanting to kill Mercy.

"Amazing game-winning field goal in overtime," Mercy said as the clip ended. "I'm still getting hate from the idiot Saints fans. Hypocrites. Brain-dead hypocrites. You all had whined for a "rematch", but you didn't mind other controversial games such as the Tuck Rule game between the Patriots and Raiders in 2002, the DeflateGate game between the Colts and Patriots in 2015, the BountyGate game between the Vikings and Saints game in 2010, and much more. Where did the "rematch" petition ended up? Absolutely nowhere. A waste. And as for the two dumbass Saints fans had attempted to sue the NFL? Yeah, that ended up nowhere as well," Mercy said, then the Saints fans chanted "You suck!" out loud.

"I suck? You are all wrong," Mercy said before going towards an angry family, three obvious Saints fans. "Well, look what we have here. A fat and small Saints fan that looks like he has down symdrome, and his parents look like they're related," Mercy said before getting death threats from the parents. As for the kid, he started crying. "What's wrong, you little fat shit!? Can't handle my words like a man!? Have fun being Bubba's bitch in prison at the age of eighteen, faggot!"

The parents attempted to assault Mercy, but Mercy owned both parents under seven seconds, knocking them down with her rainbow mic. Then, the fat kid cried on his parents as other Saints fans grew their hatred towards Mercy. But the Rams fans got behind Mercy 100%.

"Don't do that again. That goes for you other inbred Saints fans. One more thing before I leave, if another hurricane is heading towards New Orleans, I hope people name it Angela. I'm out," Mercy said, then she left as the Cult of Personality theme occurred again.

"Savage Mercy!" Bubbles said.

"I'm still speechless..." Topo said.

"I was wrong about Mercy! Her saying messed up shit is golden!" Fillet said.

"Mercy has gained love, but would she gain more? We shall see, all!" Gingerelle said.


"That was a badass segment, Mercy!" Karen said as she, DJ Mary, Genji, Hanzo, and Gary got near Mercy.

"Shut up," Mercy said, boldly giving Karen the middle finger.

"Are you asking for an ass-beating!?" Karen asked, gripping the upper part of Mercy's shirt, having her fist near the Overwatch character's face.

Mercy displayed a sick smile on her face, replying, "Very predictable, monster heel, but go ahead and beat me as much as you want. Throw me around backstage like a ragdoll. I'll continue to display controversy afterwards."

Karen let go of her.

"You've definitely changed, Mercy!" Karen said, slightly tapping Mercy's left cheek four times.

"Shut it and leave, the five of you. I'd like to have some privacy," Mercy said, then Team Karen left her alone.

Four minutes later...

"BRA AND PANTIES MATCH! YEAH!" Bubbles said as the match began, with Shantae and Risky Boots coming out half-naked.

"Friggin' thank you, Emily!" Fillet said as Shantae and Risky Boots got an excited pop for wearing bra and panties only.

"The match was Widowmaker's idea, from what I'd heard! But Emily ended up agreeing with her!" Topo said.

"Then, thank you both Emily and Widowmaker!" Fillet said.

"More half-naked women! Hell yes!" Bubbles said as Zelda, Samus, and Wii Fit Trainer (Nintendo Wii), Zelda and Samus' new girlfriend, appeared, and they got the same pop as Shantae and Risky Boots, their tag team partners.

After that, the half-naked heels, Rottytops, Sky, Sky's mother, Twitch, and Vinegar, all came to the ring, with them being cheered for their half-nudity appearance. Finally, the half-naked referee, Rosalina, joined the party. Now, the match started. Shantae vs. Vinegar, Wii Fit Trainer vs. Sky's mother, Samus vs. Rottytops, Risky Boots vs. Twitch, and Zelda vs. Sky!

"Short or long match, doesn't matter! This is HAWT!" Bubbles said.

"Which is better? Jiggling puppies, the hard hitting moves, or both?" Fillet asked.

"BOTH!" Topo replied.

"The right answer is both!" Gingerelle replied.

"Both is correct!" Bubbles replied.

"Is nudity automatically censored for the viewers?" Topo asked.

"Yeah, but strangely, the word "shit" and other vulgar words aren't!" Fillet replied.

"Censored or not, this wrestling world RULES!" Bubbles said.

"I can't disagree with that 100%, sis!" Gingerelle said.

Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda, Shantae, and Risky Boots owned Rottytops, Sky's mother, Sky, Vinegar, and Twitch with the clothesline from hell, pedigree, super kick, stunner, and a flying knee attack, respectively. Then, the faces went for the quintuple pin, winning the hot match.

"Meh..." Musashi said, not liking the match and the finish.

"I don't care if I'm being bias, but I'll give the match five stars!" Fillet said.

"F it, five stars it is!" Bubbles said.

"Hot aftermath!" Topo said as Shantae and Risky Boots made out.

"And it gets better!" Gingerelle said as Zelda, Wii Fit Trainer, and Samus performed a triple kiss.

"First, Mercy's badass and controversial attitude, and now this! Awesome stretch so far!" Bubbles said.

"Keep it up, No Mercy!" Fillet said.

End of Chapter 25

Chapter Text


"Yo, girls!" Ash said as he bumped into Shantae, Risky Boots, Zelda, Samus, and Wii Fit Trainer.

"We know what you're about to say, Ash, but we'll join! We can't stand Karen and Hanzo!" Risky Boots said.

"Good, good!" Ash said.

"More recruits for Team Ash... I shall warn Karen," Genji said, distracting Ash and the girls.

"Go ahead and warn her! We ain't gonna stop ya!" Ash said.

"And if Sky, Rottytops, Sky's mother, Twitch, and Vinegar join, we ain't gonna back down! We ain't afraid of those loser bitches!" Shantae said.

Another part of backstage...

"Hi, Hilbert!" Hotaru said, touching Hilbert's shoulder, standing behind him, with Setsuna by her side.

Hilbert turned around to see who was talking to him, then he ran, crying for help. Hotaru and Setsuna giggled at the coward. Hilbert kept running until he unintentionally crashed into Haruka and Michiru. The Sailor Moon girls said hi to Hilbert in a friendly tone, but Hilbert resumed running. Then, Michiru and Haruka mocked Hilbert for being a coward. Sixteen seconds later, he bumped into Karen, DJ Mary, and Hanzo.

"Karen...! Please protect me from the Sailor Scouts...!" Hilbert cried.

But Karen bitch slapped Hilbert, causing Hilbert to fall.

"Friggin' coward! A mandatory rule for a Team Karen member is to never be intimidated by ANYTHING! GET... UP... NOW!" Karen yelled.

Hilbert got up, shaking in fear, shedding tears. Then, Karen punched his chest, causing Hilbert to cry more.

"You're already a fan of an Overwatch character that isn't afraid of anything, even death! Be a man, goddamnit!" Karen screamed.

"Y-Y-Y-Yes, K-K-K-Karen...!" Hilbert stuttered.

"I SAID BE A MAN!" Karen screamed more, slapping Hilbert again.

"Leave Hilbert alone!" Lady Kayura intervened, getting by Hilbert's side, holding him. Lady Kayura had witnessed Karen hitting Hilbert for the first time, not wanting to go near him. But after Karen had commenced assault again, Lady Kayura had to save Hilbert.

"I-I-I saw four of the Sailor girls, Lady Kayura..." Hilbert sobbed, unintentionally positioning his face on Lady Kayura's breasts. "I-I-I'm so scared..."

"It's okay, Hilbert. We'll beat them to make you feel better," Lady Kayura said, fondling the back of Hilbert's head.

"KAYURA, YOU BITCH!" Hilda yelled, causing Hilbert and Lady Kayura to jump.

"Kayura, how could you!?" Rowen cried, also seeing Lady Kayura and Hilbert close together.

"What did I do?" Lady Kayura asked.

After forcibly moving Hilbert away from Lady Kayura, Hilda glared at Karen, shouting, "Get your ass to Ragyo and tell her to replace Lady Kayura! Otherwise, I won't allow Hilbert to compete for the tag titles, and I will hurt Lady Kayura!"

"N-N-N-NO! You can't do that!" Hilbert protested.

Karen glared back, saying, "You and Hilbert are fans of Hanzo, but the both of you are pathetic, especially Hilbert! Lady Kayura won't be replaced, but she and Hilbert had better win the tag team titles for us! If not, then you are forbidden from making contact with me and Team Karen anytime! I am dead serious!"

"But I'm a huge fan of you...!" Hilda said, looking worried.

"Then, don't try to separate them, and don't try to act like an embarassing silly shit towards Team Karen again!" Karen said.

"SHIT!" Hilda yelled frustratingly, walking away.

"Hilda, wait!" Rowen said, wanting to talk to Hilda.

"Piss off, Rowen!" Hilda said in the same frustrating tone.

Six minutes later/In the ring...

"I'm the Hardcore Champion again!" Sango said before receiving hate from the crowd. Kagome's mom, Kohaku, and Kagome were also in the ring.

"You sure are, sweetie!" Kagome said.

"Anyone dare wants to go against my older sister, you pussies!?" Kohaku asked.

Seven seconds later, the Ronin Warriors faces, Mia, Kento, Yuli, Ryo, Sage, and Cye showed up, with Sage rushing to the ring. Sango said, "Let us wait for a ref, Sage, then we'll initiate our fight!", and Sage agreed. After a bit, Mario appeared as the ref, then the match begin as Kagome's mom, Kagome, and Kohaku exited the ring. Shortly after the three heels left the ring, Inuyasha and Miroku hopped from the barricade, surprising their enemies by assaulting them.

"Hell to the friggin' yeah!" Musashi shouted as Yuli, Cye, Ryo, Mia, and Kento immediately helped Inuyasha and Miroku.

The crowd was happy, too.

With Sango distracted, Sage got behind her before ending her with the Cross Rhodes finisher and pinning her, winning the Hardcore belt.

"Well, that wasn't as exciting as the last two moments, but it is what it is!" Gingerelle said.

"It's the Hardcore title, what else did you expect? But as long there's blood and hardcore action involved, I'm cool with it!" Fillet said as the rest of Team Ash joined Sage. Then, they celebrated with him.

"What's the next match again?" Topo asked.

"Lucio vs. Symmetra in a Parking Lot Brawl match!" Bubbles said.

"Yes, more variety!" Topo said.

"Just like the good old days!" Fillet said.

"A Parking Lot Brawl match between those two!? Oh, man, that match is gonna be one hell of a bloodbath!" Musashi said.

Five minutes later/At the parking lot...

"Take care, y'all!" Lucio said, watching several of his female fans leave.

"Lucio," Symmetra said, distracting Lucio, holding a Baseball Bat.

"The Vishkar bums are already defeated thanks to Emily, freeing my father from their corruption!" Lucio said.

"Vishkar is permanently gone, yes, but it doesn't stop me from trying to end your foolish behavior as this universe's "love-child"," Symmetra said.

"You mad because you have zero fans? It ain't my fault that no one likes you! Hell, even Team Karen and other heels don't like you! You're just a one-person goof that cares about herself and pretends to be above anybody else!" Lucio said.

Angry, Symmetra went after Lucio with her weapon, but Lucio reacted, punching Symmetra's gut, making her drop her weapon. Mario quickly hurried to the parking lot area, acting as the referee again. Symmetra fought back, beginning to dominate Lucio with swift punches to the face.

After doing enough damage against her heated rival, Symmetra whipped Lucio towards one of the vehicle, and Lucio collided towards it, getting hurt. Symmetra attempted a somoan bulldozer against Lucio, but Lucio rolled, and Symmetra accidentally collided herself towards the same vehicle.

"Yes! Yes! Tear each other to bits like real rivals!" Bubbles screeched. She, the other commentators, the crowd, and others could see the brawl on the titantron.

Now, Lucio whipped Symmetra towards the back of a big van. Symmetra crashed into it, with her forehead beginning to bleed. Instead of charging at Symmetra, Lucio grabbed her Baseball Bat. Then, he snapped it in half before throwing it far away. Near each other, Lucio and Symmetra clashed at it like wild and ferocious animals. Lucio targeted the living shit out of Symmetra's bleeding forehead, trying to make the injury a lot worse. But Symmetra eventually busted Lucio open

Yelling like a real maniac, Symmetra lifted Lucio before charging him towards a truck, crashing the back of her rival's body. Then, she smashed him towards a different vehicle, a sports car. Next, she put Lucio and herself on top of the same sports car, preparing to do the Wasteland finisher. But Lucio wiggled out before pushing Symmetra off the roof of the sports car.

