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He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t been feeling left out lately.

Like today, with Jungkook and Taehyung going to the movies without him. Both of them eagerly holding hands and laughing as they were off to see a movie he had told them all months ago he was eager to see, it hurt.

“Oh, hyung, we figured you’d be at work during that time!”

It felt like a stab to the chest, but he only smiled and told them it was okay. He’d see it with Ji-Woo or he’d see it when the DVD came out.

When Hoseok and Yoongi paired up and disappeared into Yoongi’s studio to make music, he didn’t bother asking to join. Those two were often off in their own world when Yoongi let Hoseok into Genius Lab. It was a rule amongst their cluster not to go into Genius Lab unless Yoongi invited you in. The second oldest sensate took his personal space very seriously. So, Jimin only smiled and told them he hoped they came up with something good when he saw Yoongi take Hoseok’s hand and disappear behind the door.

Besides, he couldn’t rap like they did. He’d probably just be in the way.

When Jin was making lunch for Namjoon and talking about how the two were going to head out to Han River for a date, Jimin only bit back a smile and handed Jin the condiments and utensils the oldest had asked him for as he helped out.

He helped make the lunch, why wasn’t he invited too? Why couldn’t he go to Han River and be with them, too?

Jimin clenched his fists as he sat at the dinner table. Everyone was out. He was alone.


His head whirred as he felt all six men, all of them having the time of their lives. He felt them, didn’t they feel him? Did they care? Jimin felt a creeping sense of dread start to eat at him. Maybe they all didn’t need him anymore.

He put his head down, tears stinging his eyes as that inner voice got louder, belittling him and dragging him further into the pit of self loathing he’d found himself in.

“What do you even do? What do you have to bring to the table?” It sneered at him and Jimin squeezed his eyes shut tighter.

“You’re just some barista with a mediocre grip on your powers, you’re the weakest link out of all of the cluster and you know it. You’re a joke, Park Jimin, everyone’s laughing.”

He clutched his head, his chest heaving as he tried to ignore that voice. It was his own inner thoughts betraying him, and this wasn’t the first time he’d heard it insult him.

It never hurt this bad, though.

“-im? Chim? Fuck! Hyung, he’s crying!”

Jimin only barely registered Hoseok’s voice in his ears. He curled up tighter, biting his lip. The Busan boy didn’t want to bother anyone. They were having so much fun without him anyway and-

Yoongi’s face came into his view as those big hands picked his head up from the cocoon he’d made with his arms. He could barely see the second oldest, but he felt a strong pulse of concern through their link and he couldn’t help himself from breaking down and sobbing in his hands.

Hoseok startled from behind him and Yoongi’s lips pursed as he pulled him into his arms, letting the smallest man cry against his neck. He looked to Hoseok and nodded towards the bedroom.

“Pick him up. We should get him somewhere more comfortable.” He instructed as Jimin sobbed louder. Hoseok nodded, one arm sliding under the barista’s legs before he nudged Jimin’s head with his lips.

“C’mon baby boy, arms around my neck. We’re gonna take care of you.” He cooed, nearly missing a step when Jimin clung suddenly to his neck. He could feel the tears rolling down his neck as he walked him to the other room, biting his lip in worry.

Yoongi followed right behind him, lips a thin line as he felt Jimin’s flared up emotions vibrating through the link from all the boys. It overrode everyone else’s emotions and Yoongi could feel the worry and confusion coming from the four missing boys at the sudden fever pitch of negative emotions.

Hoseok sat down with Jimin in his lap, rocking him slightly to calm him, even a fraction. Yoongi crawled onto the bed right after him, gently prying Jimin’s hands away from Hoseok’s neck and moving his face so he looked him in the eyes. Jimin’s lip wobbled, his eyes bloodshot as snot rolled down his nose.

“You poor thing...what happened? Why are you crying?” Hoseok inquired, reaching into the bedside table to fish out a box of tissues. He gently wiped Jimin’s cheeks before pressing the tissues to his nose. Jimin held his wrist and blew weakly, feeling a slight relief from the congestion of his nose as Yoongi’s cat-like eyes watched his every move, concern shining in his face.

He looked away from Yoongi, guilt pulsing through their link.

He’d made them stop their fun to humor his little breakdown. He really was the worst.

