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Anatomy of the Heart

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A/N: Here we are my loves! Episode One of our new Medical Romance Drama! Enjoy!

Dear journal,

I did it!! I’m an intern! Yes, it’s five in the morning. No, I don’t have to be up until seven, but I’m too excited to sleep. I stayed up super late last night making brownies for the chief, Robert Gold. I’m nervous to meet him tomorrow morning and I want to make a good first impression. I’m just happy to be making my parents proud and I know that working under Gold is the right direction. It also doesn’t hurt that I happen to know that Emma ‘the Saviour’ Swan is the head of the Cardiology division at Sapphire Lake.

I should get some sleep, work comes early.

Sending my love,

Regina M. Mills

Regina set her journal down on the nightstand beside her bed and removed her glasses, setting them back in their case before looking around. There wasn’t much left to do for tonight. She had already cleaned the house twice and baked enough pie for two football teams, a force of habit when she couldn’t sleep. The brunette had been waiting to start her medical internship her entire life. Ever since the first time her father had caught her lying on the floor of his study at the age of 3, staring up at the diagram of the human heart that he had hanging in his office and had informed him that it was upside down, a fact he had not been aware of up until that point,she had known that an operating room was where she belonged. She just couldn’t believe that she had finally gotten a spot at Sapphire Lake Memorial Hospital. Her mother and father had both worked there in their time as surgeons. She was so excited to finally live up to the legacy that was the Mills name.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to Regina if everyone asked her questions about her parents or their iconic surgeries. She was always a little embarrassed by them when it came to their success in the medical field. She knew that they were one of a kind and she could only hope to have something like that in a person when she found ‘the one’. She was only 23 and proudly an intern. She had time to fall in love, right? Meet the one, settle down, have a career, and then maybe a family? Those were all things she wanted but she didn’t want to push her career aside in order to get them. She was willing to wait, to venture the path less taken.

Regina pulled her hair in a bun and settled down in bed for the night. She found herself tossing and turning for a while before falling asleep. It felt as if no more than a few minutes had passed when she was awoken by the sound of her alarm chirping. She groaned and rolled over in bed, a limp hand batting at her alarm clock and hitting snooze before realizing what time it was.

“Holy shit, Regina! You’re going to be late!” she said to herself before running to her closet and changing into jeans and a shirt. She grabbed a bottle of water before sliding on her leopard print flats and running for her car.


Regina stumbled into the scrub room to find herself the focus of seven sets of curious and intense eyes, one of which she recognized. Sitting on the edge of the wooden bench is a tall brunette with neatly trimmed facial hair. Regina felt her face instantly light up upon laying eyes on him, it had been far too long since they had been face to face.

“Graham!” Regina smiled and walked quickly over to him with her arms wide open, finding it harder to wrap her arms around his strong shoulders than it had been four years ago.  

“Hey, little sis. Did you miss me?” he smiled and wrapped strong arms around a tiny waist, lifting her feet a few inches off the floor before setting her back down.  

“Since when did you participate in medical school?!” The brunette asked,leaning into him a bit having missed being able to hug him. She hadn’t seen Graham since junior year of high school and the last news she had received about him was that his Army combat unit had been deployed. Graham had been her rock all through high school and Regina had been devastated when he left. The younger woman had never had a friendship with anyone else like the one she had with the older man and to know that he would be here with her made this all the better.

Regina’s parents were originally from New York, but her father, being the man that he is, quickly decided that the busy city wasn’t the place to raise a baby. So,he moved his family and his work from New York to a small town in Boston, Massachusetts. This was where Regina’s life took place. She had been six and a half and small for her age when she started kindergarten at the same school as Graham, who was in third grade. She wasn’t always the bright eyed big personality that she is now. Before meeting Graham, she was quiet and shy and played closer to her size than anything else,but he brought her out of her shell and the rest was history. From being her biggest supporter at school events to her shoulder to cry on when men couldn’t seem to get it right during their early teenage years, he had been there through everything, even standing by her when she struggled to define her own sexuality during the summer before her Freshman year.