"Lucio's a hardcore Kofi Kingston, all!" Gingerelle said.

"Lucio ain't a PG-loving fag compared to that New Day fruitcake!" Bubbles said.

"I'm comparing the Lucio/Symmetra rivalry to the Duke/North Carolina rivalry from the common world's college basketball! Both rivals really, really want to kill each other!" Musashi said.

Lucio went for the Boom Drop finisher, but Symmetra avoided it! With Lucio down, Symmetra screamed, "Welcome to my reality, bitch!", before punishing Lucio with repeated suplexs! After the seventh suplex, Symmetra whipped Lucio towards a wall. Lucio saved himself from getting damage again, having his hands on the wall. Lucio turned around before rolling his right, evading Symmetra's incoming somoan bulldozer.

Lucio occurred a somoan bulldozer of his own, then he picked up Symmetra before initiating a somoan drop. Lucio occured a pin, but Symmetra kicked out at two. Lucio got on his feet and then pulled Symmetra. But Symmetra scratched Lucio's eyes! Lucio ducked afterwards, avoiding Symmetra's expected Clothesline from Hell. Trouble in Paradise! But Symmetra didn't fall. Instead, she moved backwards in an arkward manner, trying to avoid Lucio from furthering the damage against her, a smart move.

Lucio confronted Symmetra again, but Symmetra staggered him, bashing his head with the broken Baseball Bat.Then, Symmetra increased the violent scene, hitting Lucio with the facebreaker finisher. Now, Symmetra put Lucio and herself on top of a larger car's roof. Next, she finally occurred the Wasteland finisher against Lucio, slamming him hard against the floor. One, two, three, gone.

"Symmetra is 3-0 against Lucio, proving to be the better international Overwatch character!" Topo said.

"Had Symmetra showed more toughness against Team Karen at Summerslam, she'd be Intercontinental Champion by now!" Fillet said.

"Wait, what's Symmetra doing!?" Bubbles said as Symmetra dragged Lucio towards a wall.

"Oh, crap! Symmetra's about to do something messed up!" Musashi said.

"Ouch! A hard low blow!" Topo said as Symmetra kicked Mario straight in the groin, injuring him.

"Would it be like at that bullshit parking lot scene between John Cena and JBL in mid-2008? Probably not!" Bubbles said as Symmetra wired a van.

"Shit, Symmetra's about to do it!" Gingerelle said as the crowd heavily went against Symmetra.

"More hardcore stuff! Hooray!" Fillet said as Symmetra got in position.

Symmetra drove in reverse! But Symmetra barely missed Lucio as Lucio escaped from Symmetra's dangerous and life-threatening move! Symmetra suddenly went after Mario! But Rosalina and Luigi intervened, helping Mario escape! Symmetra stopped the van, sighing in anger.

"Jesus, Symmetra! You could've murder either one of them!" Gingerelle said.

"If Symmetra was like Karen, she would've murdered them completely!" Fillet said.

"But what if that was Karen instead of Symmetra!?" Musashi asked.

"Karen would've gotten punished for committing murder!" Topo replied.

"Nah, Karen wouldn't ruin her career like that, although she's a monster heel!" Bubbles said.

End of Chapter 26

Chapter Text

In the ring...

"Phoebe, we know you're still in this wrestling universe! Please come on out!" Clara said, having The King by her side, wanting to tell her something essential. The crowd was booing at them.

The crowd's booing intensifies as Phoebe showed up. Phoebe, who wasn't happy to show herself at this time, came to the ring before saying, "What!? What the friggin' hell do you two assholes want!? I ain't got all damn day!"

"I..." Clara said nervously.

"Tell her, Clara," The King said.

"Tell me what, Clara!?" Phoebe asked.

"I-I miss you as a partner!" Clara replied.

"But I don't miss you, bitch! You and your father, both a big waste of time! I'm gonna re-do my wrestling career as a solo wrestler!" Phoebe said.

"Don't!" Clara said, touching Phoebe's right shoulder.

"We were never meant to be a tag team!" Phoebe yelled.

"That's not true!" Clara said, then she surprised Phoebe and most other people with a kiss on the lips. The King knew it was coming, but he loved it.

"I didn't expect a kiss!" Bubbles said.

"This is a lame segment!" Musashi said.

Nine seconds later, Clara broke the kiss. But Phoebe responded with a kiss of her own. Some people in the crowd liked it, but most of the Rams fans started booing at Phoebe, The King, and Clara, and the rest of the Rams fans screamed, "We want Angela Ziegler!".

"Sounds like some people want Mercy to return!" Gingerelle said.

"I hope she does! This segment feels kinda bland!" Topo said.

Now, Phoebe let go of Clara. Then, she said, "You really care about me, huh? We'll become a tag team again."

"Oh, thank you!" Clara said, hugging Phoebe. Then, The King hugged behind Phoebe.

"Y'all stop that huggin'!" Foxxy said as she, Glacia, and Drake came out. Their appearance got them most cheers, but the same people still wanted to see Mercy.

Foxxy, Glacia, and Drake stepped in the ring, face to face against The King, Clara, and Phoebe. Glacia was holding crutches, due to the nasty injuries she had at Summerslam. Drake was 95% healthy, but Foxxy was 50% injured, unable to fight a lot.

"Well, well, well! Look who's injured!" Phoebe taunted Glacia.

"Shut up, Phoebe!" Glacia said as Kagome's mom pinned Sage in a private room, after she and Sango, the ref, viciously double-attacked Sage.

"Glacia won't be able to compete for weeks, sadly," Drake said as Kagome's mom awarded Sango the Hardcore Title again.

"That's too bad," The King said in a taunted tone.

"That's what you guys get for risking a fight against Hanzo, Genji, and Karen!" Clara said.

"Ha! Y'all the one to talk! They beat y'all asses at Backlash!" Foxxy countered. "I'm injured, too, but we'll have suga daddy Drake up against yo daddy!"

"Deal!" Clara and Phoebe said in unison.

"I will win!" The King said as Clara, Phoebe, Foxxy, and Glacia left the ring.

"You won't!" Drake said.

"WE NEED A REF, Y'ALL!" Foxxy shouted as the same people continued to go up against this.

"This is gonna be a disaster!" Fillet said.

"I hope to God that a main event doesn't end up like this! I'm a ring annoucer that wants good main events!" Joni said.

"I doubt it, dude!" Owen said.

"Don't call me that word, asshole!" Joni scowled as Atsuko, the ref, appeared.

"Atsuko, no! This match will suck dick 100%!" Bubbles said.

Now, the match began as the Rams fans chanted "boring" and "Angela rules" already. The King and Drake went at it, but because of their old age and very sluggish movement, other people began to hate this match. Even Emily, who had watched a bit of the match, hated it. Foxxy and Glacia and Phoebe and Clara cheered for their old men. As for Atsuko, she had a deadpan expression on her face, being bored.

"I knew this would happen!" Topo said.

"No disrespect to old people, but this isn't wrestling or storytelling! It's atrocious!" Musashi said.

The King and Drake continued their sluggish fest until Emily rushed towards Owen and yelled, "Ring the goddamn bell!", then Owen rang the bell, ending the match, stopping Drake and The King from assaulting each other. Foxxy, Glacia, Clara, and Phoebe got pissed over the results.

"The match ends in a no contest!" Emily yelled again, walking away.

"Thank you, Emily!" Atsuko said, leaving as well.

"That's also for the sake of Ragyo's energy!" Gingerelle said as the Rams fans and many others chanted "Thank you, Emily!".

"Energy or not, I do not blame Emily 100%!" Fillet said.

"Thank God!" Musashi said in relief.

"Yeah, I would've fallen asleep had the match kept going!" Bubbles said.

"Here comes Mercy!" Topo said as Mercy came out with her Cult of Personality theme.

"What does she have to say this time?" Bubbles said as Mercy headed to the ring.

"Something that she isn't afraid to say!" Fillet said.

"Get out of my ring, you old bastards!" Mercy yelled.

They did.

"Leave, all of you!" Mercy yelled at the six, then they left, with the groups arguing at each other. "Anyway, I am back. Some of you are happy to see me, but the rest of you don't want to see me. But to be honest, you'd rather see me than wasting your time watching that disgrace of a match featuring two sluggish old men. What should I talk about? Ah, yes. Liberals and conservatives. Seriously, though. They're both the same people. Annoying, forced, idiotic, hypocritical, miserable, and desperate. Especially on Twitter and other social media sites. My fellow Rams fans. California is obviously a liberal state, but never embrace into liberal bullshit for the rest of your lives."

"Some white liberals can be closeted racists, using minority races as easy targets to go against conservatives the cheap way. Have any of you ever seen the movie "Get Out"? One of the best horror films of all time. Natural and realistic. Obvious racist white liberals were in it. They, and some other liberals, can be homophobic and transphobic, too. And it's obvious that they're using their liberal agenda to hide their bigotry and hypocrisy," Mercy added.

"Mercy's right! I friggin' hate liberals!" Fillet said.

"Some white and other conservatives can be bigots and hypocrites as well. I know I've said that some white liberals are racists, but whenever a white liberal makes a rude and racist remark, a desperate conservative on a site like Twitter goes, "That liberal is racist!", "All liberals are the real racists! Conservatives win!", "Conservatives were great people all along!", trying so hard to hide the fact that ANYBODY can be prejudice and a bigot," Mercy added more.

"Conservatives are as pathetic and lame as liberals!" Topo said.

"Ever heard the terms "cuck" and "snowflake" being overused by conservatives? In relation, many claimed to be "alpha-male" and "thick-skinned" because they're conservatives, but don't believe them. They're hypocritical losers, calling others "cuck", "snowflake", "beta-male", "thin-skinned", and other related terms. If someone criticizes conservative-related stuff, whether it's constructive, moderate, or harsh, they'll act soft 99.9% of the time, and that defines hypocrisy," Mercy said.

"Never become a liberal or a conservative. If you're either one of them, you're better off as a moderate or a normal person. Speaking of the latter, I'll tell you all who's the biggest conservative pussy of all time, and he's part of the Poketuber community. Who is it? His name is Ve- I mean Autisify. Yeah, him. Take a look at the titantron," Mercy said, then the titantron showed a cartoon version of her target, with the target having dead X's on his eyes and a gun next to his head.

"DAMN, MERCY!" Musashi shouted in shock. 90% of the crowd was shocked, too, but at the same time, some got happy.

"Good, Mercy! I've always hated that hypocritical piece of shit!" Bubbles said.

"Is hacking in Pokemon games really a big deal? It's not. Is clickbait really a big deal? It depends, but in the Pokemon world, it's not because those clickbait videos will be forgotten. But here's the problem with this brain-dead idiot. Many Pokemon fans claimed that he had done the same shit in the past. I believe them. Nowadays, he acts like his past behavior never existed. His actions on Twitter? Laughable, especially his try-hard conservative tweets and retweets, hiding his softness like a hypocrtite. For example, he calls others soft for getting so easily offended, and yet, he acts extremely soft and defensive towards people that criticizes him, his conservative idols, and conservative beliefs," Mercy said.

"He is soft!" Gingerelle said.

"Once, he had accused a few people of being child predators. But here's my theory. His targets aren't child predators. The whole thing was staged, to mess with a miserable loser like him. Before I exit my ring, I want to point out that he's evading Twitter bans, but don't be surprised if he gets banned again. Oh, and I feel sorry for that dog of his. She deserves a better owner. I'm out," Mercy said, then she left as her theme song occurred again.

Mercy just gained more fans!

"Yeah, Mercy's right! I've never seen a pathetic Poketuber like him!" Musashi said.

"No one in any community on the internet is perfect, but Autisify is FAR from being decent, that hypocritical bum!" Topo said.

