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Dance With Me

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Spencer rubbed his arm and his eyes scanned the entire gala. There were a lot of people here, he didn’t fare too well with large crowds of mostly strangers. In the small venue he quickly counted eighty-six people and fidgeted in his chair. That didn’t include those out of eyesight in other rooms or out on the porch. He should have brought a book or something to take his mind off of the party around him. What was he doing here? He had work to do tonight. Why did he come here?

“Do you wanna dance?” Reid’s head shot up when he heard a melodic voice from just above him. He swallowed hard when Maeve smiled warmly.

Oh right, she was why he came here.

“Come on, Spence.” She laughed light-heartedly and took his hand, trying to get him to stand and lead him to the center of the gala where the rest of the team and guests chatted, danced and enjoyed themselves.

“Oh… n-no I…” Spencer just cut himself off with a half-hearted, nervous laugh and wiggled his fingers from her grasp. “Y-you go have fun.” He tried. Maeve just gave him a bit of a look, this time taking both his hands.

“Come on and dance with me.” She grinned much bigger, laughing a bit at his jumpines. This time she held both of his hands in hers and Spencer couldn’t help but look at her.

“I really can’t I…” Ried felt himself growing more and more nervous. Maeve kept looking at him with beautiful eyes and it made his heart pound.

“I was so excited that you decided to come here, and I haven’t seen you all night.” She started. “What’s going on?” Maeve asked, not letting his hands go and pulling him towards her.

“I-I wanna dance with you…” He assured quickly, then looked away bashfully. “I can’t dance though, I’ve never…” Spencer stopped and shook his head, hoping to collect his thoughts. He always had things to say, he always knew what to say. He had a fact relevant to the situation at hand, always. But then Maeve would just look at him, and every single fact he thought he knew flew away, every single part of his brain stopped working and it became impossible to focus on anything.

Anything except her.

“I can’t dance either.” Maeve giggled and managed to get Spencer to follow her out to the dance floor, where they were surrounded by other guests clad in formal attire. Maeve laced her fingers in his and then placed his other hand on her waist. Reid’s breath hitched and he tried to get his heartbeat under control. “Come on Spence, I’ll lead.” She offered. Reid smiled a little and let himself get a little bit closer. The two began to step with each other and sway from side to side. Soon Maeve moved closer and put her head on Spencer’s shoulder. Reid felt his entire face flush red as Maeve held him much closer, bringing her hand up to touch his hair.

“Thank you… for coming with me tonight.” Spencer finally started, unsure of what to say. Maeve smiled and he felt her give his hand a light squeeze.

“I wanna be here.” She assured, looking up at him and smiling. Spencer blushed a bit more and Maeve brought his hand up to her face to kiss his fingers. The idea of not knowing anything was foreign to Reid, but right now he truly could not process or remember a single thing. Every fact, profile or case was gone from his head and he couldn’t focus enough to recall them. The only thing he could focus on, the only thing he couldn’t tear his focus away from, was the way she kept looking up at him. And the string lights on the gala ceiling, reflecting on her hair and in her eyes.

The most beautiful girl in the world was here, dancing with him.

Part of him kept screaming to himself about all the different ways he could mess this up or it could go poorly. And every reason she shouldn’t like him swam around his head and should have made him question every step the couple took. But for once in his life Reid found it impossible to listen to his head.

“What are you thinking about?” Maeve asked, taking him off guard. “I can hear the computer fan in your brain spinning.” She joked. Reid laughed atony bit and shook his head.

“For the first time, actually I can’t think of anything.” He blurted out before thinking. Reid then looked away, embarrassed and became very focused on his own shoes. But that only lasted a second, before his eyes trailed up back to her, the way her hair fell over her shoulder, how she closed her eye when she laughed every single part of her was mesmerizing.

The song slowed to a stop and most of the gala attendants clapped for the band. The sudden noise shocked Spencer out of his daze and he made a move to pull away. But before he could Maeve bounced on her toes and gave him a fast kiss. “Thank you for the dance, Dr. Reid.” She spoke in a joking tone and pulled away from him. Spencer stayed frozen, unsure of how to process this all at once as Maeve turned around and greeted a friend. Reid just stayed where she left him, his face gradually becoming redder and redder before he shook himself out of it and quickly looked down. His heart was pounding so hard it felt like it might pop out of his chest, his face burned and he was so nervous that his whole body shook and he felt queasy. He couldn’t move his legs and it was becoming hard to breath. And it was the best feeling he’d ever felt.

Reid couldn’t stop the giant grin that quickly spread across his face. Maeve turned around to see why the doctor had stayed back. Spencer quickly looked down once again and put his hand over his mouth. “I… I’m… I gonna uhhh….” He began to stumble backwards before composing himself. “I’m going to g-get us something to drink I’ll uhm.. B-be right back.” He managed to force out before spinning on his heel and walking away quickly, keeping his head down so nobody could see his uncontrollable smile.

Maeve smiled herself as she watched him stumble across the party, tripping on a chair before catching his balance and hurrying off.