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Tango With Lions

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Chapter One - Day Dreaming



Ian sits slouched on the worn out couch, he rests his legs on the coffee table, as he sips slowly from a beer.
Despite his mind being awash with thoughts about Trevor and Mickey, Ian sits alone, and is horny, but unfortunately there is nobody fun to have fun with.

“Thank god for the 21st century.” Ian mutters to himself, as he sits up from the couch, places his beer on the table, Ian's phone makes a little beep noise.


Ian picks it up and slouches back onto the couch, the phone lights up and shows that the app has finally finished downloading, Ian rolls his eyes, he cannot believe it has come to this. Ian pushes the app on his phone, as it slowly loads.

“Fucking Grindr.” Ian mutters as the app finally loads. Ian enters his details. Profile name...FireCrotch. Ian smirks to himself, a stupid nickname that Mickey used to call him, Ian thinks of Mickey briefly, going over in his head the events that happened at the Mexico border, and weather or not he made the right choice.

Ian went into auto pilot, filling out the rest of his details, and uploading the shirt lift picture on his phone which really showed off his amazing body. Ian was still thinking about Mickey, and how he screwed over Trevor, but surly if Ian wanted something to happen between himself and Trevor then why is he not trying to fix it, instead he is sat on the couch downloading Grindr.


Ian looks at his phone, a message on Grindr. Somebody called DL, Ian adjusts himself on the coach, as he opens the message.

“Hey...” Ian sighs (what a great start) as his phone beeps again, another message, Ian puts his phone on silent as he can already tell its going to get annoying.

“How are you.” the message says, Ian thinks about not replying, but he bites.

“Hey, not too bad thanks for asking, how are you?”

Not Ian's best work, but its a start.

“Just at home, horny...” Ian smirks, he knows the feeling. “Look I'll be honest with ya, I'm not used to just bare with me if I'm a little...odd”

Ian nearly laughs.

“No worries dude, I've just downloaded this app as well, so have no idea what to expect.”

Ian takes a large gulp of his beer, and places it back onto the table, just as he gets another message.

“Great, we can be two idiots together then lol.”
“Hey watch who you call an idiot mister ;)”#
“I didn't mean anything by it dude, only joking.”
“No worries, my whole family has a weird sense of humor.”
“Oh really, tell me a joke then...”
“I used to work at a sperm bank, but I got fired for drinking on the job...”
“Ouch, that's an old one...still funny though :).”

Ian finishes his beer, as he looks through DL's profile, they seem to be getting on okay, but there is no picture, Ian swallows hard as he types…

“Hey, I get you are on the down low and all, but...don't suppose you have a pic?”

Ian stands up, nervous about the reply, he heads into the kitchen.

Ian leans against the fridge, as he sees DL has send him a picture, Ian opens it to see a lad, in his early twenties, he has nice fuzzy legs that leads up to his tight fitting black boxer shorts, a slight bulge is noticeable, and a fuzzy brown snail trail leading up to a well toned body. Ian's cock twitches.

“Holy shit, that's fucking hot...” was all Ian could type.

“Thanks, just took that now...”
“Well damn, wish I was there now ;)”
“Nice profile pic yourself, odd question, do you fuck or get fucked?”
“Used to only Top, but now I do both...”

Ian is now leaning on the counter, as he gets another photo. Ian audibly gasps as he seems the picture.

DL has taken his boxers off, fuzzy developed legs, leading to a nice trimmed brown bush, with a thick semi cock, his hand is wrapped around the base of the cock, but you can still see the low hanging fuzzy balls.

Ian bites his bottom lip, as a message pops up…

“Your turn...”

Ian darts into the downstairs toilets, pulls down his jeans and boxers to his ankles, lifts his shirt, snaps a picture and send it, the only difference is, unlike DL, Ian is fully hard, Ian runs his hand down his well toned body, stopping to play with his fuzzy ginger balls.

“Damn...” Was the reply Ian received, Ian runs his hands through his trimmed ginger bush, before running it up the length of his nine inch cock “You're big, but I'd rather do the fucking, if you know what I mean ;)”

Ian smirked, as he leans on the toilet, he gets his phone ready, and contemplates weather he should spread a cheek or not, he uses his free hand to grab his ass cheek, Ians phone clicks, as he sent the photo, he sits down on the toilet and stroks his cock, waiting for a reply.

Nothing, Ians hard on has gone semi, Ian pulls up his jeans and trousers and leaves the downstairs toilet. Feeling used Ian walks over to the fridge and opens the door, he grabs a beer and opens it, taking a big swig. Ians phone lights up, as he checks it out, a new message, Ian fumbles, but opens the message and sees a picture of DL, fully naked and fully hard, and what a beautiful cock.

Ian bites down on his lower lip again as he looks at the picture, the cock looks thick, as thick as a coke can, and long, maybe eight inches, Ian wonders if that would be able to even fit inside his tight hole, when his phone lights up again, it's a location.

“Come round now, got a free house and wanna ruin that ass of yours ;)”

Was all the messaged said, Ian clicked on the location, as his phone loaded it up…


Ian drops his beer, the location, but it can't be…

Ian hears footsteps upstairs…

Ian's phone lights up again…

“Shit, I think someone's home, got to go...”

DL goes offline.

As the footsteps bang around upstairs, Ian hears a voice.

“Who's there?”

The footsteps begin to come down the stairs, in a panic Ian quickly throws his phone into the fridge and slams it shut, just as the footsteps stop.

“Jesus Ian, you gave me a heart attack, thought it was an intruder, or worse, Frank”
Ian turns to see his older brother Lip, in workout shorts, as Ian looks at his brother, he cannot help but think, is Lip DL?

“Hello, earth to Ian, you okay?”
“Sorry Lip, just got shook up...”

Ian enters cleaning mode and cleans up the broken glass and beer. Lip offers to help, but Ian turns the offer down.

“You sure you are okay Ian?”
“No...Yeah...Look Lip...”

Ian thinks about asking Lip, but what if he is wrong? Or what if he was right? How do you tell your own brother you've seen his cock? Or how he's seen your ass hole? Or how you liked it? Ian tries to swallow but his mouth is dry, Ian psychs himself up to ask.

“ you wanna...go get a drink or something?”
“Yeah sure, because my sponsor would love that.”

Lip laughs as Ian tenses up again, Lip notices.

“Shit, I'm joking little bro, sure, lets go for a drink...”