Yoongi and Hoseok felt the second pulse of guilt get overridden with the feeling of self loathing, and without sharing a word, both men sandwiched Jimin in between them from a group hug.

The smallest man tensed, tears springing up in his eyes again. He wanted more attention from them, yes, but the doubt of his own self worth kept him from enjoying the sensation. He hated this feeling.

“Talk to us, baby. What happened?” Hoseok tried again and Jimin clenched his fists before burying his face in Yoongi’s shoulder.

“ you all still love me? Am I in the way?” He inquired softly. Both men tensed and the other four stood around him, eyes wide.


“No one wants to spend time with me anymore. The movies, the music, the dates...why is everyone avoiding me?” Jimin’s voice quivered as he spoke and he did his best to formulate actual sentences.

“I...I feel like a third wheel to this relationship. Is everyone ignoring my emotions? I know you can feel them and-”

“No, no baby it’s not like that.” Namjoon was at his side in a moment, kissing his cheeks as he cupped his cheeks. Jimin looked up at him and Namjoon felt his heart break.

God, they fucked up.

“I’m not going to make any excuses for any of us. We should have noticed. You’re not a third wheel, baby. We love you.” Their leader continued with his soothing tone. Jimin lowered his eyes to Yoongi’s shoulder, unable to meet any of their gazes.

The other men all exchanged looks, but none of them said a word until the fatigue of the day caused Jimin to pass out slowly.

Once they all felt he was completely asleep, all eyes turned to their leader as they all visited from their respective locations.

Namjoon was driving back to their shared home, jaw set while Jungkook leaned up from the back seat.

“What are we going to do? We really messed up bad.” He voiced what they were all thinking and they shared a collective harsh sigh.

“We have to make it up to him. It was our own negligence that lead to this. Apologize properly when he’s awake and make sure he feels loved. Jimin is an important part of our cluster and our lives and I don’t want him-or any of you-to ever feel like this. We’re gonna let him rest and start tomorrow.” He told them, the determination to fix this problem shining in his eyes. Jungkook relaxed back into the seat and nodded with the rest of them.

-The Next Morning-

When Jimin woke up, the first thing he noticed was his inability to move. He was wedged between Namjoon and Taehyung and when he lifted his head to locate the other men, he saw he was the one who had taken the middle spot, with the other five (Jin seemed to be missing from the pile) men keeping him warm. He blushed and wiggled, trying to free himself from the pile.

It was a difficult task, but eventually he managed to do so, shuffling carefully out of the center so he wouldn’t step on any of his slumbering boyfriends. He looked back at them, a bittersweet smile on his face when he saw them all.

They all looked so perfect, even without him there.

He felt a twinge of that self loathing come back, so he ducked his head and left the room, not noticing Namjoon peeking at him through one of his cracked open eyes.

Jimin made his way to the kitchen, seeing Jin had started cooking breakfast. He placed a hand against the doorway, knocking gently to get his attention. Jin smiled at him and he responded with a soft smile of his own.

“‘Mornin, hyung.” he greeted.

“Good morning, Chim. I’ll be making your favorite pancakes, too. Have a seat, alright?” Jin instructed, turning back to the stove. Jimin hesitated before he moved to sit, playing with his fingers as he waited.

He stared at Jin’s back as he cooked, watching the oldest glide around the kitchen, plucking seasonings and foods from cabinets, the fridge, and the freezer effortlessly as he made their large breakfast.

“Hyung, do you need any help?” Jimin inquired after five minutes had gone by. Jin slid the breakfast sausages into the oven and nodded.

“If you could, could you come over here and mix the batter for the pancakes? We’ll need a lot.” Jin told him, offering him a large mixing bowl. Jimin smiled, grateful Jin was giving him the opportunity to help. He was hoping they wouldn’t be mad at him after his outburst yesterday.

He chewed on his lip as Jin began washing out some fruits in the sink.

“Hyung...about last night...can we forget it? Can we pretend I didn’t say those things? I didn’t mean to accuse you all of not loving me and ignoring me…”He trailed off. The kitchen fell into a silence as Jin kept his eyes on the strawberries in his palm. The oldest sighed and tapped the back of the faucet to shut the water off. He picked up the strainer the fruit was in, letting the water drain out of it before he moved to Jimin’s side, slicing some of the red berries.