"I find it hilarious that he "cares" about children on the internet. Obvious bullshitting hypocrite is obvious," Fillet said.


"Hello, Yamcha and Puar," Karen said as she, Genji, Hanzo, DJ Mary and Gary bumped into Yamcha and Puar.

"What the hell do you guys want?" Yamcha asked.

"My army won't interfere in your title vs. title match against Genji, but you won't stand a chance against him!" Karen replied.

"Hey, what the hell is going on here!?" Ash asked as he, Misty, Fran, Penelo, and Tori appeared.

"Didn't you and your team hear, Ash? Team Karen won't help Genji! Also, I don't want them to interfere in other matches, and that includes the World and Heavyweight title! However, Mary will be standing at ringside during my match against Tori and Fran, but she won't control me!" Karen replied.

"We want to prove that Team Karen is the far superior team! Not too long ago, we had went to Ragyo and Emily and requested a few rules for a No Mercy Team Ash vs. Team Karen match except for the Hardcore title. No interference from both sides. If anyone, including a contender for a title, interferes, they won't appear at Survivor Series. Both agreed," Hanzo said.

"We're not against that, Hanzo!" Ash said.

"Well, I don't need any help anyway! I'll keep both the United States and Intercontinental title after No Mercy! You'll see!" Yamcha said.

A few minutes later...

"Tag team title match!" Topo said as Michiru and Haruka got into the ring, with both being cheered by 98% of the crowd.

"I think this tag team title match is gonna suck balls!" Bubbles said.

"Reason, sis?" Gingerelle asked.

"Hilbert and Lady Kayura are distracted right now!" Bubbles replied.

"Ah, I know what you're talkin' about!" Gingerelle said as Hilbert and Lady Kayura got out.

"This Hilbert x Lady Kayura assumption storyline is already garbage! It's like a cliche soap opera storyline!" Musashi said as the heels got booed.

"It ain't that decent, but rather that then the current soap opera world!" Fillet said as the match got started.

Hilbert immediately tagged Lady Kayura, not wanting to fight against Haruka. Lady Kayura said, "I can do this on my own, Hilbert!, before going up against Haruka. The Sailor Moon character bitch-slapped Lady Kayura so hard, the latter fell on her ass. Lady Kayura got up, but Haruka knocked her back down with a kick towards the face. Next, Haruka tagged Michiru. Michiru grabbed Lady Kayura's hand, whipped her towards a turnbuckle, and then clotheslined her out of the ring, receiving a nice pop.

"Cool move, Michiru!" Musashi said as Hilbert rooted for Lady Kayura so hard.

"Not much, but it's a lot better than the old men match!" Gingerelle said as Michiru tagged Haruka.

"Never mention that bullcrap ever again!" Topo said as Haruka went towards Lady Kayura.

Haruka whipped Lady Kayura towards the barricade, causing Lady Kayura to go towards the other side, the crowd area. Near her opponent, Haruka tossed her out of the area before putting her back in the ring and getting louder cheers. Lady Kayura suddenly fought back, a scratch against the face! That pissed most of the crowd off. Lady Kayura retaliated some more, giving Haruka an uppercut towards the chin.

"Decent offense from the ancient wrestler!" Bubbles said.

Lady Kayura tried to whip Haruka, but Haruka gave her a normal clothesline instead. After Michiru got tagged, she furthered the damage with a lep drop. Michiru went for the pin, but Lady Kayura escaped at 0.5 seconds. Michiru seized Lady Kayura's left hand before whipping her towards Hilbert! Hilbert got knocked down, and Lady Kayura got hurt again.

"Uh-oh! Look who's here!" Topo said as Hilda and Rowen, both separate, watched the match from the stage part.

"Meh... Still garbage," Musashi said as Michiru increased the pain by giving Lady Kayura a german suplex.

Michiru tagged Haruka again as Hilbert went back to his tag spot. Then, Haruka yelled, punching Lady Kayura's forehead until it busted open. After that, a Somoan Drop! Extra cheers! Haruka performed the Camel Clutch submission finisher, trying to make Lady Kayura tap out. But Hilbert interfered, kicking Haruka's head, saving Lady Kayura from further embarassment. Then, Hilbert returned to his spot.

"I saw that coming!" Fillet said as the crowd booed at Hilbert.

Lady Kayura rolled towards Hilbert. Then, Hilbert tagged Lady Kayura, much to the latter's surprise.

"Are you sure, Hilbert?" Lady Kayura asked as she swapped places with Hilbert.

"I don't want to see you get hurt again and again, Kayura. Don't tag me, no matter what happens," Hilbert replied.

"Awww, that's so romantic, saving your girlfriend," Haruka teased.

"We don't have a thing for each other!" Hilbert yelled nervously.

Haruka went towards Hilbert, but Hilbert got out of the ring. Still being chased, Hilbert ran towards Michiru before knocking her down. Hilbert re-entered the ring, but so did Haruka. Close to Hilbert, Haruka teased Hilbert again, grabbing his crotch, giving him a bright smile on her face, frightening him. Then, she slapped him silly as Michiru stood on her tag spot. Hilbert was still on his feet.

"This match is ass, people, even with blood involved," Musashi said.

Hilbert slapped back, albeit a weaker one. Then, he staggered Haruka with a desperate roll-up pin. One, two, three, done!

"HILBERT PINNED ONE OF HIS BIGGEST FEARS!?" Bubbles said in shock as Hilbert hurried towards Lady Kayura.

"Thumbs down!" Musashi said, having his right thumb down.

"Quite a shocker!" Gingerelle said as Atsuko gave Hilbert and Lady Kayura, both super happy, the tag team titles.

"Not nearly decent, but at least we had blood in it!" Topo said as Lady Kayura and Hilbert celebrated the hell out of their victory by jumping together and hugging each other.

"Look who's pissed off!" Fillet said as Hilda got very mad. As for Rowen, he looked sad.

"I don't think this storyline will greatly affect Team Karen at all!" Bubbles said as Michiru and Haruka began to sing the Sitting in a Tree song, making fun of Hilbert and Lady Kayura.

"You guys heard that?" Topo asked as Lady Kayura and Hilbert let go of each other while blushing.

"Yes, and it's trash, this storyline!" Musashi said as Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Minako, Ami, Makoto, Setsuna, and Hotaru all appeared next to Michiru and Haruka.

"Oh, Hilbert and Kayura!" Usagi sang as Hilbert hid behind Lady Kayura.

"Remember this?" Rei (Sailor Moon) sang, too, as she showed them a clip, from her android phone, of Hilbert and Lady Kayura getting ready to dance together, the same scene at Summerslam.

"We've already taken a photo of you lovebirds hugging each other!" Minako sang as the crowd began to sing "H and K".

Humiliated like hell, Lady Kayura and Hilbert left the ring. Then, they jumped, noticing the angry Hilda and the sad Rowen. Hilda and Rowen walked away, but Hilbert and Lady Kayura followed them as the Sailor Scouts giggled at their targets.

End of Chapter 27

Chapter Text


"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, HILBERT!" Hilda yelled very loud, standing next to the sad Rowen.

"But that's what teammates supposed to do, Hilda!" Hilbert said.

"Hilda, Hilbert and I do not like each other! We're just friends!" Lady Kayura said.

"Then, why the hell are you two standing very close to each other!?" Hilda asked.

Hilbert and Lady Kayura blushed in unison as they stepped away from each other.

"And why are the hell are you two blushing!? Just admit that you guys love each other! Goddamn!" Hilda yelled again.

"Stop yelling, Hilda!" Karen said as she, Hanzo, and DJ Mary appeared.

Hilda slapped Karen before yelling, "This is all your fault, Karen! I'm leaving your shitty team, going solo! You'd better do the same, Rowen! Your slutty "girlfriend" doesn't love you anymore!"

"You've slapped me, Hilda. But I won't slap back. You sure you wanna leave? Go ahead and leave, but without you being around Team Karen, you're nothing, a worthless wrestler. Lucio, Symmetra, and a few other characters aren't on Team Ash or Team Karen, but they're more relevant than you. Breaking up with Hilbert and staying with us would be a better choice, though. But again, if you leave, you're a nobody," Karen said. "So, what's it gonna be?"

"Hilda, I'm sorry," Hilbert said, giving Hilda a quick hug.


"I won't compete with Lady Kayura for a tag team title match ever again," Hilbert cut Hilda off as Wii Fit Trainer pinned Sango outside the arena; Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda, and Samus had beat up Sango, Kagome's mother, and Kagome, after the latter three had made out.

"Yeah, it's best to give the titles to two other Team Karen members. We don't deserve it, Rowen, after making you and Hilda upset," Lady Kayura said.

"No... Stay as tag team champions," Rowen said, touching both of Lady Kayura's cheeks. "I am sorry for thinking that you and Hilbert love each other."

"You do not have to apologize, dear," Lady Kayura said before giving Rowen a kiss.

"I'll stay, Karen, and Hilbert, I am sorry for yelling at you," Hilda said, hugging Hilbert.

"Don't bring meaningless drama into Team Karen again," Karen said.

Ragyo's office...

"Emily, we need to talk!" Tracer (Overwatch) said as she stepped into the office. Ragyo, Xandir, who would have a European title match later tonight, Rei (Kill La Kill), Nui, and Widowmaker were already in here with Emily.

"Hi, Lena!" Emily said, saying Tracer's real name.

"You need to stop this, Emily. I am serious," Tracer said, having a serious look on her face.

"Stop? Why?" Emily asked, looking confused.

"You're not meant to be in this universe, Emily. Please come back home with me. Let us be together in our own world," Tracer replied.

"Sorry, Lena, but... I can't ignore this universe..." Emily said.

"Bloody hell, Emily! This isn't you!" Tracer yelled.

"Damn it, Lena, why are you acting like a bloody hypocrite!? Back when our universe was in complete shit, you had hung around with your Overwatch comrades, your second family, in non-missions without me around 90% of the time! Now, you don't want me to be around with my friends, my second family!" Emily countered.

"You'd better watch your mouth, Emily!" Tracer said, clenching her fists.

"Lena, I had put my friggin' body on the line throughout the first four PPV events, just to restore our own universe! No more bloody Talon, no more crisis events, Amelie's (Widowmaker's real name) back to normal, and each and every innocent being are back from the dead! Even before it was restored, we had hung out!" Emily said.

Tracer responded with a slap towards Emily's right cheek, but Emily retaliated with a more painful slap. Nui, Widowmaker, Xandir, and Rei (Kill La Kill) dragged the pissed off Emily away from Tracer, but Ragyo remained in her seat.

"LET ME GO!" Emily protested.

"We're finished, Emily! Bitch!" Tracer said, leaving the office.

"Are you alright, Emily?" Widowmaker said as she and the others released Emily.

"I'm fine, Amelie," Emily replied, smiling at Widowmaker.

"I'm all you have, as a new lover," Widowmaker said, then she passionately kissed Emily. Emily responded, grabbing Widowmaker's ass.

Seven minutes later...

"Rootrick!? He's a challenger for the European title!?" Musashi said as Rootrick, who had came out, still received many cheers. "And what the hell happened to Kojiro, Ben, and Ed!?"

"You haven't heard about it, huh? They've decided to retire from wrestling and focus on house show events thanks to your decision as a commentator," Gingerelle replied.

"But they still hate your ass, Musashi!" Bubbles said.

"Xandir will beat goofy ass Rootrick! Watch!" Musashi said.

"He's our friend, but he won't win!" Fillet said as the popular Xandir came out with cheers.

"In case some of you viewers have taken a piss break or whatever, you've missed two good backstage segments!" Topo said.

"That soap opera segment was complete garbage! I'm a Team Ash guy that hates Karen and Hanzo, but I feel bad for them. Karen and Hanzo need to kick Hilbert, Kayura, Rowen, and Hilda out of the group, so the latter four can take their soap opera crap at a house show! The nine Sailor Scouts need to move on from that shit because it's very cringy as shit!" Musashi said.

"Damn, Musashi. But anyway, it was alright! The Emily and Tracer segment was great, though!" Bubbles said.

"The Emily and Tracer segment was definitely a realistic segment! We all had heard the horrific stories of the Overwatch universe, with Talon and the Omnic crisis dominating it!" Musashi said.

