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Ahoy the Vessel

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Aim, fire, direct, recall, reload.

Aim, fire, direct, recall, reload.

A warning from New Jersey had her redirect a portion of her bombers to deal with several I-class Abyssal destroyers that had been attempting to attack behind her and Monssen. Seeing the last of Abyssal fighters explode in the air, courtesy of North Carolina's anti-aircraft guns and hearing the confirmation over the radio, Essex let out a soft breath of relief as she made to recall her planes back.

That relief was short lived when Albacore reported in an unidentified underwater object. Normally, the sub was calm and collected but when she repeated over the radio, there was a hint of panic when she added that the object was enormous. The captain of USS Michael Murphy, the Arleigh Burke-class destoryer acting as their floating command post, radioed in the same thing as well.

'Most likely VERY enormous,' Essex amended internally to herself when she spotted the barely hidden terrified looks shared between the girls that were equipped with sonar.

Looking back, the carrier was glad that all of them had enough discipline to not shoot at the titanic creature when it breached the surface with a roar that rattled her Bofors 40mm guns (and no doubt the other girls' armaments). The "ship" part of her immediately began compiling notes for a report that was going to be a definite, while the "girl" part of her was very much trying not to cower behind New Jersey. As much as nobody wanted to approach the creature (who was apparently sniffing around in confusion), it was Grayson who drew the short straw on picking up the two human figures struggling to tread water in the shadow of the animal, being the first one to spot the pair.

As the Gleaves-class destroyer drew up to their squadron leader, towing a make-shift pontoon that was helping keep the swimmers afloat, Essex could see the surprise and wonder on the man and woman's faces as they came closer.

"I'm the United States battleship New Jersey and please tell me that THAT... creature isn't going to attack us."

Not procedural of a USN officer, even for a commissioned ship girl, but considering the present circumstances, nobody faulted the battleship. Especially when said animal was looking at them with eyes that seemed like lava. Essex could almost picture the argument on why none of the ship girls were informed, even with their access to the internet.

A grimace from the man, pushing back wet bangs. "Dr. Niko Tatopoulos and my friend, Miss Audrey Timmonds. No, he won't attack you so as long nobody provokes him. If you can get us to dry land, we'll answer any questions that we can."

'Things are going to be a LOT more interesting,' the carrier thought as they formed up around Grayson and began to head back for the Michael Murphy.