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     SSA Olivia Lane, newest member of the BAU. You still couldn’t believe it had been nearly a year already. Sometimes you still flipped open your badge and stared at the seal, in all its official glory. You loved your job, you loved your team, and they loved you right back. Even Hotch, though neither of you were very good at showing it. You’d taken your cue from Morgan and everyone else had quickly received an affectionate nickname: Rossi was "Papa Bear," Derek "Boo Boo," JJ though short and sweet already was "pretty lady" or "hot mama" when you were feeling frisky, Penelope was "PG" or "Princess," and Spencer, well, more often than not, he was your “gorgeous,” “pretty boy,” “big, beautiful brain.” You harbored a secret crush for the floppy haired Dr. Reid. And by “secret crush,” you meant it was really only a secret to the man himself, bless his oblivious heart. You weren’t that experienced in the dating arena, more married to the job, and you weren’t sure if you would ever have worked up the courage to make a move on the good doctor, but it didn’t much matter now. Now he had phone booth girl. He’d only confided in you by default; you were the newbie and he didn’t want any of the others to know about his super secret pay phone girlfriend yet. You knew something was up when he had you drop him off in the middle of nowhere to make a phone call, but you wished you had left it alone, because when he told you, well, it hurt. It was obvious how much he cared about her. And you figured she was more on his level anyway. You were just the new kid on the BAU block, with a mere masters in 19th century British literature and a passion for solving mysteries, no competition to a star geneticist and professor. 

     You shook your head to snap yourself out of that spiral of negative thoughts. You are awesome and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else, you reminded yourself. As you looked around, you realized the rest of the team had cleared out while you’d been daydreaming. You picked up your bag, checked to make sure you had your keys and your phone, and stood up from your desk. A final cursory glance around revealed that not everyone had left before you. Dr. Spencer Reid still sat his desk, wearing the look on his face that you’d come to know meant something was weighing on him. You took the two steps separating your cubicles and leaned a hip against his desk.

     “Ok, gorgeous, spit it out. What’s going on in that head of yours?”

     “What?” He jumped a little in his chair. “Oh, uh, nothing,” he muttered as he cast his eyes back down.

     “Reid… hon, you’ve been sitting here staring at your pen for half an hour now.” Your eyebrows raised in a way that allowed no arguments and he quickly dropped the offending writing instrument and clenched his fingers.

     “I’m, um…” He trailed off as he looked up at you and then past you as if he was searching for the words, but wasn’t sure he wanted to find them. You sighed.

     “Ok, but Spence, just… you’ll let me know if I can help, right?”

     He nodded and looked back down to his desk. Your lips quirked up unbidden into the soft half smile that seemed reserved for the resident genius. You stuck a fist out and he gently knocked it with one of his own. (Morgan had finally gotten him to master the fist bump.)

     “That’s settled then. Good night, pretty boy.”

     “Night, Liv."

     You should probably stop flirting with him, you thought as you headed toward the elevator bay, but by now it was a habit you couldn’t break, just like the longing glances you cast his way every time he threw out a random fact or statistic. All the team members except Reid seemed to see those and you thought, secretly, they might be rooting for you, but of course, they didn’t know about her. You pushed the down button, wondering if she was the reason he’d been zoned out after everyone else had gone home. As you cast a last look over your shoulder you noticed Reid was no longer in deep contemplation of the ballpoint pen, but striding across the bullpen towards you, slinging his bag over his head.

     “Liv, wait! Uh, can I ask you something?”

     “Of course, Spence."

     The doors to the elevator dinged open and he waved you in first. Always chivalrous, your Dr. Reid. 

     “You… you always call me ‘gorgeous.’ Is that…do you mean that?”

     “Oh, Reid, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I know you’re, you know, seeing someone. Or talking to someone. Or whatever it is. Uh, anyway, I’ll stop. Sorry.”

     “No! I, uh, that’s not what I meant, I just…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “She wants to meet and…" You refused to fill in the pause. "...and what if she doesn’t like me?”

     “Spencer…why wouldn't she like you?"

     “Because I’m weird. I slouch, my hair’s too long, my tie’s perpetually crooked…”

     "Pretty boy, she is gonna love you.”

     “You think so?”

     “I know so, honey. The only thing more beautiful than that face is that big ol’ brain of yours and she already loves that, right?”

     He looked back down at the floor and rocked back on his heels. That small adoring smile crept back onto your face.

     “If that’s what’s got you so worried, you’ve got nothing to worry about. So to answer your question, Spencer, yeah. I mean it.”

     The doors dinged open again in the underground parking structure and you both started towards your cars.

     “Have a great time, Spence. I’ll see you in two days and you can tell me all about it.”

     “Thanks, Olivia. You’re… you’re a good friend.”

     “Anytime, hon.” You approached the driver’s side door of your decade old Malibu, but turned back to see Reid just standing by your bumper, hands in his pockets. “Good night for real this time.”

     A laugh lit up his whole frame. “Good night for real this time.”

     You gave a little wave as you opened your door and he copied the movement as you climbed in behind the wheel. You let out a little sigh as you started the engine and he moved further down the garage to give you some room. Yeah, you, SSA Olivia Lane, had it bad for this boy.