"And it had taken Emily so much effort into restoring it, sacrificing her body for four straight PPV events and gaining massive respect from Ragyo!" Fillet said.

"The match starts!" Gingerelle said as Xandir and Rootrick went at it. "But I agree with you, Fillet!"

Rootrick attempted an early chokeslam, but Xandir escaped from it by hopping behind Rootrick's back. Rootrick quickly reacted, turning around. Xandir slapped Rootrick twice, but Rootrick counter-attacked, kicking Xandir's midriff so hard. Then, a DDT. One, two, no. Not enough to beat the Drawn Together character. Rootrick whipped Xandir before charging towards him and clotheslining him out of the ring.

"Beautiful, Rootrick!" Topo said.

Near Xandir, Rootrick dragged Xandir near the in-ring steps, then put Xandir on top of him. The powerbomb attempt failed as Xandir countered with a DDT towards the in-ring steps, causing Rootrick bled! That exicted the shit out of the crowd.

"Typical Rootrick, not trying his best! But that was a great counter by Xandir!" Bubbles said as Xandir got back into the ring.

Rootrick got in the ring after the fitth countout count. Near each other, Rootrick and Xandir punched the hell out of each other, but Rootrick threw faster and stronger punches. Xandir ultimately bled, but Xandir stopped Rootrick's vicious assaults with a roundhouse kick. Next, a DDT on the mat. Then, a moonsault. One, two, kickout!

"Surprised that he kicked out of that combination!" Bubbles said.

"I like this match!" Musashi said.

Now, Xandir whipped Rootrick towards a turnbuckle, hurting him. Xandir tried to clothesline Rootrick, but Rootrick staggered Xandir with an uppercut. Rootrick got on top of the same turnbuckle, then commenced a missile drop kick against Xandir. However, Xandir survived Rootrick's pin. The crowd and others loved both Rootrick and Xandir, not caring who'd win. After that, Rootrick put Xandir and himself on a different turnbuckle.

Rootrick with the giant powerbomb! Afterwards, Rootrick accidentally slipped and fell off the turnbuckle, bumping his head. The accidental fall shocked most people, but Gingerelle, Bubbles, Topo, and Fillet weren't, with the latter four deadpanning.

"HA! What a moron!" Musashi said.

"Same ole Rootrick," Bubbles said.

Both wrestlers escaped from a possible double-countout, after the eighth count. Then, they clashed against each other, more punchfests, bloody ones. The taller and muscular Rootrick got the upperhand again, furiously punching Xandir's chest. After punching enough, Rootrick whipped Xandir, waited for him to get close, and then gave him a Somoan Drop. One, two, escape! Xandir escaped again! The livid and furious Rootrick couldn't believe it!

"Now, this is a match, not that kiddie crap like the previous one!" Musashi said.

Rootrick attempted to pull off the Pedigree finisher, but Xandir suddenly began to pull some offense, giving hard kick against Rootrick's bigger head, refusing to let his opponent steal his Europeon title away from him. Thirteen seconds later, Rootrick stopped the assault, sucker punching Xandir. Xandir acted fast, punching Rootrick's bleeding forehead. Rootrick desperately shoved Xandir, but Xandir immediately ducked, avoiding Rootrick incoming Brogue Kick finisher.

"Can Rootrick pull this off!?" Topo said as Xandir stood again.

Rootrick blocked Xandir's facebreaker finisher, holding the latter. Then, Rootrick threw Xandir towards the announcer's face before moving towards him. On the announcer's table, Rootrick put himself in a position, where he could powerbomb Xandir. But Xandir wiggled himself off Rootrick before commencing the backbreaker finisher! Both couldn't move! Rei (Kill La Kill) began to count.

"A real match, all!" Gingerelle said.

"I'm not gonna lie! This feels like a Wrestlemania match!" Fillet said.

"Although this match lacks any storytelling between the two, I'll take it over the previous match anyday!" Musashi said.

"We get it, Musashi!" Topo said as Xandir rushed back into the ring.

"Xandir's safe from now! But what about Rootrick?" Bubbles said.

"It looks like he's about to- Oh, never mind!" Fillet said, then Rootrick barely got back into the ring.

Clothesline from Hell from Xandir, but Rootrick grasped Xandir's attacking arm! Chokeslam from Rootrick! One, two, three! Done! Rootrick won!

"ROOTRICK WINS!? I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!" Bubbles said in shock. Gingerelle, Topo, and Fillet were in shock, too.

"Damn, the wrong wrestler won! But I'm not gonna lie to myself! The match was bloody and great!" Musashi said as Rei (Kill La Kill) handed Rootrick the Europeon title.

"Rootrick needs it, though!" Gingerelle said as the crowd chanted Rootrick's name.

"Wait ,check this out!" Topo said as Rootrick kindly raised Xandir. Then, Rootrick hugged both Rei (Kill La Kill) and Xandir, turning face.

"Rootrick just turned face!" Bubbles said.

"There are way too many friggin' heels on the current roster, so a face turn doesn't hurt Rootrick!" Musashi said as Rei (Kill La Kill) and Xandir hugged back.

"Guys, Rootrick's now an easy target! Team Karen wants each and every title in their possession!" Fillet said as Emily appeared.

"That makes Rootrick a Team Ash member, then, but I hope Rootrick can pull of more good matches!" Topo said as Emily shook Rootrick's left hand and congratulated him for winning.

"He'd be a great fit for Team Ash, but could he fare well against the more experienced and ruthless Karen? We'll see!" Musashi said as Emily and Rootrick hugged each other.

Near Linda's business...

"Was the ice cream good, Hilbert!?" Usagi asked, distracting Hilbert, Lady Kayura, Hilda, and Rowen, having Michiru, Haruka, Hotaru, Setsuna, Ami, Rei (Sailor Moon), Minako, and Makoto by her side. Hilbert, Hilda, Rowen, and Lady Kayura just got throughout finishing eating ice cream.

Hilbert dashed away, but Usagi and Rei (Sailor Moon) went after Hilbert, and the rest attacked Rowen, Hilda, and Lady Kayura. Linda tried to help Hilda, Rowen, and Lady Kayura, but she got her ass kicked as well. After the beatdown, Usagi happily said, "We've got him!", as she and Rei (Sailor Moon) dragged the crying Hilbert towards the rest of the Sailor Moon girls.

"PLEASE LET ME GO!" Hilbert cried.

"Awww, you're crying again, Hilbert," Setsuna teased, fondling Hilbert's brown hair.

The nine Sailor Scouts took turns beating up Hilbert. After a minute, Setsuna and Hotaru punished Hilbert some more, punching the shit out of Hilbert's chest numerous times. Next, Haruka pinned Hilbert on the ground, placed her hand on the inside of Hilbert's underwear, and then squeezed the shit out of Hilbert's testicles, causing Hilbert to cry and scream a lot more.


"You've got what you deserved, Hilbert, but we're not done with you, yet!" Michiru said.

"We'll have more fun with you after the tag team title match at Survivor Series!" Haruka said.

"Good-bye from now, Hilbert!" Hotaru yelled, kicking Hilbert's head.

The nine Sailor Scouts left.

End of Chapter 28

Chapter Text


"What'cha doin', Fran!?" Tori asked, catching Fran meditating in a private room.

"Meditating, small Tori, but never raise your voice at me again," Fran replied coldly.

"Don't act all sensitive just because we're on friggin' Team Ash, you tall pussy! Grow some thick skin!" Tori said.

"I told you not to act this way," Fran said in the same tone, getting close to Tori, glaring at her.

"Wow, Fran! I'm definitely under your skin! AGAIN, GROW SOME!" Tori continued to act like a bitch.

Fran responsed with violence, bitch-slapping Tori so hard, making her fall. Suddenly yelling like a psychopath, Tori retaliated with a weak-looking spear, knocking Fran down. Tori threw hard-hitting punches towards Fran's face, but Fran fought back. Cye, Mia, Yuli, Misty, Daisy, Lily, and Violet saw the fight, and they immediately stopped it, separating Fran and Tori.

"Damn it, guys!" Misty scowled at both Fran and Tori.

"Tori started it!" Fran said angrily.

"Defensive, are we!? You're nothing!" Tori said.

"I'll kill you!" Fran yelled.

"GUYS, ENOUGH!" Misty screamed so loud, Fran and Tori stopped moving. "Aren't you guys forgetting that you'll have to face Karen, a savage monster heel, as well!? Jesus Christ!"

"I didn't forget, Misty!" Tori said.

"Then, don't act silly again! The same goes to you, Fran!" Misty said.

"Yes, second-in-command Misty," Fran said, referring to Misty as a co-leader of Team Ash.

Five minutes later...

The match for both the United States title and the Intercontinental title began! First, Yamcha and Puar came out, with the crowd supporting them all the way. Then, Genji, booed so heavily, due to this obvious partnership with Karen and Hanzo. After the bell rang, Yamcha and Genji got towards each other before locking each other's arms. Then, Yamcha threw Genji towards a turnbuckle with a lot of force, damaging Genji's frailer body.

"That looked like it hurt!" Gingerelle said.

Yamcha charged towards Genji, but Genji dodged the attack. However, Yamcha stopped near the turnbuckle instead of crashing towards it. Genji went for the knee attack towards the face, then the running bulldog, decent offense. Genji grasped Yamcha's left hand, raising the latter. Genji's attempt to whip Yamcha failed as Yamcha countered with a reverse whip and a clothesline. Genji broke the pin, after a second and a half.

"Keep it rolling, boys!" Bubbles said.

Yamcha picked up Genji before attempting a spinebuster, but Genji countered with a DDT! Genji got on top of a turnbuckle, then an elbow drop towards the face. Genji finally whipped Yamcha, but when Yamcha got near the ropes, Yamcha held on to them as Genji unintentionally dropped himself on the mat, after failing to hit Yamcha with a drop kick.

"That's a brilliant attempt from Yamcha!" Musashi said.

Yamcha succesfully hit Genji's head with a running low kick attack, but despite that hard-hitting move against him, Genji escaped at two and a half. Genji rolled out of the ring, but Yamcha went after him. Near Yamcha, Genji tied a desperate facebreaker, but Yamcha held Genji before crashing him towards a turnbuckle. Back in the ring with the painful Genji, Yamcha attempted a powerbomb, but Genji countered the finisher with a DDT, his second DDT! One, two, no! So close of winning!

"The only downside of Genji is his frail body, but I believe he can pull this off!" Bubbles said.

"A roll-up pin is arguably his best move to get the win!" Topo said.

After getting on a turnbuckle, Genji tried the frog-star splash finisher, but Yamcha eluded the finisher, causing Genji to damage himself again. On their feet, Genji and Yamcha assaulted each other with chops against the chest, with Puar and the crowd pulling for Yamcha to win the titles. Twenty-two seconds later, Genji got the upperhand, occurring swifter chops. Next, a double slap, then a roundhouse kick towards the noggin.

"Wonderful combo! Is Genji gonna- no, he didn't! Yamcha's still in this!" Gingerelle said.

Genji whipped Yamcha towards a different turnbuckle, but after Yamcha got near it, Yamcha back-flipped, avoiding the incoming Genji! That impressed almost everybody! Close to Genji, Yamcha pummeled his face, finally making his forehead bleed. Then, Yamcha whipped Genji towards the opposite turnbuckle. Genji collided towards it!

"It sucks to have a frail body like Genji's, but Genji will overcome this!" Fillet said.

"If Genji loses this match, the blame should be on Karen and Hanzo for not allowing interference, not Genji's frail body! Just saying!" Musashi said.

Near Genji again, Yamcha stomped on his bleeding forehead until Genji miraculously countered the thirteenth stomp with a spinbuster. Then, Genji commenced a Moonsault before pinning Yamcha. One, two, escape! Now, Genji raised Yamcha's body, but Yamcha responded fast by positioning Genji on top of him. Yamcha initiated the FU finisher, but Genji landed on his feet instead of his back!

"Shit, that's athletic!" Fillet said.

"Clothesline from Hell! Clothesline from Hell from Genji! Is this it!? One, two, damn it! Yamcha barely survived that one!" Bubbles shouted.

