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Kathryn the Vampire Slayer

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Kathryn Merteuil stood in principal Flutie’s office. “Well, Miss Merteuil, I understand you had some issues at your last school.” He flipped through the new students’ records.

“Skipping class, fighting, truancy, arson, possibly sleeping with a teacher…”

“Excuse me, but those were never proven, Mr. Flutie. I was in the area where the fire occurred but so were dozens of others. In the chaos, someone thinks they saw me light a match but that was all a misunderstanding. My step dad’s lawyers will be more than willing to go over the details if you wish.”

“No, no. As I was saying. Here at Sunnydale high we don’t care about the past. We are focused on preparing you for the future.” He handed a piece of paper to Kathryn. “Now here is your schedule. You can visit the library to pick up any books you need.”

The brunette browsed skimmed it quickly. It was typical schedule. She just had to know who to do what homework. “Thank you, Mr. Flutie. And where exactly is that? O and who is the librarian?”

“All the way to the right of the building. You can’t miss it, huge building. A bit old fashion. Mr. Guyles-I think that’s how you say it-is is the new librarian. Just moved here from England. He is more than qualified on the situation. He worked at some museum over there for decades.”

Kathryn frowned at that. “Damn, the council moves fast. O well, I can wrap this Watcher around my finger.” She exited the room already scheming. She was not naïve enough to think this small town will be free of vampires. If anything, she expected this town to be a favored hunting ground for vampires trying to stay out of the spot light.

But she was expecting to get her world together before a watcher came. She needed a system for slaying. She needed to scope out the town, get someone to do her homework and other assignments. And she hoped for some socializing too. But that she can probably talk the old British wanker into.

Kathryn entered the library and saw a man standing behind the counter. “Excuse me, I’m Kathryn Mertuil. The new student. Principal Flutie said I could pick up my books here?”
The middle aged librarian smiled. “Yes, I was waiting for you. I believe this is the book for you.” He held a giant tome with the word “Vampyr” engraved on the cover. Kathryn looked at it and shrugged.

“So, you’re with the council? Mr…”

“O, yes, yes. I’m sorry, please forgive my manners. I am not quite sure what I was expecting just tossing a book in front of you.” Giles cleaned his glasses as his continue. “My name is Rupert Giles. The Watchers’ Council has sent me to replace Merrick. Also, my condolences for what happened in LA.”

Kathryn frowned a bit at the mention. “Yea, though luck there. But on the bright, I’m alive and Lothos isn’t. Anyways, how is this going to work? Is there another big bad vampire roaming Sunnydale?”

“Right. Well, there is no single threat I know of but we are located on the Hellmouth.”

“A what now?” Kathryn did not like the sound of that.

“A Hellmouth. They occur where the barriers between our world and other dimensions are at their weakest. Therefore magical energy from those realms bleeds into our world. Demons such as vampires are attracted to this hellish energy. There are numerous nefarious uses for this magical nexus. It is even possible this energy will latch onto normal citizens and create unexpected affects.”

“Great, so the town is basically built on the Bermuda triangle. Now I wish mom moved us to Cleveland like she wanted.” She was now thinking how best to deal with it. She could try to runaway, but then where would that get her? She’ll forfeit her trust fund and whatever power there is directly fate could send her to an even more demon infested town.

“Actually, there’s another one there.” Giles flatly stated. “That said, I think it’s best we meet here after school for training. And then we can go on patrol.”

“On patrol? Together?”Kathryn expected this but that would be too much. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. How else am I to access your skills and aid you in training?” Giles was already looking at a map of Sunnydale’s Cemeteries. “I think Saint Thomas’s will be a great place to start. It’s the town’s 5th biggest cemetery and there has been some reports”

“Giles, how many people go to the cemetery at night?”

“Well, um, not many but newly turned vampires usually appear where they are buried. It’s a good hunting ground.” Giles moved out and sat down. He opened a chest of weapons and began checking their condition.

“Yes but its more efficient to go to their hunting grounds. And I might be able to prevent them from increasing their numbers.” Kathryn saw that Giles was considering it. “They usually pal around whatever club stupid high school and college kids get drunk at so I was planning on finding the local hotspot.”

“Right, Kathryn. Merrick told the council you had a great knack for strategy. I see he wasn’t wrong. So, what time should we meet?” Giles was now sharpening a stake.

“Um, I don’t think it’ll be a good idea for you to come. I mean, older man stalking around with his high school student? Do you really want to send that type of message when you just arrived?” Her voice made the implication obvious. “I mean, I’m sure you’ve read my record. Hanging out with an older man so much wasn’t so good for my reputation. Although, Merrick did save my ass a few times. Until, well you know.” For once Kathryn actually felt kind of sad.

“Anyways, Mr. Giles, do you know Latin by any chance? Perhaps enough to teach it to others?”

“Well yes. Ego satis doctum existiment. I am quite proficient. I am more specialized in Sumerian and Proto-Indo-Europeans as they are more applicable to some of the rarer demon tablets but are you trying to learn?”

“Ego studuit pro V annis. Et annum totum cum legere Aeneis. Should be enough for the SATs. But, if I’m going be here with you after school we might need a cover. Principal Flutie doesn’t strike me as much of a ball buster but you know how rumors spread.” Kathryn smiled as Giles just nodded. She had him wrapped around her finger already.