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The decent sized family sat in the posh living room. Most of them picking at the dinner that had been lovingly prepared for them by the patriarch of the family. One of them, the youngest of the four siblings eyes sat glued to the flat screen television.

She sat engrossed in the program of the five o’clock news. She was more intrigued by the cute beta anchor than the actual news itself. That is until a certain headline caught her eye.

‘Breaking News: Congress passes new bill stating omegas 18-26 must find a alpha to produce children with within the next six months’

Valencia nudges the siblings closer to her and points toward the television with a look of concern on her face. Xael, the oldest, bats her youngest sister’s hand away from her shoulder. She glanced over at her with a slight sneer, mildly pissed about her eating being interrupted. “What do you want, Val?” Valencia silently points in the direction her eyes have been glued.

Just at the same time Xael makes the effort to pay attention, the sibling’s parents notice the commotion.

A sharp gasp is heard causing the rest of the family, except for one, to look up at the T.V. “Oh no, I knew this would happen.” Bane, the second oldest and only boy stated as he sat his plate aside. His steak and potatoes long forgotten.

His mother looks at him curiously, “What do you mean? Why didn’t you tell us?” His mother’s dark growl of a voice forced him to turn away from her slightly, “Professor Murillo might of mentioned it a few weeks ago in my Poli Sci class.” He whimpered as his mother growled at him, “And you didn’t think to tell your father and I?” Bane pouted, trying to slip behind Valencia to interrupt his mother’s line of sight, “I didn’t want to scare her.” Bane gestures to the last member of the family.

The only one who still hasn’t looked up from her food, the only one in the family that this new law affects.

Namia frowns as she chews. She’s getting that feeling again. That feeling that there are people staring at her. As a unmarked omega she’s used to it for the most part. Alphas always watching her, ready and waiting to mate on the spot. Or the occasional appraisal from a Beta looking to try new things. This feeling was different, however. Because she’s at home with her family, and they are undoubtedly talking about her.

Despite not knowing what about specifically, she can hear the concern in her older brother’s voice. One that could only be described as an alpha trying to protect an omega.

She finally gives in to the feeling and makes eye contact with her father. She specifically picks him because he, being the only other omega in the family, would not be trying to protect her. Well at least protect her more like a dad would and not an alpha.

“Why is everyone staring at me, daddy?” She asks sweetly. She can see her mom's mouth twitch. Obviously mad that she hadn't been paying attention in the first place.

He rubs the dark skin of his cheek slowly. He gestures toward the television and waits for Xael to rewind it back.

Namia watches with a grimace. She didn't want to be a mother yet. She didn't even have anyone to be a mother with. Not to mention there was that whole being a poor college student thing.

Zarella urges for Bane to explain the situation more clearly. He does with a gulp, “Okay mom, I'm sorry I didn't say anything but I didn't want to freak anyone out. I know how you guys get.”

“Cut to the chase, Bane.” Xael reaches over to slap her brother's arm.

“Ow, fuck. I'm getting there. Okay, so Dr. Murillo said there has been a substantial decrease in alpha and omega children and a increase in beta. Long story short, that throws off the balance of the economy or some shit like that, blah blah. Anyway, we all know how beta and alpha or beta and omega couples have better odds of producing more betas, well they thought maybe they should make those types of couples illegal then they figured that was very unconstitutional, so instead they were looking to pass this bill that was still somewhat reasonable.”

Zarella growls loudly and stands abruptly. It causes everyone else to flinch, some more than others.

Kinnear tries to calm his wife down with a hand to her back. It works just long enough to address her family.

“Mama, what happens if I can't find someone?” Namia twiddled her thumbs, she suddenly looked to be engulfed by the love seat she was in.

Zarella softened completely at the sight of her little girl. She looked so vulnerable and weak. This was not a look Zarella tolerated on any of her children, alpha or not.

“You are the best omega an alpha could ask for. You will find someone. In fact, family project.”

“Uh oh.” Valencia mumbled under her breath. Receiving a soft glare from Kinnear.

“I want everyone to work in finding Namia a suitable mate. Who ever finds the best fit for Namia, wins the keys to my car. I've been looking to get a new one anyway.”

Bane and Xael leap into action, running to their childhood rooms to conduct their research. Valencia just continues to watch the news. She doesn't feel the need to participate considering she's only sixteen. She doesn't even have her license yet.


“So they're just making you shack up with some random bloke?”

Namia watch as her best friend kicked the soccer ball around. Occasionally showing off with tricks.

She nodded somberly. “Yeah, I've only got from now until the end of January.” Namia pouted at the tall alpha in front of her. “What happens if you don't meet the deadline?”

“The government continuously fines my current alpha guardian. Until I finally do. And you know my mom makes good money but she has two children to put through undergrad and one through med school. Not to mention, Val we'll be enrolling soon enough.”

She was desperate for some sympathy from her friend. The only kind she had been able to get so far was from her dad.

Syden rolled her eyes before stopping her blue and green swirl soccer ball with her cleat. She walked toward the bottom bench of the bleacher where Namia was seated. Simply opening her arms, she waited for the shorter girl to settle in them.

The omega did with a happy giggle. She wrapped her arms around the blonde woman’s neck, nuzzling as she did.

Namia discreetly sniffed at the girl's neck, the smell of only Syden calming her. “You smell good.”

Syden chuckled as she pulled Namia away from her, “You always tell me that. You smell good too, by the way.”

“Yeah but even after you've practiced and are all sweaty you still smell like...fresh rain, you know? It's nice.” Namia explains nonchalantly. She failed to notice the blush creeping up Syden's cheeks.

“Um, thank you. Well I'm done here. Let's go meet up with Farren, Axel, and Rowan. No doubt at least Axel is shitting his pants about this too.”

Namia grips the arm Syden offers her and they both head off to the university cafeteria.