"This ain't a main event match, but it's close to one!" Fillet said.

Yamcha and Genji initiated a back and forth punchfest, with the crowd yaying Yamcha and booing Genji. Thirty seconds later, Genji stopped punching as he uppercutted Yamcha, followed by a roundhouse kick. That caused Yamcha to drape over the middle rope. Genji commenced the 619, busting Yamcha open! The dazed Yamcha got on his feet again as Genji got on the top rope. Genji occured the Seated Senton finisher, but Yamcha countered the finisher with a nasty-looking powerbomb!

"THAT SHOULD DO IT!" Musashi shouted as the crowd got very wild.

"One, two, NO! GENJI KICKED OUT OF IT!" Topo said.

"I thought Yamcha had it!" Gingerelle said as the crowd booed at Genji.

"So damn close! Damn!" Musashi said.

More punchfests! Both looked very exhausted and frustrated, especially Genji. After throwing five more hard punches, Yamcha whipped Genji towards the ropes, but Genji forcibly hopped on top of the ropes, back-flipped, and got behind the incoming Yamcha! A quick backbreaker from Genji! One, two, no! Yamcha had his right foot on the lowest rope after the second count!

"Damn, this match won't end, but it's so goddamn great!" Bubbles said.

"It's as great as the Xandir vs. Rootrick match!" Fillet said as Genji sat on Yamcha.

Genji furiously punched Yamcha, wanting to end this match with a victory. After doing enough punches, Genji picked up Yamcha before initiating a Somoan Drop. Genji with the Moonsault, but no contact! Genji got close to Yamcha, right near the ropes. Yamcha countered Genji's Stunner, then went for the Killswitch finisher! One, two, NO! Genji had touched the lowest rope!

"Oh, man! If only...!" Musashi said.

"Whoo-hoo! Best damn No Mercy match so far!" Topo said.

"Had Karen and Hanzo allowed interference, the match would still be good!" Gingerelle said.

Genji with the desperate roll-up pin, but Yamcha survived it! Both men got up, then Genji occurred a quick Jumping Cutter! But Yamcha countered it, shoving Genji! Yamcha clotheslined Genji from the back, then he forcibly threw Genji towards a turnbuckle, furthering the damage against Genji's head. Yamcha got near Genji, but Genji staggered Yamcha with a Somoan Spike finisher against the throat. Yamcha barely retaliated with an uppercut! Yamcha whipped Genji against the opposite turnbuckle. Yamcha rushed near Genji, then both bleeding competitors unintentionally commenced the spear finisher, hitting each other's heads!

"They're both down! Jesus, THIS MATCH IS SO FRIGGIN' GREAT!" Bubbles said as the crowd chanted "This is awesome!".

"The best part of this match is its storytelling, with zero interference and much effort from Yamcha and Genji!" Musashi said.

"Listen to the crowd, people! Definitely awesome!" Fillet said as Vinegar took Wii Fit Trainer's Hardcore title away from her, after she, Sky's mom, Twitch, Rottytops, and Sky assaulted Zelda, Samus, and Wii Fit Trainer in the Women's restroom..

"Obviously better than the forced "This is awesome" chants from today's WWE crowds! Brain-dead morons!" Bubbles said.

"They're both getting up!" Gingerelle said as Yamcha and Genji barely survived the countout.

A Super Kick from Yamcha, but Genji intentionally moved away from Yamcha after the assault. Genji tripped and fell, but he got out of the ring as Yamcha pursued him. Genji got back in, but so did Yamcha. Near Genji again, Yamcha went for the Rock Bottom, but Genji went behind Yamcha before pulling off a Backbreaker. But Yamcha held on to the ropes, causing the finisher to backfire! Yamcha commenced the People's Elbow, right against Genji's head!

Yamcha tried another Powerbomb finisher, but Genji countered the move as he draped Yamcha over the middle rope again! Yamcha countered Genji's 619, holding his legs! A Go 2 Sleep attempt from Yamcha, but Genji fought hard, elbowing Yamcha's head. Yamcha eventually let go of Genji! Genji with the Super Kick! That caused Yamcha hanging on the middle rope for the third time! Successful 619! Then, a Seated Senton! One! Two! Three! Done! Genji won!

"What a goddamn match that was!" Bubbles shouted as the crowd booed at Genji.

"Although I hate the results, I'll give it five stars!" Musashi said as Rei (Kill La Kill) angrily gave Genji the United States title and the Intercontinental title.

"After this event is over, I'm gonna watch more Attitude Era content! Thank you, Genji and Yamcha! Hell of an epic match!" Fillet said as Puar got near the defeated Yamcha.

"In my opinion, that match was the best match of all matches in Ragyo's wrestling world! I know we still have two more No Mercy matches and two more PPV events, but I'll have the Yamcha vs. Genji match as the best!" Gingerelle said as Genji walked away with the titles.

"The Tori vs. Karen. vs. Fran match won't be good! Karen will dominate the shit out of it!" Topo predicted.

"That's a possibility, but the Gary vs. Ash vs. Hanzo match will be different!" Gingerelle said.

Backstage/Two minutes later...

"Great effort, Yamcha!" Ash said as he went close to Yamcha and Puar.

"Thanks, Ash!" Yamcha said, smiling.

"You're welcome, Yamcha!" Ash said.

"Ash, we're joining your team! We'll be ready to support you and your friends at Survivor Series!" Puar said.

"We'll make sure that Team Karen doesn't dominate the PPV!" Yamcha said.

"Fine by me!" Ash said.

Cafeteria area...

"Hello, Hilbert!" Usagi said as she distracted Hilbert, Lady Kayura, and Linda, who was taking a break from running her business, from eating. Usagi had Setsuna, Hotaru, Ami, Makoto, Michiru, Haruka, Rei (Sailor Moon), and Minako by her side.

"Uh-oh..." Hilbert said, looking very afraid.

"Looks like Linda's your girlfriend as well, Hilbert!" Rei (Sailor Moon) teased as she and the other Sailor Scouts sat with Linda, Lady Kayura, and Hilbert, with Hotaru sitting next to Hilbert.

"S-S-She has a boyfriend..." Hilbert stuttered in fear as the Sailor Scouts rudely stole their enemies food and drink.

"Had she and Kayura already comforted you, after we ripped your ass apart?" Michiru asked in a teasing manner as Hotaru sexually harassed Hilbert by having her hand on Hilbert's ass.

"H-H-Hilda's my only girlfriend..." Hilbert replied. "Hotaru, please stop messing with my butt..."

"We won't beat you up until Survivor Series, but I can do this!" Hotaru sang.

"And this!" Setsuna sang, too, standing behind Hilbert, having her arms on his chest, frightening him more.

"SYMMETRA!" Lucio yelled, distracting everybody including Symmetra. Lucio was having something behind his back.

"You're back, you foolish hoodlum. I thought you wouldn't stay in this arena any more, after scaring you away," Symmetra said.

"I had to rest, biatch!" Lucio said

"You're hiding something from me," Symmetra said, standing. "Care you show it?"

"You wanna see it? Fine! See it!" Lucio said before showing Symmetra a Lucio-oh's box.

"That? How pathetic. I am not interested in your street rat cereal," Symmetra said.

"Not a single cereal's in it!" Lucio said, revealing a brass knuckle.

"Another brawl? So be it," Symmetra said, having her metal tray as a weapon.

Lucio and Symmetra clashed at it again! Despite using a weaker weapon against Lucio, Symmetra got the upperhand, violently assaulting Lucio's head like a savage person. Symmetra and Lucio fought their way out of the cafeteria area as Usagi and her Sailor Scout friends resumed harassing Hilbert, Linda, and Lady Kayura, with Hotaru furthering her sexual harassment behavior against Hilbert.

Lucio finally fought back, punching Symmetra's head multiple times. The two continued their brawl to the ring as the crowd got on Lucio's side. Symmetra with the sudden headbutt! Afterwards, Symmetra whipped Lucio towards the in-ring steps. Lucio jumped ahead of it! That pissed Symmetra off as Lucio grabbed something from under the ring, a ladder. Lucio set it up near the announcer's table as Symmetra got closer.

"Man, this is a legit rivalry!" Bubbles said.

Now, Symmetra and Lucio continued brawling. In spite of taking many shots from Lucio's brass knuckle, Symmetra remained on her feet. But thirteen seconds later, Lucio surprised Symmetra the Trouble in Paradise finisher! Then, another one! And one after that! Symmetra finally fell. Lucio put Symmetra on top of the announcer's table, climbed to the top of the ladder, posed for the super happy crowd, and then commenced the Boom Drop move against Symmetra, damaging her more and breaking the announcer's table! Extremely mega pop!

"Super amazing, all!" Gingerelle said.

"I second that!" Fillet said as Lucio made two peace signs for the giant crowd.

"I can't wait to see how this epic rivalry will turn out at Survivor Series!" Musashi said.

"Will it be a Lucio vs. Symmetra match or a 5 vs. 5 Team Lucio vs Team Symmetra match? Whatever it is, it's gonna be amazing!" Topo said.

"I love Lucio vs. Symmetra, but Team Ash vs. Team Karen will obviously take over Survivor Series! But I'm looking forward to their next match nonetheless!" Bubbles said.

End of Chapter 29

Chapter Text


"My first title! Yeah!" Mamoru yelled, after pinning Vinegar for the Hardcore title, with Chibiusa acting as a referee. Mamoru had help from Ash, Jote, Mjrn, and Penelo as well, beating up Vinegar, Sky's mom, Twitch, Rottytops, and Sky.

"You deserve it, dad!" Chibiusa said.

Two minutes later....

"Heavyweight title time! Man, Karen's gonna dominate this bitch!" Bubbles said as the Heavyweight title match just got started.

"I'll give this match five minutes!" Musashi predicted.

"Seven to ten minutes are realistic numbers! We all know how Karen acts when it comes to intimidation and dominance!" Fillet predicted.

"Squash match or not, it'll at least lead us to more storytelling!" Topo said.

"It'd be a shocker if either Tori or Fran hangs on," Gingerelle said.

First to come out? Karen, with her demonic theme being played and DJ Mary by her side. Both booed like hell, with DJ Mary giving the double middle finger to the jeering crowd. Second? Fran. Cheered like a God. And last? Tori. Cheered, but not much compared to the many cheers she had before, due to her recent backstage segment with Fran. After the bell rang, Tori and Fran jumped on Karen as DJ Mary joined commentary.

"Watch, people! Karen's gonna make them her bitches!" DJ Mary said.

"It's nice of you to do commentary with us, Mary!" Bubbles said.

"You're welcome, but shut up! Karen's about to explode!" DJ Mary said.

Karen retaliated with a Clothlesline from Hell, sending Fran to the mat! A Brogue Kick against Tori's face! Karen violently whipped Tori towards a turnbuckle afterwards, and Tori crashed towards it. Karen exited the ring, grabbed a ladder from under the ring, got back in with the ladder, and then set it up.

"Karen and a wrestling-related weapon! Name a more iconic duo!" DJ Mary said.

"Karen and domination!" Gingerelle said.

"100% accurate!" DJ Mary said.

"Karen and in-ring experience!" Topo said.

"That, too!" DJ Mary said.

Fran suddenly fought back, all punches directly towards Karen's head! After impressively taking seventeen punches, Karen counter-attacked with an uppercut! But Tori returned to the fight as she simply targeted Karen's legs, sending the latter to the mat!

"No worries! Karen's just messin' around!" DJ Mary said.

Instead of helping Fran double-teaming Karen, Tori nailed Fran with the rough rider finisher! Then, Tori occurred two curb stomp finisher on Karen's head. One, two, escape! Tori couldn't believe it, but it wasn't that much of a surprise. Karen gripped Tori's throat! Karen got up, carried Tori closed to Fran, and then chokeslammed Tori on Fran!

"Man, Tori and Fran are both in trouble!" Topo said.

"Even if Tori hadn't hit Fran with that rough rider finisher, they'd stlil be in trouble!" Fillet said as Karen gripped both Tori and Fran's throats.

"DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!" Bubbles shouted as Karen commenced the move against her opponents.