“You shouldn’t apologize for telling us how you feel. If we made you feel like this, you should say it. That way we can make sure we don’t ever let it get this bad again. You’re important to us.” Jin hummed, taking the cut berries in his hands and walking behind Jimin, who had slowed his stirring as he thoughtfully looked into the white mix.

Jin dropped the berries into the bowl, pressing Jimin against the counter as he wrapped his arms around his back. The smaller man nearly dropped the bowl, had Jin not have closed his larger hands over Jimin’s.

“We’re sorry. The only ones who should be apologizing is us.” Jin spoke directly into his ear and Jimin felt his knees buckle slightly. He had a weak spot for being pinned down, but now wasn’t the time for him to be getting excited over nothing.

“But I-”

“Shh. We have to make breakfast.” Jin teased, placing his hand over Jimin’s as they stirred the batter. The younger man nodded and complied, trying not to think about how close Jin was to him.

Or how many times the members of the cluster had fooled around in the kitchen.

Jin noticed the pulse of embarrassment and arousal radiating off of the smaller man and he grinned, setting the bowl down and placing his palms down on the counter by either side of Jimin’s hips.

He peppered Jimin’s neck in kisses, smiling when the smaller man tried to suppress his giggles. Jimin blushed to the tips of his ears, breath hitching up when he felt Jin palming the front of his quickly tenting boxers.

“H-hyung, the breakfast…”Jimin protested, though he pressed closer to Jin’s hand. The older man smiled against the pale skin of his neck.

“The oven is on low. I can be quick, just keep stirring.” Jin gave his ass a slap and sunk to his knees and Jimin gasped when he felt the cool air of the kitchen hit his ass as Jin tugged his boxers down as he went.

“Turn around for me, Chim.” Jin purred and Jimin obeyed, flustered. His hands shook as he held onto the mixing bowl, his cock twitching as Jin teasingly blew along the length. He took Jimin’s cock in his hand and ran his tongue up the underside from base to tip, reveling in the full-body shiver that went through the younger sensate.

Jin made a point to watch every expression on Jimin’s face as he bobbed his head, taking a bit more each time. Jimin’s grip on the spoon and bowl tightened as he let out a shaky breath, resisting the urge to roll his hips up into the warm sensation of Jin’s mouth. The oldest used one of his hands to stroke whatever wasn’t in his mouth, pulling Jimin closer with his other hand.

“H-Hyung! Please…” Jimin whined, biting his lip when Jin rolled his tongue over his sensitive head. He made a point to sound as sloppy as he could, enjoying the way Jimin’s resolve broke. He set the bowl aside without another moment’s hesitation, one hand shakily on the back of Jin’s head.

Jin could tell he was holding back, probably afraid he would choke the older man if he thrusted up. In response, he removed his own hand from Jimin’s dick, eyes sliding closed as he took the entirety of Jimin’s cock in his mouth.

The smaller man was far from the biggest or thickest out of the seven men, but Jin still enjoyed giving him blowjobs as much as he did the others.

Mostly because Jimin was the most responsive one.

“H-Hyung, more. Oh my god…” Jimin tilted his head back, giving Jin an experimental few thrusts to make sure he didn’t catch him off-guard. Jin took it in stride, placing a hand on his thigh. They often used signals during sex to make sure they were all on the same page in case it wasn’t clear through their connection.

Jimin could feel that Jin was relaxed and eager, and the light tap on his thigh was a sign from the oldest to do what he wanted.

Fingers shaking, Jimin ran his fingers into Jin’s hair, gripping firmly as he thrusted forward, shaky mewls leaving his lips as he fucked his hyung’s mouth. Jin was painfully hard himself from the treatment and teasing as he shifted on his knees, dipping his hand into his own pajama pants to stroke his aching cock.

“W-We’re gonna wake the others if you stay so loud, Jiminie~” Jin teased as he popped his mouth off for a moment, knowing full well the other men wouldn’t be able to ignore the dual sense of arousal rolling off the two men in waves. Jin pulled his sleep pants down more so he could stroke himself more freely while Jimin blushed, his bottom lip plumper than usual from him biting it to keep his moans down.