“Well, I went into the Army after I left school.”Graham stated, having the decency to look remorseful for leaving Regina. “I spent a few months in training and went on a tour in Iraq before I decided that it just wasn’t for me. I saw a lot of doctors out in the field and I learned a few things so I came home and enrolled in medical school.” He gave a roll of his shoulders as if to say that it wasn’t a big deal. summing up the rocky previous years of his life.

“I’m so glad you're here! At least now I know I’m not going into this alone.” Regina squeezed his arm as he started to turn around to face the rest of the room.

“Speaking of alone, these are the other interns. This is Kathryn.” Graham pointed to a blonde facing the lockers with her shirt off, her red lace bra appearing vibrant against her fair skin.

“Hey hottie” Kathryn winked over her shoulder making Regina raise an eyebrow in surprise. It wasn’t unusual for her to receive compliments or advances from both genders but not many were so forward.

“She’s always like that. She’s a natural born flirt, sometimes you just have to ignore her.” Graham rolled his eyes through a chuckle and moved on to a petite auburn haired woman who was going over some notes.

“This is Lacey, she’s a bit of a wild child. Her older sister is the head of Neuro here.” Graham introduced as Lacey held out her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you” She said in a thick Australian accent, her eyes sparkling in a way that confirmed Graham’s original label of ‘wild child’.

“You too” Regina smiled back wondering when her old friend had the time to meet all of these people, but then again she had been missing from a huge chunk of his life.

“And I’m Jefferson.” Exclaimed a voice from behind Regina that seemed a little too perky for the morning. Turning on her heel she was greeted with a strong hand reached out to her.

“I’m Regina. Regina Mi-“

“Mills.” They all said simultaneously, the word echoing around the room in surround sound.

“Oh we know you. We all know you.” Jefferson said sizing Regina up with a grin.

“You’re Henry’s kid right?” Kathryn asked finally pulling her shirt on and turning to face the others as she tied up her hair.

“Yeah. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you all know him.” Regina nodded walking over to the locker she had been assigned and starting to change into her scrubs.

“I told you” Kathryn chimed in, lightly punched a brunette in the arm who seemed to be too deep in her reading to realize what was going on around her.

“Earth to Dorothy!” Kathryn waved a hand in front of her face.

“Yeah yeah, I get it she’s a Mills. That doesn’t mean I won’t get that ortho surgery at the end of this week. If she wants it, she’s gonna have to fight me for it.” Dorothy looked at Regina for a second before going back to her book.

“Surgery? Already? We just started.” Regina turned around, already pantless, her scrub pants held in her hands.

“No no no honey. You just started. We’ve been at this for a few months now. This is just the first day of mentoring.” Jefferson said sitting next to Regina’s naked legs and beaming up at her, clearly enamored with being so close to someone who could be considered royalty.


“Yes. We each get paired up with the head of our majoring department and we learn from them. It’s just the easiest way for us to learn what we have to know. God, she’s like a clueless little puppy. It’s so cute!” Kathryn sighed before sitting down next to the opposite naked leg.

Regina slid from between the two of them, pulling on her pants and beginning to remove her shirt.. “Wait, so what are your majors?”

“Well mine is Psych.” Jeff raises his hand proudly, his legs crossed daintily.

“I’m in Gyno” Kathryn took off her shoes, stretching. “I heard the head of Gyno is H-O-T, hot!”

“Trauma, obviously.” Dorothy said with her face buried nose deep in her book, the words coming out as more of a grunt than an actual sentence.  

“I’m aiming for Ortho.” Lacey supplied helpfully, waving her hand into the open air in the direction of two lockers. “Then there’s assholes one and two.”

“Who?” Regina’s brow furrowed at the blunt statement and looked towards the lockers which were cluttered with body spray, razors and spare gym clothes.

“Killian Jones and Neal Cassidy” Graham shook his head chuckling, he crossed his arms and leaned against the far wall. “They’re definitely something else entirely.”