"The crowd hates it, but I ADORE IT SO MUCH!" DJ Mary said.

"Us commentators love it except for Musashi!" Gingerelle said.

"DJ Mary, Karen, and anyone else that's involved in Team Karen can go to hell," Musashi said as Karen carried Fran's senseless body.

"Team Ash is filled with less-talented characters and losers!" DJ Mary responded as Karen put herself on the ladder with the senseless Fran.

"It looks like Karen's gonna pull off a finisher, but which one is it?" Fillet asked.

"Probably another chokeslam!" Bubbles replied.

"THE WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM!" Topo yelled as Karen initiated the move from the top of the ladder, forcing Fran's body to crash hard against Tori's.

"I hate to admit this, but that's a hardcore moment!" Musashi said.

Karen pinned Tori and Fran, but she intentionally let go after two and a half, angering Rei (Kill La Kill), who had wanted to get this match over with because of the lack of heart from Fran and Tori. Rei (Kill La Kill) yelled, "Quit goofing around!", but Karen responded, "SHUT UP AND WAIT FOR A MINUTE, BITCH!".

Karen furthered more insult to injury as she delivered an F-5 against Tori's smaller body. Even worse, Karen carried Fran in a reverse position before tombstone piledriving the latter's head against Tori's. Then, the match ended with a double pin.

"Dominance is the key to victory!" DJ Mary said as the crowd threw stuff at Karen.

"That was a dominant match, true. But something tells me that Karen's dominance may end someday. Nothing stays dominant forever," Gingerelle said.

"Not insulting you, but I hope you're wrong!" DJ Mary said Rei (Kill La Kill) threw the Heavyweight title towards Karen in a mean way.

"I love Karen as a serious heel, Mary, but Gingerelle's right, I'm afraid. That's how the way reality works!" Bubbles said as Karen headed backstage, with Penelo, Jote, Mjrn, Yuma, and Ash hurrying towards Fran and Tori.

"Karen left, but I've gotta celebrate with her! It was nice doin' commentating with you BFM girls!" DJ Mary said before rushing backstage.

Seven minutes later/In the men's restroom...

"Three titles," Genji said, after he and Serena assaulted Mamoru, who was already in the men's restroom all by himself.

Eight minutes later...

Final match! After the three participants, Ash, Hanzo, and Gary, made it to the ring with their own entrance theme song, the match began. Both Gary and Hanzo targeted Ash first, which was so predictable. But Ash managed to fight back as he clotheslined both Gary and Hanzo. Ash then attempted a whip, but Hanzo reversed it as he whipped Ash towards the ropes. Ash slid out of the ring as Gary tried to pin Hanzo with a roll-up pin, but Hanzo escaped from the sneaky pin as Ash hopped back in the ring.

Hanzo glanced at Gary as Ash got on the turnbuckle, then Hanzo and Gary started arguing. The arguing ended prematurely as Ash initiated a double missile drop kick against his rivals. Ash pinned Gary, but Gary escaped at the one count. A sudden punt from Hanzo! That knocked Ash out of the match from now!

"Smart way to turn it into a 1 on 1 match!" Gingerelle said .

"Damn, why does it have to be both Gary and Hanzo against each other like this!? I like both guys!" Bubbles said.

Gary bitch-slapped Hanzo, but Gary rolled away from Hanzo afterwards. Hanzo unintentionally ignored Ash as he went after Gary for slapping him like that. Gary stopped, turned around, and then clotheslined Hanzo. After that cool move, Gary whipped Hanzo towards the outside turnbuckle, and Hanzo collided his entire body against it, causing his forehead to bleed. Gary got some cheers for doing that. Back in the ring, Gary pinned Ash, but Ash kicked out at two and a half, astonishing Gary.

"I knew Ash would kick out of that!" Musashi said.

"Bad move, Gary! Should've pulverized Ash with a finisher or something!" Topo said.

"Ash won't win regardless!" Bubbles said as Hanzo came back to the ring to get revenge.

Hanzo gripped Gary's shirt before slamming him towards a turnbuckle, making Gary's forehead bleed. Ash with the roll-up! But Hanzo got out of that jam again! Face to face against each other, Ash and Hanzo ferociously punched each other like real rivals, with the crowd siding Ash. Ash ultimately bleed, but he responded well by giving Hanzo ten punches in a row, not letting Hanzo hit again. Then, Ash bounced himself towards the ropes, gained a bit of speed, and then speared Hanzo.

"Is Ash going for the victory!? Gary broke the pin!" Musashi said.

"Expected!" Topo said as Gary and Ash brawled.

Ash suddenly gained control of this, giving Gary swift chops to the chest. Then, an uppercut, a hard whip towards the turnbuckle, a somoan bulldozer, and then another hard whip towards another turnbuckle. Awesome combo.

"Sweet shit right there!" Filllet said as Hanzo recovered.

Ash and Hanzo acciddentally speared each other! With both opponents down, Gary desperately got on the turnbuckle, used the leg drop move against Hanzo's neck, and then got the victory, one of the most strangest finishes in this wrestling universe's history.

"Bullshit! What an anti-climate ending!" Musashi said as Rei (Kill La Kill) awarded Gary the world title, with most of the crowd booing at Gary.

"Anti-climate, yes, but good match overall!" Fillet said.

"I wish it was longer like the Yamcha vs. Genji match, but oh well!" Bubbles said as Gary's girls hurried towards their boyfriend.

"Ah, hell, it was good, but still!" Musashi said as Gary celebrated his victory with his girlfriends.

"Now that No Mercy is FINALLY ending, we can jump right ahead to Survivor Series!" Gingerelle said.


"But we can kill time by watch old school wrestling, one of our many favorite hobbies!" Fillet said.

"Ah, that's right!" Topo said.

"Gary's girls are leaving without him!" Musashi said as Gary's girls left their man from now.

"So as Rei (Kill La Kill), but what's gonna happen here?" Bubbles said.

With Rei (Kill La Kill) and Gary's girls gone, Gary returned to the recovered Hanzo, then they targeted Ash, still down. But Penelo and Misty rushed to Ash's aid. Penelo and Misty went up against Gary and Hanzo as Ash finally stood. Karen, Genji, and DJ Mary came, with Ash supporting his team. Karen, Hanzo, DJ Mary, Genji, and Gary outnumbered Ash, Penelo, and Misty, but Fran and Tori turned it into a 5 on 5 fight!

"Now, they're even!" Musashi said.

"Nice post-match scene!" Topo said.

Genji knocked Tori down with the jumping cutter. Then, Misty stunned Genji with a backbreaker. Shortly after that, Hanzo owned Misty with a chokeslam. But Penelo speared Hanzo afterwards. DJ Mary smacked the back of Penelo's head with a steel chair, sending Penelo to the mat. Fran avenged Penelo, punishing DJ Mary with a super kick. Karen kicked Fran's mid-riff before giving her taller rival the pedigree. Ash gave Karen a facebreaker + rock bottom combo, enough to put Karen down. Then, Gary became the last competitor standing by giving Ash a stunner.

"TEN FINISHERS, PLUS A CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD, UNDER A MINUTE!? HELL TO THE YES!" Bubbles shouted as Gary raised his title.

"My kind of moment!" Fillet said.

"That moment looked awfully familiar, but it was cool!" Topo said.

"Ragyo's coming out!" Gingerelle said as Ragyo's theme commenced.

"I wonder what our tall boss is going to say!" Musashi said as Ragyo appeared.

"Very beautiful, no doubt. As we all know, Survivor Series is coming. Team Ash. Team Karen. The same people in the ring will go against each other in a 5 vs. 5 elimination match for both Heavyweight and World titles," Ragyo said, then the crowd went mad crazy, but in a happy way.


"I haven't heard that concept before, but it's a killer idea!" Fillet said.

"If one pins the last survivor, they will claim both titles. No Mercy ends now," Ragyo added, then she left.

"If DJ Mary, a non-wrestler, wins, something's wrong!" Musashi said.

"I'll be okay with DJ Mary winning both titles! She'll become the next David Arquette!" Fillet said.

"But with more personality, which won't kill Ragyo's wrestling world!" Topo said.

"Yeah, it was dumb of WCW to further their demise by letting David Arquette claim their main title! But imagine this! DJ Mary interviewing someone backstage, with both big titles on her!" Bubbles said.

"That'd look silly as shit!" Musashi said.

"I'm not against that, but DJ Mary will likely become the first or second Team Karen member to get eliminated," Gingerelle said.

"Mercy!" Bubbles said as the Cult of Personality theme commenced.

"We still have extra time left, folks!" Topo said as Mercy showed up, with most of the crowd being very happy to see Mercy again.

"End the music," Mercy said calmly, then the theme ended. "Gary. Team Ash. The rest of Team Karen. Get out. Leave," Mercy said coldly as she headed to the ring. "No Mercy. Fun, wasn't it? It had great moments, but it had a shitty moment as well."

"Angela, stop this!" someone cried as she and her girlfriend headed to the ring, with each member of Team Ash and Team Karen leaving one at a time.

"An annoying South Korean voice just damaged my ears a bit," Mercy insulted D.Va (Overwatch) as D.Va and her girlfriend, D.Mon (Overwatch), joined Mercy in the ring.

"Angela, please stop this! This isn't you!" D.Va cried more as Mercy's fellow Rams fans and some others booed at D.Va and D.Mon.

"No. N. O. No. Either you and Yuna leave or I'll make you dykes regret standing with me," Mercy said.

"Angela, we had looked up to you as a real Overwatch hero, a great healer, a great person that cared about many lives!" D.Va cried again.

"Then, why the hell hadn't you two supported me during my pathetic face run? No... Even if you two had done it, I wouldn't be face right now. And again, leave," Mercy said.

"But Angela-"

"You dykes are so slow, huh? Emily should've never ressurrected your family and Hana's family. But had an Omnic murdered Hana's mother while Hana was still in her womb, many universes wouldn't suffer hearing Hana's screeching voice," Mercy cut D.mon off.

"Angela..." D.Va said lowly, falling on her knees, shedding tears from her eyes.

"Damn, that's cold..." Musashi said as most of Mercy's fans chanted her real name.

"Wow, Angela..." D.mon said, not having much else to say.

Mercy immediately hurt D.mon with the zig zag finisher, then she FU'd D.Va before sitting on her.

"Go, Mercy!" Fillet shouted.

"You like me sitting on you, don't ya, dyke? But seriously, I know why you two want me to turn face again. D.Va x Mercy art and fanfics, many of them, popular ones. You two also want me to be your girlfriend. Well, that won't happen. And speaking of fanfics, there was one between a twenty-nine version and a eleven-year old version of me and you, respectively. Nothing wrong with that, due to it being fictional," Mercy said.

"But real life shit in the common universe? Unacceptable. In that universe, you had assholes like R.Kelly, Mark Salling, Woody Allen, and Joe Jackson committing those uncomfortable crimes. Do any of you remember The Trial of R.Kelly episode from The Boondocks? Great episode. Why? Because it portrays R.Kelly fans as brain-dead, mindless sheep that won't real far in life, and it portrays his victim as an idiot," Mercy said.

"R.Kelly can go to hell!" Bubbles said.

"Mark Salling? Heh. He had a lot of life yet, but instead, he shot himself in the foot. He won't be missed by many. Woody Allen? Idiots on freedom of expression sites had made false accusations against innocent people before, but I'll get to that in a future PPV. But was Woody Allen falsely accused? He had sounded sketchy while defending himself. But really, though, the one reason why he, the white version of R.Kelly, isn't behind bars is because of his name. However, he doesn't have a lot of time to live yet. To the people that want him dead, buy plenty amount of alcohol and save it because his time as a living human being is almost over," Mercy said.

"Stay hot, Mercy!" Gingerelle said as Mercy obtained more fans than before.

"And Joe Jackson? We all know the sick story between him, Michael Jackson, and his entire family. But what if Michael, his mother, and his brothers and sisters had lived normal lives without that piece of shit scumbag around? What if that son of a bitch hadn't forced his sons into becoming musicians? The common world would be a lot different, and Michael Jackson wouldn't have become an internet meme," Mercy said.

