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Wrestling Frenzy: Pokemon

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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon and anything else in this fic.

"What the... Where the hell am I?" Ash asked himself, not knowing where the hell he was. He was in the middle of a wrestling ring, in an mega-giant arena. He was surrounded by a GIANT crowd, too, with two announcers, Bubbles (Brave Fencer Musashi) and Gingerelle (Brave Fencer Musashi), two sisters, sitting near a commentary booth table outside the ring. Also, a referee, a short, light-purple haired, amber-eyed African female, was in the same ring.

Ash, thirteen years old, had went to bed in his mom's Pallet Town home eight hours ago. Now, he was somehow here, with his ordinary clothes, hat, and shoes on. He obviously didn't know the large amount of non-Pokemon characters in the crowd, and he also didn't know Bubbles and Gingerelle. Speaking of the latter two, he looked at them.

"Where am I!?" Ash asked them.

"In an arena, idiot!" Bubbles replied rudely.

"Now, darling, that was very rude of you!" Gingerelle said.

"So!? The hell with that weird-looking dweeb!" Bubbles was being a bitch again, courtesy of her personality.

Suddenly, Gary Oak (Pokemon), Ash's former rival, entered the ring. Both were shocked to see each other in the same ring. They were roughly the same age, and Gary was a tad taller than Ash. Like Ash, Gary had no idea how he had gotten here in the first place.

"Ash!?" Gary was still shocked.

"Why are you here, Gary!?" Ash was getting scared of this craziness.

"I have no idea, man!" Gary was telling the truth.

"You both are two of the sixty participants of a Royal Rumble, a Pay-Per-View. After two-sixty seconds, a new participant arrives to the ring. Touch both feet outside the ring, and it is over for you," a creepy female voice scared the hell out of Ash and Gary.

"Who's that!?" Ash asked.

"A 6'6 woman that is back from the dead, to get revenge on my enemies, especially my two biologicial daughters, after the last PPV, Armageddon," the woman replied.

"R-Revenge!?" Ash sounded afraid.

"After coming back from the dead, I had created my own universe, absorbing many characters from other universes inside here, creating a mega crossover," she explained.

"So, that's why we're here!" Gary said.

"Correct, Gary. I know everybody. You, Ash, and other crossover characters' mandatory objective is to perform well on all PPVs, to help me gain unlimited energy, so that I can control my own universe permanently. After that, I'll return everybody to their own universes," she said.

"Do us participants grant any wish for winning a match?" Ash asked.

"Right, Ash," she replied. "Now, begin!"

"You heard her, Ash! The winner gets ANYTHING!" Gary started to sound like his old self.

Gary went for a quick jab to Ash's face, knocking Ash down, making the crowd go wild. After picking Ash up, Gary attempted to whip Ash out of the ring, but Ash hopped on top of the ropes, back-flipped, and then shoved Gary so hard, nearly eliminating him.

"So, that's how it's gonna be, huh!? Whatever! I can take care of you!" Ash said to Gary face to face.

Both went for the spear, but both participants accidently collided against each other's heads, knocking each other down. Bubbles said, "Well, that was a brain-dead move!", and Gingerelle said, "It was unpredictable, darling. Both of them are desperate for prizes!", then the third participant, Misty (Pokemon), showed up.

"ASH!?" Misty was dumbfounded to see her former male companion in the same ring as her.

Ash stood up, saying, "Help me get rid of Gary!"

Strongly agreeing with Ash, Misty assisted him, placing Gary on the edge of the ring, attempting to eliminate him. But Gary counterattacked, punching both Ash and Misty, getting himself back into the ring. Four seconds later, Karen (Pokemon), the fourth participant, joined the younger participants, getting booed. Ash and Misty both got victimized both Karen's double-clothesline attack, then Gary suffered a wicked headbutt, almost getting eliminated. Gary hopped back into the action, attempting a splash. But Karen performed an uppercut, knocking Gary down.

"Holy crap, Karen's a monster!" Bubbles said.

"Against smaller opponents," Gingerelle stated the obvious.

