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A Simple Moment of Relaxation

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Kyotaro sat in the club room waiting for the others to show up. Yawning, he crossed his arms and lowered his head onto the desk. This was the perfect opportunity for a quick nap. His eyes fluttered closed and his breathing slowed.

He distantly heard the door open, and the sound of Ryouma’s footsteps approached his desk. Ryouma’s chair squeaked as he sat down, and Kyotaro sharply inhaled; he hated the way everything sounds so much louder when you’re half asleep.

“Sorry,” Ryouma muttered quietly from next to him.

“’s okay,” Kyotaro said in response, hoping that Ryouma could actually hear him. Talking any louder than a whisper was too much effort right now. He kept his head down and let his breathing stabilize again.

“If my chair was too loud for you today, how will you survive when Ichiro gets here?” Ryouma whispered.

“Mm,” was all Kyotaro said, and he shrugged his shoulders slightly. If he could just fall asleep before the others arrived, he’d be able to sleep through it just fine. Luckily Ryouma stayed quiet after that, so Kyotaro could slip closer toward unconsciousness.

Kyotaro was starting to get really comfortable when he felt Ryouma’s hand in his hair. He ran his fingers through the strands slowly, occasionally brushing his thumb over the nape of his neck. Kyotaro smiled; it felt so nice. It sounded nice too, as some of the locks of hair fell back down onto his ears each time Ryouma pulled his hand away. Every so often, one of Ryouma’s fingers would brush past Kyotaro’s ear and send a couple relaxing tingles across his head and down his spine. At this rate, he’d be asleep in less than a minute.

“You’re too nice, Ryou-chin,” Kyotaro muttered as he dozed off even more. He heard Ryouma giggle quietly as he kept playing with his hair. Feeling more relaxed than he had in weeks, Kyotaro finally let himself drift off to sleep.