“What do they major in?” Regina pulled on her shoes and sat back down next to Kathryn and looked to the blonde as she asked the question.

“Jones is in plastic surgery which is hilarious because” Kathryn stopped, giggling uncontrollably at the thoughts rolling around in her head. “Well, you’ll just have to see to believe it.”

“Rude.” Dorothy choked out through her own laughter, covering her mouth with her hand.

“And Neal is in Peds.” Lacey finished for them, tying her hair up and away from her face.

“So that makes you the cardio goddess.” Jefferson chirped happily, patting her hand.  

"The what?” Regina’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the new moniker.

“The cardio goddess. Kathryn was right, you are like a clueless puppy.” Dorothy agreed.

Regina rolled her eyes and ducked her head to try and hide the blush which had risen in her cheeks.

“Where are my interns?!” Shouted a voice from outside the changing room. A unanimous groan rang through as Regina quickly pulled on her scrub top and a woman walked into the room.

“Oh look we found the Mills” Kathryn said taking Regina’s hand and putting it in the air as if announcing her the winner of a boxing match.

“Was I missing?” Regina asked in confusion, looking around at the other interns for an answer.

“Well not technically, but we were waiting for you so that we could start mentoring.” Jefferson answered

“Okay, now that we have everyone” The woman paused and her eyes scanned over the faces in the room “Well, almost everyone, here we can start with the basics. I’m Dr. Mulan Shang. I’m the head of general surgery. All of your other mentors are busy doing their jobs so I’ll keep this nice and short. You are interns. You are nothing to us. We have worked harder in the last week than you ever have in your lives. Don’t correct us, we know best, not the other way around. I have a few simple rules. One, I don’t care who your parents are or what school you went to so don’t try and make yourself sound better by using it. Two, you’re an intern, nothing more. Three, listen to your nurses. They work harder and longer hours than you do so respect when they’re tired and learn to think for yourselves. Four, if your patient is dying, go find your resident. Finally, number five, your patient better not be dead when they get there.” She narrowed her eyes at the group which gave Regina chills. “Am I understood?”

“Yes” came the unanimous agreement to the provided information, a few interns scribbling down the rules for future reference.

“Alright, now for your assignments.” she pulled out a clipboard and folded the paper back. The moment was interrupted by two frazzled looking men as they darted up the hallway and came to a skidding halt in front of the Asian woman. “Oh look, one hand and pretty boy decided to join us. Welcome back boys.” Dr.Shang mocked with narrowed eyes “You almost missed assignments. If you’re late again, you will be on scut duty for the foreseeable future, am I clear?”

“Glad we didn’t aye. And who’s this?” Killian extended his good hand to Regina which Kathryn promptly swatted away with a scowl.

“Don’t touch, her last name is worth more than your entire eyeliner collection” Kathryn wrapped a protective arm around Regina’s waist, pulling the brunette a little behind her.

“She’s the cardio goddess, right?” Neal said peaking past Kathryn, a curious look on his face.

“Yes, yes she is and she’s off limits to each and every one of you. Got it? Good.” Kathryn nodded in satisfaction, keeping a hold on Regina’s waist.

“Okay anyway!” Mulan said grabbing their attention back with a few quick snaps of her fingers.. “So let’s start with the ‘cardio goddess’ herself. Regina, you’re with Swan” Regina stepped forward but stopped in her tracks at the name.

“I’m sorry, what?” She said shocked, her eyes widening as she tried to comprehend what she just heard. There was no way she was being paired with the Saviour on her first day!

“I’m not repeating myself, you can ask someone else.” Mulan said with a wave of her hand,indicating for Regina to move on.  “Killian, you’re with Dr. Booth in Plastics. Lacey, you’re with Dr. West in Orthopaedics. Kathryn, you’re with Dr. Lucas in Gynecology. Graham, you’re with Dr. French in Neurology. Neal, you’re with Dr. Blanchard in Pediatrics. Jefferson, you’re with Dr. Hopper in the Psych Unit. Dorothy, you’re with Dr. Nolan in the Trauma Bay. That’s all. Go find your resident and do what they ask, I’m not your babysitter.. Thank you.” Mulan walked away putting the clipboard on the front desk as she passed and headed towards the operating wing.