"She'll continue to act this way, sis! Mark my words!" Bubbles predicted.

Crash (Crash Bandicoot) got into the ring, getting a massive pop from the crowd, an obvious fan favorite. Bubbles was freaked out by Crash's appearance, but Gingerelle stated that he was a childhood hero. Face to face against Karen, Crash slapped her, and he occured another slap against her, pissing her off. Gary took advantage of this, giving Karen a backbreaker. Crash focused on Ash and Misty, and Karen glared at Gary, scaring the hell out of him. Karen went after Gary, but Gary got near Crash, Misty, and Ash, successfully luring Karen towards them. Avoiding Karen, Gary rested near a turnbuckle, watching Karen dominating against the smaller opponents. Then, Ryu (Street Fighter series) came into the action, getting more cheers than Crash, stopping Karen from her vicious actions.

"Alright , Ryu!" Bubbles cheered.

"Ryu's now my favorite to win the Royal Rumble, darling!" Gingerelle said.

Karen hit Ryu back, two punches to the face. Then, the confused, scared, and married, Kagome (Inuyasha) joined, not knowing who to attack first. Then, she got attacked by Ash and Misty, not fighting back. However, she received many cheers, due her marrying a popular anime character. Karen and Ryu went at it like savage beasts as the eight participant, Hanzo (Overwatch), got in. Unlike Karen, Hanzo received a shit ton of boos, almost as if the audience wanted to murder him.

"Oh, my... He's getting massive hate..." Gingerelle said.

"I don't care! He looks cool enough to win this!" Bubbles said.

Hanzo threw himself into the mix against Karen and Ryu, turning the scene into a three-way brawl.

Kagome poked Crash's eyes, then Ash and Misty performed a double chokeslam against the animal. Next, Gary threw Crash out of the ring, getting big cheers.

Crash eliminated!

"Good! " Bubbles was happy to see the elimination.

"There goes everybody's childhood hero from the past..." Gingelle had wanted Crash to stay in the match.

"More childhood heroes will show up, not just that freak!" Bubbles spoiled the whole match, a big deal.

"Why did you spoil the viewers like that, darling?" Gingerelle asked.

"Because I can, and stop calling me darling!" Bubbles replied.

Speaking of which, Samus Aran (Metroid series) rushed in, knocked down Karen, Hanzo, and Ryu, and nearly knocked Kagome out of the ring. Gary hit her, but Samus gave him an super angry look, frightening him. Samus gave Gary a low-blow, making him squeal like a girl. Then, she punshied him further with a DDT. Behind Samus, Hanzo grabbed her before forcing her whole body against the mat, Karen surprised Kagome with a clothesline, and Ryu battled against Misty and Ash. It was an all-out-war.

"By the looks on their faces, neither of these competitors don't want to get eliminated!" Gingerelle said.

"Especially Hanzo! Look at him go!" Bubbles said.

The tenth participant, Zelda (The Legend of Zelda series; Twilight Princess version), got some cheers. Feeling confident over the cheers, Zelda attacked the hell out of everybody, but after making Hanzo bleed, she gained an large amount of cheers. Samus retaliated, but Hanzo began to attack both, making this another three-way fight.

"Damn it, why the hell is Hanzo getting booed!?" Bubbles wanted to know.

"Our owner! What is it? According to her, Hanzo nearly killed his own brother, after his brother had refused to take part of this "Shimada Clan", the Shimada Clan's elders orders," Gingerelle confirmed.

"And!? It was his own damn brother's fault, not him!" Bubbles responded in a fangirl tone.

"Wait, I've got more info! Hanzo had deeply regretted "killing" his brother, some Overwatch gang had decimated the Shimada Clan, and Hanzo's brother forgave him," Gingerelle confirmed more info.

"It's still not Hanzo's fault! Duh!" Bubbles was acting like a fangirl again.