It was a fruitless effort since they were all connected, but that made it all that much cuter, in Jin’s opinion.

“Fuuck fuck fuck I’m close. Hyung!” Jimin’s hips began to stutter, so Jin pressed hum flush against the counter, taking over by bobbing his head quicker than he was before. Jimin’s grip in his hair tightened to the point that it was borderline painful, but Jin wasn’t at all opposed to the jolt that came from the action. He stroked himself at the same pace as his head movements, his thumb smearing precum over his head as he watched Jimin unravel before him.

“G-Gonna cum gonna cum, please please please-” Jimin pulled harder, this time trying to yank Jin off before he came in his mouth, but the oldest wouldn’t budge, swallowing around Jimin’s twitching cock.

All it took was a few more bobs before Jimin came with a cry, rope after rope of cum filling Jin’s mouth. He swallowed most of it, pulling off of Jimin’s cock as he continued stroking himself, feeling his own release quickly approaching.

He glanced up, seeing Jimin stare down at him with lust-blown eyes, cheeks red and sweat rolling down his temple as he held his gaze. The older Sensate’s eyes moved to his lips as Jimin weakly called to him.


Jin came nearly on the spot, the milky drops landing on the dark tile of the kitchen between his knees.

They all had a soft spot for Jimin’s lips. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

Jimin blushed and moved to get paper towels as Jin tucked himself back into his pants. The older man took them as soon as he returned, refusing to let Jimin clean up the mess. Jimin pouted at him as he watched the older man clean. Jin ignored him and stood to dispose of the soiled tissues, moving to go to the sink to wash his hands.

“You came a lot. Have you been pent up, baby?” Jin teased after a moment of silence, hands soapy. Jimin blushed hard and went to swat at him when he noticed Jin still had a bit of his cum at the corner of his lips.

Blushing, he leaned up to lick it off, shying when Jin sent him a coy look.

Later, when the rest of the boys filed into the kitchen one by one, Yoongi took note of the difference in the piles of pancakes between the boys.

“Didn’t you want more food, Jin? You barely have any on your plate.” He mused.

Jin only smiled as he drank his coffee.

“I had some breakfast earlier, actually.” He chirped, and Jimin choked from across the table.

-2 Days Later, Cafe Thief’s Heart-

Jimin sighed as he brewed the next batch of coffee. There was a customer outside that had been giving him trouble for a while now, but he did his best not to let it get to him. Ji-Woo would no doubt cause a scene and both Taehyung and Jungkook were usually busy helping out somewhere else in the cafe to come to his aid.

He shook his head, slapping his cheeks. He had to focus.

There’s no way he should need the younger men to run to his aid, anyway.

He exhaled and brought the ice coffee to the man with a slice of cake, shuddering at the way the middle-aged man eyed him when he set the food down. He stood and politely bowed and went to leave when the man leaned up and sent him a flirtatious smile.

“Y’know, I think you’re pretty cute, Jimin. Maybe we could get this to go, hm?” He winked and Jimin felt physically ill. Despite that, he sent him his best customer service smile and shook his head.

“No thank you, sir. If you’d like, I could put your things in to-go containers.” He offered. The man’s face turned and he rolled his eyes.

“Think you’re too good to go out with me? Pathetic. It would be your honor to date someone with as much wealth as I have.” He grunted, clearly annoyed he had been rejected. Jimin’s brow twitched in annoyance. Though he didn’t have the most highest of paying jobs working for Ji-Woo’s cafe, but he enjoyed working with his best friend more than anything.

Plus, several of his partners had more than enough wealth that even if that was the defining factor in whether he went out with someone (it wasn’t. How shallow is that?), they had that more than covered.

“That’s too bad you feel like that. Enjoy your order, sir.” Jimin muttered through gritted teeth as he spun on his heel. He had gotten around four steps away before he heard the sound of glass breaking.

Closing his eyes and collecting himself, he turned, rage bubbling up when he saw the cake slice on the floor and the man faking a shocked expression.

“Oh no, my cake fell! Could you clean this up, Jimin? Someone could fall on this.” He informed him, taking a sip of his iced coffee. Jimin gritted his teeth and went to grab a small bag they kept in their aprons, kneeling down to pick up the large glass pieces first. The man swirled the iced coffee for a moment before he popped the cap off, looking into the cup.

