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Making my Naive Master Love only me

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Usually, I don't bother with these kind of things since they seem pointless but this is just for clarities sake.

I really wanted to write some BL transmigration stories like Scum villain and saving a villain but with my own twist on things. It won't be much but they will be there. Still, so folks don't rip me a new one over some possible mistakes, I'll make clear a few things.

1: I am attempting to mimic the styling of writing found in Chinese novels so if you notice me misusing a idiom or switching back to a western (I think that's how its defined) style of writing, note that I'm American.

2: I've only recently gotten into the cultivation genre so my knowledge on the subject is minimal. As such, I might just choose to skim over those parts rather than pretend to know what I'm talking about.

3: Updates might be inconsistent due to my other stories (hint hint) but I will try to update regularly.

4: Most of the names I got off a generator so... yeah

5: This story is fictitious and... all the copyright jazz. I made the story up and if it happens to be similar to others, that was not my intention.