"Preach, Mercy, preach!" Topo said.

"After Joe Jackson had died, thank friggin' God, some idiots, including R.Kelly, said, "Rest in peace", and other stuff, and other idiots had defended the sorry excuse of a human being, with his idiot grandson calling out smart people for rightfully insulting the sick fuck. Continue to rot in hell, Joe Jackson, you ungrateful piece of shit," Mercy said, then the crowd chanted her real name.

"Mercy's my #1 heel!" Musashi said.

"Long live Mercy, a goddess heel!" Bubbles said.

"I did say that fictional material didn't count right? But let me talk about a fictional character that has a very creepy trait, a female that's nine inches taller than me. All of you kn-"

"Mercy, that is enough!" Nui screeched as she appeared with Rei (Kill La Kill).

"Hehe," Mercy said, turning around.

"No Mercy's over, Mercy! Leave the ring!" Nui screamed.

"I had a feeling you two would show up," Mercy said as she came closer to the Kill La Kill characters.

"Mercy, be quiet or the authority will do something horrible to you!" Rei (Kill La Kill) said.

"Like what? Throw me in jail?" Mercy taunted, then she surprised Nui with a jumping cutter, shocking the crowd and viewers. Next, she assaulted Rei (KIll La Kill) with the same finisher.

"Mercy just attacked the general manager!" Bubbles shouted.

"Oh, man, Mercy's in HUGE TROUBLE!" Fillet shouted, too.

"Mercy's on a whole new level of attitude!" Musashi said.

"Mercy, you bloody bitch!" Emily said angrily as she and Widowmaker showed up.

"How many times had you bitches kiss ass?" Mercy asked.

"That's none of your business, Mercy! You're f-"

Mercy cut Emily off by super kicking her face! Next, she punished Widowmaker with a facebreaker. The crowd went madly insane over Mercy's actions against the authority. As for the wrestlers backstage and other employees everywhere, they gave Mercy a lot of respect.

"Mercy forever!" Gingerelle said.

"Shit, I cannot get enough of badass Mercy!" Bubbles shouted.

"Real wrestling is real!" Topo said.

The super pissed off Ragyo came out again, without her theme being played. But this time, she had police officers in different universes with her. Near Mercy, Ragyo bitch-slapped Mercy, but Mercy responded with a sick smile on her face.

"Mercy. You... are... FIRED!" Ragyo said.

"I ain't afraid of you," Mercy said.

A painful Clothesline from Hell against Ragyo, the owner! Mega shocking reactions around the arena and many universes! Mercy got into Ragyo's face, talking shit against her. The police moved Mercy away from the injured Ragyo, handcuffed her, and then took her away as the crowd chanted her name again and again.

"Is Mercy really going to jail!? I hope to friggin' God she doesn't end up in jail!" Bubbles said.

"Jail or not, that was worth the risk!" Topo said.

"Man, not even Karen stood up against Ragyo like that! Mercy's gonna be remembered forever!" Musashi said.

"If a Hall of Fame exist in the future, I hope Mercy's the first one to get inducted!" Gingerelle said.

"But if Mercy gets the Pete Rose treatment instead, we will all riot!" Fillet said.


"You're a badass bitch, Mercy! I will die for you!" Karen said, giving Mercy an infinite amount of respect.

"Thank you, Karen," Mercy said as the police continued to escort her out of the building, with other wrestlers continuing to support her.

End of Chapter 30

Chapter Text

Four weeks later...

"SURVIVOR SERIES STARTS NOW! YEAH!" Bubbles screamed with joy as the 7th PPV of the season kicked off.

"Shit, it's gonna be so much friggin' fun up in here! The final Team Ash vs. Team Karen match is gonna main event, two Lucio vs. Symmetra matches will happen, and much, much more!" Fillet said as the crowd got extremely exicted over the PPV.

"Plus, Mercy's gonna appear tonight!" Topo said.

"If some of you viewers are new or haven't heard about the Mercy situation, I'll be the one to tell you! Mercy was arrested at the last PPV, No Mercy, no pun intended, but thanks to over 10,000,000 signatures from, Mercy was released from jail, after spending an hour and seventeen minutes there! We're glad to have her back!" Musashi said.

"The creator of the "Bring Back Mercy" petition was started by none other than Sidney (Pokemon), one of Hoenn's Elite Four!" Gingerelle said.

"Wait, isn't he a friend of Emily's?" Topo asked.

"Yes, but he made a statement that Mercy's controversial final segment had boosted Ragyo's energy sky high, and he added that the more Mercy, the better for Ragyo! Sidney had also explained that to Ragyo, by the way!" Gingerelle replied.

"It was nice of Ragyo to release Mercy, but I wanna ask this. Why are Emily and Sidney friends?" Topo asked.

"I had heard that there was bad blood against Emily sometime after the Royal Rumble event and before the No Way Out event!" Gingerelle replied.

"That also explains why Emily and Xandir are also friends!" Bubbles said.

"Xandir, Emily, and Sidney!? Ah, now I really know why Emily had ended that terrible No Mercy match!" Musashi said.

"And don't forget those three finishers she had pulled out before securing her fifth straight pin at No Way Out!" Fillet said.

"Another thing, there was an non-live recorded Summerslam backstage segment between Emily, Sidney, Xandir, and five of Xandir's old roommates, after Xandir had won the European belt! At first, they had celebrated, but after that, shit got ugly, according to Emily. She's planning on releasing the footage to the public after Survivor Series, among other PPV scenes that didn't get recorded live," Bubbles said.

"Mercy's theme! Mercy's theme! She's coming out!" Fillet said excitedly as the crowd suddenly got happy as well.

"Great way to start off the PPV!" Bubbles said.

"All hail our heel Queen, Mercy!" Topo said.

Instead, Foxxy, Glacia, Phoebe, Clara, The King, and Drake came out, with the former four wearing bra and panties. That shocked and disappointed the entire crossover galaxy. The two groups weren't arguing at each other, but what did they have in mind?

"THEM?! WHY THE SHIT DID THEY COME OUT WITH MERCY'S THEME!?" Bubbles screamed like a livid fangirl as the entire crowd booed the shit out of the two groups. Even the wrestlers and non-wrestlers in different parts of the stadium were pissed. Lucio and Symmetra, who were about to exchange insults with each other, agreed that the Mercy-theme bait was pathetic. Lady Kayura, Hilbert, Linda, Charles, Hilda, and Rowen were standing next to Linda's business, looking disappointed as well. DJ Mary, Karen, Hanzo, and Genji were pissed, especially Karen, who had respected the hell out of Mercy. In spite of getting attacked by Mercy at No Mercy, Ragyo, Rei (Kill La Kill), Emily, Nui, and Widowmaker didn't like the move from the two groups. Xandir, Sidney, Rootrick, Mario, Luigi, Mia, Yuli, Cye, Shantae, Risky Boots, Yamcha, Puar, Serena, Bryony, and other wrestlers and non-wrestlers in the cafeteria area were also pissed. And finally, Ash, Misty, Leaf, Daisy, Lily, Violet, Professor Burnet, and Professor Kukui were upset, with the latter two appearing for the first time since the end of Backlash.

"And why are the girls half-naked!? The hell's going on!?" Musashi asked.

"I have no idea, but whatever they're about to do, I won't enjoy it!" Topo replied.

"How pathetic and desperate, using a recently popular wrestler's theme to get heavy attention. Even an average or low-tier wrestler wouldn't do this," Gingerelle said.

"If that has something to do with that infamous match ending in a no contest, then that's just sad," Fillet said.

In the ring with the others, Glacia said, "Now that we have your attention, I just want to say that us two groups have buried the hatchet!", but the crowd still booed at them.

"NO ONE CARES, YOU BITCH! WE WANT TO SEE MERCY!" Bubbles screamed again as she slammed her fists on the announcers table.

"Y'all wanna see y'all hero, we know, but we gonna make y'all happy!" Foxxy said.

"Say it, Clara!" Phoebe said.

"Us girls are about to perform strip-teases for our old men!" Clara said, but the booing against them intensified.

"OW! Who the hell just threw something!?" Phoebe yelled as five livid Rams around hurled melons against the two groups.

"Y'all just askin' for an ass beatin!" Foxxy yelled.

"MERCY'S HERE!" Bubbles screamed as Mercy showed up with her theme, with everybody immediately getting excited. Mercy was holding two crutches, mocking Glacia's previous injury. Also, Mercy had worn a different black shirt, with the words "Feminazis and PC losers are sub-human" in white.

"Mercy looks like she's ready to spread her controversy 100%!" Musashi said.

"Controversy Mercy! That sounds epic!" Topo said,

"It is, but look at the losers' expressions! They're mad because Mercy won't let them shine! Hahaha!" Fillet said.

"We've had five straight opening segments, good ones! I'm happy that Mercy will keep the trend going!" Gingerelle said as Mercy got in the ring.

"Pathetic, using my Cult of Personality theme to trick others," Mercy said.

"Bitch, shut up!" Phoebe cursed.

"Really? That's your response? Not worthy of a response. According to many critics, almost everything from No Mercy was good, great, and excellent. Even the Sage vs. Sango match, a short match, was good, due to its storytelling and heated rivalry between Team Ash and Team Karen. The same critics despised one thing. You all know what I'm talking about. The King vs. Drake, arguably one of the worst wrestling matches in wrestling history. It was so bad, even today's WWE and TNA matches would get a pass," Mercy said.

"You tell those losers, Mercy! You rock!" Bubbles said.

"Wait, why I am saying "The King" for? You're not a King. You are a fat piece of shit, a joke of a "King"," Mercy said.

"Clara and I are rich, you bitch!" The King yelled.

"So? That doesn't mean shit. But again, you are a joke. There are many other kings in the fictional industry, and they are way better than you. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong series), King Rufus (Croc series), King Dedede (Kirby series), King Bowser (Super Mario Bros. series), and many more. Even the friggin' Burger King mascot is way cooler than you. On the main Overwatch forums, a subject I will talk about later, someone have already Hanzo mentioned being king because of his overpowered status, thanks to two abilities, Lunge and Storm Arrows. Hanzo is obviously more badass than you. In the Overwatch games, Junkrat (Overwatch) had interacted with Roadhog (Overwatch), and Junkrat mentioned himself as King Jamison. More characters that are better than you. What is your actual name? Oh, that's right. You do not have one, you failure of a human," Mercy said.

"Shut your mouth, Mercy!" Clara screamed as The King looked like he was about to cry.

"Hypocrite. That's undoubtedly the best word to describle a trash human like yourself. You had bullied, harassed, and insulted minorty people before, especially black people. But on one Drawn Together episode, you had wanted one of your old roommates to stand up to a bully. You're also a religious, bible-thumping, hypocritical psychopath, shoving your religious bullshit down people's throats before doing things your own dirty way. Say anything else against me, and you'll make yourself look like an idiot even more," Mercy said, then Clara started sobbing on the pissed off Phoebe.

"Mercy's killin' them!" Fillet said as the crowd and everybody else kept sticking behind Mercy.

"Why the angry look, Phoebe? You won't do a damn thing. Drake. Your Japanese name is Genji, which is absolutely horrendous, abhorrent, disgusting, and pitiful. I know most of the crowd hate Genji, the Overwatch character, but overall, he's more common, respectful, and cooler than you. Mentioned almost everywhere on the internet? Check. More Youtube videos featuring him? Check. Shows himself on snacks? Check. More rule34 material? Check. You're bad compared to Genji. Oh, now you are pissed. But like Phoebe, you won't do shit," Mercy said.

"You deserve to stay in jail..." Drake said.

"Ha! Weak response. Glacia and Foxxy, a miserable crossover duo, with Drake in the mix. Ya still know that Emily's an authority figure, right? A few days after I was released from jail, I had asked Emily who was her least favorite wrestler outside of those stupid SJWs, and she said you two. She also said that after the Royal Rumble event, Xandir had told her that you bitches had disliked her the most and was glad that you two had eliminated her fast during the Royal Rumble. Xandir also confirmed that you two wished that Emily had passed away during the Omnic Crisis. Oh, and Xandir and Emily had overheard you two talking shit against Emily and Sidney. Why do you guys hate Sidney as well? Because he's undefeated agaisnt you in Pokemon battles, Glacia, 15-0. Talk about being a sore loser," Mercy said.