“I think you should check this out too, Jim-Jim. It doesn’t taste right. You agree, right?” The man sneered, pouring the iced coffee on Jimin’s head. The small man leapt up, a startled gasp leaving his lips as the cold drink rolled down the back of his neck and down his shirt. He shook, tears sprouting up in the corners of his eyes as the other customers turned their attention to the scene.

“I told you I wanted a double shot of vanilla syrup in it. Couldn’t get that right either?” The man chuckled. Jimin clenched his fists, body shaking as he felt the fresh embarrassment roll over him.

Before anyone could see him cry, a towel fell over his head and he was pulled against a warm body. Blinking, he looked up to see Taehyung standing protectively over him while Jungkook yanked the man up by his shirt. The youngest man sent him a dangerous smile, ignoring all the complaining about harassment from the man as he began dragging him outside.

“You all see this! This is assault and harassment! I’ll ruin you!” He barked,

Ji-Woo stood at the counter, arms crossed.

“Get this trash out of my shop. I absolutely don’t condone customers treating my employees and friends like shit.”

“Don’t worry, dude. You’re free to try that slick shit with me.” Jungkook threatened as he pulled him outside. The other customers began chattering, but not a single one looked like they would call the police on them, so Jimin was relieved. Tae frowned and looked down at him.

“’re shaking. C’mon, lets get you out of that. Woo-Ya, Kook and I are gonna take him home when he gets changed. Is that okay?” He inquired. Ji-Woo smiled and nodded.

“It’s fine. Minjun and I can hold down the fort. It’s almost closing time anyway.” She waved them off and Tae bowed in gratitude, pulling Jimin into the back room.

“Are you alright?” He asked as he pulled the uniform shirt off. Jimin nodded, coffee still dripping from his hair. His shirt was no doubt ruined, but he couldn’t help the warm feeling of relief that filled him. He felt more appreciated each day and although he would much rather do without the altercation moments ago, he still felt his heart swell two sizes from Tae and Jungkook coming to his aid.

“Hyung, you’re spacing out.” Tae teased. Jimin blushed and both of them startled when Jungkook slammed the door to the room, storming in as he marched up to the shorter Busan native. He took Jimin’s face in his hands, checking for injuries before he made eye contact.

“I beat his ass.”

“I know. Thank you, Kook.” He cooed, pressing his cold hands on top of Jungkook’s. The maknae sent him a smile and gave him his jacket. Jimin noticed Taehyung and Jungkook kept him firmly wedged between them as they walked home.

He blushed and smiled, inhaling Jungkook’s scent.

-30 Minutes Later-

Y’know, he didn’t mean this when he said they had him wedged between them, but he wouldn’t complain.

Currently, Jimin was straddling Taehyung’s waist, both of their cocks slick with cum as they rutted against one another while Jungkook had a near bruising grip on the older man’s waist, hips slapping against Jimin’s plump ass as he rocked into him.

Shortly after he took a shower (with both of them insisting they join), the three youngest sensates stumbled into the bedroom, soaked bodies falling to the sheets. It was a flurry of hands groping at whatever they could (“We’ve got to make sure to warm you up real good, hyung”) and lips on skin (“You still taste like coffee, Jiminie. Delicious.”)

Taehyung had fucked him first, kissing the back of his neck while Jungkook stroked both his and Jimin’s cocks in unison, groaning against his lips as they kissed. He’d barely had a chance to rest before the two switched positions, with Jungkook fucking him much faster than Tae did, leaving Jimin a babbling mess as each thrust sent his cock sliding against Taehyung’s.

He leaned down to kiss him sloppily, the desperate growls leaving Jungkook’s lips behind him telling them both that he was close. The youngest leaned down, effectively sandwiching Jimin between them both.

“So pretty, hyung. You gonna cum? You wanna show Tae Tae that beautiful face when you do?” He teased, pulling Jimin’s hair so he arched up. Taehyung looked up, groaning when he saw how far gone Jimin was.

He lifted his own hips, thrusting against Jimin’s cock faster while Jungkook fucked him hard. It wasn’t much longer until all three of them came, sweat and cum running down their bodies as they collapsed on top of one another.

