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Making my Naive Master Love only me

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Liang Fei was sitting at his desk, reading to himself. It was quiet and calm, so Liang Fei let himself relax. Just as the stress of his day had flowed from him, he heard it. A sound that could raise the dead and bring tears to the eyes of the king of hell himself.

Liang Mei.

His younger sister was a monster at night. She was all smiles and happiness during the day, being a filial daughter and hardworking at her job. But at home, she was a full on menace, letting her emotions out as if she'd been holding it in all day. And the thing that brought this out was her stupid novels.

Liang Fei had no clue why she was so into those. Why read fiction when reality is much more exciting? What was worse was that they clearly frustrated her, since she would always burst into his room, screaming about how 'xiao so-and-so' had betrayed some other character or how much face this other character must have to dare try and steal the main characters 'little sister' or something. Honestly, he didn't understand her most of the time. It was like they were speaking a different language.

Her latest obsession was {Eyes of Vengeance} or something like that. He wasn't sure why she liked it, since she complained so much about at him but she kept reading it. Whatever drew her in kept her attention until she finished, then rinse and repeat.

He heard her rage-filled cry just as her door slammed open. He let out a breath, preparing himself for her ranting as she burst into his room. He spun his chair around, resting his chin on his fist as she closed in on him. What would it be this time?

"Brother, why are you so cruel to Xiao-Ren!?" She sobbed, collapsing at his feet and beating at his legs listlessly. "How cruel are you, tormenting the protagonist this way~!!"

Liang Fei sighed, not sure how to respond to her. She had recently starting doing this whenever the antagonist of the story did anything. He apparently was some lecherous and devious man who tormented the protagonist for... reasons, he guessed. Really, Liang Fei learned to drown out his sisters rants when she got like this.

And the reason she always came to him, at least recently, was the fact that he and the villain shared the same name. Unconsciously, Liang Fei clicked his teeth in annoyance. Damn that author, dragging his good name into his dumb story. Now he had to deal with his little sister venting on him.

"Brother Liang!!" Liang Mei screamed, drawing him back to reality. her face was red with rage but she seemed to have vented all her frustration already. Hooray for small graces. "Were you even listening?"

"No" He replied, his expression stoic. Liang Mei pouted, her cheek puffing up with indignation and Liang Fei had to stop himself from pinching her cute cheeks. "Now that you're done nagging me, can you leave? I have things to do." He stated, spinning back to his book. The words were densely packed and informative but he had a lot to go over.

"Whatcha reading?" He heard Liang Mei ask, leaning on his shoulders to peek. Liang Fei scowled, annoyed by his sisters childish behavior. "Bet's it not as interesting as my stuff."

"But more worthwhile." He countered, pushing her away. "I have to study, so go away."

"Are you coming with us to dinner?" She asked, remaining where she was. Figures she wouldn't listen. "Brother Xue got accepted into K University and we're going out to celebrate. You should come with us. It'll be fun!"

Yang Xue Tian, or brother Xue, was his best friend. Due to their fathers being close, the two grew very close and were practically brothers. Despite being the same age, Xue Tian managed to get so much further in life than Liang Fei despite working half as hard. While Liang Fei had to study for 6 days straight to get second place, Xue Tian who spent the week clubbing, got first. Girls and boys alike flocked to his side, ignoring Liang Fei who stood beside him. To make matters worse, he'd managed to get into the university he'd been trying for.

To say that he was envious of Xue Tian would be an understatement. As such, his response came out bitter.

"Can't. Still busy." Liang Mei let out a tired groan of frustration.

"You're always busy!" She complained, tugging at his shirt sleeve. "Bro, you need to learn to relax and have some fun. Working all the time isn't going to make your life any better. Just take a break. Please?"

Liang Fei thought about it. He could use a break, he supposed. He was very tired from studying and was starving. Plus refusing to go out with his family on such a happy occasion was beyond rude. Despite his envy, he did feel somewhat happy about Xue Tian's success.

"...Fine." He replied, drowning out Liang Mei's cheer. "But at least let me finish my work. Knowing him, Xue Tian will try and drink us all under the table."

"That's what makes him the best bro ever!" Liang Mei chirped, flouncing out the door. "That and he's super hot." She gushed, giving her brother a look that screamed 'why can't you be as cool?!' Liang Fei deftly ignored such a look.

"If you say so." He muttered. He knew he wasn't much to look at compared to his friend. He had admirers but they very quickly lost interest in him after talking to him for a few minutes. He (LF) didn't getting it but apparently his way of talking was... bad.

"Don't lie!" Liang Mei cried, regaining her brother's attention. "If he was into nerdy guys like you, you'd try and eat him up or something."

"Assuming he'd be my type?" He retorted, kind of annoyed that his sister hadn't left yet. She rarely spoke to him this long. Usually she was in and out as soon as she left loose all her grievances. Why was she still here? Moreover, why would Xue Tian ever be into guys? He was a notorious playboy.

"Hah? So you are bent like that!?" She cried, shock evident in her tone. "I knew it!"

"E-eh? I'm not-" He tried to speak but was stopped by the fan girls rapid fire statements.

"This explains why Xiao Ren is being harassed so much by you!" She concluded, glowering at her brother as if he'd done something. "You'd better leave my Ren'er alone!" Liang Fei just let her rant, figuring there was no need for his input. She'd wear herself down. How she kept mixing up her fictional villain/rival with her own brother was a mystery he didn't feel like tackling.

To make his time easier, he put his earphones in and drowned out her rants with his soothing and calming tunes.

Heavy Metal.

Liang Fei knew most wouldn't see him as the type to like metal or to see it was calming but it was the best. It let him feel all the passionate emotions his otherwise frozen face was unable to show. It let him be lulled into peace.

As such, he failed to hear when his sister left his room in a huff.

He failed to hear her leave to meet up with their parents.

He failed to hear the smoke alarm briefly left out a whine to warn of a gas leak.

He failed to note how strangely tired he felt and let his consciousness and his life drift away.

He barely noticed he had died as quietly as he'd lived.