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God's Chess

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Oh my lord, if there is a voice in the outer space, who can attend to my wishes, then reveal yourself!” The Shaman screamed into the air, his hands were holding an orb.

“Come on man! We can’t stay here for too long, or else this girl is going to die.” The Shaman heard from his back the Mechanic speak.

“We have no means to get to a hospital… NOT TO FUCKING MENTION THAT THE ENTIRE CITY WAS BOMBED YOU DUMBASS!” The Shaman shouted at the mechanic, who was trying his best, to attend to the girl’s injuries.

The Shaman chanted for someone to appear, he knew of the existence of ghosts, spirits and the likes, to stop the corrupted future, he would have to sacrifice everything he had now.

He slapped both hands closely and began to pray while clenching the hands so strongly that it paled.

Then, like an angel, a giant beam of light appeared from the sky and engulfed the sea.

“IT WORKED?!” The Mechanic asked surprised, as he was a non-believer after all.

“Yes! I told you!” The Shaman shouted back before he locked looks with their savior, to an angel in disguise, well, his disguise was a bit too firm, to be honest.

It was a regular American man wearing a grey suit, nothing too much on his appearance, it was quite weird, to be honest, you would think that angels would be more flamboyant or anything like that.

“So, you want everyone who died alive right?” The Man in Grey asked the Shaman, who only nodded.

“And the pink haired one?” He asked the Mechanic, who was confused, since when it was about him?

“Just get the planet to its normal state or something like that.” The Mechanic said as he continued tending the injuries of the girl, she kinda reminded him of Hajime and that dude from Future Foundation.

“Oh, of course, why didn’t I think on that.” He said with an easygoing smile, which had hidden a lot of dark secrets, something on him didn’t do much good as to inspire charisma on the duo, who while was happy of them being saved, thought something was fishy, but because of the power he had demonstrated, they wouldn’t be able to do much against him.

Then the Man in Grey snapped his fingers, and from that two pillars of light appeared out of nowhere.

The one in his right had a giant Hydra spotting not the usual nine, but ninety heads, but it was immaterial, as it didn’t want to deal with his fury.

And the one in the left had a majestic dragon, who was leering at the duo and the wounded girl.

“Yasuhiro Hagakure, the one who sacrificed everything one could have an even more, what will the spirits tell about you?” He began a monologue before he turned to the Mechanic.

“Kazuichi Souda, the one that tried to change oneself to have friends in the real world, before realizing that humans weren’t worthy of your time and you decided to surround yourself with the mechanical version of humans of whom you once tried to get the affection.” The Man in Grey said.

“Now answer me children, which destiny do you chose? Both roads I give you have a treacherous pathway, but the rewards are there, you only need to see and get them.

Hagakure exchanged glances to Kazuichi, who only nodded dumbly before they got up, with Hagakure holding the injured Komaru, and then, with confidence they looked at The Man in Grey.

“ I choose…!”