“Aigoo, you’re both heavy! Get off!” Tae complained half heartedly. Jungkook sent him a crooked smile and Jimin kissed his nose to appease him. They all broke out into comfortable laughter and laid together until they had enough energy to drag themselves out of bed and take another shower, making sure to change the sheets before any of their hyungs got home.

The other four came home to them cuddling in a pile together.

-3 Days Later, Genius Lab-


“Ah, you wanted to make music, Jimine. The recording won’t pick it up if you hold back.”

“T-This isn’t what I-ohh fuck yes yes-this isn’t what I meant!”

“If audio doesn’t work, we could always shoot a ‘music video’.”

Jimin was about to come up with a retort, but Hoseok picked up his pace, rolling his hips expertly as he rocked into the smaller man. Yoongi had been calmly teasing him the whole time, lazily stroking his dick from across the room as he watched the two fuck like rabbits on the couch he had in his studio.

Hmph. Voyeur.

“Hobi fuck! Right there right there yes!” He gasped, nails running down Hoseok’s back as the pyromancer hit him just right. Hoseok licked his lips and sat up, hooking his hands under the back of Jimin’s knees, holding them apart as he rocked into him.

“O-Ohh fuck fuck fuck!” Jimin threw his head back, cock leaking against his abs as his balls drew up, feeling another orgasm creeping closer.

“He’s gonna cum again, Yoongs. Look at him.” Hoseok purred affectionately, thumbs rubbing the back of Jimin’s thighs. Jimin trembled, looking over at Yoongi and whining pathetically.

“I-I want to make you feel good too, hyung. Ahh, fuck!” Jimin closed his eyes, moments away from his orgasm when it suddenly…..stopped.

He gasped in surprise, eyes flying open as Hoseok spilled inside of him again, but his own orgasm was prevented by the shadow wrapped around his cock, effectively preventing him from cumming. He panted, looking over at Yoongi as the oldest man in the room sent him a coy smile.


“You said you wanted to make me feel good. I would never deny my baby boy that. What kind of mean hyung do you think I am?” The DJ cooed, sending him a sly smile. Hoseok laughed tiredly, gently sliding out of Jimin. He could tell Yoongi was about to take over and he didn’t want to miss a moment.

They all loved when he got like this.

“C’mon then, Jimin. Come make me feel better, then.” Yoongi beckoned him over in a tone that told Jimin there was something more to it. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited. He slid off the couch, still feeling weak from the several times he and Hoseok had fucked previously. He panted, blushing as he felt mentioned man’s cum start to leak down his thighs.

Yoongi noticed and smirked, raising his hand.

A shadow shaped like a hand scooped up some of the cum, lifting it to Jimin’s lips. The barista didn’t hesitate, flicking his tongue to lick it off immediately. Yoongi’s chest rumbled in satisfaction and he propped his head up on his chin, lips quirking as he saw Jimin’s knees buckle again as he tried to continue walking.

“Maybe you should crawl. Wouldn’t want you to fall, baby.” Yoongi offered, still stroking his cock with his free hand. Jimin nodded and got on his hands and knees, biting his lip as he felt his still-restricted cock bob from the motion.

“Oh, hyung you're a real sadist.” Hoseok chuckled, eyes trained on Jimin’s ass as he made his way to Yoongi slowly. The DJ didn’t respond verbally, but the look of satisfaction on his face told them both all that they needed to know.

He really did love using his powers during sex.

Jimin was around a foot or two away from the chair Yoongi was sitting in when the older man decided he hadn’t teased him enough. He sat up, flicking the hand that wasn’t on his cock. In moments, Jimin’s knees almost failed him as he felt something slide into his slick hole.

His cheeks went red as he watched Yoongi’s hand move, the shadow fucking him hard. He groaned, forehead dropping to the floor as he let himself be taken.

“What’s wrong, Jimin? If you wanted to please me, you should be able to crawl over here still, yes? Or does it feel too good?” He taunted, spreading his fingers apart.

Jimin’s eyes nearly rolled back as he felt it expand, growing thicker than it was before. Each thrust was a deliberate, hard jab that always got so close to his spot but never went deep enough to satisfy him. The ring around his cock was a reminder that he wouldn’t be feeling any release until Yoongi was satisfied, either.