Regina grabbed Kathryn by the arm as she passed. “Did she just say I’m with Dr. Swan?! Like, Emma Swan?”

“Yes she did. Now go before Swan has a temper tantrum. She’s a hot head. Be careful.” Kathryn said before she jogged off.  

Regina walked to the scrub room once again to get a hair tie before grabbing one of the pies she had baked the night before. She smiled to herself before making her way to the cardio wing of the hospital.

Emma sat in her office with the back of her chair facing the door. She sank down in the chair and laid back kicking her legs up on the back counter. It had been a long day and she wasn’t even an hour into her shift. To top it off, she had just been informed she would have an intern shadowing her today which seemed to triple her headache.

Regina knocked on the door hesitantly. “Um hello? Dr. Swan?”

“Come in.” Emma sighed and turned her chair looking at the tiny brunette at her door, eyebrows raising at the pie that the petite woman was holding.

“Hi, I’m Regina. I’m your cardio goddess. I mean your cardio intern.” Regina shook her head, stammering slightly at the slip up. “Sorry, the other interns um….I’m Regina Mills.”

Emma chuckled and suddenly Regina was blushing, the sound was much more attractive than the brunette had thought it would be, not that she had ever thought about the older woman’s laugh.  

“I’m Dr. Swan or the-“

“Saviour I know!” Regina got excited and finished the sentence for her. “I’m sorry you’re just my idol, aside from my father, of course. I wrote my intern essay on your suture procedure and why I thought it was effective. You basically got me here.” Regina smiled widely, hoping she wasn’t coming across as obsessive or creepy.

“I was going to say the head of cardio, but you beat me too it. Is this for me?” Emma walked over to her, smiling softly and pointing to the pie.

“Oh, um yeah. I couldn’t sleep last night so I made pie.” Regina handed it to her. “I tend to bake when I’m excited.” She looked at Emma’s left hand as she reached out to take the pie. She noticed it was ringless, that was surprising. Her eyes darted to the woman’s neck as some doctors wore their rings on a chains to keep them clean during procedures.

“Well, thank you. If that’s all you may take my folders and start my rounds. I have a patient in room 213 that needs to be prepped for a heart transplant.” Emma grabbed a fork from her desk and waved Regina off. The brunette had been so excited that she didn’t even seem to noticed Emma’s eyes glued to her ass and the drop of her fork as she grabbed the folders and walked out of the office with a spring in her step.

Regina made her way through the hospital basically skipping. She went from room to room greeting everyone with a smile and introducing herself in case they needed her for anything. She was genuinely having a good time. She had taken care of all of Emma’s rounds and in order to keep track of which ones were complete, she marked each folder with an apple scented sticker.

“Here you go doctor Swan, all your rounds are done”  Regina handed a neatly stacked pile of folders over to the blonde who seemed surprised to see her again so soon.

“What the hell is that smell?” Emma scrunched her eyebrows together, looking around for the source of the fruity aroma.

“Oh.” Regina blushed, suddenly realizing that maybe she had made a mistake. “I put stickers on the folders to keep track of which ones were done. I can get you new folders if you need me to I jus-“ Regina took a step forwards reaching for the folders

“No no no it’s okay” Emma sighed and shook her head,waving the brunette’s hand away from the stack of folders, leaning back in her chair. “Has anyone ever told you that you were annoyingly cute?”

Regina shook her head, blushing a little. “N-no. They haven’t.”

“Well, I'll be the first. You, Regina Mills, are annoyingly cute.” Emma shook her head and started to file her folders into the cabinets, practically feeling the heat of the smaller woman’s blush from where she was standing.

“Thank you Dr.Swan.” Regina blushed, fiddling with her fingers as she awaited instructions.

“You’re welcome. Now, go prep my patient.”

A/N: Well, I think Regina is doing well so far, don't you? Tune in next week for more!