Ryu put Hanzo on a chokehold, receiving a massive pop. Helping Ryu, Kagome aided him, hurting Hanzo, also getting more pops. Ash, Misty, and Gary went up against Karen, and Zelda and Samus suddenly gave each other vicious blows to the face. Now, Tori Meadows (Yu-gi-oh! Zexal) arrived. Targeting Kagome, Tori assaulted her with a deadly jumping cutter. Because of that, Hanzo elbowed Ryu's face. Together, Hanzo and Tori gave Ryu a double-DDT attack on Kagome's face. But seconds later, Tori surprised Hanzo with the same jumping cutter move, earning respect from the crowd.

On fire, Tori hurt Karen, Gary, Misty, and Ash with the same move as Zelda and Samus accidentally eliminated each other, gaining the biggest pop as of now.

Zelda and Samus eliminated!

Despite the eliminations against one another, Zelda and Samus smiled at each other. Then, they frenched, making the crowd say "Awwww.", disgusting the injured Hanzo. Gingerelle, Bubbles, and viewers at home were enjoying the french-kissing as well. Now holding each other's hands, Zelda and Samus skipped away.

"Awww, that's so romantic," Bubbles said.

"But your boyfriend didn't enjoy it," Gingerelle said.

Tori chose to eliminate Karen first as Tomba (Tomba series) entered the ring. Tori decision was a mistake; Karen had countered her hard with a sick piledriver move. After Leisure Suit Larry (Magma Cum Laude version) got into the mix, Karen tried to eliminate Tori with a powerbomb, but Tori punched Karen's right eye twice, forcing Karen into letting her go. Tori commenced a double knee facebreaker against Karen, showing more toughness despite her size.

Ash performed a surprised facebuster against Tori as the fourteen character, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider: older version) entered the fight, but Larry got Ash with a low blow. Angry at Larry, Misty threw him out of the ring with little effort.

Larry eliminated!

"That goes the pervert's run!" Gingerelle said.

"I've never liked that creep anyway!" Bubbles said.

Four new fighters, Celosia (Pokemon), Bryony (Pokemon), Aliana (Pokemon), and Mable (Pokemon) came into the ring together. Recognizing Ash, someone that had went against them and their team in the past, the girls beat the living hell out of him. Misty intervened, but the former Team Flare scientists pulverized her with a quadruple powerbomb attack. They occurred the same attack against Tomba, but unlike Misty, he got eliminated. Then, they assaulted Tori, Hanzo, Lara, Karen, Kagome, and Ryu. Scared, Gary laid next to a corner, holding the ropes. The girls were getting booed for this.

Tomba eliminated!

"Damn, they're wild!" Bubbles said.

"You can say that again!" Gingerelle said.

Serena (Pokemon; Kalos) and Shauna (Pokemon; Kalos) came in! They assisted their girlfriends, who had a secret relationship with them after the Team Flare events, until they recognized Ash, shocked. Serena said, "Ash!? You're here, too!?", and Ash responded, "Serena, it's been a while..."

"Y-You two know each other?" Misty asked, having a different look on her face.

"We had met at a Pokemon Camp when we were little, and we, Pikachu, and two others had our own adventure in Kalos..." Ash replied.

"It's true!" Serena said.

Angry and jealous, Misty hurled Serena out of the match.

Serena eliminated!

"Hey, that's not fair!" Shauna whined.

But Misty eliminated her, too.

Shauna eliminated!

"We saw that, you little shit!" Bryony yelled at Misty.

Bryony, Celosia, Mable, and Aliana were about to attack Misty, but Tori staggered Bryony with a jumping cutter out of nowhere. Hanzo attacked Aliana with a Go 2 Sleep move, and Karen knocked Celosia down with a savage lariat. And finally, Gary hurt Mable with the spear move. The girls got eliminated by their attackers afterwards.

Bryony, Celosia, Mable, and Aliana eliminated!

Gary, Karen, Tori, and even Hanzo got cheers for eliminating them.

"What a moment! Gingerelle said.

"This event is great so far, unlike that fake ass wrestling everybody currently hates!" Bubbles said.

"That company's so disappointing, it's no point of insulting it anymore, darling," Gingerelle said.

"I told you not to call me that word! "Bubbles yelled.

End of Chapter 1