“C’mon baby. Don’t you want your Hyung’s cock?” Yoongi teased, licking his own precum off of his fingers. Jimin nodded, slowly resuming his crawling. His mewls and moans filled the soundproofed room as he god closer and closer, body shuddering as he felt oh so close to orgasm.

It took two and a half minutes before Jimin reached Yoongi, panting as he rested his head on Yoongi’s leg, rocking his ass back against the shadow still fucking him. The man had came dry at least once and Yoongi smiled down at him, petting his head.

“Good boy, Jimin. You got enough energy to ride my cock?”


“Words, baby.”

“Y-Yes, Yoongi.”

Satisfied, Yoongi dispelled the shadow, chuckling when he heard Jimin whine in disapproval. He kissed his cheek and picked him up, seating Jimin in his lap as he held his cock up for him.

“C’mon baby. Show me how much you want this dick.” He ordered, slapping his ass. Jimin gasped and nodded, sinking down on Yoongi’s thick dick. His eyes nearly rolled back in pleasure as he felt himself being filled again. He leaned closer to Yoongi, pressing loving kisses to his face as he let his hips rise and fall.

Yoongi kissed and bit at his neck, hands on his hips as he growled sweet nothings into his ear, the wet sound of their fucking turning Hoseok on. He noticed the irony in the situation, with him and Yoongi switching places as he now watched the older man fuck their boyfriend.

Jimin was already sensitive from several other rounds, so Yoongi didn’t tease him for too long. He could feel the man already start to float away from the sheer amount of pleasure he’d gotten that night.

Pale arms wrapped around Jimin’s body and Yoongi took over, rocking hard and fast into him as the shadow around Jimin’s cock released. The older man kept him grounded as Jimin cried out, cumming hard against Yoongi’s stomach, nearly passing out from the stimulation. Yoongi kept him tight against his chest, cumming himself once he felt Jimin’s slick walls clench around him. The strong pulse of ecstasy from Jimin pushed Hoseok into another orgasm and all of them took a minute or two to collect themselves.

Yoongi could feel Jimin crying in his arms, still not quite down from the high of sex. He cooed gently, kissing him as he picked him up. Hoseok smiled tiredly and followed him, all three of them washing off by taking a bath.

Jimin was sat between Yoongi’s legs, sleepily nuzzling his chest as Hoseok sat behind him, washing his hair. Both men kissed him periodically, telling him how much of a good job he did and he was out like a light before he even knew it.

Hoseok and Yoongi exchanged a fond smile before they carried Jimin to bed.

-3 Nights Later-

Jimin squirmed as Namjoon’s hands ran over his back. The older man had offered to give the younger man a massage, and Jimin couldn’t turn down an opportunity to spend time with him.

Plus, if this was anything like the others, he knew where this was going.

“The others really did a number on you, hm? You’ve got hickies and bruises.” Namjoon hummed, looking at the bruises over Jimin’s hips and the slight discoloration of his ass from spanking. He’d noticed the circles littering Jimin’s neck and chest when he massaged his front.

None of them would admit it, but they all had little competitions to leave as many hickies as they could and with how adamant they all were to make sure Jimin never felt excluded again, he had a few more love bites than usual.

“It wasn’t anything I didn’t like. I really appreciate everyone.” Jimin muttered, groaning in relief when Namjoon started to work a particularly tense knot out of his lower back. He hummed in delight.

“I’m glad. We really are sorry we made you feel like that. I’ve been paying extra careful attention to the links, too. I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Namjoon told him, hands moving down to squeeze and knead at his ass.

Jimin blushed and bit his lip.

“I-I appreciate it.” He murmured, twitching when Namjoon pressed a kiss to his spine.

“I didn’t offer to give you a massage with the intent to fuck you, but feel free to tell me if that’s what you want.” He teased, fingers running closer to Jimin’s crack. He spread them for a moment before moving further down.

Jimin sighed shakily, feeling Namjoon’s breath on the back of his thighs. He felt bold today, so he lifted his ass, shaking slightly.

“Are you gonna deliver if it is what I want?” He inquired. Namjoon flashed him a dimpled smirk before he continued massaging the back of his thighs.

“You know I will. Just say so.”

“I want it.”