"That led to Emily and Sidney's friendship, and Sidney's employment here, after Emily had asked Ragyo to let Sidney work for her. And remember what happened during the first Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out? Emily had OWNED YOUR ASS, making you her bitch. And remember what happened at Summerslam, after Xandir's match? You, Foxxy, and Drake had started arguing with Sidney. But Xandir and Wooldoor (Drawn Together), Toot (Drawn Together), Captain Hero (Drawn Together), Ling-Ling (Drawn Together), and Spanky (Drawn Together), Foxxy's other former roommates, had defended Sidney. Security had ended up separating both sides, but the story didn't end there, all. Shortly after Karen, Hanzo, and Genji had brutally injured Glacia and Foxxy to a lesser extent, Emily had come up to them and said "Thank you for putting those bitches out of action for a while. I will force them to vacate their titles.". Sidney, Xandir, and friends were happy, too. One last thing, the hatred towards Emily and Sidney was the main reason why that infamous match ended in a no contest!" Mercy said.

"I hate you! You talk too goddamn much!" Foxxy cried as the crowd booed the hell out of her.

"Awww, did I hurt your precious feelings? Too bad, so sad. That's what you and Glacia get for messing with the wrong crowd. One. Final. Thing. Get out. Of my ring. Or the six of you will regret it," Mercy said as the crowd resumed cheering for her.

"NO! We'll shut your big fat mouth!" Glacia yelled.

"Try it," Mercy said, showing no fear.

The lights went out, stunning almost everybody! But eight seconds later, they came back on, and Hanzo, DJ Mary, Karen, and Genji stood by Mercy's side! The six got scared of Karen because of the latter's appearance. The crowd cheered at the four heels for standing next to Mercy. The four heels knew that, and they knew that they'd get back to being booed later on.

"Didn't Mercy tell you losers to get out!?" Karen hollered, scaring them again.

Moments later, Mercy and Team Karen assaulted the two groups, with the crowd being behind them again. Mercy used the same crutches against Glacia. After a nice beatdown against the six, Mercy pulled off six finishers against her targets, sending Glacia back down with the Somoan Spike, owning The King with a Super Kick, knocking Drake down with a Clothesline from Hell, breaking Foxxy's face with the facebreaker, injuring Phoebe with a Rock Bottom, and assaulting Clara with a Stunner.

"Mercy and Team Karen saved Survivor Series from having a shitty opening segment!" Topo said as the crowd chanted Mercy's real name, with the Cult of Personality theme being played.

"I don't like Team Karen, obviously, but thank God they supported Mercy!" Musashi said as Mercy shook hands with Team Karen.

"No doubt that Emily's happy as hell!" Gingerelle said, which was true.

"Don't forget about Xandir and Sidney! They're happy, too!" Bubbles reminded.

"We are all happy!" Fillet said as Team Karen exited the ring.

"Enjoy the Team Karen vs. Team Ash warzone," Mercy spoke one last time before leaving herself.

End of Chapter 31

Chapter Text

"Here comes Emily and Widowmaker!" Bubbles said as Mercy bumped into Emily, Widowmaker, and security.

"Have fun," Mercy said with a smile on her face as she slightly patted Emily's left cheek.

"Oh, we will!" Emily said as she and Widowmaker smiled as well.

After Mercy went backstage, Emily, Widowmaker, and security got close to the ring, with the crowd singing "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye" towards Drake, Clara, Glacia, The King, Phoebe, and Foxxy.

"You are all fired, but if you bloody losers don't leave in ten seconds, I'll let my security do it with extreme predujice!" Emily warned.

"Screw... you..." Glacia said weakly, then she spat at Emily's face.

"Uh-oh! Big mistake!" Fillet said as Emily and Widowmaker got in the ring.

"You just asked for it, bitch!" Emily said.

Emily and Widowmaker lifted the weakened Glacia up, then Xandir and Sidney rushed to the ring as the crowd began to cheer for them. Xandir, Emily, Sidney, and Widowmaker quadruple-powerbombed Glacia as the crowd gave them a huge pop for it. Now, the crowd chanted "One more time!".

"Yes! One more time!" Topo said.

Strongly agreeing with the crowd, Widowmaker, Xandir, Emily, and Sidney powerbombed Foxxy on Glacia. Then, the security carried and dragged Foxxy, Clara, The King, Drake, Phoebe, and Glacia out of the stadium as Emily, Widowmaker, Sidney, and Xandir raised their arms and hands for the cheering crowd while holding each other's hands.

"Glad those losers are gone, all!" Gingerelle said.

"Me, too, but what kind of match do Lucio and Symmetra have again?" Topo asked.

"A strap match!" Musashi replied.

"Ah, cool!" Topo said.

"Also, an Overwatch character will referee that match, the other Lucio vs. Symmetra match, 5-on-5, and the last Lucio vs. Symmetra match at the final PPV!" Musashi said.

"That's even better!" Bubbles said.

"From what I've heard, the character is a chick, but that doesn't matter! The strap match will turn out to be a good one!" Fillet said.

Backstage/In a private room...

"Hello, Gary," Mercy said as she went inside Gary's private room.

"I, the champion, didn't expect you to show up here, but don't think you're better than me just because you have more fans than me, the champion!" Gary said as his girls massaged and fed him.

""The champion." You've said it twice," Mercy said.

"Duh!" Gary said rudely.

"But... You're not a worthy champion," Mercy said.

"Don't get jealous because you're not champion!" Gary said.

"Ha! Pursuing the title is not my main priority. In fact, I've never really cared about trying to claim one of the juggernaut titles. All I ever wanted was respect, after all the shit I had been through as a miserable face. Karen was right about my previous face run. It didn't get me anywhere," Mercy said.

"Man, you sucked as a face! But to be fair, I'm glad that you turned heel, a controversial but popular heel!" Gary said. "Hey, wait a second! You said that I wasn't a worthy champion! Care to explain!?"

"You didn't have to join Team Karen, even if they had threatened you and your girls. You're not a good fit for Team Ash, too. You look like an independent wrestler that doesn't belong in a group, but you've screwed yourself big time. That's obviously one of the reasons why some of your fans have turned against you," Mercy replied.

"That's it!? Just go! You're a waste of oxygen in my private room!" Gary said.

"Don't forget what I said, Gary," Mercy said as she left.


"Oh, Hilbert!" Minako sang as she Hotaru, Setsuna, Ami, Makoto, Rei (Sailor Moon), Michiru, Haruka, and Usagi appeared infront of Hilbert, Hilda, Lady Kayura, Rowen, Linda, and Charles.

"Damn!" Hilbert said in fear as he immediately hid behind Hilda.

"What now!?" Hilda asked.

"We're here to remind you guys that Team Ash will claim the tag team titles tonight!" Haruka said.

"Haruka and I won't play around this time! Oh, and Hilbert, you're behind the wrong girl! Hehehe!" Michiru said.

"Linda already likes Hilbert, Charles!" Makoto said.

"No, I do not!" Linda yelled as Hilda glared at her.

"Linda would never cheat on me!" Charles said.

"Don't listen to them, Charles! They're just trying to distract Team Karen!" Lady Kayura said.

"You know you and Linda love Hilbert, Kayura," Usagi sang, then she and her posse left as Hilda walked elsewhere.

"Hilda, wai-"

"Let me be alone for a bit, Hilbert!" Hilda cut Hilbert off in a mildly frustrated tone.

Another part of backstage...

"Pharah (Overwatch)! This is DJ Mary, an interviewer and a loyal Team Karen member!" DJ Mary said as she bumped into Pharah. "Are you looking forward participate as a referee in this serious rivalry between Lucio and Symmetra?"

"I am, DJ Mary! Ever since Emily had restored Overwatch's universe, I was bored a lot, wanting to do anything essential. That's how I ended up here!" Pharah replied.

"Does the Lucio vs. Symmetra rivalry entertain you more than anything else?" DJ Mary asked.

"Hell yeah, but I might be in the minority! Most wrestling fans love Team Karen vs. Team Ash more!" Pharah replied.

"That's true, but I'm running out of time here! Have fun out there!" DJ Mary said.

A minute later...

The first Survivor Series match began. Pharah came out with a long strap as 75% of the crowd cheered for her. Next, Lucio. Then, Symmetra. After Pharah put the long strap on Lucio and Symmetra, Owen rang the bell. Symmetra quickly gave Lucio a vicious low-blow, and the crowed jeered at her.

"Damn, Symmetra! That was super effective!" Bubbles said.

"Nice Pokemon reference!" Topo said as Symmetra touched one turnbuckle.

Symmetra touched two more before going towards the last one. Lucio prevented his hated rival from winning the special match as he pulled her close to him. The rivals initiated a brawl, but Symmetra ended up dominating the fight as she battered Lucio's head with swift and savage punches.

"That doesn't look like the end of the match! Lucio doesn't want to job against his rival for the fourth straight time in five PPVs!" Musashi said.

Lucio fought back with one punch to the forehead, but Symmetra resumed the assault against him. After enough vicous blows to the forehead, Symmetra lifted Lucio, but Lucio squirmed out of her, avoiding an upcoming Go 2 Sleep finisher from his rival. Lucio put Symmetra down with a Spinebuster! Then, Lucio commenced the Boom Drop against Symmetra's face, receiving a big pop from the crowd as usual.

"That's not enough, but let's see what happens next!" Topo said as Lucio touched a turnbuckle.

Shortly after Lucio touched another turnbuckle, Symmetra retaliated, pulling Lucio away from the turnbuckle. Symmetra kicked Lucio's midsection, but Lucio reacted fast, avoiding Symmetra's possible Pedigree finisher. Symmetra suddenly blocked Lucio's Trouble in Paradise finisher, then she dodged Lucio's leg sweep by jumping once!

"Goddamn, they know each other VERY WELL!" Bubbles said as another brawl commenced.

"Symmetra's now bleeding, all!" Gingerelle said.

Lucio got the advantage, trapping Symmetra in a turnbuckle. But ten seconds later, Symmetra attacked Lucio with another low blow! Then, she got on the turnbuckle before pulling off a tornado DDT! Symmetra quickly touched the first three turnbuckles, but she came close into winning again as Lucio forcefully dragged Symmetra away from the last turnbuckle.

"Man, Lucio won't just give up!" Gingerelle said.

"This match is very difficult for both to win, but it's entertaining nonetheless!" Fillet said.

Symmetra blocked another Trouble in Paradise, but Lucio quickly got behind Symmetra afterwards! Lucio did nothing next as Symmetra ducked. Then, Lucio occurred the Trouble in Paradise! Lucio started touched the first three turnbuckles, but Symmetra saved herself afterwards as she grasped Lucio towards her. Double clothesline! Both wrestlers down!

"Another bloodbath and intense match from these two!" Topo said.

"It really is, but both competitors REALLY need a lot of rest for their second match!" Fillet said.

Sixteen seconds later, Lucio and Symmetra got up. The two continued to brawl hard until Lucio pulled off a shocking and unexpected SOS. Next, the Boom Drop! And finally, the Trouble in Paradise! Lucio touched all four turnbuckles as the crowd chanted his name, finally beating his rival!

"Lucio finally beat Symmetra!" Musashi shouted as Pharah raised Lucio's right arm.

"It was as brutal and dramatic as their Parking Lot Brawl match at No Mercy!" Fillet said.

"I love the match, but like Fillet said, they need rest, plenty of it!" Bubbles said as Pharah and Lucio hugged each other.

"The good news for both Overwatch characters is that their second match is the second last match on the Survivor Series card! But the bad news is that unscripted wrestling is unpredictable, which means that the matches before their second one might last for 8-9-10 minutes!" Fillet said.

"I doubt that any of those matches might last short. Hell, Genji vs. Yamcha part 2 is the third match, and that match might last as long as the previous one!" Gingerelle said as Pharah and Lucio left the knocked out Symmetra in the ring.

"Let's hope that match is very long! Their last match had great storytelling written all over it!" Topo said.

End of Chapter 32