Immediately, those hands were off of his thighs and back on his ass, long fingers sliding between his cheeks to tease his asshole, chuckling when Jimin took it upon himself to spread his cheek apart, fully exposing his eager hole to the other man.

“We’ve really made you shameless, huh?” Namjoon chuckled, sliding two of his fingers into him. Jimin sighed and pressed his cheek to the pillow.

“Y-You can say that.” He murmured, his cock stirring to life as Namjoon pumped his fingers in and out, slowly scissoring them apart. Jimin didn’t need much prep since he had been so active recently, but Namjoon prefered to slowly pick his boyfriends apart before he fucked them. It was something that drove the more impatient ones mad, but they never complained seriously about his methods.

He pulled his fingers free when Jimin began rocking back, replacing them with his tongue, flicking deviously at his rim before he slid it right inside. Jimin’s fists tightened in the sheets as Namjoon’s tongue worked in and out of him. The ex-nurse raked his fingers down Jimin’s thighs lightly, humming when he felt the goosebumps rise up on his skin immediately afterwards.

Jimin’s small mewls turned into pants as minutes went by and Namjoon didn’t let up until Jimin was practically begging him to do more.

He gave his ass a playful slap as he sat up, tapping Jimin’s leg to get his attention as he unbuckled his pants.

“Turn around, baby. I want to watch your face.” He told him and Jimin blushed, hesitantly rolling onto his back. Namjoon looked down at him, his big hand wrapping around Jimin’s cock, giving him a few strokes as he lined his head up to his ass with his free hand.

“You ready?”

“Yes, Joon.” Jimin nodded, love and adoration shining in his eyes. Namjoon leaned down to kiss him, distracting him from the momentary discomfort from the initial penetration. Jimin gasped against his lips and Namjoon slid his tongue into his mouth, kissing him deeper.

Jimin realized Namjoon was letting him set the pace of the kiss as he slowly rocked into him and he teasingly nibbled his bottom lip, wrapping his arms around the older man’s neck. Namjoon chuckled arily and responded with a deep thrust before returning to his sensual pace.

When he broke the kiss, Jimin was panting. Namjoon kissed at his throat, and he waited for the familiar sting of a bite or nibble, but was instead met with more kisses as Namjoon made his way down until he flicked his tongue over one of his nipples. Jimin shuddered and Namjoon chuckled against the hardened bud, rolling the other one between his fingers as he relished every small gasp and moan that tumbled out of the smaller man.

“J-Joonie...Ahh please faster.”

Ah, there was the begging.

Namjoon would normally tease him for much longer, but instead, he pushed both of Jimin’s hands above his head, pinning them there as he increased his pace dramatically. The barista cried out in delight, arching his back as Namjoon fucked him. There were lips against his face, his cheeks, and even his chest and Jimin could feel he wouldn’t last as long as usual if this kept up this way.

“Look at you, baby, You’re so handsome when you fall apart for me. Look at me,” Namjoon nudged him, rolling his hips so the tip of his cock brushed against Jimin’s sweet spot with each thrust. Moaning louder and struggling to focus, Jimin looked up, finding Namjoon staring lovingly at him. The others were around him on the bed and in his lust-hazed mind, he couldn’t tell if they were actually there or visiting him through their connection.

“We love you baby. Don’t forget that.”

It didn’t matter which one said it. It could’ve been one of them, or all of them, but Jimin just closed his eyes. His voice cracked as he cried out, cumming with Namjoon. He felt the aftershocks of sex and trembled, pressing close to Namjoon when the larger man hugged him.

He rocked Jimin, kissing his head as he reached into their bedside table. They always kept tissues and wipes there for obvious reasons. Jimin shivered when Namjoon wiped the cum off his stomach and the cum from between his legs, smiling tiredly at their leader after he tossed it in the bedside trash can.

Namjoon pulled him in close, tucking Jimin’s head under his chin. Jimin happily hugged him back, the sound of Namjoon’s heartbeat being comforting. Namjoon rubbed soothing circles against his back, kissing the top of his head as he started to drift off.

“I love you guys.” Jimin murmured sleepily, eyes heavy. Namjoon chuckle and closed his eyes.

“And we love you, Jimin.” Namjoon responded, and the strong pulse of love and contentedness was something they all felt through their connections.